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EXPRESSIONS Fall 2019-2020

From The Advisors The arts have the power to connect us as humans across age, race, gender, and many other descriptors that may divide us. The arts also have the power to create change. The purpose of a student literary journal, like Expressions, is to empower the young writers and artists finding their voice, and to showcase the distinguished works of our diverse student body. In the following pages, students courageously reveal parts of themselves that would otherwise remain hidden from the community. As a school community, we celebrate our theme, "Perspectives" as depicted by our bold student artists and authors!

Jen Milne-Carroll & Ciara Wade, Co-Advisors



Hello everyone! Thank you for reading Expressions: Literary & Arts Magazine. In the following pages, there will be various works of art that were created by students at East High School. For the past few months, our committee has been compiled submissions that we are proud to showcase. The theme for this semester is " "Perspective," showing different points of view of our East community. This is a demonstration of just how creative and talented students are at EHS. We hope you enjoy.! Hola a todos, gracias por leer Expression Literary and Arts Magazine. Estamos buscando diversas presentaciones de los estudiantes. En la siguientes páginas, habrá varias obras de arte que fueron creadas por estudiantes de East. Durante los últimos meses, nuestro comité ha estado reuniendo la sumisión para cumplir en una sola pieza que estamos orgullosos de mostrar. El tema para este semestre es “Perspectiva,” mostrando diferentes puntos de vista. Esta es una demostración de la creatividad y talento de los estudiantes de East. Esperamos que disfruten. Expressions Committee: Cas Aumanstal, Mimi Coates, Brianna Gutierrez, Sara Hillestad, Olivia Penner, and Amanda Vang.


TaMaya Travis Grade 10

Black Skin My black skin is not a weapon. But maybe it should be, cause I'm tired of being afraid to go out with my friends. Our black skin is not a weapon. But maybe it should be cause we’re tired of not being able to hang out in groups without being labeled gangs. Her black skin is not a weapon but maybe it should be cause she is tired of not being able to walk through a store without being followed, or stopped because she “fits the description”. His black skin is not a weapon. But maybe it should be, cause he is tired of being stopped by the police cause of the color of his skin, he is tired of being an unarmed black man shot and killed on the street . My black skin, our black skin, her black skin, his black skin are not weapons, but maybe they should be because we are tired of the discrimination,the hatred and the disrespect that comes with having black skin.


T u n n e l V i s i o n Maya Borowski Grade 9


"Space" Denaria M Rowe Grade 12

Sometimes I need space because I feel alone and you would think that in feeling alone, you would want to be around people. But the truth is, the more people there are, the lonelier it gets. Sometimes I feel like I’m on top of a mountain. The top of the mountain meaning I’m where I’m supposed to be. But also the top of the mountain meaning there is little oxygen and I can barely breath. Suffocating on words I can’t get out because I’m afraid and idk why I feel the way I do. Sometimes I need space because I need time to figure myself out. Reflections stare back at me everywhere I go, and so sometimes the only reflection I thirst for is myself. To recognize myself. To remember that I am still there and what goes on with me and in me matters. Sometimes I get jealous. And it’s not the envious evil friend way. More the “damn bitch” why are you so pretty way. Sometimes the insecurities come out and I feel like everyone sees. Everyone’s watching me. Everyone knows what I hate about myself. But then I look around and no one even notices that I’m gone. Sometimes I feel trapped. Mentally and sometimes physically. The space between my body and my mental make me lose my mind to where I am now out of sync with myself and I can’t get back in tune. I look for the right note but with every strum my song gets lost behind my world of pain. I want to learn my song again. 11

I AM NOT MY SKIN TaMaya Travis Grade 10

My name is TaMay Travis i am a black female in america But i am NOT my skin i am so much more than my skin or the way I dress and do my hair. I am a writer, I am a photographer, I am bilingual, I am Beautiful. you are so much more than your skin. You are beautiful you are amazing you are smart you are kind you matter. So stop judging people by their skin and appearance and appreciate them for who they are underneath the surface

The Mirror in the Earth

Austin Thiede Grade 11


Belonging {Excerpt} Sara Hillestad Grade 11 While supper was resting on the wooden table in front of them, May asked, “So, it just dawned on me that I don’t know your name.” This put Creature thinking back to a time when he wasn’t given a name until his mother left him that day. But, he remembers the note that was left for him nonetheless. He said quietly, “You can call me Creature.” May responded questioningly, “Alright. But, for me it feels a bit rude to call you Creature. Can I give you a nickname that might suit you, if I may?” Through his body language, he was hesitant, but he was curious what the nickname would be. So, she took this as an invitation to continue. “I was thinking for a nickname of calling you Crea, it’s short for Creature. What do you think or do you really want me to call you Creature?” Creature said coolly, “I don’t mind it. Crea isn’t the worst nickname that I’ve gotten over the years. In fact, I think other than my mother it’s actually the best nickname that I have ever gotten. Well, on that note,the food should be cooled down by now. Let’s eat; we have a big day tomorrow.” May agreed and they dug in. The following day, dawn broke out and Crea transformed, and he didn’t realize this until he saw the reaction that May had. What she saw was a hybrid of some sort because there were antlers on his head like a male deer, cat eyes, a bird nose and scales on his arms wearing a shawl. He looked at himself and ran outside hiding behind a nearby tree.


Belonging {Excerpt} Sara Hillestad Grade 11 When May came to her senses, she went outside in search for Crea. Once he was found, she approached hesitantly until she got a better look at him. She could see his face was buried inside himself, knees up as the barrier protection from harm. She said quietly, “I’m sorry for my reaction that I had, earlier. That was wrong of me. I will understand if you change your mind to help me.” This led to a simultaneous occurrence, where a gentle grip appeared on her wrist and her looking down to see what the grip was. It was Crea gripping her gently. Crea brought his head up and starting progressing to get up saying, “I’m used to people bullying me. I had someone I thought was a friend, who promised to be my friend. But, in the end, he went to back stab me with betrayal and became one of my many bullies, which hurt worse than all the bullies that I ever experienced. Heh. Well. I guess I should have seen the signs but I didn’t want to see them. The reason I told you that is because I promised to help you find your way back home. I will fulfill the promise that I made with you. But, we should get some supplies for the journey.”

In Bloom

Austin Thiede Grade 11


The Red Waters Flow - Prologue SXB Grade 10


「The 〷〷〷 Manor, 1939」-

History seems to insert itself into everything after it, he wrote, no matter what comes our way, a new thing seems to happen again. War, always being fear in the man’s eyes, yet no one stops it. It is always constant. People want, that wanting rises up, that rise turns into a cause, that cause kills many. He sets his pen down and gets up as his butler, Leo, comes along with his tea. “Is everything alright, sir?” Leo asked. “Yes, Leonard, everything is alright. Thank you.” As He waves Leo off, he sits, alone in his study. The only things to keep him company are his thoughts, demons, and, of course, his warm tea. Leonard always makes the best tea. Whenever J Jenkins used to do it, it tasted like rubbish, He thought to himself, too bad Jenkins didn’t last long enough to see how the story of this world ended. As He gets up, he grabs a mysterious looking box. As He heads to the door, Leo bursts in. “Sir, there are men outsi-.” Leo pauses mid-sentence to realize the man he served for

more than a decade, was no longer in the study. Shaken, Leo heads back downstairs to notify the men outside that He is no longer there. As he reaches for the door to open it, he is greeted by nothing but wind. Where had the men gone? Where did-. Leo had suddenly passed out after a jolt of electricity had struck him through the back. “I’m sorry, Leo. I never wanted to do this. But this is for you own good.” He leaves a few thousand pounds next to Leo, including a fake ID, a passport, and a medallion. A few hours later, the old butler we knew appears younger and is amnesiac. Leo picks up his ID with one question in his mind, who am I?

- Arborland, Minnesota. Later that day I know no one is going suspect me missing. I died in the war, He thought as he dug his hole in the winter forests of Minnesota. I still feel bad for doing that to Leonard; the old man didn’t deserve it.


Cont. The Red Waters Flow - Prologue


Grade 10 As He continues with his digging, a woman in a strange outfit appears out of nowhere. “For you giving him a new start, it seems to have been worth it.” He turns around. “Alice, what are you doing here?” Alice gets closer to Him, with a dissatisfied expression. “I thought it would be nice of me to come back, especially now that you have no one left. All you have are secrets. Secrets in which should not be buried here.” As He hesitates to talk, Alice starts eating an apple that she didn’t have before. “Everything dies sometime. This world is going to die. Not by natural decay, but by us humans. We as a society will tear this world apart.” As Alice comes closer to Him, he lets out a sigh. “This is the only way to keep this secret from dying. This could save someone’s life, Alice. This could save all life.” As He tries not to fall apart, Alice comes up to him and kisses him sweetly. “I’m sorry. You’re right, Commander.

This might be able to save us all. As He pulls the shovel back out of the hard, cold ground, Alice drops her apple core on the ground and walks away in tears. I need to apologize, He thought. He drops the spade and turns around to nothing but the cold, bitter wind that he deserved.

- The Manor, Same Time Leo gets up and reads off his ID. “Leonardo Malkovich, age 20, date of birth, September 16th, 1919.” Leo, wondering what mess he got into, starts to remember things that weren’t his memories, but, passed them off as his own because he didn’t know. Leo, as the curious, younger lad he was now, wondered upstairs wearily. He went into the master’s bedroom to find everything cold. He changed into a fine suit that fit him perfectly, grabbed a luggage case, and packed as much as he could. He wondered, for as old as this place seems to be, these clothes are in perfect condition. 8

Cont. The Red Waters Flow- Prologue


Grade 10 It doesn’t add up. He also knew it would be a waste of clothing to leave it and rot. As he finished, Leo quickly went downstairs, grabbed what he assumed was his on the floor, and took off to the garage. He finds the keys to the abandoned Duesenberg and starts it. How could someone leave such a beauty? Thought Leo. With the car now in his control, he sped down the muddy dirt road. As he got into Bridlington, Leo found a nice place to stay at for a few nights, ate a quality meal, showered, and tried to rest. He had heard a rumor that a war was rising. What was going on with Hitler was not good. He shrugged off the thought of war because what was one man going to do to cause a war? Leo quickly falls asleep. After an hour of sleeping, Leo was woken up by a shadow standing by his bed. Leo, after calming down, finally started talking to the shadow. “What are you doing here?” Leo asked. The Shadow replied, “YOU need to go to America. As of now, We have no answer to your question, but there we will assist you further. Beware of any strange people, for they could be a risk to our safety."

As Leo was shaken by this creature’s response, the shadow faded away. Leo glanced back at where the shadow was, and found a first class ticket for a boat that departed in the following day. It was time he rested. Leo suddenly woke up from having a double dream, and found the ticked lying where it was in his mind. He got up and grabbed his ticket, put it into his wallet and went back to sleep.

- Arborland, Minnesota. That Afternoon As He finished with his hole out in the woods, He had pulled his bag off his shoulders and placed the metallic looking box into the ground. Who knows what will happen to this. It could be dug up after I left, or later. Who knows. As He wandered off into the forest, the boot prints had seemed to have disappeared, leaving no trace of him being there. Excess dirt was no longer staining the white, snow-ridden ground. As he left, it seemed as if nothing happened. Nothing here, nor at the Manor. He could give a crap less about Leo. Leo was living a better life being a butler than He 9 would ever be. . .

Leaving the Body, Flying Away

Austin Thiede Grade 11

The Poet's Apple


Grade 10Â

For every apple I eat, Another word I speak. For every word I speak, Another apple falls from the tree, But if the apple doesn't Fall far from the tree, What does that say of my words?


As I Sat and Watched the Sky Burn, I Feel Myself Give In Austin Thiede Grade 11

OTS Poem for that new friend SXB

Grade 10

Drifted, faded, Eyes, dilated, Time flies while I sleep,But yet every night is endless. I wait for her to come back, Hearing a door open but a crack, I wait for her to wake my dreams, Make them worth more than other things, Make my sadness go away, Hopefully the clock stops another day, Hopefully my pain never returns, Cuz every day, I feel left burned. The loneliness won't leave me alone, My past feels welcome in my home, The settle sound of my music lets me drift away, Fade off into my dreams, another day.


Role Reversal Anastasia Vongkoth Grade 12


J u s t

B e c a u s e Ally Acker Grade 11

Just because I'm mixed Doesn't mean I'm rich or poor Just because I am German Doesn't mean I am a Nazi Just because I am Black Doesn't mean I'm a drug dealer or an addict Just because I'm the daughter of a criminal Doesn't mean I am one Just because I am a woman Doesn't I am independent Just because I'm bisexual Doesn’t mean I’m a slut or I'm sexually confused. Just because, I have trust issues Doesn't mean I wanna help Just because I'm a web and a cosplayer Doesn't mean I am asain Just because I am happy Doesn't mean I’m depressed and broken Just because I am social Doesn't mean I get bullied or harassed Just because I'm overweight Doesn't mean I’m unhealthy and fat Just because, I’m different It doesn’t give u the right to bully me Or make stereotypes about me or who I am. Just because I'm, different doesn’t Give you the right to judge me.


Speak Graphic Novel Redraw Amanda Vang Grade 11


Pauline Diayen Grade 12

T h e

D r e a m

A t t i c

Sara Hillestad Grade 11

You walk up a flight of stairs that leads to the attic, and you hear music in the first room, where there’s instruments. There’s a piano, violin, tambourine, tuba, guitar, and drums that are playing all by themselves. You take a moment to look around the room at the entrance and to listen to the music being played, your attention is taken by a golden frame or it was the bright colors that intrigued you that move you forward.

You move towards a great big window, when you look through it, you see a willow tree on the right side of a pond, there’s a bunch of lily pads within the pond that have frogs, dragonflies, and all kinds of fish. There was one that was strange it acted more like a dolphin but it was indeed a fish. Your gaze widens out and you notice something moving behind the willow tree yet also next to it, you didn’t have to wonder for very long because a puppy basset hound jumps out that’s chasing a squirrel around the tree. You find yourself smiling at this with a small chuckle. You focus a little closely and that’s when you notice a slight movement next to the tree, it appears to be a shadowy figure that’s sitting down while leaning against the willow tree, you realize that it’s a person.

You turn your gaze towards the pond again but this time you hear laughter, in the background, the kind that brings smiles and joy to your face. It takes you to a time where you can remember going out to the waters like; having a family outing, having fun, sharing the special moments with the ones that you love. After your little travel down memory lane you notice that you have shed a few tears of joy by going through the moments of your life and seeing the flashes of great moments that occurred on the water. You gradually wipe off the shed tears from your face and turn away from the window. You take some breathes then you decide to do some exploring in this attic. You notice the attic is bigger than when you entered the attic, there are more rooms than just the music room with magical instruments. You don’t know where you should start exploring first but before you can get started you have sudden rush of exhaustion come over you. So, instead of exploring the attic like you indeed you look for a bedroom that is comfortable and luckily you don’t have to search for long. You enter the room, there is a bed and a dresser. You glance at the bed but you look over to the dresser that is on the other side. You approach the dresser and there is a very beautiful box, at which you open to find that it’s a music box. The music box is playing the song “So she dances” by Josh Groban, you can't help but sway to the melody of the song, it also puts a smile on your face while you close your eyes to listen more than seeing. 16

C o n t .

T h e

D r e a m

A t t i c

Sara Hillestad Grade 11

When you come to, you look at your surroundings it’s different than a moment ago. You see daylight and you are in bed, underneath the blankets. You look to see your surroundings closely, you see the dresser that has the music box, you then realize it’s the one that was given to you by your grandmother. Next you notice, the poster of instruments and the guitar by the dresser which is near the window and door. By this point, you have sat up in bed, but haven’t yet pushed the covers off. It then dawns on you that you were dreaming and you are in your bedroom, and you smile because it was a good dream to have. So, you plop back down on your bed, looking up to the ceiling, smiling.

Fly Me to the Moon Mimi Coates Grade 11


Pauline Diayen Grade 12

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