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The Importance of Industry Regulation in the Probate Research Industry R

ecently, the genealogy and probate research industry established a new regulatory body – the Association of Probate Researchers (APR). The APR was formed to bring regulation and transparency to the professional probate research industry. Prior to the creation of the APR, the provision of probate research was unregulated, with many amateur companies and hobby genealogists with very little legal experience emerging over the last five years, as awareness of the industry has grown through media exposure and commercial broadcasting shows. This growth has also unfortunately attracted fraudulent and dishonest individuals and ultimately it is the beneficiaries who suffer. The APR was created in light of this, to safeguard our legal clients and beneficiaries by ensuring that those handling these sensitive matters have the knowledge, experience and capability to do so. The






objectives are: 1. To protect the consumer (Beneficiaries) from unregulated probate research firms or individuals. 2. To ensure that the services provided by its members are delivered in a professional, competent and compliant manner. 3. To promote the advancement of ethical standards within probate research through education. The Association has been approved by the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) as a recognised body for Probate Research. Eligible APR members become a member of the PPR. APR members who meet the PPR’s Practical Experience Requirement qualify to apply for the Paralegal Practicing Certificate and become regulated by the PPR. To qualify as an APR member the applicant must have a minimum

of four years’ experience within the genealogy and probate research industry and show evidence of having worked on 100 cases or estates. Through the Association, anybody approached as a beneficiary regarding an unclaimed estate has the ability to verify the status of the probate researcher by referring to the PPR’s register. Further information can be found at and Fraser and Fraser is a Corporate Member of the APR and all of our Case Managers are members of the APR and PPR. We are a firm of Genealogist and Probate Researchers who provide specialist research and support services to the legal professions by tracing missing beneficiaries to unclaimed estates worldwide. To find out more about our services please contact us 020 7832 1400, email or visit our website