Restaurant C-Suite Magazine | Winter 2020

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Pizza landscape evolves Operators address a changing restaurant industry landscape as consumer preferences change By Eric Nomis

The pizza category is showing much resilience as consumers preferences change and evolve. There’s no indication that change will taper off during the next decade. The National Restaurant Association has already weighed in with its next-decade forecast, Restaurant Industry 2030: Actionable Insights for the Future. Off-premises business will continue to gain momentum. More diners will embrace dietaryand lifestyle-centric eating. There was a lot to digest in that report, and there’s much for pizza executives and owners to unpack as 2020 begins. In a highly competitive category and a restaurant industry that’s going through

transformation and disruption, it’s time to analyze and dig in. One way pizza chains are addressing change is by embracing diversity in pizza and focusing on choice for consumers. This is an important aspect of the business for Donatos Pizza. “Consumers want their pizza exactly when and where they want it,” says Tom Krouse, Donatos CEO. “The brands that can meet those demands will continue to flourish and grow.” Krouse also notes that pizzerias and chains are facing increased pressure on food and labor costs. Photo center: Boston’s Pizza provides off-premises options but its Appy Hour gives customers another reason to come into the restaurant. Photo by Boston’s Pizza.

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