The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 36.06 – July 21, 2021

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The Suffolk Park community is widely opposed to any form of proposed 5G upgrade. The Northern Rivers for Safe Technology (NRST) group have hundreds of members that live, work, or use the Suffolk Park suburb for recreation, education and essential services.

mentioned 5G upgrade. The proposed 5G upgrade will increase children’s exposure to wireless radiation as per the EME report on the RFNSA website. ,WKDVEHHQVFLHQWLĆFDOO\SURYHQWKDWFKLOGUHQ DEVRUEWZLFHDVPXFKUDGLRIUHTXHQF\ electromagnetic radiation (RF EMR) than an adult. To date there are no long-term studies that show the safety of cumulative exposure to RF EMR for young children. At present, Telstra continues to disregard the recommendation of the NSW Department of Education which, ‘has a preference for a distance of at least 500 metres from the boundary of the property’, for mobile phone towers and educational facilities.

The NRST 3,523 members would prefer safe and hardwired internet using Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), than 5G. Future needs for data capacity can be met with wired services which are faster, more reliable, PRUHVXVWDLQDEOHPRUHHQHUJ\HIĆFLHQWDQG safer than 5G wireless services. The Byron Shire Council even voted to support a motion on the 15/10/20 that ‘its preference is that ĆEUHFDEOHLVWKHPRUHHTXLWDEOHDQGOHDVW intrusive technology for internet provision to meet the needs of all Byron Shire residents’.


The Beech Flying-fox Camp is 100m from the proposed upgrade site. The ARPANSA EME Report estimates this distance will be the highest exposure for wireless radiation. An LQFUHDVHLQZLUHOHVVUDGLDWLRQZLOOQRWEHQHĆW the colony. As per Byron Shire Council’s )O\LQJIR[&DPS0DQDJHPHQW3ODQWKHĆUVW objective is to ‘ensure long-term conservation RIć\LQJIR[HVDQGWKHLUKDELWDWZLWKLQ%\URQ Shire.’ This proposed upgrade goes against Council’s own policy to protect this already vulnerable native species.

The Suffolk Park, Baywood Chase Estate is the perfect place to roll out the Federal Government’s promised FTTP plan. As the Communication Minister Paul Fletcher himself said, ‘If the customer demonstrates that he or she has got the demand, then we ZLOOUROOWKHĆEUH>RXW@è


7KHSURSRVHGXSJUDGHLVRQO\WKHĆUVWVWDJH of Telstra’s 5G rollout, the second phase of which will involve deployment of 26–28 GHz infrastructure, this year – millimetre waves (mmWave). Although the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Authority (ARPANSA) purports that 5G safety has been established, this claim is completely unsubstantiated. There are in fact no studies demonstrating safety of mmWaves on humans. The Health Council of the Netherlands (an independent advisory body to government) reported that, ‘there has been almost no research into the effects RIH[SRVXUHWRIUHTXHQFLHVDURXQG GHz’ and recommended ‘not using the 26 *+]IUHTXHQF\EDQGIRU*IRUDVORQJ as the potential health risks have not been investigated.’ The committee also acknowledged that ‘it can not be excluded that exposure under the latest ICNIRP standards also has the potential to affect health.’ ( advisory-reports/2020/09/02/5g-and-health)

In a letter to the editor of Radiation Protection in Australasia, ORSAA (Oceania 5DGLRIUHTXHQF\6FLHQWLĆF$GYLVRU\ Association) stated: ‘5G is untested for safety on humans and other species and the OLPLWHGH[LVWLQJHYLGHQFHUDLVHVUHGćDJVè Of the literature on effects of mmWaves on their database, ORSAA found that 77.9% of SDSHUVVKRZHGVLJQLĆFDQWELRORJLFDOHIIHFWV ( uploads/6/7/7/9/67791943/bandara_et_al_ acnem_journal_july_2020.pdf page 31)

Community members gather at the Suffolk water tank as technicians start installing 5G infrastructure.

In April 2021, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) auctioned licenses for the 26-28 GHz mmWave technology; Telstra was RQHRIWKHVXFFHVVIXOĆUVWURXQGEX\HUV Does Telstra have studies showing the electromagnetic energy (EME) levels for 26-28 GHz mmWave trials that Tesltra has conducted? Can Telstra provide data from these studies showing the EME levels? :KDWHTXLSPHQWZDVXVHGWRPHDVXUHWKH (0(OHYHOV":DVWKHHTXLSPHQWFDSDEOH of measuring mmWaves? Were cumulative emissions from all sources measured? NRST object to all future trials of the 26-28 GHz mmWave and installation of small cells and 5G infrastructure without proof of safety.

paper petitions, multiple public rallies and thousands of signatures in an online petition. Local, regional and national media have also reported on residents’ objections to 5G in the Byron Shire.

Telstra is well aware that the vast majority of Byron Shire residents object to the 5G rollout in their community. This has been documented with over one thousand signed

Byron Bay Preschool is less than 300m from Bottlebrush Crescent, Suffolk Park; the Director of the Preschool has also sent through an objection opposing the above-

The Suffolk Park Skate Park is less than 300m from the proposed upgrade site. If an adult is using a 5G enabled mobile phone on the Telstra network in the Skate Park, what risk assessments has Telstra undertaken to ensure that children are not exposed to damaging high levels of RF EMR, if in close proximity to the mobile phone? How does Telstra plan to ensure that the 26–28 GHz mmWave RF EMR exposure will not adversely affect the biological health of children? The safety of mobile phones and mmWave exposure for children has never been tested, let alone established.

It is best that Telstra let go of its plan to activate 5G in Suffolk Park and instead provide customers with what they really want and need – Telstra will recall that Byron Shire Council safe and secure wired connections. unanimously voted for a moratorium on the ĆUVW*SURSRVHGXSJUDGHLQWKH%\URQ6KLUH This is a solution that will service (Mullumbimby site). The Council asked for the Byron Shire internet network proof that there is no harm caused by the needs. The local community will cumulative exposure of 5G. Telstra has still support the Federal Government’s not provided this information regarding cumulative exposure risks and it has been 18 SURPLVHGĆEUHWRWKHSUHPLVHV and Telstra can start to repair months! Who even regulates the cumulative exposure from all sources of EME? No-one its damaged relations with the does and this is negligent. community. Regards, Administrators Northern Rivers for Safe Technology.


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