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SATURDAY, March 13, 1988 - FRIDAY, March 18,1988

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THE secret to 60 years of wedded bliss is never grizzling, according to Alf and Gertie Marcombe who celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on Thursday, March 10. Still both very active (Mr Marcombe is 84 and Mrs Marcombe is 83), they have memories of Yeppoon back to the early 1900s. Mrs Marcombe, nee Tuesley, was only two weeks old when she visited her grandmother, Katherine Cross, at Yeppoon. This was the first of many visits for the next 18 years before the family moved to Sydney. Her grandfather, Edward Cross, had been manager for the Archer brothers before forg, ng ahead and starting his own property at \--6racemere. Mrs Marcombe vividly recalls spending three months at a time holidaying on the Capricorn Coast. The Tuesley family lived in Mt Morgan and she went to the Mt Morgan convent until she was about 17 years old. Mr Tuesley worked in the mines and often travelled to the Coast for a holiday. "My family stayed in a boarding house in John Street," she said. "We often spent three months on the Coast and my parents still made my brothers, sister and me attend the local school, which was on the corner of Hill and Queen Streets. "Mr Moon was the principal during that time. Nothing had been built on the beachfront and sandhills were as far as Keppel View Boarding house (now where Corney's Hardware store is located), where my husband spent his childhood holidays. "McLean's Flats was used as the old camping grounds and bushland surrounded the few Capricorn Coast houses. The area along Adelaide Park Road, going up the hillside, was all bushland and out of bounds." In John Street, three pine trees have stood tall for as long as the Marcombes can remember. "The three pine trees were there long before I can remember and I was there around about 1904 onwards," Mrs Marcombe said. "A Chinaman, Louie Dow, owned a store on the corner of Arthur and Mary Street, and we went to Myola Hall when it first opened. "After going to the pictures, a big searchlight would be turned on to show the path home. It was in the time before electricity and this big generated light went around in a circle lighting the path home. "When electricity did come it was turned off ---about midnight and everyone still needed torches." Mr Marcombe migrated from Cardiff in Wales when he was nine-years-old. The family name had originally been Morcombe but for some reason the "o" was changed to an "a". "Anybody with the name Marcombe is absolutely a relative of mine," he said. The Marcombes also holidayed on the Coast but lived in Mt Morgan where Mr Marcombe, as a child, went to Red Hill Primary School, (now pulled down). Alf said after one holiday his family was lucky enough to catch the last train out of Yeppoon before the 1918 floods stopped all traffic. Mr Marcombe's sister Doris is more well known around the Coast as Dolly Ward. Mr and Mrs Ward originally owned one of the Coast's bakehouses. "I also have a sister, Olga Harvey, living in


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• ABOVE: Alf and Gertie Macombe think nothing of having been married 60 years. Their smiles reflect the happiness and contentment which is their secret for a long married life.

Postal ballot concern...and complaints LIVINGSTONE Shire Council's postal ballot appears to be in chaos. Returning officer Jim Brown may well know what is happening ... but there are a lot of people who don't. And a lot of them have contacted the Capricorn Coast Mirror. Typical is Pat Andersen, long-time Coast resident who is so disturbed at what she sees as chaos that she wants the postal ballot declared invalid and a normal ballotbooth poll held on March 19. "It's not too late," she said on Wednesday. "This postal ballot should be called off now. There's still time for the returning officer to advertise that people must go to a voting booth, as they prefer to do, and vote. Mrs Andersen is upset because two of her children have been disenfranchised. "They probably shouldn't be entitled to a vote because one has moved to Cairns and the other to Canberra, but they are still on the electoral roll for this election and their postal ballots have been sent from the council," she said. "But they are lost. They are floating around in

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the Never-Never. They did not come to my home; they did not go to my former address (the address listed in the electoral roll); they did not go back to the council, and the post office doesn't know where they are. "I went to the council and was told they had not been returned. I was told my children could fill out statutory declarations, send them to the council, and new ballot papers would be issued ... but with 10 days left there's no time for them to have a vote. "Meanwhile, those two ballot papers are floating around and anyone can fill them in. I have given notice to the deputy shire clerk (Kev Lloyd) that if those two votes surface in the count he will know that they are crooked." Mrs Andersen said she had been following up the two votes for days, without success. She was told on Wednesday afternoon that Yeppoon Post Office had returned -a lot of votes to council that day. These were votes that could not be delivered because the addresses were incorrect.

She again checked with the council and learned that her children's votes were not among those returned. The Capricorn Coast Mirror contacted postmaster Ernie O'Sullivan and learned only that "some votes had been returned to council". Mr O'Sullivan said the post office did not count how many were returned. Also, returning officer Jim Brown said he didn't know how many had been returned to council. Apparently they're not counted there, either. So how many votes are floating around in the. Never-Never? How many are going to surface in the count? How come these votes are not finding their rightful owners? This is a small community ... a few questions to neighbours would locate almost anyone. Mrs Andersen said the votes that had been returned to the council should be advertised so that their rightful owners would know to go to



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2 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988







I 4.•



it, •



• ABOVE: Capricorn Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Andrew McClelland (centre) presented assistant of the month Julie Arnold and businessman of the month Tony Millroy witli their certificates. Julie works for Stewart and BrU171111's Chemist while Tony operates the Backpackers Hostel.


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Bundaberg and another one, Lou Glausebrook, who is 94-years-old, living in Gladstone," he said. "Two brothers, Bill and Robert, died in World War I while another two brothers, Robert and Walter, and one sister, Ethel, have also died." Mrs Marcombe said she had a sister, Clair, living on the Gold Coast and one brother, Bill, living in Sydney. Another brother, Viv, died a few years ago. "I don't get to see them as often as I like," she said. "However we all keep in contact by phone and often write letters." Mrs Marcombe's family moved to Sydney in 1922 when she was about 18 years old. Having finished her schooling she trained as a teacher and taught at Mt Morgan Convent before leaving the area with her family. In Sydney, she worked in the offices of Grace Brothers before marrying Alf Marcombe in 1928. Mr Marcombe finished school when he was 14. His first job was as a dentist's assistant earning two-and-sixpence (25 cents) a week. He recalls the dentist giving ether then having three to four minutes to pull teeth.

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After the dentists he worked at Mt Morgan Mines until he was 21, before following Mrs Marcombe to Sydney. Mrs Marcombe was only 13 when she first met Mr Marcombe. Mr Marcombe secured a job with a Sydney abattoirs and lived at West Ryde with Mrs Marcombe for 41 years. He retired in 1964 and, after travelling from Daintree in the South to Geraldton in the North, decided to settle back in Yeppoon. There are a number of changes the Marcombes can pick out. Mrs Marcombe said you could once sit on the verandah and watch people travelling into Yeppoon and know who they were. "More people live in the area now and a lot of Mt Morgan houses were transported here when the underground mine closed," she said. The Marcombes were both keen members of St James Indoor Bowling Club and for many years Mr Marcombe was the president. However, while they no longer play bowls, Mr Marcombe is a avid supporter of the Senior Citizens Singing Group that meets in Rockhampton. And how have they been able to stay together so long? "Well," Mr Marcombe said, "there's no secret recipe ... just keep smiling, enjoy life and be happy."


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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 3

First Emu Park IAN chamber meet on March 22 THE INAUGURAL meeting for the Emu Park Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be held on Tuesday, March 22. Eight interested business people attended a meeting at the Endeavour Motel this week to discuss the feasibility of Emu Park having its own chamber. Spokesman Mark Schultz said a lot of the Emu Park business people couldn't attend Yeppoon meetings because of the distance and time involved away from their businesses. A steering committee was organised and Mr Schultz was elected chairman. He will, with help from commitee members, now formally invite all Emu Park businesses to attend the inaugural meeting. Mr Schultz said the meeting's venue had not been decided. He is hoping to engage a guest speaker.

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COMMONSENSE DECISION MAKING * Born at old Yeppoon Hospital,1937 * Lived and farmed in Livirgistone Shire all my life * Partner, with my wife Althea, in•Yeppoon Taxis for 10 years * Four children (two girls, two boys) aged 15 to 21 Interested in keeping Livingstone Shire GREAT IN EVERY WAY My policies are... * Stable Government for our Community * Good planning for the future of this great Shire * Increased efficiency in order to achieve value for the Ratepayer's dollar • * Blending together the different interest groups in our community in order to develop the Shire in a way that complements both the farming and urban communities - conservation and tourist industries - local needs in the respective areas, such as cycle ways, parks, gardens, playgrounds, facilities for the aged.

400Z:roos"• ABOVE: Carole Wilson, a visitor from A vonsleigh, near Melbourne, would like to stay on the Capricorn Coast but can't find permanent work. She has been staying at the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park for two months and is finding life here quite different from the hurly-burly of managing 60 staff at the Croydon (Vic) Safeway Hyper-mart which she left for a sunnier climate. Size found perfect conditions for a break at the Olympic pool on Sunday afternoon.


Division 2

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4 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988

Chaos reigns after Charlie's rain upsets shire's council electors



Jim TURNER for

CHAIRMAN Livingstone needs an experienced leader ... a Chairman elected by the people for all the people TRUST - TEAM WORK ACCOUNTABILITY - OPEN COUNCIL (THERE'S NEVER BEEN A GREATER NEED) Authorised by J Turner, 33 John Street, Yeppoon

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■ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 the council chambers and pick them up. These votes, combined with the ones that fell apart when soaked by Cyclone Charlie rain, must affect the overall count. It was claimed when council decided to reintroduce a postal ballot that more people would vote because it would be more convenient. Yet Mrs Andersen had a pensioner couple visit her at the Yellow Door Bookshop and complain that they had to walk further to the post office to post their votes than they would have walked to the usual polling booth. They were against a postal ballot ... and yet they are the very people it was supposed to satisfy. The chaos goes further. One couple, who used to live at Barlows Hill, moved to a new address. The wife notified the electoral office of a new address but the husband did not. A check of the roll shows the wife is now on the roll at both her old address and her new address. But, at the old address, both the husband's and the wife's votes were received. The wife's would actually be the invalid vote. Perhaps, as Ernie O'Sullivan said, this was a case of where the "posties have been on the job for years and know most people" so they automatically redirect the letters to the right address. But if that's the case, why did the man's wife have a postal vote delivered to her old address. And again, why weren't Mrs Andersen's children's votes delivered to her ... after all, the son and daughter are both long-time Coast residents and their other mail is automatically sent to their mother's home. Mrs Andersen is worried her children's votes will be used. She is also worried that even if a statutory declaration is received from her children and they do vote, the two that are "floating" could be used and received first at the council chambers. The result is that the first votes received are the ones counted. Even if her children voted they could still be disenfranchised if the other two "floating votes" are used. Mr Brown confirmed that if illegal votes were received, the first one opened was the one counted ... however, he said this rarely happened. He also said about two-thirds of votes sent out had been returned by electors. Most of division 3 and 4 votes had been returned so only divisions 1 and 2 are outstanding. Mr Brown said he had redirected a "large number" of postal ballots this week. Last week's Mirror story on ballot papers coming unstuck hit home with many readers. Phone calls were received from readers progressively as the paper was delivered along the Coast. There were complaints that ballot papers were stuck together and had to be peeled apart with a knife; the perforations fell off ballot papers; and that papers could not be stuck back together after being peeled apart. Cyclone Charliewas obviously to blame ... but so was the idea of a postal ballot. It seems strange that a fairlywell developed area such as the Capricorn Coast is having a postal ballot. It does not appear to be more convenient. It does not appear to have any advantages. Almost all candidates for the council have complained about the ballot method to the Mirror. One of the constant complaints is that candidates trying to get elected for the first time do

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not have a clear-cut campaign time. They just don't know when to stop campaigning ... and if they are wasting their time talking to people who have already voted. The biggest problem is that candidates like to bring their campaign to a peak just before electors vote. With a postal ballot, especially one that has been held up by a cyclone, candidates have had to peak, taper off, then try to peak again. All who have complained said the postal ballot gave a distinct advantage to the sitting councillors. FOOTNOTE: This long story has been given considerable thought. The Mirror decided to publish people's concerns because of the nature of the phone calls we have been receiving. We rarely receive phone calls in a normal election ... there are the ocasional calls from readers with a query about being away on polling day and the like. But this election has caused genuine concern. There have been the regulars who phone up and tell us their problems with papers coming unstuck and so on, but this election has brought many, many calls from people we do not normally hear from. These are people who believe they are entitled to a confidential vote and, quite frankly, feel they are not going to get one when they can't stick down their ballot paper. ..Then there's Margaret Malinconico, peeled her ballot paper apart, filled it in, tried to stick it down, failed; tried again, failed; had a third go ... then gave it away. "I decided I didn't care if someone saw how I voted so I posted it the way it was," she said. There are also people who get involved in elections ... people who have been scrutineers and have been involved with candidates in the past. These people, who could be described as "politically aware," have expressed concern at the number of ballot papers "floating" in the community. They are not satisfied that these votes will not be used illegally. Their fears may well be groundless ... but they deserve publicity. So much concern cannot be left without a voice.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 5

CTDO told of `sleepy village'

Council against 'Rambo' videos RAMBO-TYPE movies with violent death scenes and other disturbing matters have been tagged as the cause of many crimes today. Livingstone Shire councillors were supporting a motion by Noosa Shire Council to canvas public opinion about the possible reintroduction of capital punishment. After voting to support the opinion poll, another motion was adopted to have more stringent censorship of violent and brutal forms of listening, reading and viewing material which they believed to be at the root of crimes today. Cr Brian Dorey proposed the motion that State and Federal Governments urgently act on all forms which contain pornography, violence and brutality of a criminal nature.

THE February Capricorn Coast Tourism and Development Organisation meeting was held at the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort. Branch chairman Hubert Murray said the meeting was well attended and many suggestions for Capricorn Coast promotions were put forward. The Dr Trevor Arnold survey was discussed, including the need for better highway signage about the Capricorn Coast. "One message contained in the report was revealed by the observation, that even though the area possesses unsurpassed beauty, the area is viewed by outsiders as a "sleepy fishing village"," Mr Murray said. "With this in mind, the branch decided this aspect could become a plausible promotional tool for the genuine relaxing holiday this area naturally offers tourists and so unlike the other over-commercialised places along the Queensland Coast. "Renaming the Capricorn Coast the "Town of Capricorn" embracing the suburbs of Yeppoon, Emu Park and Keppel Sands will be investigated further after seeking community response." Mr Murray said the branch realised the impact this would have in attracting Australiawide media coverage ... the newest town in Australia right on the Tropic of Capricorn. "The Byfield Fern, which is not only unique to the area, but beautiful in its own right, could be promoted as the emblem of the suggested new town. "The branch is planning to encourage the local community and council to have more pride in our area by initiating tree planting on footpaths, community co-operation to beautify the beach foreshore and with the resultant general improvement of the area we can encourage the council to beome more involved in the tidy towns competition," he said. The meeting closed with the launching by management committee member Rob Dalgliesh of the Regional sticker programme of Welcome to Capricorn - Where the outback meets the reef.

Cr Mario Cresta said "every night you can switch on the television and see blood and gore. The children look at these programmes while they eat and think it's normal," he said.

School works FOLLOWING representations to Deputy Premier and Public Works Minister Bill Gunn, Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton has been advised that approval has been granted for the lining of the internal walls and ceilings to residence number one at Farnborough State School. Mr Hinton said the works department district managerwould arrange for the work to be carried out as early as possible.

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6 - Capridorn COast Mirror March 'March 18,' 1988

Rural roads bear Charlie scars


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MANY rural Livingstone Shire Council roads bear the scars of wind and rain which lashed the Coast after the near-miss by cyclone Charlie. Shire engineer Pat Murphy said this week rainfall for the past two weeks had damaged most rural roads in the area. "Pot-holes, scouring and general road damage had been suffered on most roads," he said. "Most heavily damaged was the Stanage Bay Road which had considerable gravel scouring and pot-holing. "Twenty-six inches (650mm) of rain fell at Stanage Bay causing a considerable amount of damage to the road.

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BRICKBATS! to Livingstone Shire Chairman and Councillors for all the self-congratulatory letters and advertisements

If they had done such a good job -- they wouldn't have to ram it down our throats ELECTORS! Remember ... When the fox starts to preach -- Farmer, count your chickens Authorised by C Rowe, P 0 Box 445, Yeppoon




IGNORE: • • • •

All the election garbage of the last month All the phoney letters All the self congratulations All the bragging about how they spent your dollars on council works. • That they now claim they're the best thing since sliced bread, and that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.


"Council workers will now start maintenance work to repair the damaged surfaces but no cost estimate will be available." Mr Murphy said because all the roads had suffered varying degrees of damage, it would be hard to estimate costs at the moment. "Road gangs had been held off from a number of jobs until the rain passed. Before the rain, the roads were in certain stages of wear and tear which haven't changed, except for some pot-holing and scouring, but in some cases culverts may have been washed out." The full extent of damage won't be known until maintenance work has been carried out and work resulting from the wet is deducted from normal maintenance jobs.

• That council must be accountable for a full three (3) years, not just the last year, as they would have you believe. • So much more useful council works could have been completed without the internal conflict and waste of the past three (3) years (as briefly listed in my recent advertisements).



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Bicentennial endorsement for Bush fete

A/H: 39 3303, 39 1210

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EVERY year the Royal Queensland Bush Children's Health Scheme holds a fete ... this year is somewhat different because it will be an endorsed bicentennial function. The fete will be held on Sunday, March 27, starting at 11am. There will be an official opening during the day. Monster auctions, white elephant stalls, homemade candy, cakes and health food will be available besides the old favourites such as steakburgers and devonshire teas. A cent sale and displays, including one from the Capricorn Coast Historical Society, will also be a feature. The scheme hopes to have Angry Anderson to entertain guests. People are also being encouraged to wear period costume because prizes will be given. Some of the special attractions will be the dunking machine. Two Capricorn Coast Mirror staff John Watson and Dave Ruck have volunteered their services for the dunking machine ... but more people are needed. Also the scheme still needs donations from anyone with suitable items for the cent sale, white elephant or auction. A scheme spokesman said the response from business houses had been encouraging, especially because it was a quiet period for many. If you can help with donations or any other way phone the Bush Children's Home for further details.

Show must go on gets added meaning in CQ PEOPLE say the "show must go on" but how



often does a problem present itself when, for once, there's no way for the the show to actually go on. Kavlon Theatre owner Kevin Baglow found out how true this saying was when he resorted to flying his travelling picture show to an expectant audience in Proserpine last week. Mr Baglow took to the air when recent rain flooded all the roads to his destination and next film viewing. Stuck in Middlemount, Mr Baglow heard about a band looking for someone to share the costs of hiring a plane. He managed to make it to the aircraft with just five minutes to spare. The plane was loaded with four band members, 'plus their equipment,which consisted of about 10 speaker units and instruments. Adding to this assortment was Mr Baglow's equipment which is essential to his travelling show. It included a 35mm projector and stereo ... enough to normally fill his Econovan. It took about an hour-and-a-half to reach Proserpine ... a four to five hour drive However, while his arrival time was 7pm, a hall-full of people were waiting for the curtains to open at 7.10pm. Mr Baglow said despite the local newsagency owner ferrying the gear from the airport to the hall the show had to be delayed half-an-hour. Mr Baglow said he was glad to make it to Proserpine because a lot of people would have been disappointed. He only visits the town every couple of weeks and the locals look foward to an evening out.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 = March 18, 1988 = 7

Bicentennial year will add extra significance to Anzac Services ~aNZAC DAY will have special significance in this bicentennial year because it will be a time to remember how wars helped mould this nation. World War I, WWII, the Korean and Vietnam Wars were all important phases of Australian history. This year, they will be recalled as an integral part of the tribute to Australians who built Australia. Yeppoon's Returned ServiCes League of Australia branch has about 62 members. One originally served in WW1 (three other veterans living in Yeppoon aren't RSL members) and the remaining members are representative of WWII, Korea and, more recently, Vietnam. The RSL will be holding its normal programme on April 25 (Anzac Day) and any group, organisation or school is encouraged to participate in the day's activities. A Dawn Service will be held followed by the March, which starts outside Yeppoon Railway Station, about 9.45am and finishes with the ceremony at the Cenotaph in Beaman Park. One of the Coast's clergy conduct the ceremonywhile schools in the area take it in turn to give the Anzac Address. RSL secretary Mery Scope has asked people or organisations wanting to put tributes on the cenotaph to do so in the form of books rather than flowers. To prevent duplications, the Yeppoon Li.prary could also select the books. Scope said these books would be inscribed and then placed in the library. However the

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books could be about any topic and not necessarily on war. "People aren't required to choose from the library selection and also the book's topic can be about a variety of subjects besides war," Mr Scope said. "Last year, 78 books were donated. Some can be used by visually handicapped people."

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THE third Yeppoon Safety House annual general meeting washeld last week at Yeppoon State Pre-school with representatives from schools and service clubs, as well as interested parents, attending. Community Health director Dr Ken Burns was guest speaker. He spoke about recognising problems in children and detailed a number of personal and impersonal factorswhich contribute to a child's behaviour ... health status, diet and environment, self-esteem, inherited traits, IQ and culture. Out-going president Anne Novak thanked Yeppoon schools and service clubs for their financial assistance and all committee members for their efforts and co-operation in maintaining the programme. All schools in the area now participate in the Safety House programme. The monitoring of safety houses continues as does the children's education about the use of the programme. Yeppoon Police officer-in-charge Sgt Ken Tanzer has had talks with school children as part of the education programme and these were supplemented by a video and the I'ma Safety House ambassador visit. Livingstone Shire chairman Cr John Bowen chaired the election of office bearers. Anne Novek accepted re-election as president, vice president is Debbie Dearden, secretary Ellen Cue, treasurer Alison Kearney. Eight people were elected to the committee: Elizabeth Harvey, Cheryl Pelling, Carol Knight, Nita Bowman, Darryl Dearden, Kerry Kelso, Terry Thorpe and Lilian Bowen. If you are interestectin being a Safety House or would like to know about the programme, phone 39 3269 or 39 3719.

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Your ballot paper will arrive soon. Please remember you must vote for five (5) candidates in Division 2 and a Chairman for the Shire. Maurie Webb THE WORKER suggests he has the experience to do the job for you. For honesty and integrity and no personal gain ...

Authorised by M D Webb, 38 Cliff Street, Yeppoon

Make Maurie Webb THE WORKER one of the top five.

Celebrate St Patrick's Day on Thursday, March 17 AT O'BRIENS YEPPOON BUTCHERS



8 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 #111.1111111MMM••••••11111


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• ABOVE: Main Roads Department labourer Doug McLean is busily planting the crib wall along the new four-lane road with various creepers. Planting was made a hit easier with the recent rain. The plants now have a greater chance of survival and will eventually beautify the wall with a blaze of colourful flowers and lush greenery.

LSC paying one-third of lighting MAIN Roads workers have nearly finished installing lights along the new four-lane highway median strip. The lights were placed 40m starting from the Normanby Street and Anzac Parade intersection to the end of the new works which finish at Todd Avenue. In a joint agreement with Livingstone Shire

Council, Main Roads will be paying two-thirds of the total costs, and running costs later incurred, while the council will be left to pay onethird. Main Roads is responsible for route lighting and hopes to improve the safety standards for both motorists and people using the road.

State subsidy for library service MEMBER for Broadsound Denis Hinton said this week the State Government would pay a subsidy to Livingstone Shire Council for its library service. He said the 53101.49 subsidy would be part of the total entitlement for qualified staff during the 1987/1988 financial year.

"I was advised of the subsidy payment by Premier Mike Ahern, who is also Arts Minister responsible for the Queensland Library Board," he said. Mr Hinton said the Queensland Government was allocating more than 57 million this year to local authorities, through the Library Board.




Dear Electors, I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you all a happy future here in Livingstone Shire. I thank all you people who have supported me during the election campaign, and most importantly, the councillors, staff and employees of Livingstone who have worked so hard during the last two years in order to make this a place in which we can all be proud. There is a great deal more still to be done, and my only hope is that we all in Livingstone work together regardless of whom is elected for the next three years. We all have to make allowances, we all have to deal with problems - what matters is the method we choose. This is so important being a community that is vital, comprising of people from many walks of life and possessing many talents and skills. Asyour present chairman I hope you will re-elect me for the next three years so that I will have the opportunity of further serving this community in order to improve the quality of life for all in Livingstone. Yours faithfully, John Bowen VOTE

Bowen T A, Authorised by J Bowen. Woodwind Valley

Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 9



■ ABOVE: Kristina (8) and Glen (5) Withers of Statue Bay enjoy life outdoors after rain from Cyclone Charlie had kept them cooped up for days. They were paddling at Lammemzoor Beach on Sunday while the sun shone and a gentle breeze made for a perfect day.

Daley: LSC owns too much land LIVINGSTONE Shire Division one candidate and former Livingstone Shire councillor Lawrie Daley is concerned that council owns too many lots in Division One. "Almost 300 council owned lots means that rates and charges are not collected," he said. "If these lots were privately owned, the revenue received could be used to upgrade town

streets and water supply, instead of the present situation where ratepayers are seriously disadvantaged. "This is the main reason why so many town streets are unsealed in division one. Careful planning is needed to ensure that privately owned land is not devalued by an influx and also that enough land is retained for essential services."



T M B S V 0 T E




When I entered the Livingstone Shire chairman contest I didn't take sides with any of the divisive pressure groups ... I stood on my own I am confident I have what our Shire needs ... ■ willingness to serve the whole community ■ experience and ability As a candidate with your interests at heart ■ I haven't made enemies ■ I've won plenty of friends


When the dust settles ... I'll owe no favours.


I'll be able to work with whoever we, the community, elect to represent us for the next three years.


B You have a choice for a fresh start ... S


T M B S V 0 T E

T M B S V 0 E





TIMBS David Patrick VOTE 1




Authorised by D P Timbs, Lammermoor Beach



There are some people who can't stand the thought of losing, even when they know the tide of public opinion is against them. For these people, any trick will do — so long as it is dirty! An instance is a pamphlet which was circulated this week stating that former shire chairman Roy Wall and former councillor Maurie Webb, plus Cr Barbara Wildin, voted to keep council information from the public. As is always the case with people who use gutter tactics, the essential information has been removed so that, when taken out of context, it purportsto present a case that deliberately misleads the honest citizen. This pamphlet, written and authorised by "D. Keith B. Griffiths of Lammermoor Beach", says Wall, Webb and Wildin "attempted to prevent public accountability which would destroy the whole foundation upon which Democratic Local Government is based i.e. Government by the people for the people". This "D. Keith B. Griffiths" bases this claim on the minutes of the meeting of 16/11/83... "That the Local Government Acts be amended so that the minutes, notes or recordings made on matters heard in committee at Local Government meetings be not available to the public for perusal or copying." 'This D. Keith B. Griffiths then says: "That motion was carried with Crs Mario Cresta, John Bowen and Lawrie Daley against". What did this D. Keith B. Griffiths leave out? D. Keith B. Griffiths left out the fact that this motion was a "Motion for the Central Queensland Local Government Conference and the Minister for Local Government". It was not a motion affecting Livingstone Shire Council. It was a motion to be put to a conference of ALL CENTRAL QUEENSLAND COUNCILS. And How Did that Motion Come About? Because then Crs Arthur Rackemann and Andrew Olive moved it as a "suggested" motion to the Local Government Conference by Livingstone Shire Council. This motion was a way to have the whole matter of secrecy debated openly, with input by all Central Queensland councils. There was a bit more information that D. Keith B. Griffiths left out from the same minute: The chairman (Men Cr Roy Wall) wished it to be recorded in the minutes that Cr Bowen did breach the confidentiality of this meeting by reading in open meeting the contents of a letter-that he knew was 'In Committee' from Council's Solicitor". And, in a "tit-for-tat" move, the minutes then record that "Cr Bowen asked that it be recorded that the Shire Engineer did also at the same meeting". In a report of this particular meeting, the Capricorn Coast Mirror of November 26-December 2, 1983, carried two articles on page 3. The first was headed "Councillors Cop Blast from Shire Chairman" and the first paragraph states: "Cr John Bowen was told he had breached council confidentiality and Cr Neville Welfare told his colleagues they were acting 'like high school kids again' at this month's Livingstone Shire Council meeting. The second paragraph stated: "The comments flowed from general discussion on the leaking of confidential council committee information" The second article was headed: "Councils Urged to Support Secrecy Move" and the first paragraph states: "Central Queensland local authorities will be urged to support a move designed to protect the secrecy of council committee meetings". D. Keith B. Griffiths, in the pamphlet, said the minutes were available from council, then used selections, out of context, to make a point. Where is D. Keith B. Griffiths' pamphlet on Cr Bowen, the person who was thrashed at the polls when he stood for the chair; the champion of Open Government who, when he finally was "appointed" (not elected) to the chair, practically closed the council meetings to the Press and Public and stripped the previously 5cm thick agendas of so much information that the Press and Public was left with absolutely no way of knowing what was happening even at Open Council Meetings? Where's that pamphlet D. Keith B. Griffiths?

This Community will never heal itself while people allow themselves to be manipulated into misleading the public. Authorised by R.W. Wall, Mt Lizard, Bungundarra AND Barbara Wildin, Howes Rd, Farnborough a

10 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988

Anti-porno idea commended

COOEE CORNER Fast Food * Chickens *. Bait * Fish 'n' Chips *

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ANY action taken by Livingstone Shire Council re the curbing of pornographic and violent material, is to be commended. The Noosa Shire Council has contacted all local authorities after the brutal murder of schoolgirl Sian Kingi. I hope all local authorities will put their weight behind the abolition of this rubbish which has become just as acceptable as the daily newspaper. The head of the Child Exploitation unit in the Victorian Police says that pornography was used in every case of child molestation and rape that has been investigated. A study by American psychologist William Marshall at Kingston Penitentiary and Queens University, found almost half of the rapists he interviewed admitted using so-called "soft core" consenting-sex pornography to arouse themselves in preparation for seeking a victim. He said, "Nineteen per cent of rapists used forced-sex, sadistic-bondage pornography to incite them to rape while 38 per cent used consenting-sex pornography immediately prior to committing an offence. He also found 55 per cent of homosexual child molesters he studies used child pornography to instigate their crimes. Studies in both South Australia and Hawaii have shown the incidence of rape increased when pornography became more easily available. We tend to think - these things happen in other places - not here. Look again. Go into any newsagent in Yeppoon and you'll find a variety of sex magazines. If they are

„,„w SHELL `MUSEUM Open 7 days a week — 9.30am to 5.30pm

SHELLS FOR SALE Admission adults $1.50A children 50C Hill.St, Yeppoon - 392386, 391313a/h

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OPEN Saturday Sunday

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Attic Gallery has work on display and you can see local craft people in residence ... potter, artist, ceramic artist, brass rubbing and musician. Walk down memory lane visit our historical homes and churches. Morning and afternoon home-made teas are available, but you are welcome to enjoy lunch under the trees at our picnic tables. Weddings, conventions and 'special' occasions are welcome. Group bookings are available. Tours are on every Monday and Thursday at 9.30am and 1.30pm. Inquiries: Mrs J Ward, 39 6466 and 28 1560

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Letters to the editor there, people are buying them. If people are buying them, they are being sexually aroused. So there are potential rapists in every community. An English judge once said that porno-videos turn a common thief into a depraved rapist. Cr Keith Hinchliffe said Australia was heading for a downfall. He's right. The reason is simply that we, as a nation, have turned our backs on God. We have become a Godless nation. As the bible says, "Men are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God". The whole answer is to get to the beast of man and change it from Godless to Godlike. Each of us is responsible for the actions in our community. What can you do about it? We can make sure our hearts are right with God through Jesus Christ. And we can help rid our community of degrading literature and videos. - Gordon Larsen, Kinka Beach.

Has shire been well managed? THE self proclaimed "little Aussie battler" from Keppel Sands is at it again, doing what she does best - maligning innocent, law-abiding individuals. In her well-planned election strategy, Cr Giorgi seeks to have electors perceive her as an embattled underdog who has fought for the rights of the little people and has been hounded at every turn by that terrible Lloyd Webber and others. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality of the situation is that Lloyd Webber has far better things to do with his time and, in fact, doesn't even regard Cr Giorgi as being in the running this time because she herself, without any outside help, has alienated nearly every section of the community. Rather than blame Lloyd Webber for her dismissal re-election prospects, Ann should direct her attention to her acid tongue and divisive tactics. For the record, I have done everything possible to keep personalities out of this election campaign, and have stuck rigidly to the issues even though it would have made good political sense to do otherwise. Particularly in areas where Cr Giorgi is believed by many to be vulnerable. Readers should not be fooled by the tear-jerk tactics which are used as a smokescreen by certain councillors to cover pp inadequacies. The real questions which need to be answered are, has the shire been managed effectively over the past three years and, do land developers on council represent the best interests of the shire's ratepayers? -- Lloyd Webber, Cawarral.

Well done for Livingstone

Great Keppel Island Tourist Services' VICTORY & AQUAJET offer Courtesy Coach service on the Coast. Visit Great Keppel Island & the Underwater Observatory. INFORMATION & BOOKINGS; 33 6744; 27 2948 a/h

IN this bicentennial year it is encouraging to see the ideals of our forefathers, democracy etc, being upheld by our present council members. It is easy to be a "knocker", but we should be prepared to acknowledge the efforts of those whom we elect to various positions in our shire council. Well done Livingstone Shire councillors. - W F and A Edwards.

Mirror, Mirror Tell Me True... MIRROR! Mirror! Tell me true, Who is smarter, me or you, Have your stories, frank, sublime, More journalistic worth than mine? Are not the stories I create, Greater than those you relate? Do not the passions of my pen, Stir the hearts of mortal men? Raise them up to levels new, As local news can never do? But, think I, upon reflection, My assessment may require correction, For, after all, your local news, Contributes much to local views, So let's be fair and equal too, We're equal surely, me and you, Except of course, in office space, My pokey hole is a disgrace, My production I would boost, If I had something like your roost, T'would strengthen my abilities, If I had your facilities, Aircondit'oning, light and space, Everything in it's right place, Computers, printers and PA, But mostly your two girls 'Friday". - Mervyn Scope, March 1988.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 11


Public praise for librarian RECENTLY in the Morning Bulletin, I noticed reference to the possible extension of hours at your local libraries by an aspiring political candidate in the forthcoming local authority elections. Be that as it may, but what amazes me is that there has never been any public commendation made to the librarian, June Foreman, who with her dedicated staff, have initiated dramatic improvements since her appointment to this position a relatively short two or three years ago. The formerly drab and dreary libraries at

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111/ill you return to Murgon? THE Anzac day long weekend in April will be a special time for the town of Murgon in the South Burnett. It will be a 'back to Murgon' weekend, with lots of activities for everyone. Festivities will begin with the CWA Debutante ball on Friday night, April 22. On Saturday, the bicentennial community committee will be holding a procession, family activities, games and more followed by a 'back to Murgon' dance on Saturday night. We will also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Murgon Town Hall. The Dairy Museum will also be opened on Saturday, April 23 at 2pm. On Sunday, April 24, there will be a past Murgon High School students and teachers reunion at the high school. The day will start at 8am and will include a parade, entertainment, photos and will finish at 5pm with a barbecue. There will be a mini-hostel reunion at 4pm. We take this opportunity to invite all past Murgon High School students, hostel students, teachers, family and friends, past residents, employers, employees to join with us at Murgon for a fantastic weekend of friendship and fun. And don't forget that when it's all over, you will have the Monday holiday to drive back home. For a full brochure with information, programme and more contact Joy Fennell or Glen Vonhoff. The high school started as a secondary department attached to the primary school in 1946 and a hostel for student accommodation was opened in 1947. The committee would particularly like to hear from 1945, 1946, and 1947 students, teachers and hostel students and anyone connected with the school from that era. - The Reunion Committee, c/- Murgon State High School, Angel Avenue, Murgon. Phone (071) 68 2922 or 68 1512 or a/h 68 4134 or 68 1362.

More lights for beachfront plea

Normanby St Yeppoon


Yeppoon and Emu Park have been transformed into sparkling, bright and attractive communal centres - particularly in the case of the Yeppoon library where the new chairs in the reading room blend in harmoniously with the blue carpet and surrounds. Mention must also be made of the range and variety of books available and the assistance so readily given by the staff, particularly in the field of research. I feel credit should be given when it is long overdue and it is pleasing to see that Miss Foeman had the support of the present council in her endeavours. - Patricial J Carver, 307 Denham Street Extended, Rockhampton.

WHAT are we doing encouraging the tourists to be like insects and follow the lights past Yeppoon to Iwasaki. Surely we won't need that many lights on the four-lane highway (enough to melt the bitumen). As a ratepayer I don't feel we should have to pay. The council would so much better to encourage the tourists to enjoy our facilities on the main beachfront ... all this new work has

(-DRESS FABRICS-) 1 Patterned 1 20% off Flannelette ! I Greens Hardware Hill St., 39 6237

from $2.99

gone into beautifying the beachfront but you can only enjoy it until sundown. What about a few less lights on the highway and at least one light, please, on our beachfront. Ann Dickson, Seafood and Eat it.

Poet Loves Australia

I LOVE AUSTRALIA A store in the market yesterday Had colourful T shirts on display On the front of each, in letters bold The message, "I Love Australia" was told And I knew those words applied to me Although I was born across the sea I bless the day I came to this land For the friends and happiness I've found Though it's only twelve years since I came I am an Australian by name With a smart certificate to prove Citizenship of this land I love.

In a way it all belongs to me It's mine, this beauty that I see The Kookaburra's rollicking call Majestic gum trees standing tall; The Kangaroos and the Wallabies, The unspoiled bush and encircling seas. This land, where the people all are free This splendid land has welcomed me. I cannot give my youth or strength Because my days are now far spent, But in the time that's left to me I'll give unstinting loyalty. - Monica Cumming.

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12 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 YEPPOON's Keep Fit club is having a Fitness and Fun Day at Capricorn Iwasaki Resort on Thursday, March 17 at 9.30am. There will be pool and field activities ... a babysitter (that's a big plus), team events, lucky door and a light lunch is provided. The cost is S5 for everyone except members and they will pay S3 (it pays to belong and the babysitter is available on exercise days). Follow the pink ribbons to the resort and phone Ilona, 35 1185 ifyou want to know about the club which is held in the National Fitness hall, Queen Street, Yeppoon every Thursday. CAPRICORN Coast potters are invited to a workshop at the Beach Potters shed, Clayton's property, Tanby Road on Tuesday, March 15 at 9.30am. The tutor is Jane Harthoorn from the Australian Flying Arts School in Brisbane. The workshop will consist of working on paper and transferring your images onto clay as well as working directly on clay. Participants will utilise slip, carving and piercing techniques on functional and nonfunctional pots. Take along szome stoneware clay, drawing paper and pencils, hand building and modelling tools together with some found objects, textured items such as buttons and dark coloured slip. Contact Pat Martin, 34 4393, if you are interested.

A. J. Ralston and Associates (OPTOMETRISTS) and

Contact Lens Practitioners

Shop 30, Savemore Centre Phone ... 39 3649

(Beauty Therapist at Kristin's Hair Design and Beauty Spot Facials. * Waxing Tinting Manicure * Pedicure

avemore Centre, Yeppoon

39 2443

Sum' IF you are pregnant and have been wondering what happens when you go into hospital to have a baby ... then go along to the Community Health Centre on Monday, March 14 at 7.30pm. Matron Martin from Yeppoon Hospital will be giving a talk to prospective parents on the hospital's procedures during preganancy and birth. So, if you intend having your baby at Yeppoon Hospital, go along. The evening is hosted by NAPPS (New and Pregnant Parents Support). For further information ring Gaye O'Brien, 39 4523. *** YEPPOON Camera Club started its bicentennial year with competitions. Later in the year the club will run a competition with the theme Celebration. Club members plan to make an audio-visual on the bicentennial celebrations of the local area towards the end of the year. R Channells took out a first and third in the black and white prints open category competition with Morning on the Creek and Watchful Heron. Rex Kean was second with Brolgas and also received a merit. Peter Cook won the other merit. The landscape restricted section is open to anyone who hasn't won a competition during the previous 12 months. Norma Channells took out first with First Glow, Harold Vaughan was second with Kakadu and a merit and Royce Tomkins' Pinnacles in third. Seascape was scooped by the Channells R Channells was first and second with Fraser Island Sunrise and Windsurfer weather and Norma was third with The Lone Trawler. Margaret Kean and Althea Vaughan both receiaved merits. The night's judge was Reg Fitzpatrick. *** LONELY? Bored? Sick of TV? Here is the solution! Take your Scrabble board to St James Parish Hall in Mary Street any second Saturday (and today is the day) in the month at 2pm. Enjoy a couple of hours of mental stimulation. You are welcome even if you don't own a board ... just take yourself and a smile. *** CAPRICORN Coast Toastmasters Club is celebrating Toastmasters Week by having a meeting with the theme Australiana ... optional fancy dress. Supper of tea, damper and lamingtons. Go and enjoy the fun on Wednesday, March 16 at 7.30pm in the Yeppoon CWA hall. Phone Sally Tickle. 394011. for more derails


LAST Tuesday's monthly social of Yeppoon Pensioners' League had an Irish flavour ... shamrocks and a profusion of flowers adorned the stage and most of the soloists sang Irish songs and the instrumentalists played Irish melodies. Congratulations were offered by compere Marje Cornell to Alf and Gert Marcombe who celebrated 60 years of marriage. Ninety-two year-old Sarah Hall, who would be the longest-serving artist performing at the Yeppoon league socials, opened the afternoon with Rose of Tralee and Forever and Ever and many of her listeners would have envied her ability to entertain. One of those who enjoyed Sarah's songs was 93-year-old Jim Spottiswood. Linda Leach, who sings delightfully to her own piano accompaniment, kept up the Irish flavour with Killarney and How Can you Buy Killarney? A newcomer to pensioner socials in Yeppoon was Trevor White, who made •two appearances and he will be assured of a warm welcome if he comes to future socials. His rendition of Caro Mio was particularly pleasing. He was accompanied on the piano by Leila Goodwin. Diamond wedding celebrant Alf Marcombe contributed Keep it a secret from me, and After Dark. He also added the appropriate Happy Anniversary Day. Together for the first time, the trio of Pam Brisbin, Ruby Harris and Marge Cornell, received well-deserved applause for their medley of Irish Melodies. Garry Warren sang Wooden Heart and China Doll, Ruby Harris contributed My Darling Patricia and Ivy Mallory's effort was Oh You Beautiful Doll. One of the afternoon's highlights was the instrumental duet of Tony Ceff (violin) and Norm Brisbin (piano). • The singing group, The Entertainers, with pianist Linda Leach, entered into the Emerald Isle atmosphere with their Irish Medley, as did Joe McIntyre with his Irish jokes and his story of a mistaken edifice. The afternoon was brought to a close by Bill Shuttlewood who sang River Shamon and Mother Machree and Marge Cornell with her pleasing I'll take you home again Kathleen and If you ever go to Ireland. The afternoon was interspersed with dances and a game of passing the baton which was won by Tony Ceff. The winners of the monte carlo were Jim Limpus and Maureen Dinsdale and lucky door numbers were held by Theresa Warren, Sarah Hall, Ursual Sulcas, Wilma Stodart, Mary Ramsden, Enid Warren, Joe McIntyre, Yeppoon and Kinka Beach resident Ada Evans. Raffle prizes of fruit and vegetable trays given by Dick and Betty Tyrer went to diamond wedding celebrant Gert Marcombe and Dan Keleher and a third tray went to George Madsen ... all of Yeppoon. *** DATE CLAIMER: March 27. Flea market at Cawarral Hall starting at 9am. Stall spaces are S4 each. Bookings, Rita Crowley 34 4387 or Mrs McNeill, 34 4133. **


DATE CLAIMER: March 28. Opening of Australiana '88 exhibition at the Paint Pot Gallery by combined exhibitors. ***

VICTIMS of Apartheid Material Aid Programme was set up to collect, store and ship material aid to victims of apartheid. Capricorn Coast Justice and Peace asks Coast residents to empty out their cupboan of soap, toothpaste, face washers, women's dresses, men's shirts and ... reading spectacles. There are lots of other things that are needed, but the group has targeted the above items from the long list. Face washers aren't hard to make, soap isn't that costly and everyone has old clothes they can't fit into anymore (and it doesn't matter whether hot, cold or what material) and, hidden down in the back of the drawer you have been going to clean out one day but haven't got around to are ... maybe, some used reading glasses. The glasses are important because of the cost, but they aren't of any use to you anymore if you have new ones and could benefit someone who needs them. All gifts can be left at the Environment Centre, Normanby Street, Christensen's Dental Clinic or the Mirror office. There is no time limit on the programme, but that doesn't mean you can put off emptying out your cupboards, the need is great. *** WHILE on need, thank you to everyone who is still supplying stamps for the Leprosy Appeal. The used stamps are soaked off and sold in packets to raise money to help stop Leprosy ... all by volunteers. Don't stop sending or bringing them in, they are still needed. *** EMU Park Pensioners League had its social on February 24 at the Cultural Hall. President George Bardrick, in his first off. cial role, made the locals and visitorswelcome. Yeppoon's Entertainers opened the afternoon's entertainment. They were followed by Linda Leach who sang a solo, Tony Ceff on clarinet and duettists Ruby Harris and Marge Cornell. Joe McIntyre recited one of his 'specials', Jim Turner sang accompanied by Bernice Bell and Yeppoon's Mrs Hall sang a delightful song. Mr Brisbin on piano, Tony Ceff clarinet and Mr Wassel on saxophone rendered some enjoyable numbers. Made Cornell was accompanied by Mr Brisbin, Bernice Bell played the musical saw, Wyn Nelson played the piano for Doreen Svensen. Jim Turner sang again with Mrs Maureson (and they were accompanied by Bernice Bell. Ruby Cornell was accompanied by Marge Cornell for another song and Melissa Cullen tap danced her way into the audience's hearts. The stage was set for The Entertainers ... they sang Valentine songs. Green and gold for Australia's colours and hearts for Valentine's Day helped everyone to get into a lovelysentimental mood. Mr Brisbin, Mr Wassel and Tony Ceff rendered some more numbers and they were followed by Melissa Cullen who mimed and danced jazz ballet. Mr Dinsdale and Phyl Rumpf sang a duet and were accompanied by Linda Leach. Lucky door prizes were won by Alice Crossthwaite, Edna Rasmussen, Alice Ganter, Don Bookiless and Norm Moran. Raffles were won by Maureen Dinsdale, Greta Glover and Bill Mudge. *** YEPPOON Diabetic Group is holding meeting in the Community Health centre oh-Tuesday, March 15 at 7.30pm. *** DATE CLAIMER: Friday, March 18, Yeppoon Town Hall, St Pat's dance hosted by Capricorn Coast Catholic Parish with music by Kev Doyle's band. *** DATE CLAIMER: Saturday, March 19, 2pm, cent sale, Yeppoon CWA Hall.

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 13 EMU Park State School will celebrate its centenary in 1990. A meeting has been called for Monday, March 21 in the school library at 7pm to form a centenary committee. All members of the community are invited to attend the meeting and to join the new committee. Phone 39 6204 or 39 6618 after hours for more particulars or if you would like to help. *** A BUS will take Yeppoon Pensioners League members to Rockhampton on Thursday, March 17, leaving Yeppoon Railway Station at 9am. There is a concert at Bauhinia House hosted by North Rockhampton Pensioners League at 1pm and Yeppoon members may attend the social if they wish. The bus will leave for home from Bauhina House at 4pm. There are a few seats left and inquiries can be directed to bus captain Pat King, 39 2109 after 7am. ***

THE next meeting of St Ursula's College Parents and Friends Association is on Monday, March 14 and not March 21 as previously planned. The meeting is in the school library. *** YEPPOON and District Lapidary Club will have• its first field trip for 1988 on Sunday, March 13 (tomorrow) ... weather permitting. Departure is from Yeppoon Railway Station at 8am sharp. Don't forget your extra bucket and tucker box. It should be a great fossick after all the rain. Visitors are always welcome to join in. *** SOMEONE always misses out. And this time it was Livingstone Shire Division Two candidate Harold Vaughan ... we accidently left out his advertisement last week. The problem this time with the election was the continual changing of pages around. We tried not to put all chairman candidates together, opposing candidates together and then we tried to make sure stories and letters to the editor didn't run next to opposites ... we didn't always succeed, but that was more tiredness than anything else. Back to Harold ... we were moving ads around so much his fell off the page and we didn't realise until he rang up on Friday. Anyway, we have apologised in the public notices and put his ad on page three this week to make up for the error.


C THE Quiz, Games and Trivia night next week will have a special question (because it is election night ... Saturday, March 19) and it can't be revealed because it would ruin the quiz, game or trivia. The fun has been organised by Yeppoon State Primary School Parents and Citizens Association in Yeppoon Town Hall at 7.15pm. The association has been working hard to gather lots of different Quizzes, games and trivia questions to keep everyone happy. You can organise your own table of eight or just make space at one of the many tables available. Child-minding is available at the town hall, videos for the younger children and older children are welcome to play. Pacino's Pasta and Pizza has donated a dinner for the winning table. Entry forms and tickets are available at the school and Findlay's electrical. Included in the price ($5 adults, $2.50 chidren) is supper. John Arnold, 393314, is the person to contact if you have any queries or would like to help. *** THE Rockhampton Multiple Birth Association is having a barbecue at the Capricorn Waterslide, Yeppoon Road on Sunday, March 13 (tomorrow) at 11.30am to celebrate Multiple Birth Week. Meat will be supplied for member by the association. If you interested in joining the multiple birth association, contact Michelle Clark, 28 7109. *** YEPPOON Keep Fit Club now offers three classes a week ... Monday 7pm, Tuesday 9.30am and Thursday 10am. The classes are in the National Fitness Hall, Queen Street (next to the Yeppoon Kindergarten) and you can find out more by contacting Ilona, 35 1185 or Sally, 39 4011. *** CAPRICORN Coast Toastmasters Club is having a speechcraft course later in the year. It will provide you with an excellent opportunity to develop and refine leadership and communication skills. Inquiries to Noelene Drost, 39 2241.

Vaughan's Furniture 77 Rockhampton Road YEPPOON 39 1645

GIGGLE and Gossip is having GB's Talent Team as the guest entertainers on Monday, March 21 at the Billabong Restaurant, Capricorn Iwasaki Resort. The team will be presenting skits (you last saw them at the bicentennial quest entrant Tanya Benson's fundraiser in Yeppoon Town Hall) and from all reports they are worth watching. The luncheon starts at noon and there will be prizes for the prettiest and craziest Easter Bonnets. *** MULTIPLE birth association night meeting is on Wednesday, March 16 at 7.30, 17 Orr Street, North Rockhampton. Ring Michelle Clark, 28 7109, for details.

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8861 '81 'PEN - tpuyi Jonm mop tuo3pdg0 - bT

, Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 15



Capricorn Coast

PUBLIC NOTICES An advertisement for Livingstone Shire Division 2 candidate Harold Vaughan was inadvertently left out of last week's issue of the Capricorn Coast Mirror. The advertisement has been inserted in this week's issue on page 3. We apologise to Mr Vaughan for this mistake.

TYPESET, composed and published by Capricorn Coast Mirror (John and Suzy Watson), 2 Orchid Street, ICinka Beach, 4703. Printed by the Gympie Times, 197 Mary Street, Gympie. The Capricorn Coast Mirror is registered for transmission by post by Australia Post, publication number QAC3843, Category A. Our postal address is Capricorn Coast Mirror, PO Box 769, Yeppoon, 4703, and our office is located on the corner of Adelaide Park Road and Cliff Street, Yeppoon. Phone the Mirror on (079) 39 4244. Wd are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Th6 deadline for all editorial and advertising copy is noon on Wednesday_ Engagement, pre-engagement, marriage and birth notices must be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion or a member of the medical profession.

Arts and Crafts

Fair will be open again this Saturday (March 13) due to the demand from the tourist industry

ERRORS AND OMISSIONS 'bile every care is taken with all Display and Classified advertisements, The Capricorn Coast Mirror cannot be held responsible for errors or their. effect. If brought to our attention on the FIRST day of publication prior to our deadline, adjustments may be made, but only for the space occupied by the error. Positioning of Classified Advertisements cannot be guaranteed. The Capricorn Coast Mirror reserves the right to alter, abbreviate, omit or re-classify advertisements for any reason. Responsibility not accepted for wrong classification.

Inquiries: Janine, 39 3209 Come to...

(Paddy's Night)

ing its annual general meeting Wednesday, March 23, 7pm at Cooee Bay Hall. Fixtures start

Keppel Bay Sailing Club

first week after Easter. CHARITY Flea Market, Yeppoon Showgrounds starts 7am from March 12.

N, The Blarney Brothers



7.30pm, Saturday, March 19

reduced to

Enjoy a night of Music & Dancing ... Irish Style

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Household Insecticide

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has opened a physiotherapy practice at

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Are YOU gurgling in HOT WATER

60 Normanby St, Yeppoon

Environment Centre Shop

Irish Stew & other meals available

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21 Hill Street, Yeppoon Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30am to 5pm (No doctor's referral

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NOTICE is hereby given that an application has been made to the Livingstone Shire Council for its consent under Chapter 49 of the Council's By-laws dealing with Town Planning. Details of the application made to the Council are as follows:(1)Postal Address and Real Property Description of the land to which the application relates or applies: Resub 165 of Sub A of Resub 46 of Sub B of Portion 1940of Plan - Cat No 2064. (Old Pacific Heights Road, Yeppoon). (2)Area of the land: 19.87 Hectares. (3)Length of Road Frontage (each road where applicable): 32.106 m. (4)Nature of Proposed Use: Extractive Industries. (5) Where applicable - the building dimensions, the gross floor area, and the number of storeys: N/A. (6)Number of motor vehicles for which parking provision is to be made on the land: I\ /A. (7)Number of employees proposed to be engaged on the land: 2 (two). (8) Nature of any machinery proposed to be used on the land: Front end loader - Excavator - Screening Plant. (9) Zone in which the land is included: Rural 'B' Particulars of the application and accompanying documents or a copy thereof are open to inspection by any person at the Council's Office 70 Anzac Parade, Yeppoon, on or before 29th March, 1988. Objections to the granting of the application shall be lodged with the Shire Clerk on or before the abovementioned date. Every objection shall be in writing; be signed by each person who makes the objection; be addressed to the Shire Clerk and shall state the name and address of each person who makes the objection and the grounds of the objection and the facts and circumstances relied on by the objector/s in support of those grounds. If the objection is made by more than one person, it maystate the name and address of the

objector nominated as the person to whom a notice under Section 33(5)(j) of the Local Government Act is to be given in respect of the application the subject of the objection. CONSENT APPLICATION No: 724


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PODIATRY (Chiropodist) consultation and treatment, Yeppoon CWA Hall the last Tuesday of each month from 9am. Phone Anne John, 28 1318 YEPPOON Camera Club invites the public to an evening with Ted Upton and his Antartic adventure on Monday, March 14 at 8pm in Yeppoon RSL rooms. Admission is free. FREE to good homes!!! Three kittens need a new home or homes ... one ginger and two mixed. Phone 39 6395 YEPPOON Diabetic Group is holding a meeting in the Community Health Centre on Tuesday, March 15 at 7.30pm. CAPRICORN Coast Netball Association is hold-

The fair will be open from 9am till 1pm at Yeppoon Town Hall and everyone's welcome

• '


PUBLIC NOTICES HALF-PRICE herbs available during February. Phone Saint Martin Herb Garden, 39 7621 SCANELEC Core Balance Earth Leakage circuit breakers ... supplied and installed. Contact Peter Crawford, Yeppoon Electrical 'Service, 59 Tanby Road. Phone 39 3835. VIETNAM Veterans from all services. We have • now formed a Vietnam Veterans Legion in your area. For further information, phone 39 3722 or 39 3851. YVETTE'S Restaurant, Pacific Heights, Yeppoon. Open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday lunch and public holidays, also bookings for private parties, weddings and all catering. 39 3499. CHILDBIRTH classes, books and vide os: Contact New and Pregnant Parents' Suppo. rt 39 4523. AA meets at Sacred Heart School, 8pm, every Friday. For further information, 39 3924 or 39 1320. EMU PARK Living Word Centre..."Your local church and family fellowship!' meeting, 10aml every Sunday, Emu Park CWA Hall for worship and communion. Inquiries: phone 39 6014.. Pastors Eric and Kath Davies. ADULT reading, writing and spelling classes. Free tuition. Phone Brenda Barry, 39 4304. ALCOHOL and Drug Information Service. 008-177833, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day


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phone 391379. Cooee Bay Progress Association. Promoter: Olive Dorey. Permit No. B20760. SATURDAY: 7.30pm, Yeppoon Town Hall. 5 jackpots totalling $1000. Best chance $100 in 60 calls. Olympic Pool Appeal. Promoter: Brian Dorey.

16 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988

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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 17

CAPRICORN COAST BASKETBALL INC. HOLDS ANNUAL MEET pensible." Derek Worden: For his refereeing and stewardship with juniors from 4pm on Sundays.

THE Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc held its first annual general meeting and following is its annual report. The executive was elected on June 21, 1987 and automatically became the management committee upon incorporation on January 21, 1988. In the eight months since the last meeting basketball has have successfully completed its first full competition in many years. Ten junior teams competed at two levels with Emu Park's Demons topping the younger group's competition and unbeaten in the intermediates was Celtics. Team nominations for the junior competition have showed a 20 per cent increase this season. There were 14 senior men and women teams. Champion teams were Coasters and Billabongs. Nominations have also increased to 18 teams this season. "This means our available time slots are completely filled with only some time available prior to 4pm Sundays," publicity officer Don Willoughby said.

"Our first representative teams for many years, attended a B grade carnival in Rockhampton. Despite many years outside mainsteam basketball the teams gave a good account of themselves." Also starting during this period was Capricorn Coast's Basketball Referees Association. The viability of this group is essential to the future of basketball on the Coast and the management committee would like all players and spectators to encourage and support this group. "We have tried it before and proved the fact ... no referees, no basketball," he said. "Capricorn Coast Basketball Inc also started negotiating with Yeppoon State High School Parents and Citizens for the use of its stadium, if it is built. "Member for Broadsound Denis Hinton approached the club to undertake a proposal, should a suitable facility be built by the Parents and Citizens, for a commercial leasing arrangement to use it outside school hours.

"This arrangement would provide a considerable increase in hours for both competition and training, presently unavailable from the Queensland Recreation Council. "Our rental would also assist the Parents and Citizens in meeting loan repayments. "Overall the school would benefit from a multi purpose hall, the community would also have access to a quality facility with stage, kitchen, toilets and showers, and finally basketball would be the sport with perhaps the best school facility in the region. "It was hoped to start building last year, however delays have occurred. We have been advised by senior people involved they anticipate completion this year." The management committee acknowledged the help and support of all the people who, through their efforts, have furthered basketball on the Coast but said the list would be too large to name separately. "There are however, a few whose continuing efforts each week, amounting to dozens of hours in various areas, who have been indis-





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Doug Moore: For arriving on the scene from the Dysart Association and helping with both junior and senior nights at short notice. Corrie Willoughby: For covering just about every job for the committee when required. "Our thanks to them and to players, spectators, parents and referees who have been part of the past year. "We would also like to wish these people and the new faces a very successfull 1988 basketball season." Management committee: Ken Dooley, Don Willoughby, Alison Shackleton, Kate Walls, Sue Stevenson, Anne Leonard. New management committee: president, Don Willoughby; vice president, Ken Dooley; treasurer, D Frew; secretary, Alison Shackleton; players representative, Joanne Smith; games convenor, Sue Stevenson.

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18 - Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988

St James bowls

YIBC rain delay

ST JAMES Indoor Bowls Club hosted QRI to a social bowls night last Tuesday. St James def QRI 110-72 points. Unfortunately because of the inclement weather the Vamvakaris Shield was postponed from last Wednesday to a later date, yet to be fixed. Keith Chant must have been well satisfied last Saturday night when 88 players competed for his trophies. It was a good night of excellent bowling. Winners were W and B Harris, G Kane and H Anderson with 48 points and runners up were J and E Lees and P and E Shoecroft with 47 points. The sportsman's prize went to Arthur Burt's team. A lovely supper finished the night's bowling. On Sunday, March 6, the pairs final games were for the Bicentennial Games. Seventeen mats with 34 teams, with a total of 68 players, contested six games. The final three players each had 55 points. Gold medal winnerswere seniorvice-president Red and Joyce Ferguson with the highest aggregate of 89 points. Silver medals went to Peter and Esme Shoecroft for their aggregate 83 points and Mery Hixon and Noreen Domoney won the bronze with 80 points. Mery and Noreen also won the last week in the triples. Jelma Hixon was the third player in the team.

CYCLONE Charlie caused the postponement of the first round of the Vamvakaris Shield scheduled to be played at the Association Centre in Rockhampton on Wednesday night of last week. Heavy rain which fellow teams from the Capricorn Coast would have difficulty attending and the nine teams entered for the competition will hit off on Wednesday night, April 6. Next Friday night two Rockhampton clubs, St John's and Dean Street, will visit Yeppoon Indoor Bowling Club and play three games each of 12 ends against teams from the Yeppoon club. Local players are asked to bring a plate. Keep in mind vice-presidents' night on Friday, March 25 and games director's morning on Wednesday, March 30 when players will compete for Easter trophies given by YIBC games director Vi Robson. Names of teams to play in the first Ye Olde Davis Cup for 1988 at Biloela against Callide on Sunday March 27, are on the board. Please notify games director or selectors if you are not available. Members of YIBC wish fellow clubmate Jack Rumpf, who underwent surgery at Rockhampton's Base hospital last week a speedy return to health.


Singing Ship A I 1 ENDANCE at the Singing Ship Indoor Bowls Club continues to be good, and new bowlers are always welcome. "We are pleased to have a few younger players joining and hope some more young people will come along," the publicity officer said. To add a little more interest on club afternoons it was decided to have a Cock and Hen of the Walk. The first games were played on Tuesday keenly contested ... in a friendly atmosphere. The winners were Charlie Stratford and Marie Morris. Members are reminded that Frenchville club will visit on Tuesday, March 15, and Singing Ship will play lawn bowls with Emu Park Bowls Club on Saturday, March 26.

ZILZIE Golf course was closed last week due to wet conditions and the monthly medal will be played on March 19. The Sunday stableford winner was A Lewis with 39 points on countback from C Saunders and G Brimmell. Associate winner for the Mrs M Wood trophy was G Pearson with 35 points. Pinshots: G Brimmell and 0 Sheppard. Hinchcliffe Shield players are: G Brimmell v K Miller; V Hunt v R Morgan; K Draper v V Svendsen; J Kerlin v C Saunders. On March 12 the Saturday stroke will be played and March 13 the Sunday stableford will be played.

• ABOVE: Louise Clair (nearest camera) and Amanda Round wait their turn during the under 14 years relay race at the St Ursula interhouse swimming carnival on Monday. Louise was clutching herself with excitement while standing on the blocks and urging on her teammates. Her team came third while Amanda's was fourth.


GUTFULL!! From articles in the Press...



The record shows it could be arguably the most trouble-prone, divisive, indecisive, secretive, disruptive, nit-picking, low-achieving, time-wasting council in living memory.

THOSE RESPONSIBLE ARE STILL THERE and would now have you believe that they deserve another chance.

YOU KNOW WHO THESE MEMBERS ARE Do what Cabinet wouldn't do in an election year ...


Indoor cricket INDOOR Junior Cricket under 8 division: Sharks d Sloggers 21-16. Best bowler for Sloggers was Terrence Toon. Highest batting partnership was Micheal Newman (captain) and Scott Campbell with nine runs. For Sharks the highest partnership runs were made by Warrick Angus (captain) and Eden O'Brien with 14. Best bowlers for Sharks were Mark and Robert Campbell. In the under 12 division Wacko d Viking Slaughters 106-64. Andrew Umlauft was best bowler and Chris O'Rouke and Quintal Goody had highest batting partnership with 18 for the Viking Slaughters. Wackos' Rory Burnett was best bowler and Robin Knobel and Rory Burnett had the highest batting partnership with 35 points. Mark Scherlies hit a six in the 15th over to give the Wackos a better score. Wild Winners had a good win over Blasters 82-66. Best bowler for Blasters was Damien Plahn and the highest batting partnership went to Daniel Leahy and Dale Graff with 22 points. Wild Winners best bowler was Steven Gray and highest partnership went to Phillip Staley and Bill Irwin. Madonna Battersby had a brilliant catch in the 10th over from Brett Hansen. Draw for Thursday, March 17: U/8, Sloggers v Sharks at 3.30pm; U/12, Wild Winners v Wacko 4pm; Blasters v Viking Slaughters at 5pm; U/14 and U/16, Cougars v Emperors of ICA, 3.30pm. At 4.30pm Emu Park Gr v Keit hy's. *** • EMU Park RSL has started up its monthly socials as from Saturday, March 19 at 7pm. Music and a light supper will be provided along with the usual refreshments. All league members and their guests are welcome. *** THE next social event for Yeppoon Probus will be a dinner/dance at Kanangra Resturant on Wednesday, March 23.

Yeppoon bowls DUE to the wet weather a reduced number of competition games have been played at Yeppoon Bowls Club. A mixed pairs match was played with M Manthey, W Manthey v D Locke and K Moore. The game was closely contested with the Manthey's finishing just one point ahead at 2221. In another mixed pairs game E and T Woodbridge def M and M Stewart by the narrow margin of 16-14. District pairs: F Birkett, T Woodbridge def D Goody and N Myler 25-22. Open Pairs: M Gustafson, R Graff (jnr) def A Lyon and E O'Sullivan 29-11. Mixed Pairs: M Manthey, W Manthey' def D Locke and K Moore 22-21; E Woodbridge, T Woodbridge d M Stewart and M Stewart 16-14. Mixed Fours: D McPherson, D McPherson, E Hinton and F Birkett def B Beckett, L Bierwirth, M Bierwirth and R Gibbins 28-14. To get games back on schedule it will be necessary for some competition games to be. played on Wednesdays and members' co-op-s.„ eration will be appreciated by games director Frank Birkett.

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There's a wealth of talent and council experience on the outside ...


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Capricorn Coast Mirror March 13 - March 18, 1988 - 19

Basketball Inc's Emu Park course beats Charlie 4atest results


CAPRICORN Coast Basketball Inc results Wednesday, March 3: Hootans def Tigas 44-22; Tanby Roses def Trailblazers 37-18; Pink Galahs def Resort Raiders 36-8; Billabons B def La Wetz 22-15. Sunday, March 6: Raiders def Bobcats 35-6; Devils def Tigers 34-12; Rebels def Bombers 39-15; Celtics def Lexence 67-14; Young Ones def Slick Chicks 47-12. Monday, March 7: Nomads def Seagulls 3429; Hootans def Rimjammers 33-26; Coasters def Scoobs 41-23; Pink Galahs def Pacers. Draw Sunday, March 13: court stewards, J Christensen and D Willoughby. 4pm, Bombers v Celtics, D Moore, J Christensen; 5pm, Raiders v Demons, D Moore and J Shackleton; 6pm, Tigers v Bobcats, J Christensen and J Shackleton; 7pm, Rebels v Young Ones, D Willoughby and D Worden; 8pm, Lexence v Slick Chicks, D and C Willoughby. Devils, bye. Monday, March 14: court stewards, S Stevensen and C Willoughby. 6pm, Billabongs B v Pacers, S Willoughby and A Thomas; 7pm, Rimjammers v Saints, S Stevensen and A Thomas; 8pm, Nomadsv BillabongsA,J Christensen and L Matta; 9pm, Scoobs v Hootans, R Campbell and D Willoughby. Wednesday, March 16: court stewards, A Thomas and J Shackleton. 6pm, Trailblazers v St Brendan's, A Thomas and D Moore; 7pm, Resort Raidersv La Wetz, P Stanton-Cook and '0Worden; 8pm, Tanby Roses v Tigas, K ooley and J Shackleton; 9pm, Gadabouts v Pink Galahs, K Dooley and J Shackleton. Seagulls and Coasters, bye.

Emu Park bowls EMU PARK Ladies Bowling Club will be doubling up its competitions on Wednesday, March 16 due to the recent weather washing out play. Draw for 9am. B singles: K Cliffe v B Atcheson; M Price v J Steward. Championship singles: F Cooke v M Wilson; B Wincen v M Lyttle. Four markers are required. Draw for 1.30pm. Triples: F Cooke, P Kluver and E Madden v M Wilson, M Price and R Forrest; J Stewart, J Barber and B Wincen v B Allen, M Lyttle and M Baglow. Two markers are required. Competition draw on Wednesday, March 23: Consistency singles, B Farrow v M Lyttle. B singles, M Wilson v J Barber. Closed singles, B Atcheson v M Price. Championship singles, E Madden v K Cliffe. Four markers required. There will be mixed social bowling every Wednesday starting at 1.30pm. Names must be in by 1pm. Visitors are always welcome. Friday and Saturdays from 6pm a barbecue is held in the club rooms. On March 11 there will be dancing with music provided by Vocal Eyes.

Junior Rules CAPRICORN Coast Junior Aussie Rules under 17 and reserve grades will play the cur"‘ raiser for the seniors match against Emerktt(today (Saturday) at Yeppoon. A scratch match will be played between the under 13 and under 15 sides because Beenleigh will not be travelling up from the south coast. This match will be before the curtain raiser. Two equal teams will be chosen - half each from under 13 and under 15 - to even out the sides and to ensure every boy gets a game of football. The first game will be played at 10.30am, the curtain raiser at noon and the seniors kick off at 130pm. This is the only full game to be played by the juniors before starting the season and every available player is asked to participate. "It will give the team coaches an opportunity to assess the players' ability," publicity officer Ross Mclndoe said. A full canteen will be operating and all supporters are encouraged to attend the games.

Plumbing Fittings Poly • PVC • Gal. PVC, Gal and Poly Piping Davey, Onga and Drundfos Pumps

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Saturday, March 5: Members, associates and visitors combined single stroke. Winner, Bevan Scott, net 60; runner up, Shaner Tickner net 68; second and third runners up, Gordon Bowser and Arthur Skilton net 71 each; ladies' pin shot, Merril Boneham; men's pin shot, Arthur Skilton; eagles nest, Shane Tickner; 2's on hole, Gordon Bowser. Sunday, March-6: Members played for Presidents Day, R Robinson trophy, monthly medal and stableford and the Patrons v Presidents Shield. Monthly medal winner, Richie Robinson net 65. R Robinson Trophy: winner, Glyn Blair; runner up, Eric Scott; pin shots, Glyn Blair and Road Blair; nearest flag, Arthur Skilton; run down, Bob Diamond, Rod Blair, David Ogg and Arthur Skilton. Patron v President's Shield: Patron 508, President 511. Associates played a stroke for the A Robinson Trophy: winner, Eunice Tomkins net 71; pin shots, Claire Lyon and Eunice Tomkins. Tuesday, March 8: Associates played for first monthly medal and stableford, K Killoran trophies and B grade medal. Winner, Eunice Tomkins on a countback from Leone Ambrey with net 71. Run down, Marg Newman (72), Kay Killoran (74), count back from Shirley Mills (64). C grade medal winner, Shirley Mills, Jan Atkinson (75), Clair Lyon (75), Jan Patterson (82), Kathy Fry (88) and Edna Fry (88). Turkeys nest, Marg Newman. Fixtures Saturday, juniors 7am start. Members, associates, visitors and non golfers all welcome, noon. Sunday, Members, single stroke and club trophies, 1130am draw. Associates, Ambrose club trophies, 11.30am draw. Tuesday, Associates play a stroke medley for C Lyon Trophy. Wednesday, Members Associates, visitors and non-golfers all welcome. Single stroke, 1 lam draw.

Ladies squash ROSEMARY Jones and Debbie Cullen played the match of the day during Ladies Daytime Squash fixtures on Wednesday at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. Rosemary def Debbie 3-2. Liz's Loonies def Dooley's Dooers 15-10: Liz Scherlies def Joyce Dooley 3-0; Penny Munn def Lyn G ant er 3-1; Debbie Cullen v Rosemary Jones 2-3; Anne Hodge v Jan Schmidt 2-3; Kerry Campbell def Allison O'Rourke 3-1; Kerry Burns v Ros Harvey 1-3. Diamond def Kartwheels 11-10: Sally Corney def Denise Campbell 3-0; Sue slake v Trish Andrews 0-3; Diane Cameron v Pat Harris 1-3; Linda Keily def Carmel Donnellan 3-1; Rhonda Mellow def Leonie Warren 3-0; Robyn Turner v Sue Adamson 0-3. Julie's Jjjabbers def Shank's Ponies 15-8: Julie Britton def Debbie Shanks 3-0; Joyce Hinton v Jenny Semple 0-3; Jean Graff def Judy Minter 3-1; Rosemary Hansen def Pat Marshall 3-1; Robyn Battersby def Karin Jackson 3-0; Christine Lewis v Lois Bayliss 2-3. Nita's Ninj as def Pussyfoots 13-7: Roslyn Scot def Nita Mancsen 3-0; Vicki Walther v Roslyn Clifford 0-3; Cheryl Evans v Debbie Pearson 03; Judy McKane v Megan Anderson 1-3; Cheryl Egan def Cordie Nugent 3-1; Rhonda Campbell v Kathy White 0-3.

YEPPOON Ladies Bowls Club triple players won gold in the Rockhampton Bicentennial games this week at Athelstane. The team ... Del Roos, Ruth Wass and Eleanor Batts def M Callow, M Turner and C Bielenberg 27-14. Competition draw for Tuesday, March„1.5 at 9am. Umpire R Wass. Champion singles: E Batts v A Fotheringham. District singles: MStewart v M Bierwirth (J Allenden marker), I McNamara v M Baglow ( V Mortensen marker); D Engel v S Ziebicki. Consistency singles: D Locke v B Beckett; E Hinton v D Roos. B singles: M Bradley v E Woodbridge (N Andrews marker); E Saxby v J 'Barber (F Denney marker). The Queen of the green will be played between R Goody and J Barber at 1pm.. At 1.30pm district pairs: G Powell and D Engel v E Batts and I McNamara; M Baglow, J Beasleyv B Beckett and V Wilson. Champion pairs: D Roos, M Bierwirth v R Wass and M Elliott. Club pairs: N Garner, M Bradley v V Thompson and E Woodbridge. District singles results: E Batts d D Roos 3123; D Engel d E Hinton 31-29; S Ziebicki d R Wass 31-24. Champion singles: A Fotheringham d M Bierwirth 31-29; I McNamara d M Stewart 31-7. Consistency singles: M Baglow d F Denney 150-118; J Barber forfeit. District pairs winners: D Locke (sub), V Wilson d D Roos and E Woodbridge 26-16; E Batts, I McNamara d M Bierwirth and M Stewart 22-12; M Baglow, J Beasley d D Moulds and P Childs 32-9; M Bradley, A Fotheringham d M Elliott and R Wass 21-19 after an' extra end was played. The 2-4-2 pairs: V Mortensen, D Engel dJ Allenden, F Denny 1613. Congratulations to new patroness Vera Wilson and new committee member Ivy Philp. Nominations are called for one committee member at the meeting on April 8. Members are asked to help fill the Easter baskets.

Team up and play

Indoor Baseball or Ph 39 7627 Softball

Rockets go down to Dynamics ROCKETS notched up a 7-4 win over Dynamics during the Yeppoon Table Tennis fixtures played on Thursday, March 3 at Cooee Park. David Stewart comfortably beat Rob Green in two games and continued the winning streak when he defeated Lesley Dennis and Peter Malick. Lesley played well against Gordon Salton with 21-10 and 21-13 scores. However she came unstuck against Rockets' number three Scott Malick, who, after losing the first game 21-14, went on to win the next two 21-17 and 21-16. Scott also ousted his brother Peter in three closely contested games. Both doubles matches went to three games with both teams victorious in one. ' On the other table, Dolphins scraped through to a 6-5 win over Marvels. Dolphin's number one Joe Kruger wasn't up to his usual standard and went down to Monica Christensen in two games 21-15. However his team mates backed up well because both Dave Ryan and Neil Malick defeated Mick Malick and Rhodes Watson. Mick later beat his son Neil in two straight games. The first set of doubles- could have been anybody's game but Marvels' combination of

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EMU PARK Golf Course proved it is one of the few all-weather grounds in Central Queensland when it stayed open last weekend when most other courses closed. Players flocked to the course in droves from Rockhampton, Yeppoon and other not toodistant places to enjoy golf like many had not experienced before. Instead of trying to drive long distances with wide open fairways as accustomed, players responded to the challenge of placing their shots along narrow tree-lined fairways. The water hazards were filled with clear water from recent rain, yet `casual water extended only for about one metre from the dams beside the second and fifth fairways. Anyone finding their ball in these locations would have strayed well off the fairway and were lucky to have a free drop. The lush grass on the fairways made for pleasant playing on the weekend. Many players didn't even avail themselves of the "preferred lie" as permitted under the local rules. The greens played a little slower than usual causing many balls to pull up short of the hole than should have been expected after the drenching from the previous week. "In all, the course was a picture and a real pleasure to play upon. For this we must pay tribute to the unpaid voluntary work of Dave Logan, Bernie Manion and Ray Gilson," the publicity officer said. "These three spend many hours of their leisure time mowing, coring, thatching and top dressing the fairways, and greens." Early this year a small working bee worked a number of Saturdays to install the new watering system for the greens. With this system and full dams, plus the newly purchased equipment, there is little doubt that the rate of improvement in the course will dramatically increase. "Incidentally, it was surprising how many experienced golfers from the more popular golf clubs made enquiries about joining Emu Park Golf Club. "They have seen first hand the all-weather conditions and relish the challenge provided by the narrow fairways and slope of the land," he said. The rain did not bring all good during this week because on the debit side, play was cancelled on Tuesday and Wednesday. "It is surprising how many golfers will start a round knowing that they have little chance of completing it without getting drenched, and continuing oblivious to what falls upon them. "Yet if it is raining before they start, they couldn't be dragged onto the course by a team of bullocks." The juniors finally started on the weekend and a fair roll-up attended. There is still room for more and any junior wishing to start should turn up next Saturday. They played a single stroke which was won by Peter Malick with 86 off the stick for a net 68. This is a creditable performance for a young player new to the game. Maybe he listens and then puts into practice what he is told and shown. It is rumoured Santa Claus had trouble trying to climb down the Malick chimney with a new set of golf clubs on Christmas eve and it is also rumoured Peter needs a surgeon to remove the clubs from his hands. Results, Saturday, March 5: Juniors played a single stoke. Winner, Peter Malick net 68.

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Monica and Mick won the last point to defeat Joe and Dave, 21-19 in the third. In the second set, Dolphins' Joe and Neil won in two games from Monica and Rhodes with 21-16 and 24-22 scores. Fixtures for Thursday, March 17: Rockets v Marvels; Bog Factory v Dynamics; Dolphins have the bye.

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BOXING returns to the Coast when amateur boxers from all over Queensland converge on the Pine Beach Hotel this weekend. Boxers from as far north as Mount Isa and Cairns, and south to Brisbane and Pittsworth will be battling out the amateur boxing titles. Eight Australian title holders and part of the

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Netball confidence, skill grows IN the primary division of Indoor Junior Netball players have settled into a good competition start and are playing with more confidence and skill. Minnie Mokes def Redskins 15-6. Best and fairest in this game went to Irina Toon.

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TYRER Park racecourse has scored from the recent rain. This week Rockhampton Jockey Club transferred Saturday's racing programme from Callaghan Park to Yeppoon. It's the second time flooding from. Fitzroy River has caused the transfer to Tyrer Park. The normal race meeting will be held and membership passes from both Yeppoon Amateur Racing Club and Rockhampton Jockey Club will be accepted.





A grade squash EQUALISERS are unbeaten at the end of the first round of the Capricorn Coast A grade squash fixtures played at the Capricorn Coast Squash Centre. On 19 points they lead from Any Hows on 15 points with Strugglers and Saints and Sinners equal third on 12 points. Blistering Four are on 10 points and Navigators on seven. Navigators weighed anchor for a 3-2 result against Saints and Sinners earlier in the round but since then have dragged the anchor. This week saw some interesting results, notably Leon Malone with a close result in five over Mark Sargood and Andrew Dowie who secured his first win against Len Kelly in two seasons. Closest team result went to Strugglers who have yet to field a full strength team due to work commitments. Strugglers edged out Any Hows two rubbers each, eight games each, 116 - 110, due largely to a fine effort by Ray Campbell takingt two ganes from Chris Hacker and leading him 36 points to 28. Saints and Sinners def Blistering Four 3-1: Leon Malone def Mark Sargood 3-2; Greg Goodman def Lyn Witts 3-1; reserve John Brodie v Bernard Lacey 1-3; Joe Foat def Brian Umlauft 3-1. Equalisers def Navigators 3-1: Anthony Trump def Vicki Lacey 3-1; Andrew Dowie def Len Keily 3-0; Chris Canard def Judy Umlauft 3-1; Neil Royale v Tony Smith 0-3. Strugglers def Any Hows two rubbers each, eight games each 116-110: reserve Carl Nothling v May Briggs 0-3; Craig Jones def Val Odell 3-1; Ray Campbell v Chris Hacker 2-3; John Briggs def Neil Roberts 3-1.

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Minnie Mokes def Bobcats 17-11 and best and fairest went to Jarasanda Backo. Redskins d Bobcats 14-10 and Roseanne Badcock was named best and fairest. Primary division player of the week was Jarasanda Backo. In the High School Division, Dragons proved to be too strong for Wildcats 24-15. Joelene Byrne supported a strong shooting combination with Janette Luck and Rachael Stonier. In the last game Allison and Sandra Timms both played a strong games, with consistent support from Peachy to take High Flyers to a close score of 21-20 win over Caltex Achievers. Player of the week for this division was Peachy George. Draw for March 15: 3.30pm, Bobcats v Redskins; 4pm, Redskins v Minnie Mokes; 4.30pm, Minnie Mokes v Bobcats in the Primary Division. High School Division: 3.30pm, High Flyers v Dragons; 4.30pm, Calt ex Achieversv Wildcats. All players are asked to be early for the games.

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COUNCIL hopeful overheard chatting with another candidate this week ... "loved the photograph in your advertisement. Who did you get to pose for it?" • • • TEENAGE son approaches forbidding father ... "Dad, I want a serious talk with you." Father immediately thinks the worst and starts wondering what teenage son has done. He puts aside newspaper, assumes blank expression, and turns toward son, all ears. Son shuffles feet; son stammers; son starts moving forks and knives on table and tinkling spoon on edge of glass. Father (patiently) waits for the worst ... he tries desperately to recall whether hiswife gave son a talk on the birds and the bees. Teenage .boy, finally, looks up from crestfallen face and says: "Dad, I want to re-spray my car." Relief floods over father's face: "Is that all, son?" says now effervescent father, "yes, go ahead, by all means" Just as father goes to pick up newspaper, son starts straight in ... "I want to do it all white". "Yes," says father, a good colour, go ahead, all white, yes, no worries." Son, before father can find place in newspaper, "I want to paint the bumper bars all white, put mags on it, put a big black wing on the back and a black sun shield over the rear window, put in new seats, a four-on-the-floor and, oh yes, the mags are 16 inch on the back and the tyres are 8 inches wide". Father, reeling back from the sudden onslaught, says: "No". Son: "Why not?" Father: "You'll get booked." Son: "No I won't!" Father: "I don't want to hear any more on the subject." Two hours later, father and son are still at it. Father won't yield ... son just doesn't understand why he will get booked! Who's right? Mother wouldn't even referee .. she went to bed. Father and son still not speaking. Why must the generation gap exist? Surely there's a way children can pass from the age of 11 to 21 without slowly driving parents crazy! • • • FOUL, vicious censorship hit the Mirro this week. In a move that struck at the heart of the newspaper's independence, a photo graph was snatched from "Old Baldy's" hands by Suzy while Cathy (Lois Lane Logan grabbed the picture and ran, scream ing, down the stairs. It was a scene straight out of Front Page (or was it a movie starring the Three Stooges?). The whole row erupted after "OB" and Cathy had photographed a chap planting vines in the four-lane road retaining wall on the beachfront. Walking back to the car, "OB" noticed some sloppy mud hiding under a seemingly hard crust. Cathy, with hair over her eyes, didn't. Putting her best foot forward, she stepped into more than ankle-deep mud ... there was a slurping sound as her nice new purple high heel shoe disappeared, pushed relentlessly downward by her trim little ankle ... also disappearing. "OB," seeing the stuff award-winning photos are made of, swung around and fired off a flash bulb. The picture's a classic ... Cathy, head down, a great big hole in the mud with a shoe in it, the formerly hard crust cracked as if it had been hit by a meteorite ... the only thing missing was the sound track of Main Roads men, and "OB," ... laughing. Cathy, wearing that instant sunburn that only seems to occur in the workplace, retrieved her shoe and hobbled back to the car. Where's the print? Well, Suzy, who has been known to do similar things, decided it shouldn't be printed. Actually, "OB," Dave Ruck, Rhodes and Rhett, feel it should be printed. Cathy and Suzy are adamant it won't be ... and Sandra? Well, Sandra just keeps giggling v. and she hasn't even seen the print!!!

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1988 Olympic team were expected to attend the boxing titles. Coast boxer Tony Ravell will be expecting a win over Pitsworth boxer E Anderson who beat him in the school boys' title. Mr Anderson went on to take out the Australian titles.

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