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• ABOVE: Ray Ham was in the mood for a parade with his mobile disco thumping out entertainment.

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Chamber to light up Yeppoon


YEPPOON shopping centre should be blaze of coloured lights and illuminated trees this Christmas following a Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry decision on Tuesday night to underwrite the cost of party lights. The chamber decided to underwrite the cost, up to $4000, of coloured lighting that will stretch from the beachfront to Savemore. Discussions will be held between a chamber delegation and Livingstone Shire Council's Tourism and Development Committee later this month to sort out details. Chamber member John Watson suggested the chamber's proposed $50 membership charge would meet an unenthusiastic reception unless business people could see something for their money. He said the chamber had talked for years of the need for coloured lighting to dress up the business centre and beachfront but nothing was ever done about it. Floodlights should also be bought to illuminate pine trees from the ground and create a fairyland atmosphere that visitors would want to photograph. He suggested business people would most likely join up and pay the $50 membership fee if they understood their contribution was directly funding coloured lighting in front of their store. The chamber must insist that any lighting purchased was bought from a Coast business. Andrew McLelland said it would be better for the chamber to bite the bullet and underwrite the cost of lighting, up to $4000, then undertake a membership drive to recover the

money. Chamber members unanimously adopted the proposal. Tourism and Development Committee chairman Cr Mike Prior, who attended the meeting, said council would probably support the chamber's move because it was a selfhelp scheme. Chamber members told him they wanted to lighting to be a permanent fixture and for council pay the electricity costs. The chamber has the money to pay for the lighting but wants to recover the cost from shop owners, in the form of membership subscriptions, so that it can move ahead with other ideas to promote the town. Following a suggestion from Lyle Spyve, of CK Motors, the chamber will also look at some way of decorating the Tanby Road area but the main shopping area will be the first for the dressing up. In a meeting that covered a wide variety of topics, not all on the agenda, members heard from Crs Prior and Brian Dorey of a suggestion by Cr Kevin Hinz to solve the problem of signs in the street. Cr Hinz suggested council inyestigate setting up street furniture such as substantial pots for trees, shrubs and flowers in front of business premises. The pots would have provision for small advertising signs which could be removed at night. Business people could place their signs on the furniture in the morning without fear that shoppers would walk into them and injure themselves. This has been a bone of contention between council and business people because the coun-


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cil recently called on shop owners to take out insurance policies to indemnify themselves against people being injured. The business people, led by the chamber of commerce, refused to sign waivers the council issued to protect itself. The chamber said it would be cheaper for the council to take out a blanket cover for third party injuries in the street rather than each business buying its own. The street furniture suggestion met a fairly enthusiastic response, although there were reservations about the cost that shop owners might face. Cr Dorey said he would be circulating among Normanby Street shop owners this week to gauge their interest. In a discussion on a similar matter, the chamber learned there was no definite plan within Livingstone Shire Council for a mall in Normanby Street. A mall has been talked about for years and it recently became a topic of conversation when it was again suggested at a council meeting. But the two councillors said there was no definite timetable to set up a mall, no definite design for a mall, absolutely nothing definite about it. Cr Dorey said any mall talk should be shelved until a traffic study, now being undertaken, was completed. It was learned this would take at least until the end of this financial year. Chamber members were emphatic any mall proposal should be the subject of a public meeting involving the people affected before any decision was made.

PINEAPPLE Queen Alicia Emery will be offered a position as the first Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry Courtesy Maid. During a discussion on how the chamber could collect membership subscriptions from business people, John Watson suggested it appoint a Courtesy Maid who could advise shoppers where to find the items they sought over the Christmas holiday period. He said the Pineapple Festival had already gone to the trouble of interviewing likely applicants and had chosen Alicia Emery as Pineapple Queen. She could be offered the position on a contract basis. Her duties could involve not only advising shoppers and visitors but also calling on business people and collecting chamber subscriptions. It was resolved to invite her to discuss the position with chamber president John Jackson and John Watson. While only a proposal at this stage, the idea for a Courtesy Maid could provide the Coast with extra publicity and an image as a holiday area. There were suggestions as to the type of uniform the Courtesy Maid should wear but further discussion will need to be held before a decision is made. Also, the title Courtesy Maid was only a suggestion that could be changed should a better title be suggested.

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Bell Park needs survey COUNCILLORS were told at the September meeting the boundaries of the Bell Park Caravan Park needed to be determined by an identification survey. Shire clerk Jim Brown said the survey was also needed to establish the extent of the erosionprone area. "This will also identify what area of the road reserve should be closed," he said. "Similarly, a report on the works needed to upgrade the existing older amenities block is required. "These surveys and reports will be available for the October meeting, along with draft specification for the calling of lease/development tenders. This same data would be a pre-requisite to any in-house development of the facility."

School cops drain costs YEPPOON State High School's Parents and CitizensAssociation was refused the waiving of extra drainage costs incurred in the building of the assembly hall. Livingstone Shire Council, at the September meeting, said it was unable to accede to the association's request because of budgetary constraints, but S15,000 had been allocated for kerbing and channelling of Tabone Street. The school's footpath will be upgraded.


A LIVINGSTONE Shire Council report on the potential for sale of land at Cawarral has been deferred until October in order that the matter may be properly addressed. Shire clerk Jim Brown said there was a need to carry out identification surveys on the 13 blocks in the township to allocate boundaries exactly. There is also a land-locked allotment north of the school which needs to be identified and to have access clarified. Council voted to have the area surveyed.


Council rejects dog offer GS


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COUNCILLORS rejected an offer from the Central Queensland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to take unclaimed dogs from the council pound. The CQSPC advised council of its willingness to accept unclaimed dogs from the pound on the basis of council paying it an amount equivalent to the cost of having the dogs put down. The recommendation, that the offer be declined, was accepted by councillors.

Dog incident to solicitor AN incident in which a person unlawfully relieved an impounded dog from the dog control officer's custody was referred to Livingstone Shire Council's solicitors for prosecution for several offences against the by-laws. Details of the incidents were given to councillors in committee.

Six-month STD trial A SIX-MONTH trial of allowing Livingstone Shire Council staff access to STD phones was approved at the September meeting. The shire clerk, deputy shire clerk, senior health surveyor, shire engineer and planning engineer will have their STD lines monitored for six months.

Contrary to LABOR PROPAGANDA (The Goss Letter)

Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough

constantly alleging Queensland Government environmentalist 'vandalism' QUEENSLAND HAS IMPLEMENTED EXTENSIVE AND WIDE-RANGING ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES SOME OF THE MANY INITIATIVES: • Almost 50,000ha added to Qld's natural conservation & reservation system, incl 20 new national parks in the last 2 years • Closure of some fisheries areas to allow fish numbers to recover • A proposed new marine park off Hervey Bay to protect migrating Humpback whales • Preparation of a management plan for Koala conservation • A green paper on the use of chemicals in agriculture • Preparation of coastal management plan for Queensland for conservation purposes • From December this year, it will be an offence to sell products containing CFCs (chloroflurocarbons). WOULD YOU TRUST A PARTY THAT CONTINUALLY SPREADS MIS-INFORMATION AND INNUENDO FOR POLITICAL GAIN?


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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989 - 3

Yamada says resort will back chamber beautification plans

• ABOVE: Robert Butt surrounded by a bevy of beauties in his VW convertible.

Hinton: Yeppoon ▪• Vaughan's Furniture • needs more police II II MI III




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DENIS ACHIEVES... North-western wall for Rosslyn Bay Harbour

IN September 1986 as a candidate for Broadsound, I attended a meeting of harbour users, who were concerned at the poor state of the harbour, including broken and congested wharves, fishing trawlers bogged in the mud and a general state of neglect. With the then Harbours and Marine Minister Martin Tenni, I committed the State Government to an immediate Si million upgrade, including new wharves and dredging, and the future construction of a north western wall, to provide a silt-free, deep safe anchorage for all harbour users. Today the new wharves are constructed, the harbour is dredged and the northwestern wall is nearing completion at a further Government input of $4.6 million. This is being constructed in partnership with Keppel Gateway Ltd, who will grace our harbour with a $25 million, 350 berth marina and tourism complex. Rosslyn Bay Harbour will be the focal point for tourism in Central Queensland - a commitment honoured - a Broadsound achievement.

DENIS GETS THINGS DONE Authorised: R Bahnisch, Marlborough

# . 00? fr ,

YEPPOON Police Station is undermanned according to Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and he has called on Police Minister Vince Lester to increase its numbers. "The station is manned by two detectives, water police has two men and the uniform section has a sergeant and five constables," Mr Hinton said. "After representations, I managed to have the other detective allocated to the station. "The station is undermanned and this has created a situation where the officers work long hours. It is also impossible for a full 24 hour service and effective patrolling," he said. "I have made the station's undermanning a priority and have sought immediate assistance from Mr Lester. "As a start the station will be upgraded and construction is expected to start in the near future." The upgrading of facilities has been costed at $300,000 and will include a twin dwelling residence to accommodate four single officers or two married couples, separate from the police station where they are now accommodated. "That area will then be used to house $50,000 worth of electronic equipment, including audio visual equipment and an interview room," Mr Hinton said. "There will be room for the driver's licence section and provision for the housing of water police. The station will incorporate the very latest in technology available to regional stations in Queensland." LABOR candidate for Broadsound Jim Pearce this week called on Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton to provide details of State budget allocations for Rosslyn Bay. "There has been a significant increase of public money allocated to the Rosslyn Bay Harbour," Mr Pearce said. "A break-water subsidy allocation of $3.546 million is in addition to previous expenditure of 81.54 million. "Mr Hinton constantly claims that $4.6 million would be spent on the harbour works but these latest figures suggest the real amount will be $5.086 million ... an increase of $486,000," he said. "Further to this, $85,000 has been allocated for boat harbour works. Mr Hinton must make it quit clear just what this extra money is to be used for. "The hand-out does not end there. Mr Hinton has to come up with Si million for roadworks between Kinka quarry and Rosslyn Bay. "A total of $6 million is being poured into the harbour and associated works. "Quite frankly, I am fed up with Mr Hinton's support for the Rosslyn Bay Marina. Average Queenslanders are missing out."

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Jim Pearce ALP candidate for Broadsound


The ONLY change for the Better CONSERVATIONISTS OR GREENIES CONSERVATIONISTS throughout the Broadsound electorate will shudder when they read the following extract from Hansard. Statement by the now Premier Russell Cooper during debate Land Act Amendment Bill, April 1, 1987. "I'm afraid that some of the conservationists who must be referred to as greenies are very misguided. The Government knows that their emotions are played on by very skillful and cunning people. Undoubtedly a hell of a lot of them would have already made their quid from the system, and now they are in a position to deny the same to others. That is an extremely selfish attitude to adopt." Local member Mr Hinton is a member of the National Party Government in Queensland. He supported Mr Cooper in the removal of Mr Ahern as Premier. Authorised: Richard Witkiewicz, 19 Brock Cres. Dysart

Shadow Tourism„Sport and Racing Minister Bob Gibbs meeting 7.30pm, Tuesday, October 10, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Phone 58 1694 or 33 6649 for information Authorised by R Witkiewicz, 19 Brock Crescent, Dysart

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gave S50 to their chamber for a project, each bank gave 8500. He said he was prepared to call on Yeppoon bank managers and invite them to participate in a similar way to Japanese banks. The long-term gain for both the small businesses, and the banks, was more prosperity ... and the banks stood to gain the most. His remarks were enthusiastically endorsed.


Pearce wants details


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CAPRICORN International Resort general manager Tomi Yamada told this week's Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting the resort would fully back ideas suggested at Tuesday night's- meeting. He said he had been in Yeppoon since 1975 and there had been little change in the business centre. Proposals for coloured lights in the streets and illuminate pine trees were needed to give the town a holiday atmosphere. Mr Yamada said business people should back such schemes because they would have any contributions they made returned many times in long-term business growth. After hearing debate on lighting proposals, Mr Yamada said the resort had been criticised for slow growth but the same could be said of Yeppoon in the same period. He said beautification, such as had been proposed, was a step in the right direction .. "we can't do it all by ourselves," he said, referring to the beautification that had taken place at the resort. The resort could attract its own visitors but those people wanted to visit the nearby town to buy souvenirs and generally see the area. Visitors had told him the "town was quite good but not good enough to encourage them to visit again". In addition to lights, Mr Yamada suggested Yeppoon could be dressed up with flags flying from flagpoles, such as were seen at the resort. Also, th.e town could look at building a monument ... "something striking" He said Yeppoon should not look like a poor small town in the countryside. In Japan, chambers of commerce gave leadership ... Mr Yamada called on the Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry to do the same. More leadership was given in Japan by banks ... Mr Yamada said if small businesses

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A GRADE SQUASH PLAYERS START THIRD ROUND THE Capricorn Coast A grade squash teams started their third round matches on Wednesday night. All team results .were detided three rubbers to one. One of the best matches of the night was that of the numbers 3s Valerie Odell and Dennis Etheridge. Dennis won in five with 36 points to 36 after Val took the fourth game 109. Another close match was the Larry Owens/ Bernard Lacey encounter. Bernard won the fourth 10-8 but Larry responded with a 9-6 win in the fifth. Results: Professionals def Secret Weapons

3-1; Steven Walsh def Mark Sargood 3-1; Cane Murphy vs Brett Odell 1-3; Larry Owens def Bernard Lacey 3-2 and Kathy Davies won or forfeit 3-0. Odds and Ends def Bits and Piece. 3-1; Garry Hodgson def Wayne Stewart 3-0; Dennis Etheridge def Valerie Odell 3-2; Greg Pitt def Glen Evans 3-0; John Briggs vs Neale Royal 1-3. Navigators def Saints and Sinners 3-1; Shane Miners def Chris Priem 3-1; David Schulz def Chris Callard 3-1; Andrew D6wie vs Robert Stewart 0-3; Chris Briggs def reserve Chris Hacker 3-0.

Enthusiastic crowd at EP social

ONCE again Emu Park Pensioners League September social was lovely. An enthusiastic crowd enjoyed a variety of entertainment starting with The Evergreens, accompanied by Win Nelson, singing a bracket of songs. George Cooper then entertained with mouth organ. Doreen and Chris Svensen were congratulated on 54 years of marriage. Win and Tony Ceff played the anniversary waltz in their honour. Doreen then took the stage for 'I'll be your Sweetheart' and 'Oh, you beautiful doll'. John Smyth sang 'Little Town in old County Down' and 'My Wild Irish Rose'. His lilting Irish tone is always well received. Joyce Buehow and Peg Stevens looked lovely and sang a pretty duet with 'Broken Doll' and 'The band played on'. Tony Ceff played 'Romona' on the violin ... he's a talented musician. Beverley Smyth and Carole Taylor did an impromptu 'You are my sunshine' and 'You made me love you'. Mrs Hall, 90 plus young, sang 'He'll have to go' and The old church choir'. Stan Nelson, Emu Park's tenor, was in good voice with 'Only a Rose' and 'Who can I turn to'. Following afternoon tea, prepared by the league's unsung women who turn up every month to make sandwiches and endless cups of tea, George Cooper returned for a different side to his talent ... a dancing skeleton act. Doreen Svensen was joined by Stan Nelson

PENSIONER REBATES PENSIONER electricity rebates have been increased from $6 to $8 by the State Government. "The pegging of electricity charges while inflation runs at eight per cent, means that in real terms the cost of electricity is falling by eight per cent per annum," Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said.

Denhams Supermarket Yeppoon

for 'Roll out the barrel' and 'Lovely bunch of coconuts' ... an act that was a barrel of fun. John Smyth sang the haunting 'Danny Boy'. Phyl Rumpf performed a lovely rendition of 'Moonlight and Roses' and 'Beautiful Dreamer'. The popular duet of Ella Lewis and Stan Nelson singing 'Let it be me' drew loud acclaim. Emu Park pensioners' socials are free, entertaining afternoons held on the last Wednesday of each month. The next social is on Wednesday, october 25, following a bumper cent sale in the morning. Lucky door winners: Doris Sowden, Greta Glover and George Bardrick. Raffle winners: Mary Ramsden, George Bardrick and Kaye Peterson.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989 - 5

ALP proposes sports loan fund ALP Shadow Tourism, Sport and Racing Minister Bob Gibbs is visiting the Capricorn Coast next week to speak to sporting bodies and the tourism industry. Broadsound candidate Jim Pearce said he had invited Mr Gibbs to return to the electorate to discuss tourism promotion and sporting facilities. "Mr Gibbs will be here on the Coast for three days and is having a meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday, October 10 at the Keppel Bay Sailing Club," Mr Pearce said. "Sport and tourism promotion can work hand-in-hand. The provision of proper sporting facilities draws competitors, families, friends and spectators. "When they come to the Coast to participate in sport, we look after them and make them aware of what the Coast has to offer and then they will return," he said. "Labor is planning to establish a sporting bodies loan fund to provide loans to sporting

Nev & Carole Welfare's

(AMPOL) Service Station

bodies in lieu of subsidy for capital projects." Mr Pearce said the ALP will amend the Art Union Act to allow charitable and sporting organisations greater flexibility in fundraising. "The present charge of five per cent of nett receipts of all raffles will be abolished. Good Old-Fashioned "Tourism on the Coast has considerable potential that can only be maximised by a governDRIVEWAY SERVICE! ment committed to, and active in, planning and providing assistance for that development," he ( ICE, DIESEL, KERO ) said. NEAR THE SHOWGROUND - 391689 Sporting organisations can contact Mr Pearce, 58 1694 or 33 6649, if they want to attend the meeting. ADVERTISEMENT

Raku 'traumatic' 7 c.


• ABOVE: Elizabeth Warwick is pictured with her winningbottlebnish entry at St James Flower Show on Saturday afternoon in Yeppoon Town Hall.

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CAPRICORN Society of Arts raffle, a painting titled `Keppel Island Beach' by Marie Bayliss, for the Paint Pot GallerywasJ Thomas, 19 Yeats Avenue, Black-water. Paint Pot Gallery potter of the month is Cindi Birch. For the display Cindi has only Rakufired pots. Raku pottery is fragile and often completely non-functional. It is cracked and crackled, rough and smokey and sometimes, beautiful, but always interesting. The glazes are fired to about 1000 degrees celsius, taken out of the red-hot kiln and placed in sawdust which immediately bursts into flame. The sawdust is covered and a few minutes later the pot is dropped into cold water ... quite traumatic for pot and potter. Raku is Japanese for pleasure and a Raku pot should be just that ... a pleasure to look at and own. Besides Cindi's Raku corner, there is fine domestic stoneware exhibited by Coast potters at the aallery, as well as a variety of paintings, china planting, c woodturning and other crafts.


Pat O'Brien Independent Candidate for Broadsound Pat O'Brien, owner of Yeppoon Butchers, is a • Coast resident (12 years) • Coast businessman & employer • Recognised conservationist •••

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6 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989

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No roads to cross to private beach SEASPRAY Waterfront Holiday Units, also known as Blossom's on the Beach, is the place for a relaxing holiday. You can let the kids wander freely because there's no traffic to worry about. It's right on the beach at Cooee Bay and the grounds invite you to spend an evening enjoying a barbecue while the waves dance on the shore just metres away. Phone Blossom or Brian Hooper (39 1421 or 39 3111) for bookings.

Castro's set to revolutionise eating habits! CASTRO'S, the new Bistro and Cafe on the left bank of Normanby St, will revolutionise eating habits on the Capricorn Coast. Tracy Hansen, the new owner, has given the old Studio One a facelift with black and white decor and will open the new-look. Castro's on Monday at 9am. Castro's serves at indoor and outdoor tables or offers takeaway. With that sort of a name, the business, obviously, intends serving coffee ... but don't think it's going to be a spoonful of instant coffee. Tracy will be serving freshlyground coffee in Plunger Pots, so you'll get a full measure of an aromatic brew! As an introuctory offer this week, you'll get a Pot of Plunger Coffee FREE with every order. But don't expect life to be easy ... when you try to choose your order for the free coffee you'll have to agonise over a menu full of taste bud-tempting treats. For instance, there's Herb Cheese Pate, Chicken Liver Pate, Homemade Quiche, Smoked Salmon Pottage or Crab Mousse in Avocado Halves ... and that's only the entrees! Perhaps you'd like to choose from the Main courses (all served with potatoes savonyarde and salad): Chicken in Green Peppercorn Sauce, Fettucine Carbonara, Eye Fillet with Demi Glace, Mustard Seeded Lamb Fillets, Garlic Prawns or Bugs with Lime and Honey. How about a sandwich or a burger? You have a choice of Leg Ham, Pastrami, Bacon, Prawns, Corned Beef, Fresh Salads, Vegetables, Avocado, Cheese or eggs. With the weather heating up, a salad (Greek, Potato, Avocado and Prawn, Coleslaw, Carrot and Rai-

sin) could be just what you're looking for. Then again, Home-made Icecreams and Sorbets are hard to beat in Summer ... especially when the flavours read like Nature's guide to good health. Try Honey and Almond, Triple Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry, Rum and Raisin, Lime and Mint, Mango and Lychee or Lemon and Ginger. Of course, there's always the cakes and desserts; Fresh Fruit Salad in Biscuit Baskets, Carrot and Apple Tea-cake, Passionfruit Cheesecake, Caramel Tartlets, Pavlova Slice and Chocolate and Raspberry Roulade. Or, for want of a better word, Nibblies: Shortbreads, Passionfruit Creams, Rum Mint Truffles, White Chocolate Dreams, Fruit Muffins, Raisin Bread, Garlic Bread or Herb Bread. Oh, I forgot the Pancakes, Crepes and Waffles! These are served with Castro's own homemade icecreams, fresh, local fruit, Maple Syrup, flavouring or lemon and sugar (how could anyone forget that selection?) And, knowing that customers will work up a thirst just reading the menu, Tracy has thoughtfully provided a selection of drinks and beverages ... Plunger Pots of Coffee, Pots of Tea, Capuccino, Herbal Tea, Iced Lemon Tea, Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate, Home-made Lemonade, Fresh Juices and Fruit Whips. No wonder Tracy is giving away a Pot of Plunger Coffee ... you could drink it just reading through the menu. Castro's is closed on Tuesdays but will be open from 9am until 8pm on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays and open from 8am until late on Fridays, Saturdays and. Sunda s. Phone 39 3666.

Let Ray's Mobile D.J.'s put life into a party LET Ray put life into your next party with your choice of music and special effects. Portable discos for all occasions - Parties, 2 1 sts, Weddings, Club Functions. Bookings from now to the end of October get a $25 discount. Phone 39 7131 all hours. Ray's Mobile D.J.'s a Shine Above the Rest!

Floppy computer disks for just $1 each! LOOKING for Double-Sided, Double-Density five -and-a-quarter inch floppy disks? Tried to find them but don't know where else to look? Well, you didn't try Ped-WinAuto Services, did you? Henning Pedersen has them for sale at $1 each! That's cheap! Now, why didn't you think of calling there before ... it's quite natural for your friendly, neighbourhood vehicle repairer to sell floppy disks for IBMs and compatibles. After all, cars are so computerised today you need floppies to keep track of their idiosyncracies. You'll find Ped-Win Auto Services at 57 Tanby Road, Yeppoon.

( (


Sea Jay Bass Barra...t e • oat you designed! THIS is the boat you, the boating public designed! All your complaints, hints, ideas, suggestions and requirements were considered in the design and this boat, the Bundaberg-built Sea Jay, is the result. Vince Welsh, of Cooee Bay Marine at 49 Tanby Road, (39 1675) was involved in the design ... and there lies a story. Vince and a whole heap of Evinrude dealers were recharging their batteries in Fiji after winning sales contests when the discussion topic around the pool turned to aluminium dinghies. There was general agreement that there was room for improvement in dinghy design ... and the dealers, the people who face the public with the manaufacturers' products, started nutting out what the perfect dinghy should have. The result was the 3.7m. and

4m. Sea Jay Bass/Barra aluminium boat. It has extra stiffeners, where they're needed and the strength is apparent to anyone who knows dinghies. It has seating that is not only in the right place for fishermen but also adds further strength. The boat has a flare and Vee that professional fishermen have admired and Vince reckons the boats sell themselves. What he likes is that he has a new product to sell at a price he can recommend. To get the word-of-mouth advertising working in his favour, he has priced the Sea Jay range from $1500 this week. There are so many features you have to see the boat; give it a thump; kick the trailer tyres, go for a run. But make sure you have your money with you ... you'll buy it!

Quartz Movements for great clocks!


Budget, Beachfront I S/C Units, Zilzie HOW does $20 double overnight sound for beachfront units on the I Zilzie beachfront? It's top value for a 1 b/r, self- :contained unit with lounge room, ! kitchen, toilet, bathroom, washing I machine, BBQ in a quiet, tropical I garden location on the beach. ' Phone 39 6223 or look for the . Pottery sign, 26 Esplanade, Zilzie.

This is the new way to advertise!




SHOPPING LOCALLY is more than a page in the Capricorn Coast I I Mirror, it is a way of life. Shopping Locally is sensible ... I you save time, save the cost of a I trip to Rocky, save the hassle of not knowing the people in the shops I and know the people you deal with I. . will be able to help you if you have I any problems. But before you can really get I involved in shopping locally you I have to know what is available. I That's where this page comes in. I Each week, business people present their side of the shopping I locally story on this page. This I week, for instance, you'll learn of a I new Bistro and Cafe opening in Yeppoon ... and the wide range of I food it will serve. You'll discover where to buy I floppy disks for your computer at a I great price. I You'll read about a new business I idea ... hiring airconditioners! There's much, much more. A I new boat, grandfather clocks, 4WD I repairs, holiday accommodation. I The apricom coast rias so much to offer shoppers it's silly not to support the Coast business people. I They're here to serve you ... and I when your children want a job, a I thriving business centre could keep I them on the Coast. If you're in businesS and you I have a message for readers (all I potential customers) phone John I or Suzy on 394244 on Friday or I Monday.


Tell the Coast about your special product in this Shopping Locally colum Phone 39 4244- It costs just $3.30 per centimetre with a minimum Price of $13 2 IN MI IN IN MI


SAM VAUGHAN has a great idea he wants to share with Coast I hobbyists ... he has Quartz Move- I ments for sale. I What's a Quartz Movement ... I well, it's the quality insides of a I clock, complete with hands! Sam buys Quartz Movements in I bulk for the quality clocks he makes I and sells and can offer the move- I ments to wood-turners or ceramic workers so that they can make I I. their own top-quality clocks. There's a variety of styles, hands I and faces about the size of a me- I dium wall clock and they will enhance any hobbyist's creation. Sam reckons now's the time 'to I buy so your creation will be ready I for Christmas ... a present you can I hand over with pride! P hone Sam on 39 1645 or call in at his workshop at 77 Rockhamp- I ton Road, Yeppoon. I If you can't make your own clock I ... buy a Grandfather or Grandmother clock that Sam has crafted!

IM MI MI 1111 IN Ell



ICapkiewtit CNA4te WHITE Cane Day is on Monday, October 9 hosted by Yeppoon Lions and Lioness Clubs at the Club Hotel from, 9.45am to noon. The men supply transport for visually impaired Coast residents and the women provide morning tea. Co-ordinator Howard Rodda said he is expecting about 10 people to•go to the morning. "Our thoughts are with Beryl Dowling who helps organise the day ... we miss her guiding hand," Mr Rodda said. "National White Cane Day is on October 15. But Lions World Day of Service is close to that date, so we have made it our special day of service to the community." Any visually impaired Coast residents are welcome to go to The Club Hotel on Monday. *** THREE nights at Kohuna for a family of five and free flight by East-West is available to anyone who attends the Go Troppo at Kanangra on Saturday night ... tomorrow night. It has been organised by Yeppoon primary Parents and Citizens and the prize is a lucky door, so anyone could win. You don't even have to go in tropical clothes, but it would be 'tractive. _ The cost is $20 and that includes a chance at the holiday for your family, a three course meal at Kanangra and entertainment. Book! Kanangra, 39 7144 or Ross Healy 39 3180. ***

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, October 8 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall

( What is Truth? John 14:6 ) Jenny & Jody will care for all your Beauty Needs at

Bakehouse Beauty 'Therapy Clinic 54 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3217 JENNY SHEPHERD DIP. B. Tit. JODY TRUELSON Dip. B. Tx.

, aph? A free HAVE you had a mammogr check at St Andrew's Hospital, Yeppoon has been organised by Capricorn Coast Scope on Wednesday, October 11 between 7pm and 9pm. Supper is provided and it is free, the test and all. One in 13 women will be diagnosed as having breast cancer in their lifetime. Having a mammograph does not hurt ... it could save your life. *** CHRISTIAN meditation groups in Central Queensland have invited a Benedictine Monk from Montreal, Canada, to conduct workshops on meditation. Fr Laurence Freeman OSB will be in Rockhampton on October 16 to address meditators at Emmaus College, Main Street, Park Avenue. There are two sessions: 4.30pm-6.30pm; 7.30pm-9.30pm. The cost is S18 for both ses' sions or $10 for one. Concessions are available. Fr Laurence follows the tradition of meditation which was re-introduced to christianity by Benedictine John Main. Their books on meditation will be on sale. For further information or registration, Judith Hose, 39 6205. *** PRIZE winners at St James Ladies Guild cent sale on September 27 were Norma Moran (two), Edie Ledcrhose, Hazel Morris, Dulcie Abel and Christine Bentley. *** KIBBUTZ life and the history of the communal settlements was vividly portrayed - personal experience - by Jennifer Curtis in her first speech at Forum to the topic 'Lifestyles around the world'. Anne Owens followed with 'life as a villager in New Guinea' and Sharon Croese with 'the lost empire of the Incas'. All speeches had been well researched. The three speakers showed the lifestyles shared good community spirit, low crime rate, hard work and modest means of survival without the stress and materialism of today's world. Joan Byatt was chairman and she welcomed guests Rose Jorgenson (critic), Leily Kenny and Jan Brady. Reports were read concerning convention by Eunice Cowdray and Joan Byatt, vice president and club delegate at Central Regional Council. Joan has been elected to fill the role of delegate and tendered appreciation to Billie Sinclairwho has capably handled the job foryears. Next meeting on October 11 is impromptu with Jan and Sharon as hostesses at CWA rooms, Normanby Street, Yeppoon at 8pm. Fellowship is at 7.30pm. Contact Jan, 39 2130 or Anne, 39 5650. *** WHERE are all the October babies? There is social afternoon on Wednesday, October 11 at 2.30pm so you can celebrate together. The address is 47 Queen Street, Yeppoon. Sorry, it's only for the fair sex.

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989 - 7

Capricorn Coast Pool Maintenance Leave Water Samples, • Cal-Chior - 10kg -$52.95 Pick up Pool Supplies at Yeppoon Glass & • Swim Clear- 10kg -$92.95 Tiles, 53 Tanby Rd Ph. 39 1198 . Stabilised Chlorine

(.041,*". ftl-

CNEXT WEEK'S SPECIALS) Pastrycook's Specilk


Iced Fruit Bars

Pie of the Week!

$ 95

Garlic Beef


Bakers Special\ Sesame Sticks


0 each


\.Savemore & McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 &14 William St, R'ton 27 7959

Jewellers Design. • Handcrafting • Repair TALK TO THE JEWELLER Public Welcome

Yeppoon Jewellery Centre 56 Normanby St, Ph. 39 4779 YEPPOON


HERE is an early date claimer ... St James Fete is on May 12, 1990. Remember also the Hobby Horse Derby is on the last Saturday in May ... every year. I think May is booked out.

Mill Gallery The

28 Anzac Pde 39 3454

Just Dreaming ... an exhibition

of oil paintings by Yeppoon artist



THE next Genealogical Society of Queensland, Rockhampton branch, workshop for Capricorn Coast residents is on Saturday, October 7, 1pm-4pm, Sacred Heart School, John Street, Yeppoon. The fee is Si. Anyone interested in researching their family tree can have information from Neta Klaproth, 39 3179. *** NURSING mothers has a guest speaker to discuss Sex and the breastfeeding mother at 10am on Tuesday, October 10. The venue is 2 Richard Street, Emu Park. Contact Di, 39 6618 if you require transport or information. *** DATE CLAIMERS ... Saturday, October 14. St James Guild street stall outside Findlay's. ***

Saturday, October 14. Cent sale, 2pm. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society auxiliary. Yeppoon Showground. * Saturday, October 14. Country and Western night at The Lantern. *** Saturday, October 14. Yeppoon Choral Society's Mikado, Town Hall, 7.45pm


Locally .Awned & Operated


fiD /07,n ,ya,s

BeachCombers Hair Trends Put your Hair in Good Hands

17 Hill St (Opp. La Bamba) Mon-Sat 8.30am-5.30pm 39 4720


8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989

Professionalism shows in all Choral Society productions YEPPOON Choral Society has been delighting Coast audiences with their productions for a long time, but the shows are never stale. Audiences return year after year to be entertained by a group of talented and enthusiastic amateurs who make each show as professional as they can. Costuming, sets, lighting, music and performances are always just right for each production. If you have just arrived on the Coast, or have put off seeing a Yeppoon Choral Society production ... don't this time. The Mikado is timeless and most people can hum or even sing a few bars of 'Tit-willow'. 'Three Little Maids from School' or 'A Wand'ring Minstrel I'. Yeppoon Town Hall is the venue. October 14, 19 and 21 are the dates and the curtain rises at 7.45pm. Tickets are available at Stewart and Brumm Chemists, and you maybe able to buy tickets at the door ... but don't leave it till then, you may miss out.

• ABOVE: Peep-Bo (Joanne Gregson) and Pitti-Sing (Sharyn Black) show Pooh-Bah (Toni Wahlin) they can be coy and cheeky.

(-Congratulations to...

Hand-painted kiminos, hangings make The Mikado a riot of colour

Yeppoon Choral Society on the 1989 production of

The Mikado from


(in the centre of town) • Queen Street • Caravans and Units

39 1358

K T and D M Codd

39 1358



has hand-painted the eye-catching kimonos. Carmel Knowles and her adult class students have screen-printed the hangings that help make The Mikado a riot of colour. The costume committee of Mary Lindley, Dot Codd, Jan Gubbins and Judy-Ann Smith have created an enjoyable visual effect. One difficulty was the necessity for Japanesestyle wigs ... and you will see how well they have created hair-styles that suit The Mikado. The choral society has tried to make everything authentic and Arthur Lawn spent hours creating replicas of Japanese instruments. He used original woodcuts as guides and the results are really incredible.

Dedication and enthusiam behind scenes

Ilit‘r &nitwit Congratulations on another wonderful production from

Yeppoon Choral Society ...

The Mikado Produced, directed and performed by Capricorn Coast artistes

Yeppoon Town Hall October 14, 19 and 21 starting at 7.45pm _)

Let our Japanese Chefs guide you through a traditional Japanese menu especially designed for the Aussie palate.

YEPPOON Town Hall will bloom on October 14, 19 and 21 when Yeppoon Choral Societrpresents The Mikado. The blooms are not cherry blossoms but beautifully hand-painted kimonos, screenprinted hangings and Gilbert and Sullivan's music. Thirty Coast residents have been rehearsing for months to present The Mikado to a hometown audience over three nights. The sets have been designed and created by Tom Wahlin-who doubles as Pooh-Bah - with typical Japanese simplicity. Coast artist and chorus member Gwen Lawn

TO produce a show like The Mikado, there has to be lots of background work, application, dedication and enthusiasm. Shirley Green and Betty McLucas, as musical director and assistant, have worked tirelessly at the twice-a-week rehearsals. They have been assisted by the society's two willing pianists ... Marie Ganter and Ann Cribb. This year's orchestra is a blend of experienced musicians and young and talented ones. Experienced players Leslie Levy (first violin and leader), Sr Kathleen Fanton (viola), Ann Cribb (cello), John Cribb (second violin), Fiona Sykes (flute) and Ursula Wilson (flute) combine with Linda Stewart (first violin), Tanya Buchholz (second violin), Fiona Pedwell (cello), Sue Matsen (clarinet) and Vanessa Grady (clarinet) to provide an entertaining overture and a well-disciplined and unobtrusive accompaniment. Ricki Robinson has lent his hand again for the lighting. He loves to be challenged ... not only does he execute the suggested lighting plot but he makes creative additions that add to the effect.

• ABOVE: Pooh-Balt (Tom Wahlin) really is a superior Lord High Evegthing Else, but that doesn't stop Pitti-Sing (Sharyn Black) from flirting.

Principal roles undergo changes


Open for Lunch and Dinner daily.


For reservations Phone 39 0211

International Resort Queensland Where the Tropics and the Reef begin

INTERPRETATION of some of the principal roles in The Mikado has undergone some changes since Yeppoon Choral Society presented it in 1980. Yum-Yum is played by Abigail Sawyer whose powerful soprano and mischievous acting style has created a fresh and delightful character. Betty McLucas as Katisha has received great success in previous choral society productions. She portrays the domineering and ruthless wife-to-be of Nanki-Poo with delight. The other 'two little maids from school' Joanne Gregson (Peep-Bo) and Sharyn Black (Pitti-Sing) - are ideally cast as the shallow,

mischievous and rather catty acquaintances of Yum-Yum. Tom Wahlin is at home as Pooh-Bah ... Lord High Everything Else. He has a natural sense of theatre and his whimsical portrayal is full of humour and surprises. The Mikado is powerfully performed by Jack Cochrane. He is cruel, sometimes witty and always flirtatious. The roles of two other principals - Nanki-Poo and Ko-Ko - are filled by the two actor-singers who performed them in the 1980 production ... Aub Pedwell and Duncan Stewart. Peter Green is Pish-Tush, as well as producer, and the show is sure to be a credit to him.

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989 - 9

Stewart and Brumm CHEMISTS James Street 'Good Luck' to Yeppoon Choral Society for its performances of The Mikado

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT OUR SHOP Congratulations to Yeppoon Choral Society for staging


Capricorn Coast Sport and Hobby Centre

Specialists in all Fishing Gear • Estuary and Ocean Baits • Full range of Sport Equipment School & Sports Bags • Sunglasses • Camping Equipment • Beach Gear

SAVEMORE CENTRE 39 2463, 39 1748 a/h J

No parental help no surprise to basketball organisers CAPRICORN Coast Basketball organisers were not surprised when there were no parents prepared to form a junior sub-committee at a meeting called on Sunday. "The perennial suggestion that juniors play in strict age division - u/12, u/14 and u/16 and that girls and boys play in separate competitions - was again raised," publicity officer Don Willoughby said. "The committee is still of the view that with only 12 teams available, at this time it is impractical to operate six competition rounds, regardless of whatever other merits the suggestion may have. "It is possible that with a few more girls forming teams, Capricorn Coast Basketball may be able to operate an intermediate girls competition in September 1990. "This could set a basis for forming our first representative u/16 girls team next year," he said. "The current graded junior/intermediate competition also allows players to play more to a level of ability rather than age. "A suggestion of a girls only minor competition is being considered, but manpower will need to be around to operate this additional competition. "Despite the many suggestions being put,

then and in the past, there was only one person nominating for a junior sub-committee and that, not from a parent, but from one of the intermediate coaches," Mr Willoughby said. "Unfortunately, with only one nomination, the sub-committee proposal lapsed and the operation of the juniors will continue under the direct control of the management committee." Sunday, October 8: 4pm CC Lakers v Thundercats, R Caulfield and D Moore; 5pm M & Ms v Phantoms, K Smith and A Moore; 6pm Wolfpac v Flames, J Moody and K Dooley; 7pm Zerosv Jets, A and D Moore; 8pm Bombers v Hornets, D Willoughby and Alison Thomas. Richmond has the bye. Monday: 6pm Gadabouts v Breakaways, D Mose and C Thomson; 7pm Don's Party v LDS Jazz (A), P and V Cranny; 8pm Hootans v Saints, K Dooley and R Vanderwolf; 9pm Coasters v Scoobs, R Campbell and R Vanderwolf. Wednesday: 7pm Generals v NKOTBC, S Stevenson. Thursday: 6pm PGH v Shadows, D and A Moore; 7pm LDS Jazz (B) v Dunkin Co, S Willoughby and R Caulfield; 8pm Seagulls v Pink Galahs, D Mose and C Thomson; 9pm Ex WM v Reefseekers, J Shackleton and Alison Thomas. Nomads and Tanby Roses have byes.

Junior basketballers were bouncing with enthusiam

Best wishes to Yeppoon Choral Society for its production of ... The Mikado and remember ...

Yeppoon Small Motor Service • Chainsaw & Mower Specialists • Service & Repairs to all makes • Full range of Blades & Parts • Free Pick-up & Delivery Service • Outdoor Power Equipment Specialists • Repairs • Service • Sales

Yeppoon Choral Society proudly presents... Gilbert and Sullivan's

The Mikado

(By arrangement with Chappel & intersong Music Group (Aust.))

Yeppoon Town Hall



October 14, 19 & 21 at 7.45pm



—g2-1.1T1. fri t ,:71ir77-ii-fji-. _t , :tp i,z,o,i:,1,.11/A4fw,, E ; :: ti2,c „;11011,11_-.1, ., 'tt --to*”.... -:_;:i: _.:. :.! . . •; stewart8Brum Bookings... m


opponents. A fine game was played by Owen Kelso who scored five goals. Owen's confidence is developing and his skills are improving as a result of playing basketball with children of the same age and level of competence. Other scores: Kerrin Caulfield (1), Jody Bromley (1) and Gavin Walter (2). The under 12 game saw newcomer Wade Purton play a great first game. He scored two goals, one point, after many attempts and also managed some good steals from opponents. Fiona Cumming scored four goals and rebounded well under both rings. Kim and Roy Jackson played an enthusiastic game. Kim was involved in six jump balls and made many attempts at goal ... three of which scored. Roy was successful at scoring two goals and was also notable for his good defence play. Other scorers: Owen Kelso (1), Alexander Sykes (1) and Adrian Moore (1). Organisers thank Carol Moore for her dedication. She referees most of the games and ensures all players learn the rules as they enjoy the game. This on-going coaching benefits the children, regardless of their level of competence. Games times: Under 8, 1pm; under 10, 2pm; under 12, 3pm. New players welcome, phone Kerry, 39 3163 for information.

Tuesday golfers play American foursome at Yeppoon

56 Tanby Rd, Yeppoon - 39 2115

• : ,..; '

FOLLOWING a break of two weeks, junior basketballers were eager to start the ball bouncing again on Sunday at the recreational stadium in Cooee Bay. The under eights are full of enthusiasm. Several players displayed exceptional confidence and ability on the court last week. Matthew Kelso was quick to score the first of his six goals and throughout the game his skillful dribbling and passing enabled the play to flow well. Sophie Moore exhibited deftness by stealing the ball away from, her opponents a number of times. She was also involved in six jump balls and competently dribbled the ball down the court to attempt several goals. As a result of sensible passing by Rachel Farr, Damien Barry (1) became the only other scorer for the game. He also participated adeptly in six jump balls with some strong tap outs. A great effort by Darren Walter resulted in several jump balls. This tiny player's improvement is evident by his growing confidence in handling the ball. In the under lOs' Kerrin Caulfield, Jody Bromley and Ben Newmann demonstrated improved skills. Kerrin and Jody were involved in six and seven jump balls respectively ... illustrating their enthusiastic participation. Jody also displayed her ability to steal the ball from her


.4it; iti_.14 ,.; i:titi(4. ,%_-,-... • •,..-


Admission... Adults: $8 Pensioners: $5 Students: $4

YEPPOON Golf Club Tuesday ladies played an American foursome. Winners were Glen Watson and Daphne Gregg with a score of 68 from Wendy Thiele and Sue Hennessy with 69. Mary Sherlock and Bev Osborne were next with 69. Pinshots went to S Hennessy and W Thiele. Proshots to V Cox and J Gambling. Members played a stableford in the leftovers on Saturday. Winner was P Turnbull with 51 from V Hannan 47, G McHugh and K Griffiths 41 each, B Watt 40, V Olive, D Harker, L Taylor and J Jamieson 39 each. Pinshots: R Kerr, M Clay, V Olive, W Oates. Proshot to B Jaques. A mixed 4bbb stableford championship was played over 27 holes on Saturday. Winners were R Walters and G Scharf with 69 points from J Andersen and J Jessen 68. Run down: R and M Hunt 67, F and E Huszak 66, A Lewis and H Fry 66. Pinshots: ladies, G Scharf, Y Fritschi, V Cox, G Scharf; men, H Fry. The women played for their monthly medal on Sunday in A, B and C grades. A grade winner was S Haskins with 75 nett. B winner, D Gregg 70; C, M Sherlock 75. Rundown: R Norton, P Hughan 72, Y Best 73. Pinshots: Y Best, D Gregg, S Haskins. Proshot P Drillis. Members played a stroke for. Ray Morgan Memorial Trophy on Sunday. J McDougall won with 62 nett from F Huszak 64. Rundown: S Schuster 66, V Hannan 67, N

Drillis 68, L Taylor, R Walters 69. Pinshots: S Schuster, A Dougherty, L Muhldorff and N Drillis who also won the proshot. The women played a stableford on Saturday, September 23. Winner was Ruby Norton with Dianne Haddow as runner up. Next were Ethel Jarman. Margaret Prior and Mary Sherlock. Pinshots: J Rogers, V Caseleyr, D Haddow. Proshot, R Norton. Members played a stableford/scratch for the Bill Farrar trophy on Saturday. Winner was H Hilpert +6, followed by J Jamieson +6,"J Grayson +5, N Quirk +5, K Brady +5. Pinshots: W Freeman, A Simpson, S Kruck, W Farrar. Proshot, J Jamieson. A mixed 4bbb stroke with leftovers was played on Sunday, September 24. Winners were Ron and Tarn Young with 5i nett, followed by Adolph and Colleen Schuster 58, Peter and Yvette Fritschi 59 and Tom and Ethel Jarman 59. Pinshots: women, J Gambling, S Hennessy, D Gregg; members, W Albertsen, R Walters, A Dougherty, C Hennessy. Members' overflow played a stableford and winners were J Andersen 43 and J Cameron 42. Jack Stratford's pat-on-the-back this week goes to veterans' president Roy Montgomery and his helpers for their excellent presentation of the first Yeppoon Veterans Open Championships. May there be many more. A good job well done Roy.

Clarry Hinton's four wins by one in close contest YEPPOON Bowls Club graded fours final was played on Saturday morning ... the last of the club's competitions. It was a close contest, with the final score favouring Clarry Hinton's four by one. For the first half of the game, Frank Birkett's team held a narrow advantage. Starting with a three, they led 7-3 by the end of six ends. They led 10-8 on the ninth but by the 14th the score was tied 13 all. Clarry then scored a three and two ends later picked up a five to lead 21-14 on the 17th. Two ends later the difference was still seven. Frank scored a three and four then followed up with two singles to lead 24-22 with two to play. Clarry scored a two which made the game all square going into the last end.

Arnold Halfpenny drew the shot and Greg Hogg made Hinton two when he drew another. Frank asked Don McPherson to play up to the head and try and disturb the two shots. Don OW get rid of the shot with his second bowl but Clarry remained one up. Clarry went for position and Frank failed to alter the head so at the linish the score favoured Hinton 25-24. Arnold Halfpenny, Greg Hogg, Frank O'Brien and Clarry Hinton, 25, defeated John Shepherd, Gordon MacKenzie, Don McPherson and Frank Birkett, 24. Members' annual subscriptions are due by October 31 and can be left in an envelope at the clubhouse for the secretary.

10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989

INFORMATION CENTRE APPEAL A SUCCESS... Tuckshop (Dine-in or Takeaway) Home-cooked tucker



Sands Arcade - 39 3665 1.1 /I I se Pee i o4, 14 Q4ek;RS' ; ,A4 \Cr,

10 mins from Yeppoon

7 days 9.30amhe 4.30pm

GoberriePark Handfeed the tame animals Shady Picnic Areas • Swimming Pool GROUP BOOKINGS WELCOME A day out for the family! Ph. 39 7590


James St


39 31"

DAILY SPECIALS $3 COUNTER MEAL Lunches: Mon-Fri, Noon to 2pm

POOL COMPETITION Tuesdays, 7pm. $2 nomination $50, 1st; Carton, runner-up

WEEKLY WINNERS PLAY-OFF $100. Date to be advised • Budget Accommodation • • TAB in Complex • • Bottle Shop Specials •

• By John and Suzy Watson THE CCTO's Information Centre loan debt now stands at $38,812. A total of 103 pledges (worth $520 each over two years) have been received... and the Capricorn Coast Mirror Appeal has closed! No doubt, there will still be a few people who wish to pledge a $5 a week payment to the Information Centre debt and, if they contact CCTO chairman Brian Hooper, their pledge will be recorded in future editions. There's a good reason for leaving the appeal open ... there are tourism and general businesses yet to be opened and they cannot be denied the opportunity to say: "I helped pay off the CCTO Information Centre"! But the main work is over. The debt is markedly down on the $55,000 of eight weeks ago and, when the 20 donors who have yet to make a payment send in their cheques, the debt will be even smaller! So far, more than $15,000 has been paid off the loan and there's still $10,000 to come in this year from pledges. In all, 45 pledges have been fully redeemed for this year and three have already paid their twoyears commitment. It is this sort of response that has made this appeal such an outstanding success. The idea for $5 a week came from the head ... the response of a flood of cheques for $260 came from the heart. No-one expected full payments when the appeal started. When the idea for this appeal was mooted, Mr Hooper said he was doubtful that so many people could be found to back their Information Centre with $5 a week. Eight weeks later, he's convinced! But let the credit go where it belongs ... to thepeople named in the following lists who gave, and the many behind-the-scene people in the CCTO who made personal calls, telephone calls and follow-up calls to make the appeal a success. Every appeal needs organmisation ... and the CCTO provided it. It was this sort of work that built the Information Centre in the first place and the reason people were prepared to help pay it off. Mr Hooper would like to thank everyone involved for their pledg es, their encouragement and their help.

DON'T MISS Queensland's Premier Reef Trip


on 35-metre air-conditioned I, luxury catamaran .11L

Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included

ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

Visit Great Keppel Island & do it in style aboard



Transfers, Island cruise with boom netting, smorgasbord lunch & underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the resort facilities for day trippers: pool, shop & bar, etc

`IT'S A DAY YOU'LL ALL REMEMBER' For further information phone (079) 33 6744 Or 27 2948

Children half price Free Children's

168 Denison Street, Rockhampton Q, 4700

• Kristin's Hair Design - Kris Plahn - paid $25. • Sail-inn Motel - Elaine Melaney - paid $65. • J E Davies Medical Pty Ltd - Jonathon & Janet Davies - paid $65. • Yeppoon Backpackers Hostel -Tony Millroy & Anna Potter - paid $65. • Bee Bops - Helen Bayne - paid $20. • Beachcomber Hair Trends - Donna Molloy paid $20. • Tanby Turf - paid $260. • YeppoonMarine Engineers - Kathy and Roger Dale - paid $100. • Capricorn Coast Tours - Glen, Marsha and David Reddiex - paid $260. • Coral Life Marineland - Kevin and Yvonne Logan - paid $65. • Father H J Gygar - Catholic Church Yeppoon - paid $260. • Denhams Bros. Limited - Savemore Centre Yeppoon - paid $260. • Hedi's Boutique - Claude and Hedi Goetz paid $260. • Tanby Roses - Keith and Janice Hendy - paid $65. • Como Holiday Units - Horst and Fay Simon - paid $130. • Barrier Reef Backpackers - Appleton and Widdowson - paid $20. • Jim Pearce - ALP Candidate Broadsound paid $50. • C.Q. Pest Control - Chas. and Jane Hilliardpaid $65. • Ampol Service Station - Nev. and Carole Welfare - paid $100. • Denis Hinton - Member for Broadsound paid $260. • B.A.C. Removals -Eric and Kirstin Sundgren - paid $520. • Mario and Elma Crests - paid $260. • Lions Club of Yeppoon - paid $260. • Capricorn Palms Caravan Park - Richard and Jeanette Cavanagh - paid $260. • Annie's Pie Van - Dermott and Ena Egan paid $65. • Sandy's Cafe - Frank and Rosslyn Knobel paid $200. • Aussie Hot Bread - John, Judy, Richard O'Grady - paid $100. • Club Hotel - Norm Marsden and Margaret Hoare - paid $260. • Anonymous housewife - (Emu Park) - $10. • Savemore Centre Traders - Two separate pledges each of $260 a year - paid $520. • Capricorn Coast Sports and Hobby Centre Ron and Beryl Dawson - paid $260. • Andrews Construction - John and Tricia Andrews - paid $260. • Stewart and Brumm Chemists - Kevin and Rosalene Brumm - paid $260. • Capricorn Fruit Supplies - Dick and betty Tyrer - paid $100. • Anonymous Yeppoon Potters - paid $20. • Strand Hotel - Peter Green - paid $65. • A.J. Ralston Optometrists - Jeff Hall - paid $260. The following 20 businesses and individuals have pledged donations of $520 over two years: • Coastal View Tours (John Dowie) • Capricorn Reef Diving (Rob Frietag) • Old Glenmore Homestead (George Birkbeck) • Keppel Bay Motors (Bill & Barbara Ward) • Stickey & Associates Solicitor (Warren Rinkevich) • Mach 1 Panels (Mick McConnel) • Cooee Bay Marine (Vince & Lesley Welsh) • Dr Ramiah & Dr Donohue's Surgery • Annie's Pies (Lance and Annette Lawer) • Penlaw Catering (Boyd Penfold and Lance Lawer) • Yeppoon Stockfeeds (David Andrews) • Keppel Coast Gym (Kim and Sue Martin) • Keppel Kampout (Geoff Mercer) • H.W. Findlay Pty Ltd (Henry Findlay & Margaret Malinconico) • Coolwaters Holiday Village (Wayne Grady) • Irons Sawmill and Hardware (Dr Lex Horner) • Pedwin Autos Services (Henning Pedersen and Tony Irwin) • Rosslyn Bay Inn (Roger Barratt) • Kinka Lodge - Judith and Brian Hose and Judith Watts • Ami Setu (Dentist) and Gyan Setu • The following five donations were also received: • Yeppoon Boarding Kennels - Glenda Lucht $100. • Yeppoon Taxi Trucks - Arthur and Sally Smith - $40. • Cooee Bay Holiday Units - Mary Maguire $50. • Deputy chairman Cr Brian Dorey - $100. • Island View Units - Laurie Killeen - $50. As each cheque in paid to the appeal, it will be acknowledged in the payments list and will continue to be published in future editions ... so please continue to send in your cheques!

Dining out on KANANGRA the Capricorn Coast Licensed Pamir)/ Restaurant - Buffet-Style Menu - Eat as much as you like

Family Night Friday


"We won't let you down," he said on Wednesday night. • The CCTO will continue to make the $1000 monthly payments it undertook when it received the loan ... and those payments will continue to reduce the principal. The list of 100 donors will continue to be published in the Mirror. To make it easier for the Mirror, would all people who have yet to make their first payment please do so this week so that only one list need be published. Send cheques, made out to CCTO Information Centre Loan Account, c/- CCTO, P.O. Box 166, Yeppoon, 4703. The following 83 businesses have paid cheques to the value shown toward the appeal for this year and have given a commitment to complete their total $520 donation due over the two years: • Capricorn Coast Mirror - John & Suzy Watson - paid $260. 1 • Capricorn Printing-Terry & Cheryl Simpson - paid $260. • Seaspray Waterfront Holiday Units - Blossom Hooper - paid $260. • Poinciana Caravan Park - Doug & Sylvia Belot - Paid $260. • Bay Vacationer Units - Peter & Yvonne Motton - paid $260. • Driftwood Motel - John Allen - paid $260. • Reef Seeker - Helen Jackson - paid $130. • Victory - Helen Jackson - paid $130. • Capricorn Newsagency -Ian & Colleen Graham - paid $260. • Capricorn Cabs - P W & S C Denning - paid $260. • Maguire & Associates Solicitor - Tom Maguire - paid $65. • Brian Hooper Real Estate - Brian Hooper paid $260. • BP Yeppoon - Russell and Judy Sait - paid $260. • Yeppoon Video Centre and Yeppoon Computer Centre - Colin and Barbara Driscoll - paid $100. • Hacienda Units - Bill and Dell Mackie - paid $260. • Capricorn Diesel Services Pty Ltd - Sue and Bob Waddell - paid $260. • John and Marguerite Richardson - paid $60. • Kanangra Restaurant - Liz Pilbury and Brad Flesser - paid $520. • Capricorn International Resort - Iwasaki Sangyo Co. (Aust.) Pty Ltd - paid $260. • Blue Anchor Motel - Don Machan - paid $260. • Beryl and Maurie Cagney - paid $260. • Seven Dwarfs - Brian and Beverley Gilligan - paid $260. • North Keppel Island Resdrt - Naomi Hehir and Peter Hayward - paid $260. • Cooberrie Park - John & Pattie Shannon paid $65. • Keppel Island Water Taxi - Bob Goodger paid $130. • Capricorn Water Slide - Harold, Joan & Kevin Dobby - paid $260. • Paul Watts & Associates - Paul & Rhonda Watts - $260. • L.J. Hooker - Nick & Dora Callianiotis - paid $260. • Scoffin, J & Y. Jewellers _ John & Yvonne Scoffin -paid $20. • Bennetts Menswear - Tony Bennett - paid $5. • Ken Jones Marine - Ken & Rosemary Jones - paid $25. • Elgan Units - The Nagle Family - paid $260. • Sunlover Lodge - Wolfgang & Brigette B ielharz - paid $65. • Whites Tourist Services - Ruth & Trevor White - paid $65. • Gumnut Glen - Kerry Flynn - paid $100. • Keppel Barge Services - Ken Woods - paid $260. • Yeppoon Charity Market - paid $260. • Kempsea Carpark - Arthur & Betty Ware paid $65. • Railway Hotel - Ron & Jan Schmidt - paid $260. • Anonymous - son of Yeppoon's early storekeeper - paid $500. • ANZ Bank - Arthur Holt - paid $260. • Denison Star - John & Heather Donkin - paid $260. • Howard & June Rodda - paid $60. • Billy the Mountain Entertainment - Bill Ludwig & Pauline Gallie - paid $130. • Yeppoon Butchers - Pat & Ann O'Brien paid $260. • Queensland Premier Mines Pty Ltd - Frank Beckinsale - $50.




Tanby Rd South, Bookings Preferred

39 7144

Special Occasion Group Bookings welcome

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989 - 11 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR %

Festival group says thanks ON behalf of the 1989 Yeppoon Pineapple Festival Committee, in conjunction with Yeppoon Lions and Lioness Clubs, I take this opportunity to thank all those who worked or supported this year's Pineapple Festival to make it the success it has been. Our thanks go to the 11 Queen Quest entrants and their sponsoring organisations, White's Travel Service for arranging the Contiki Holiday and travel by McCafferty's Bus Service and to all who donated prizes. We thanks all who assisted at the various functions held throughout the week and to all who took part in our procession and who entered floats. We also thank everybody who donated to various events such as the wine and cheese night, gardening competition, woodchops and fireworks. Many of these have been acknowledged previously through the week, but those contributing to the fireworks display are now acknowledged: V M Farlow; Lester Findlay Electrical; Azzopardi Fruit Shop; Capricorn Diesel Services; McDougall's; Morgan's Bakery; Bren;'t Auto; Louise's Coffee Shop; S M Weston Optometrist; Yeppoon Fruit Growers; Capri-


Barber Shop



COOEE CORNER Fast Food * Chickens * Bait * Fish 'n' Chips *

7 days — 7am to 8pm Phone orders to 39 1033 Come & Join us at the

Bellowing Bull BYO

STEAKHOUSE Yeppoon's Newest Steakhouse

32 Mary St (Opp Post Office) Yeppoon OPEN: 6pm Tuesday-Saturday BOOKINGS: 39 4746 or 33 6637 MI • Great Atmosphere • Try our Huge Steaks, Fresh 'Bulls Special' Salads, Selection Half Price if Eaten Seafoods We Cater for all ypes of functions

Causeway Lake Store Large Range of Takeaway Food Bait • Fishing Tackle Petrol • Ice • Groceries • Milk Smallgoods • Cold Drinks

Remember, the Fishing's Great at the Causeway Lake!

corn Coast Mirror; Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Lex Semple; I and S Stanley; Annies Pies (D P and I R Egan); A and L Coucom; Keppel Laminating; D F and M M Hutton; Night Owl Entertainments; Giggle and Gossip; Pat Handley Pies; Regal Bakeries; Brian and Olive Dorey; Murray Estates. Olive and Brian Dorey won the Sunset Cruise trip in aid of Life Education. Their name was drawn by new businessperson Tracy Hansen of Castro's at the Mirror office on Wednesday afternoon. Woodchop sponsors: Bob Melaney Elders Real Estate; Yeppoon Tyre Service; Murray Estates; Brian and Olive Dorey; BP Yeppoon; Aussie Hot Bread; Yeppoon Backpackers; Bruce Ross; Wayne Kershaw. There could not be a success without the support of the community. Thanks to everyone who attended the functions held throughout the nine days. It isyou who have made the Pineapple festival the premier Festival of Central Queensland. Thank you all. - Mike Fallow.

This reader's mind boggles THE mind boggles at what creative innovation the Main Roads Department will come up with next, referring of course to the ridiculous barricade across the top section of the fourlane highway to the Capricorn International Resort round The Bluff. The rails across the barricade are just about eye-level, and unless you are equipped with xray vision, known only to belong to our mythical super heroes, it will only be a matter of time before there is a life threatening accident, regardless of the give-way sign at the end of James Street and the Esplanade. Another creation belongs to Livingstone Shire Council ... the pedestrian crossing in James Street from Woody's Store to the centre park and then across to Beaman Park. The crossing itself is strategically situated and was very necessary for the safety of our elderly and the public in general. My question is, why did they have to build a platform so far out from the kerb, taking out c7kvo very important parking bays? Qn any given day ,with the amount of tourists who frequent the main street, it is difficult at the best of times to find a park, yet we have the council taking them out as though we have plenty of parking available. I suggest if you want the tourists to stay around to spend their almighty dollar, you had better think of increasing the parking facilities, not decreasing them. Let's not have another situation like the post office bottle neck, but that's another council creation the motorist has to live with. - N Richards, Yeppoon.


Open from 7.30am 7-days-a-week SIT DOWN MEALS Normanby St, Yeppoon

CAFE 39 2394

Svendsens Takeaway for -

FAST FOOD next door to Pacific Hotel

tle. T,Eantern .cetaurant on tile Coast - 123 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon — 39 2318

Available for Functions

• Wednesday • Thursday • Friday • Saturday

6pm to Late

Exciting New Menu

Children's Menu $6.50

Camel Rides GIVE THE KIDS A SUNDAY TO REMEMBER Take a jaunt on Capricorn Sapphire and Keppelfrom in front of Bayview Tower to Beachside on Sundays • ADULTS only $2 • Children (under 15) $1 •

Camel Treks FEEL LIKE LAWRENCE OF YEPPOON From three to six people can take a Camel Trek and boil the billy anytime, on the Coastal strip, including the Tanby Road area • 2-hr treks: Adults $25, Children (under 15) $12 • Phone John Richardson (079) 39 3248 or (if unanswered) 39 4888

May it always be Tyrer Park AS followers of horse racing in this community and long time residents, we feel enough has not been mentioned about the family to whom we really owe our own racing track ... the Tyrer family. The untiring and personal efforts of this family to get this race track, from almost virgin scrub, should never be forgotten by the sporting public of Yeppoon. What a magnificent community project. In spite of many difficulties and proverbial knockers they still persevered. The result is now one of the best country tracks in this State. We are sure all racing enthusiasts of Yeppoon feel it was a fitting tribute to name this track Tyrer Park in appreciation of the family who gave to us this lovely track. May it always be known as Tyrer Park Race Course. - Frank and Joan Mortensen, 70 Braithwaite Surer, Yeppoon.

Sunset Dinner Cruise Saturday, October 14 on REEFSEEKER $30 single


(Dinner, Entertainment & $5000 Play Money for Casino Capers)

Tickets available: Yeppoon Travel • Emu Park Newsagency Lynda Gustafson, 39 3152 • Fay Owens 39 6344 Don Knowles 39 1362 • Dave Larkin 39 7556 SAPPHIRE VALUED AT $1000 - TICKETS ON SALE NOW. DRAWN DURING CRUISE

Castro's Opens on Monday • New Name • New Appearance • • New Owner Tracy Hansen •

Castro's will offer a Special Opening Offer wide selection of homemade delicacies that will make every visit enjoyable... the only worry will be deciding on your choice from the menu full of temptations! Choose from • Entrees • Mains • Sandwiches/ Burgers • Salads • Cakes & Desserts • Home-made Icecreams & Sorbets • Pancakes, Crepes & Waffles with every order from Opening on • Nibblies • Drinks Monday until closing Thursday night



9 Mondays Fridays am-8Pni Closed Tuesda ys Wednesdays gam -81m Saturdays 8am-Late Thursdays ,9azn-8prn & Sundays

12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989


Capricorn Coast Jr


TYPESET. composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times. 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement. pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material, statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement: is. or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive: is in full or, in part, defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he. is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication, the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses, costs, demands. claims. damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Capricorn Coast Mirror having to correct, alter. ... amend or otherwise change any advertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. While eve ry ca re is taken with all Display and Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted forwrongclassification or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed (by telephone. .r.' .....-,, .. . .




COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Ph Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets every Tuesday, 7pm for Christian Meditation at Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship & study of Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppoon. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139

PUBLIC NOTICES National Party Aust - Queensland Capricorn Coast Branch Women's Section ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

10am, Thurs, October 12 at the residence of Mrs Halberstater 22 Maple Street, Yeppoon All members and supporters invited to attend

are open 5 days-a-week and offer

. . ccotiiiting Services Business Advice Taxation Services

74 James Street Phone

(next to the Rock)

39 1277

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am - 5pm

WILL provide a good home on a property for any unwanted animals. Phone 39 3935. NOTICE to all real estate agents. My house, 10 Jacaranda Avenue, has been withdrawn from sale. YEPPOON Golf Club Associates will be holding their annual general meeting at the clubhouse on 24th October at 2pm. All members welcome. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all organisations and most functions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252.

Good luck to Yeppoon High School band ... competing in Queensland Festival of Music this weekend. ... from a Mother

28 Rosslyn Street Statue Bay

33 6211 33 6174

Z4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740 ADVERTISEMENT

Denis Hinton Broadsound a'noon: Yeppoon o ice Even: Yeppoon branch NP meeting Marlborough NP branch AGM at Stanage Bay

Cooee Bay branch

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Cooee Bay Hall 5pm, Sunday, Oct 15, 1989

Booze Cruise

Yeppoon Office A'noon: CC area Fish M'ment meeting, R'ton

in aid of Endeavour Foundation on MV

Victory departing Rosslyn Bay

Yeppoon Office Even: Yeppoon United Soccer Club AGM Fly M'mount for interviews Dysart for interviews

WED Oct 11 THUR Oct 12

7pm, October 28 $37 single

Open Dysart High School Manual Arts Building Shop 3, Evia Building, Normanby St, Yeppoon (079) 39 2352

FRI Oct 13

Tickets available: Victory Terminal, Rosslyn Bay; Greens Hardware FREE BUS TO AND FROM HARBOUR


Your Livingstone Shire Council representative Lloyd Webberis available for personal consultation at the

School of Arts Building (old library), Hill Street, Emu Park Saturday, October 14 & October 28 between 3pm and 5pm FOR APPOINTMENTS OR URGENT MATTERS, PHONE 27 5019 B/H OR 34 4115 A/H


Ross' Run

Sunday, October 22 10am to 4pm

Historical Complex

No charge for stalls (instead ... 10% of proceeds to Bush Children)

Emu Park/Rockhampton Road

R'ton/Yeppoon, 4 times daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, once daily

POSITIONS VACANT BLUE NURSING SERVICE CAPRICORN COAST intend engaging a bus driver with outdoor-indoor responsibilities. Licence to drive 16 seater bus essential. Nursinghome experience an advantage. Application forms from Blue Nursing Service, Normanby Street, Yeppoon. Applications close October 13, 1989.

wanted for coming season Male or Female We are prepared to train willing workers Phone 33 6339 during office hours

A barbecue, followed by a short annual general meeting, will be held on the above date. All Cooee Bay and other branch members and supporters are welcome. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton will be attending. Please bring your own picnic basket and drinks along. We will have a hot-plate going

your Local Member for

TUES Oct 10



* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants

MON, Oct 9

Capricorn Home Deliveries I

39 2212 Parcel Delivery

Ca news Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates

SAT Oct 7

Emu Park CWA Hall Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6014

All financial members of the Emu Park Blues Club are invited to attend a meeting at the Seabreeze Coffee Shop on Wednesday, October 11 starting at 7.30pm

22 1789

FRI, Oct 6

Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays


All tax work done by Tom Callaghan who has 30 years' experience in Taxation Law and Practice for Primary Producers and Small Business

EXPRESS Parcel DELIVERY 5,LoenYdpar?ily

Emu Park Living Word Centre

Fresh Fruit & Veg Honey and 39 4985 Taffy's Soft Drinks




Admission: $4 adults $2 pens & child over 5

Lucky admission numbers Food • Fun


for details

GLOBAL SEAFOODS Rosslyn Bay WORK WANTED ACTIVE, reliable service pensioner wants casual work, anytype. Own transport. Please ph 39 6311. WATER bores drilled, Yeppoon area. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 3932. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. Ph 39 4182. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065. TREE lopping, mowing, general yard cleaning. Phone 34 3732.

MOTOR VEHICLES MAZDA 323 wagon, 1984, deluxe, 71,000km. No rust. Towbar, one owner. EC but slight hail damage and bald tyres. $5600. 39 2349. 1981 LANDROVER Series III troop carrier. V8 motor. Excellent working order. Extensively overhauled. Orig. 26,000 kms. $7000 ONO. 39 4547. FALCON XC ute with extras - 2nd fuel tank; twin roll/carry bars. Motor runs well. Some rust. Un reg. As is. $1500. 33 6621 a/h.

WANTED TO BUY WANTED to buy: behind the ear fitting hearing aid. Phone 39 3632. GARDEN shed wanted or similar. GC. Phone Lamb, 39 4103. WANTED to buy old furniture, any condition. Top prices paid. Phone 39 1380 or call Ross Garage, Yeppoon. CARS, utilities, commercial vehiclesand machinery for wrecking. Ph 39 4633 b/h, 39 4304 a/h. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques, Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

MARINE MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002. BOATIES! Charts, instruments, self-teaching videos (navigation, first-aid, marine, radio), books, magazines. Yeppoon Newsagency (nearest beach). 39 3377.

PLUMBING SUPPLIES PLUMBING supplies better than Rockhampton prices. A.I.S. McCracken Sales Pty Ltd, 24 Tanby Road, Yeppoon. 39 2277, 39 7115 a/h.


FOR LEASE BY TENDER Expressions of interest are sought for the lease of petrol station and service bays, known as Z Cars, Zilzie Road, Emu Park. Corner site with excellent local trade in growth area. This is a totally freehold site with good margins. Further information from Kevin Doolan

The Professionals

39 6411 39 6336

PUMP repairs on site or workshop byour qualified staff. A.I.S. McCracken Sales Pty Ltd. 392277, or 39 7115 a/h.

TENDER Tenders invited for lessee of new 25 metre pool and amenities on Capricorn Coast. Closing date, 21st October. Replies to: 7 Phillip Street, Emu Park. Phone 39 6930

Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989 - 13


For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

• All Painting • Re-Roofing • • De-Rusting • Gutter Sealing •



39 4959

Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION • Loader Hire • Truck Hire •


39 1764

Painter • Interior •

Cnr Tanby Rd & Charles St

39 1813 or 39 4410 a/h


Awnings will virtually meet any need - from a simple cover over a doorway - to highlight or protect your windows - or completely surround your home. Available in aluminium, colourbond or canvas AND ... fixed or adjustable





FREE ESTIMATES given on all types of Masonry construction

• Exterior • • Free Quotes •



Allan 'Happy' Warren 39 3113



`17 years on the Coast'




Interior • Exterior • Roofs

39 2205 or 39 1275


39 1513

19 1/2 Years in Yeppoon


Vince Workmanship Hannan Guaranteed


Tom Porter's

CAPRICORN CONCRETORS rttYd Industrial • Residential • Commercial Suspended Floors • House Floors Patios • Driveways • Foundations


PAINT! G & Heat reducing coatings


39 7 7 5 3h g"„

33 6836 Gnu



39 2298

PAINTER • All types of Painting • Re-Paints Specialist • FREE quotes

39 1679

Denis Schofield 39 3680 PLASTERER

Answering Service


Phone anytime

Aluminium Awnings & Holland Blinds

Central Coast Insect Screens

PLUMBER DRAINER Maintenance • Renovations • New Work

Phil Munro

33 6714


39 4318 4.6


Tell the Coast about your business Phone 39 4244

39 6408



39 6353

CAPRICORN COAST ELECTRICAL SERVICE $3 0 • Installation 20m • Maintenance




39 2419

CABINETMAKERS Modern Custombuilt kitchens Attractive aluminium awnings & blinds

For Services at a Fair Price!


(next to Cooee Bay Marine)

Tables & Chairs • BBQs • Party Lights Bunting • Disposable Dinnerware Highchairs • Folding Cots

• Houses • Extensions • Renovations • New Work • All types •

A/H: 39 6734


Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am or 6-6.30pm

39 4930: a/h 39 7969 (21 308H5)

STEVEon 39 3646

39 6714

Graeme's Plumbing & Drainage Service

51 Tanby Rd


RICHTER • Installation • Maintenance ELECTRIC Pensioner COMPANY • Discounts


Lawnmowers • Garden Tools • Elect Tools

39 2489


39 1282

Cement Mixers • Wheelbarrows • Chainsaw Trestles & Planks • Generators • Spray Guns


• Decorative • Secure • Won't Rust

New houses • Repairs • Renovations REASONABLE RATES • PROMPT ATTENTION




Renovations • Concrete Work • New Homes

R A and T A Jones

George Barrett & Co

All hours

a/h: 39 7622 39 2102


39 1840

Reg. Builder


Mike Stokley

53 Tanby Road

Dave Kershaw for...



BOBCAT HIRE 4-IN-1 Bucket • Post-Hole Digger Earth Bucket • Tipper Hire



Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667 Owner/Driver


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4-in-1 Bucket • Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire • Trencher

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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989





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Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989 - 15

Emu Park wins trophy THE perpetual trophy played between Capricorn Country Club and Emu Park Golf Club ,. was won by Emu Park, 540 to 586. Country club winners were M Meuren with 63 nett and S Zimitat was runner up with 71. Pinshots went to M Meuren and D Bunt, putts to E Barnes and encouragement to V Roads. Emu Park winners: L Ambrey with 62 nett and K Killoran was runner up 64. L Ambrey won both pinshots, puttswent to D Manion and encouragement to C Donnallon. Wednesday Bisque par winner was Dan Daly with + 11 and G Bowser runner up on + 10. Rundown: C Doblo, H Large, D Logan, C Frankish, Dawn Daly +9, L Ufer, G Cliffe, T Gardner + 7. Pinshots: M Doblo and G Capell. Saturday stroke winner was S Bowser with 61 nett. Runners up: R Schmidt 65, F Bywater 67, D Tideman and C Frankish 68, G M a rkwell 69, G Capell, D Logan, J Ayres, W Mathers 71 and C Doblo 72. First nine gross: P Malick; second nine gross, W Robinson. Pinshots: G Capell and P Play on Sunday was for the V Sinclair Memorial day trophies donated by W and T Sinclair. Overall nett winner was M Newman with 63 and gross winner P Malick with 78. Associates' gross: C Lyon countback from K Killoran 92. Putts: overall D Logan; pinshots, F Schneider, J Elliott, S Mills and E Tomkins; secret holes, L Ufer and P Macintosh. Play on Saturday, tomorrow, is an aggregate four ball with draw for partners at 11.30am. Sunday is the social club championships for the Coca-Cola Shield at 8am. Progressive draw. Members and associates play a stableford for Gordon and Shirley Bowser trophies. Play on Tuesday is a stroke for P and C teams Hilda Large trophies.


Yeppoon tennis fixtures THE following Yeppoon and District Tennis Association teams are set down for fixture play at Daniel Park, Cooee Bay on Saturday, tomorrow, starting at 12.30pm. Division A. Koalas: G Clayton, G Klupfel, J Harris v Hares: M Harris, G Sorensen, P Hansen. Division B. Cockatoos: R Hasell, P Iafrati, K Stevenson, R Gillespie v Emus: R Irons, R Scoffin, R Driver, C Gillespie. Parrots: B Rumble, P Scharf, J Stevenson, substitute v Curlews: L Gill, M Bullemore, L Stewart, A McDonald. If players are unable to play this weekend, please ring John early enough for a substitute to be organised. The association's Festival of Tennis competition is on October 28 and 29 for A grade and November 4 and 5 for B grade. Teams from Rockhampton and Gladstone attend on both weekends. A Ideal team of five players is needed to enter the competition to represent the Coast association. Peg, John and Rhonda will have more details on Saturday, tomorrow.

Pony club gymkhana YEPPOON Pony Club members competed in the Zone 27 official gymkhana and one day event at Alton Downs on the weekend. Debbie and Jason Powell and Denise Smith won first place trophies in their respective age groups. Bruce Towle took out second place and Adam Sharpies was place third. Jason received a trophy for the highest points on the day. Brendan Croese won the senior age group championship at the one day event. It consisted of a dressage test, cross country course, followed by show jumping: Other Yeppoon Pony Club members to successfully ride at the gymkhana and the one day event were: Yolande Croese Danille Croese, Jenny Newton, Sara Towle, Stuart Ashby, Kerry Thompson, Gavin Thompson and Cathy Budd. The pony club's break-up party is on Sunday, October 8 at the Yeppoon waterslide. Presentations will be made to the season's successful rides. All members and friends are welcome to attend the presentation break-up.

EMU PARK RUGBY LEAGUE CLUB invites application for a

PLAYER/COACH for the 1990 season Application in writing stating experience, playing position, remuneration and references, etc. to

Secretary, Emu Park Rugby League Club, Emu Park. 4702. For more information contact Jeff Quigley, 39 6991. Applications close November 15, 1989.

Also all players interested in the formation of an Under 19 side to register their interests with Jeff Quigley, 39 6991 or Steve Anderson, 39 6100

EMU PARK BOWLS CLUB HOLDS HAVE-A-GO-DAY EMU Park Bowls Club offers good bowling for members and visiting bowlers. Anyone interested in lawn bowls is welcome. The club has arranged that Friday is have-a-go day. "Correct footwear must be worn, otherwise casual dress," publicity officer Marg Price said. "Friendly assistance from local bowlers is always available." Fifty-four bowlers enjoyed Sunday afternoon when Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen donated and presented trophies. There were several close games and bowlers said the afternoon was lots of fun. Winners were Margaret Freeman, Les Taylor, Glen Kluver and Jack Norris with 23 points. Runners up on 22 points were Norma Waters, Hazel Dingwell, Ces Davies and Bob Maud. Week's winners: Tuesday, Alan Price and Dick Sinclair; Wednesday, Edith Gibson, Les Taylor and Mo Stewart; Saturday, Wolfgang Beilharz, Phil Cosgrove and Brian Heath. On Friday night president Frank Van Gestel was presented with a gift from members and friends. "Frank is moving to Ipswich with his work. It was good to see so many members turn out for the occasion," Mrs Price said. Sunday is an all-day event when Emu Park Bowls Club defends the Beatham Shield in a match with Welfare club. The Beatham Shield has been contested since 1984 and has been won three times by Emu Park and twice by Welfare. The day's cost, including lunch, is $8 each. 32 nominations are required for table selected teams of four. Men's committee meeting is on Monday,

76 at YIBC trophy day SEVENTY-SIX members and visitors were at Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club on Sunday afternoon to honour YIBC president Bernie Robson who supplied trophies for the annual president's day. Following the games of 12 ends a barbecue tea was enjoyed. It was an afternoon of keen bowling with two points separating first and third place-getters. In top position, with 27 points, were Mavis Brown, Gary Warren, Jill Hallam, Ivy Mallory, Barbara Rowe and Kerry de Graaf. Runners up, on 25 points and an aggregate of 34, were Cec Brown, Myrtle Cooper, Kurt Renner, Mad Birkett, Mary Miller and Cliff Anderson. In third place, also with 25 points and an aggregate of 33, were Alan Philp, Tom Gosbee, Edna Connor, Gordon Mallory, Adrian de Graaf and Jeannie Benson. Lowest score for the afternoon, 17 points, was posted by Kath Mcllwraith, Jack Thomasson, Errol Ward, Jack Tennent, Dick Sinclair and Dot Morgan. YIBC member Fred Wade made it a double when he won the first lucky door and also the raffle. A special lucky door prize was a magnificent bunch of sweetpeas given by YIBC member Betty Bannister. A special meeting of YIBC will be held in the playing arena at Yeppoon Showground on Tuesday night, October 17, to discuss arrangement for the celebration of the club's 21st anniversary in June next year. YIBC member Tom Poole will supply trophies on Wednesday morning, October 18. A good roll-up is expected. On Sunday, October 22, Rockhampton club St Joseph's visit YIBC for a five-game day. Players take their own lunch and YIBC members are asked to take a plate for afternoon tea.

Singing Ship pair win SINGING Ship Indoor Bowls Club members congratulated Cliff Anderson and Carol Wagstaff who won the Sid Wills pairs on Saturday. In the cock and hen of the walk Trevor Gardner defeated Ray Farrow and Bev Farrow defeated Avis Mallory. On Sunday, Singing Ship visits Gladstone for a full day of bowls. The bus leaves Yeppoon at 6.30am and will be at the Emu Park Cultural Hall at 7am. The monthly meeting is on Saturday, tomorrow, at 1pm and bowls will be played after the meeting. Visitors are welcome to play with the Emu Park based club on playing days ... Tuesday and Saturday at 1.30pm in the cultural hall.

Cylinder Head Surface Grinding)


October 9 at 6.30pm. and ladies' committee meeting is on Wednesday 11 at 10am. Social bowling is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday with 1pm start. Sunday, October 15 is all-day bowling with QRI and is a take your own lunch. "Would the women who bowled with the Cairns women on September 25 please check to see if they have the wrong umbrella," she said.

Gymnasts try for titles CAPRICORN Coast Gymnastic Club girls competed for places in the Central Queensland representative team for the minor State titles. Debbie Nagle was selected for the under 12 team when she performed in the four apparatus - beam, bar, vault and floor. Rebecca Semple scored 8.1 on beam to win a gold medal. Selected gymnasts from nine years and under and 12 years and under teams train together in Gladstone on October 29. They will then compete against the rest of the State at Chandler in Brisbane on November 11. On Saturday, tomorrow, some girls travel to Emerald for a large competition with gymnasts representing Mackay, Bundaberg, Emerald, Blackwater, Gladstone, Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast. Saturday classes on October 7 and 14 have been cancelled, but resume on October 21 ... there is much work to be done In preparation for the end-of-year display.

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Emus presentation night at Emu Park Cultural Hall THE mighty Emu Park Emus hold their first presentation night on Satutday, October 14 at the cultural hall. It is a semi-formal affair with music provided by Small Cuts. Tickets are S20 per person and includes admission, a meal and a complimentary bottle of wine. Spokesman Jeff Quigley said the evening would be a top night and suggests people wanting to attend should book early. Tickets are available from the Pine Beach Hotel, 39 6100, or Seabreeze Coffee Shop, 39 6991. The players are on their way to Cairns for the end-of-season trip. "We are hoping to announce next week about big name stars who might be able to make it to the presentation night," Mr Quigley said.

Blackpowder test day A SHOOT for blackpowder was held on September 24 by the SSAA. Shooters shot, not to score, but to adjust any trouble they were having with their firearms. Other shooters enjoyed the day by shooting all types of firearms - military, bench, private and others. On Sunday, 12 shooters were at the range for a practice shoot day ... and that included a blackpowder shooter from Townsville. A couple of exchange students from Japan were also present. The SSAA is available for people to attend and adjust or sight in their favourite rifles. "The range officer is in attendance every Sunday after 9am," blackpowder publicity officer Ross Newmann said. "Just pay the amount required for what you are shooting, you are then given targets and bench. All you have to do is obey all directions from the range officer."


Brake Drum an& Disc Machining,


Frisby wins Zilzie match THURSDAY'S stroke winner at Zilzie Golf and Country Club was D Frisby with 65 nett, who also won the pinshot. The stableford winner on Saturday was P Barker with 34 points. Sunday members' monthly medal winner was K Svendsen with 58 nett. Stableford winner for Betty Sleeman's trophy was V Svendsen with 43 points. Pinshot winner for Roy Nixon's pinshot was V Svendsen. and Betty Sleeman's pinshot winner was R Mills. Associates' winner was P Barker with 69 nett and D Webb won the pinshot. Saturday, tomorrow, is stroke, second day, for the associates' monthly medal. Peter Carter's trophies will be played on Sunday with a stroke, draw between noon and 12.30pm. The associates' monthly meeting is on Sunday at 9.30am.

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16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror October 6 - October 12, 1989

"Emu Park Rugby League Club

awe ftift wan

1989 Inaugural Presentation of Trophies and Dinner Dance Emu Park Cultural Hall October 14, 7.30pm S20 single

Tke bark the Iftivist

Music by Short Cuts

• _ . • ABOVE: Monty Montgomery,Suncorp Insurance and Finance regional sales manager Chris Kenny, women's open champion Fay Booth, Sarina, men's open champion Terry Woodbridge ,Yeppoon and Suncorp Rockhampton branch manager Trevor Kenny after Veterans' Championships trophy presentations at Yeppoon Golf Club.

Veterans hold first championships You ride the fast Electric Train from Rockhampton to Brisbane; stay 2 nights at the Gazebo Hotel in Brisbane; get 2 breakfasts; FREE Cocktails & hors d'oeuvres both nights; return by train for just $208.80 per person, twin share Ian your ne trip the train- YePP0 Agency can make yourbo ings and plan your ltin_a ers New electric train are fast isbane andw Br'froM Rockhampton is Jus

I *Price is per person, twin share

THE Yeppoon Inaugural Open Veterans Golf Championship was played on Thursday and Friday at Yeppoon Golf Club. President Roy Montgomery and his committee were pleased with the response from 115 women and men competitors who travelled from Proserpine, Bowen, Whitsundays, Mackay, Sarina, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Miriam Vale, Hervey Bay, Bargara, Bundaberg, Cooroy, Gympie, Brisbane and included Yeppoon veterans. Women's champion was Fay Booth from Sarina and Yeppoon's Terry Woodbridge won the men's section. "We thank our sponsors and competitors ... without them the two-day carnival would not have been the success it was," Mr Montgomery said. Principal sponsor was Suncorp with Denham Bros, Capricorn International Resort, Rockhampton Permanent Building Society, Ken Smith Gems, ANZ Bank, Keppel Corporation, Frank Ryan and Co, Morgan's Bakeries, McWilliams Wines, John Suthers Panel Works, Denison Star, Keppel Island Tourist Services, Mitre Ten Irons Sawmill, Westpac Bank, Australia Air Lines, Yeppoon Golf Club. McDougalls, Murray Hodge, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton, Canton United Breweries, Stewart Yesberg. "The committee worked hard and I thank all members for their support, enthusiasm and cooperation. Also Alan Launchbury and his assistants as well as Gladys Scharf and Shirley Burton, who worked tirelessly and efficiently checking cards and score boards," he said. "Yeppoon golf women members did a remarkable job on catering for 150 at the presentation dinner, and I thank them. "My congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those unfortunate not to take away a trophy. "We thank Leila Goodwin and Tom Whalin

The all weather ball game ... Competition and Social games for the whole family


L Capricorn Coast Squash Centre 39 2444


Cq FREE Deliveries



LARGE LETTUCE: 99¢ ea Frcd esh pi ke Green cucumber 4 for $2 LOCAL ZUCCINI $159 kg


39 3616

for the beautiful dinner and dance music. Also bar manager Doug Clements and his staff. To Ray Beck and his staff for presenting the golf course in such fine condition, many thanks," Mr Montgomery said. "It was pleasing to hear the kind remarks about our course. "Apologies were received from the Queensland Veterans Association, Queensland Senior Ladies Association and a number of golfers." Fay Booth of Sarina won the women's championship with a score of 86 for 18 holes. Runner up was June Hull from Mackay with 88 gross in a countback from Stella Haskins. Emu Park's Dawn Daley won the best 18 hole nett with 64 from Jan Burrowes of Yeppoon with 68 on countback from V Miller. The members' 18 hole championship was won by Yeppoon's Terry Woodbridge with a score of 77 gross. Runner up was Alf Birk of Bargara with 78. Members' best nett was 63 by C McPhee of Mackay from Trevor Gray of Yeppoon with 65. Age championship winners and runners up in the men's section: 55-59, W Rosel 66, W Davies 68; 60-64, A Simpson 68, G McGowan 68; 6569, C Williams 68, M Hewitt 69; 70 and over C Statan 73, L Batros 73. Ladies: 55-59, M Walton 69, I Vale 69; 60-64, K Hansen on countback from S Haskins 72; 6569, V Miller 68, M Bell 73; 70 and over, N Montgomery 75 on countback from Y Fritschi. Thursday's results (day one). Silver division 18 hole gross: R Weston 80, runner up D Moore; 18 hole nett C Statan 63, W Andrews 64; Bradmans trophy C McPhee 98, W Sievers 97. Bronze division: 18 hole gross, A Simpson 90, D Moore 91; 18 hole nett, R Montgomery 68, S Bsuttin 69; Bradman trophy, J Molloy 113, A Sox 111. Thursday's pinshots: L Hartley, W Andrews, V Lawson, W Rosel. Proshot, T Woodbridge. Friday's pinshots: F Hurley, V Lawson, W Rosel, S Galletty, C Chappel, K Wren, S Bsuttin. Proshot to A Francis.

Cricketers in first-up win CAPRICORN Coast Cricket Club second grade won the first 1989/90 season's game on the weekend against Frenchville at Yeppoon Showground. Coast needed 115 to win after the first day's play and set about in a tradesman-like fashion with the top order wearing down Frenchville's bowlers. This allowed the middle order to score freely. P Huxtable gained 35 runs, J Dawes 30 and J Ingle top-scored with 76 not out and gained man-of-the-match. Coast scored 8 for 210 and Frenchville's first innings were 115. The third grade side was beaten by Parkhurst in the first innings and fought back with courage. Parkhurst continued on at 1 for 122 and was bundled out by T Ellison and D May, taking 6 for 40 and 3 for 54. The innings closed at 167. Coast, batting in its second innings, showed a determined effort at the crease and at stumps, 5 for 119 with R Scoffin leading the runs with 46 and D May, 30. T Ellison was man-of-the-match with innings with 27 and 17 and bowling 6 for 40.

LAST week's item on sharks at Fraser Island prompted Gary Hasell, who was taking a break from telling visitors about the Capricorn Coast at the Information Centre, to recall a sight that has stayed in his mind for years.,He used to operate a scenic tour on Fraser Island and one day he noticed a fourwheel drive parked near the surf with a rope trailing out to sea. Puzzled, he stopped to see what was going on. Nothing happened for a while then, suddenly, the 4WD driver jumped into the cabin, started the motor, and drove straight up the beach. Coming in behind, on the rope, was a dirty big shark. The 4WD owner had simply baited a hook on a rope and tossed it into the sea. Must have been one very surprised shark that took a bite then found itself hurtling toward shore. That story is the only one that has ever made me feel sorry for a shark!!! TRACY HANSEN is new in town and opens a bistro and cafe on Monday called ' Castro's ... which is obviously named to "revolutionise" Coast eating habits. She hails from Brisbane, or so it seems when you first talk to her. She talks about managing a coffee lounge in Milton, supplying Aroma's Coffee Lounge with her home-made delicacies to put herself through Queensland Institute of Technology (it took six years but she's a Batchelor of Business) and how difficult it is to smoke in the Big Smoke because everyone seems to be a paid up member of the Anti-Smoking Lobby. Since arriving on the Coast she's had numerous invitations to hand-feed native animals (locals seems to feel all city people have never seen a native animal) but she would like to make it perfectly clear that she's quite accustomed to handfeeding native animals ... she spent her early life at a place called Tinaroo Dam where her parents operated a motel. In case you're wondering where Tinaroo is it's near Atherton ... and it had its own supply of native animals! •••

CAPRICORN Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry was deep in thought on Tuesday night solving the world's problems when Barry Wetzler of the Cooee Bay Store remarked that if plans go ahead to complete a full four-lane highway from Yeppoon to Rockhampton it would make it even easier for locals to shop in Rocky. The trip was getting shorter and shorter, he told the I members. Quick as a flash, former president Andrew McLelland had the answer: "We should agitate for two lanes from Rockhampton to Yeppoon ... and a dirt track from Yeppoon to Rockhampton"!!!

BLOKE went to Capricorn International Resort on weekend for night out with friends and tucked $50 note into the back of his wallet as "spare cash" in case he needed it. Night wore on, friends imbibed freely and it was time for this bloke to cough up for another round. Feeling a little light on in the front part of the wallet, he absent-mindedly reached into the secret compartment for the $50 and handed it to the waitress. She quietly told him it wasn't enough to pay for the drinks. Shocked at how much they must have cost he was about to make a remark when she nodded at what he had placed before her. It most certainly wasn't a $50 note ... it was a condom!!!

TENNIS COACHING by R'ton's leading professionals BEVAN MULHOLLAND



Cooee Park Courts during the week for adults

36 1983 after6pm VACANCIES FOR JUNIORS

CK IN BUSINESS - All Electrical Repairs • Contracting Dishwashers Washers • ridges