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fresh, oftentimes organic, and locally-sourced

whether it’s cold-pressed juice or an acai bowl.


Each item uses fresh ingredients and is made with the consumer’s needs in mind.

A must-stop juice shop is South Block Juice, located in Georgetown, with several other

Puree Juice Bar is another D.C.-based business

locations across the city. The Founder and

that creates delicious, cold-pressed, organic

CEO, Amir Mostafavi, thought that healthy food

and unpasteurized juices. With three locations

and drink options were lacking in D.C. “I

in the area—Mosaic District, Bethesda Row and

wanted to have fresh and healthy smoothies

Sibley Hospital—consuming clean products is

and juices to go along with the mission of

an essential part of Puree Juice Bar’s vision.

building a healthier community. We do this both

“We believe in concentrated phyto-nutrients

through the food and experience,” he said.

without chemicals or pesticides,” according to the website. They also offer a variety of juice

Originally this was an idea that came about

cleanses for all your detoxing needs, which can

while Mostafavi was studying at George

also be made to order with assistance from the

Washington University, and he opened his first

Puree team, depending on your needs. All

shop in 2004. South Block finds that creating a

drinks are packaged in glass bottles,

community is an important part of the

maintaining crisp flavor and eliminating the

experience to “put no limits on people that are

harsh chemicals that are present in plastic.

seeking out positive energy and fresh and tasty

If you’re in D.C.’s City Center, Fruititive will give

food,” to make South Block as inclusive to all

you 100 percent plant-based, organic, kosher

demographics and age groups as possible. And

and sustainable juice, in par with its motto: “Live

the company doesn’t take any shortcuts when it

Your Health.” As the first certified Organic Fast

comes to making their products,

Casual Restaurant in North America, all juices


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