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If you live on the East, my guess is that you have probably gone snowboarding once or twice this season, unless you live by Killington. Most of us felt that Mother Nature disowned us for the month of November. Finally, December is here coming in strong with mountains opening up all over the Northeast and some of that white stuff hitting the ground! Although the late start to the season, we at EAST can tell it’s going to be a good one! HAPPY BOARDING!

Photo: Chris Szczypala

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The EAST coast has one of the most inspiring snowboard communities in the country, and our goal is to show the readers what this region is all about. EAST Snowboard Mag is an original snowboard magazine that is going to provide the reader with fresh new content, including everything that goes down on the East Coast. Our staff are snowboarders that are engaged in everything that is going on from Maine to New Jersey, and everywhere in between.

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Content .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Louie Hanft PHOTO: Greg Furey


8: Behind The Cover 10: Cook Up 16: Resorts 18: Contest 20: Product 22: Shops 24: Greenhorn 28: Cum Up 34: Hamvan 46: Mike Ravelson 56: Sup Chick 58: Story Time 60: Gallery 70: Foul Hook’d 72: CSM 73: Handplant




EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Behind The Cover

Photographer: Mike Azevedo Rider: Ted Lavoie Camrea: Canon EOS-1D M ll N Lens: EF70-200mm F/4LUSM Shutter speed: 250 F-Stop: 8 ISO: 125 Focal lenght: 78mm Flash: 1 Elinchrom Ranger on full blast

This was one of the best days of the season: New Year’s Eve, New Hampshire, Vedo, Carr, Grendys, Harry, Kelly, Igor (our dog), Dunkin Donuts and Budweiser were there too. A Relaxed session with awesome people made for nothing but good times. This was the first time I decided to bring my method to the public eye and I’m glad you liked it. Too bad this wasn’t a Bataleon base shot because I could have taken you guys out for some beers for giving me this cover.

-Ted Lavoie

After some shoveling and a delivery of Dunkins and Budweiser from Ted’s girlfriend, we had everything we needed for a nice little day out in the park. Apparently America runs on that junk so there was no stopping us. Well aside from the inevitable bowel movements and lack of TP, but these guys clinched their buttholes tight and kept on sending it. Bataleon signed Ted strictly because he’s got one hell of a Tina, but he managed to get that back foot out in front and up high for a big boy method. I pressed the button to create the resulting photo. So if I may be so bold as to offer you some advice. Do yourself a favor, turn off your computer, grab a shovel, a delicious 6 pack and go ride your fucking snowboard. Something sweet might just happen.

-Mike Azevedo

Mr. Ted Lavoie PHOTO: Greg Furey


Cook Up .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011


Cook Up .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Pretty Boy Sam Photo and Words: Jesse Rourke

Rider: Sam Hulbert

I took a trip up to Boston after they got hit pretty hard with some snow to meet up with Sam Hulbert and Brandon Reis. These guys always produce something and have a lot of fun doing it. It was puking snow when we set out after some setups they had in mind. We stumbled upon a buried down flat down, said fuck it and started digging. It was hard to keep it clean with it coming down so hard but we all wanted the photo. While I was setting my stuff up the snow slowed down a bit. Once the run in was dialed, Sam started putting down some sick backlips. After only a few tries he got a keeper we all liked and the blizzard started again so we packed up and called it a night.


Cook Up .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

DAMN....Wait, DANG! Photo: Mike Azevedo

Words and Rider: Chris Beresford

So we got dumped on with over 2 feet of snow, but of course, the East Coast warmed up and rained just a few days after. I ended up shoveling the transition to the concrete block the day before so it would have a nice layer of ice on it. On the day of the shot, I chipped off the top layer and started dropping in. This is a pretty cool spot for a photo and it ended up getting me a usable shot for my Think Thank part.


Resorts .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Location: Lake Harmony, PA Website: Features: 100 + After moving back to New Jersey from Tahoe, it was hard for me to even want to snowboard again. My neighboring resort had a good park program that went down the shitter and the closest park I would’ve had to travel to was either Mt. Snow or Loon. Luckily for me I had some good friends that suggested that I should go ride Big Boulder because it was “blowing up.” So I went with my friend Kade Madsen who introduced me to the Director of Freestyle Train, Ian Oliver. Big Boulder PARK took me in with open arms! So I got my pass and hopped on the chair lift. I got to the top and looked down at

Vertical: 500” Ticket Price: Midweek- $44 Wknd- $50 the features and thought to myself, “shit, this park looks better than Northstar’s!” I was blown away. Yeah this park might not have the most vertical feet in the world or insane powder, but the parks are out of this world. From jumps, hips, spines, rails and creative shit you see in a Think Thank movie, Big Boulder does it all. As a rider they give you total freedom, which is awesome for a snowboarder like me that hates authority. An on top of all of this, they have a full-time photographer and videographer pumping out bangin’ photos and edits! -Matty B


Contest .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

January 21st

Snowboarding and the subculture that defines it are truly infinite by design. Founded upon the concepts of dynamic individualism, the Eastern Snowboard League has been formed as an avenue to highlight the talent and competitive identities of the riders and resorts based on the east coast. This league will be a collaborative effort of select resorts, and brands which embody the originality, progression, and undying spirit of east coast snowboarding. The Eastern Snowboard League is the brain child of The Program* brands, Holiday Valley Resort, Big Boulder PARK, and 7-Springs Mountain Resort.- E.S.L

February 4th

February 25th

“ It’s not like we are trying to change the world or anything, but we’re kind of just trying to be the opposite of everything U.S.A.S.A. is. Growing up as a kid you do these contests and get judged like shit, they steal a bunch of your money with high entry fees and everything else. E.S.L is our way of supporting our community, our friends, the groms coming up and giving everyone an equal opportunity so people will have a good time!” - Junior from The Program* For all contest info. go to


Park on the EAST



Product .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

“This combination from Forum offers everything an East coast jib kid needs”

1 

2 

7  5 

4 

6 

3 

1. The Rat. $260 2. The Faction. $160 3. The Tramp. $200 4. Vacation Lunch box 5. Eastern Snowboard League water bottle 6. Brand new P.B.R Box (so hot right now) 7. Danielson, after a long night of screaming, “fuck the police & rehab is for quitters!”

This combination from Forum offers everything an East coast jib kid needs, not to mention it doesn’t hurt the wallet either. With a total retail price of $620 (with out tax), this set-up is the best bang for your buck with out a doubt. The Rat offers a great flexable board thatgives you the pop that you need, due to the regular camber construction. The Faction binding also has a great flex that will match The Rat prefectly, and with the Good Vibes Hinge Disks, you couldn’t ask for more. To close off the deal, the Tramp boot provides everything a jib kid wants FLEX! “The Rat is a solid regular camber board that holds well on ice, but has the flex of a reverse camber board. I got a chance to ride The Rat at a couple demos last year and I was blown away. To get that great of a flex and still be able to carve circles on packed power was unbelievable. I’ve never riden anything like it!” - Tanner McCarty Photo: Greg Furey Rider: Nick Sappio


Shops .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Founded: 1961 Location: 1720 E. Route 70, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Website: Phone Number: (856) 424-5969 Brand: 686, Airblaster, Anon, Arbor, Banshee Bungee, Bonfire, Burn, Burton, Capita, Capp3l, Dakine, DC, Dragon, Drake, Electric, Forum, Foursquare, GoPro, GNU, Grenade, Head, Jones, K2, Lib, Never Summer, Nomis, Oakley, Quicksilver, Red, Ride, Rome, Skullcandy, Smith, Stance, Underarmor, Union, Salomon, Vans, Vew-Do, Volcom

Danzeisen & Quigley is the best shop in South Jersey to get your new set up for the season. These guys have one of the best customer service departments. They make sure you get into the right board, bindings and boots. With excellent boot fitting, D&Q guarantees the fit and will have your feet boot feeling great. - Greg Furey I have been working at D&Q before I could even drive. We’re all one big dysfunctional family here and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Quigleys annual parties are the sickest I’ve have been to ever, PERIOD, and of course shredding with great friends and running the spray train son! -Shop Employee, Dave “Monkey” Grella

D&Q is a family, a family that was brought together and is held together with our love for what we do. I’m super fortunate to have worked with such a great group of individuals for so long that all have the same passion that I do. I’m even more stoked that I get to spread my love for this sport, if you can call it that, to others on a daily basis. That’s the message that we spread to our customers. Get past the hype and get out there for the feeling that it gives you, that perfect turn we all look forward to when the leaves begin to fall. We really work hard at making sure that we have that perfect turn in mind when we speak with our customers about their needs. People have so many choices about where they choose to get outfitted these days, and we realize that. We hope that it’s our knowledge and service that keeps people coming back to us. - D&Q General Manager, John DeNicola

A Video Sharing Network for Snowboarders.


GreenHorn .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011


GreenHorn .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Photos: Cole Martin


Cum Up .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Photo: Greg Furey

Name: Johnny O’Connor Nicknames: Young JOC, Monotone John, Johnny 5, JOCD Birthday: April 11th, 1992 Hometown: Windham, NY Home Mountain: Hunter and LOON Sponsors: 32/Etnies, Capita, Union, Coal, Ashbury, JBeats

People tend to get nicknames when they are either really cool or really weird. Johhny O’Connor, aka Johnny OC, aka Young Joc, aka J O C, etc. probably has 30 nicknames, and it isn’t because he’s weird. Hailing from New York, now residing in Plymouth, New Hampshire, Johnny is that silent assassin that will catch you when you’re not looking. Although he is one of the coolest, laid back, friendliest people I know, this little Irish leprechaun is also a complete maniac. He’s the guy hiking 20 feet higher than

everyone to try and go a little deeper on the jump, or gap out three quarters of the way down the rail. His style is untouched, his trick list is endless, and his motivation is out the roof. Don’t believe me? Well than you better check out the game changing Loonatics edits, Stitched Up Clipped Up, and Keep The Change’s Get It Together. Johnny is going to inform the public this winter, so you better watch your back. Oh, and technically he has citizenship in Ireland, which I am backing 100%.

-Tanner McCarty

Top Three: Places to hang in Plymouth 1.) CC 2.) The Riv 3.) The Library Places to board 1.) LOON Mtn 2.) The Streets 3.) Anywhere the pow is Rappers of all time 1.) Guru 2.) Phife 3.) Rick Ross Things to do during the Summer 1.) Skateboard 2.) Snowboard 3.) Party

Chicks you’ve hooked up with (Initials are fine) 1.) B.P. 2.) J.O. 3.) P.B.

Favorite non-snowboard and skateboard companies 1.) Apple 2.) Quiznos 3.) DD

Juice Flavors 1.) Strawberry Banana 2.) Lemon 3.) Blueberry

Hamvan experiences 1.) 4th of july in Bend 2.) Trillium Lake cook outs 3.) Windells in between skate trips

TV Shows 1.) Trailer Park Boys 2.) South Park 3.) It’s Always Sunny Craziest people you know 1.) CSM 2.) Crazy Dave 3.) Ian Hart

Photo: Greg Furey

P: Mike Azevedo


Cum Up .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Switch Front Blunt P: Greg Furey

Leominster, MA

Worcester, MA



a, NH

Natick, MA


Danvers, MA


HamVan .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

hamvan Words: Tanner McCarty

Photos: Aaron Blatt (Unless noted otherwise)


HamVan .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Photo: Owen Ringwall We were sitting in the living room of our condo at High Cascade. The first week of camp had passed, and everyone with cars had started to funnel out of Government Camp, (took out and) headed to Portland, the Sea Coast, Skateparks or simply to Lake Trillium for the two day vacation between sessions. Rav, Skylar Brent, Ian Hart, Owen Ringwall and myself were left sitting in the living room with nothing but the first season of “Are You Afraid Of The Dark”, that for some weird reason Roobs had lying around. We didn’t even have Internet! We had all flown in from the East Coast, and therefore had no means of transportation. “We need to get the hell out of here,” said Rav. I jumped on my craigslist app and started to look for free motorcycles in the Portland area, but didn’t seem to find anything that wasn’t completely seized up. I then moved to cars, but the only one we found in our price range had been in an accident, been rolled and all the windows were gone. The weekend passed slow, with everyone sitting in the same room, not talking and just

That Van was the sketchiest. The seats where not attached to the floor and when you used the power windows the door would start to smoke. -Matty B staring at their iPhones (Rav with his droid) and the “Words With Friends” beep going off every god damn thirty seconds. Rav and I saw Preston, walking to dinner and we told him of our troubles. He went on to explain how he had a sweet Toyota Van from the 80’s that he bought for pretty cheap. After the word “Van” was dropped, something happened where Rav and I both knew that was going to be the answer. We needed to buy a van. After six more hours on Craigslist, we had three potential options that where a reasonable distance away. We met up with Preston, and asked him what he thought about our findings. He wasn’t psyched. He said our standards were too low and we would run into trouble if we bought any of them. He was probably right. Then out of nowhere, he handed me the keys to his van, and said, “Go take her for a spin, you might get inspired.” I had never been so nervous behind the wheel than driving Preston’s baby down the most dangerous road in Oregon. During this cruise however, it was made apparent that there was no alternative. We were going to own a van by next weekend, no exceptions.

Photo: Owen Ringwall Later that week, Owen, Rav and I borrowed a car to go check out a couple potential vans, and after whiffing on the first too, our moral was low going into the third. The first one was owned by a crack addict and smelled like piss, and the second one wouldn’t start. When we pulled up to the driveway to van #3, all you could see is a huge windshield that said $500, and big dent in the left side of the hood. It was a 1985 Ford 350 XL Club Wagon with an unknown number of miles. After meeting with the owner, he let us take her for a spin around the block. The steering was so loose there were multiple scares of going off the road, and the dent in the hood made much more sense. The bench seats in the back were not attached too anything, and if you braked or accelerated too quickly they and Owen would slide around and flip over. There was also a linoleum floor in the back that had random air bubbles, no seat belts, the roof was caving in, it smelled of cigarettes and all the change compartments and cup holders had an un-identifiable black jelly like substance that swallowed anything you put in there. We pulled

back into the driveway, looked at the owner and said, “We’ll take it”. The five of us all put in a hundred bucks and that was that. Driving back to camp was the craziest feeling. I think Rav was smiling the entire 20 minute ride, as we listened to a cd that came with the van in the “external cd player”, aka a disk man hard wired into the broken tape player. It was the weekend of 4th of July and we were about to set off for our first adventure, but not without a few modifications. After one trip to a yard sale, we had a green shag rug, a coffee table, four collapsible canvas chairs, a coat rack and our two trusty mascots; Goat, a stuffed animal and Rafiki, an Indian women doll. They would protect us and never leave the van. After a quick brain storming session we named it, “The Hamvan”. Naturally, everyone and their mother wanted to ride with us to Bend for the 4th of July, so, Uncle Bistro, Furious Greg, the Liability, Durrell, Arod, Young JOC, Sledge Fighter, Skeet Rat Nug Child, Rave and myself piled in and headed out. Here is a quick recap of the trip:


HamVan .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

I hated the fucking thing. I hated it the most when you faggots parked it so close to the stairs I had to walk on the hood over the roof then climb down the latter in the back or just having that thing in our drive way in general. -Roobs Bombed down to Bend with multiple games of C-lo going down in the back, tried Barbeque camping in some rando’s driveway, Cops kicked us out, ate at Taco y Salsa, followed Blatt to a dust pit by Mt. Bachelor, Blatt ripped on the guitar, partied till sunlight, woke up Hart with a smoke bomb in the van, had breakfast at Taco y Salsa, drove to the river, napped, met up with the PAWH girls, floated the river, got lost, saw Dave Reynolds…… , floated again, Skylar got drawn on, lunch at Taco y Salsa, drove into Bend, puked, got lost on skateboards, took a dump in an empty Laundromat with no TP, got cops called on us again for lurking around the van (someone called in bitching about homeless people), freaked out looking for place to sleep, stopped again at Taco y Salsa, went to a random girls house, partied, learned what squatting meant, passed out in her backyard (8 people slept in the van), woke up Hart by throwing a McDouble at his face, back to Taco y Salsa for breakfast, second breakfast at Sonic because no one had ever been there, long drive back to government camp, went to trillium and laid in 8 inches of

water and called it detox. These types of things would continue to happen over the course of the summer, as the Van went literally everywhere. One time, we went to Windells for a movie premier and on the way back, I was pissed at everyone because they were drunk and obnoxious in the back and I was stuck driving. I killed the engine while we were rolling and told everyone we had run out of gas. Everyone was freaking out and they all just got out of the van and started to walk. As soon as they were out, I turned the key and gassed it back to govy with my middle finger out the window. A couple other adventures included going to the zoo, driving chicks back to govy from the mountain, frequent lake trips, skate trips, oh and of course our coastal adventure which we will keep off the records. As summer came to a close, we were worried because it only got around 6 miles to the gallon and we wanted to drive this van back to New Hampshire. We needed to raise money. There was one staff sale left, and everyone’s gear had already been sold. The idea was generated to charge campers to hit the side

Every time you stepped into that van you were officially on vacation. After almost flipping the van several times and losing most of my money in Cee-lo, we made it to the coast. Burgers, smores, and an amazing view next to the camp fire. -Johnny O’Connor


HamVan .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

The Hamvan was cool and stuff -Skylar Brent

Nothing like the Ham Van when you’re running from the P.A.W.H. -Owen Ringwall


Content .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

My favorite Ham Van experience was going camping, until someone threw a can of tomato sauce in the fire and it went all over me… -Alex Rodway

of the van with a hammer. I mean it’s called the Hamvan, right? It was $3 for one hit, $5 for two, and we taped out a square for everyone to aim for on the side of the van. All was going swell, we probably had around $50 bucks in revenue when Russell Winfield, (aka Uncle Russ) stumbled out of the bar across the street and came over to see what was going on. Too this day, we don’t know why he did what he did (nor have we been reimbursed), but Uncle Russ decided it would be the right thing to do, to take a snowboard that Rav was selling, and smash the large passenger window, in the back of the van. The entire street course where the sale takes place went silent, (besides the high pitched cackle from Roobs), glass went everywhere, and the van would spend the rest of the summer, with permanent ventilation in the back seats. We never got to drive the Van home, rather we sold it to a friend who we hope is a trusty companion and will take good care of it, changing its oil every 3000. It’s sad looking back on the Hamvan edits and seeing her rusty panels shining in the sun, her caved in roof get skated

on, or Matty B ghost riding the whip in front of club nerd, where we lived. One thing is for certain, without that van, some of the best times of my life would have never happened.

I liked it cause it was blue. -Ian Hart






ARY 4th




Mike Ravelson .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

PHOTO: Greg Furey

M I K E RAVELSON [Inter view]

Shit. It’s funny cause I’ve known Rav for a long time haha. He must’ve been a preteen when we first started riding. I remember him learning and progressing at such a rapid rate! And always having an aloof, happy-go-lucky attitude. Rav is also nice to the point where your thinking to yourself, “is this guy a serial killer or what?” You know? Like the kinda nice that seems impossible to be day in and day out. I can assure you he’s the nicest, most genuine guy and slays everything a snowboard has to offer. Rav is gunna blow your mind so get ready, I’m just warning you.

-Scott Stevens


Mike Ravelson .

PHOTO:Aaron Blatt

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Cole St. Martin (CSM): First off, how the hell long have you been snowboarding for? Mike Ravelson (RAV): Do you just want a number or do you want to know how? Probably like when I was 11 or fifth grade, the reason I started snowboarding was because of this guy right here, (talking about, New England Stud) CSM: What was it like growing up in Massachusetts as a snowboarder? RAV: Growing up in Mass was awesome. It definitely made going out and filming at a young age really cool, going into cities like Worcester and hitting rails. I’m really fortunate to have cool places like that near my house for skating and snowboarding. There’s just a lot of history everywhere you makes things interesting.

CSM: How much do you care about what people think of you? RAV: I definitely care what people think, just because …(pause)… hahaha… I snowboard just because I want people to be excited. I snowboard for myself but…(pause)…hahah…because I’m so used to seeing videos that get me pumped I just want to do the same thing. CSM: What was your inspiration to go snowboarding? RAV: Nick Esposito, no really though. Nick was

the first thing that made me want to snowboard because I use to be a skier. While I was in the lift line with my dad in fourth grade, I see Nick in line snowboarding and I thought to myself, damn, that looks cool as fuck, but back then it was like, that looks awesome. But Nick used to kill it and he still does. CSM: You’ve been at Plymouth State University for four years now, what is the highlight of that experience? I mean I know I’ve had a shit ton of good times with you. RAV: Highlight? One thing? You know what made me happy? The thing that made me happy the whole time, I’m going to do a joint answer here. I’m going to say the best thing that happened was XIV (14 Pleasant St.) and Cole St. Martin/Laconia boys (Taylor, Bragg, Mark, Jake, Noi) coming to Plymouth…quick break for a game of darts… CSM: Wow that’s pretty serious. In seriousness who do you think has contributed the most to your snowboarding mindset? RAV: Mindset…oooohhh, mindset…probably Chris Grenier and Scott Stevens. CSM: Well even though we’ve known that forever/there my idols too, what exactly have you done to follow in those two’s legendary footsteps? RAV: What have I done? Pretty much just have fun. Those guys seem to have a lot of fun. To

PHOTO: Mike Azevedo

To explain it in the simplest terms, be a snowboarder rather than try to become a snowboarder…


Mike Ravelson .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

PHOTO: Mike Azevedo


Mike Ravelson .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

explain it in the simplest terms, be a snowboarder rather than try to become a snowboarder...if that makes sense. CSM: What happens when Ian Hart (Sledge) gets drunk? RAV: The coolest shit ever, Ian is an incredible individual with incredible ideas, and alcohol really brings them out. CSM: What happens to his shirts? RAV: The shirt instantly comes off and goes on the head, which follows the saying “no shirt no shoes no problem” that’s pretty much it CSM: In serious terms, who would you say make snowboarding the most fun for you? RAV: Probably like Christian Bueling or Cole St. Martin CSM: Wow, that’s kind of fucked up. How would the N.E. STUD feel about that?

RAV: Nick knows that I obviously love his snowboarding but ahh…Those two are on a whole other level, I don’t know how to explain it, and he’ll know what I’m talking about. CSM: Side note, how many Academy snowboards have you bought from TJ MAXX? RAV: Two CSM: Wow, is it a bummer that you have a hot mom? RAV: (look back laughter) no comment, and fuck you Cole, and on a side-note, too bad she’s batshit crazy. CSM: Obviously, you had a sweet part in Capita’s Defenders of Awesome as well as numerous shots in the High Cascade edit’s all summer. Do you think this will cultivate into you becoming a super pro snowboarder? RAV: FUCK NO, I don’t think anything, I’ve been going with day by day shit

...too bad she’s batshit crazy.

” PHOTO: Aaron Blatt


Mike Ravelson .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Skylar (LARS) :What’s with the Hamvan? RAV: The Hamvan is pretty much the most amazing vehicle on earth. It’s a place where you can listen to pretty much he shittest music ever and just have a great time with a bunch of guys. I don’t think there was too many girls ever on the van but yeah Ford ’95 XL Wagon. LARS: Who is Bern Dog? RAV: Bern Dog, First name is Bernnie Rav, that’s my Dad. He was born in Wister, Massachusetts in 1960. He is a pieces and straight businessman, sells life insurance. Great guy but if you wondering what a Bern Dog is, it’s actually a hot dog with some great toppings that I started in the fall, got shut down the first day we started it because you need licenses to sell food but yeah it was pretty cool. LARS: Who is Jill? RAV: Jill is my camera, it’s a GL2 and I use it to film lots of awesome stuff and including mostly candid’s of Skylar being awkward. LARS: What are the best and worst parts of filming a video part? RAV: Filming a video part. There are a lot good things and a lot of bad things. First off you have to deal with cameramen telling you what to do and stuff. They are always shooting the shit with you trying to make you do crazier stuff than you want to but filming is sick. You can go out and do what you want, most of the time. Getting kicked out of spots suck but yeah the rest is pretty cool. LARS: What are your plans for this upcoming season?

RAV: This season I am going to snowboard a bunch and hopefully drive around in a van with a bunch of guys. LARS: Hamvan volume 2? RAV: The Hamvan can never be duplicated, so we are going to have to find another new name for it, you know, something new. It is going to be a van. Probably going to be shitty music. LARS: What do you think of EAST Snowboard Magazine? RAV: It’s the shit. Read the magazine! CSM: Awesome, well now that the people know how awesome you are, hopefully people will start to recognize you (not that they already haven’t) and that they will buy all the videos your in and boards you ride, lets hear a last minute shoutout to the people behind the success in your life. RAV: Lets start out with… Spike from Eastern Boarder, Everyone at Capita, First of all Everyone at Plymouth State, Every signal person from Massachusetts, my family, everyone at Eastern Boarder, obviously Tommy J (him specifically), anyone who’s down, Scorpions, 32, Ashbury, my dog Gabby, my best friends: Nick, Jack, Mikhael, Mike, Cole and Cole (Martin/ St. Martin), 20A Merril St., CHUB CLUB, Scotty Steves, Chris Grenier, Mothafuckin Tim Pruyn, Who is this man, Jeff Height, the Witches Den, Clamshack, DYL9, Rego, Terri Dautcher, Paula Esposito (NE stud’s mom) Stu Gingras, Chuck Larson Jeremy Reid, Bobby Orsini, Andre Beriau, Jay Giannunzio, Arron Blatt, Preston Strout, Mark Wakeling, and Kris Anderson!


...hopefully drive around in a van with a bunch of guys.


PHOTO: Mike Azevedo


Sup Chick .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Stephanie Marie PHOTO: Greg Furey


Story Time .

EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Story Time With Uncle BistrO “Dude, do you know what happened to that cougar you were making out with last night?”

Ahh the good old days of Mt. Creek. The 2006 Grand Prix was a great moment in cougar history. I happened to be at the after party in the Creek South Lodge partying with all of my underage friends. When what do you know, a cougars comes up to us and says, “who wants a piece of this?” After my first two friends turned her down, I knew I was going in for the kill. After making out, she whispered in my premature ear, “you know I used to be a porn star.” I immediately grabbed my friend pulled up her shirt and said, “hey these are porn star titties!!!” She was backing those tits hard! My friend pulled me away and I ended up blacking out later that night. The morning

after, I got to the hill at about drunk 30 and all I kept hearing was, “Dude, do you know what happened to that cougar you were making out with last night?” I said, “Um, no I was blacked the fuck out!” Well, as the story goes. my porn star titties make out slut, that happened to work at the mountain, ended up banging some 14 year old kid in the basement of the lodge. She got caught by her boss, lost her job and got a divorce all by noon the next day. By. Uncle Bistro


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EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Brandon Reis . Boston, MA PHOTO: JESSE ROURKE


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EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Matt Bothfeld . Northeast, PA PHOTO: Jesse Rourke

Dylan Dragotta . Connecticut PHOTO: Mike Azevedo


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EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Alex Rodway . HCSC, Mt. Hood, OR PHOTO: GREG FUREY


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EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Tim Humphreys . Albany, NY PHOTO: BEN BIRK

Chris Beresford . Massachusetts PHOTO: Mike Azevedo


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EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

Tanner McCarty . Orange, VT PHOTO: Owen Ringwall


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EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

“What the fuck happened to the real snowboarders wearing flannels, baggy jeans and drinking PBR’s? What happened to pointing it and going huge? I am talking 30 ft. above the snow huge! Not any of this flat box, skinny stance, swivel bullshit. These Dub-Step weirdoes are wearing skinny jeans and headbands looking like hipster basketball players, making sure they post a picture of their new kit on Facebook every time they add a new layer. Listening to a bunch of robots having sex (dub-step), while riding down the side of the park with a Go Pro on their head, chest, and at the end of a ten foot pole. I swear to you, I walked into a snowboard shop the other day and heard dubstep, and I new it was either Torstein’s part or

a Status snowboard edit. I just don’t get how these new age snowboarder’s like to listen to a band called “Skrillex”, take a bunch of molly and go to festival’s where they dance around looking like their possessed by retards. They are pushing mongo down Main St. on their bamboo, rasta colored long board, with clear grip tape, huge headphones, hemp backpack with their worm infested dog on a leash. What happened to getting piss drunk, fighting, lighting shit on fire, bombing hills on tiny ass wheels covered in flat spots, jumping over fires and spitting beer? Oh yeah, why did World Quarters stop being at Waterville Valley?...” -Bistro & Jason Lipps




EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

With the introduction of a new ‘zine specifically GEARED towards the East Coast scene, I find it appropriate to say thank you to people like Tanner and Bistro who are nice enough to let me contribute useless banter and opinion. First of all, I want to make it clear that I’m real glad Loon finally opened, because driving to Vermont in order to snowboard really sucks. Not just because of the drive, but because its an undesirable place to be. The other day, Tyler L’Heureux and I were discussing the differences between places like Colorado vs. East, and how people choose to take their snowboarding styles in a variety of directions. One direction that I wish never started and hope ends soon, is everyone’s fascination with dubstep womp music. That shit is fucking stupid. Confused as to how people can enjoy this garbage, it does not make sense how people try to incorporate it into their videos, and actually think it will have a positive affect on the audience. I understand that talking about clothing is pretty lame, but when I think of dubstep, I think of stupid flashy clothing which immediately transitions to my thoughts on skiing. Aside from the few friends I have that ski, a majority of skiiers suck and can ruin the snowboarders experience. Next issue I shall review the concept of collaboration videos that involve both skiing and snowboarding, but in the mean time, check out the cliporis for dubstep and ski free videos posted by Skylar Brent, Mike Rav, and other contributors. If you Can’t tell yet... We Hate Dub-Step.

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EAST Snowboard Magazine December 2011

R: Pat Moore P: Greg Furey

Wants you to have more safety meetings...

EAST Snowboard Magazine: Issue 1.1 - December 2011  
EAST Snowboard Magazine: Issue 1.1 - December 2011  

EAST Snowboard Magazine: Issue 1.1 - December 2011