The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 36.14 – September 15, 2021

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Weight Free Mind ~ Jo Anne Irwin

Midi Holisc Dtal The dentists at Meridian Holistic Dental have a wealth of experience in general and holistic dentistry, as well as specialised areas such as TMJ, cosmetic dentistry, and child oral health. They are passionate about improving the dental health and overall wellbeing of patients. Meridian Holistic Dental is ready to look after any of your dental needs, from routine oral checkups to teeth whitening, emergency care, and children’s dentistry. They will work with you to care for all your oral health needs through all stages of diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. They strive to give you the highest quality of care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. To make a booking please contact their reception on 02 6684 1511.

Bgalow Headae Clinic At Bangalow Headache Clinic they treat headaches and migraines, jaw pain, clicking, grinding and locking, as well as vestibular disorders and dizziness. Michael has done extensive studies and exams in both Australia and Europe involving the head, neck and jaw. He has completed advanced vestibular competency training with the Northern American leaders in this area. ([)HUNHSV^/LHKHJOL*SPUPJ[OL`X\P[LVM[LUÄUK an overlap between headache and dizziness and/or headache and jaw problems. They possess the expertise [VYLZVS]L[OLZLKPѝJ\S[WYVISLTZ If you experience jaw pain, locking or clicking, headaches, migraines or vertigo, call them on 0475 757 510. 72 Byron Street, Bangalow

Jo’s work is profound, supporting and transforming women’s lives to live a more purposeful life. One of happiness, freedom and abundance. Specialising in stress, overwhelm and anxiety, she takes you on a journey of conscious connection to the unconscious for self-healing. She has 38 years’ experience in the wellness, personal development and healing space and has many tools and the experience to support you on a deep and profound level. *LY[PÄLKPU5L\YV3PUN\PZ[PJ7YVNYHTTPUN537 hypnosis she uses the principles of psychology, quantum physics and quantum linguistics to create permanent change. (UL_WLY[PUOLYÄLSK1VOLSWZ`V\[VYLJVNUPZL[OL unconscious blocks that keep you stuck, preventing you from living your best life. 1VVќLYZJVTWSPTLU[HY`TPUAVVTWOZLZZPVUZ[V discuss your needs. FB: @weightfreemind Insta:

From Nature in Nature

Heal d Wellbeing at Byron Co i College )`YVU*VTT\UP[`*VSSLNLVќLYZHUL_JP[PUNHUKKP]LYZL range of health and healing courses to support and enhance your health and wellbeing in the workplace and at home. Try their new course Homemade Beauty Products where you will learn to make natural low tox beauty and body products with simple ingredients that are easily found in your kitchen pantry. Exciting courses starting in Term Four are Face Yoga, Yoga for Over 60s, Pelvic Floor Health, Golf, Reiki, Psychic Development and Healing, Low Tox Cleaning and Homemade Eco Soap. It’s never too late to learn. Enrol online at or call 6684 3374

The Crystal Club is a wake-up call for anyone who is searching for balance with their health, happiness, and ^LSSILPUN-YVTILPUNIYVRL[VZ\ќLYPUNHIYVRLUOLHY[ crystals have been said to have physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical powers to help you. There are hundreds of crystals that all possess unique OLHSPUNILULÄ[ZHUK;OL*Y`Z[HS*S\IOHZJHYLM\SS` curated each collection to ensure they help with your ZWLJPÄJULLKZ @V\^PSSHSZVÄUKPUZWPYH[PVUHUKN\PKHUJLPUV\YKP]PUL intentions attached to each box set, enabling you to focus on who you are in the moment, to recognise and live your values, and to ground your courage and spirit, wisdom and wit that make every day count during these tough times. SHOP BOX SETS:

Fly High, Dive Deep Surrendering into a moving massage with yoga-like stretches. >OLUÅVH[PUNPU^H[LYV\YZWPULQVPU[ZHUKT\ZJSLZHYL released from the demands of gravity. (Z`V\ÅVH[[LUZPVUPZYLSLHZLK`V\YLSH_TVYLKLLWS` unwind and rejuvenate. 4HZ[HVќLYZYLTLKPHSTHZZHNLPU^H[LY>(;:<HUK Pregnancy Massage in Water, as well as training in water massage techniques and retreats. 'Opening the heart' Aqua Bodyworks Basic training will run 25–27 September. 4HZ[HHSZVVќLYZHUVUSPULJV\YZL!-HSSPUNPU3V]L with Oneself; an embodied exploration with somatic experiencing and voice dialogue, designed to connect ^P[OKPќLYLU[WHY[Z^P[OPU`V\YZLSMSPRLV\YWSH`M\S (maybe wounded) inner child, or inner nurturing mum and protective inner father. Masta also teaches nurturing, playful swim classes for babies and toddlers. For more information call Masta 0437 116 619

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