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Save our Seeds Sourcing our Food Camar ader ie Our New Har p has Ar r ived! Family Thanksgiving RSVP Order School Group Photo

CA L EN D A R N ov 5, Su n D ay l i gh t Sav i n gs T i m e En d s 2am (Fal l B ack !) N ov 6 - 7, M o n & T u e N o n T ox i c Rev o l u t i o n T o t em Pr o j ect , A K 10 :30 am - 12, 1:30 - 3p m N ov 9, T h u Sch o o l B i r t h d ay s C el eb r at i o n N ov 10 , Fr i SC H O O L C L O SED N ov 15, W ed Jo u r n ee M o n d i al e d u Recy cl age

N ov 17, Fr i T h an k sgi v i n g Po t l u ck , Seat ed D i n n er 5p m N ov 17, Fr i U n i v er sal C h i l d r en 's D ay N ov 23, T h u N ov 24 Fr i SC H O O L C L O SED T h an k sgi v i n g B r eak



November Bir thdays will be celebr ated Thur sday, November 9th at noon on Camper Campus and 1pm at the Abbot Kinney Campus. Fellowship is strengthened between the children and teacher s while shar ing special occasions and meals: treats ser ved for this impor tant r itual will be school- made.


Happy Birthday Willem and William



Architects of Wonder The children are the ambassador s of Ecole Claire Fontaine to our community, building a world where living in ar t, language, nature and wondrousness is possible. Celebr ating the Guggenheim?s 58th year, the children in Architecture Class recreated the cylindr ical shapes of the Fr ank Lloyd Wr ight master building and explored circles, spheres and spir als. Mir ror ing the magic of their world, the inspir ation continues sparking at home: the cur ves of the NYC museum take on new life with rounds of cucumber carefully sliced by a student's plastic knife, before tomato and r adish ?ar t? is placed in the center. The children were also able to celebr ate the 130th bir thday of Le Corbusier by building Notre Dame Du Haut de Ronchamp. They lear ned about windows, which are used for? ?Air, light, sound and sight!? Since the Ronchamp Chapel has such resplendent windows, the class cut color s of tissue paper, and glued them in place to replicate the stained glass.

Looking inside they could see the floating roof and the windows of the char ming chapel. Built in 1954, it is one of the finest works of the Fr anco- Swiss architect and among the most impor tant examples of 20th centur y religious architecture. 7

Students recreate the Notre Dame Cathedr al in the hear t of Par is.

Children Shape the World Carefully cr afting the stained glass to view inside the Ronchamp Chapel.

The Gar goyles of Notre Dame

Getting silly with the spir als of the Guggenheim. Miniature paintings line the walls.


Marking its 50th anniver sar y, the children recreate Habitat 67, the model community built in Montreal near the St. Lawrence River for the Canadian Expo 67.

"We are together ".



Ar t Appreciation & Philosophy 10

In Ar t Appreciation and Philosophy classes, students look into themselves to under stand the feelings evoked by cer tain paintings and ideas.

What br ings feelings of peace to the children?

Family, Friends, Happiness, Harmony, Helping Others, Love, Joy, Sharing Through visual ar t the children have also explored the many shades of the exhilar ation that comes with delving into the unknown... Dali's Enigmatic Element of a Landscape and Munch's Scream provoked conver sation around the depth of feelings exper ienced at night time, as did the hot topic of Halloween costumes. 11

Gardens Animate Ar t

Tr acing the veins in leaves, following the source of nutr ients and water...

In Botany Class the children use dr ied herbs and petals.


Creating Cr itter s from the Garden, tiny Spider s all in a row.

Making Gummy Wor ms, red & slimy spr inkled with Cookie Cr umb Dir t For a Fr uity Ver sion: 1/2 cup pureed fr uit 1/2 cup liquid (filtered water, coconut water or milk) 1- 2 tablespoons stevia or honey 3 tablespoons gelatin powder Pour gelatin liquid into pureed fr uit. Whisk to prevent gelatin from setting in clumps. Cut str aws in half including the end with accordion lines, fill them with wor m goo, let set in refr iger ator for 15 min, remove from str aws and spr inkle with cookie cr umb "dir t". Yuck!

Adding Compost and Encour aging Real Ear thwor ms Makes for Gr eat Soil



Check out the Seed Libr ar y of Los Angeles.

Save Our Seeds With all of the autumnal har vest, and plenty of pumpkins for baking and car ving, we like to save our seeds to plant in the future or to share with fr iends. At school children prepare seeds and can tr y this simple project at home: Place your fresh seeds on newspaper to air- dr y for about a week. Don't for get to wr ite their names on the paper to avoid later confusion. Once dr y, pack your seeds in small paper packets that you can fold and decor ate, or place in a jar that closes with a tight lid, and add tissue and powered milk to keep them dr y.

SLOLA offer s seeds to take & grow. Let a few of your plants "go to seed" and then retur n. The pur pose is to share. There are sever al nearby br anches, including Venice.

Lemon Thyme Sprouting Beans

Meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month 2:30- 4pm at the Lear ning Garden 13000 Venice Blvd 90066.


Connecting the Function of Far ms to Children's Food The Far mer s Market is now deliver ing to Ecole Claire Fontaine: put in your order by Wednesday each week for a fresh and ever changing box of or ganic produce delivered on Monday, including a dozen eggs. The children have chosen car rots to prepare for lunch.


Using squash and eggs from the Far mer s Market to make cake, the children see their food from garden to oven. Let's bake!

Exper imenting with new fr uits for flavor, sensation, shape and texture.


Camar ader ie Reading, relaxing, spending quiet time together to calm and center bodies and minds, while sparking the imaginative spir it in each one.


Singing and dr umming build confidence as musicians recall rhythms and lyr ics. Gather ing together in group circles or with just an intimate few creates the strong sense of camar ader ie that children enjoy with their peer s throughout their school lives.


Eyes wide with special supplies, imaginations float by...


O u r N ew H ar p Bienvenue, Violette!

Har p Lessons with Maïwenn Ekoué Sign up her e


Ecole Claire Fontaine Family Thanksgiving


Basket made from tree trimmings Dur ing lunchtime at ECF the children pr actice requesting or ser ving themselves only what they will eat and leaving the rest for other s or for leftover s. Worldwide 7.2 tons of food are thrown away per year, 30% of that comes from the US. Of all food in the US ready for har vest, half of it never gets eaten. Food waste makes up the lar gest percentage of mater ial going into municipal landfills, which then account for 20% of all methane emissions. We love Thanksgiving! Let's take what we need and eat what we take!

Sit- Down Dinner Friday, November 17th 5- 7pm Potluck Sign- up & RSVP here


Class Group Photo 2017- 18 Order Here

G2 Galler y Nov 9th 6:30pm

SPY Silent Auction - Local Ar t to benefit Safe Space for Youth Thur sday, Nov 30th 7- 11pm





Sound Roads Music in Santa Monica

Venice Ar ts 24th Annual Gala Nov 4th 5- 8pm 13445 Beach Avenue Mar ina del Rey 90292

Take advantage of this unique oppor tunity to reach a select group of families and colleagues throughout the French and Amer ican communities in Venice and the Westside by adver tising in the Ecole Claire Fontaine News Magazine. For dates, dimensions and rates, please contact: digital@laclairefontaine.or g

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ECF November 2017 News Magazine  
ECF November 2017 News Magazine  

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