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Telekom Electronic Beats

Initially developed as a music marketing program in 2000, Electronic Beats has since evolved into a media ecosystem embracing the intersectionality between music and other key lifestyle areas such as design, tech, fashion, and art. With its persistent creativity and cutting-edge content, TEB consistently captures the essentials of youth culture today. Electronicbeats.TV features in-depth interviews, concert footage, live streams, and more, showcasing pioneers, all-stars, and newcomers from across the electronic music scene. In early 2018, TEB launched its own German-language podcast about club culture and nightlife. Active in all Deutsche Telekom markets, TEB produces its own live events across Europe, creating memorable music experiences while also serving as a platform for innovative Deutsche Telekom products and services. Since 2000, Deutsche Telekom has set the standard for international music marketing with the innovative Telekom Electronic Beats platform.