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BY DOUG GUSEWELLE fects. This program is an industry standard tool for video jockeys (VJs), other producers or entertainers who stage concerts or large public shows. It allows playback of various media and can add effects and sync them to music. It supports multiple displays with intuitive, easy management of all of them. This year, embracing this new technology and the opportunities it presents, we incorporated more displays on stage than ever before. We had a total of nine different displays: two projectors for the side screens, an LED display wall for the center screen, two projectors for projection mapping, two digital displays on the podiums, and two more displays between the top and bottom levels of the stage. We used three computers to run the show: one for PowerPoint presentations, one for projection mapping and one more to run all the other displays on stage and play videos.

production. Resolume is set up by default to be able to sync effects with the audio, but in our case we needed to play video based on the audio. Normally, Resolume can make things move or change their size or color, along with a few other effects, but it wasn’t able to do everything we needed it to do out of the box. That required us to do some research and find our answer in an add-on for Resolume that allowed us to control video playback based on the audio. We created most of the video and effects in Blender and then imported them into Resolume.

using it, we definitely plan to do more cool things with it at future conferences. We already have some neat ideas for next year, and we can’t wait to show you what we come up with.

Equipped with this new, powerful software and now some experience

For more information on Blender (free download), visit:

Naturally, we also can’t wait to see what our students come up with for a logo for EAST Conference 2018. The theme is All Systems Go.

For more information on Resolume, visit:

As any EAST veteran knows, there are always challenges when learning a new program. For us, the hardest thing to get working correctly in Resolume was making the equalizer bars in the logo go up and down in sync with the audio during the SPRING 2017 | EAST QUARTERLY


Spring 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.

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