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Earls Barton Medical Centre 8 Aggate Way | Earls Barton | Northamptonshire | NN6 0EU T 01604 813940 | F 01604 810401 | E Principal Dr. Catherine Blackman MB BS | GMC 3072451 | VAT 878 630 284



Earls Barton Medical Centre is owned and managed by Dr. Catherine Blackman and Mr. Stephen Blackman. We are a small, rural practice providing NHS Primary Medical Services to approximately 4,500 registered patients on behalf of NHS Northamptonshire. We also provide a range of Non-NHS services for the convenience of our patients. We welcome new patients resident in Earls Barton and the surrounding area including the villages of Sywell, Mears Ashby, Wilby, Ecton, Great Doddington, Cogenoe, Whiston and Grendon. This is the Practice Area agreed with NHS Northamptonshire. The Practice is able to offer a dispensary service to most patients in this area who live more than 1 mile from a Pharmacy. We will also consider registering patients who live outside the Practice Area if they feel they would benefit from the quality and range of services that we offer. Acceptance is at the discretion of Dr. Blackman and subject to confirmation by NHS Northamptonshire. Please contact reception to let us know your circumstances and we will consider your application to register.


Contact Information

2.1 Address Earls Barton Medical Centre 8 Aggate Way, Earls Barton Northamptonshire, NN6 0EU

2.2 Telephone Numbers Reception

01604 813940 Appointments 01604 (inc. telephone consultations) 813940 Prescription requests 01604 813941 Pathology results 01604 813941 NHS Direct 0845 4647 Out-of-hours service 0333 666 4664

Weekdays Saturday Weekdays Saturday Weekdays

8.00am-6.30pm 9.30am-11.30am 8.00am-6.30pm 9.30am-11.30am 11.00am-2.00pm



24 hours, 365 days Weekdays 6.30pm-8.00am Weekends 24 hours

2.3 Email General enquiries Prescription requests GP/Nurse advice Advice for 15-25 year olds Feedback & comments

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Our Team

3.1 Clinical Staff Dr. Catherine Blackman MB BS 1985 University of Newcastle upon Tyne GMC Reference Number: 3072451, Registered with a licence to practise Full registration date: 01 Aug 1986 Dr. Camilla Haakonsen BM 1999 University of Southampton GMC Reference Number: 4625214, Registered with a licence to practise Full registration date: 02 Aug 2000 Glennis Lowdon RGN BSc. (Hons) Independent Nurse Prescriber Glennis is our Nurse Prescriber and runs our minor illness/injuries clinic as well as specialising in the management of all patients with asthma and COPD. She is qualified to prescribe a wide range of NHS medication. Jane Hill RGN Specialist Practice Nurse Jane has worked as a Practice Nurse since 1987 and provides a wide range of treatments as well as specialising in the management of all patients with diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases and providing family planning advice and advice for travellers. The practice also hosts a Midwife, Health Visitors and Community Nurses. These staff are employed and managed by NHS Northamptonshire.

3.2 Management Staff Stephen Blackman MBA MSc BSc (Hons) As Practice Director, Stephen is responsible for the day-to-day running and organisation of the practice. Stephen also acts as Complaints Manager and Caldicott Guardian.

3.3 Support Staff Our support team of receptionists, dispensers and administrative and secretarial staff support our clinicians and will try to deal with your enquiries and requests as quickly and efficiently as possible. They deal with appointment requests, repeat prescription requests, dispensing, referrals to specialists, information management, statistics, finance and non-NHS services. Reception and Dispensary Staff:

Ada, Belinda, Tricia, Sue and Peta

Administration and Secretarial Staff:

Carla, Hilary, Sam and Sue

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Opening Times Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Opening Times 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM N/A

Please note that different nurses and different GPs have different surgery times.


Services and Clinics

We run a wide-range of NHS Services on behalf of NHS Northamptonshire and a number of additional services are hosted here. These services include: GP and nurse consultations Minor illness & minor injuries clinic Phlebotomy service Immunisations Travel advice & vaccinations Asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension and other long-term conditions Dispensary service (for eligible patients) Counselling & wellbeing clinics Smoking cessation clinic Weight management clinic Advice for 15-25 year olds Family planning & contraceptive advice Ante-natal clinic Baby & pre-school clinics Some of these services operate in designated clinics at set times each week but others can be arranged within normal GP or Nurse appointments. All services need to be pre-booked. Please call Reception on 01604 813940 to book an appointment.

5.1 Clinic Times Specific clinics are normally held at the following times. However, these may occasionally need to be rescheduled. Please note: We do not operate any walk-in clinics. All appointments must be booked in advance. Please telephone reception to book an appointment. We offer same-day appointments for those with acute conditions. Please contact us as early as possible if you think you need to be seen that day.

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GP consultations are normally scheduled for 10 minutes. If you have more than one condition or a complicated history contributing to stress or depression, please ask reception to book an extended appointment. Nurse appointments are normally booked for 15 minutes but certain procedures and reviews of long-term conditions may require longer.


Clinic GP

Day Mon-Fri Sat

Session 1

Session 2

09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:30 AM - 11:30 AM

04:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Nurse Prescriber

Mon Wed Thur Fri

09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM

01:30 PM - 05:00 PM 01:30 PM - 05:00 PM 01:30 PM - 05:00 PM 01:30 PM - 05:00 PM

Practice Nurse

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri

09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM

01:30 PM - 06:00 PM 01:30 PM - 06:00 PM 01:30 PM - 05:30 PM 01:30 PM - 05:30 PM


Tue Wed Fri

08:00 AM - 10:30 AM 08:00 AM - 10:30 AM 08:00 AM - 10:30 AM



09:00 AM - 12:30 PM



09:30 AM - 12:30 PM



09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Booking an Appointment

6.1 Routine appointments If you need to book a routine follow-up appointment with a particular GP you can make an appointment up to six weeks in advance. Please phone 01604 813940 after 10.30am to avoid busy times. Many routine appointments are for patients who have a long-term or chronic condition that needs monitoring on a regular basis. We will let you know when your next appointment is due with the practice nurse or doctor either by post or email. Please telephone reception to arrange it. It is important to continue your regular check-ups, even if you are feeling well. Routine appointments are available during normal surgery hours with the practice nurse and/or doctor. We hold regular clinics for asthma, COPD, diabetes, hypertension and other long-term conditions.

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6.2 Same day appointments We are a busy practice, and provide a limited number of same day appointments to make it easier for people with acute conditions to see a doctor quickly. About 30 % of our GP appointments are same day appointments. You can phone from 8:00 am to book a same day appointment. These appointments are triaged and you may need to discuss your condition with a member of staff before an appointment can be allocated. If your condition has persisted for more than 3 days, please request a routine rather than a same day appointment.

6.3 How to make an appointment Please call our reception on 01604813940 and select option 1 to book an appointment. You can also email for a non-urgent appointment to or go online to our website to book an appointment through our electronic booking system. Urgent cases are normally seen on the same day. If your condition is non-urgent, you will have to wait to see a GP and you may have to wait longer if you want to see a particular GP. You have the option to book up to six weeks in advance if this is more convenient for you. Nurses based in our practice treat patients for a wide range of common conditions and our Nurse Practitioner is qualified to prescribe all necessary medicines.

6.4 Role of reception Our receptionists are usually the first point of contact and are here to help you. They have a lot of information to hand and in most cases will be able to help with your enquiry, ensuring you see the most appropriate clinician. Nonetheless, it is your right to request to talk only to a clinician. In this case an initial telephone consultation will be arranged with a GP/Nurse. Anything that is discussed with the receptionists or any other member of the team is treated in strict confidence. You have a right to be treated courteously, and our receptionists also have a right to be treated courteously by you. We can offer a degree of privacy in a separate room if your enquiry is sensitive. Please respect the privacy of other patients by standing well back from the reception desk until your turn.


Obtaining Medication

7.1 Obtaining one-off prescription medicines If you think you may need a prescription medicine, please make an appointment with the doctor. Our practice nurse/nurse practitioner can also issue prescriptions for common ailments. If you have previously been given a prescription for a straightforward condition, such as hay fever, we may be able to issue a prescription after a telephone consultation. Please ask the receptionist.

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We are allowed to dispense medication to patients who live in rural areas, or more than a mile from the nearest chemist. Ask us about registering for our dispensing service if you think you qualify. If you don't qualify for this service you must take your prescriptions to one of the community pharmacies. We can arrange to send your prescriptions direct to Jeyes Chemist, Earls Barton so you can go directly there to collect your medication. Your local pharmacist should be able to give you advice for non-prescription medication.

7.2 Obtaining a repeat prescription We have a computerised repeat prescription service. Repeat prescriptions are normally for patients with long-term conditions who receive regular treatment. Your doctor (or nurse practitioner) will decide who can have a repeat prescription. From time to time we will ask you to see a doctor or nurse practitioner to review your medication. We do this to monitor your illness and medication. You can ask for a repeat prescription: by phoning 01604 813941 between 11:00 and 14:00; by calling into the surgery when the reception is open; by post; or by email to Wherever possible please give the exact drug names when ordering. Prescriptions will be available for collection 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) after your request is received by us. Please allow 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) before coming to collect your prescription. If you normally take your prescription to the same chemist for dispensing, we are able to arrange delivery of the prescription direct to the chemist. You can then call at the chemist for your dispensed medication. We are also able to dispense medication directly to some patients. Please let us know if you live more than one mile from a pharmacy and would like us to dispense to you.


Pathology Results

8.1 How to get your test results On average please allow 3 working days for your test results to come back from the hospital unless your doctor has advised otherwise. Please note that X-ray results take a little longer, usually 5 days. For your test results please telephone the surgery on 01604810941 between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. Sometimes, we cannot always give full results over the phone. If the result is complicated, or if the doctor wants to see you about the result, we will offer you an appointment. We will only give results to the person who has had the test.

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Our approach to your healthcare

9.1 Who has access to patient information We respect your right to privacy and keep all your health information confidential and secure. It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and treatment so that those treating you can provide the best possible care. We have a fully computerised medical record system which means information about your healthcare is held on a secure server. You have the right to know what information we hold about you. Please ask the receptionist if you wish to see or obtain a copy of your record. If you are referred to a hospital specialist you are also welcome to request a copy of the referral letter. NHS Connecting for Health is currently developing the National Care Records Service, which will create a Summary Care Record (SCR) for each individual patient (by 2010), to be held centrally. At this pilot stage the record is limited to current medication, known allergies and adverse reactions. Eventually the aim is to enable healthcare staff jointly involved in your care, such as your GP and your hospital consultant, to easily access and share information through this national record. You have the right to withdraw your consent to information being shared. In future you will be able to access your own record online at

9.2 Policy on violent or abusive patients We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. We take seriously any threatening, abusive or violent behaviour against any of our staff or patients. If a patient is violent or abusive, they will be warned to stop their behaviour. If they persist, we may exercise our right to take action to have them removed, immediately if necessary, from our list of registered patients.

9.3 Change of patient's personal details If you change your name, address or contact details (such as your telephone number or email address), please let us know as soon as possible so that we can update our records. If you are receiving treatment at a hospital it might also be a good idea to inform them of any changes so that both our records are consistent when we communicate with them.

10 Premises and Facilities 10.1 Parking The surgery has a large car park.

10.2 Public transport The X4 and X46 buses between Northampton and Wellingborough stop close to the surgery.

10.3 Access for Wheelchair users The surgery and all clinical rooms are fully accessible by wheelchair users.

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10.4 Disabled toilets The Practice has a toilet accessible by wheelchair users.

10.5 Induction loop A portable induction loop is available. Please ask at reception.

10.6 Baby changing facilities Baby changing facilities are available.

11 Research and Training The Practice is active in primary care research in association with East Midlands Primary Care Research Network. Earls Barton Medical Centre is not involved in the postgraduate training of doctors or nurses.

12 Map & Travel Information

The X4 and X46 buses between Northampton and Wellingborough stop close to the surgery. PAT 001




How quickly can I see my doctor?

If your condition is urgent, you can expect to see a GP within two working days or a health professional such as a nurse within one working day. If you don't need an appointment within two working days, you also have the option to book in advance if this is more convenient for you.


How do I arrange a home visit?

Our doctors typically see four patients at the practice in the time it takes to do a single home visit. For this reason, we ask our patients to come to the practice if at all possible. However, we can visit you at home if your condition means you cannot attend one of our premises. Please ring the main switchboard before 10 am to arrange a visit. Please be prepared to tell the receptionist about your condition so we can visit the most urgent cases first. The doctor or triage nurse may wish to speak with you to see if it would be better for you to come to the surgery to be seen immediately. Home visits are normally made between 12:00 am and 14:00.


What do I do in an emergency?

If you need urgent medical advice during surgery hours, please phone the surgery on 01604813940. Please be prepared to give some information to the receptionist. If you need to see a doctor urgently when the surgery is closed please phone the surgery on 01604813940 and follow the instructions to be diverted to NeneDoc who provides the „out-of-hoursâ€&#x; service on behalf of NHS Northamptonshire. You may also call NeneDoc direct on 03336664664. They will pass a message to the nurse/doctor on duty who may phone you to assess your problem. You might be asked to attend the out-of-hours clinic, or receive a home visit. Alternatively you can phone NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or visit their website at NHS Direct offers free expert health information and advice 24 hours a day. It can advise you whether you need to go to the nearest A&E (accident and emergency) or if there is an alternative such as visiting an NHS walkin centre. For deaf people and those hard of hearing, a telephone services is available on 0845 606 4647. If English is not your preferred language, you can choose to use a confidential translation service. Whatever the day or time, if you or someone else experiences severe chest pain, loss of blood or suspected broken bones, go to your nearest accident and emergency department or call 999. There is no NHS Walk-In centre in our locality.

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Why do receptionists ask about my medical problem?

We operate a „triage‟ system to ensure that all patients are dealt with fairly by an appropriate member of the team and to ensure that problems are dealt with urgently when necessary. Every morning we run a service for patients who request an urgent appointment. When you request such an appointment the receptionist may book the appointment directly or tell you that you will be placed on the triage list and that one of the medical team will call you back. You will be asked for your name, telephone number and a brief description of the problem. All staff adhere to strict terms of confidentiality. We will endeavour to contact you within the hour and therefore ask that you remain available for this time – if your condition deteriorates you should telephone the surgery again.


Why might it be difficult to get an appointment

The surgery is particularly busy on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays especially during the winter months and after bank holidays. If your appointment is not urgent, try to book on a less busy day. Please do not fail to turn up for your appointment without advising us. If you let us know as soon as possible you can't attend your appointment, we can then make it available for another patient. If we can‟t offer you an immediate appointment, we may phone back to offer you a cancellation slot. You can book to have a telephone consultation with a doctor or nurse if you wish. He or she will ring you at an agreed time period on the telephone number you have given.


I’m travelling abroad. How do I arrange for travel vaccinations?

For routine protection against Tetanus and Polio please complete our Travel Health Questionnaire and then make an appointment with the practice nurse. We offer a full range of vaccinations for foreign travel. For all advice and information regarding foreign travel please complete a Travel Health Questionnaire and then make an appointment with the practice nurse at least 6 weeks before departure so that immunisation can be completed. Please note that not all travel vaccinations are free of charge. Contact us at least two months before you plan to travel for advice and to arrange any inoculations that you may need. This is because some inoculations take time to become effective and our travel clinics are also booked on a first-come, first-served basis. If our travel clinics are full you can also get travel inoculations at specialist travel clinics.


Can I arrange for a general health check?

Newly registered patients, those aged 75 or over who have not had a consultation in the past year and adult patients under 75 who have not had a consultation in the past three years all have the right to request a health check consultation with either a doctor or nurse at the practice. Please call reception to arrange an appointment.

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Can the surgery refuse to accept me as a patient?

Yes. The surgery may refuse an application to join its list of patients if, for example, you do not reside in its surgery area or it has formally closed its list of patients. Where the surgery does refuse to accept you, then it must have reasonable grounds for doing so, which do not relate to race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition, and it must give you, in writing, reasons for its decision.


Can I change my doctor?

You have the right to change your doctor without having to give a reason. The process of finding a new doctor is similar to registering. However, it would be extremely helpful (for administrative purposes) to notify the surgery that you are leaving.

10 What do I do if I am ill whilst away from home? If you fall ill whilst away from home or if you are not registered with a doctor but you need to see one, you can still contact your nearest surgery to ask for treatment. You can receive emergency treatment for 14 days. After that you will have to register as a temporary or permanent patient. Temporary registration allows you to be taken onto the doctor's list for a threemonth period. If you have a doctor but are away from your home area, you can register temporarily with a doctor near where you are currently staying and still remain a patient of your permanent doctor. It will help the doctor seeing you for the first time if you can provide him or her with the following information - so try and have this easily available: o o o o o

your on-going medical problems, medical problems you have suffered in the past, the name of any medicines that you are currently taking, whether you are allergic to anything, and contact details of your regular or previous doctor.

It's not always easy to get treatment abroad, so you should make sure you have planned ahead. You should always ensure you have adequate private health insurance. A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to reduced-cost, sometimes free, medical treatment while you're in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or Switzerland. However, you should still take out private health insurance as an EHIC will not necessarily cover all the costs of your treatment and never covers the cost of repatriation.

11 How do I register as a patient? We normally only accept new patients who live in our practice area. You can register by completing a registration form which can be obtained from the practice. When you register, we will offer you the opportunity to make an appointment to see the practice nurse for a new patient health check. This will make sure that our records are accurate and all routine checks to promote your health and wellbeing are up-to-date. PAT 001



12 I have moved outside your area, can I remain as a registered patient? The practice currently has an obligation to provide home visits to registered patients who are housebound or too ill to travel to the Surgery. For this reason we cannot guarantee that we can allow you to remain as a registered patient. Please contact reception who will advise you after consultation with Dr. Blackman. We will give full consideration to your request.

13 How do I make a complaint We aim to provide a high quality of care to you and your family and we are always interested in your comments. We realise that there may be times when you feel you may have cause for complaint and we will listen to your grievances and try to address the issues as quickly as possible. From 1st April 2009, the Practice has been required to handle complaints in accordance with UK Statutory Instruments 2009 No. 309 “The Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009”. Stephen Blackman, „Complaints Manager‟ will manage the complaints procedure including any investigations and compiled a detailed report and response. As the Practice‟s designated „Responsible Person‟, Dr Blackman will review and approve all responses. If you have any complaints or concerns or you would like to provide feedback on our services you may call the Complaints Manager on 01604813940 or submit in writing by post or email to

13.1 Advice and Information Service NHS Northamptonshire‟s Advice and Information Service (Formerly PALS) provides support and advice for local people and those wishing to give feedback or make a complaint about any of NHS Northamptonshire‟s services. Contact: NHS Northamptonshire Advice and Information Service Francis Crick House, 6 Summerhouse Road Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6BF T. 0800 587 0879 | E.

13.2 Independent Complaints Advocacy Service ICAS is a free, confidential and independent service which can help you make a formal complaint about NHS services. If you are not satisfied with the way we have dealt with your complaint and would like to take the matter further, you may ask ICAS for a Lay Conciliator to be brought in to help find a satisfactory conclusion. Independent Complaints Advocacy Service Wellingborough Innovation Centre, Tresham Institute Church Street, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4PD T. 0845 650 0088 | E.

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13.3 The Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman for England If this local process fails, you then have the right to take your complaint to The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman who is completely independent of the NHS and government. The Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman for England Millbank Tower, Millbank London, SW1P 4QP T. 0345 015 4033 E. | W.

14 Who is NHS Northamptonshire NHS Northamptonshire is the local lead NHS organisation and responsible for commissioning all local Primary Medical Services. Details of all primary medical services in the area may be obtained from them. They can be contacted at: NHS Northamptonshire Francis Crick House Summerhouse Road Moulton Park Northampton NN3 6BF T. 01604 651100

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USEFUL LOCAL CONTACTS Advocacy Alliance An advocacy service for older people Tel: 01604 200 020 Advocacy Northants An advocacy service for disabled people Tel: 01933 664 800 African Caribbean Elder Services (ACES) Provides weekly activities for the over 50’s. Tel: 01604 715 044 Age Concern Northamptonshire The UK’s largest charity working with and for older people Tel: 01694 611 200 Alzheimer’s Society The leading UK care and research charity for people with dementia Northampton and District Branch Tel: 01604 408 822

Corby and Kettering Voluntary and Community Services Sitting service for people with children with learning disabilities Tel: 0844 855 2300 Crossroads Support for carers Tel: 01604 652 003 Deaf Connect Support and advice for people with hearing loss Tel: 01604 880 777 Text: 01604 799 020

Daventry Tel: 01327 300 010 Northampton Tel: 01604 657 720 South Northants Tel: 01933 352 561

Northamptonshire LINk Offers the chance to express views on healthcare Tel: 01604 808 684

Mencap (Northampton) The leading UK charity for people with a learning disability and their families Tel: 01604 636 503

Northamptonshire Society for Autism Information and guidance Tel: 01604 239 404

National Autistic Society Residential unit for adults with severe learning disabilities Tel: 01933 653 200

Delos Resource Centre Daily activities and support for people with learning disabilities of all ages Tel: 01933 677 889

New Horizons Daily activities for the over 50’s Tel: 01933 664800

Disabled Peoples Alliance (DPAN) A support and information service for all disabled people Tel: 01604 639 815

Northampton Association for the Blind (NAB) Activities and services for the blind/partially sighted Tel: 01933 664800

Patient Advice and Liason Service (PALS) A free, confidential service to give patients, their families and carers a voice in the way their health service is run Tel: 01536 494 130 Parents in Partnership Advocates for parents/carers for people with leaning disabilities Tel: 01604 671 888 Pravasi Mandal Provides daily activites Tel: 01933 442 955

Northampton Bangladeshi Association Serve Provides daily activities Information and advice on Tel: 01604 624 930 pension benefits and daily activities Northampton Borough Tel: 01933 315 555 East Midlands Crossroads Council’s Lifeline Service Caring for Carers A community alarm service, Shaftesbury Society Autumn Centre (Corby) (Northamptonshire office) a quick and simple way of Provides community Daily Activities for the over Aims to provide a reliable, getting help services and supported 50’s tailored service for carers Tel: 01604 230 227 living services Tel: 01536 264 671 and the people they care for Tel: 01280 840 049 Tel: 01604 766 769 Northampton Country Bedfordshire & Social Service – the out of Centre Northamptonshire Glamis Hall hours team Trains adults with learning Multiple Sclerosis Therapy (Wellingborough) In case of emergencies disabilities in agriculture and outside office hours, contact Centre Daily activities for older horticulture Therapy and support for people the out of hours team Tel: 01604 582 141 people with multiple Tel: 01933 677 326 Tel: 01604 626 938 sclerosis Headway (East Northants) Northampton Volunteering Stroke Association Tel: 01234 325 781 Centre (NVC) Day services for brain Provides family and carer Renovates gardens for older support Carers Forum injured adults and support people and transport for Information service for for families Tel: 01604 687 749 medical appointments disabled people Tel: 01933 652 311 Thrapston Volunteer Tel: 01933 664800 Tel: 01604 624 088 Headway (Northampton) Bureau Northamptonshire Carers Provides a transport service Caring and Sharing Day Services for brain Advice on benefits and Daily activities for adults injured adults and support Tel: 01832 733 336 provides support for carers with learning disabilities for families Vine Community Trust and breaks Tel: 01604 891 487 Tel: 01604 591 045 Provide daily activities Tel: 01604 232 500 Central England People Learning Disability Care Tel: 01536 762 329 First Management Teams Wellingborough African & Daily activities for people Corby and Kettering Caribbean association with learning disabilities Tel: 01536 313 110 Provide daily activities Tel: 01535 515 548 Tel: 01933 442 04 Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (ASBAH) Support for people with Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus Tel: 01733 555 988

Dostiyo Provides daily activities for Asian women Tel: 01604 601 097

For more information | | 0800 38 92 077 PAT 001



Patient Handbook  

A guide to our services.