District Restaurant News | Fall 2020

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Eatery Pulse launches Season 3 of Swizzle Chill TV Local firm bolsters Washington, DC area restaurant ecosystem Washington, DC (September 21, 2020) Eatery Pulse Media has launched Season 3 of Swizzle Chill TV - DC Food, Drink and Lifestyle Show, an online and social media show that spotlights the best of living and chilling in DC, with an emphasis on the local restaurant industry. The information services and consulting firm shines a spotlight on restaurants and reveals the stories of local restaurants and bars. In the past, Swizzle Chill TV has featured Bocas Botanas, Spark at 12, Denizens Brewing, Copa Kitchen & Bar, and Hot Lola’s. A focus on content that informs the local food industry Eatery Pulse Media also runs District Restaurant News, a trade industry publication for Washington, DC area independent restaurant operators. This magazine takes the place of Eatery Pulse News DC, which, two years ago, was transformed into Eatery Pulse News, a nationwide restaurant news resource. (eaterypulse.com) The firm’s local focus helps restaurants gain attention during critical moments for the local foodservice industry. Eatery Pulse also supports restaurants through consulting (arel7), and recently initiated a local pro bono program for smallersized restaurants during the COVID-19 health crisis. Swizzle Chill TV has covered restaurants specializing in a diversity of cuisines, including tapas, Caribbean food, international cuisines, as well as conventions like the RAMMY Award ceremonies and MetroCooking DC. “Restaurants are the cornerstones of many communities and create much-needed jobs, and they deserve to be in the spotlight,” says Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse Media editor and consultant. “In addition to the support of local diners, they need tools to succeed. For years, marketing is an area that has been underfunded for local restaurants; so too, have technology and growth fundamentals. We’re proud to be part of an ecosystem that can help restaurants gain or regain strong footing.” How to follow and support Swizzle Chill TV’s spotlight on the DMV food industry DMV foodies can follow all updates and stories 16 District Restaurant News

on Facebook.com/swizzlechill or by signing up at subscribe.swizzlechill.com. Season 3’s premier can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/ swizzlechill/videos/338351757356361/ Eatery Pulse has revealed that it is developing a network of sponsors, including real estate developers and food, beverage & lifestyle brands, to bring local restaurants into the spotlight. In a collaborative environment, sponsors contribute modest amounts that make a combined tremendous impact on the visibility and stability of restaurants in their communities. Sponsors’ contributions toward the production and dissemination of compelling video content for their restaurant neighbors will also bring increased visibility to their own brands. New sponsors can collaborate with their peers in supporting their local restaurants at sponsor. swizzlechill.com. Local followers can get behind this homegrown production by becoming supporters or members at supporter.swizzlechill.com. With its agile and flexible production unit, Eatery Pulse Media estimates it could help promote more than one dozen local restaurants per month. About Swizzle Chill TV Swizzle Chill TV - DC Food, Drink and Lifestyle Show is a celebration of food and drink in Metropolitan Washington. Each episode highlights some of the best of drinking, dining, living—“chilling”—in the nation’s capital, and introduces viewers to exciting facets of life in Washington, DC and its surrounding suburbs. As part of the Eatery Pulse Network and EPN Cafe portfolios, Swizzle Chill publishes videobased updates, interviews and exploration of Metropolitan Washington in web format and on social media. About Eatery Pulse Media Eatery Pulse Media is a primary source of national restaurant industry news and content that provides information services, consulting and a creative customcontent studio for business. As a multi-brand, multimedia trade publisher, it empowers foodservice professionals, business owners, and foodies to further engage and celebrate food and drink topics. Eatery Pulse generates visually-compelling published formats and ultra highdefinition video broadcasts to report industry news, and to tell the unique and impactful stories of foodservice organizations, businesses and restaurants. Based in the Washington, DC area, the publisher operates the Eatery Pulse Network, EPN Cafe, arel7 studio team and arel7 restaurant consulting.