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Healthy beverage trends QSRs tap better-for-you beverages for incremental business

By Rick Zambrano

Alltown Fresh is an example of a food retailer that makes to-go healthy beverage options plentiful. Photo by Alltown Fresh.

Beverages are great vehicles for food businesses to build incremental business. Consumers are looking for healthy beverages and consumption is driven by personalization and convenience, notes the Hartman Group in a March thought leadership piece. Through the prism of ”healthy”, consumers are choosing beverages termed “better for you.” They define healthy in a variety of ways - functional, clean-label (“free from”), natural, organic which all fit into a paradigm of wellness and personalization. Thus, lower calorie and lower sugar are no longer necessarily the defining attributes of a healthy beverage. RESTAURANT C-SUITE | Restaurant news that’s fresh, informed, inspired (by you) 18

For context, the Hartman Group, a food research firm based in Greater Seattle, provides these key consumer-driven evaluation points: “Your beverages should be personalized to your individual tastes and health needs; beverages should reflect your values and aspirations; and you can drink what you want, when you want it (mostly).” These perspectives then converge with convenience: accessibility (staying hydrated), portability (“drinking on the go”) and meal replacement (if desired).

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