Restaurant C-Suite Magazine | Winter 2020

Page 15

SALADS ARE A PIZZA’S BEST FRIEND Salads and pizza are a good money-making team. With current food trends, “the general formula is putting something familiar with something new so part of the dish is calming and grounding, while another aspect is more experimental,” says Suzy Badaracco, Culinary Tides CEO, a top forensic trendologist. Is it time to change up your salad? Try these fun variations: • Ice water salads • Roots like beets, purple potatoes, tricolored carrots • New varietals like celtuce (new to us, common in Asia)

• Eastern Mediterranean – Persian cucumber, sumac, a sabzi platter • Dressing used as dips for a chance • Salad ingredients or styles tied to time in history or regional specialties

• Greek salads – riding tail of hummus trend Photo by Louis Hansel.