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You need a diverse skillset and it’s all there for the taking!’ You can hear more about what Emily Holler has to say at the SCU Music Careers Symposium on Friday 16 August at Lismore Campus D Block. 9am–3pm It’s free! Register at PANELLISTS: Vanessa Tomlinson, Peter Wood, Lynette Irwin, Kate Stroud, Helen Russell, Emily Holler, Cindy Jensen, Norman Parkhill, Glenn Ward, Glenn Wright, Mandy Nolan, Ed Foster, Todd Hardy, Anita Bellman, Scott Finch, Christian Pyle For interviews and information please contact Mandy Nolan on 0422 701 680 or email

module I have developed is around goal setting and managing stress and staying healthy. Then we move to business and branding.’ Emily believes that musicians need to treat their music as a business. ‘Some musicians might naturally have an inclination to run a business. There’s the admin, the marketing, all the stuff that often doesn’t come easily to artists. For me it’s about looking at their strengths and assessing where their challenges are. Sometimes they don’t know what they don’t know. And for a lot of artists, learning about business can be a real eye opener. A lot of them have an Aha! moment around branding and content strategy. They would never have thought it was important for all their online platforms to look the same, to replicate their brand. Even the word brand can be off-putting for musicians! ‘The platform I am developing is a pretty huge project. I am still developing the modules; they should be ready September/ October,’ says Emily of the online portal Music Business Mojo: A Complete Guide to Releasing Your Music Independently. One of Emily’s inspirations is her belief that now ‘is the absolute best time to be an independent artist. It’s better than ever before. If you can harness the tools, then you can be the architect of your own success! You aren’t at the mercy of record companies to realise your dreams.

MYSTIFY MICHAEL HUTCHENCE (M) Daily except Sat, Sun: 4:30PM Sun: 7:00PM OPHELIA (M) Daily except Sat, Sun: 11:00AM (Babes session Thu Only) Sat, Sun: 10:45AM PALM BEACH (M) NFT Daily except Sun: 10:40AM, 1:30, 4:10, 6:20, 8:30PM Sun: 10:10AM, 12:45, 3:45, 5:50, 8:00PM PARASITE (MA15+) Daily except Sun: 12:45PM Sun: 12:20PM ROCKETMAN (M) Daily except Sun: 3:30PM Sun: 2:50PM SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME (M) Daily except Sun: 1:15PM Sun: 12:30PM



ARIES: You’re on fire this week, so let your innovative, experimental self rip, even if others don’t immediately get it. No harm in a spot of self-promo either: as they say in the trade, you can’t sell a secret. But can you stop talking long enough to listen to other people’s ideas? TAURUS: Been antsy to have that discussion, but the timing wasn’t right? Talks that haven’t gone well are more likely to succeed this week, when opening up about something close to your heart could clarify a mystifying situation or baffling behaviour. Lashed out? This is a good time to say sorry. GEMINI: Just when you thought you had a handle on something, the goal posts shift again – get used to it. As genial Jupiter sprints back into the straight, relationships pick up momentum and a personal situation needs your attention. This week, know that there’s plenty of help available to deal with it. CANCER: Mercury, the energetic planet of commerce and communication, heading into your money sector makes this is an auspicious week for getting finances sorted. Also for those random acts of kindness or spontaneous generosity that make someone’s day, because doesn’t that just get your own happy hormones pumping? LEO: Give it a rest, your majesty, it’s not always all about you. Then again, with four planets in Leo, plus exuberant Jupiter flaming out of retrograde, you may as well flaunt it while the celestial force is with you… So what to do but say that this week really is all about you. Enjoy. VIRGO: Now recent edgy vibes have subsided to a more peaceful groove, you’re this week’s valuable team player. Leading, if that’s what needed, from a confidently laidback position in a straightforward, unambiguous way. Ignoring flashy swagger, showy braggadocio, and overarching hype. Keeping it real. Go, Virgos.

Session Times: Thu 8 Aug - Wed 14 Aug AN UNEXPECTED LOVE (M) Daily except Sat, Sun: 1:45PM Sat: 1:15PM DANGER CLOSE: THE BATTLE OF LONG TAN (MA15+) NFT Daily except Sun: 11:00AM, 3:45, 6:20, 8:45PM Sun: 10:20AM, 2:50, 5:15, 7:45 FAST AND FURIOUS: HOBBS AND SHAW (M) NFT Daily except Sun: 10:30AM, 3:45, 6:00, 8:40PM Sun: 10:00AM, 3:10, 5:20, 8:00PM LATE NIGHT (M) NFT Daily except Sun, Tue: 11:00AM, 4:15, 6:30, 8:40PM Sun: 10:15, 3:00, 5:15, 7:30 Tue: 10:30AM (Open Caption session), 4:15, 6:30, 8:40PM MIDSOMMAR (CTC) NFT Daily except Sun: 10:15AM, 1:15, 3:00, 6:00, 8:30PM Sun: 10:00AM, 12:50, 2:30, 5:30, 7:45PM


THE KEEPER (M) Daily except Sun: 1:15, 9:00PM Sun: 12:40, 8:15PM THE LION KING 2019 (PG) Daily except Sun: 10:30AM, 1:00, 3:30, 6:30, 8:15PM Sun: 10:00AM, 12:30, 3:00, 5:50, 7:45PM THE PUBLIC (CTC) Daily except Sun: 9:00PM Sun: 8:20PM THE WHITE CROW (M) Daily except Sun: 12:50PM Sun: 12:15PM TOY STORY 4 (G) Daily except Sun: 10:30AM Sun: 10:15AM WHO YOU THINK I AM (MA15+) Daily except Sun: 10:30AM, 12:40, 6:00PM Sun: 10:15AM, 12:20, 5:30PM YESTERDAY (M) Daily except Sun: 3:30, 6:00PM Sun: 3:00, 5:20PM



108 Jonson St, Byron Bay • 3 hours free parking** Buy tickets online and skip the queue! NFT = No Free Tickets *Does not include film fests/special events **Validated in Mercato Centre Byron Shire Echo archives

. LIBRA: With genial Jupiter and communications manager Mercury moving forward this week, people are likely to finally start getting what you’ve been trying to say (at last!), though the gang of planets in a quite stubborn sign suggests you’ll be pretty adamant about wanting your way. As will others, so good luck, Venusians. SCORPIO: As Jupiter gives work and finances a lift, this week won’t respond to the withholding smoulder, so rather than leaving others to figure out how you’re feeling, step up to the negotiating table and talk about it, Scorpio. Keeping an open heart and mind to alternatives means more options and a stronger negotiating position. SAGITTARIUS: Weekend moon and Jupiter out of retrograde in Sagittarius, plus four planets in affectionate, charismatic fellow fire sign Leo, all suggest this is an auspicious time to take a chance. Lady Luck has a soft spot for Sagittarian gamblers, so if you feel like taking a punt on something, this week says go for it. CAPRICORN: You’ve weathered certain interpersonal storms recently that blasted your heart, followed by some intense emotional processing. Now as Jupiter the wisdom principle moves forward on a wave of clarity and renewed optimism, so do you, with this week’s crowded house of planets in your seductive sector of erotic exercise… AQUARIUS: Teamwork, partnerships, groups, friends, community, and camaraderie are the main ingredients on this week’s menu, which serves up a heady brew of productive discussions, profitable conversations, and stimulating mind-melds. Along with some head-butting and control freakery, during which never underestimate the power of the well-chosen word. PISCES: Venus in Leo opens your heart, Mercury in Leo opens your mind, Mars in Leo opens your mouth. The planets of drive, love, luck, money, commerce, and creativity all in fire signs are cooking up a passionate casserole destined to heat Piscean waters – so is that you making waves this week?




Danger Close follows what is probably the most well-known battle of the Vietnam War, the Battle of Long Tan – a battle in which young and inexperienced ANZAC troops fought bravely against the VC (Viet Cong) despite being greatly outnumbered and unprepared. Australian director Kriv Stenders felt it was overdue to revisit the sacrifices of the Australian and New Zealand Vietnam veterans made during this time. Blake Howard from Vanity Fair says, ‘Elements of the film ring true but it is patriotic to a problematic extent’. Saying the warlike feeling of the film was in a much more ‘classical manner’ as opposed to the conditions that were present in Vietnam; a dense, suffocating jungle playing on the psyche of the soldiers and guerrilla warfare being the main structure of fighting. Actors Travis Fimmel (Vikings) and Luke Bracey (Hacksaw Ridge), have said their aim was to bring authenticity to their roles and respect the real-life soldiers on which their characters were based. And according to Howard (Vanity Fair), they do an excellent job. The Northern Rivers even has its own star in the film, Lismore-born Nicholas Hamilton (IT), playing one of the young soldiers in the film. Danger Close manages to pay a deep tribute to the Australian and NZ sacrifice while keeping you entertained throughout.

At Federal Hall this Saturday, Federal Kids Film Club will be screening My Neighbor Totoro, a wonderful animated film from the iconic Studio Ghibli. Directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, My Neighbor Totoro is a masterpiece of animation, and a delight for both children and adults. The film starts at 3.50pm, and there will be snacks and drinks available, and a family dinner after the film at 5.30pm. For more information call 6684 9313 or email: The evening film, starting at 7.30pm, is Green Book, a feelgood film about racism in the southern United States in the 1960s. This Academy Award-winning film was directed by Peter Farrelly, who also directed Dumb and Dumber. Dinner is available from 6.30pm, with tea/coffee and a selection of delicious cakes at intermission. This month’s caterers are Eureka School P&C. They will be providing an Indian curry feast, with a selection of dishes including butter chicken, beef massaman, and vegetarian dahl, all served with rice, pappadams, and lime pickles.

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The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 34.09 – August 7, 2019  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.

The Byron Shire Echo – Issue 34.09 – August 7, 2019  

Free, independent weekly newspaper from the Byron Shire in north eastern NSW, Australia.