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2018 Invested in your future.


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You can depend on your EastGen Representative to deliver the farm supplies and technical expertise you require to meet or exceed your specific goals. At EastGen we are focused on developing long-lasting, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships. Part of that relationship is providing you access to a large offering of farm products delivered conveniently to your door through our extensive network. We are pleased to offer a full line of quality products that include: udder care products; hoof care products; AI supplies; farm supplies; needles and syringes; halters; ET supplies plus a growing list of other supporting products. These products have been brought to the market to address the specific needs of our farmer-owners. We are accountable to farmers first. When you partner with EastGen, you not only access the best-trained and most knowledgeable staff in the industry, we offer you the best solutions to serve you – the customer. Ask us today how we can support your goals with our convenient farm product line. We are invested in your future.


The Moocall calving sensor monitors your cows contractions and sends you a notification one hour before she is due to calve. • New ‘world first’ technology for farming. • Works in low network coverage areas. • 30 day fully rechargeable battery. • Connects to two cell phones of your choice. • After calving, move to the next cow. • One sensor per 30 cows on average. • 12 months service included with purchase. • After 12 months an annual service charge will apply. This covers network connection, unlimited SMS notifications, software and support. • Code #863


LED Light Bulb Omni A21 Dimmable Bulbs - Generation 5

Code #835

Code #841

• Replace up to 100W incandescent or 24W CFL bulbs with this new 13W LED bulb • Ideal for damp or humid environments • Get a crisp, clear brighter white light that will last for years • The 5000K colour gives off the light your animals will thrive under • Shatterproof approved

Milking Gloves Blacknight Nitrile Gloves • 100% Nitrile / powder free / Latex free • Thick & puncture resistant • Helps reduce bacteria & infection transfer • Available in sizes S - 2xl • 100 per pkg.



Needles & Syringes

Top quality needles and syringes available in various sizes for your herd health requirements

Shubee Protective Boot Covers • 40 pr. / pkg. • Fits up to size 18 men`s work boot • Code #838

Rubber Boots

• Helps protect your herd from tracking bacteria & infection • 100% Waterproof • Available in sizes S - 2xl • Available in short 10” & tall 17”

Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility!



Fly Control

Mr. Sticky Kit

• Effectively catches, controls & eliminates flies • Non-toxic / environmentally safe • Deluxe kit includes 1000 ft. of Sticky roll fly tape, take-up reel, 3 pulleys, hand crank, mounting reel & all necessary hardware • Mr. Sticky Kit - Code #449 • Mr. Sticky Refills - Code #448

FliesBeGone Fly Trap • • • •

Effective for 4-6 weeks with range of 50-100 yards! No toxins, no poisons, no insecticides Catches up to 20,000 flies & up to ten times faster Code #495

Condor Deluxe Dust Masks • Designed to provide comfortable, reliable protection • Soft nose foam and adjustable nose clip to help provide a custom fit and secure seal • Deluxe mask provides “Cool Flow” exhalation valve for heat & humidity reduction • 12 per pkg. • Code #840



BactZyme Premium Blocks Manure Pit Treatment

Super charge your lagoon with billions of beneficial bacteria! • BactZyme accelerates digestion & will liquify solid material so that it’s easier to agitate, pump & irrigate • A treated lagoon can be pumped lower with fewer plugging problems • Reduces bad odours from forming in the manure • Aids in meeting regulatory nutrient limits • Pail of 50 • Code #829



Dairy Sanitizers Mastitis Prevention & Cyclone Acid Rinse High quality milk product begins with clean sanitary pipelines & milkhouses. We offer a variety of convenient sizes delivered right to your farm! Chlorine Sanitizer

Liquid Chlorine 55 Litres Code #738

Cyclone Acid Rinse

Blended pipeline & milkstone remover 55 Litres Code #740

White Lightning

Chlorinated heavy duty circulation cleaners 55 Litres Code #739

Recommended by our customers “We are strong supporters of EastGen and we believe that buying their quality products such as the CIP pipeline sanitizers, comes with quality service and reasonable, competitive prices.” David and Pat Evans of Devans Holsteins milk 45 cows in a tie-stall near Smithville, ON. They have been using EastGen’s CIP pipeline sanitizing products for five years and are very satisfied by both the quality and price.

Available in convenient sizes delivered right to your farm! 8


Teat Dips Mastitis Prevention

First Defence ½% Iodine Teat Dip

• Pre & Post Dip • Provides a quick, broad spectrum kill of mastitis causing pathogens • One of the most effective products available for killing staph • Available in 18.9, 55 & 205 Litres

Premier 1% Iodine Post Teat Dip

• Advanced formulation providing maximum killing power & enhances skin conditioning • Available in 18.9, 55 & 205 Litres

We carry a complete line of effective Udder Care products for your Quality Milk Program!

Ultra Thick 1% Iodine Post Teat Dip

• High viscosity formulation allowing the product to slowly drip & bathe the teat end for maximum protection • Available in 18.9, 55 & 205 Litres

Guard 3/4 Iodine Post Teat Dip

• Formulation reduces mastitis causing organisms while maintaining natural softness of the skin. • Effective in Robot milking systems • Available in 55 & 205 Litres

Dairy Prep Wipes

• Dairy Prep Wipes are antiseptic pre-soaked udder wash wipes designed to reduce bacteria population on teats and udders to help prevent and control mastitis in lactating dairy cattle • Roll of 1100 • Code #760


Shield Non-Iodine Post Teat Dip

• Non-irritating with a formulation that provides a residual effect providing extended killing time • With neutral pH and non irritant properties, SHIELD is an excellent alternative to iodine • Available in 55 & 205 Litres



MASTITIS TEST KIT On-farm milk testing for fast identification of mastitis causing bacteria. Checkup offers an easy and affordable way to ensure that antibiotic treatment decisions can be made quickly and effectively. • For high SCC cows, fresh cows and cows with mastitis • Identifies contagious & environmental pathogens easily • Saves costs & reduces antibiotic use • • •

Code #852 - Checkup Incubator Code #854 - Checkup Mastitis Test Kit Code #853 - Checkup Manual

Our customers recommend Checkup

“We combine the Checkup system with our robot’s conductivity test to accurately and rapidly identify and diagnose problem cows. This allows us to treat the cow with the appropriate drugs and save money by not treating cows unnecessarily. The Checkup system pays for itself by saving on treatments, lost milk and time.” John Werry of Loa-De-Mede Farm, Oshawa, ON



BOVINE COLOSTRUM Colostrum supplement made with maternal True Bovine ColostrumTM • First-day colostrum from US Grade A dairies • Formulated for newborn dairy and beef calves • USDA-CVB and CFIA licensed formula • Aids in the treatment of failure of passive transfer of immunity • 3 year shelf life • Code #842 - 50g bovine IgG Colostrum Supplement • Code #843 - 100g bovine IgG Colostrum Replacer




Calcium Tubes

• Easy to administer • Raise blood calcium levels in 15 minutes • Non-burning in mouth • Good source of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Tricalcium phosphate • Code #654 Tube • Code #657 Applicator

Super Magnets • For assistance in the prevention of hardware disease • Insert when a heifer is first bred to help prevent problems • Sold Individually • Code #704



Hoof Care


The Complete Hoof Care Line To Optimize Hoof Health! Safe & Biodegradable!

Features & Benefits • • • • •

For treatment of Hairy Heel Wart (Strawberry Foot) Safe effective tool to treat digital dermatitis lesions Fast acting & kills bacteria in one second Strengthens hooves & keeps working after 24 hours in heavily soiled foot baths Non-antibiotic & non-toxic /natural & safe

Hoofsure Endurance -

Available in 20, 60, & 210 Litres

Combat Hoof Spray - Code #799 Hoofsure Konquest Gel - Code #805 Foot bath - Code #815 Small / Code #836 Large

Our customers recommend


“Last spring we began to take the preventative maintenance approach to hoof health and started using Hoofsure products. We now use the spray in the tie-stall and have added a foot bath. We are so happy with this product!” Andrew Greaves - Greaveston Holsteins, North Augusta



We offer the complete package of quality AI supplies Complete AI Kit Includes: • • • • •

AI Towels / AI Gun Insemination Gloves Lube Bottle / Thaw Thermos Sheaths & Protective Sheaths Tweezers & Straw Cutters

All items sold separately as required



AI Gloves • The best in the industry • Sensitive glove for insemination and flushing • Durable - 92 cm long / 36” • 150 per box • Code #955

General OB Lube

Sheaths & Sanitary Sleeves

3.78 Litre Container Code #620

Kamar Heat Detectors

Take the guesswork out of heat detection! • Valuable heat detection aid that helps in identifying cows ready for AI • These pressure sensitive devices have a built-in timing mechanism designed to be activated by standing heat behaviour • Glued onto the sacrum (tail head), pressure from the brisket of a mounting animal requires approximately 3 seconds to turn the detector from white to red • Pkg. of 25 / includes glue • Code #701




Put Time On Your Side

Power-up your cow monitoring capabilities with the most advanced, yet easy-to-use, herd management system. The PC-based SCR HeatimeÂŽ Pro System for real-time heat detection and health monitoring is designed to be efficient and simple. SCR Heatime Pro eliminates the guesswork and inconsistency of evaluating the reproductive, health, nutrition and well-being status of your cows, which allows early proactive action. This alleviates the full effect of the incidents that prevent cows from achieving their genetic, reproductive and milk production potential.


World leading Heatime™ cow monitoring equipment made by SCR an Allflex company. With a large lineup of health and activity monitoring products, we can provide a custom solution to meet your farm needs.

Our customers recommend

• The system focuses on movements and information related to a cow’s rumination and estrus. • Measures all cow’s movements such as walking, running, lying, standing and head movements. • Counts the minutes the cow ruminates. This makes ai24 the most accurate system on the market. • Rumination monitoring provides insight into the health status of your cows, especially fresh cows.

L to R Dave Loewith, Ben Loewith, Laura Schuurman

“Part of our consultation process with EastGen was looking at the benefit of adding an ai24 system in our heifer barn. Since installation, the result has been a tightening of our age at first calving and greater confidence in our time of breeding. We are not spending the extra time comparing notes with other barn staff and double guessing if we should breed. If we see a spike of activity in the system we simply breed, there is absolutely no second-guessing. This technology makes for a more relaxed atmosphere in the barn. Confidence in timing is extremely important.”

• Stand-alone and PC versions available. Can fully integrate with Dairy Comp 305 with PC version. • Cell Phone App available for Android and iPhone.

Carl, Dave, Ben Loewith & families, milk 400 Holsteins three times per day at Summitholm Holsteins in Ancaster, Ontario.


PUT MORE TIME ON YOUR SIDE Making herd management simple Rumination monitoring and heat detection capabilities Works with iPhone & android phones



Stay connected! Anywhere! Anytime! HealthyCow24® puts more time on your side by keeping you connected to your herd anytime and from anywhere! Fully mobile, with real-time alerts and reports, you can stay connected and in control of your herd wherever you are. We make it easy for you to access your farm data, helping you make better, faster decisions. HealthyCow24, just one more way we’re working to put more time on your side! Ask your EastGen representative how to stay connected from anywhere.


Put Time On Your Side




Exclusive, patented Immunity+ sires have been tested and confirmed to have high levels of immune response. Studies show that Immunity+ sires pass on their natural defense to their daughters and future generations.

Ask about Immunity+ sires to manage the health of your herd and your future. No other company offers anything like it. That’s the Semex Difference!



You can depend on your EastGen Representative to deliver the genetic advice, farm supplies and technical expertise you require to meet or exceed your specific goals.

Ask us today how we can support your goals with our convenient farm product line.

Invested in your future.

7660 Mill Road Guelph, ON N1H 6J1 1-888-821-2150 email: info@eastgen.ca


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