Restaurant C-Suite Magazine | Winter 2020

Page 19

but it highlights that the platform is unlimited... we (also) have dessert pizza, vegan, vegetarian, it’s about the chef blending the flavors, to make them approachable and intriguing to those who are looking for something outside the traditional flavors of old.”

Providing a convenient experience PIzza operators can also focus on improving the guest experience and recognizing consumers are in charge. Consumers expect convenience: “Ordering pizza for delivery is one of the most convenient food options there is and we’ve designed our (Donatos’) app to allow customers to reorder a previous favorite order with the click of a button,” Krouse adds. A study that was prepared by Technomic and published by the National Restaurant Industry addressed specific insights regarding offpremises business. One of the findings in the report Harnessing Technology to Drive OffPremises Sales, is that 43 percent of consumers use restaurant apps to order food delivery, yet

only 18 percent of restaurants offer ordering apps. Pizzerias and pizza chains cannot afford to fall behind competitors and third-party app providers in this regard. Another way that pizza operators can enhance the guest experience is by designing pizzerias that recognize the rising volume of to-go business. Donatos Pizza restaurants are designed to provide a comfortable in-dining experience; at the same time, the chain also offers ample room for pick up transactions. Benches and waiting areas accommodate pickup guests, and allow enough room for queuing at peak sales periods. Pizza operators have multiple advantages. They understand convenience and are working with a product that offers great value and has decades of investment. Pizza also travels well and is easy to keep fresh and warm. As they enter 2020, operators can leverage these advantages to stay ahead of other restaurant food categories and continue to offer a superior, convenient experience.

The variety of pizza choices and occasions at Donatos appeals to today’s finicky consumer. Photo by Donatos Pizza.