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!ISSUE 280 FRIDAY, December 23, THURSDAY, December 29, 1988 PHONE (079) 39 4244 • 19:4 Vp OVI • rVilip o40L

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Merry Christmas


from Suzy, John, Rhodes, Rhett, Sandra and Dave...your Mirror staff



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• ABOVE: The Coast's Santa Claus hasn't finished his Coast run because of the wet weather. But, don't worry. He and his beautiful assistants (Jodie Collins, Majella Tanzer, Fay Semple and Julie Holt) will visit every street in the Yeppoon area on Saturday afternoon (after 2pm). He will be in a rush to get back to the North Pole that night, but will still take time to talk to the children ... but remember, he is in a hum,.




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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988

erry Christmas and a Happy gig/ New Year V

from Frank, Rosalind and Staff Sandy's Cafe of Normanby Street

_00 11 ;?"'it-Pirtatirlw

Merry Christmas and a

Happy, Healthy New Year to all from


CHRISTMAS CHURCH SERVICES ANGLICAN CHURCH ANGLICAN Church service for Christmas Eve mass, 1 1pm at St James Church in Yeppoon. Sunday, December 25, services will be at the Christ Church in Emu Park at 7am and in St James Yeppoon at 8.30am. Further information: Fr John Cornish, rectory, 391226. CATHOLIC CHURCH CATHOLIC Church service for Christmas Eve at Mary Immaculate Church, Emu Park at 7pm. Christmas day, Midnight mass at Yeppoon (midnight), 7am and 9am in the Sacred Heart Church. Every Saturday, 6pm and Sunday, 9am in Yeppoon and Sundays, 7am in Emu Park. Week day mass times: Yeppoon; Monday 7am, Tuesday 9am, Wednesday 7am, Thursday 9am and Friday 5.30pm. Emu Park on Tuesday at 5.30pm. Further information Fr Noel Milner, 39 1312. ASSEMBLY OF GOD ASSEMBLY of God Christmas service at Yeppoon CWA Hall, 9.30am. Further information, Pastor Ernie Peters 39 6254.

UNITING CHURCH UNITING Church Christmas Eve service at Yeppoon, James Street, 11.30pm. Christmas day services at Yeppoon, James Street, 7am; Yeppoon, 10am; and Emu Park, 8.30am. Further information, Rev Nyree Svenson, 39 1364.

innette & Bil of LINNETTE'S Bayview Tower Building wish everyone a

Merry Christmas

WESLEYAN METHODIST WESLEYAN Methodist church service on Christmas day will start at 9am. Further information, Rev Gene Hudson, 39 2273. BAPTIST CHURCH BAPTIST Church Christmas morning service at 8am. Further information, Mr Vaughan, 39 1645.

and advise their shop will be closed from December 25 re-opening January 3


LIVING WORD CENTRE LIVING Word Centre Christmas day normal Sunday meeting at 10am. Further information, Pastor Eric Davies, 39 6147.

Let us live Christmas every day • By Father Noel Milner Capticom Coast Catholic Palish.

LET us live Christmas every day. Christmas is more than just another holiday at the end of each year. It is more than just a season of good will and joy with our families and friends. It should be the pattern that God gives to us of living each day of our lives by 'unselfish giving'. Have you noticed how friendly and joyful most people become as Christmas draws nearer. We are even 'brave' enough to wish complete strangers the compliments of the season. It is a time of happiness and good will. We go out of our way to select gifts that tell of our love and caring. The birth of the Babe of Bethlehem 2000 years ago does have a real effect upon us, even

Happy Christmas

now. That is a miracle in itself. But how much greater the miracle if we could all live with glory to God in our lives each day of the year and be people of peace and good will to all as well. Unfortunately as soon as the tinsel is stripped from the Christmas tree, so does the spirit of Christmas fade silently into the background of daily routine for many of us. For this Christmas let us all make the effort to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our lives for the next year and just 'renew' it on December 25, each year. The secret is to not only put Christ back into Christmas, but to put Him back into every day of our lives. Then the message of the Good News of the angels will be fulfilled: Glory to God and peace and good will to those who love God! May I wish everyone a very happy, holy and safe Christmas. • •

and a

Prosperous ( New Year to all from Frank and Bev Green

I, Green's Hardware Emu Park

Let us honour Jesus in our joy 411

Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year

all from the Stay of

(2.° Whale's Tail

Food Bar and Ring Magic

• By Rev Nylve Svendsen, Uniting Chzurh in Australia, Palish of Capticom Coast.

STABLES are not the most pleasant places to be in. They are attractive because of the horses and if there were no horses we wouldn't bother going near them. But if there were no horses the stables wouldn't need to be cleaned out. Even the first class ones have to be kept clean. It is the sort of work nobodywants to do and only the very poor may be found doing stable work. Mary andJoseph, deprived of a comfortable place to lodge, were given an uncomfortable place where Jesus was born and placed in what may have been the cleanest part of the stable a manger or feeding box. Today they would be holed up in the shed at the back of the pub and Jesus would be placed on the back seat of the tractor with the pigeons looking on.

of the

Season Sally and you a Black of YEP POON TRADING

We will spend Christmas in more comfortable places, surrounded by families and friends. We are dependant on them to enjoy Christmas with us and we are bound to them. God binds us to himself in Jesus ... the baby Jesus who draws us round his manger. The stable is the meeting place - poor and unclean.


Jesus came down in poverty and as God's son bound himself to us as people needing someone like him to depend on. He comes as one also in need and brings us comfort and joy. The message of the stable is that Jesus comes to the broken, the foolish and the wounded and to do this he was broken, foolish and wounded. Let us honour Jesus in our festivity and in our giving and take him into the future. May the joy of Christmas remain alive in your hearts.


Say a prayer of thanks to God • By Rev Gene Hudson Wesleyan Methodist Chturh of Australia.

"THANKS be to God for His unspeakable gift" 2 Corinthians 9:15. At this special time of year giving is the allimportant theme for everyone.. We should especially take time to thank God for the best gift of all ... His only Son, Jesus. Because of this gift we can have forgiveness for sin, reconciliation with God, adoption into God's family and everlasting life ... a most glorious future. We express thanks in many ways - writing the giver a note, calling the person on the

Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year from 14 ,Elaine and John Atkinso of Mrs


phone or going in person to say our thank you. So, during this busy season, why not take time to write or say a prayer of thanks to God. Since you cannot phone. Him or go in person, visit His house (church) and sing the beautiful carols as a "thank you" to God. Best of all, if you really want to show your thanks for His gift - accept it, offer your heart and life to Him. "As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the children of God." John 1:12. Wesleyan Methodist Church of Yeppoon wishes each one a blessed and happy Christmas.



to all our customers from ...

Secondhand Shop Farnborough Rd Yeppoon

Ron and Jan Schmidt and the Staff at the


Merry Christmas •

to all our Customers and 'Capricorn Coast Visitors from

%Sat and Aileen of

' • CAPRICORN COAST CASUALS I, Shop 5, 1 Normanby St 39 1380

Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 —3

Santa commercial not the spirit Glenda Mather


wishes all

'Shire residents and I p,Holiday-makers a Merry • Christmas and a

Happy New Year IF "• •••-• 1




Maurice Murray

The advertisement is for a money-lending organisation. It does not show the true spirit of Christmas. The true spirit of Christmas is not about vast sums of money and warehouses full of wonderful toys for old and young alike. It is about peace and joy. There wasn't any joy on the face of the father in that advertisement. It's not the cost of the present that matters but the thought. A small hand-made present is more "costly" and meaningful than a present that costs vast quantities of money. The Anglican Church wishes you "a peace and joy" filled Christmas. May the Christ be born in you this Christmas.

• By John Cornish, Rector and Parish Priest, Anglican Parish of Keppel THERE is an advertisement I have seen recently that shows Santa Claus being visited by a family and each member in turn sits on Santa's knee and informs him of all the things they want for Christmas. The daughter and son take their turn on Santa's knee and detail all theirwishes. A great long list is made up of all the things kids would like to own. Then the mother lists off all her wishes. It makes a large list as well. Then the father has his turn. He looks sad. His only request of Santa is, "How am I going to pay for all these things?"


Dallas Cossar of


wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


The great gift available all year

c: papp

Karin, Sonia, Ann-Maree and Tania of

Generation Blades Hair Salon wish all their clients a

Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year

• By Pastor Ernie Peters Capricorn Coast Assembly of God CHRISTMAS here already! What? So soon? Might as well be all year. Retailers would love that. Parents surely would not. Actually the great gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is available all year. The priceless gift that was not cheap to God ... our salvation. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the angels of heaven rejoiced and celebrated. The shepherds rejoiced. The wise men rejoiced and gave gifts to the Baby in the manger. Many people who were looking for the Saviour of mankind to appear, rejoiced. But there were some even then who hated the thought of Jesus, just like nowadays. Others took no notice. But Jesus was born whether people were interested or not. Right nowJesus is no longer the Baby in the manger but the Lord of Glory to whom every

personwho ever lives on this earth will bow the knee whether they loved Him, were not interested or hated Him. The bible tells us that good living people who ignore Jesus in this life will suffer the same fate as the most sinful in the next. So Jesus is the gift we cannot afford to miss out on ... accepting Him as our Saviour is the only way to really put "Christ into Christmas". So as you celebrate Christmas, remember that the Jesus (Saviour) of the manger overcame sin, resisted temptations of every kind, living a perfectly sinless life, which allowed Him to be raised from the grave to be your Lord and Saviour. So you can overcome sin and temptation, have eternal life, peace with God and yourself. Be a wise person and bring the gift of your broken life to Jesus this Christmas so He can give it back to you all brand new. Have a happy Christmas with Jesus.

I thank the one and only God.. • By Pastor Elk Davies, Emu Park Living Word Cent/v. REMEMBER for all the Christmases that have gone, and for those that are yet to come, I thank the one and only God for that very special one. For on that day many years ago, the world's one and only true light, was born as a tiny baby, for man's future, man's hope, man's life. For on that very special day God gave us His only Son, to be born as a human, so He could be as one, so He could know what we go through and what troubles we have to bear, and

Compliments of the Season to all customers 0 and friends of




Most historic of all events

Yeppoon Small Motors


Tanby Road


• By Colin Love, Baptist Chwrh. OF all historical events none stands out more prominent than the birth of Jesus Christ. In this so called modern age, we tend to enjoy all the festivities that surround the coming to earth of the Son of God (They shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is God with us. Matt 1:23). But just like it is recorded of Jesus Christ being born in a manger, because there was no room for Him in the inn, we too, somehow forget to give Him room in our time of festivities. All the tinsel and glitter covers the true purpose of Christmas. Jesus Christ was born in a manger long ago, so that He could be born again in your heart and mine. The true message is not found just in Bethlehem, but the full story is found in John's Gospel chapter three verse 16: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life". The hymn writer expresses the message of Christmas in this way: "Jesus, my Saviour, to Bethlehem came, born in a manger to sorrow and shame. Oh, it was wonderful, bless be His name, seeking for me." After He grew into manhood and began His earthly ministry, Jesus said, "I am come to seek and to save, that which was lost." The prophet Isaiah said: "All we, like sheep, have gone astray." (lost). Let me ask you dear reader, has Jesus Christ found you? Have you invited Him into your heart (life)? That is to understand the true meaning of Christmas, Christ born, that you may be reborn (spiritually). Think about it!

11"1" 110


God did that all for us, because His love He wants to share. So friends take time this Christmas to worship and thank our God, for the gift of man's salvation, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For Christmas is not just for presents, for food and for good cheer, but Christmas is all about Jesus who loves us and holds us dear. So friends put Christ's Christmas back into you. Not your Christmas into Christ.

Ann & Phil Leonard of

Emu Park Newsagency wish all their customers and friends

Compliments of the Season


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Santa Claus hki mill ions of komes all over the world to call on -F'or CHRtsTMAs TDP+Y So kis travel arrnTrnerits were coivpiex. To rnake,sore Boone missed out he made Vls arrarierrems • • `1E.PFOON 'TRAVEL kiGNCY. _ - - - — . V C


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4 •:'5Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988

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• ABOVE: Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz finally was able to cut the ribbon to mark the official opening of the CCTO's Information Centre on Friday.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 - 5 • • • L) L) • Lb t) IL

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SANTA CLAUS upstaged State Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz on Friday night at the official opening of the Capricorn Coast Tourist, Organisation's Information Centre. Mr Muntz, who had just been introduced by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton only managed to say "thank-you" before Santa Claus ducked under the official ribbon waiting to be cut, swept past him and took the microphone. "Welcome to the tourist information centre paid for by the people of Yeppoon," Santa said while a stunned Tourism Minister and officals watched. "This centre was built by the people of Yeppoon with no help from the Government. We all know that, don't we?" The authentic Santa outfit caught the crowd, and Mr Muntz, unawares. Only minutes before Mr Muntz had fallen foul of the Capricorn Coast's official tie-cutter (the Capricorn Coast was officially declared a tie-free zone on May 27 this year, the 218th anniversary of Capt Cook's arrival in, and naming of, Keppel Bay) and lost his tic to a large pair of shears. Also, he had been kissed by two of Santa's helpers in mini skirts, met a Santa who arrived in a sleigh on top of a white Holden ... then met the second Santa. But the second one wasn't spreading seasonal greetings the Minister's way ... he was intent on ramming home the point that the people of Yeppoon, and the Capricorn Coast, had paid for their Information Centre but the State Government "had a lot of money for Emerald, for Proserpine, but they didn't have any money for Yeppoon". He was referring to stories that Information Centres were built in both Emerald and Proserpine using State Government funds. While Santa was shouting his message the crowd •was laughing ... Mr Muntz appeared unamused. But Santa, obviously not a public speaker, lost the crowd's support when he asked whether he should officially open the Information Centre instead of Mr Muntz.

â– ABOVE: Tourism Minister Geoff Muni:, totally unprepared for what is about to happen, greets Santa with a handshake. Santa shook his hand without stopping and proceeded to take over the microphone. Official guests Minister forBroadsound Denis Hinton, Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen and CCTO chairman Brian Hooper were surprised by the entrance of a "second" Santa, but joined in the general hilarity ... for a while. It was at this point the crowd realised Santa's actions were not staged. CCTO chairman Brian Hooper, who has worked for years to make the centre a reality, tugged at Santa's bright red trousers to get his attention. Santa, seeing the game was up, turned abruptly and left the official party the way he had arrived. But this time he didn't duck when he came to the ribbon. He whipped out a pair of scissors and snipped straight through it ... unofficially opening the centre. Mr Muntz, resuming his speech, said: "I'd hate to be an enemy of the Capricorn Coast. I come as

a friend, and I did come as a friend. I bring good tidings, I hope." He may have brought good tidings but he had not brought any money ... and earlier in the official proceedings CCTO head Brian Hooper had read out a list the 120 names of the people who had made the centre possible with donations, voluntary work or bank guarantees. "I'm just sticking the knife in a bit," he said to Mr Muntz during the reading. Mr Hooper had also complained during his welcoming speech that the Capricorn Coast received no Australia-wide publicity through the Queensland Tourist and

Travel Corporation offices throughout Australia "You would not find one brochure, one pamphlet or one item on the Capricorn Coast in any of the 10 or 12 offices throughout Australia," 10`Hooper said. "You know that; I know that." Interviewed after the official proceedings, Mr Muntz appeared not to give much hope to the Capricorn Coast. He spoke of "regional promotion," which means the Capricorn region or Central Queensland as a whole, "and that's what you have to remember, you can't promote an area in isolation". But while Mr Muntz apparently can't, Santa made a good try at it!

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Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 - 7

Hooper: number-one tourist information centre in Australia

• ABOVE: CCTO chairman Brian Hooper, Livingstone Shire chairman CrJohn Bowen in Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz and Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton officially launch the Information Centre with a traditional bottle of champagne. .

CAPRICORN Coast Tourist Organisation chairman Brian Hooper welcomed guests on Friday afternoon to the 580,000 "number-one tourist information centre in Australia" built by community donations and guarantees. About 200 people were there to watch Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz officially open the CCTO's Information Centre at the Ross Creek roundabout. Mr Hooper, setting the mood for the celebration said: "If anyone here today can convince me that there's a better presented tourist information centre in Australia let him stand up ... and we'll shoot him down." After the applause, he followed up this remark by saying: "There just isn't!" He called on Neil Roberts, G and P Alexander and staff and Cameron McNamara for a round of applause. He praised them for the work they had done, especially in the past few days when the official opening deadline was drawing closer and the weather was not helping. "We're here today to pat ourselves on the back. It's nobody's day but our own," he said. "When I talk about ourselves, I'm talking about the people who have volunteered to man this centre; people who guaranteed the money for this centre and others who donated items." He then read the names saying: "This is our day, let's hear our names and let's pat ourselves on the back for what we've done." He said Geoff Muntz had done the group a favour by being unable to provide any government money for the centre because it had brought out a community spirit that had provided the backing to make the building a reality. There was now a "tourism awareness on the Capricorn Coast. Mr Hooper told Mr Muntz that if anyone visited the 10 or 12 Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation offices throughout Australia "ydu would not find one brochure, onepamphlet or one item on the Capricorn Coast". "Not a single thing," he said. "You know that, I know that. We don't get any exposure Australia-wide through the Queensland Government and I think it's about time we started to get it. "Who's at fault? I don't think it's ourselves. We've helped ourselves. We've put this centre here. Now we'll see if Geoff (Muntz) can help us."

After reading the list of people who had helped create the centre, Mr Hooper said the support the CCTO had received showed that while there may be a few -negative Nellies" in the community, the centre would forge ahead io prove what a success it could be. One thing he stressed ... "we are not a trinket shop". "We are very, very definite about that point. There'll be no tea towels, no t-shirts, no teaspoons. "The only thing that will be in here will be hospitality with a capital H, a welcome, and all the information we can provide." The CCTO has allowed for locally handcrafted articles so visitors could take away items relating to the area. "We are certainly not going to turn this into a shop. It's an Information Centre." Mr Hooper said every business on the Coast was entitled to a 38cm by 38cm free display space within the centre. Anyone interested could contact centre volunteers or him. There was no need to be a member of the CCTO. Any business could provide a free display or have its brochures in the centre. The centre would wind up with a bank debt of S52,500 and, to pay this off, additional display space could be leased. Already, space worth $7000 had been leased. Mr Hooper paid special thanks to "quiet achiever" Kev Logan, committee members, and wife, Blossom, for their help.

John McGregor

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8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 =-December 29;1988

Enthusiasm infectious, Hinton tells audience MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton told the Information Centre opening crowd that the "enthusiasm is infectious". . He had visited the Information Centre only a fortnight ago and the building was only threequarters finished. "It had been a miracle that everything had come together so well to create "this marvellous facility". "We are really going places so far as tourism is concerned and this building is going to be a tremendous fillip." Mr Hinton said he was pleased that Cr Bowen had mentioned the goverment's help with clean water and its involvement in planning for Emu Park sewerage. "But we're not here today to talk about sewerage, we're here to talk about tourism," Mr • Hinton said. His remark was met with a "hear, hear," from Brian Hooper. "This is a remarkable achievement and I

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congratulate all those people who have been involved," he said. "I was so pleased when the list was read out that I had rushed up to Arthur Holt and signed the guarantee or the government really would have felt on the outer. "But I have just been thinking today about what the government can do to help. There is no question about it, it's been very difficult because it is not a function of the government to provide funds for tourist information centres in isolation." Mr Hinton then outlined a plan for the Main Roads Department to provide a recreation area around the Information Centre. This would, in addition to the attractive, centre, be a further inducement for people to call in. The second way the government could, and was, helping was to improve the structure of tourist organisations in Central Queensland so that the Capricorn Coast "can be a part of it, want to be a part of it, and proud to be a part of it". Mr Hinton said there had been an attractive offer from the C 11)0 but the CCTO had "had its hands full" recently working on the Information Centre and had a heavy commitment in time and finance in this regard. "But once we're over that hurdle, I'm very sure this Coast has the maturity and has the enthusiasm to be a very strong and active part of the region as far as tourism promotion is concerned ... and, quite frankly, to make sure we get our two-bob's worth," Mr Hinton said.


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• ABOVE: Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz enjoyed meeting Santa's helpers (Fav Semple and Majella Tanzer) earlierin the proceedings which made him unpreparedforthe "second" Santa who disrupted the CCTO Information Centre opening.

Bowen tells crowd at opening $10,000 cash proof of pudding SHIRE chairman Cr John Bowen presented a cheque for $10000 on behalf of the council, and the community, to the CCTO Information Centre on Friday afternoon. "It was the "proof of the pudding" that there was a new community spirit in the shire. It was accepted and voted on by the whple of the council," Cr Bowen said. "I don't need to tell you that a few years ago, that would have been a miracle, to say the least. "We have marvellous co-operation developing here. This is the secret of success. With that spirit, we are really going to go places. "We will prove we are going to work together wiih the whole of this area."

Cr Bowen said the co-operation would ex- . tend to Rockhampton and out to Longreach. "This building is going to be the crowning glory in the tourist industry to show we have the ability, we have the leadership, you people here have the skills and we are definitely going to have a success." Cr Bowen tip,: told the crowd the State Government was helping the shire's growth by backing council's plans for sewering Emu Park and had already provided the funds for clean water on the Coast. "You can't have tourism without clean water," he said.


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CApricorn Coast'Mirror Deceniber 23 .2December'29:1988 - 9

Coast ALP outraged at slur cast by Tourism Minister - president THE Capricorn Coast branch of the ALP is outraged at the National Party slur cast on them by Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz in a metropolitan newspaper on the weekend. "He described the incident at the opening of the CCTO information centre as organised by left wing renegades and belittling the spirit of Christmas," Coast president David Timbs said. "This is consistent with the disgraced minister's ham-fisted tourism and conservation attitude and every aspect of his portfolio. "I support what Ross Dickson did. Mr Dickson is a great promoter of the Coast and a leading figure in local tourism promotion. "Why do Mr Hinton (Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton) and the National Party wish to politicise every group on the Coast. Why can't they accept the Santa Claus incident for what it was ... a light-hearted interlude in what was otherwise a painful drawn out exercise in political grandstanding. "When Santa Claus arrived the guests had been forced to endure almost an hour of political speeches. The CCTO gave these belea-

guered politicians a platform to shore up their embattled position. "The State Government contributed nothing to the centre. Mr Muntz had no right to be officiating," he said. "Mr Dickson was not acing on behalf of the ALP ... he reflected the views of the general public." Mr Timbs said the ALP is interested in tourism. "We are members of the CCTO," he said, "If the CCTO wants to be political, let it have something to say about the gradual destruction of our natural resources, the alarming siltation of Keppel Bay, the erosion of our beaches and the decline of our local fisheries. "The CCTO has the opportunity to draw all elements of the coastal economy together. I suggest they forget petty jealousies and advise them against any vendetta against Ross Dickson who has shown the courage of his convictions." Mr Timbs said the Santa Claus stunt only highlighted the reality that tourism and the Capricorn Coast are very low on the National Party's priorities.

Hinton doubts topic was price of fish MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton said the CCTO centre has been opened and the centre is an additon to the Coast of which the CCTO can be extremely proud. All participants in its construction and volun-cary manning teams can be justifably pleased with its pleasing lines and functional design. It is a credit to all concerned. Mr Hinton said the CCTO was a popular and well respected organisation doing a vital job for the Capricorn Coast. "However, it was a great shame the Capricorn Coast received at State level such adverse publicity from a carefully planned media stunt which I am certain was planned by Capricorn Coast members of the ALP," Mr Hinton said. "I believe it was unfortunate the CCTO should invite Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz

to open the centre only to suffer a public attempt to humiliate him. "I have no doubt the ALP will deny any involvement however, at 3.55pm on Friday, just before the opening, ALP Coast chairman David Timbs, Ross Dickson and John Ryan of QNTV were meeting in Mr Dickson's fish and chip shop. "I rather doubt if they were discussing the price of fish," he said. "I point out further that Mr Timbs in last week's Capricorn Coast Mirror had promised Mr Muntz a "cool reception". The ALP made sure of it. "I believe the public apology by CCTO chairman Brian Hooper to Mr Muntz was appropriate and I have also apologised to Mr Muntz on behalf of the residents of the Capricorn Coast."

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‘Santa' Dickson was nervous... now he's angry, unrepentant ROSS "Santa Claus" Dickson was nervous when he broke in on opening ceremonies at the CCTO's Information Centre on Friday afternoon ... but now he's angry, and unrepentant. He's angry because "I know I was right to do what I did but certain people want to turn my personal protest into apolitical event supposedly inspired by the ALP or the CCTO, or both". He said this week he wanted to make it perfectly clear his protest was a personal protest designed to gain wide publicity for the Information Centre. "The media, like the State Government, are not interested in an $80,000 information centre built by public donations and guarantees and staffed by voluntary labour," Mr Dickson said. "By unofficially opening the centre it would up appearing on two Brisbane TV news programmes and in the Sunday Mail newspaper. There may be people who don't like the idea of what I did but at least the opening made the news. It was only after the burst of Brisbane publicity that the Rockhampton media decided to follow up. But he wanted to make it clear that he did not involve the ALP, the CCTO or any other group in his protest plans. "Brian Hooper (CCTO chairman) would never have allowed that protest to go ahead. As it was, he tried to stop me and apologised for my actions," Mr Dickson said. Mr Dickson is also angry because certain people are trying to say he's ruined Christmas for children by dressing up as Santa Claus to unofficially open the centre.


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"That's garbage," he said. "Yes, I was wearing a Santa Claus suit but that's not going to ruin Christmas for any child ... hell, Santa's on TV every night flogging anything that moves. "That's ruining the image of Santa Claus ... not me and what I did. I've been dressing up as Santa for years because I not only believe in Santa and the spirit of Christmas but because I also do something about it. "How many of these mealy-mouthed do-gooders who have criticised me have ever dressed up as Santa and gone around town spreading joy?" But his main anger is reserved for the people who have attacked his stunt as being an "ALP plot". "OK, shock, horror, I do support the Labor Party," he said. "It may come as a shock to many people that someone is prepared to come out publicly and say they support the ALP but it's better than hiding behind a front of National Party respectability and trying to shield the people from the facts that have been exposed in the Fitzgerald Inquiry. "But my action was a personal protest. I could not stand by and let that State Minister (Geoff Muntz, Tourism) officially open the Information Centre when he, and his government, have not spent two-bob to help make it a reality. "I've heard a tape recording of what I said and I've heard the crowd roaring its pleasure at what I did. The crowd agreed with me when I said the centre had been paid for by the people of Yeppoon. "Most of those people sitting through those dreary speeches about sewerage at Emu Park regarded my interlude as a break. They were thinking along the same lines as I was. "But there was a core of National Party members in the audience who were among those laughing until I mentioned that the State Government had money for Emerald's Information Centre and for Proserpine's. "Those people then saw I was serious and that their Minister was going to be embarrassed. "I know these people would like me to say I'm sorry but I'm not ... I wanted the Minister to realise he hadn't spent money on our centre but his government could find money for the others." Mr Dickson said he had heard there was going to be a boycott of his business and while he wasn't looking forward to it, he was prepared to accept the consequences of his actions. "Look at it this way. I felt strongly about the lack of help and I still feel strongly about the lack of help. The Capricorn Coast has been put in the 'too hard basket' by this government," he said. "We aren't getting the same sort of support that is being given to other tourist areas in Queensland. "It was about time someone said it ... and I said it."

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10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988








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Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 - 11

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• ABOVE: Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz, totally unprepared for what isa'bout to happen, greets Santa with a handshake. Santa shook his hand without stopping and proceeded to take over the microphone.



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CCTO secretary ‘ALP's cool ▪ ' less than popular reception THE "Cool Reception" (last week's Capricorn Coast Mirror) promised by Capricorn Coast ALP branch president David Timbs to the Minister for Tourism Geoff Muntz, when 10 mins from YeppooTil Open 9.30am-4.30pm 7 days

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he visited Yeppoon last Friday to open the Capricorn Coast Tourism Organisation's new information centre, turned into reality, and was less than popular with the large crowd of townspeople who attended the ceremony. The scene at the opening was disgraceful. In an obviously premeditated plan, a large and well-known ALP activist, dressed as Santa Claus, appeared just as Mr Muntz began his speech and cut the opening ribbon. He then pushed Mr Muntz to one side, seized the microphone, and orally abused Mr Muntz. The audience of about 200 people were firstly too shocked to speak, manygroaned, and some shouted "We want Muntz". I considered what was apparently a carefully planned exercise of the ALP members, to be outrageous. It was an affront to the Minister, an affront to our tourist organisation, and also the people of Yeppoon. It was certainly an affront to the traditions of Christmas by abusing the character of Santa Claus and that spirit of Christmas that children's dreams are made of. I never believed politics could go so low on the Capricorn Coast and the ALP has lost all credibility as far as I am concerned. Despite the disgraceful scene, I believe Mr Muntz handled the situation with considerable good humour, and was very well received. I am certainly pleased that our president, Brian Hooper, had the presence of mind to make an immediate public apology to Mr Muntz for the unexpected and undignified disturbance. - Mr L Killeen, secretary Capricorn Coast Tourist Organisation.


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• ABOVE: The penny drops ... Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz considers what to do while Santa attacks the lack of State Government help for the building of the Infonnation Centre.

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12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Try a COUNTER MEAL and as a teacher, especially as a by-pass road When news spread of his illness, people exat the could easily be constructed from the right angle pected to see very little of Hugh, but how they

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Concern over mining trucks

THANK you for your front page article in last week's Mirror, which led me to visit the Pivot Group's display on their sand mining proposal and purchase a Draft Environmental Impact Statement. While generally enthusiatic about this proposal, I am very concerned by the possibility that 35 return trips per day by 25 tonne ore trucks could be made down Adelaide Park Road, past both gates of St Brendan's, where school buses operate, over the Yeppoon Primary School's school crossing in Braithwaite Street, over the railway level crossing, past the bus stop for St Ursula's and Sacred Heart Primary and across the bridge used by all the school buses as they go to and from the high school and other schools and by several hundred children on bicycles, not to mention parents in cars. Thirty-five return trips per day means one in each direction every 15 minutes or so. That would mean two each way during peak shcool traffic times before and after school. This is totally unacceptable to me, as a parent

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bend in Limestone Creek Road around St Brendan's boundary to join Barmaryee Road, either at its intersection with Rockhampton Road, or next to the railway crossing. Not only would this avoid putting our children at risk from heavy industrial traffic and prevent disturbance of residents of these fully built up residential streets, with consequent drop in property value, but it would be about 2.5km shorter. I can think of several other alternative routes, but this seems to me the best. Whatever route is chosen it should not use Adelaide Park Road, Braithwaite Street and the bridge to Rockhampton Road. - John Koerner, 120 Rockhampton Road, Yeppoon. we are again •

HERE we are again with two prominent politicians and a company telling us how good a multi-million dollar project would be for the ratepayers in Yeppoon. They rave on about the good things that are going to be good for us: creation of jobs, investments in regional economy, export earnings and positive social consequences of new investments and so on. The only thing I could agree with on the statement the company made was the millions of dollars the Federal and State Government would get for taxes and charges, but as for the average ratepayer in Yeppoon, as always, nothing. In Mr Hinton's statement he says enormous funds will have to be found for roads. This is one reason why the project should never go ahead as there is no suitable road to the project. The two roads to the Byfield turnoff are not really good enough to take existing traffic and to bring either one up to standard, basing the time and money to do this, on the time and money to do the four-lane highway from Yeppoon to Rockhampton ... it would take years. But then if the people of Yeppoon don't do something about it, the governments and the company will have probably mined the sand, got the profits, and we will be left with a mess to clean up. My advice to Mr Hinton and Mr Wright is get your acts together and get the roads in first and then think about the sand mining. At least we, the ratepayers, get something. After all, if the Federal Government can't forecast and get our defecit right for one year, how can a company forecast five years ahead. - E Jackson, MS 142, d'oobenie.

We wish you, friend, health and long life FIRSTLY let me congratulate your newspaper on presenting an extremely professional and enjoyable newspaper. It is encouraging to see that your editor does not become overawed with headlines to distribute the paper. This was best exemplified by the article from Hugh Pilbury in your last edition. This is my reason for writing. Anyone who has had the privilege of meeting Hugh would be instantly aware of his sincerity and zest for life. His openness and willingness to help others is something that allows many Coast people to be able to call him "friend".

were mistaken. Not only did people see him around Yeppoon but he had a smile and a got word for all. People who have had cancer or their family or friends suffer from it have some knowledge of the pain Hugh has gone through and the effect this had on his wife and daughter. No doubt everyone was extremely pleased to hear that Hugh has overcome his illness. We wish you, friend, continued good health and a long life. - The Thrssingtons.


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Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 - 13

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• ABOVE: Karen and David Ruck are goingfrom the Capricorn Coast's beautiful summer to England's winter. Karen has been transferred to a Surrey school for 12 months. 77ze teacher she is replacing will be living in the Ruck house and teaching at Yeppoon Primaly State School.

Yeppoon and Surrey teachers exchanging positions for year KAREN RUCK leaves for England on Boxing Day to take up an exchange teacher position at the Rosendale Junior School in Surrey. She was chosen by the Queensland Teachers' Department to exchange her job, and her home in Lamberton Street, Yeppoon, with Gill Matthews of Mitcham, Surrey. They will exchange teaching positions for one year. As well as the chance to live in England for a year plus visit the rest of Europe, Karen will be presented to members of the Royal Family at an annual garden party held in London each year for exchangees. Mrs Ruck applied for the exchange position last year and was notified she had been chosen in October this year. The exchange also means the Capricorn Coast Mirror loses the services of Karen's husband, advertising sales representative Dave Ruck, who is also looking forward to the move to Surrey. Both are looking forward to a new way of living, despite the jokes from friends that they will freeze because they are leaving a tropical summer for a freezing winter. Karen has been exchanging letters and photographs with Gill Matthews about the things they can expect in each other's countries, schools and homes. She has learned that Gill's home is in Mitcham, which is in the County of Surrey. It is only 15km from the centre of London. Karen starts at Rosendale Junior School on

January 3 next year and will be teaching Year 4. "During my year overseas I am required to undertake some in-depth investigation in a curriculum aspect and report on it when !return," she said. 'These reports will be made available in future to both intending exchangees and to students of comparative education studies." The letters the two primary school teachers have been exchanging have shown great contrasts in lifestyle. Karen has been describing the beaches, the views, the tropical climate and palm trees and Gill has been writing about heated towel rails and double glazing in the windows to help keep the house warm. "Gill said in one letter she had been warned about sharks and jellyfish," Karen said. Mrs Ruck has been a teacher at Berserker Primary School but also received notice this year she would be transferred to Yeppoon.This means the exchanges will spend next year teaching at Yeppoon State School. Karen left for the Gold Coast on Tuesday night to spend a few days with her family and Dave is due to leave today to join her. They leave Brisbane on Boxing Day for England via Los Angeles. Because of time difference, they arrive in L.A. on Boxing Day ... an hour before they left Brisbane. They spend two nights there then fly directly to London, arriving December 29.

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14 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1966

stmas Eve

L at a 13 anib a



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Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 99 11RR 1


Cr Webb congratulates council

but he will be with us on

of yours. Call the service on 39 3622 and arrange for that offending animal to be off the streets. "Have it looked after in a humane way. If your hound fouls other people's driveways and lawns, make sure it breaks the habit. You, the owner, is responsible, not the dog," Cr Webb said. "Visitors and locals alike believe the town needs a spruce up and old buildings removed. "Well, that job is being done in the only way possible ... legally. Your building department officers are continually on the job, which is exacting and time consuming. "Council has gone to court before and had a case dismissed because a word in the evidence was wrong. "Our council is trying to manage the parking problem and bus stops and the like. Our town is growing up and parking is vital to small business. Who wants parking meters? Their coming is not far down the track. We are a society continually being managed by electronic and mechanical contrivances," he said. "Our area is on the move. We don't need to jump on every band wagon but we certainly don't want to' miss a part of the gravy train. "We do live in a wonderful place. We just might have to move over a little bit to share it with others," he said.

Christmas Eve

Fuel wharf open .

Shavers New Shop is in Seaview Arcade

A NEW $130,000 fuel wharf at Rosslyn Bay Harbour was opened by Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton on Sunday. The 24 hour wharf is attached to a floating pontoon and owned by Central Queensland Fuel Supplies on the lease of the Rosslyn Bay Fisherman's Co-op. Mr Hinton praised the Fishermans co-op management, Peggy Hansen and Cheryl Pattemore, for their enthusiasm and efficiency that has seen the Co-op grow from nothing in six years to a venture with three quarters of a million dollars in assets and turning over in excess of 52 million. "I have been advised by Primary Industries Minister Neville Harper that daylight closures of the scallop industry could soon be introduced together with shell size restrictions, designed to further conserve the resource," Mr Hinton said. "It is critical that the fishing effort be reduced and we are moving to implement measures that will be supported by fishermen and be effective."

LIVINGSTONE Shire councillor Maurie Webb congratulated the council on the help assistance given to the people of the shire in 1988. He wished all residents a happy Christmas and in return asked the people to wish the same to the councillors and staff. "We do really try to help you and hopefully make the right decisions on your behalf. "I would love to think that next year's meetings were not spent discussing dog problems. "In the Christmas spirit think of other people who are being annoyed by that unwanted mutt

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aged to seven years are invited. Please! This is a party for those children still young enough to believe!

This special Christmas Party for children has been organised courtesy of: Seafood and Eat It Hacienda Holiday Units Shavers Beach Shack Mike Walter & Assoc Seaview Fruit & Veg Coastal Chiropractic Clinic Hempenstall & Assoc

stqo Cotaadisel

16 - CaPriCorn Coast Mirror December-23 - December29; 1988 •

Paint Pot Gallery SUMMER '88 EXHIBITION • Paintings • Pottery • China Painting • Wood Turning

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YEPPOON Hospital Auxiliary is in recess until the first Tuesday in February, 1989. The Christmas raffle at Savemore on December 24 is a special eight draw for Christmas goodies ... cake, pudding, tea and coffee, pair of sheet, champagne, turkey, herbs from herb garden, nuts and lollies. Tickets are Si each and that includes the whole eight draws. ***

CAPRICORN Coast Writers Club members can collect manuscripts from the Yeppoon RSL rooms between 9.30am and 1 lam on Tuesday, January 3. It isn't a meeting, just informal discussion and exchange of library books. *** WOULD you like to meet new friends? Join the German Australian Club. It has something for everyone ... golf, chess, German language, folkdancing, card games, shooters (air rifle only) and more. Phone 39 3954 for more information. ***

YEPPOON Scout Group committee is looking for used scout and cub uniforms to build up a swap shop. Donations of uniforms would be welcome and if anyone would like to sell thoir own, the committee is prepared to do so on a commission basis. Contact Mery Leslie, 39 3317 or Bob Walls, 39 2207 if you are interested in donating, selling or buying. *** HOY every Friday, Emu Park CWA hall at 9.30am. The dollar cost includes morning tea. *** YEPPOON Camera Club meets the second Monday of each month, 8pm at the RSL Hall. ***

Bakehouse Beauty Clinic Jenny and J6dy take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage throughout the year. We hope you have enjoyed our little shop as much as we have. The Clinic is closed on the public holidays, but we will be open next Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Compliments of the Season

THE Paint Pot Gallery is staying open until 8.30pm on Christmas-Eve for anyone looking for a special gift. Of course the Summer Exhibition of paintings, pottery and wood-turning continues through December into January. Light refreshments will be served throughout the day and visitors are always welcome. The gallery is manned and organised by Capricorn Coast Society of Arts members. It is_ on the corner of Queen and Hill Streets, Yeppoon. ***

YEPPOON Indoor Bowling Club is in recess until January 18, 1988. *** YEPPOON State Primary School is getting in early for 1989 fundraising. The parents and citizens have organised a quiz and game night for Friday, March 3 in Yeppoon Town Hall. ***

ARE you looking for a last minute gift? Emu Park resident Ailsa Orr has written a book, The Bush Races, a history of the Twin Hills Race Club. I've only managed a precis read, but it is the history of an area, of course, in particular the race club, just like Tom Smithwick's Oopal. The book is on sale at Emu Park Newsagency or you can phone Ailsa, 39 6413. The cost is $10, plus postage. ***

IMPROVE your public speaking skills and learn how to conduct an effective meeting at Toastmasters every first and third Wednesday, Yeppoon CWA Hall, 7.30pm. Inquiries, 39, 40,11. *** SCOPE presented a 51200 cheque to CCTO chairman Brian Hooper at the Information Centre opening on Friday. The money is to put in a native garden. It was Scope's bicentennial project and president Barbara Fitchen said the CCTO would be able to plant anything it liked, as long as the plants were natives. She said they decided to give the money to the Information Centre because it was built and ready in 1988. *5* THE children's workshop is on Saturday, January 14 in Beaman Park. It is organised by the Capricorn Coast Society of Arts so children, whether locals or visitors, can learn how to use paints and clay. It is fun and society members are on hand to help the children.

NINETY-six people attended the Emu Park Pensioners' League dinner, held at the Pine Beach Hotel this week. Special guests included Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton and Ros Hinton, Member for Capricornia Keith Wright and Alison Wright, Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen and Lilian Bowen, Ann Duncan and Mrs McDonald. Representatives from Yeppoon Pensioners League, Bauhinia House, Scotia Place and Mt Morgan pensioners' league were made welcome by president Stan Nelson and his wife, Win. Entertainment was provided by Alf Marcombe and Norm and Norma Brisbin. The delicious dinner was enjoyed by all. Ros Hinton cut the huge Christmas cake made by Stan Nelson and beautifully iced by Bev Farrow. Twenty lucky door prizes were given out and raffle prizes were donated by Mr and Mrs Bowen and Mr and Mrs Wright. The league sincerely thanks them for their support and the raffles were won by Mrs Anderson and Mrs Nancarrow. *5* THE Scope Christmas Party took the form of a quiz. No expense spared ... Father Christmas and the special quiz host. Questions like wherr did Yeppoon's first water supply come from, how does a wombat dig its burrow; and sing the first verse of Australia's national anthem, didn't stump everyone. It was one of the times Scope members have a social evening with their husbands ... to thank them for their support during the year. *5*

EMU Park's Victory Tennis Club has started social tennis every Friday night at 6pm for anyone who wants to play. Contact Lexie Bennett, 33 6559. *** DO you have a daughter who wants to be a brownie? Contact Coleen Bignell, 33 6490, and she will put your child's name on the waiting list.

Assemblies of God Phone 39 6254 or 39 6593 Pastor Ernie Peters

/Florist and Chocolate Shop (Keith and Janice Hendy) Your Capricorn Coast Interflora agent offers... 0 Fresh & Artificial Flower Arrangements 0 Display Baskets 0 Silk Flowers 0 Full Wedding Service 0 Wedding Arch Hire a Fruit Trays & Baskets 0 Fluffy Toys 0. Chocolates, boxed/loose Arrangements with... alit 0 Perfume 0 Chocolates 0 Gourmet Food Dried Flowers 0 and special ones for Babies Delivery to Rockhampton and Coast dairy

Fn Flowers for all Occasions ... 39

2266 or 39 7162 a h

cnr James and Mary Streets, Yeppoon



yoke Merry Christmas from 17 Hill Street, Yeppoon (old CEB office) 39 4720 PARKING AT REAR

COMERS RAM TRENDS Donna, Lyn and Kylie wish everyone Compliments of the Season

USUALLY I put in something from the apostles for Christmas, but this year I have spent some time with the book of Revelation. am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.' Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.' Both sentences are the birth of Christ to me. I enjoy Christmas. Do you realise just how clever the early Christians were to take a pagan festival and make it into one of their own. It stopped too much confusion; people were already used to having a special time at that particular time of the year; and it meant that the pagan festival was gradually covered by the Christian celebration. ***

WHILE you are having your Christmas lunch or dinner, spare a thought for the mealson-wheels people who have arranged for the elderly and infirm in our area to receive something special on Christmas Day. *** REiAEMBER too the people who still work through the Christmas period. They aren't able to spend time with their nearest and dearest because they have to be on call to help us ... the police, ambulancemen, doctors, firemen, nurses. Make their job a little easier and take care when driving during this time of festive spirit or ale. *** HAPPY Christmas to: Jessie Halberstater who isn't feeling quite on top of the world at the moment; Ena Coucom; Grace Mackie; Bruce Apps.



Sunday, December 25 9.30am, Special Christmas Day Service Yeppoon CWA Hall

A. J. Ralston and Associates LTD (OPTOMETRISTS) PTY


Contact Lens Practitioners Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649 •

Jenny's Driving School Contact Jenny Vaughan Discount to Students, Pensioners & Unemployed Ph. 34 4794 or 28 6955 PLUS YEPPOON & MT MORGAN

Optometrist and )


Contact Lens Practitioner

Repairs and Service

Seasons Greetings from 36 James St Sue Weston and Col Turton Near Fire Station Monday to Saturday After hours by ap ointment 39 4276

Col Turton


39 4077

• • • •

Spectacles Sunglasses Sunglass Lenses Lens Tints

Where ossible ... SAME DAY


Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 December 29, 1988 - 1.7





Joie de Vivre SPECIAL OFFER GIFT SET Innoxa Skin Care Kits ADtK


easy for Yourgelf See our range y pre are Gift Baskets for Mum MUM, Don't forget Dad t'l1 love s.,: iikustralis. for Me

Michelle & The Staff at

MICKEY Q HAIR DESIGN wish all their Customers a

Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year DON'T FORGET MICKEY'S 1ST BIRTHDAY SPECIALS • ABOVE: Lorna and Bill Ward celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Kanangra Restaurant with 40 family and friends. LORNA and Bill Ward of Stevenson Street celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family luncheon at Kanangra Restaurant on December 10. They have lived on the Coast for more than 40 years and are descendants of Central Queensland region pioneering families. The Wards have six children, all sons: Bill (wife Barbara), Yeppoon; Noel (Betty), Yeppoon; Viv (Janene), Yeppoon; Clive (Pat), Darwin; Russel (Robyn),Brisbane; Phillip Sheryl), Yeppoon. Clive was unable to attend. Of their 13 grandchildren, five are boys and eight girls. The Wards were married at St Barnabas' Church, Rockhampton on December 10, 1938. They farmed pineapples at Cooberrie until retirement 10 years ago. Two of the original wedding party were present at the golden wedding party ... Lorna's brother, Alan King, who was best man and her sister, Beryl Simpson, a bridesmaid.

The cake was a replica of the wedding cake. It was made and iced by their niece Doreen Pershouse. Bill's nephew, Bob Burrowes, was the afternoon's master of ceremonies and he was accompanied by his wife, Joan. An orchid corsage was presented to Lorna by grower Eric Gill. Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Hazel sent a telegram congratulating them on their 50th anniversary and Member for Capricornia Keith Wright phoned. A special surprise for the afternoon was the trip to Kanangra ... in a 1929 Whippet. One of Lorna and Bill's Cooberrie neighbours, Joyce Hinton, arranged the vintage car tour as a special anniversary gift.

) (Short Hair $ el r ) (Wella semi-permanent o Perms from rinse with every Perm


(inc. conditioning ( Streaks' treatment) from


We'll also be open between Christmas & the New Year


Bill and Lorna are involved in activities at St James Anglican Church and Bill is a member of St James Indoor Bowling Club and also delivers meals-on-wheels.

39 4744 JAMESYou're STlocally BUTCHERY owned family Butcher in the Centre of Town CHRISTMAS WEEKEND

BBQ SPECIALS We use TOP QUALITY Supreme Poll Hereford Beef

OPEN 6am - 6pm - 6 days-a-week - FREE HOME DELIVERY

18 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988

Witnesses expect 71,000 delegates to convention A SERIES of nine district conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses, designed to attract about 71,000 delegates, has been scheduled for the summer of 1988-89 in Australia. Mr Lance Shatte, spokesman for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Austra-, lia and meeting sponsor, said the conventions would be conducted in 14 different languages. Locally, Mr I E Bromwich overseer for the convention at the Rockhampton Showgrounds, said this four-day seminar would attract 2000 delegates from 23 congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses throughout Central Queensland. It will begin on December 29 and end on January 1. "The theme of the convention is 'Divine Justice' with attention to be directed at many of the serious problems confronting humanity, especially the alarming breakdown of the family unit in modern society," Mr Bromwich said. "The program will highlight the wisdom and work required to succeed in meeting the challenge of our times and help build strong spiritual values into the family structure." A feature of the nine conventions will be the presence of hundreds of missionaries serving in foreign fields to share in programme parts. "We will hear reports from throughout the world that will help us to see the situation worldwide and the progress being made by our ministerial activity in 210 lands," he said.

• ABOVE: Pictured is part of the large crowd that braved the threatening weat ter or t to official opening of the CCTO Information Centre on Friday.

Holiday change THE Queensland Government would move to change the Holidays Act 1983-1985 that the Australia Day public holiday was celebrated on January 26 each year, Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs Minister Vince Lester said this week. "The National Australia Day Council has urged this change for some time and has strong public support," Mr Lester said. The change will become operative from and including 1990. When January 26 falls on a Saturday or Sunday the holiday will be transferred to the following Monday. "We will continue to have long weekends until 1993, as Australia Day falls on a Friday in 1990, a Saturday in 1991, and a Sunday 1992.

Capricorn Coast Pool Maintenance Leave Water Samples, • Pick up Pool Supplies at Yeppoon Glass & • Tiles, 53 Tanby Rd

Cal-Chlor- 1 Okg - $50.25 . 4c. Swim Clear - 1 Okg - $87.50 (Stabilised Chlorine)

Ph. 33 6198


• ABOVE: Santa in pill cry with Tourism Minister Geo Muntz behind and apticom Coast Tourist Organisation chairman Brian Hooper (seated) wishing he was somewhere else.

Murphyores Incorporated Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pivot Group Limited proposes to mine five mineral sands leases in the Clinton area, Queensland (about 100 km north east of Rockhampton). The leases lie within the Department of Defence Shoalwater Bay Training Area. Rutile, zircon and ilmenite would be mined using a cutter auction dredge and floating concentration plant and the mineral concentrate would be trucked to a dry mill at Yeppoon. In accordance with the provisions of the Commonwealth Environment Protection (Impact of Proposals) Act 19 74, a draft environmental impact statement which describes the proposed facility and its probable effect on the environment has been prepared by the company. This document will be available for public review between 12th December 1988 and 14th Feruary 1989. Copies are available for examination at: Department of the Arts Sport the Environment Tourism and Territories Environment Assessment Branch Floor 4, Tobruk House 15 Moore Street CANBERRA ACT 2601 Telephone: (062) 74 1457

State Libraries In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin. Libraries at Yeppoon and Rockhampton Australian Conservation Foundation 6728 Glenferrie Road HAWTHORN VIC 3122

• Dames and Moore 787 Stanley Street WOOLLOONGABBA OLD 4102

Environment Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart Darwin

Copies of the draft environmental impact statement may be purchased for the sum of 515.00 (plus $3.00 postage and packing) from: Dames and Moore 787 Stanley Street, WOOLLOONGABBA OLD 4102 or in person from the above address or from: Capricorn Information Centre Gladstone Road ROCKHAMPTON OLD 4700 Livingstone Shire Council 70 Anzac Parade YEPPOON.OLD 4703 Interested persons and organisations wishing to comment on the environmental impact of the proposal are invited to make written submissions by 14th February 1989 to: The Secretary, Department of Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories GPO Box 787 CANBERRA ACT 2801 Attention: Mr Clarke Gallagher Environment Assessment Branch Telephone: (082)-741445 Submissions should preferably be on A4 sized paper and in black ink to facilitate copying. Submissions will be treated as public documents unless confidentiality Is requested. Copies will be forwarded to the proponent to be taken into account In the preparation of the final EIS. The Commonwealth Government will undertake an environmental assessment of the proposal. "Information displays will be held at the Yeppoon Town Hall and the Rockhampton Country Comfort Inn from 12th to 17th December. A member of the environmental consulting group who prepared the Draft EIS will be present to discuss the project".

Window Repairs or Replacement I I

-hour lass Repairs 39 7622 a/11


. • ABOVE: Tourism Minister Geoff Muntz started the day by losing his tie to Capricorn Coast official tie-cutter and Beefeater Don IOlowles.

Glass Cut-to-Size • Showerscreens • Aluminium Windows • Tiles • Grouting • Adhesives Flyscreens • Security Screens Wardrobe Doors • Framed Mirrors Tanby Road - 39 1840; 39 7622 ail:9

SHED SUBSIDY YEPPOON State School will receive a State Government subsidy of 50 percent towards the construction of a storage shed for the new oval at an estimated cost of 59220. "The subsidy was obtained under the Schoc' Improvement Subsidy Scheme," Member fot..■1 Broadsound Denis Hinton said. "The school's parents and citizens association requested assistance because the shed is needed to store equipment used to maintain the new oval, and will serve a vital role in the physical education of our children."

Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 - 19




Capricorn Coast

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson). 2 Orchid Street. Kinka Beach. 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703. and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon, Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. We are open 9am to 5pm. Monday to Friday. The deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday. Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession_ • ADVERTISING CONDITIONS The Advertiser warrants and undertakes to the publishers of the Capricorn Coast Mirror .•:: that no material, statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement: is, or is likely to be, misleading or deceptive; is in full or, in part, defamatory, in breach of copyright, trademark or other intellectual or .,: industrial property right; is otherwise in breach of any provision of any Statute, Regu:] lation or rule of law. The Advertiser acknowledges that he is <`I aware that the publishers of the `Capricorn Coast Mirror are relying on the provisions of ,.,i. this clause. In consideration of the publishers of the '.: Capricorn Coast Mirror accepting the advertisement for publication, the Advertiser Hereby agrees to indemnify the publisher ....: against all and any losses, costs, demands, claims, damages, expenses, proceedings and 6 legal costs arising as a result of the publication of the advertisement or as a result of the Cap6 ricorn Coast Mirror having to correct, alter, ::',- amend or otherwise eh angi anyadvertisement or any delay in publication or cancellation of ec the advertisement. While every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisments, the Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be hold responsible for errors or their effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise the Capricorn Coast Mirror of any error and we will not be held responsible for unnotified recurring errors. Positioning of classified advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The. Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility !: not accepted for wrong classification or for any 'ii: error or inaccuracy in advertisements placed t.:: .ii: by telephone.


BIRTHDAY GREETINGS KARLENE: Many happy returns for Sunday, De-. cember 25. I hope the day brings joy and all your wishes come true. From Sandra Mackie.

LIVINGSTONE SHIRE COUNCIL CARAVAN PARKS Expressions of interest are invited from person interested in leasing any of the Council Caravan Parks located at the following:-

Bill Kingel Caravan Park Bell Park Caravan Park Camping Area Beachside Caravan Park

Keppel Sands Emu Park Mulambin Beach Yeppoon





Professional Accountants, Tax Agents and Business Advisors YEPPOON office attended 23 Hill St, Yeppoon C Rockhampton: 27 4588 (beside Maguire's Solicitors) Emerald: 82 1240 Tuesday: Judith (Julie) Ward Brisbane: 2064032 Wednesday: Tony Edwards 39 1766

Christmas Closure Yeppoon office closed 22.12.88 - 2.1.89 Rockhampton: 24.12.88 - 3.1.89

PERSONAL Robbie. Grandma loves and misses you. Phone reverse charges. Signed, Omi.


Toyota Landcruiser Owners! for strength, longer life and rust-free service ... fit FIBREGLASS components Mudguards • Bonnets • Roofs violable from:

Central Qld Fibreglass (alongside Airstrip)

39 6038

EMU PARK 33 6363 a/h

Z4 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon 39 3740, I will be absent from my surgery from December 18 to January 15. During this time I would be mostly at home and will be available for urgent consultation.

Emu Park Living Word Centre Charismatic Meetings 10am Sundays "Carmel", 6 Emu Street Inquiries, other meetings: 39 6147

Yeppoon Baptist Church Braithwaite Street



Win a Fridge full of Christmas Goodies

at the Ambulance Fair in Beaman Park from Tuesday Night till New Year's Eve!

COMMUNITY NOTICES CHARITY flea market, Yeppoon Showground starts 7am every Saturday. VIETNAM Veterans from all services: Capricorn c`,,:,oast branch of the Vietnam Veterans Legion, phone 39 3722 or 34 4130. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and videos. Contact New & Pregnant Parents' Support. 39 4523. AA meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. AL-ANON meets Uniting Church Hall, Arthur Street, Yeppoon, 8pm every Friday. Further information, 39 3924. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service 008177833 (the price of a local call), 7 days-a-week. 24-hours-a-day. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. AGORAPHOBIA (extreme anxiety). Contact Mary, Community Health, 39 1469, 39 1064 a/h. DIABETIC Group, ph Colleen Bignell, 39 3141. COMPASSIONATE Friends meet Wednesdays. 4pm, 14 Higson Street, Emu Park. Inquiries, Eleanor, 39 6152. CHRISTIAN Meditation. A group meets every Tuesday at 7pm for Christian Meditation at the Benedictine Monastery, 56 Old Scenic Highway, Lammermoor Beach. All welcome.

* Public Accountants (C.P.A.) * Taxation Consultants,

Ami Setu Dental Surgeon

Submissions will be received up till 12.00 noon, on Monday, 9th January, 1989. Further information may be obtained by telephoning the Administration Centre on 39 3388. BOX 600 P 0, YEPPOON

Hempenstall, Noyes & Associates,

Fill in these coupons and take them to the Ambulance Fair on any night from Tuesday, December 20, until New Year's Eve and put them in the Barrel.

THERE WILL BE A DRAW FROM THE BARREL EVERY NIGHT & if you are in the crowd when your name is drawn you will win a major prize! If you're not there, the prize will Jackpot to New Year's Eve!

Every ticket goes back into the barrel for the Prize Draw on New Year's Eve when some lucky patron will win the Fridge & Goodies See it at Findlay's Betta Store. • Ham Wheels • Novelty Wheel • • Biscuit & Chocolate Wheel • • Lucky Nos • Merry-Go-Round & Train Rides!










20 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 • N.= mommenilmirmon ,ffl••••TT

•• • .

PUBLIC NOTICES WANTED to hire: Two Silver Fairlanes or LTDs for wedding on February 11 (Saturday afternoon). Phone 39 4741. EMU Park Historical Museum Christmas hamper raffle: 1st, B Wilson; 2nd, T Metz; 3rd, J Burns.

EXPRESS Parcel I DELIVERY3 Coastal 22 1789 Carriers Ti'm t°eTdPaily

39 2212 Parcel Delivery Burton's

FOR SALE GARAGE sale: 8.30am, Saturday at 30 Poinciana

Tax Returns • Business Advisor Accounting • House Calls

27 4244 or

sizes. Top quality. Phone 34 4278. HERBS for Christmas ... gifts that keep giving. Saint Martin Herb Garden, 39 7621. LARGE palms (7'-8') $16, othersfrom $2. Budget Nursery, Emu Park/Rockhampton Road. See Budget Nursery signs. ROCKY Bike Wreckers, 307 Bolsover Street ... always buying bikes. 22 5499. COOEE Bay Laundrette washing machines $1.10 per load. Books and plants available next door. Close to shop. beach and park. 99 Matthew Flinders Drive. STOVE elements, drip trays and chrome rings ... sales and service. Yeppoon Electrical Service. Ph 39 3835. LAMBSKINS, cookbooks, mehtais, lambskin toys ... Nursing Mothers. Phone Cheryl 39 4439.

Apple g Macintosh Phone 39 2281 Yeppoon Stockfeed Braithwaite St

New Year's Eve Licensed

DANCE 8pm -

• 512k Enhanced and software

... supplies all your animal needs feed and health care

28 7853 a/h

1 am

Emu Park Cultural Centre Raffles • Supper $5 adults • $2 children

39 4320

Huge Range

( of Garden Supplies & Fertilizers) A lucky customer will win $100 of stockfeed before Christmas


New and Secondhand


boug go ho t& dssold Arthur St, Yeppoon

39 3119

a/h: 39 3773 Lay-bys Available


Proceeds to Don Ireland Swimming Pool Complex

that will

, •


Leading Rockhampton TAX AGENT Ray Smith and Co are now established on the


Bill Thomson's Real Estate office, James St, Yeppoon. LOIS BAYLISS will provide you with Friendly, Efficient and Confidential Service at Reasonable Rates. FOR MAXIMUM REFUNDS Phone Lois TODAY for an Appointment

39 2224




35 1181

PUBLIC NOTICES ALYSON MacDonald, Physiotherapist, of 21 Hill Street, Yeppoon wishes to advise that her rooms will be closed from December 24 to January 3. HALL for hire. Centre Yeppoon. ideal for all organisations and mostfunctions. Reasonable rent. Phone Pauline, 39 3252.

1‘1 OFF


Giftware • Fishing Gear Electrical Appliances Footwear • Clothing • Dress Fabrics


39 6237



For all your Concrete needs on the Coast

Yeppoon Readym ix Sand and Gravel Supplies ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION • Loader Hire • Truck Hire •

cnr Tanby Road & Charles Street 39 1813 or 39 4410 a/h

Local • Interstate • Overseas Packing • Storage • Insurance Departing Brisbane & Interstate weekly

Eric Sundgren

39 3822

22 4049

Denis Schofield

REG BUILDER 39 3680... for quotes

Graeme's Plumbing & Draining Service

Yeppoon Lawnmowing

Ph 39 3807 at 7-7.30am 6-6.30pm

33 6245

For Services at a Fair Price! Keith and Lyndal


39 6408

TRUCK FOR HIRE 12 ton dropside tipper & grain bin

Rick Barnes








39 2205 or 39 1275


DRAINER ' Maintenance * Renovations * New work

., Tradesman' PAINTER 33 6714

' George Barrett & Co. * All types of Painting * FREE quotes

Re-Paints Specialist *

'All hours 39 1679

Answering service


Dave Kershaw for...

113013CAT1 Hire 4 in 1 Bucket * Post Hole Digger Tipper Hire * Trencher

39 6714

39 4408 Reg

Len Kelly's

Appliance Service New Number

Mike St okley


39 2106 anytime


Rubbish Removal • Tree Lopping Hedge Trimming • Prompt Service

Phil Munro

Front end LOADER 21/2 metre

R A and T A Jones

39 4318

Removalists to the Capricorn Coast


Holland Blinds Central Coast Insect Screens


Bob Jocumsen's Cleaning Service;

• Modem custombuilt kitchens • Attractive aluminium awnings & blinds

rAluminium Awnings

Emu Park — 39 6178

Exterior house cleaning * Mould removal Window cleaning * Carpet steam cleaning

and are

• Decorative • Won't Rust • Secure

Capricorn Coast at



do everything' ... Domestic - Commercial - Office

. •


Carpet Cleaning






Peter and Tont


Pet & Aquarium supplies • Saddlery & Repairs Gardening supplies inc Pine logs & shade Cloths Garden Chemicals & Chook Poo • Mulch Hay $2





Avenue, Taranganba.

BATTERIES for your car, boat, tractor or truck. All

Yeppoon/Rockhampton, twice daily Yeppoon/Emu Park, 1 pm every day

N. S. MANI Public Accountant Reg Tax Agent

39 4644

39 3193



Houses • Extensions • Renovations • New Work - All type ■ No job too small Trevor AH: / Simpson 39 6353 39 6734

... for all electrical repairs


Bill Green





0 Installation RICHTER ELECTRIC 0 Maintenance COMPANY ci Pensioner Discounts Phone STEVE on

39 3646


39 1513



* EXCAVATIONS & DRAINAGE * No loading for weekends Radio controlled

Ph Wayne 39 3193 or Noel (a/h) 39 7667

Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988 - 21


TOM Porter's CAPRICORN CONCRETORS'pty,Ltd Industrial - Residential - Commercial 0 Suspended floors 0 House floors ❑ Patios 0 Driveways 0 Foundations

33 6836

Sandblasting Box Trailers to Semis

ALL STEEL ITEMS Painting done ... primed or Tar Epoxy to finishes

Tanby Road Roundabout

Len Payne ...

39 4092

Blue Singleton

BACKHOE HIRE • 4 Bucket Sizes

39 3020 CARPENTER • Sub Contractor w New Homes • Renovations Patios • Pergolas • Tiling Phone Bob ...

39 4632 FREE QUOTES Tradesman Welder Maintenance and Construction


SUNDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall for Junior Sports Development Fund. Permit No. 3872. MONDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon CWA Hall. Senior Citizens Benevolent Housing Society. No. 8142. MONDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. Yeppoon Golf Club. Promoter: E Nankivell. Permit No.B21112 THURSDAY: 1.30pm, Yeppoon Bowls Club. Permit No. B21554. FRIDAY: 7.30pm, Cooee Bay Hall. Free bus, phone 39 1379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B21780. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 Jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey. Permit No. B21799

39 4539

LAWNS mowed RUBBISH removed TREE lopping All GARDENING Free quotes 33 6407 4 Bucket Sizes Rock Ripper

GHR Backhoe Hire 39 3020 Service TREE LOPPING

WORK WANTED RETIRED carpenter. Small jobs, insect screening, furniture repairs. Phone 39 6507. FOR Al looking lawns and garden ... ph 33 6407. PROFESSIONAL mowing and edging, tree lopping, rubbish removal. Free quotes. Central Coast Mowing Service. Phone Jim, 39 3735. FENCING, yard building, tree lopping and yard cleaning. Phone 39 1140. CEILINGS and walls washed, windows cleaned and exteriors washed down. Free quotes. Phone Des or Dot, 39 7110. LAWN-MOWING, yard work, odd jobs, house cleaning. Phone 39 2460.... CARPENTER available: renovations and repairs at reasonable rates. Phone 39 4587 or 39 3065.


• CARPENTRY & PATIO SYSTEMS . FRANK 39 2330 or TIM 39 4256

CARPENTER Licensed contractor - 1st class work Free quotes on: Renovations • Extensions Decks & Pergolas • Built-in Robes Phone

Brian Hudson 39 4423

4 Bucket Sizes * Scrub & Grass Slasher

Open 7 DAYS-A-WEEK all holidays MP

Interior * Exterior * Free Quotes "V

Allan-'Happy' Warren

39.3113 '16


MURRAY ESTATES (specialists in Rural & Grazing Pa:patties •

WANTED TO BUY CARS, utilities, commercial vehicles and machinery for wrecking. Phone 39 4304. OLD fashioned furniture, china bric-a-brac and jewellery. The Shed Antiques now at Savemore Centre. Phone 39 4532 or 39 3442.

TO RENT FURNISHED, self-contained flat with phone. Suit single girl, $80pw, $200 bond. Phone 39 4743. COOBERRIE area. 4 br home, 65 acres, dame, bore, power, phone. Suit cattle or small crops and apply (079) 95 7124.

WANTED TO RENT BETWEEN Yeppoon and Rosslyn Bay: lock-up storage, must be weatherproof and sealed floor, plus undercover car areas. Long term. Ph 397639.


66 Farnborough Rd - 39 3733 Maurice Murray - 39 3272 A/H Dallas Cossar - 39 3209

COOBERRIE KENNELS): and Cattery We care for your pets

Woodbury Road


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offers Australia's unique reef introduction daily


and invites you to touch living coral, turtles, stingrays and a host of other animals.

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ALL painting, paperhanging, small repairs. Tradesman 30 years' experience. Phone 39 6147. ANTENNA installation, TV and Video repairs. Les McDonald, 39 3133, Mary Street, opposite Post Office. CASSETTE, Radio, Stereo, TV and Video repairs. Frank Richter. phone 39 2330. COMMODORE repair, cheap rates. Free quote. Phone 39 3833. COMPUTER service, all types, electronic repair. Phone 39 3833. CONCRETING, block-laying, retainer walls, driveways, patios, runways, etc. Free quotes, phone 39 1434 or 39 1745. FREE quotes. Conscientious carpenter doing quality work. 39 1784. GOT a grotty roof covered in unsightly black moss? Call John on 39 4579, obligation-free quote and satisfaction guaranteed. PLUMBER - Keith Chivers - 39 3518 - Plumber Keith Chivers - 39 3518. PLUMBING and drainage on the Coast - D and K J Harding, Lammermoor Beach. 33 6396. PLUMBING and drainage problems? Call Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. QUALIFIED tradesman in aluminium and steel fabrication, welding, mobile unit. Same reasonable rates day or night. Phone Dave 39 4547. REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning mechanics available at H W Findlay's. 39 3266. ROOF and gutter repairs or renewal. Phone Garry Bettiens, 39 7988. SLASHING - allotments, Emu Park, Kinka, Zilzie area from $25. Phone 39 6237. SLASHING and rotary hoeing in Cooberrie and Adelaide Park Road area. Phone 39 7648.. TELEVISION, Video, Audio and Antenna repairs. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. VIDEO, TVand Audio repairs. Antenna supply and installation. Frank Richter, phone 39 2330. WINDSCREEN repairs. Century Screen Saver Capricornia. Phone 28 0211.

BACKHOE for hire

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Due to our extensive, national advertising we have southern buyers wanting coastal homes & land - Phone Nikki at Don Creevey R/E 273711; a/h 285114

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Where to stay on the Coast Enjoy Island Views from every unit a , the

4 bedroom, beautiful presented home on prime 1953m2 development site. ON SITE: 170/172 Scenic Highway, Yeppoon

Bav Vacatio0er

Saturday 31st Dec, 1988 - 10.30am

16 ANZAC PARADE, YEPPOON Overnight & Wgekly (079) 39 1213


Waterfront holiday units


Cooee Bay, Yeppoon (just over Ross Creek

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cinemax Theatre


YEPPOON $6.50; $5; $3.50

Starting Friday, December 23' for one week. 2pm, 6pm & 8pm Closed Christmas Day

A Fish Called Wanda

dte ,

,, GR


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Closed Christmas Day

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Care Bears Movie II

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22 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 - December 29, 1988

Nurses' course We have capacity for kindness and compassion toward our fellow man

THE Registered Nurse Refresher Course is a 12 week programme made up of six weeks practical and six weeks theoretical. It is a co-operative project between the Department of Employment, Education and Training and Queensland Nurses' Union, supported by the Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association and sponsored by the Mater Misericordiae Hospitals. The course is open to registered nurses who have been out of the workforce. Inquiries are welcome from nurses working part-time or on a casual basis. It is designed to give registered nurses the opportunity to update their nursing skills and knowledge so they may re-enter the workforce. Clinical experience is gained at the Mater Hospital, St Andrew's Hospital, St John's Hospital, Bethany Home for the aged, St Vincent De Paul Home Nursing Service and the Blue Nursing Service.

• By Livingstone Shin! chairman Cr John Bowen

I OFTEN think how fortunate we are to be born with an inbuilt capacity to effect kindness and compassion to our fellow man. Although, on occasions when you listen to the news, either local or further afield, you sometimes wonder where those elements have gone. Australians throughout the world are regarded as being fair and compassionate. people. That perception by so many countries was not earned in five minutes. It has taken two world wars and two hundred years of settlement in this great country for that image to be developed. However, with Australia becoming so much more sophisticated, so much more interdependant on the rest of the world, the rapid growth and development of this country, such elements could overshadow and cause neglect of some of the most important facets of living. I have mentioned kindness and compassion but not happiness, the reason being that on my travels to different countries where the democratic system is struggling, where governments and corruption reign supreme, where poverty, starvation and human suffering is to the extreme, I found examples of kindness and compassion that would soften the hearts of the toughest, but I found very little happiness. How fortunate we are to have three levels of government and a level of democracy far higher than most countries, but do we realise how important it is to protect that system as a single nation? We have all witnessed the Fitzgerald Inquiry and I am sure we all realise how much more corruption there is not uncovered. I am sure we all realise certain governments and individuals from time to time do things that are undemotratic but I think the spirit and nature of the Australian is such that when these

The next course is planned to start on Monday, February 6, 1989. All inquiries should be directed to the Commonwealth Employment Service, North Rockhampton, 27 9355 or co-ordinator Leone Hinton, 27 6263.

-Shona Ian ;id STANLEY BACKHOE HIRE thank ev eryone for their support over the year and wish everyone a

Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year

systems are under threat he does react and say "Enough is enough," and puts into gear the checks and balances that keep our governments at a which we are able to make decisions in the public interest. Livingstone Shire is faced with enormous growth in the next few years and one of my biggest concerns is that we pull through this growth with a higher degree of co-operation between the Federal, State and Local Governments. This is imperative because we are talking about the wealth and happiness of the local people of the shire and, of course, wealth and happiness through export earnings to the rest of the nation. As shire chairman it has been a wonderful experience in that it was a time that required the joint co-operation of the council and the people of Livingstone. This co-operation which was forthcoming culminated in this bicentennial year with Livingstone having one of the finest collections of public achievements to celebrate as part of the bicentennial programme. The recently constructed tourist information centre is an example of public co-operation. There are many other examples of achievements through co-operation betweenFederal, State and Local Government, and have experienced for many years, one of the best relationships with our neighbouring local authority, Rockhampton City. Let us keep building on these strengths so the growth in industry will be properly managed and all our decisions are sound ones, so not only will we find the nature of kindness and co-operation but we will also find happiness from the quality of life that will overflow for many years into the future. Happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year.

A herald to everyone who yearns for.. • By the Baha i Group of Livingstone Shire

To live the life is To be no cause of grief to any one. To be kind to all people and to love them with a pure spirit.



Should opposition or injury happen to us, to bear it, to be as kind as we ever can be, and through all, to love the people. Should calamity exist in the greatest degree, to rejoice, for these things are the gifts and favours of God. To be silent concerning the faults of others, to pray for them, and to help them, through kindness, to correct their faults. To look always at the good and not at the bad. If a man has ten good qualities and one bad one, to look at the ten and forget the one. And if a man has ten bad qualities and one good one, to look at the one and forget the ten. Never to allow ourselves to speak one unkind word about another, even though that other be our enemy.

Merry Christmas from...

Tony, Henning and Andrew of

We now have

To act with cautiousness and wisdom. To be truthful. To be hospitable. To be reverent.

Air-coed Re-Gas and


To cut our hearts from ourselves and from the world. To be humble. To be servants of each other, and to know that we are less than any one else. To be as one soul in many bodies; for the more we love each other, the nearer we shall be to God; but to know that our love, our unity, our obedience must not be by confession, but of reality.

For all Mechanical Services

Henning Pedersen

To do all of our deeds in kindness.

Tony Irwin

To be a cause of healing for every sick one, a comforter for every sorrowful one; a pleasant water for every thirsty one, a heavenly table for every hungry one, a star to every horizon, a light for every lamp, a.herald to every one who yearns for the Kingdom of God. - Abdul Baha

A time to forgive and forget and think of others... • By Member for Capricontia Keith Wright

AS Federal Member for Capricornia I welcome the opportunity to convey a personal Christmas message to my constituents on the Capricorn Coast and wish to thank the proprietors of the Capricorn Coast Mirror, John and Suzy Watson, for this kind gesture. It is my personal prayer and hope that this Christmaswill be a time when we can all forgive and forget and think of others as our thoughts are centred on the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Understandably, Christmas is a time for rejoicing but it is also an occasion when we can take a few moments to think about others, especially those who are less fortunate. Christ's coming to the world signalled a new relationship with God and by His Death on Calvary, mankind has been able to bridge the chasm that human failing has caused. It is good that we enjoy ourselves, it is good that we take time to think of others, but if we can all gain just a glimpse of Jesus Christ at this time, then truly we will have a chance of peace becoming a part of our lives in a very special, miraculous way. I wish, on behalf of my wife Alison and myself, that everyone should know that special peace at this time that is only found through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Time of goodwill, companionship, family reunions • By Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton

Al-'11,R two years of representingyou, I feel I really am a part of the delightful community of the Capricorn Coast. It has been a very busy time, with a great deal achieved for the betterment of our area, and while life has often been hectic, it has also been very rewarding. The potential of our area is enormous, and we are expanding on that potential with the promise of a nursing home to make life more comfortable for our senior citizens, the building of a multiple purpose hall at the High School for our younger citizens, our magnificent highway to Rockhampton, and the injection of a great deal of State Government assistance for many projects and organisations. We have all benefited in some way. Christmas is a time of goodwill, companionship, family reunions, and the time for the hope of peace on earth for our fellow men. My wife, Ros, and I sincerely wish all my constituents a very merry Christmas and health and happiness in 1989. May the blessing of Christmas be with you all.

Season's Greetings fivrn Herbie, Judy and the staff • • Full lubrication service . Tune Up • Automatic Service • Brake Repairs and Overhauls . Computerised Wheel Alignment and Balance • Radiator Repairs & Re-cores • Car Manufacturers scheduled book service • Roadworthy Certificates • Transport Inspection Station Motor overhauls or complete replacement

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until Wednesday, .010

Capricorn Coast Mirror

Amnesty group says thanks for help in 1988 THE Capricorn Coast Branch of Amnesty International thanks all those who helped , make the branches first year such a success. A.,\)" Everyone who attended "Cry Freedom" or who signed petitions, wrote letters, purchased buttons, cards, posters, or postage stamps for our Brazilian campaign has made a positive contribution towards ensuring the world-wide protection of basic and inalienable human rights. Our group has recently adopted a prisoner of conscience, Achroe Johnson, a 30 year old economics student who has been held without charge or trial for over a year in Berin, Africa. We have written to numerous government ministers in Berin seeking his immediate and unconditional release from prison as well as to newspapers in neighbouring countries asking ' them to publicise the case. We have also asked the prison warden where he is being held for permission to write directly to Achroe. Sadly, we have received no response to date but we are optimistic and shall keep you posted. In the meantime we would like to wish everyone a joyful Christmas and peace and health in the years to come. -Amnesty International (Queensland) Incorporated, Australian Section, Capricorn Coast Branch.

THERE was a somewhat wet and windy start to floodlight bowls on Friday at- Yeppoon Bowls Club. Regardless of the weather 50 players had an entertaining evening. The winning • team was Pam Fortune, Mark Gustafson, and Eleanor Batts. Runners up were Joyce Cain, Roy Cain and Harry Maher. A poorly attended seminar on Sunday heard president Norm Myler and secretary Tom Roos explain changes to the rules to be introduced on January 1. The ladies are not adopting the new rules at present, but all mixed bowls games will be subject to the new rules. A summary of the new rules and alterations will be displayed, on the notice board and all players should familiarise themselves with the new rules, especially in respect to competition games. In conjunction with Nugent's Pacific Hotel and Liquor Barn there was a charity bowls day on Wednesday. Play started at 1.15pm and was in aid of Little Athletics. The floodlight bowls on Friday, December 23 will start at 6.30pm, and will be for trophies provided. by the Goose club. The programme over Christmas and the New Year is as follows: Friday, December 23, floodlight mixed bowls, start at 6.30pm. Saturday, December 24, men only. Sunday, December 25, club closed all day. Monday, December 26, men and ladies bowls. Tuesday, December 27, mixed bowls. Wednesday, December 28, no play. Thursday, December 29, men only. Friday, December 30, floodlight mixed bowls. Saturday, December 31, men and ladies bowls and barbecue to follow. Sunday, January 1, no play. Monday, January 2, mixed bowls. Wednesday, January 4, men only. Thursday, January 5, ladies only.

• ABOVE: George Johnson of Graceniere spent a relaxed day at The Causeway Lake ... fishing.

Fire permits required for every burn-off exceeding two metres FIRE permits are required for burn-offs exceeding two metres in any direction. Permits in the Yeppoon/Emu Park brigade areas can be obtained from those fire stations. The Yeppoon/Emu Park fire district stretches from Zilzie in the south to Pacific Heights in the north and back to Barmaryee. The district only extends to areas supplied by town water reticulation. All areas outside that are covered by the Rural Fire Board. Permits for burn-offs in areas outside town reticulation can be obtained from rural fire wardens. In an ideal situation, to protect your premises from the threat of fire, all vegetation should be cleared to five metres from the building. Residents in rural areas need to know who to conact in case of fire and for burn-off permits. At the end of this article is a list with names and phone numbers for Bush Fire Brigades in Livingstone Shire. Bush Fire Brigade members are local people who join together as an efficient force to prevent unwanted bush fires and to combat them. They are volunteers. People living in rural or semi-urban areas can help the local bush brigade by joining and becoming familiar with the fire dangers sometimes associated with country living. Adelaide Park Road: David Cumming 39 2312; Tony Welch 39 7032. Barmoya: Noel Todd 34 2868. Bungundarra: Yeppoon Clerk of the Court 39 3089; Ian Johnston 39 7092. Byfield: J and E Morley 35 1141 or 35 1115 b/ h. Cawarral: D McDonald 34 4133. Cooberrie: Colin Brown 39 7585; John Fisher 39 7559. Canal Creek: Keith Stocks 34 3712; A P Clark 33 .1280. Canoona: G J Wyland 37 3534; N 0


Are you of neglecting your body? SQUAISFI it into-

SHAPE! at Capricorn Coast Squash, the family Squash Centre Phone 39 2444 JOININE•

23 - December 29, 1988 - 23

Wet and windy start to night bowls events

Build rail line to mine site we all benefit I WOULD like to offer a suggestion that would benefit all those concerned in the proposed sand mining venture in Shoalwater Bay area. This proposal would also benefit the Yeppoon district as well. My proposal is: instead of having to transport mining products by road, that is, 35 trucks twice a day from site to mill in Yeppoon - have a rail line to mine site. This rail line could run through the Bungandarra Valley, passing through the Paddy's Plains area, into the military training area and to the mine. This rail line would benefit the army by having a rail head at the training area for ease of transportation of equipment during manoeuvres. It would reduce the costs to the sand mining company by not having to regularly maintain roadworks damaged by the now proposed road haulage idea, also more product tonnage could be moved in three days by rail than can be moved by trucks twice a day, seven day a week. The rail line will pass by the proposed milling site near the golf course and after final processing and milling, the product could be railed out to whatever destination is envisaged. State forestry products could also be moved by rail to mills (Bondoola) as the existing line passes besides the Bondoola mill, which could (110, establish a stockpile yard beside the mill. Pineapple farmers along the proposed rail line could load their produce direct from farm to wagons instead of having to road haul their produce to Yeppoon. The cost of this rail line proposal could be shared between the Queensland Railways, the Defence Department and the two mining companies that hold mining leases in the Shoalwater Bay area. Also within this proposal the Yeppoon Railway Station could be moved out to an area beside the sand mining milling plant proposed near the golf course and the Queensland Railways could recoup some of their expenditure by selling the area where the present railway station is sited for light business development. Although there would be some argument against this proposal I feel it would be very beneficial to our area. It has been stated that this mining project will proceed for about 15 to 20 years. Having this rail line and the time duration, who knows what other developments may occur in our area and what may be encouraged to come here by having such a facility. - NO1771 Timms, 30 Selvey Stiret, Yeppoon.


Mylrea 37 3521. Fitzroy: K J Hinz 34 2760; Peter Knox 34 2944. Hidden Valley: N J Raddon 39 1350; F W Freeman 39 3166. Jardine: P Grillmeier 34 3137; Kelvin Hinchcliffe 34 3196. Keppel Sands: E H Toon 34 4816; Peter Burton 34 4816. Great Keppel Island: Kevin Vaughan 39 1744; Shane Swadling 39 3992. Meadow: R S Dunkley 34 4742; K E Brown 34 4794/28 5344 b/h. Marlborough: N Clark 35 6103; M Moore 35 6126. Gardiner: C Greenup 38 0130/34 1293; J O'Regan 38 0132. Maryvale: C Hiette 39 7955; C Evans 39 7915. Nankin: H R Beak 34 8145. Nerimbera: I J Knight 34 8229; G H Arnold 34 8115. Rocky View: Rockhampton clerk of the court 27 1144. Rossmoya: K Stocks 34 3712; R N Clews 34 3724. Tilpal: B Angel 35 6223. Tanby: J W Daglish 39 7133; P K Macaulay 39 7118. West Bondoola: C J Dennis 39 1490; S Neil 39 3501. Wattlebank: F R Hinz 34 2743; M Farr 34 2801. Woodbury: Alan Peter Wood 39 7757; A Wood (snr) 39 7574. Ogmore: T Conrad 35 6260.

Cricketers abandon games over weather CAPRICORN Coast Cricket Club games were abandoned because of the weekend's weather and the matches were drawn. "We wish Christmas greetings to our sponsors, supporters and players," the club's publicity officer said. "And remind players that practice starts again on Tuesday, January 4." The current second grade averages for the season to date: Batters inningsN/O HS Runs Ave Catches S Pidcock 7 0 49 100 14.28 4 9 P Huxtable 1 81 134 16.75 2 J Ingle 7 1 71 160 26.6 8 W Kitchener 6 0 64 64 10.6 0 B Fleetwood 8 1 22* 56 8.00 1 K Semmler 7 2 46 95 19.00 7 K Ogilvie 6 3 15* 34 11.3 2 I Anderson 5 1 24 30 7.5 2 J Dawes 5 2 30* 77 25.6 1 R Scoffin 4 3 '12* 22 22.2 2 A Wall 2 1 12* 19 19.0 1 D Wetzler 3 0 25 37 12.3 2 B West 1 0 36 36 36 0 * Denotes not out. Bowling Capcoast. W Kitchener 144.4 37 313 32 9.75 K Ogilvie 134.4 32 294 28 10.5 J Ingle 52.2 11 116 8 14.5 I Anderson 61.0 16 154 7 22.0 A Wall 26.0 5 68 4 17.0.


'Don't Get Caught' That is why at

BILL SCOTT'S PUMP SHOP we employ only experienced Licensed • Electricians • Fitters • • Plumbers • 24-hour, 7-day-a-week Service 39 3401 - 53 TANBY RD, YLPPOON -

39 4628

24 - Capricorn Coast Mirror December 23 -December 29, 1988

Wet stops bowls club garden fun

Rasta Mt wain gal

Me bait eb

UNFORTUNATELY, the weather caused the cancellation of the Emu Park Bowls Club Christmas Garden Party on Saturday. The cent sale will now be held on Friday, December 23 during the social evening and tickets available from 6pm. "Many thanks to all members who worked towards making the day a success, to our intended artists, and those people who had bought cent sale tickets. We could not compete with the rain," club publicity officer Marg Price said. Bill Elliott has been appointed club treasurer and Brian Heath is games director. "From our president and committee, Christmas greetings to all members, friends, musicians Ron and Steve, local businesses and everyone who have supported us throughout the year. "Why not join us for a social evening, and sample the good food, music and company from 6pm on Friday, December 23 and Friday 30 and New Year's Eve on Saturday, December 31."

Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club presents -

Boxing Day Holiday Races at Tyrer Pk Yeppoon, Tuesday 4-Event Programme including the • Nugents' Pacific Hotel Restricted Handicap (1440m) • The Pacific Swans Wallet (1000m)

Sponsored by Nugents' PACIFIC HOTEL & LIQUOR BARN


• ABOVE: Yeppoon TAB agent Pat Tartell opened for business on Tuesday in the new site at The Club Hotel.

Tyrer Park to host race meeting on Tuesday YEPPOON'S Tyrer Park will host Central Queensland's only race meeting on the Boxing Day public holiday next Tuesday. Organisers are pleased with the 47 nominations for the four race meeting hosted by Nugent's Pacific Hotel and Liquor Barn. The best nominations were for the Local Maiden Handicap over 1200 metres with 15 horses. The track is in good shape with work completed over the last month by Rockhampton Jockey'Club staff and equipment. Secretary Leo Mackie said the track had been spiked, cored and fertilised. 'The excellent rain over the past fortnight has delayed mowing and has regenerated the grass growth on the track," Mr Mackic said. 'The whole course is a picture ... just in time for the first holiday meeting and the last one for 1988." Punters will have a second chance on the day. Nugent's Pacific Hotel and Liquor Barn is sponsoring a losing betting ticket competition. 'Take your tickets to the Pacific Hotel after the day's racing and you could win $50, It could make a difference to your day's racing," Mr Mackie said. Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club will start its • 1989 racing season with a meeting on Wednesday, January 11. Mr Mackie said the club now has more than 200 paid up members and the annual general meeting is on Wednesday, January 18.

The Mirror office will be closed until Wednesday, December 28. Copy can be left in letterbox in door for next week's issue

ElfifiRUDOE-- Now you can combine the No 1 Outboard with the fibreglass Do a deal for Xmas at the Capricorn Coast's only Evinrude & Hydrofield franchise dealer

ROSS DICKSON, the man who over the weekend was described as an activist, leftwing, radical, bum, flits around the Coast dressed as Santa Claus and reckons he has been asked to perform quite a few official openings since his foray into public life on Friday at the opening of the CCTO Information Centre. Trouble is, Santa's only in vogue in December. Bet there's no official openings planned for Easter ... Dickson would look just too cute as the Easter Bunny! *** LEX Semple, the Coast's "real" Santa Claus, was also in the limelight at the official opening. His personal friendship with Santa, which has provided the unforgettable sight of a white Holden-borne sleigh, was rewarded by the CCTO with the presentation of a Tourist Ambassador badge. Lex drives the Holden and, like Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, guides Santa's sleigh where-ever people gather for Christmas and want a visit from the "real" Santa Claus. Lex's work deserves support ... anyone who has seen the sleigh rushing through the tropic air at night knows it's something they'll never forget. He has provided Coast children with a store of beautiful memories! *** CCTO chairman Brian Hooper was unjustly accused by some people of being a party to Ross Dickson's unofficial opening ... but anyone who saw the look of horror on Brian's face when Dickson was in full cry will know it had nothing to do with him. A photograph in this issue perhaps shows it best. Ah well, it got headlines. Is it really any worse than making news for cooee-calling, watermelon seed-spitting or tie-cutting that have been, and are, part of the Coast's newsworthy events? What about walking back-wards, pumpkin scones and beer belly contests ,.. these last three have left an indelible impression on Southerners. And they concerned State Ministers and a Premier! * * * ONE of the nice things about Christmas is the kind thoughts expressed by people in their cards. Former Member for Callide Lindsay Hartwig had some very complimentary thoughts about the Capricorn Coast in his card to the Mirror. He asked to be remembered to everyone. Merry Christmas Lindsay ... and Many Thanks! * ANYWAY, after-the tumult and shouting dies, it's time to remember that Santa Claus, walking backwards, tie-cutting and you name it, pale into insignificance when the real meaning of Christmas is recalled. We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the man (sometimes described as a radical) who ushered in our Christian way of life. Don't forget the presents, but do remember to explain to children the importance of December 25. Try to make the time to sing a few Carols, especially with friends. Your children will understand better if you show your—J own joy and recall those wonderful Christmases you remember from your own youth. Children today might seem super sophisticated; they might appear to know everything. .. but, like us, they want to hold their mother's and father's hand and feel part of something so big and so important that the majesty of the moment stays with them forever and ever.... Merry Christmas everyone. It's the time of peace and goodwill to all!