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From the Editor Hi Fabulous Friesian Lovers!! :)


Wow!! Can’t believe we are well and truly into the second half of the year now and fast approaching the breeding season!! :)


Last week we took some new photos of Jorrit so that we can update the website - check out the front cover of this mag and the photo gallery (and below)! :)


So far we have put together 2 episodes of Ebony Park TV with the next coming out just after the publishing of this mag! Click here to go to the EP TV archive in case you missed out on the first few! :)




The month is jam packed!! We had so much we wanted to share with you! Loes talks about why your horses mouth foams when you ride him, Danielle gives you another update on her trick training and her green ball - this time with cheeky Jorrit as her sidekick! Tash talks about ‘getting it right’, I answer a question about what forage to feed your horse... and as the Olympics have started, we have our last dressage rider Kristy Oatley in the spotlight! Have an awesome month!


To Yo u r D r e a m s Becoming Reality,


Kate Langdon

P.S. - Make sure you get the Aug/Sept edition of • PAGE 15: 5 MINUTES WITH KRISTY OATLEY the Horse Downunder Magazine - it is a Friesian special with Australian • PAGE 16-20: BREEDING SEASON 2012 studs including Ebony - STALLION LIFTOUT Park in it!! :) • PAGE 21: CONTACT INFORMATION

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


NEWS FROM HOLLAND - Setske F: First EVER Triple Preferent Mare There has been some exciting and unprecedented news to come out of the Friesian community in Holland over the last month... a mare has received a triple preferent rating!! Ok, so to many of you, we may as well be speaking in Dutch to you, as perhaps you have no idea what ‘preferent’, let alone ‘triple preferent’ rating means... So let me take a step back and explain... The absolute top quality 1st premie mares (judged as the top horses in the top Friesian studbook), seven years and older, may be judged for not only movement and conformation, but for performance (driving, dressage, riding) as well. Should the mare pass these tests (which are covered over the course of two years) adequately, AND if she passes a stricter conformation/movement keuring test known as the "Provisional Model" keuring class, AND if she has proven that she can produce and nurse a foal, she will be awarded a "model" rating. Obviously, model mares are also star, but only the very very best star mares would be capable of achieving the strict model rating - this is an extremely difficult rating to achieve. A mare may achieve preferent rating based on the quality of her offspring. If four of her babies receive a star rating, the mare then is declared preferent. Since this rating is only given to mares who have proven themselves, the rating is considered very prestigious - more prestigious than even a 1st premie star rating. Note that it is possible for a mare to produce star quality offspring even if she herself is not a star. So... to answer the original question... what is triple preferent? Well it means she has earned her ‘preferent’ title three times over... so that means 12 of her foals have received a star rating! Quite the achievement! When her son Edzer fan Lutke Peinjum was declared star, Setske F. became the KFPS’ first triple preferent mare. This is definite proof of the ability of this mare (that was sired by Feitse 293 and died in 2009) to produce excellent offspring, considering the fact that she achieved this as based on “only” 16 registered offspring, the youngest of which has not yet been presented for the star predicate! Setske's most famous offspring, of course, is the popular stud stallion Beart 411. Four brothers of Beart 411 had also been declared star, including Beart’s full brother Gatse fan Lutke Peinjum, a stallion that has been in service in Finland for many years as a foalbook stallion. Setske made a strong impression particularly with her female offspring. Seven of her daughters became star. The most conspicuous is Ealfrou fan Lutke Peinjum (sired by Melle 311). This star mare is now double preferent and her female offspring include mares with the preferent, crown and sport predicates. She is also the grand-dam of studbook stallion Tjalbert 460 (sired by Beart 411 and inbred on Setske F.). In addition to Ealfrou, Tjalda fan Lutke Peinjum (sire: Fabe 348) is a notable offspring of Setske F. This mare received the model, sport and preferent predicates. Besides her 12 star offspring, Setske F. also produced three offspring with the sport predicate – a feat that recently earned her the achievement predicate... a unique achievement for a unique mare. During the foalbook stallion inspection that took place in Wergea in June, this was cause – and rightfully so – for a little dance of joy by owners Nanne and Leonie Osinga. Setske F was competed in M2 dressage (which translates to Elementary level in Australia), and was three times reserve champion of the category of best riding horse at the central show. She is the daughter of Feitse (pref). The mother of Setske is the model mare Kingke, dam of the modern and strong progenitor, Barteld 292, and some of the best ster mares. What an amazing achievement and something we just had to share!! :) Source:

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Note from Tash DIARY DATES There are no competitions planned in August, with the Health and Body Workshop kicking off and preparations underway for the Breakthrough to Riding Success workshop in October!

Hi Friesian lovers! :) Happy August guys!!! I am writing to you from Sunny Africa where I am on a 3 week safari - yes I will be riding ;) you can't keep me off the horses, and I can't wait to post pics of all the animals when I get back! How are your horses and your riding going?!?!?! Here at EP Headquarters we have been preparing for breeding season, as well as planning the rest of the competitions for the year - Zeus will go out Elementary in spring, and Abe will be gunning for improved and refined Grand Prix scores to finish the year! I hope you enjoyed our first few episodes of Ebony Park TV! We are very excited to bring it to you and to answer all your questions! Click here if you have a question to submit, or if you missed out on the first few episodes! :) People have been asking what the words are to the start of Ebony Park TV, which is a “Home and Away” cover - so here they are if you want to sing along: “We're the stud that answers your questions, From grooming, feeding, breeding to riding, Just ask us anytime, And we will reply...

Watch this space next month and get ready for the Ebony Park team to come out guns blazing!! :)

So come and join our fun, Get the help you need, We’re here to give you answers... Ebony Park, With you each week...” On that note I give you all my love!!!! To your success!!!

Natasha Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - What Forage to Feed Friesians? Over the past few months I have had a few people asking me what they should feed their Friesians... and although some of that question has been answered, some people have been asking what forage is good to feed Friesians... Unfortunately, answering that question is much easier said that done, as a lot of the research that has been done is geared towards the thoroughbreds - mainly because the racing industry is such a large one - and also because this differs so much from horse to horse - even within a breed! From a conformation standpoint, Friesians - and other heavier breed such as warmbloods and coldblooded horses - of course have heavier bone and muscling and deeper barrels. Your main goal in terms of nutrition is to ensure slow, steady growth when they are young and reducing the risk of OCD (Osteochondritis Dessicans) which is a growth-related condition where cartilage doesn’t mature properly and compromises joint function. OCD is often caused by overfeeding of feeds high in sugar and starch - which are found in common

concentrates. So heavier horses don’t require high levels of concentrated feeds to maintain proper body condition, especially if they have access to quality hay and pasture, and appropriate vitamins and minerals. A big concern with Friesians and other similar breeds is keeping them at an optimum body weight - they are often easy keepers, and become overweight really easily! Traditionally, larger heavier horse breeds were thought to have a similar nutrient metabolism to ponies, so owners have historically fed

them as if they require slightly less feed per kg of bodyweight than lighter breeds... which is true, however this doesn’t mean cutting back on grazing time or amount of hay fed, it means cutting back on amount of hard feed! All horses still need at least 1.5-2% of their bodyweight each day in the form of forage - hay, grass, chaff etc. This might mean feeding a lower quality hay rather than cutting back on amount, just so that you meet their daily requirements! Yo u c a n a l s o soak hay in water which leeches out some of the sugars and other nutrients, which will make it lower in energy.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - What Forage to Feed Friesians? Ok, so what else do we need to know? Some people believe that we shouldn’t feed Friesian high protein diets, which means no lucerne hay either... and lucerne might not be the right fit for every horse, but concerns of lucerne being too rich for heavier horses are unfounded - in fact many horses require the nutrient boost this hay provides! We certainly give lucerne hay to all of the horses in work at Ebony Park, as well as the broodmares, as it is high in protein and other nutrients needed for both performance and growth. Protein is a vital nutrient for all horses - it is used in many places in the body... and your horse can become protein deficient if you feed poor quality hay and little or no hard feed. Horses are good at processing protein, so

there is no need to worry about adversely affecting kidney function.

You may need to supplement pasture with

So the moral to the hay - which comes in many types such as story... the types or lucerne or grass... or a mix! grass and hay that you feed your Friesian are your the sugar/starch content, or own choice, and it will differ reduce the feed amount given? from horse to horse - and of There are plenty of different course you sometimes may not types of feed and hay, and it’s have a choice as to what grass a b o u t f i n d i n g t h e r i g h t they eat - you just have to deal combination for your horse. with what pasture your horses If you are really stuck or unsure are on, but it definitely shouldn’t as what to do, Ebony Park be more than 50% clover, and recommends using FeedXL to generally 25% or less clover in formulate your horses diet - this the pasture is more ideal. Make is an online nutrition calculator sure you observe your horse for horses - it works out how and alter his diet according to much of certain nutrients and what you observe... if he is energy your horse needs and getting too fat, maybe reduce then calculates if what you are the hard feed feeding is meeting those portion of his needs! That way you can figure ration, and add a out if you are on the right track vitamin and with what you are feeding your m i n e r a l horse!! :) supplement - or feed lower quality To Your Dreams Becoming h a y . I f h e i s Reality, getting too hot, again look at the hard feed you are Kate Langdon giving - do you need to reduce Source: Contact Ebony Park for a full list of Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Tash’s Training Tip - Getting it Right “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” ~ Emile Coue I have had a few clients lately who have been doing the whole “I’m not good enough” thing. So I thought this month I would explore the notion of getting it right, and the addiction a lot of people have to attaining perfection. My mentor once said to me that people who are perfectionists are actually saying they have no standards. Now this can be interpreted in many ways but I took it to mean perfection cannot exist. It’s based on a belief that something cannot be improved or made better. Now we know logically that this is not true. Anything can always be better. So rather than seeking perfection I ask that my team and my clients strive for CANI – Constant And Never-ending Improvement. This means we never arrive, we never reach a standard we are happy to settle for, and we never sit in mediocrity. Now I love doing it in my business. In business there are KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and measurable outcomes and real data. But how do you do it with your riding?

The first thing is KNOWING and LOVING you are the best rider you can be today, doing your best with the knowledge and resources available to you at the present moment and tomorrow you will be better. If you KNEW how to do better you would. You understand that don’t you? I don’t think you

riding is very interesting today! What about when I have a bad test or a bad ride? Well firstly I don’t label it as such. It’s interesting, or it’s a tremendous learning opportunity or a marvelous chance to grow and become better. And it’s exciting! We only learn, grow and develop from less than ideal situations! When we have a sensational ride we enjoy it but we don’t learn as much as when it all falls apart. So it’s not a time to be sad, it’s a time to become EXCITED about it! Another mentor says “quality problems have quality results”. You want high quality problems so that you can grow and learn, and overcome the challenge to get an even better high quality result. So to recap:

have ever ridden your horse thinking “oh I know how to do this but I am consciously choosing to do it the wrong way and getting the wrong result”. So sometimes we ride well and sometimes we ride not so well. I always say when the horse goes well – gee I’m riding well today, and when he goes not so well – I say gee Tash you’re

1. You are the best rider you can be today. You are doing the best you can with the knowledge and resources available to you at the present moment. If you knew how to do better, you would. And the best part – tomorrow you will be better. 2. Get excited about your problems – they are not problems, they are challenges, opportunities to grow, a chance to develop into your full potential. How can you not get excited about that!!! :)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Tash’s Training Tip - Getting it Right So if you are doing your best with what you have in the present moment, and you are excited about your opportunities to develop, how can you be anything but pumped, excited and thrilled to be out there riding every day?!?! Why would you, or how could you even have time for, be bothered with or entertain the notion of “I’m not good enough yet”?

“I can’t understand it right now, but I will” “I shouldn’t do that right now, but I will” “I can’t do that level right now, but I will” Be ok with the rider you are T O D AY ! B e o k w i t h t h e progress you have already made TODAY, be accepting,

I’m sure none of you have but you know of someone that does. Not you of course! :) But others that have used the excuses: “I don’t know enough” “I can’t do it” “I can’t understand it” “I shouldn’t” “I can’t do that level yet” “I’ll never be good enough for that/at that” Now with all those excuses all I can say is “YES”! But add the words - right now but I will. “I don’t know enough right now, but I will” “I can’t do it right now, but I will”

tolerant and nice to you TODAY! I’m not saying don’t strive, work, demand for more! You definitely should! I push for more than I can even conceive from myself, my clients and my team every day. But I am also accepting of “my limit for TODAY is…”!! A fabulous quote is “yesterday’s efforts will get you yesterdays results” if you want more results you need to put in more effort. This is where CANI fits in perfectly. Do your best today.

And tomorrow make it better, and continue and continue and continue forever! Constant and Never-ending Improvement. Now a lot of people hear that and say oh my god Tash, isn’t that exhausting? You never can stop, you never can relax. I laugh! Why would I want to stop? Why would I want to relax in my business and stop giving amazing value and experience to my clients? Why would I want to relax on my horse and get the same mediocre scores for the rest of my competition career? Relaxing is for the beach! It’s not for everyday life! Mediocrity is exhausting. Settling for average is tiring. CANI is invigorating, exciting and means my life is constantly different and challenged. If you are not growing you are dying. So I choose to grow. What do you choose?

To Your Success,


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Lovely Loes’ Learnings Hi everyone!! I hope you have had a fantastic month and enjoyed some of the sunnier days that we have been having!

Dante only foams a little bit

A couple of people have asked me recently why horses foam at the mouth sometimes when they are being worked… and I promise it’s not a bad thing! If they are foaming at the mouth when they are being

wor k e d, this is showing that they a r e re la xe d a n d accepting of the bit. Zeus foaming while in work This is because they have a saliva duct behind their jaw, and when the jaw is relaxed and supple the horse will produce a lot more saliva… so when you are working your horse correctly, he will have his hind legs positioned well underneath the body and his back up and slightly rounded. Abe foams a lot!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012

Zeus foaming while in work


Lovely Loes’ Learnings If the head is also flexed correctly, with the nose vertical and not too far for ward or tucked back, the jaw and mouth of your horse will be soft and relaxed… other wise known as ‘on the bit’. As soon as the horse is tense, the saliva duct doesn’t work as freely and the horse mouth is drier and less relaxed.

Dante - newly broken in and doesn’t foam very much yet...

So now that you know that your horse foaming at the mouth is a good thing, what can you do to encourage this!?!? We use lots of half-halts! Generally our younger horses will salivate less, as they are still getting

And Abe, our Grand Prix stallion, works very nicely and foams HEAPS!!

used to being ridden and are less on t h e b i t t h a n t h e o l de r m o re e x p e r ie nc e d ( a n d mo re re l a xe d horse s)… che ck out the photos to see what I mean! :) U n t i l n e x t month!


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012

Zeus is more relaxed and on the bit, and therefore tends to foam a bit more...


Delightful Danielle’s Tales Jorrit and the BIG Green Ball!! :)

him, to habituate him to Hello everyone!! I hope you have all had as much fun playing with your horses this month as I have with Jorrit!! This month we decided to see Jorrit’s reaction to the big scary green ball!

the ball

and show him that it was ok. Well - Jorrit was

the opposite!! At first he didn’t

know what to do with the ball...

You might remember that last month we introduced the ball to Zeus, who was a little wary and we described to you how we took it slow with

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Delightful Danielle’s Tales ... but then he started to nudge it with his nose and



even knock it with his leg a few times!

horse nudges

or ‘kicks’ the ball! You will see their face light up as

they figure

out that every time they do something

with the ball they get a treat!! As Tash has been teaching Jorrit the Spanish

walk, we discovered this helped to get Jorrit to play with the ball more, by walking him close to the ball and asking him

Check out this video we took of Jorrit playing with

to lift his leg

the ball - click here! :)

up as if to do

If you have a food motivated horse, like Jorrit, it’s


great to give a positive reward (of food or pats)


walk... this way he would knock

the ball!! You will have to ask Tash how she is

teaching Jorrit to


walk!! I hope you all have another awesome month!


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012



More fun with Jorrit!!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


5 Minutes with Kristy Oatley With the Australian Dressage team announced officially in July, there is one team member that has not yet been covered... cousin to last months focus, Lyndal Oatley is Kristy Oatley. Kristy Oatley grew up on a farm and set her sights on competing at the Olympics at an early age. Her father started her riding horses at age two. She joined a pony club at age six. Based in Germany since 1990, she was a member of the German Junior and Young Rider teams, winning the European Young Rider title in 1995 and 1997. At the age of 21 she chose to ride for Australia and competed for her homeland at the 1998 World Equestrian Games and made her Olympic debut at the Sydney 2000 Games. She placed ninth in the individual dressage and sixth in the team event. Oatley competed in the same events at the Beijing 2008 Games where she placed 20th in the individual dressage and eighth in the team event. Her results in Sydney place her as Australia's most successful Olympic dressage competitor. This will be her third Olympic Games appearance in London, having represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008 Games. After taking time out from the international competition circuit, Oatley made the surprising move early in the year to aim for her third Olympic Games berth. Her strong performances in her short run to the Games, including finishing as the second highest placed Australian rider at the second nomination event in Compiegne, France, with a score of 68.234 % on her horse Clive, was enough to see her nominated for the London Games.

Her motto is - "Keep working, you cannot learn enough." A couple of fun facts for you: • Kristy’s horses have an uneven number of plaits during competitions

• Kristy's grandfather Robert Oatley has won five Sydney to Hobart

Yacht Races aboard his Super-Maxi Wild Oats XI. • As you may or may not be aware, there has been some controversy surrounding Kristy’s acceptance into the Australian Dressage team over Hayley Beresford, which has been all over equestrian news... we certainly hope she quells anyone’s doubts, and good luck to the who team in London this month! Source:


DOB: 18/07/1978 Height: 170cm Weight: 56kg

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia Languages: English & German Coach: Sjef Janssen

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


Ebony Park Jor"t Jorrit is an exceptional dressage stallion that made it through to the very prestigious 70 day performance test for approved stallions. In the performance test in Holland, Jorrit was within days of being approved as a stallion but a muscle strain hindered his movement and was unfortunately eliminated late in the test. He was also awarded a breeding permit from the KFPS when they came out for the 2009 Keuring. This is only awarded to very select Friesian stallions who possess the desired characteristics of the breed. There are only a few Friesian stallions in Australia that hold a current KFPS permit, and Ebony Park is very proud to offer Ebony Park Jorrit to the discerning Friesian breeder. This permit is limited to only 20 mares so please Born 12/05/2003, 16.2hh, Jet Black book quickly and as early as possible to avoid imported Friesian ster stallion disappointment! By the Grand Prix Dutch Approved Dressage Friesian Jasper 366 Scored 82% for the IBOP (2009 Keuring) Foalbook ster stallion with a Current KFPS Breeding Permit for 2011-2012 Registration Number: 5280 0420 0305 315

Photo by Nadeen Davis Click here for video of Jorrit!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012 Click here to visit Jorrit’s page on17our website

Ebony Park Elko

Unfortunately, due to a paddock injury to his knee, Elko is no longer able to be ridden, and has been retired from the competition arena. Ebony Park is extremely disappointed and upset by this incident, however we are very happy that he is still able to be bred, and has still retained his breeding permit (not something to be taken lightly, as the KFPS are very strict about awarding breeding permits!). When Elko was able to be ridden he was destined to be Natasha’s Olympic Grand Prix horse. He had everything! Three amazing paces, the desire and trainable temperament, and was quick to learn and improve. In his short career he scored up to 72% in preliminary and gained 44 grading points qualifying him for the 2006 Australian Dressage Championships in Novice in only 2 months of competition.

Born 21/04/2001, 17.1hh, jet black imported Friesian ster stallion By the Champion Approved licensed Dutch Friesian Stallion Teunis 332 Foalbook ster stallion with a Current KFPS Breeding Permit for 2011-2012 Registration Number: 5280 0420 0120 011

Click here for video of Elko!

Click here to visit Elko’s page on our Ebony Park Friesian website Magazine August 2012 18

Ebony Park Abe

Abe has had consistent results of over 62% at the Inter I level, and currently competing and winning at the Grand Prix level in 2012 with scores over 60%, improving with each competition! Early in his career Abe was the horse to beat in Novice bringing home 3 Novice Championships with scores up to 71%. He also took home an Advanced Championship in 2008 and competed and qualified for the prestigious Dressage with the stars in the PSG and Inter I Kur in March 2010.

Abe is now establishing himself in Grand Prix and he hasn’t disappointed. His piaffe/passage is amazing and we are now waiting for him to develop the strength to catch up. This horse is destined for a legendary Grand Prix career. Ebony Park Abe is an exceptional stallion to ride. He is powerful and responsive and carries you through any situation with pride and attitude.

Born 29/03/2000, 16.2hh, jet black imported Friesian ster stallion.

To ride him is pure joy! He is solid, strong and powerful! First Friesian stallion in Australasia to Abe takes you into a test almost like a war horse taking compete and win at Grand Prix level in you into battle. He is proud, noble and loves to show off dressage. and be the centre of attention. Abe has been awarded the sports predicate from the KFPS. He is the first stallion in Australia to achieve the award due to his outstanding results in the dressage arena. By the Champion Approved licensed Dutch Friesian Stallion Anne 340 Registration Number: 5280 0420 0010

Click here for video of Abe!

Click here to visit Abe’s Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012 19 page on our website

Zeus of Ebony Park Zeus is Elko’s first son that we have bred, and we have eagerly been waiting the years until he was old enough to work. At 4 1/2 he is already competing in Novice level dressage, with scores over 68%! Zeus is a delight to work with, having an exceptional canter just like his father, and a swinging, easy trot. He is still taking time to mature with some growing to do, but in another year we are so excited to see where this boy is at! He has inherited the beautiful, willing Friesian temperament from both sire and dam. This will be Zeus’s second season standing at stud, with his first babies due later in the year, and a wonderful opportunity for people to get access to Elko’s bloodlines!

Born 22/11/2007, 16hh, jet black Friesian BBook1 stallion. By our imported Friesian stallion (who has a breeding permit) Elko van der Woalderhoeve Registration Number: AU0360 0420 0706 076

Click here to visit Zeus’ page on our Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012 website

Click here for video of Zeus! 20


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Ebony Park Friesian Magazine August 2012


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Ebony Park Friesian Magazine - August 2012  

Check out the August edition of the Ebony Park Magazine... jam packed full of information and articles on Friesians and horses in general! T...

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine - August 2012  

Check out the August edition of the Ebony Park Magazine... jam packed full of information and articles on Friesians and horses in general! T...