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I have chosen to make a photo book with black and white photos. All the pictures have something in common and are combined with texts. My purpose with these pictures is to create feelings within the viewer and make them think about what the meaning of the photo could be. There are ofcourse a thousand ways to look at them and anyone are free to think what they want to.

I have not been using any specific tecnique when I took the photos. I have instead tried to work with them afterwords in an editing program. You could see that by looking at the background in each picture where I have put a plain color. You can also see that I have adjusted the contrast and brightness alot to ad more depth to the pictures. I thought this project was fun and I have learned a lot on the way, and I personally think that I have acheved what i wanted.

Unheard unseen, unknown i was holding on.

The invisible boy Walking down the street. The invisible boy.

Soon you will disappear Fading into beautiful light.

You see me breaking From the inside out.

I can see the sky-high walls you build They are as clear as day Even unbreakable.


Photographer: Ebba Loo Larsson 2013 February 17 Thanks to the models: Amanda. B Scott. A Timothy .C Alva .L

Photo Book  

Photo Book, Project

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