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57 TANSY RD. 39 2391 ISSUE 301 FRIDAY, May 19, 1989 - THURSDAY, May 25, 1989

• ABOVE: Lance Lawer and Jody Ede doing "housework" at 1.10am Wednesday at Annie's Pies in Charles Street, Yeppoon. See story on page 3.

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• ABOVE: Jodie Collins with six chihuahua pups that • ABOVE:This chain-wire fence was no match for the water spent part of Tuesday night floating around in a box flowing across Jeffries Street, Yeppoon. Debris piled against the - wire and water pressure did the rest. under a School Street home.

MISERABLE NIGHT OF RAIN Tuesday night was icing on extremely muddy cake TUESDAY'S 113mm (about four-and-a-halfinches) of rain caused a miserable night for home And business owners in parts of Yeppoon. No•-' After what seems like a period of endless rain, Tuesday's swamping was the icing on an extremely muddy cake. The Bureau of Meteorology in Rockhampton recorded 113mm for Yeppoon and 88.2mm for Rockhampton ... and forecasts showers, at least, until the weekend. Tuesday night was one of those wet and miserable nights that take all the fun out of wet weather. For Annie's Pies owners Lance and Annette Lawer, it meant walking to their Charles Street shop in waist-deep water then starting a clean-up before baking Wednesday's pies and cakes. For B ob Walters, in Charles Street, it meant the loss of carpet and furnishings in a carport that he said had never been flooded before. For six six-week-old chihuahua pups it meant a night of sailing ... tucked away "safely" under their School Street home in a padded box, the six pups were found by Ivan Cullen "floating around the room". For others, it meant a night of miserable damp.

The Mirror received a phone call from a Burnett Street resident who said the State Emergency Service had called. No wonder ... Burnett Street was a still lake in the centre with a swiftly-flowing exit to Arthur Street. Vehicles were driving along Arthur Street and finding their progress blocked at Burnett. Charles Street was awash. Debris lined the sides of the streets. Annie's Pies' industrial waste bin, a solid steel container, was washed from the side of the building across the road to end up against a telegraph pole. A furniture restoration business in the old Ross' Garage had water across the floor and council workmen spent Wednesday morning digging up drain pipes that appeared to be choked with mud. A grader dug a spoon drain to direct water from the road away from the business. The rain just wouldn't stop. Rockhampton Road resident Lex Semple was concerned about a water pipe breaking and drove to the Ross Creek footbridge to check that the pipe was intact.

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.44 • ABOVE: McBean Street, Yeppoon, on Tuesday about 9pm when water was flowing wildly down the street and around the small roundabout.


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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989

Coast TAFE leases new bistro at Rosslyn Bay THE Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre has leased the restaurant bistro at Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort as a training centre. Rockhampton TAFE director Mike Adermann and Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre council chairman Bruce McGregor announced the project on Tuesday. The facility will be used by the Capricorn Coast TAFE to train students in hospitality and tourism. The restaurant, of international standard, will operate seven days and nights, serving the general tourist industry and the 36 units that form part of the complex. "It is a unique chance for hospitality students to work in a tourist situation with rosters and weekend work," Mr McGregor said. "If they are trained in a seven-day facility, they will have a better understanding of the tourism industry." Rosslyn Bay Inn Resort restaurant is expected to be ready in August, depending on the weather. Other courses offered by the Capricorn Coast TAFE Centre will start at the Anglican Conference Centre, Lammermoor Beach in July.

11 days of rain so far in May!

, • -• • ABOVE: Bob Walters of Charles Street, Yeppoon, shows the height the lawn locker behind him had been above ground level ... until Tuesday night when Figtree Creek broke its banks.

Rain, rain and more rain... • CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 When he arrived he found the water flowing over the bridge ... and this was about 10pm when he said the rain had eased. Earlier in the night Mike Walter called at the Mirror to phone home because Jeffries Street was closed. The stormway was fast flowing and the damage it caused was evident on Wednesday morning ... a 1.8m chain-wire fence was pushed sideways by grass and debris piled against the wire. , Elsewhere on the Coast it just rained ... and kept raining. The Causeway bridge was awash. One motorist said he drove the length of the Causeway without once seeing the sealed road. His headlights had trouble picking up the white line.

Crisis houses TWO three bedroom crisis houses for emergency accommodation are available in Yeppoon provided by the Housing Commission. St Vincent de Paul is in charge of preparing the homes for occupation ... and furniture is desparately needed. Clean, serviceable furniture, refrigerators, washing machines and bedding would be welcome. Contact St Vincent's de Paul, 39 3141, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm and Saturday, 9am to noon so your donation can be collected. The homes are for families who don't have any accommodation due to cyclones, fires or other reasons. St Vincent de Paul arranges for these people to be housed in the emergency homes until other accommdation can be organised.

YEPPON has had 250mm (10 inches) of rain in the first 16 days of May ... and it has rained on 11 of those days. Livingstone Shire Council sewerage treatment plant operator John Tickner keeps a daily record at the plant near the cemetery ... and from 9am Tuesday until 9am Wednesday, he recorded 106mm (slightly more than 4 inches). He said there were eight wet days in January for a total of 152mm; 10 wet days in February for 217nun; 13 wet days in March for 326mm; 15 wet days in April for 274 and 11 wet days until 9am Wednesday in May for 250mm. That's a total of 1219mm or 48 inches in 19 weeks. If December's figures are included a further 242mm has to be added giving a total of 146 1mm (57.5 inches) for 23 weeks. For readers wondering why they have webbed feet, Mr Tickner gave a daily breakdown of May's rain: May 6 (30mm); May 7 (61rnm); May 8 (1 nun); May 9 (3mm); May 10 (3mm); May 11 (1mm); May 12 (5mm); May 13 (26mm); May 14 (13mm); May 15 (1mm) and May 16 (106mm).

LIONESS' NIGHT • ABOVE: Laurene Lewington gave her father, Lex Semple, a hand on Wednesday morning to clean out grass that was stopping the water flow in Adelaide Park Road.

ALL past members are invited to the 10th installation night of Yeppoon Lioness Club at Kanangra Restaurant on Tuesday, June 6 at 6.30pm. Tickets are S14 a head and husbands are welcome. Ring Joan Byatt, 39 3189, for more information.

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989 - 3

Business owners '-wade through waist-deep water in rain to find pie shop flooded OVERNIGHT flooding in Yeppoon is unlikely to make national television news ... but the impact on affected residents is just as frightening, and heartbreaking, as the most dramatic TV news. Annie's Pies owners Lance and Annette Lawer waded through waist-deep water on Tuesday night to get to their business premises in Charles Street ... and, for Annette Lawer, at least, it was a frightening experience. She parked her car in Charles Street, near Tanby Road, when water across the road barred progress. It was about 8.30pm and houses had lights on as she started walking through the heavy rain to the pie factory. What started as a simple walk through water wound up an exhausting experience as the water became deeper and fasterflowing. "As I neared the shop the water was flowing cater and faster and I thought if I don't get there boon this water's going to take me with it," she said on Wednesday afternoon. Tired, probably frightened, with an aching hip from fighting the flow, Annette Lawer forced open the door to the shop and found heartbreak ... "there was a foot to 18 inches of water (30 to 45cm) right through the place". The storeroom was a mess. Bags of flour were soaked, other materials were tipped over and spilled on the floor, ovens and fridges were damaged. Mrs Lawer had made her way to the shop with son Christopher after receiving a phone call from pastrycook Jody Ede. He had been out on Tuesday night and noticed Charles Street was flooded. He arrived shortly after, on foot, and helped cleanup. Mrs Lawer phoned Lance and he parked near her car and waded down Charles Street to the pie factory. Everything had to be picked up and the whole premises hosed out and cleaned before work could start on Wednesday's orders. Staff were phoned and told the situation ... and no-one could have asked for more help. Mrs Lawer said they all pitched in and had the place operational in record time. By 1.10am Wednesday, when the Mirror called in to check damage, pies were being started and the premises were spotless. At 2pm Wednesday, Lance was on his way home to get some sleep and Mrs Lawer was holding the fort. The staff were still there. "Jody's had no sleep, Brian's had no sleep," she said. "The oven's damaged and so is everything electrical. We have someone here now working on it but we won't know the final damage tally until everything has been checked. "If we can't get the oven going we won't be corking tonight." A few doors away, still in Charles Street, Bob Walters and daughter Norma were shovelling mud out of a workshop attached to their home. There was a high-tide mark on the wall, still damp ... and about 10cm above that mark was another tidal mark showing a higher flood. And those two marks are what have caused problems for Mr Walters. Even though Tuesday night's flood was lower, the carport on the opposite side of the house was flooded. Mr Walters said that when the water had reached the higher mark some years ago the carport had been high and dry. As a result, the family felt quite safe in enclosing and carpeting the area. Tuesday night's flood swept through the area damaging the carpet and furniture. He blames the Aussie Rules football ground that has been created lower down Figtree Creek. "Tuesday night's flood came from the wrong direction," Mr Walters said. "The water came from the pie shop side of the house which meant it had been backing up and flowing backwards." He is convinced the creek's path to the sea has been blocked because he built the pie shop further down the road for Dick Tyrer. "We took the levels of the highest flood to that time and built the floor about nine inches (23cm) above that height," he said. The fact that the pie shop flooded is proof to Mr Walters that something is causing the back-up. Next door to Mr Walters, the flood made a dramatic impact when it picked up a large lawn (...„ locker and smashed it. Mr Walters said his neighbour hadn't noticed the damage until about 8.30 to 9pm. The lawn locker had been built on blocks and had a wooden floor. It was used to lock up tools and a new mower. The flood picked up the shed and moved it about two metres, buckling the sides and roof. The tools and mower were saved.

• ABOVE: Norma Walters shovels mud from the shed while Bob Walters points out the previous highest flood level. The lower level fromTuesday night is the dark patch on the wall.

• ABOVE: Livingstone Shire Council works staff removed olddrainage pipes next to the old Ross' Garage on Wednesday morning. They finished the job by grading a spoon drain.

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... ... ' . 4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989

ALL SYSTEMS GO FOR NEXT WEEK'S HOBBY HORSE DERBY MAY fever, of the Hobby Horse variety, has hit the-Coast again ... with all systems go for Saturday, May 27 in Beaman Park. Not even the waether can dampen the enthusiasm for this annual fun day for the Keppel Coast Girl Guides and is the once-a-year appeal for the funds which are necessary for the association to continue operating. Prizes galore have been provided by Coast businesses and individualswith the major prize for the 'jockey' who raises the most funds through sponsorship. The major prize is a weekend for a family on Pumpkin Island, donated by R and M Mason.

It includes return transport on the Island Taxi, D and L Turner. Other prizes are presented for the most funds raised by a club, raised by a school, a bank and a business. Nominations, now closed, have reached an all-time high .. 71. Many are seasoned campaigners lining up for their ninth year. Stewart and Brumm's Galloping Pharmacist, PGH's Keppel Surprise, Keppel Bay Motors Keppel the Bay and Yeppoon Readymix Skippy are a few of the 'tried and noted riders'. Some riders are new ... Cheap Charlie from the Capricorn Coast Vietnam Veterans Le-

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gion, White's Tourist Services' Travel-White, La Bamba, Seafood and Eat It, Yeppoon News' Savenorm Bill, Wang Australia's Wanger, Gary Anderson, Livingstone Shire Works Depot, Peter Wilson on Tobruk for Yeppoon RSL, Iwasaki's Aussie Tavern's Flash and the CWA's Country Rider in the Powder Puff. Although new, they have 'gathered at the homestead' and 'snuff the battle with delight'. The behind-the-scene workers have made sure the handcrafts are of a high standard so the stalls will offer quality goods. Plants, fruit and vegetables and other stalls will give the morning a real feeling of carnival time. The 4R0 Big Band will entertain from the rotunda, between race calling. A new feature this year are badges commemorating the Hobby Horse Derby ... and of course this year's special camel rides. John 'Camel Dundee' Richardson has offered his famous duo - Sapphire and Capricorn - to provide camel rides during the morning. What affect this will have on the performances of the somewhat more sensitive 'horses' is unknown. But, at long last, you can find out what it is like atop, or between, those humps. John Dowie has made sure the smaller fry will have train rides. Following are sponsors and horses. Commonwealth Bank, Disco Duck; Stewart and Brumm, The Galloping Pharmacist; Angliss Savemore, Toplip Thommo; Capricorn Newsagency, Phantom Mags; BP Yeppoon, BP Yeppoon; PGH, Keppel Surprise; Lyn Murphy, Tinnie Linnie (Powder Puff); St Brendan's College, Mary's Mount; St Brendan's College, Be Prepared; Seaspray Holiday Units, Seaspray; Yeppoon Glass, Smashing Time; Yeppoon Door Centre, Gliderol; Yeppoon Lions Club, Lions Roar; Capricorn Coast Squash Rackets Association, Squash'em; Sacred Heart School (name to be decided); Yeppoon Trading, Secondhand Sally; Yeppoon High School, Spock (PP); Yeppoon Lioness Club, Lioness Lizzy (PP); Annies Pies, Ani-Pie; Yeppoon Dental Protection Association (Fang Farrier); Yeppoon Exhausts, Not Yet Exhausted; Yeppoon Auto Electrics, Sparker; Keppel Bay Motors, (Keppel the Bay); Minter Motors, Herb's Hope; Brian Dorey, Hunky Dorey; Yeppoon Fire Station, Turn Out; Capricorn Coast Vietnam Veterans Legion, Didi-Mau (Dee Dee Mow); Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, Rosslyn; White's Tourist Services, Travel White; Rosslyn Bay Fisherman's Co-op, King Prawn (PP); Yeppoon Panel and Paint, (Scratch 'n' Dint); Westpac Bank, (Westpac Wonder); Club Hotel, Roy the Boy; La Bamba Entertainment Centre, La Bamba; Yeppoon Rotary Club, Rotary's Revenge; Scope Club, Scope's Hope (PP); Regal Bakery, Regal Rocket; Seafood and Eat It, Seafood and Eat It; Strand Hotel, (NTBD); Yeppoon Kindergarten, Sapphire; ANZ Bank, (Gunsanz); Yeppoon News, (The Savenorm Bull); Simons Restaurant La Bamba, Simons; National Bank, Nabby; Wang Australia, Wanger; Noels Smash Repairs, (Noel's Smasher); Yeppoon Crane and Hire, (NTBD); Pat, The Pie Lady (Pat the Pie); Capricorn Coast Tours, (NTBD); Gary Anderson Earthmoving, (NTBD); Yeppoon Readymix, Skippy; Yeppoon Kitchens and Bruce Ross and Co (Waross); Cooee Bay Store, Pothead; New Horizon Cruises, New Horizon; Yeppoon State Parents and Citizens, (Fund-Raisin'); Railway Hotel, Rails (PP); Pacific Hotel, Pacific Terrific; LSC works depot, (NTBD); Lammermoor Servo, Lammermoor Larrikin; Yeppoon Kitchens, •iiiMg,•.,, , „.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989 - 5

Heidi Gratton for Work Skills final SALON 24 proprietor Ann Devlin was delighted. this week to receive a letter from Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester congratulating her on the selection of Heidi Gratton as a Queensland representative in the 1989 Works Skills Australia final. "It is a tribute to the quality of training you have provided, that Heidi will wear Queensland's badge during this important competition," Mr Lester said. "I thank you for your contribution in helping the Work Skills Australia Foundation in its bid to promote excellence and achievement for our young employees."

Mabel Edmund's art work display CAPRICORN Coast artist, author and former Livingstone Shire Councillor Mabel Edmund AM is the prime focus of an exciting and fresh exhibition to be opened by Rockhampton Mayor Ald Jim Webber at Rockhampton's Walter Reid Arts Centre. It has taken Mrs Edmund decades to find the time to pursue her artistic talent, but she quickly established herself as a prominent (naive) painter. "Mabel's work is held in collections around the world and we are pleased she has accepted 'ur invitation to exhibit," Rockhampton City .2ouncil Community Arts officer Katie McMurray said. Mrs Edmund first studied art at Cairns TAFE, completing the Associate Diploma of Art (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander). Current students of the course will also be taking part in the exhibition, contributing prints, paintings and batiks. The exhibition will also feature several works by emerging painter Michael Murray. It is the first time Mr Murray has exhibited and his special interest is landscapes. The exhibition is at the Walter Reid Arts Centre (corner East and Derby Streets) from May 20 until June 9.

Extinction is forever! EXTINCTION is forever. The present rate of extinction of world wildlife species is now one a day. Capricorn Branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society has Queensland National Parks Wildlife Service's Peter Tierney who will give an illustrated talk on the Bridle nail-tailed wallaby. Great efforts are being made to ensure the continuation of this vulnerable species. Mr Tierney will talk about its history, present status and management. The meeting is in Yeppoon RSL Hall at 730pm on May 23 and everyone's welcome.

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Scenic Highway to be fully John Rhodes & Assoc restored using MRD funds THE Scenic Highway between Kinka Beach and Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour will be fully maintained and restored using State Main Roads Department funds. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton said the road is under heavy pressure from rock trucks, with weights up to 20 tons per vehicle, carting rock from the Kinka quarry for the Rosslyn Bay Harbour northern wall construction. The problem of maintaining the road by Livingstone Shire Council gangs using Main Roads Department funds has been made more difficult by the continued wet weather, which is also adversely affecting the road. "I have been assured by MRD district engineer Kevin Kerr that adequate funds are available for the continued maintenance and restoration of the road," Mr Hinton said. "Residents in the area need have no fears on this score.

"The constructing company, Leightons Constructions, has been required to provide 532,000 towards main roads works, including S13,000 for bridge strengthening at The Causeway and 519,000 for improvements to the turnoff to Rosslyn Bay Harbour. "One hundred and fifty-three thousand tons of rock will be carted to the harbour over the life of the wall's construction which should be completed by the end of the year. "I appeal to residents to be patient and forbearing with the present inconveniences and disturbance," said. "We are be ding something at Rosslyn Bay Harbour that will be magnificent and make the present trauma well worthwhile. "Residents ncld have no fear ... the road will be fully maintained."

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Wright to meet pineapple growers today MEMBER for Capricornia Keith Wright . will hold further indepth talks with Capricorn Coast pineapple farmers this afternoon (Friday) following his deliberations with Primary Industries Minister John Kerin in Canberra. Mr Wright said the meeting's objective was to gather information regarding the cost of fertiliser and chemicals used by growers. "I will be putting a detailed submission to John Kerin and also to Industry, Technology and Commerce Minister Senator John Button and, if necessary, will take the matter personally to the Prime Minister as a member of the Prime Minister's Country Task Force," Mr Wright said. "It is clear from the preliminary discussions I have heldwith the growers that they are incurring massive costs in the fertiliser and chemical areas compared with other primary producers. "Personally, I think there is a need for an indepth inquiry into the fertiliser and chemical industry and that is one alternative I will be putting to the Federal Government." Mr Wright said he would be also arguing for quotas to be placed on imported pineapples. "I fear for the livelihood of farmers in the pineapple industry if the imports continue to increase as they have over recent years and while I appreciate the long term effect of assisting developing countries, the first responsibility surely is to look after Australians." Mr Wright said he will be on the Capricorn Coast and have office hours at the council chambers between 2pm and 4pm and anyone wanting to see him should ring his Rockhampton office, 27 6455, for an appointment.

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Subsidy for beach A 55100 subsidy is being paid to Livingstone Shire Council by the State Government for beach protection works which had a total cost of 520,401.77. Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton has been advised by the Queensland Treasury Department the subsidy has been approved for payment. The project being assisted by the State Government is the fencing on Kemp Beach and Kinka Beach, which was carried out over the previous 12 months.

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6 - Capricorn Coast. Mirror May 19 - May 25;1989

DOREY CALLS FOR 'DYNAMIC' AUSTRALIA DAY COMMITTEE CR Brian Dorey's "dynamic bum" will sit on a committee this year which will decide the recipients of next year's Australia Day Awards. This follows his call for a change in the make-up of the Australia Day Committee during which he said it needed to be more "dynamic'. Shire chairman Cr John Bowen, after hearing a great deal of debate back and forth, suggested Cr Dorey could put his "dynamic bum" on the committee. Cr Maurie Webb, who was a member of last year's Australia Day Committee, took exception to Cr Dorey's remarks. He said he was "not going to sit here and cop that". Council was debating a letter from the Australia Day Council, Queensland (Inc.), in which congratulations were extended to all who worked for the success of this year's celebrations on Australia Day Activities. Council had received applications for membership and awards for 1989/90 with the letter. A recommendation that council appoint two councillors to the committee to select the recipients of next year's award started the debate. Cr Dorey said he had been looking at the business of the Australia Day Committee and he had discussed it with "quite a few community people". "I believe it would advantageous if you had a new committee every year because there are plenty of people in the community and you could have new councillors on it every year, if you wish, and I stipulate that," he said. "I do believe the committee would be fresh and have broader sort of scope if it was changed every year." He said what happened was that people did a good job but the thing was they kept getting re-elected. Cr Bowen interrupted Cr Dorey to ask if there was a motion. Cr Dorey moved that the committee that decides or recommends the awards for the Australia Day Council be reelected every year with new members drawn from council and the community. Cr Webb took a point of order. He said he understood that when this council started people were appointed to various committees and those committee went for three years. Cr Bowen said the matter would have to lie on the table until the actual resolution could be recovered however deputy shire clerk Kev Lloyd volunteered information. He told council he had been involved with the Australia Day Committee for many years "and I'm afraid that the council doesn't know what it's talking about ... excuse me, but that's a fact". "Each year we circularise all the organisations in the shire and ask them to nominate representatives for this committee," Mr Lloyd said. "And the response we get is negligible ... negligible. "It's only through the good offices of a few citizens in this shire that this committee has continued to operate. "That (the recommendation before council) is the same resolution that comes up at the table every year and each year, council, in its wisdom, has decided to nominate two councillors who wish to be on it. "That is the new blood." Cr Bowen asked him to confirm that ,what council was doing was no different from previous years. Mr Lloyd replied "none whatsoever" and said council would again circularise all organisations and ask them for a representative. In reply to a question, Mr Lloyd said: "They don't want to be in it. I don't know what you can do." Cr Bowen then told Cr Dorey that his mo-

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tion was only reflecting what was the standing order. Cr Dorey said: "I know, but what I am saying is that it's (the committee) got to be more dynamic". The committee reflected what happened elsewhere in the community where a lot of people were overloaded with work. "With all due respect, it just rolls along on the same old track along the side of the street," he said. "I reckon it wants a great big shake-up." Cr Bowen interrupted to say that was up to those two council members, whoever they were, "to do just what you are talking about". Cr Ellen Cogill said she was on the committee oneyear during the last term of council and the committee changed every year. Cr Bowen then invited Cr Dorey to withdraw his motion because it was virtually along the lines of standing orders. Instead, Cr Dorey said: "Well, you see, all I'm endeavouring to do is get dynamics-into it to make people get off their bums and get onto the new committee." Cr Bowen interrupted to say: "We may appoint you yet. You may be one of those members and you can get off your own dynamic bum then."

In response to someone to move the recommendation that council appoint two councillors to the committee, Crs Mike Prior and Roy Wall moved and seconded it and the motion was carried. Cr Webb immediately rose to move that "Cr John Dowie and myself' be appointed and there was general laughter around the table. (Crs Dowie and Webb were appointed to the committee last year). Cr Webb, who was not amused, said: "I can't for the life of me seewhywe have to sit here and cop that rubbish." Cr Bowen called out for any other nominations. There was silence so .he called out a second time. Cr Kev Hinz was nominated but he declined, saying "leave me out of it". Cr Bowen said the motion did not necessarily mean that two was the only number. A third could be nominated. Cr Dorey said there could be one from each division. Cr Bowen said that "under the circumstances, I nominate Cr Dorey, in addition to the other two nominations". There were no other nominations. Cr Bowen asked if there was anyone who wished

to speak against the motion and Cr Webb said "I haven't had a chance to say a word about anything". "I think what Cr Dorey said was an affront to the people who did the job last year and to a couple of people who do the job every year," Cr Webb said. "To come here and say that they-weren't dynamic and that they didn't get off their bums is pretty bloody rude because I think they've done a job every year that they've never been thanked for. "To cop that sort of stuff and be reported in the Press, which no doubt will be reported widely by one particular paper, I don't think it's fair." Cr Dorey replied: "I don't muck around with words, Mr Chairman. I'm perfectly entitled to say what I believe...". He was cut off in mid-sentence by a call for the motion to be voted on. As Cr Bowen called out "all in favour", Cr Wall shouted "amendment Mr Chairman". He then moved an amendment that only the two previous councillors (Crs Dowie and Webb) be appointed. Cr Bowen ruled it should be a foreshadowed motion. Council then voted on the three councillors being appointed and this was carried.

Why the sudden interest in Aust. Day Awards? • By Suzy Watson

CR BRIAN DOREY certainly doesn't "muck around with words" ... and his words at last week's council meeting must have hurt innocent people. He went to great lengths to get across his thoughts that the Australia Day Committee needs to be more "dynamic". . In doing so, he rubbished the people who sit on the committee ... and worse, the people the committee chose to receive the Australia Day Awards. I'm not going to muck around with words either, Cr Dorey, because I know your words have hurt people. As you probably,know, I am, and have been, a member of the committee for four of the past five years. A good friend of mine, a person who prefers to work quietly in the background, has been another member for five years. She has been stung by your words ... but she will recover. She may not do any more community work, but she'll get over it. Kev. Lloyd's in a different position. He's carried the brunt of the Australia Day Committee and the subsequent awards since they started. I've sat on the committee with him. I know how hard he works. I know how much he cares. I've always felt this man had a special feeling for the awards ... I hope he doesn't lose it. But we were all directly stung by your words so we know where we stand. It is the innocent bystanders who have been hurt indirectly. These innocent bystanders are the people chosen to receive the awards. They have been truly hurt. These people are totally innocent because they did not seek the Australia Day Awards they received. Theywere nominated by people in the community who thought the Australia Day Awards were the one chance those people had of receiving public recognition for work they had done on behalf of others of for their prowess in certain fields that had, until that time, gone unrecognised. That's what the Australia Day Awards are all about ... people who normally receive no public acknowledgement for their good deeds. Cr Dorey has some bee in his bonnet about these awards. It's obvious because even when deputy shire clerk Kev. Lloyd told council "I'm afraid that the council doesn't know what it's talking about" Cr Dorey persisted with his remarks. Even when shire chairman Cr John Bowen said Cr Dorey's motion was only repeating what council had done in the past Cr Dorey persisted. Even when Cr Maurie Webb, a member of the committee last year, said Cr Dorey's remarks were an affront Cr Dorey persisted. Cr Dorey was told by Mr Lloyd that groups were circularised every year asking them to nominate someone to be on the committee ... but the response was "negligible". Yet Cr Dorey said he had discussed the business of the Australia Day Committee with "quite a few community people". Where were those people, and Cr Dorey for that matter, when circulars were sent out for the past five years? Why the sudden interest in the awards? Are these awards, which have been so richly deserved and so humbly accepted, to become another arrow in Cr Dorey's quiver full of organisations? What puzzles me is Cr Dorey's call for the committee to be more "dynamic". I don't think he knows what he's talking about. The committee has strict guidelines to fol-"w. It chooses recipients from nominations re-

Capricorn Coast Mirror Opinion ceived from the public. There have been times when certain categories have not been awarded because the standard of nominations was not as high as in past years. To have made a nomination, just for the sake of it, would have downgraded the value of the previous, and following, recipients. Perhaps Cr Dorey feels the actual presentations themselves have not been sufficiently dynamic ... if this is so, I agree with him. I recall one miserable night at the opening of the Olympic Pool when the programme of events was running late ... very late. Shire chairman Cr Bowen was scheduled to present the Australia Day Awards and very little time had been allocated to him ... insufficient time even if the programme had not been running behind schedule. Cr Bowen was in the middle of making one presentation speech when someone walked up behind him and hissed that he should get on with it. It wasn't Cr Bowen's fault. He was presenting awards of great significance ... and the recipients, at the very least, deserved their

moment in the spotlight. His speeches for each recipient were designed to take 10 minutes. A total of 30 minutes for the three Australia Day Awardees. Is 10 minutes too long for someone to shine in the limelight for perhaps the only time in their life? No Cr Dorey, the committee doesn't need to be more dynamic ... the presentation ceremonies themselves need (to use your words) "a great big shake-up". No-one could deny you have given many years of free service to the Capricorn Coast community. I doubt there would be more than two free days in your 365-day year and it must be a punishing toll on you and your family. I could not maintain the amount of hours you give to the community and I won't offer any more of my time or my family's ... I have enough on my plate. But other people also do their bit ... some don't have the time you make available; some concentrate their efforts on something that is particularly dear to their hearts. You say you choose your words carefully, but do you listen to them? You said that people do a good job but the trouble was, they kept getting re-elected. Doesn't that apply to you?

Councillors: natural disasters are State and Federal responsibilities LIVINGSTONE Shire Council will not participate in a proposed Local Government Natural Disasters Appeal Fund. They regarded natural disasters as State and Federal Government responsibilities. Queensland Local Government Association secretary Greg Hoffman told the May council meeting by letter that since the beginning of April several areas in the State had been affected by natural disasters. "The Burdekin area was lashed by Cyclone Aivu, the Gympie-Widgee area was inundated by the flooding of the Mary River and vast areas of Central and Western Queensland flooded as the rain depression resulting from the cyclone passed over the State," Mr Hoffman said. "As a consequence of these disasters and in response to offers of assistance, the association has agreed to accept contributions to a Local Government Natural Disasters Appeal Fund." He said the association was extending an invitation to State local authorities to consider contributing to the appeal. He stressed it was a council-based appeal and donations from the public were not being sought. He said the existing Natural Disasters Relief Scheme did offer assistance to councils and sporting and community organisations but not all damage and loss sustained was covered. Limits on assistance, particularly for sporting and community organisations, justified additional help being provided where possible. "The appeal is aimed at providing this help to councils and the sporting and community organisations with which the councils have an association," Mr Hoffman said. In a report on the matter, Livingstone shire accountant Denis Murphy said while the shire was prone to cyclones, it was difficult to imagine the proposed fund being able to provide the substantial assistance which would be required after a severe cyclone. This was demonstrated by advice that Brisbane City Council, with its large population base, donated only $15,000. "Should each local authority throughout Queensland contribute using the Brisbane

donation as a guide, the fund would not amount to the sums required to provide significant relief to affected areas," Mr Murphy said. "However it may be able to assist in a meaningful way with sporting and community organisations and, accordingly, some form of contribution may be prudent." Crs Brian Dorey and John Dowie moved and seconded the recommendation that council further consider the matter at a pre-budget meeting and that council find out how much other shires were contributing. Cr Lloyd Webber opposed the motion saying he believed disasters were State and Federal Government responsibilities. - Cr Glenda Mather suggested council write to the association saying it regretted being unable to participate because its funds were committed for the next 10 years. Only three councillors supported the recommendation. Cr Mather then successfully moved that council not participate, saying each shire had its own responsibilities and disasters were State and Federal Government responsibilities.

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CaririCorn Cbast Miribr May 19 - May 25, 1989 - 7

Mobile classroom will become Life Education Centre COAST children will have access to a Life Education Centre when a mobile classroom is based in the Gladstone, Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast area. Two committees, Rockhampton and Gladstone, and a sub-committee on the Coast has pledged to raise S200,000 to outfit a mobile classroom available to the three areas. Life Education Centre's concept is a positive preventative approach to drug abuse which emphasises the wonder of the human body and the enormous potential of every human being. The programmes relate to all forms of drugs, legal and illegal. The aim is to provide children in their formative years, five to 12, with an awareness of themselves by getting to know the composition of the human body and how it functions; of how and why it is affected by substances that upset its delicate equilibrium. It is an approach that demonstrates the physical, mental and emotional effects of such abuse of the human body. The centres provide a progressively graded programme on the physiology of the human body. Rather than frighten children, Life Education Centre's philosophy focuses on creating a sensitivity to values that lead to an understanding and appreciation of human life. It enables children to make their own positive life decisions. The educators are professionally qualified primary and infant teachers who undergo an intense three month training period. The centres are based on the principle that each school class from year one to year seven makes a visit once a year to the centre. Children and teachers are then given follow-up material to continue discussion and appropriate activities in the classroom after each visit to the centre. Life Education Centre was started by Rev Ted Noffs of Sydney's Wayside Chapel. After a decade of crisis counselling on drug and related abuse at the chapel he realised nothing would be ultimately achieved if drug abuse was tackled only at that desperate stage. A breakthrough of a positive, lasting quality would come, he believed, only through preventative education aimed at young children. In 1978, after five years of research and planning, the first pilot Life Education Centre was opened in Sydney. The centre was enthusiastically embraced by teachers, students and parents. The demand • for the Life Education programme in regional areas led to the first mobile classroom being launched in 1982 to operate on the New South Wales north coast. There are now more than 36 mobile classrooms operating throughout Australia with several more on order and four fixed centres. The United Kingdom, USA and New Zealand have centres and a permanent one will open in Thailand in January. Dave Larkin is the Coast co-ordinator and he is prepared to talk to any individual or organisation or will arrange for someone. Contact Dave, 39 7556, for information, how to help with fundraising or how and where to donate.

Kay Cottee will address dinner KAY Cottee, 1988 Australian of the Year, is guest speaker at a fundraising luncheon and dinner for a Life Education Centre mobile unit to service Gladstone, Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast. Kay Cottee is the first woman to complete a solo non-stop and unassisted circumnavigation of the globe. She has set herself a target to raise S1 million within Australia for Life Education Centres. The luncheon and dinner on Tuesday, May 2.3 is to launch the $200,000 project for Gladstone, Rockhampton and the Coast. The 5200,000 covers the capital cost of a mobile classroom plus the first year's operating cost. A business luncheon on May 23 at Rosehill House, hosted by Chippindale Motors, is open to any business people who would like to donate $250 to the Life Education project. The dinner on the same night is open to the general public at the Leichhardt Hotel is S25 a head. Tickets are available from John Murphy at Yeppoon Travel and SIO of each ticket purchased goes to the Life Education project. The three areas have target amounts based on the percentage of primary schoolchildren in the area. The Coast is expected to raise about 520,000 over a 12 month period. Gladstone's committee was formed two year's ago and has raised S10,000. The Rockhampton committee was formed earlier this year and the Coast has formed a sub-committee within it. Dave Larkin is the Capricorn Coast co-ordinator and he or his wife, Ann, can be contacted at 39 7556 for the luncheon or dinner or any information.

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• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Miss Australia entrant Chantal Hooper with St Brendan's student Michael Priddle, 15 .Michael,who was born with cerebral palsy, will take part in next weekend's 10km Superwalk. He managed 6km last year and expects to do better on May 28.

SUPERWALK SEEKS SPONSORS ONE of the major fundraising activities for the Queensland Spastic Welfare League is the annual Superwalk. This year Emu Park is having its on Friday, May 26 starting from the school at 1.30pm and walking along Fisherman's Beach. Yeppoon's Superwalk is on Sunday, May 28 and starts at 10am on Main Beach. The Queensland Spastic Welfare League organises allwalk sites in the region in conjunction with local Lions clubs. Yeppoon's walk-site co-ordinator Don Knowles. Lionesses will assist with registrations and refreshments for Superwalk participants. Chantal Hooper, 20, is the Capricorn Coast's Miss Australia entrant and endorsed money raised from the Coast Superwalks will be passed to her and then onto the spastic league. Chantal is a final year bachelor of business communications student majoring in public relations. The first Superwalk was in 1984 and has since become one of the league's major fundraising activities. The concept of the superwalk is for businesses, schools, clubs and individuals to make up teams, each walker to take a sponsorship on a per kilometre basis from friends, families and business associates. The money raised assists people with cerebral palsy, a paralysis that affects the brain and causes involuntary body movements and the


disturbance of mobility in varying degrees. Cerebral palsy occurs in infancy or early childhood. It is rarely hereditary and can occur in any family. Entry forms for the Superwalk are available from Brian Hooper Real Estate, Yeppoon Post Office or ANZ Bank. Individuals who may want to assist Chantal should endors 2 their form accordingly in the space providel. Some for the 6-roups endorsing Chantal: Emu Park Primary School, Yeppoon Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School, St Brendan's College, Scope Club members, Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation members and Leighton Constructions staff currently constructing the harbour wall for Kebpel Gateway.


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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989

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Are we waiting for right one to decide value?

HOW much is a public servant, or in that case, any employed person worth? In our present economic climate, with ever increasing interest rates, unemployment way beyond acceptable levels (is any acceptable?), individuals rorting tax and public trust, this is a very difficult question to answer. Yet one thing is clear, if the right money is not offered then perhaps the right people may not be able to afford to work in these jobs or corruption may prove to be a temptation. In the case of the Shire chairman I believe we have two basic decisions to make: Should the chairman be full time or not; What criteria should we apply to the fixing of a salary/wage that will make the fixing independent of the annual haggling in council that appears to be the case now. It appears to me that the size of the Shire, the need for strong leadership, the almost comical (if it wasn't so serious) way in which our council, for many years now, seems to be embroiled in controversy and infighting would suggest we do need a full time chairman. When I consider the amount this chairman should receive I am reminded of the poem 'The Old Violin' which is basically about an old violin being auctioned. The bidding starts low and slowly increases to double figures. At this point an old gentleman comes forth picks up the violin, tunes it, and soon entrances the group with his renditions. The auction contin-

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ues but now instead of lOs it is 100s and soon in the 1000s. Is the Shire chairman's position the old violin waiting for the right person before we recognise the value of the job? My feelings are that a reasonable salary is required before we can ever hope to avoid such incredible scenes as reported by the Mirror concerning chairman Bowen's car allowance. I would suggest that if the job requires so much travel - and I have no reason to doubt this - then the council would find it cheaper to provide a car for his use ($5000 plus for five years = $25,000). The need for an independent body to set the salary and all subsequent rises could be solved by tying in with some government instrumentality - that, is, a school principal's wages as set by the Education Department (about $40,000 $45,000 at present). I for one do not think we should pay rates to support a poorly controlled debating society that does not always seem to get on with the important things like streets, caravan parks, footpaths for school children to and from schools and bicycle tracks, to mention some that readily come to mind. - L Shobbmok, 7 Raymond Terrace, Yeppoon.

Chairman should earn his own crust SIR, in my young days no councillor received remuneration. There was of course alleged widespread corruption, kickbacks on tenders, etc. In regard to Cr Bowen, his expense account seems to include following the local member around to every private and semi-private meeting and making political speeches thereat. When I go to these functions, I go there to enjoy myself not to listen to every would-be world ruler telling me how good he is and the party he supports, as to .paying him for the dubious privilege of hearing him bore 'C' out of me, I object. I have always thought a mayor or Shire chairman's job was to chair council meetings and then go home and earn his. own crust the same as the rest of us and when chairing a meeting to do so with dignity and not show how rude he can be by trying to gag people who have anything to say he doesn't care to hear. No sir, Cr Bowen is receiving in excess of what the job is worth now if he sticks to doing just what he was elected to do ... chair the council meetings. - H Wellesley, 1019 Scenic Drive, Kinka Beach.

of the quality of the people in the electorate, because they put it there. The electorate may say their choice was limited because there was a poor quality field. The local council chairman is in the 'hot seat' council decisions are made by a majority vote, but the chairman will be held responsible. The Livingstone electorate is a mixed bag. Some people oppose any change, some want growth to provide jobs for their children. Some born here believe they have a special birthright to protect. This mixed bag of conflicts creates a fickle electorate, a chairman of outstanding quality with vision is likely to be dropped at the next election because he is blamed for ill-based council corporate decisions. Ill-based criticism sheets home blame to his door. The chairman must be all things to all people. He must be dedicated, a diplomat, have maturity and mettle, balanced by compassion. He must have another dozen quality attributes and try to weld conflicting table views into some sensible result and preserve table harmony. At times, he may have to work up to 16 hours a day and be available, or, on call seven days per week. His every word is reported. Unlike the parliamentary backbencher he cannot play a two tongued role and blame national interest for overruling his own representations. There are talented retirees on the Coast with incomes in excess of $40,000 per year. There are pensioners with long experience, some in local government. The chairman's job is not one for tired old men who have had their day. He should be a young man, say 35-60 years being the limits. Very modest middle level executive positions attract $45,000 to $65,000 per year plus allowances. As a guide the chairman's job is worth about $60,000 per year plus allowances. Imagine the local outcry if the job was given a 240 per cent pay rise. Possibly a staged approach of S35,000 $45,000 - S55,000 should be adopted as an incremental approach over three years as a positive first step plus a 510,000 allowance per year. - Wage Fixer (name and address supplied)

Have your say! Here's your chance to say what you think "a" (not 'the") chairman is worth. The council will soon be discussing its new budget ... it will be too late then! LETTERS TO THE EDITOR •

`Smear tactics Chairman's job never popular' not one for tired old men YOU asked 'What is the Shire Chairman's job worth?' The job is now paid $25,000 per year plus about $7,000 car allowance. Wage fixation, attempts to compare like with like one would need to know the pay of every Queensland local government chairman plus other relevant statistical and financial data. Even if this was available, probably no rationale would emerge to guide an answer. We are just not that sophisticated yet in Queensland. Lacking the above, positions vacant in a weekend provincial newspaper shows: stenographer (minimum) $22,600; library officer $23,500; technical assistant gr 2 (traffic) $24,100; electronics technician $26,500; social worker gr 1 $29,860; accountant (raw graduate) $30,000; works supervisor gr 1 (building) $32,250. The social worker and accountant would have completed three years tertiary study, so would be 21-22 years old. The works supervisor (like a clerk of works) would need to have been a foreman car enter. These comparisons show the existing chairman's reward is ridiculous. You say a federal backbe:_cher MP receives $55,000 plus expenses, he wou:d also get a range of perks for example overseas 'study' trips. The Canberra backbencher is a little fish in a big pool. He is constrained, guided and limited by party policy. He may have 'the informal nod' to appear to be supporting action in his home electorate, contrary to party policy. The local regional press will report him as supporting a just cause, but no-one of consequence in Canberra reads this. The job of the federal backbencher is different and to some extent easier, for a variety of reasons, unless he is in a marginal electorate. The quality of a council is a direct reflection

IN reply to 'Disappointment from Cr Mather' last week (Mirror 12-18). There is no daring in voicing public opinion. Letter writing to the editor is a freedom we have, and of course, those persons subjected to aspersions and criticism have the freedom of reply. But I tend to think that hiding behind correspondence to the editor is similar to sniping. I am at a loss to know how Cr Mather can sit through two days of council meetings at the same table with the knowledge that her letter was lodged with the Capricorn Coast Mirror, without having the guts to merely speak about her opinion face to face with me. Now, that would have been an honest approach. If you cannot say something to a person's face then there is either guilt or it is not justified. I realise Cr Mather has only been a councillor for 14 months and one has to make allowances. My advice is that smear tactics are never popular with anyone and people in glass houses should not throw stones. - Cr Brian Dotty, 48 Scenic Highway, Yeppoon

Powerline moved to save trees SOME time ago I voiced my concern for the trees along Emu Park Road, which were threatened by the proposed new powerline. I am happy to be able to tell you, that the efforts of myself and other protesters have not been in vain. The management of the CEB has been most helpful and with co-operation from most landholders, it has been possible to re-route the powerline, so that a large proportion of trees along the road reserve will not be affected. Where removal or lopping is unavoidable, I have been assured that it will be carried out by qualified personnel, in a manner to cause the least possible damage. In the name of our community I wish to thank

Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989 - 9

Iwasaki hosting big golf weekend THE 1989 Queensland Close Championship, ponsored by Power Brewing Company, will be held at the Capricorn Iwasaki International Golf Course. The Close Championship, open to amateurs and professionals in Queensland, is on June 24 and 25, 18 holes each day. Resort golf director Murray Hodge said the Queensland Close will be the first major golfing tournament held on the course. "With the Power Brewing Company supporting this event as major sponsor, this year's Close was shaping up to be a successful tournament with well over 100 professionals and amateurs expected to participate," he said. The Queensland Close Championship has a long history with the first tournament being


played in Brisbane in 1934. Mr Hodge said Power Brewing Company and Capricorn Iwasaki Resort have planned a four day golfing programme to coincide with the Close. The Power Brewing Central Queensland Hoteliers Golf Day is on June 22 and is a team's event. The Power Brewing/Capricorn Iwasaki ProAm is on June 23 followed that evening at the Resort, with a Sportsmen's dinner. Special guest speakers are Charlie Earp, Greg Chappell, Jeff Thomson and impressionist/comedian Danny McMaster. "Charlie Earp will conduct a special amateurs clinic during the first round of the Close. Golfers wanting more information can contact the Capricorn Iwasaki Golf Course,39 0211."


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After the Fish Bite in the Lake... Call into Jim & Evie's Store for a bite Large Range of Takeaway Food • ABOVE: Seventeen Yeppoon High students have been selected to represent Capricornia in the Central Queensland championships on May 27.

• Bait • Fishing Tackle • Petrol • ice • • Groceries • Smallgoods • Milk • Cold Drinks •

Remember, the Fishing's Great at the Causeway Lake!

DON'T MISS Queensland's Premier • Reef Trip c on 35-metre air-conditioned luxury catamaran • ABOVE: Pictured are the 1989 cross country Yeppoon High age winners: Bo George, 15; Alison Timms, open girls; Mike Chandler, 16; Raphael Barton, open boys; Sparkle Furness, 14; Karen Myatt, 16; Bjoni Prince,- 13; Misty Olde and Kendal George, 15; Tony Beck, 14.

apricorn Reefseeker oitir.rat 4,- 4

.ETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR the officials of the CEB for their help and understanding. I would also like to thank Mr Denis Hinton for his help and support throughout. - Mrs Ursula Shepherd, 76 Keppel Sands

Road, Rockhanipton.

Who will pay for road repairs? WHO is going to pay for the road repair bill for the damaged road between Kinka Beach and Rosslyn Bay Harbour? For future such developments where roadworks to and from construction sites stand to be damaged, a 510,000 repair levy should be placed on the developers plus a 20c per load carted levy placed on such materials for that development. The 20c levy be deducted from payments to hauling contractors by the construction company. The construction company would have full records of loads as contract trucks are paid by so much a load and the levy could be withheld from progress payment. The road levy could be held by Livingstone Shire Council and be used solely for the repair of shire and main roads that have been damaged due to particular developments. As it now stands the developers get their money, the truckies get theirs and the Coast residents are left with pot-holed roads, increased shire rates and higher car registrations. Any balance left over from repair levy after repairs are completed could be equally divided between the LSC and the MRD in this area. More development means more road useage in our area by visitors and the excess levy would help compensate for increased road usage. - N Timms, Selvey Street, Yeppoon.


_Workshop hopes for family trees AT the display by the Rockhampton Branch of the Genealogical Society of Queensland, at the Sacred Heart School Fete on Saturday, May 13, keen interest was shown by several

people in tracing their family trees. Consideration is now being given to forming a sub-branch in Yeppoon of the Rockhampton Genealogical Society to cater for Capricorn Coast residents. . Anyone interested in becoming a member, please contact me, 39 3179, and if there is sufficient numbers, a date for a get together will be arranged to gauge everyone's interest. Once this is known, arrangements will be made to hold a Workshop, possibly on a Saturday afternoon, to guide everyone in the right direction.

- Neta Klapnotn, 44 Power Street, Yeppoon.

• e`i'v KO AT Alffin .7i1111

Departs Rosslyn Bay 9am, ex-Rockhampton Coach 8am. Smorgasbord Lunch, morning & afternoon teas, glass-bottomed boat & snorkelling gear included

ALL INQUIRIES: Phone (079) 33 6744 or 27 2948

Forget frogs let's talk dogs

Visit Great Keppel Island & do it in style aboard

Your total fun day


Frogs? No Dogs We all enjoyed the verses about the little frogs, But just by way of a change let's talk about the dogs. They roam the street by day and night, with no one in control. The footpaths are no longer clean like in the days of old. Now come on owners keep them in, and silence them too, So we can do our shopping without stepping in their 000h!

' er ATOL

Their barking is annoying, when one tries to get some sleep, From Alsatians, Blue Healers, Foxies and the little Peke.

Transfers, Island cruise with boom netting, smorgasbord lunch & underwater observatory are optional extras. Enjoy the new resort facilities for day trippers pool, shop & bar, etc

They all can be so lovable when kept in their own home, Yes! take there for a daily walk But please don't let them roam.

- Dog °wire,


CAFE 39 2394

ALL TAKEAWAYS Open from 7.30am 7-days-a-week

SIT-DOWN MEALS Normanby St, Yeppoon


1111111111 11.11111112



For further information phone (079) 33 6744 Or 27 2948

GREAT KEPPEL ISLAND TOURIST SERVICES 168 Denison Street, Rockhampton 0, 4700

10 - CapriCorn 'CoaA

May 19 ,: May 25;' 1989

EMU Park Lioness Club's celebrity and general auction is at 7.30pm on Friday, May 26 at the Cultural Hall. Items to be auctioned include pre-loved new and memorabilia with donations from Bob Hawke, John Howard, Mike Ahern, Ray Martin, Tony Barber and local identities from 4R0 and 4CC. There have been some generous donations from Coast and Rockhampton businesses of many and varied items. The function is the club's major fundraiser this year and all profits will be distributed to charities and people in need in the community. This small hardworking group of women need your support to make the night a success. It is licensed, entry is S2 and that includes a hot supper provided. There's lucky door, raffles and entertainment. Table bookings to 39 6896. Inquiries or more donations to the same number. *** YEPPOON Pensioners League monthly meeting is on Thursday in Yeppoon Town Hall. ••1 1,11, Specinas is in select jewellery riri


• • • • • •


• ABOVE: Nursing Mothers held a sixcessfid 'mothering' day on Saturday at Savemore when free photographs were taken of mothers and babies. Pictured drawing a raffle are Denise Christensen, Debbie Sibson, Jennifer Moss, Janet Walter and Judy Shield.

Valuations Remodelling Handmade Jewellery Watch & Jewellery Repairs Free Design and Quotes Clock Repairs

Savemore Centre 39 2392 • /


S M Weston


Optometrist and

Repairs and Service

Contact Lens Practitioner 36 James St Monday to Saturday

New FtreStat*on

39 4077

After hours (by appointment): 39 4276

Col Turton

• Spectacles ■ Sunglasses • Sunglass Lenses • Lens Tints

.Where possible ... SAME DAY SERVICE, )1

THIS MORNING WE FOUND ANOTHER TWELVE YEAR OLD ON THE SCRAP HEAP. This is where a lot of kids end up when they're treated like garbage. And it's happening, more and more. When the Salvos call on you, please help us to help the growing number of homeless people. Thank God for The Salvos.


MAD Hatter's auction is the next Giggle and Gossip on Monday, June 6 at The Lantern Restaurant. The idea is to take something from home to be auctioned ... and the charity this time is Blue Nurses. Book, 39 2318, and the luncheon starts at 11.30am. That doesn't mean you eat then, it's just the start of the fun. *** THERE is a story elsewhere in the paper about Life Education Centres and how the Coast has to raise 520,000 for our part so our children will have access to the mobile classroom. If you want to run street stalls, progressive dinners or other things, you are very welcome. The committee is small and won't be able to organise stacks of small functions ... that's where the community comes in. We all talk about how drugs are bad and terrible, but most of us don't do anything about it ... here's your chance. Come and have a talk to me and I will give you the name of someone who would be willing to co-ordinate some smaller type functions. It doesn't matter if the amount raised is only S50 ... every bit helps. Coast co-ordinator Dave Larkin and his wife Ann are the ones with the hard job ... they are contacting people and asking for direct donations. If you know of anyone who would be interested in giving directly, please contact Dave, 39 7556.

THE Byfield Historical Society, like everyone else up this way, is suffering from 'wet feet'. Thanks to a small band of dedicated workers who braved almost constant showers last Saturday, the homestead's old guttering has been removed and repairs made to the woodwork. It is now ready for the new guttering when weather permits. Can anyone help with scraps of material, wools and other bits? The society has a small group of helpers making craft items for fundraising and is looking for any left-overs from your sewing box or knitting bag. If you have anything at all you think the society could use, members will arrange to collect it ... no amount is too small. Please contact Mary O'Brien, 35 1169. *** THE 27th annual meeting of the Keppel Bay Shell Club was held at the Whitman Street, Yeppoon, clubhouse recently. All officials were returned to their respective positions. President Allan Davidson thanked members for their assistance with their improvements to the interior of the clubhouse. During the year the exterior had been painted making it a year of improvements. Letters from America and New Zealand were received, informing the club of intending visits by overseas members to the Shell Show in July. One Yeppoon motel is already booked out by visitors coming to the Shell Show. The shirt-box display for the night was Tun Shells. As it was the club's 27th birthday a decorated cake donated by secretary Jean Offord and, many other goodies donated by attending members made the meeting a festive occasion. *** THE Blood Bank at Yeppoon Hospital is on Saturday, tomorrow and every third Saturday in the month from 1.30pm to 3pm. *** ARE you or your children one of the many unfortunate sufferers of food or environment allergy or intolerance? Are you even aware that your child's colic, diarrhoea, vomiting, rash or many other symptoms can be caused by allergy? ... your own indigestion, headaches or fatigue. Central Queensland Community Health medical officer in charge Dr Ken Burns will speak on the topic on Wednesday, May 24 at noon at the new community health premises, Como Units, on the beachfront, Yeppoon. Contact NAPPS (New and Pregnant Parents Support), 39 2220. Babysitting is available by donation. *** SENIOR Citizens Benevolent Housing Society auxiliary had a successful cent sale on Saturday and thanks everyone who gave, worked and bought. Rita Hooper won first prize in the raffle ... a bonsai. The maiden hair fern went to D Burrowes of William Street.

RAIN AND LAWN BOWLS DON'T MIX CONTINUED wet weather and lawn bowls do not mix and Yeppoon Ladies Bowling Club publicity officer Ivy McNamara said this week she would not like to put on paper the thoughts of the club's games director. "I'll just present the fixtures and hope for the best. Good luck Hilda, maybe the weather man will take pity on you this week." Tuesday, May 23: 9am, umpire Del Roos, district singles, M Stewart v A Fotheringham, marker B Beckett. C singles: L Goodwin v J King, marker V Wilson. B singles: P Childs v S Connor (M Hansen). Final novice singles: P Fortune v B Dawson (J Barber). Consistency singles: D Engel v M Baglow (D Locke). 2-4-2 pairs: N Mills, G Powell v J Cain, M Bierwirth. Ruth Wass will be umpire at 1.15pm. Champion pairs: E Saxby, D Engel v M Bradley, A Fotheringham. Club pairs: E Benson, M Stewart v J Barber, M Manthey; M Blacklock, B Beckett v M Greaves, G Powell. "On Thursday, May 25 president Marj will be pleased to welcome our southern guests. Twenty-two QLBA visit ors plus four CQDLBA ladies from Rockhampton will be here on an all too short visit. "Bowls will start at 10.30am about until 12.30pm. Luncheon will be served prior to the departure of our guests," she said. "To the ladies concerned, please don't forget your presence is required at North Rockhampton Bowling Club on the same day at 10am for umpire lecture and new IBB rules.. "Social bowls will be played in the afternoon. We have had so many postponements due to the wet weather I feel sure the competition director's lot will be made easier if all the members make themselves available for any competitions that can be arranged without prior notice.

"Ladies please co-operate, it is most important, because wet weather has really put our fixtures way behind."

ST JAMES BOWLS ST JAMES Indoor Bowling Club members went to Rockhampton on Tuesday, May 9, to play a match against the Park Avenue club. After an enjoyable night of bowls Park Avenue won. At last Thursday afternoon's bowls session a special Mothers Day raffle, made and donated by Avis Mallory, was won by Dulcie Ferry. Other raffle winners were Michele Ahern and Norm Gardiner. A special Mother's Day cake was cut by Myrtle Smith ... the oldest mother present. The first round of the Hartwig Shield will be played on Saturday afternoon, May 20 hosted by Emu Park Singing Ship Club.

Anyone for tennis? VICTORY Tennis Club of Emu Park held its annual general meeting in April. The 1989/90 officer bearers are: president, Janny Cope; secretary, Jan Brimmell; treasurer Ray Large and fund raising organiser is Rose Stevens. The club is looking forward to a profitable year and hopes to build a new shed. Street stalls will be held along with regular raffles. The courts may be hired at any time with Don and Carol Millroy taking bookings and handing out the key and net. Day rates for court hire are S3, night rates S4 per hour. Social tennis is played on Monday with a 9am start. Friday and 'Saturday games start at 7pm. Further details phone 39 6432, 39 6227 or 39 6696.

SINGING SHIP HOSTS SUNSHINE CLUB SINGING Ship Indoor Bowls Club hosted Rockhampton' Sunshine Club on Saturday for an afternoon of social mix-in bowls. After teams were selected and on the mats for the 60 bowlers there was some good bowling and plenty of laughter. The afternoon was enjoyed by hosts and visitors.

The raffle was won by visitor Joe Flood. On Saturday, tomorrow, Yeppoon's St James Indoor Bowling Club plays for the Hartwig Shield against the Emu Park club. Games have been organised for June and July and members are asked to check the nomination book.

.Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1,989 - 11 ON Sunday May 28 either Victory or Reefseeker will take interested people on a trip to Pearl Bay, organised by the Capricorn Conservation Council Inc. ( The boat leaves Rosslyn Bay Harbour at 9am and anyone going is advised to be there at 8.45am. On the way to Pearl Bay passengers will see Stockyard Point, Five Rocks, Cape Manifold and Freshwater Beach. The boat then puts into Port Clinton where dugongs may be seen. The proposed Pivot mining leases will be views on the way to Pearl Bay with a commentary of points and videos. A smorgasbord on board when the boat arrives at Pearl Bay, then a chance to go snorkelling. It is all included in the price ... adults 550, $25 for 14 year olds or younger (limited tickets only) and children under the age of six are free. The return journeywill be as direct as possible from Pearl Bay arriving at Rosslyn Bay at 4.45pm. It is a magnificent trip and a rare opportunity to see a spectacular part of the coastline north of Yeppoon. *** ATTENDANCE was good at Forum on Wednesday, May 10 when the subject was Child Abuse. Guest speaker Karen Edwards, from Family Planning, said there were many myths which needed to be disproved. She outlined many cases where child abuse had occurred and was disbelieved or concealed. The lecture was enlightening and members of Forum asked relevant questions. Other guests were Maureen Stevens and Hazel Wilkins. Joan Whyte was the meeting's chairwoman and a vote of thanks was extended to Karen Edwards by member Jan Edwards. The next meeting, with the chosen subject 'Tourism. Do we really need it?' is at Yeppoon RSL Hall at 7.30 on May 24. Barbara Wildin is guest speaker. What are your views? For information about Forum contact Cheryl 34 4187 or Jan 39 2130. *** LOOK out for school-children on Friday, May 26 when you are driving through Emu Park because the Emu Park State School is going on a superwalk to raise money for the Spastic Welfare League Capricorn Coast Miss Australia entrant Chantal Hooper. The children will leave the school at 1.30pm and walk five kilometres to Fisherman's Beach and return. The children's Superwalk is also Emu Park's, so if you want to walk for your health and charity, join the happy throng when it leaves the school. *** IN the lead-up to the 1989 mini-festival of Drama, Yeppoon Little Theatre is having a 'Glimpse of Theatre' night at Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday, June 3. A one-act play, 'Remains to be Seen' will be performed by local actresses Pauline Griffiths, Morag Clay and Lyn Stephens, ably supported by newcomer Karin Gaskin. The play, written by Australian author Ian Austin, is about sisterly love ... or is it? Sue Dowie will present her junior drama group on stage for the first time to start the evening's entertainment with a collection of cameo spots by her aspiring young actresses. Wine, cheese and fruit juice will be served at interval and curtain call is 8pm. , *** MRS V Trump won the Mothers Day raffle organised by St JamCs Guild. It was ticket B47. *** YEPPOON Nursing Mothers were pleased with the response to their free baby photo promotion in Savemore on Saturday. It was held to promote National Mothering Week. They thank Rhodes Watson, Photofair, Tanby Roses, Savemore management and the Mirror for contributing to its success.

Assemblies of God 39 6254 or 39 6593


Pastor Ernie Peters

Sunday, May 21 10am, Yeppoon CWA Hall 6.30pm, Emu Park CWA Hall Jenny & Jody will care for all your Beauty Needs at

Bakehouse Beauty Therapy Clinic 54 Normanby St, Yeppoon 39 3217 JENNY SIIEPIIERD Du'. B. TH. JODY TRUELSON Dm B. TH.

•II1P• •••

Gem Stones Sapphire Rings Jewellery made-to-order

RING 39 4510 MAGIC

7 Normanby St

REMEMBER Cr Ajax? Ann Giorgi is home for a little while and she rang to let me know he had died, but spent his declining years in great comfort and splendour. Ann has a dog to give away ... a Japanese Ch'in Spaniel. It was the breed Japanese empresses used to have and looks like a King Charles Spaniel, except it has an oriental face. His name is Dudley and he is eight years old. She would be happy to share him, if someone is like her and has to go away a lot. Phone Muriel Kidd, 34 4778, and she will be able to help you. Ann said he is a delight. *** A CENT sale and morning tea is in St James Hall, Mary Street, Yeppoon on Wednesday, May 24 at 10am for the St James Guild. *5*

• ABOVE: Sacred Heart fete on Saturday was a success ... even though the weather wasn't quite what you would want for an outdoor affair. Larry Gibbs and wife Sally are balloonologists ... they put air in balloons for sale.

ENDEAVOUR Foundation Coast auxiliary is having a housie housie and mini cent sale on Wednesday, May31 at 10am in Yeppoon Town Hall. A small admission charge will include morning tea. *5* EMU Park Pensioners League has cancelled the bus to Rockhampton. *5* ON Saturday, May 20, an oil workshop has been arranged with local artist George Sharp as tutor. It will be at the usual venue ... the Anglican Conference Centre, from 8.30am to 4pm. Canvas boards will be available on the day or ring 39 4010 for supplies. Non members are welcome to attend - take your lunch - morning and afternoon teas are provided. For more information, 33 6135. *5* INTERESTED in finding out about the Byfield Historical Society, phone Mary O'Brien, 35 1169. *** WOULD your daughter like to be brownie? The first Emu Park Brownies meet on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm in the CWA Hall. Any girl aged between seven and 10 is welcome to go along and join in the fun. The girls learn many skills ranging from caring for others to caring for themselves. They play games, learn crafts, sing, go on hikes•and lots of other things. Contact Dundoo (Cheryl Watts), 39 6839, for inquiries.

Come in

& browse

Large range of Opal Jewellery Watch Repairs

T-Shirts Plain, white 1-Shirts1-Shirts Ideal for Hand Painting and Screen Printing Wholesale Prices

Ring 39 6580 for details (Other Styles Available)

Mill Gallery The

28 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon

Sunday, May 21-June 4 Exhibition of paintings

'Birds' by

Frances Paterson Refreshments 10am-4pm Music by Peter Dobe Trio

The Mill Gallery Open daily 39 3454

* 5*

• ABOVE: Three times national bodybuilding champion Sue Martin is pictured painting the walls at her new Keppel Coast Gym (formerly Bakehouse Gym). Sue is a qualified teacher and says women's bodybuilding enhances the feminine shape. It doesn't make them look like a man.

DATE CLAIMER: Friday, June 23, Blue Nurses street stall. * 5*


A glimpse of theatre


GAIN confidence and skill with speaking and meeting procedure at Toastmasters ... every first and third Wednesday, Yeppoon CWA Hall, 7.30pm. Inquiries: 39 4011. Guests welcome. see EMU Park RSL's social is on Saturday, May 20. Members and guests are welcome to dance and meet friends. *5* THE free concert organised by Member for Capricornia Keith Wright for Coast pensioners is in Yeppoon Town Hall on Sunday, June 18 at 1pm. Afternoon tea will be served and prizes will be drawn throughout the afternoon. This is the third concert hosted by Mr Wright and it is expected to reach the high standard set over the past two years. If you are a pensioner and live on the Capricorn Coast you are invited to take part. *5* ON the weekend of May 20 and 21 the Flying Arts will have a workshop at Beach Potters Tanby Road shed. Subjects covered are onglaze and carved pots. Phone Nicole Ray, 39 3546, for information. *5* RHODES thanks Paul Dean of Supersize for the use of his hand puppet to keep the little ones smiling on Saturday morning at the Nursing Mothers free baby photo promotion. *** COMMUNITY Health Services are now located on the ground floor of Como Units, Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, between Seafood and Eat It and the Bistro. *5*

A GARAGE sale and flea market has been organised for Sunday, July 23 at Coowonga School. Bit early. The reason is the organisers would like contributions. You can leave goods at the school, or ring the school, 34 4192 or Leslie Ells, 34 4183, or Gayle, 34 4424. It is the school's major fundraising function and will include a picnic lunch and sports afternoon. If you woulG like a stall contact one of the above people.



Sue Dowie's Junior Drama Group Yeppoon Town Hall • Wine Saturday, June 3, 8pm • Cheese • Fruit Juice

Adults: $4 Children $2

(NEXT WEEK'S SPECIALS) [Pastrycooks Special' Victoria Sponge

$ 1


Pie of the Week!

50 •


h eacd

Beef & Tomato

[Bakers Special

Mini Iced Finger Buns



..Savemore & McBean St, Yeppoon 39 1941 &14 William St, R'ton 27 7959}

\ ...e.--" '41° fil ' Florist and Chocolate Shop

Tanby Roses

(Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast lriterflora agent offers... 0 Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets [3 40 „.„--e„:„...... Silk Flowers 0 Full Wedding Service 0 Wedding Arch Hire 0 Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0 Chocolates, boxed loose I P ' Flower Arrangements with... Fruit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food P Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies Delivery to Rockhampton and Coast daily I For Flowers for all Occasions ... 39_2266 or 39 7162 a h cnr James and Mary Streets, Yeppoon

12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989



Yeppoon Junior Rugby League Club TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street. Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror. PO Box 769. Yeppoon. 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street. Yeppoon. . Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We arc open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline forall editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement. pre-engagement. marriage and birth notices must he signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession. ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to ihe publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror that no material, statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement: is. or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive; is in full or. in part. defamatory. in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right: is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute. Regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is aware that the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mitt-or are relying on the provisions of this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication, the Advertiser hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher against all and any losses. costs, demands. claims. damages. expenses. proceedings and legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Cap. ricorn Coast Mirror having to correct. alter. a mend or otherwise change any advertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of the advertisement. While every, care is taken with all Disp ▪ lay and Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made. but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify .• advertisements for any reason. Responsibility .i:, not accepted for wrongclassi fication or for any error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed il ,. Luy telephone.


CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONSJeff and Donna Mitchell of Yeppoon Stockfeed. You've survived your first anniversary. From Tina and Straz.

THANKS NOTICES McMULLEN: Mrs Doris McMullen wishesto thank doctors. nursing and domestic staff at St Andrews Hospital, Yeppoon and all visitors who made my recent stay in St Andrews comfortable and pleasant.

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn Coast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 2241. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day. ADULT literacy: reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition, Wednesdays, National Fitness Hall, 7.30pm. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health. Phone 39 1469. DIABETIC Group. ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays, 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN meditation group meets every Tuesday, 7pm for C. C-xistian Meditation at Benedictine Monastery, 5C Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. K welcome. THOMAS Bilney Society meets Fridays, 7.30pm, Christian fellowship & study of Reformation theology relative to principles, privileges & responsibilities of our Protestant Heritage. 21 Jarman St, Yeppoon. Inquiries Ron, 39 4582. BREASTFEEDING information. Nursing Mothers Association. 39 1095, 33 4139


Emu Park Living Word Centre Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays

Emu Park CWA Hall 39 6147

Inquiries, other meetings:

Mother's Day Raffle Results • 1st Prize: Bouquet of Flowers & Bottle of Champage Won by Drew Pearson • 2nd Prize: Bottle of Champagne Won by David Eaton of Telecom Yeppoon and District Agricultural Show




CHESTNUT gelding, 13.3hh. $100 ONO. Phone 39 7698 a/h. GOLF buggy, bag, r/h clubs, 4 wood. 2 wood, putter. 3. 5, 7, 9 irons. GC. $170. 39 1642. BATTERIES for your car, boat, tractor or truck. All sizes. Top quality. Phone 34 4278. GARAGE sale: Furniture, toys, ceramics, etc. cnr Ben and Braithwaite Streets.

FRIDAY, Saturday and Sunday. Ferns, palms, large indoor plants, etc. Budget Nursery, Coorooman Creek, Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. GIGANTIC garage sale! Saturday, May 20, 8am. Huge range of items, cakes, fruit, BBQ breakfast. Indoor Sports Centre, 2 McBean Street. ROCKY Bike Wreckers. 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. YAMAHA single keyboard organ. Excellent condition. $450. 39 7134. YEPPOON Stockfeed for all your farm animals and pet food supplies including Roo. Beef and Chicken for your dogs and cats; birds and birdseeds; aquarium fish and acc. Gardening: we have bug sprays and dusting powders; fertilisers in bags from 5kg to 50kg. Check our price on Osmocote, shade cloth, lattice, garden ornaments, copper logs. Potting mix $3; Mulch hay$2. POL pullets and botulism vaccine in stock. Phone 39 4320. CHINA cabinet, electric stove. card table, kitchen table, six chairs. Phone 39 4192. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Phone 39 3835. 14HH BAY mare, excellent lady's mare or brood mare. $200 ONO. 39 7698 a/h. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... from Nursing Mothers. Debbie, 39 4468. ORCHIDS in baskets, flowering size. $10. Saturday only. 41 Adelaide Park Road. COMBINATION wardrobe with full length mirror $35: desk $10; china cabinet $30; lounge chairs $50 each; quantity cane blinds $10; folding wooden cot $15. 39 3328.


WINDOWS that will

LAST and are

Due to an error in the printing, the Yeppoon Show schedule showsthe prizes for the juvenile classes as being a $20 and $10 voucher from Lasercolour. In fact these prizes are to be awarded to class 9, the open colour print section for residents of Livingstone Shire. The prize money for the juvenile classes 10 and 11 is $4 for first and $2 for second. Thanks go to all our sponsors of the Ph)otographic section:- Supersize Photos Yepdoon, Photofair Savemore Centre, Minter Motors Yeppoon, and Lasercolour Shopping Fair Rockhampton. Entry forms can be collected from any of these sponsors.


Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates

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R'ton/Yeppoon, 4 times daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, once daily ADVERTISEMENT

Denis Hinton


your Local Member for

Broadsound FRI, May 19

Yeppoon Office

SAT, May 20

Open Ogmore sports

SUN, May 21

Patrons Day Emu Park Golf Club

MON, May 22

Yeppoon Office

TUES, May 23

Morn: Yeppoon office Lunch meeting R'ton Late a'noon: Ypn office Even: Emu Park Branch NP meeting

WED, May 24

Morn: meeting A'noon: Yeppoon office

THURS, May 25

Morn: Yeppoon office A'noon: Yeppoon Pensioners League meeting

FRI, May 26

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DRESSMAKER now on Coast. 1988 Gown of Year winner. Reasonable rates. 39 4916. POTTERY: Come browse through out wide selection of hand-crafted pottery. Zlzie Pottery, 26 Esplanade, Zlzie. 39 6223. VIETNAM Veterans fish tray raffle: P Duckwitz, pink ticket, C71. TAICHI: Queensland Recreational Hall, Cooee Bay. Wednesday, 6.30pm. Inquiries: Lindsay Smith, 27 6270. NEW Keppel Coast Gym open Monday to Friday 8am to noon and 3pm to 8pm; weekends, 2pm to 5pm. Aerobic classes Monday to Friday, 9.15am and 6pm; Saturday 2pm. Babysitting available Monday to Friday, 9am to noon. Phone 39 3898. WEIGHTWatchers: Emu Park CWA Hall, Monday 9.30am. Yeppoon CWA Hall, Tuesday 6.45pm. LENORE Dean School of Ballroom Dancing every Monday. Yeppoon CWA Hall. Classes 7.30pm. Private lessons by appointmerit, 39 4602. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon, ideal for all organisations and most functions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252.

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60th Wedding Anniversary PAGE: The marriage of Stephen Edwin (Ted) Page and Dulcie Elizabeth nee Kyle took place in Mackay, May 23, 1929 Congratulations Love from... Sons, daughters, son-in-law, daughterin-law, grandsons, grand-daughters, grandsons-in-law, grand-daughtersin-law and great grandchildren. No formal celenbrations, but visitors welcome at St Andrews Hospital, Yeppoon on May 23.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989 - 13




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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25; 1989

Top turnout for Emus lose fourth on trot to Yeppoon Seagulls Mother's Day EMU Park Bowls Club had a good turn out on Mothers Day and everyone enjoyed a good afternoon of bowls. • Ladies were presented with flowers and a trophy by president Frank van Gestel. The flower arrangement, donated by John Aitken, was won by Harold Goodger. Joy Stewart and Dick Brown took home the hand-crocheted hankies donated by Hazel Ding,w-ell. On Tuesday, May 9, the top scoring team was Margaret Price, Pearl Curry and George Cliffe; Wednesday, May 10: George Hoskings, Allan Evans and Peg Kluver; Saturday: John Devine, Dot Scoffin and George Cliffe. In the ladies competition, Dot McKenzie defeated Mary Peacock in a closed single game. The 2-4-2 pairs winners, with good bowls and a close game. Joy Stewart and Pat Tickner defeated Marg Price and Lil Mills. Ladies competition draw. for Wednesday, May 24: club triples, Lil Mills. Joyce Barber and Pat Tickner v Mary Peacock, Esme Johnson and Beryl Wincen. Ladies C singles Rhoda Maud v Joy Stewart, marker Kath Cliffe. Weather permitting there will be bowling on Saturday, Sunday. Tuesday and Wednesday as usual and socials every Friday night from 6pm, regardless of weather. Esme and Roy Johnson trophy day is Sunday, May 28 (for sure). It will be table selected mixed triples for the first 48 names nominated.

• By Jeff Quigley THE mighty Emu Park Emus suffered their fourth defeat on the trot when they went down to the well organised Yeppoon outfit 26-20. Before another big Browne Park crowd Emus just failed with their now familiar second half comeback, although it would have somewhat of an injustice if Park had snatched a draw as Yeppoon was the better team on the day. The game started on a torrid note with Park fighting desperately to hold out Gulls forwards. Yeppoon's old campaigner hooker Horstman was first to draw blood when he barged over from the dummy half spot. Tanzer failed with the conversion but by now the Yeppoon forwards were gaining the better of the amateurs. Emus defence was in shambles and Yeppoon were able to gain easy yardage up the centre of the field. The new French import was next to score when he accepted a sweet pass to score out wide. Tanzer missed with the kick but Yeppoon had raced to an early lead. Gavin Tydd, playing a blinder for Park, set about rectifying the problem when he dummied and stepped his way through three would be defenders to record Park's first try next to the post. With the successful conversion of his own try Emus had reduced Yeppoon's lead to only two points. Emu Park suffered a setback when backline organiser Kirk Doak was forced from the field after upsetting his injured shoulder. He was replaced by Coconut Bob Dunlop. Yeppoon was stung back into attack by Emus temporary come back and with captain coach

DutOie Holland orchestrating the play they were able to score another six pointer. To make mattersworse for Emus they were at the receiving end of a penalty just before the interval which allowed Yeppoon's kicker Tanzer to add another two points to Yeppoon's card. Both teams went to halftime with a scoreboard reading 16-4. Things started poorly for Park in the second half when Gulls were able to win the first two scrums against the feed. With the glut of possession going against them Emus finally cracked and Yeppoon's Wassell was able to score under the black dot. With the added extras it appeared as though Yeppoon had attained an unbeatable position. It was at this stage that Emu Park decided to make a go of it. Park forwards lifted their game to take it to their opposition. With the Yeppoon defence bunch under their own posts fullback Briggs took the ball on a diagonal run towards the corner post. As the defence followed him he was able to slip a short pass to the bullocking Lawrence Buckley who forced his way over. Tydd missed with his conversion attempt. Yeppoon responded with a quick try when big second rower Panda outsprinted the cover defence to score in the corner. With the score 26-10 it looked like the game was all but over but someone forgot to tell the Parkies. That man Briggs was able to get a try in the corner after Yeppoon failed to control a bomb. Tydd's conversion attempt went astray but the lead was now reduced to only 12 points.

Gavin Tydd brought the Browne Park crowd to its feet when he scored the try of the match. From deep inside his own half he put a kick up over the first line of the defence. The ball came down some 10 metres from the advancing Yeppoon fullback and winger. Gavin was first to the ball and kicked it upfield. He was only metres in front of the pursuers. He delicately left footed the ball infield towards the uprights and then won a spectacular race to pounce on the ball just metres inside the dead ball line. It was a try that would have done Bob Fulton proud in his prime. Kent Svendsen added the extras and all of a sudden we had a game on our hands. Park launched one more raid deep into the Seagulls territory but one poor pass saw possession change hands and that was the ballgame. The better team came out tops on the day but the Park will live to fight another game. Best players for the Park were Gavin Tydd, Ginger Slotosch and Mark Briggs. Next Sunday Park takes on Brothers at Browne Park at 1.30pm. The supporters bus will leave the Pine Beach at noon. We are not the first. A sprightly 80 year old, Bob Cairns, kindly provided the club with a picture of the 1930 Emu Park side. Unfortunately Bob is the only surviving member of the team. If any person can help the club with old photos and history of league in Emu Park we would greatly appreciate it. Contact Jeff at Seabreeze Coffee Shop, 39 6991. The picture now has pride of place at the Pine Beach Hotel and Seabreeze Coffee Shop.



ALL painting. paperhanging, small repairs. Tradesman 30years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street. opposite Post Office. CASSETTE. Radio, Stereo. TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. LANDSCAPING. rock border edging, paving, retaining walls. Free quote. 39 6921 or 28 0240. PAINTER. Qualified tradesman. Very reasonable rates. For free quote phone 39 1862. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding. Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments. Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237.

COMMODE in good condition. Phone 39 3751. SMALL portable 12 volt spray unit, any condition. Small bush or green house. 39 3687. WANTED to buy old furniture, any condition. Phone 39 1380 or call Ross garage, Yeppoon. CARS. utilities. commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Ph 39 4633 b/h, 39 4304 a/h. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques, Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.


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PRIVATE sale: 25 acres, 6km from Yeppoon on Rockhampton Road. Power, phone. $37,000. Phone 39 3935 or 39 3306. PRIVATE sale: 55 acres, 6km from Yeppoon on Rockhampton Road. Power, phone, 2 dams, windmill, 12mx12m living area. Only $65,000.39 3935 or 39 3306.

MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Junior Sports Ass'o. $100 jackpot. Promoter: Lyn Stephens. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No.B22892. WEDNESDAY:7.30pm, Keppel Bay Sailing Club. Promoter: A Tranent. Permit No. B23049. THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. 821554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B22744. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B22735.



MITSUBISHI Nimbus wagon 7-seater, 84 model Air conditioned, light protectors, 48,000km, reg 12/89. Excellent order. Good rubber. RWC. $14,000. 39 6142.

MARINE 3.6m (12') fibreglass dinghy, 9hp outboard on trailer. $850. 39 3755. MERCURY outboards, Quintrex aluminium trihulls. Ken Jones Marine, Yeppoon. 39 4002.


MORTGAGEE AUCTION Yeppoon lowset brick duplex units central position Built to detail by Master Craftsman, centrally located Emu Park, walking distance to school, 3 builtin bedrooms, mind-boggling kitchen would suit the most fastidious housewife, formal dining room and living room, extra large lock-up garage, roller door on each end, fully tiled and carpeted. Guaranteed not to last at $81,000.




A/H Bob Melaney 336790

27 Pattison Street, Emu Park Phone 39 6411


AUCTION Pacific Hotel, 10.30am, 10th June, 1989 (Under Instructions from Mortgagee Exercising Power of Sale) Lot. 16 on Registered Plan 17034 10-.07 Ha. Swordfish Avenue, Tarangabah. Prime Sub Divisional Property Adjoining Barrier Reef and Tarangabah Estates. Zoned Rural Residential External Works Completed Comprising Sewerage, Warer, and Stormwater Drainage to boundary of Property. Serviced by 2 bitumen roads. Area has approval for caravan park.

COOBERRIE KENNEL9 and Cattery Woodbury Road

BIG WHALE offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals. Feeding tours hourly from-11am. Kinka Beach. Phone 39 6581

Where to stay on the Coast Enioy Island Views from every unit a' the

Bay Vacationer 16•Af;ZAC PARADE, YEPPOON

Overnight & W ekl

FULLY self-contained one bedroom unit with phone. Suit single working person. $80 weekly, $200 bond. Phone 39 4743. ROOM for female, non-smoker, fully furnished and linen. Coast area. 39 1219.


Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27 at 8pm Thursday, June 1, 7pm Friday, June 2 and Sat, June 3, 6pm & 8.30pm Sunday, June 4, 630pm

Bill Thomson's Real Estate Cnr. Normanby & Adelaide Streets, Yeppoon. Q. 4703 •


079) 39 1213


Waterfront holiday units Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (lust over Ross Creek

Own private beach (079) 39 1421 -,


cinemax theatre Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20 at 8pm

39 7553 •



Telephone (079) 39 2433 - A/H (079) 39 1718


We care for your pets

Brand New family residence ready to occupy this weekend

ON SITE! 1 Arthur St. Yeppoon 10.30am Sat, 3rd June

CEILINGS and walls washed, windows cleaned and exteriors washed down. 39 7110.

MOWING, gardening, rubbish removal. Cheap rates. All areas. 39 6814. LOOKING for work. Experienced in farming, gardening, timber work and cooking, with C.E.G. class licence. Phone 39 7131. TREES cut and carted. Phone 39 1140. WATER boresdrilled, Yeppoon area. Reasonable rates. Phone 39 3932. CARPENTER, building and renovations. Free quote. Phone 39 1258. LAWNMOWING, yards. Free quote. Ph 39 4182. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065. MOWING, tree lopping. General yard cleaning. Phone 34 3732. LAWN-MOWING and tidying. Emu Park and Yeppoon area. Cheap rates. Phone 39 6138.






2) ,

$6.50; $5; $3.50

Gorillas in the Mist Phil Collins BUSTER staffing

Rain Man

Programme Information ... 39 4932


Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989 - 15

Soccer rolling on...


YOU can't keep an enthusiastic soccer layer down the Capricorn Coast junior players are showing their mettle each week, playing in wet, slippery conditions. The games on Saturday were at Apex Park. In the Under 10/11/12 games Emu Park played Westpac Cutters 2-1 in the best game of soccer played this year. It was an evenly matched game with the score one all until Emu Park scored another goal at the end of the match. Geoffrey Boon scored the goal for Westpac Cutters. Trista Vallentine and Michael Zansanski played well for Westpac Cutters. Lance Cummins, Wesley Larson and Aaron Solito were Emu Park's best players. CK's played Eagles 3-2 in a close game, although Eagles played two short in the slippery conditions. Danny Marshman scored two goals and Matthew Anderson one for CK's with team mates Kiera Vallentine and Chris Smith playingwell. Mark Scherlies and Ryan Apps scored one goal each for Eagles. Byfield Bombers played Magpies 5-3 in another exciting game. Ethan White and Michael Morley scored the goals for Byfield Bombers. Mark Kleinert, Damien Gregg and Robin Knobel scored one goal each for Magpies. Bullets were defeated by Emu Park under 8/ 9 team 5-2. Andrew Breingan scored the two goals for Bullets. Emu Park forwards proved too good for Bullets defenders on the day. It was an enjoyable and exciting game to watch. Panthers played Byfield under 8/9, 5-1 in a good, hard and fast game with all players playing well. Goals were scored by Joel Simpson 3, Eden O'Brien 1 and Greg Wiltshire 1 for Panthers. Byfield scored one goal from a penalty shot by James Gillespie. Raiders v Sacred Heart under 8/9 team with a nil all draw. Both t eams were evenly matched with play up both ends of field. A good defence by both teams to keep the score at a nil all draw. 7 Ounces had their first win for the season when they defeated Hawks 2-1. Grant Shillingt on and Ryan Jennings scored one goal each for 7 ounces. Troy Hamilton, Danny Scharf and Brett Molloy played well for Hawks. Dragons v Emu Park under 7 team, 1-0. Dragons goal keeper Mark Edwards played well in preventing Emu Park from scoring any goals. Matthew Breingan scored the winning goal for Dragons. Dylan Kussrow and Aaron Dobe played well for Dragons. Best players for Emu Park were Russell Hardy, Jason Cummin and Stirling Kidd. Weather permitting all teams will play at Apex Park on Saturday, tomorrow.

• By John Dawes YEPPOON Seagulls A grade side played' Brothers On Sunday in the rugby league match of the day at Browne Park ... only to be defeated by Brothers scoring on the bell. Seagulls started the game in fine attacking form and put first points on the board in the 10th minute. Alberts received the ball and held up a pass to put Stout through a gap to score Seagulls lead 6-0. During the next 20 minutes, forwards Milligan, Shackleton and Gough ran the ball up hard and play seesawed from one end to the other. Brothers had an overlap in the 33rd minute and scored a try which was not converted. Seagulls led 6-4 and the score remained at that till half time. After the break both teams gave everything in defence and attack and it was not until the 24th minute when Brothers broke through to score and convert to take the lead for the first time, leading 10-6. Three minutes later the Seagulls hit back. Milligan made good ground after a bumping run inside Brothers half, from the play the ball, White, Alberts handled to pick up Cooper on the fly who scored. Stout converted and Seagulls led 12-10. Yeppoon lost winger John Windeknect with a leg injury and was replaced by Col McPherson and Andrew Schick was replaced by -Bob Hansen. With five minutes to go Brothers was in again, leading 16-12. From the kick Yeppoon followed through and held Brothers in their own half from a scrum. The Seagulls gained possession with 5 minutes to go. Alberts received and made a strong run to set McPherson up for a 30 metre run and put the ball down in the corner. Stout convertedfrom the side line with the seconds ticking away and the Seagulls looked like having the game won.


Squash beats wet ,

ONE game ideal for wet weather is squash and one week remains in the Capricorn Coast B grade Squash fixtures before the finals start. The Professionals will be minor premiers with a comfortable lead on the rest of their opponents with a points tally of 50 points, followed by Navigators with 42, Odds and Ends 2 with 39, Bits and Pieces 2 with 35, Bits and Pieces 1 with 39, Odds and Ends with 22, Secret Weapons with 21 and Saints and Sinners with 17. Professionals defeated Saints and Sinners 3-1 with Lyn Witts losing to Chris Priem 1-3, Greg 0.2.,. .Kkaroney defeating Sandy Brown 3-0, Steven Walsh won on forfeit and Brad Mc Cosker defeated Scott Wakely 3-0. Navigators defeated Secret Weapons 3-1 with Maria Maroney losing to Marls Sargood 1-3, Mike George defeated Anne Perrin 3-1, Warren Sullivan defeated Gavin Kime 3-2 and Rob Wiggington defeated Scott Mitchell 3-2. Bits and Pieces 2 defeated Bits and Pieces 131 with Peter Dixon defeating Mark Drayton 30, Gary Hodgson defeated Vicky Lacey 3-0, Peter Darmody defeated Brendan McKenna 30 and reserve Wendy Hinton was defeated by Ben Harding. Odds and Ends 2 defeated Odds and Ends 1 3-2 with Shane Miners defeating Carl Hudson 3-0, reserve Nick Saunders lost to Wayne Stewart 1-3, Jim George lost to Danny Tee 2-3 and David Reynolds defeated John Thorn 3-1.

Tennis fixtures TENNIS fixtu:es continue at Daniel Park, Cooee Bay on Saturday, with the following teams set down to start play at 12.30pm. Division A. Koalas: G Clayton, G Klupfel, V •Sorensen v Dingoes: J Gregg, J Coxon, D Collett. Hares: R Green, M Harris, P Hansen v Kangaroos: M Cranny, substitute, P Smith. Division B. Cockatoos: K Stevenson, R Hendy, P Iafrati, R Hasell v Emus: R Irons, R Scoffin, R Driver, J Verrinder-Shobbrook. Parrots: B Rumble, K Heritage, J Harris, J Stevenson v Curlews: D Perrin, L Gill, M Heritage, A McDonald. g-• Players unable to play are asked to contact AWJohn (39 1517), Rhonda (39 4451) or Pam (39 7563) as early as possible on Friday evening so substitute players can be organised.


Brothers again took possession in their own half, ran the ball through several pairs of hands • to score as the siren went ... running out winners 20-18. In an entertaining game Yeppoon reserve grade played Coast neighbour ... Emu Park. The Seagulls put first points on the board after prop Gary Horstman dived over from dummy half. Soon after, Seagulls were in again after Yeppoon's French import ran 40 metres to score. Emu Park came back with a try in the 18th minute and Seagulls was on the attack again while in the Park half Seagulls won scrum. Full back Hansen made extra man for Ryan to score. Tanzer converted from the sideline. With time running out in the first half, Tanzer landed a penalty to go to the break leading 166. Ten minutes into the second half, coach Holland dummied and stepped round hooker Wassal on the burst who scored. Seagulls led 22-6. Park fought back with another try, with the score 22-10. Bob Hansen crashed over to make 26-10. In the closing stages Emu Park put on two more trys in a never say die effort, scoring three trys to two in the second half. Final score, Yeppoon 26 - Emu Park 20. Seagulls under 19 was defeated 104-0 by t Brothers. Most of Seagulls under 19 team had not played league until a few weeks ago and line up each week against teams that have been together for a number of years. These boys need encouragement not 'knockers' because without an under 19 team Yeppoon league supporters would not see any home games ... which also give 'the club's fi- ' nances a lift. The club is still looking for under 19 players. Interested players are invited to training at Apex Park near Annie's Pies on Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm.

Rain affects golf BECAUSE of the rain there wasn't much golf played at Yeppoon Golf Club this week. The results of those who braved the elements are as follows. Wednesday, May 10, ladies stableford winners were Hazel Fry and Fay Yesberg, both 27 points. May McGlashan won the first nine with 36 and a half, second nine winner was Hazel Fry, 36 nett. Fay Yesberg won two pinshots and the proshot. Members' stableford winner was L Taylor with 43 points. T Edmistone, W Farrer, B Tennent, M Kennedy all 41. First nine: G Muller 28, L Taylor 29 and a half, C Meyers 30 and a half, E Shields 30 and a half B Tennent 30 and a half. Pinshots: second number 11, five players in the hole: A Pickering, E Shields, W Farrer, R McGlashan, T Edmistone and D Cooper won the proshot. The veterans game on Friday was short of players with 17 away on a trip to Buderim and the Miruam Open for ladies. Only 13 Veterans hit off in a stroke game. Ladies winner was Beryl Taylor with 46 and she won the pinshot. Members winner was A Pickering 37, from A Simpson 40. A Pickering won the pinshot. Seventeen veterans travelled to Buderim to play golf at Buderim, Headland, Horton Park, Caloundra and finished off with a game at Gailes in Brisbane before returning home after an enjoyable trip. Only members played on Saturday in a stroke game. Winner was J Garvey with -62 nett, followed by N Quirk 63, A Schuster 67, A Gabel 68, H Hall 69, F Huszak 59, P Lowry, D Lee, K Dean 69 each. Pinshots: B Tennent, D Lee. S Schuster, K Griffiths and proshot R Hunt. The ladies did not play on Tuesday because of the wet conditions. The ladies remind everyone of the club's 20th birthday celebrations on Tuesday, July 11.


Dead heat in squash

LAST weekend provided a mud and slush affair for the four Yeppoon Aussie rules junior teams against Parkhurst at Yeppoon Showground ... and a clean sweep. Under lls slid into the field first and provided their usual crowd pleasing game, especially the mud slides. The score seesawed throughout the four quarters, with many a goal shot going astray for minor points due to the muddy ball. Final score: Yeppoon 6-8-44 to Parkhurst 56-30. Best players for Yeppoon: Owen Battersby, Nathan Hirning, and John Lawton. Under 13s kicked off in the second game under heavy showers, but true spirit and sportsmanship prevailed for both teams under the heavy conditions. The Swans, although preferring the dry conditions for their style of play, proved they are still unbeatable, no matter what the conditions and took out the game 8-11-59 to Parkhurst 2-1-13. Best Swans players were Steven Broadhurst, Shane Campbell and Captain Doug Edwards. The grounds were well and truly under water and slushy when the under 15s took the field. Both teams fielded full sides and it was the game of the day. "Both sides struggled under the difficult conditions and I can only have sympathy for the lady who washed the jerseys ... they were black," publicity officer Shane Steele said. Swans again proved their mighty strength and hard ball play skills, even if the wet ball resulted in many minor scores.

TOP and bottom A grade Capricorn Coast Squash teams featured in a dead heat this week. Underdogs Secret Weapons equalled Odds and Ends in every department when they drew two rul.A.,ers each, eight games each, 107 points each. The narrow defeat of Bits and Pieces by thirdplaced Saints and Sinners two rubbers each, nine games to eight resulted in Odds and Ends taking the outright lead by half a point after being tied with Bits and Pieces for two weeks. Last week's heroine Andrea Harvey met her match this week when Mery Leslie caught onto her game to win in four. Jeff Lamb defeated Neil Harvey 10-8 in the fourth when Neil was looking forward to the fifth. The final match of the night which resulted in a tie was the Glen Evans-Wayne Teys encounter which Glen won in four. Saints and Sinners def Bits and Pieces, two rubbers each, nine games to eight: res Maria Moronev def res Lyn Witts 3-1: Denis Etheridge d David Schulz 3-1; Bernie Laceyv Chris Briggs 2-3; Neale Royale v John Briggs 1-3. Secret Weapons dead-heated with Odds and Ends, two rubbers each, eight games each, 107 points each: Ellen Farr v Ray Campbell 13; Glen Evans d Wayne Teys 3-2; Mery Leslie d Andrea Harvey 3-1;Neil Harvey v Jeff Lamb 1-3. Navigators def Professionals 3-1: Brett Odell def res Mark Sargood 3-0; Leon Malone def Val Odell 3-2; Joe Foat def Andrew Dowie 3-1; Chris Hacker v Glen Ward 1-3.

FinaLscores Yeppoon 111-15-81 to Parkhurst 1-3-9. An obvious show of the 15s strength. "The final game for the day was the most laughter filled entertaining game of Aussie rules any of the spectators had ever seen. "By this time the conditions were •atrocious and the best of sportsmanship was shown by both under 17 teams. "The Swans were made up of under 15s who decided they weren't dirty enough and a clean under 17 jersey was an even bigger excuse to have another mud bath. "By the final quarter the players were throwing each other into the mud and puddles and had forgotten about the ball. "Spectators warmed themselNes with nonstop laughter and the players entertained themselves, entertaining the crowd. Although the final score was very much one sided, nobody really cared." Yeppoon 11-22-86, Parkhurst 0-1-1. Best Swans: Dale Perrin, Dale Wetzler, Danny Harris. On Sunday there is a four sides effort against Parkana at Church Park Rockhampton. The bus leaves at 10am and the under 17s will have a hard game against an unbeatable Parkana/Grammar side. "Let's hope Yeppoon can show its true colours and have another repeat of last weekend's games," he said.

RUGBY UNION SIDE DUMPS CITIES 33-7 CAPCOAST Rugby Union Club's A grade side unceremoniously dumped Cities 33-7 on Saturday with a display highlighted by strong bruising forward play and well executed backtime movements. . With a full strength pack, Coast dominated Cities in all facets of play. The power house Coast scrum steamrolled their opposites to allow quality ball to the backs. The lineout also yielded a multitude of possession through the work of captain Mick Lucht and the awesomely talented Barry Vale. From the kick off Coast immediately went on the offensive but a penalty from a ruck allowed Cities to post the first points of the game. Coak, determined not to be rattled by an early setback, manfully worked upfield and the remainder of the first half was played in City territory. After continuous pressure on the opposition line a penalty was forced and Mark Boyd converted to even the score at 3 all. Minutes after the kick off Coast was again hammering at Cities door. A five metre scrum saw the ball spun wide with number eight Barry Vale crashing over beside the uprights. Boydy again converted to leave fae halftime score Coast 9 City 3. Right from the whistle to resume Cap Coast was really starting to get on top with forwards on a roll and the backline making sharp incisions into their City counterparts. These raids dug into City territory and enabled the back row of Jeff Bennett, Barry Vale and Gerrard Read to back up and set good second and third phase ball. This, combined

with deft hands and the front row of Marshall, Gilligan and Atkinson, using themselves as battering rams yielded tries to Matt Boyd and rejuvenated second rower and Wes Dash Dawes to totally demoralise a very sorry and dejected City side. Coast followed up with a pushover try from seven metres out and a sizzling runaway try by centre Peter Lane to leave the final score 33-7 after City managed a consolation try right on the bell. After some early setbacks Coast seems to be back on the rails with good combination in the backs including ever-improving Mick Vaughan and a seasoned aggressive set of forwards. This is a winning combination and could see some Rockhampton pundit swho were only too eager to write the Coast off, scampering back under their rocks come finals time.



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Basketball fixtures THE finals of Capricorn Coast Basketball fixtures start on Sunday, May 21 at the Yeppoon High School stadium. Devils v CC Lakers at 6.30pm, D Willoughby andJ Moody and at 8pm Wolfpac V Richmond, C Willoughby and Ken Dooley. On Monday, May 22 at 7.30pm, Hootans play Scoobs with S Stevenson as umpire. Tuesday, May 23, 5pm, senior clinic; 6pm, junior and intermediate clinic; 7pm, squad training and at 8pm, advance clinic. Please note the•cost of these clinics is Si per person. payable at the canteen. On Thursday, May 25 at 6.30pm Breakaway v Losers of 1 and 2 and at 8pm B Men play.

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16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror May 19 - May 25, 1989

State's amateur boxers packing gloves and heading for Coast THE Capricorn Coast will host an amateur boxing tournament on Saturday, June 10 at Emu Park's Pine Beach Hotel. The night-time tournament has attracted amateur boxers from all over Queensland and has been organised by the Emu Park Amateur Boxing Club. Nine fights have already been organised for the tournament and organiser Ken Ravell expects to have at least 30 fights on the programme. A portable amateur boxing standard size ring will be erected under the marquee at the back of the Pine Beach Hotel. The tournament is part of the State wide circuit. Each tournament is organised so another will not be in competition. "There won't be another one on that day within 400 klms ... that's the way the state body organises it," Emu Park Amateur Boxing Club instructor Ken Ravell said. The tournament is open only to registered boxers in the Queensland Amateur. Boxing Association. "This is to stop blokes walking in off the street and having a go ... whether experienced or not. We have to make sure that novices fight novices all the way up the scale." The tournament's main senior bout is over six two-minute rounds between current Australian lightweight champion Darryl Hyles of Pittsworth and Rockhampton's David White. Darryl represented Australia in the Korean Olympic Games and David was the former Australian champion. The lightweight welter bout is between current Queensland title holder Brendan Smith of Pittsworth and Rockhampton's Jason Price. Coast boy Tony Ravell will fight Steven But-

SLSC subsidies EMU Park and Yeppoon Surf Lifesaving Clubs were presented with subsidy cheques amounting to S17.556.77 by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton. Emu Park received 58,041 and Yeppoon S9,515.77.


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tons of \Vandal in the 60kg lightweight bout over four two-minute rounds. Mr Ravell started the Emu Park club this year. "I work in Rockhampton and used to come home to Emu Park and then back to Rocky to train boys at the Police Youth Club," he said. "It was just too much, so I decided to start a club here for my lad and anyone else who wanted to learn boxing and compete." Training is at the Keppel Coast Gym five nights a week for boys aged 10 years and adults are welcome. Mr Ravell said he has three juniors and one senior training at the moment. His son. Tony, (14) has been training for eight years and has been entering boxing tournaments for four years. Tony is ranked two in Queensland in the lightweight 60kg division and has had 29 fights over the four years from 30kg through to 60kg. Mr Ravell is an accredited instructor undef Queensland Amateur Boxing Association rules. "I have to have a coach's ticket and I am the one responsible for the boys. I don't let boys in the ring who can't look after themselves. They must be fit before they go in ring and have mastery of their defensive skills." Instructors have to sit for exams in both practical and theory under Queensland Amateur Boxing Association rules. "First I explain to the boy and his parents what their lad has to do before he can get in a ring. There's lots of boring training, but it is essential. "They have to know certain skills before I will let them in the ring. Fitness is 70,per cent of the sport. There are two hours training at the gym or on the beach every afternoon after school and running in the morning before school ... sometimes up to five kilometres or more. "At the gym they do bag work, jab pads, skipping, body exercising and aerobics ... all for durability. When we go to the beach they sprint, run in the water, swim, and basic exercises ... is for strengthening leg muscles," he said. "A boy must be 10 to get in the ring and when I think he is fit enough with regard to his skills' ability. "There is a set programme. If any boy wants to learn boxing he can go along for training, but no-one has to compete if they don't want too. It's entirely up to them." Mr Ravell said he felt it was another way of keeping the kids off the streets and at the same time giving them healthy bodies. Contact Mr Ravell, 39 6826 or go to the gym between 5pm and 7pm Monday to Friday if you or your boys are interested in learning to box.

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• ABOVE: St Ursula's student Louise Clare played against Emmaus College at the Cooee Bc.y netball courts on Tuesday.

10 netball reps TEN Capricorn Coast netball players were selected to represent Yeppoon at the State Open Titles in Brisbane on June 10 to 12. Players selected to play range from High School to more experienced players. Intense training sessions are scheduled two to three times a week under the control of a CQ coach as well as individual fitness training. This is the first team to represent Yeppoon in netball and all players are endeavouring to raise funds. The association needs sponsors and support from Yeppoon business people and individuals. The next draw for netball'on Wednesday, May 24: 7pm, court 1, Pioneers Green v Devils; court 2, Rockets Pink V Pioneers Gold. At 8pm on court 1, C C Crocs v Rockets Black and on court 2 Swans play Pioneer Maroon.

Toast-of-the-Coast this week! YEPPOON Amateur Race Club is looking fonvard to a big crowd for theS11,600 Toast of the Coast meeting on Wednesday ... the club's biggest day of the year. The main attraction is the 56000 Morgans Bakeries Toast of the Coast Park Stakes, being sponsored by Bing Morgan and family for the third time. In addition to the Morgans Bakeries prizemoney, there's a 5250 trophy for the race. The trophy is another example of Yeppoon's backing for the meeting. A sapphire donated by John and Marguerite Richardson has been made into a pendant by John Scoffin of Scoffin's Savemore. The five-race programme has attracted 98 nominations chasing the Si 1,600 prizemoney. Among the other races is the S1250 Ansett Champion Stakes Qualifying Handicap. Other qualifying races for this event have been held at

Capricorn Coast Squash Centre 39 2444

Middlemount, Thangool, Gladstone, Emerald and Rockhampton. The final will be held in Rockhampton on June 7. Denhams Bros Limited and the Denhams Supermarket at Yeppoon are sponsors of the S1700 Fitzroy Stakes. Denhams has provided a 5100 supermarket shoppingvoucher as the trophy for this race, in addition to the prizemoney. Castlemaine XXXX are sponsoring the 51400 XXXX Maiden Handicap and 51250 XXXX Plate Handicap. Of the 98 nominations for the Toast of the Coast meeting, 30 have nominated for the Toast of the Coast, 35 for Ansett Champion Stakes Qualifying Handicap, 13 in the Denhams Fitzroy Stakes, 12 in the XXXX Plate Handicap and 8 in the XXXX Maiden Handicap. YARC president John Millroy said the club appreciated the sponsorship and was looking forward to an excellent meeting on Wednesday. Rockhampton Jockey Club staff and RTQ-7 will be coming to Yeppoon on Monday and acceptances and barrier draws will be conducted in the Savemore Shopping Centre at 10am and featured in the news that night. Race-goers can travel to Tyrer Park on a special bus leaving the Strand Hotel at 12.30pm and picking up at the Club, Pacific and Railway Hotels. The bus returns after the last race. Mr Millroy said Wednesday's Toast of the Coast meetina was regarded as YARC's biggest meeting °because of the involvement of Coast business people.

FORMER Yeppoon fire chief Lex Semple, otherwise known as Action Man, gets a run elsewhere in the paper this week for checking out a water pipe in the middle of Tuesday night's rain ... this is the part that isn't told elsewhere. Lex waited till the rain eased then shot down to the footbridge near the showground to check the pipe. The water was streaming across the bridge and Action Man decided it would be better to keep his feet firmly in the squish, er on the ground. Anyway, armed with his 422 million candlepower torch with 108 batteries, Lex shines the beam along the edge of the bridge where the pipe should have been. (The torch beam would have been enough to spot-welded any breaks). Anyway, the light struck something wedged under the bridge ... a dark shape. Lex leaned closer to the rushing water. The rain was still falling, there was no light, save for his powerful torch beam. The shape took on a form ... it was a head with one arm clinging to the bridge railing and the other arm stretched out limply in front. It was time for Action Man ... Lex decided quickly that he had to dash to the car, put out a call on the CB radio to his wife, Val, to get the police and ambulance, and dash back to the bridge to see what he could do to help. Then Lex decided to have a closer look before calling out emergency services ... he got closer, much closer, and shone the torch beam again. This time the shape had moved slightly in the rushing water and he could make out exactly what it was ... a large black and white panda bear face down in the water with one arm clinging to the bridge and the other lying limply in the water!!! •

• •

BY the way, on Wednesday afternoon, the black and white panda was still there near the footbridge ... its head had split open and it was spilling foam balls into the mud!!! • •• WHILE we're talking about firemen we'll go bacica couple of weeks to the time when the fire brigade decided it was time to learn something about fighting fire on the water. It's a difficult skill to learn because operating a powerful firehose from an unsteady platform such as rocking boat is something that can easily come unstuck. Anyway, the gear needed was loaded onto a boat and the fire officer in charge stays on shore to direct operations. It seems that one of the tricks of the game is to estimate distance ... apparently it's pretty tricky over water. The officer directs the crew to spray water onto the breakwater wall and, after a bit of fiddling, they get it right ... the jet of water streaks away from the firehose and blasts the rocks. After they had that distance down pat, the officer directs them to raise the hose and spray the entire wall and over the wall to get a feel for the power of the hose. The jet of water arched into the sky and roared down like an express train onto the wall, along the wall, then over the wall ... and three drenched heads appeared from the other side of the wall, fishing lines in hand, and wanted to know why their peaceful bit of fishing had been interrupted. It would be wrong to say who the fire officer was ... but, if you want a clue, guess who was the driver!!! ••• THERE'S arice bubble that lives in the bottom of a packet on the supermarket shelf and he decides it's time to better himself. He struggles against all the other rice bubbles that are happy with their lot and slowly, every so slowly, he manages to raise himself through all the other rice bubbles until he makes it to the top of the packet. He's made it ... he's the top rice bubble in the box. Then a shopper picks up the box, shakes it to see if it's full, and decides instead to get cornflakes. The little rice bubble, during the shaking, has lost his position on the top of the heap and winds up at the bottom of the box. Ahead of him lies the same test of endurance to get to the top of the rice bubbles ... tune in next 8:1"k, after all, this is a cereal!!!

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