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Version: Golden Age 2.2.4 Exclusive Modifications Experience: 300X Skill/Force: ALL GM Animus: 500X Drops: 50X Mining: 50X

Rf xtreme 2.2.4 Megazine

Cora Race

Edition I Owner Of Server ADM Logan Developer ADM Xtreme Admin ADM Hades Game Master Ares EasterDay Hafestor

Bellato Race

Team Speak Official ADM Revoltz ADM Monkey GM Asuna CO Poseidon CO Lindia This is our first time to make magazine online.I hope after this our Wed-Designer will make new magazine and I hope ADM Logan will make an event about it.

Accretia Race

Special thank’s to : Google http// ADM Logan ADM Hades MounteaGirl RIsnT xfastx and other

By : EasterDay

Xtreme Rising Force Manual Some information that can help you in game: Drops Moobs: Flem Drop: T3 - T4 And All Talics Pit Boss: All Boss HQ and Colonies have T1-T2-T3-T4, All Basics Elementals 10%Atk-DefDodge at 25/20Atk-Def-Dodge, All Runes, All Talics. All others Pit Boss: Original Drop Golden Age (2.2.4) All moobs to Up have Original Drop Golden Age (2.2.4) Special drop: Baal Hamon and Eldi Croche drop Xtreme Weapon Rare 3 Slots and Fire Dragon Armor 3 Slots | Aliens Kartella drop all talics and jewels Principal Moob to Farm: (LvL Sequence) Flem - AbA - Calliana - Infected Beast - Baal Hamon | Sell Rate 12X Weapons: All Xtreme Rare Weapons for drop only have 3 slots, Armos Dragon same. All weapons and Armors for sell or drop have 5 slots only All Equipments you find for sell in GameCP by Vote or Donate Some Weapons, Ammo´s, Potions, Scrolls, Runes and equipments Stay in NO TRADABLE mode for more security from the server Elven Land Map: Now in all HQ´s in FOREIGN VENDOR NPC have two new teleport for buy. 1st: Teleport your Character to Safe Zone. 2nd: Scape your Character Elven to HQ. All original cobinations are working in HERO NPC The RF Xtreme 2.2.4 have a special equipments to use, find in GameCP Xtreme Elementals | Xtreme Weapons | Xtreme JetPack | Tower´s ans Traps more powerfull ChipWar Rewards Win - 20.000Cpt | Fail - 1000Cpt | Lose - 200Cpt GameCP Vote System: Xtreme Top 100: 50GP per vote 12 at 12 Hours Games Top 100: 50 per vote 12 at 12 Hours Games Sites 100: 50 per vote 12 at 12 Hours GTop 100: 50 per vote 12 at 12 Hours 200GP per 12Hours | 400 per day

Rising Force OnLine Rules All punishments will be applied according to the yoke of ADM / GM.

1.: Profanity, Expletives and Offenses. Will be considered offenses, dialogues extremely libelous, racial, sexual, "bullying" or content inappropriate for children under 18 years. Any other situation arconde the race should be the mediator of punishment InGame. If you feel insulted or slandered a formal complaint should be referred to authorities from the server. 2.: They are prohibited: Offensive Names, not pronounceable, or unidentifiable. Names that remind profanity, sexual organs, they use acronyms referring to swearing, which insult other players, that has special characters. 3.: Forgery. It is forbidden for any player attempting to pass GM or WMD event or character from simply using the initials GM and ADM. 4.: Character or edition items. Whichever method is used by software or by hackers pages receive the highest punishment imposed. 5.: Resource Hacker. Any method used, additional files or in game, as the bug siege, speed hacker, hacker fly, Damage hacker or similar, through software or hackers pages receive the highest punishment imposed. 6.: Dupper. Any character who is caught with a duplicate number, you receive the greatest punishment. 7.: Anti-Event. Any character who decides to disrupt an event that is killing the participants or any other form that directly disrupt the event, will be punished. 8.: Disclosure or advertise another game server. It is forbidden any kind of advertising within the game or any service xTGaminG. 9.: Torres and mines. Towers respawn in places players in the radius of the attack is FORBIDDEN respawn, mines are ALLOWED. The towers are permitted next to respawn as long as they do not attack the players, the respawn, helping their defense and / or attack. Not allowed to put the MAU over the tower without the driver, preventing the other player of target tower. 10.: Flooder. FLOOD chat will be considered any direct or indirect disallowing the player who receives the messages read other information from the server. Save commands in the councils of the races and events schedules CW

11.: CW. It is allowed to remain inside the chip or pass through the same to escape the target of another race. Such attitudes are not considered bugs. Continues to the placing of TORRES inside the chip. 12.: Helping the opponent. It is forbidden to help the "opponent" (opposite race) to upload or hang CPT, Example, a Bellato Accretia help one, vice versa. one may only help players of their own race. Note: This does not involve the issue of PNA's or war strategies. 13.: In-Game Languages It is not restricted to any language written in any chat. All must adapt, interpret and collaborate in the best shape possible for the good understanding of all players. Only ARCONDE must choose between English or Portuguese to lead his race in the hours necessary, CW, qualuqer events or situation that requires his command. Remember to write in two languages so that everyone understands, strengthens the race and friendship among all.

Admin Logan

TeamSpeak Rules All punishments will be applied according to the yoke of ADM / GM.

1. Of the use of TS 1.1 TS is free and unimpeded, could enter and to leave anybody (Player or Not), the any hour. 1.2 are allowed the free players circulation in any one of the available rooms that don't demand access passwords. 1.3 will only receive passwords, the special rooms, as example the rooms of Guilds. 1.4 Official XT- GaminG TeamSpeak Server, it can only be used for the conversation with base in one of our services, not being allowed the use of our rooms for instance to play in another Server, to do private meetings and conventions. 2. Behavior in the use of TS 2.1 The destined free rooms the races can be accessed by players of other races, since, don't get mixed up strategies or demand secret in a certain moment of the game. Safe in case of PNA , strategies of two united races or cases that follow that procedure line. 2.2 Are not allowed the use of names containing (long words), induction the pornography, that you/they exile the image of XT-GaminG or to use names going by members of Staff. 2.3 Any type of racism, (bulling), discrimination and fights, they will be reasonable punishments. 2.4 Are not allowed the use of images containing pornography, images with high violence degree, induction to illicit acts as change of your nickname. 3. Moderation of TS. 3.1 The moderation responsibility in general is so only of Staff, any other player, can for outrage to decide, to expel, to order any decision on any subject. 3.2 No player will receive CA (Channel Admin) for the free rooms. The moderation of those it will be done by Staff as mentioned in the item 3.1. 3.3 The leader of Guild that has your room maid will receive CA (Channel Admin) and it will moderate your channel in the way that to find reasonable, Staff in any moment it will interfere in the will of this. Save in cases of abuse of power in the use of the room. 3.4 the leader of Guild can give up CA (Channel Admin) to who he to find necessary for the moderation of your channel. 3.5 The attitudes of TS implicate In Game directly, punishment in TS can be applied in any other service XT-GaminG. 4. Accusations and punishments 4.1 accusations will only be accepted by recordings, without cuts or editions. 4.2 Can be accepted accusations with players testimonies, those will be analyzed by Staff. 4.3 Any final punishment will be applied by Staff, that judges and he/she decides in agreement with your criteria and values that it should be done to each differentiated case. 5. Pattern of the rooms and language. 5.1 The rooms received your standardized names, containing characters that should not be altered. 5.2 The rooms of Guilds should follow an identification pattern. Example: ? Guild Nome ?. The SubChannels of Guilds they don't need to follow any standardization. 5.3 Are not allowed the creation of Sub-Channels containing names with long words, induction the pornography, containing any discrimination type or that exile the name of XT-Gaming.

5.4 are just allowed the creation of 3 (Three) Sub-Channels for Guilds, exceeding that limit the rooms will be extinguished without previous warning. 5.5 All communication among the players can be made in any language. 5.6 The communication among Player / Staff should be made in: Portuguese, English or Spanish, being to criterion of the player to decide which language is more comfortable. You are Responsible For Your Acts

TeamSpeak Server Oficial TeamSpeak Server Adress: Port: 9987 Alternative Adress: TS3 V3 Download Safe Zone Run Now at FOREIGN VENDOR NPC And Buy Your Teleport to The New Three Safe Zones In Elven Land Exclusive XTGaminG Att. ADM Logan

Forum Rules All punishments will be applied according to the yoke of ADM / GM.

1 - Flood 1.1 Postage without any relationship with the topic (besides disguised them with@topic) Sanction: Warn 1.2 Spam - postage just tans mentioning the topic without increasing anything of value (former: cool!; "Cool video"; "I like";"Didn�t head"; or any other quote plus "�" or "�"; etc). San��o: Warn. 1.3 Do two or more same postages (or similar) Sanction: Warn. 1.4 Use topic as chat (it chats between two or more people) Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 5 days in the forum. 1.5 to give Up in the topic�to just Do postage to evidence the topic without anything to increase. Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 5 days in the forum. 1.6 Resurrect Topic - to Post just in very old topic to reactivate him/it (Topics without postages there are more than 30 days). Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 5 days in the forum. 1.7 to pan topics�to Do the famous " wrench ", to post in topics in sequence without anything of useful to increase. Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 5 days in the forum and all post count clear. 1.8 Postage in incorrect section. Sanction: Warn + Topic moved for the correct section. 1.9 Insistence in repeating and/or to post topics with same subject. Sanction: Warn + Topic erased + Impeded of posting for 5 days in the forum. 2 - Flame 2.1 light Offense. Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 10 days in the forum.

2.2 Serious offense. Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 30 days in the forum. 2.3 Inadequate vocabulary - Use of long words, malicious citations, obscene and offensive signs. Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 10 days in the forum. 2.4 Defamation or Offense (false report; false accusation). Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 30 days in the forum�could cart in punishment it in-loves. 2.5 Authorship of the topic (Former: to Ridicule, to Criticize the image creation, text, creative postage with objective of entertaining in a pejorative way; to undo of the subject proposed by the author, the value of the same). Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting for 15 days in the forum + Approval of topics restricted for the staff for 30 days. 2.6 Flame causing tumult. Sanction: Banished of the forum. 2.7 light offense to Staff. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 20 days in the forum. 2.8 disrespect to Staff. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 30 days in the forum. 2.9 offense records Staff. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 30 days in the forum, could cart permanent blockade it in-loves and in-forum. 2.10 to use, be in the body of the text, be in the signature, symbols, marks or characters, that induce in any way, make mention or denigrate the image of other clans. Punishment: warn + 10 days of suspension + sign edited the case accordingly. 3 � Rules of Accusation Section. 3.1 Flood in the section of accusations. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 10 days in the forum. 3.2 Flood in the section of accusations without being involved. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 15 days in the forum. 3.3 Postage in the section of accusations without being involved. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 15 days in the forum.

3.4 Flame in the section of accusations. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 15 days in the forum. 3.5 Flame in the section of accusations without being involved. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 20 days in the forum. 4 - Programs and illegal sites. 4.1 Popularization of programs or links of illegal programs (flyhackers, dmghackers, speedhackers, keyloggers, etc.) including postage of videos and indirect citations to respect: Sanction: I Block permanent of the bill in the forum, could cart blockade it in-game. 4.2 Deceiving Links - links with intention of redirecting users of the forum for other pages different from the announced in the link (Former: THE best build of peak of the times! with link for a site of construction of cities). Sanction: Block permanent of the bill in the forum, could cart blockade it in-game. 5 � Images. 5.1 Signature or/and Change Signature out of the standard size (superior attn 710x450 pixel) Maximum Size of the Assinatura Procedimento: it requested by the staff that the player edits the size in 48 hours. Sanction: Warn + Impeded of posting goes 10 days in the forum + edited signature. 5.2 offensive Image�With sexual appeal, apology the drugs or racism Sanction: Warn + 20 days of bill suspension + edited signature. 5.3 Ridiculing or reviling somebody else. Sanction: Warn + 30 days of bill suspension + edited signature. �Could cart in punishment ingame. 5.4 Ridiculing or reviling the staff. Sanction: Warn + 30 days of bill suspension + edited signature. �Could cart in punishment ingame. 5.5 Are prohibited the exhibition of images of other players expressly, without the authorization of the same ones. Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 20 days in the forum�could cart in punishment ingame. 5.6 Exhibition of images and sarcastic videos that empty space against the moral and ethical beginnings, that offend third, that make humor with the misfortune, the misfortune of third.

Sanction: Warn + Suspension of 20 days in the forum�could cart in punishment in-game. 6 � Forum accounts. 6.1 To lend account in the forum for another player to do flame. Sanction: Punishment in agreement with the rules above. 6.2 Improper Nick. Sanction: Banished of the forum, could cart in punishment it in-game. 6.3 to happen for other in the forum. Sanction: Banished of the forum, could cart in punishment ingame. 6.4 To publish another server of RFO (Rising Forces Online) that is not of Xtreme. Sanction: Banished of the forum and blocked in game. 7 - Rules for Section of Trade. 7.1 are prohibited the creation of topics expressly presenting items of the game in money, or presenting donations in change of items in the game. Sanction: Warn + Banishment in the forum�I Block permanent of account in-game. 8 - Useful time of topic and storage. 8.1 Become useless all topical that passes more than 48:00 without any post of any nature. 8.2 are to criterion of STAFF, to shut up or to leave the topic in open for new posts, I marry the topic he/she still has a subject that interest to the group in common. 8.3 in case it is characterized that the topic is framed in the criterion of uselessness, that will be shut up and moved for area dump/file of the Forum, I marry the creator of the topic he/she wants you review him/it in the origin place for a possible debate of the subject, a PM should be a correspondent requesting the reopening of the topic, the reason and where was before being moved. 8.4 The topics that are in Dump/File also have useful life and in agreement with the trial of STAFF they will be deleted. 9.0 9 - It is prohibited to use the forum for private ads by way of attempted sale, lease or own any service to others. Citing as example the sale of game accounts, characters, items or any equipment purchased through a donation of money or game. The user must use media suitable for such disclosures. Observations: A�All the rules above have cumulative character, so that to each relapse the punishment is applied multiplying the number of times that to infringe the rules. B - To use the quote of any type can be punished with the same rules of the original post. C�all the rules above have cumulative character, so that to each relapse the punishment is applied multiplying the number of times that to infringe the rules. D - To use the quote of any type can be punished with the same rules of the original post. E - The rules above can and they should be altered at any moment without previous warning.

F - The Punishments can vary in agreement with I judge him/it of the responsible members for such, ADM�s and GM�s, being softer or heavy.

New Chip War Reloaded When you start the countdown to the CW option:

If you select "YES" you will be teleported to their base in ETHER. If you lose this means of teleportation, new teleporting will be available in the NPC'S FOREIGN VENDOR, teleport like the ones below, will take you straight to their base in ETHER.

The delivery of the Chip (CB) must be made within the cave of bones.

So how to kill the guardian. Ps: Nuke work Normal Nuclear Test !!!!

GOLD MEMBER REWARDS Gold Member is a reward program in the form of rebates on donations made by players.

How it works? After the first donation from the value of $90.00 the player receives 50% discount on the next item on any donations that you wish to purchase in our GameCP. Who is Gold Member can buy items with a 50% discount for any other player that is not Gold Member. Who's Gold Member have a differently gold name in the Forum, and gain exclusive area to create topics and posts, completely private from other players to have access. Example of purchase for Player Gold Member: MaU Donate For a no Gold Member player - U$75,00 (PRICE) Mau Donate For a Gold Member - U$35,50 (PRICE) The player to make the first donation of $90.00 must send a private message on the Forum to Admin Logan including: Subject Gold Member, char and account name that made the donation in the amount of $90.00. Become a Gold Member now and get all our equipment with discounts of 50%. Exclusive method of exchanging GamePoins (GP) between accounts

Tutorial About RF-Xtreme MAU attack tutorial Hi guys, i just want to help bellato mau driver coz they are always asking why their mau's damage is not the same with others mau attack. Here are some steps to make your mau's atack increased.

1. lvl 66 Yellow mau 2. Pure mau class ( specialist ) 3. 5 Pieces of Panzer Generator 4. 1 pieace of MAU Blessing ( located at Foreign vendor ) 5. Make sure you are using mellee primary weapon ( make your mellee attack higher so it will convert to your MAU's damage) - Sword +3 / Berserks Vial 70% attack and a set of xtreme elemental. also buff your self for more attacks. Note : before boarding on your mau, make sure you applied all your powerfull items/ equips or pots and before riding on it. pick your mau blessing from your bag and put it down again then board on your mau. Sorry for my bad English, hope i helped you guys.

Regards, x31x

My Own Dragon Armor Skin Set! w/ DL Link and Tutorial :) DOWNLOAD LINK:

Here is where you should put the downloaded file: Your RF XTreme Folder -> Character -> Player -> Tex -> Paste The File and Replace Hope you enjoy, again, this is the DA Skin..... By singkotenchu at 2011-05-27

Multi Login. Download tool/software.file named sandboxie(SB),this file detected as virus by AVAST,so dissable your virus detector first. then download HideTool (HT). after SB installed,click All Programs>SandBoxie>Run any program sandboxed>chose DefaultBox>> Browse RF.exe at"DESKTOP">> press "OK" Launcher appear,and login your account.and run HT,click hide RF_online.bin and fgm.exe,after that chose your character. First account is account you can login without this tool (normal login). enjoy and good game,sorry for bad english.hahahha I am not american.

Tested (Windows XP) Don't use this tool for dupe or other hack/bug Link DownloadSandboxie and HideToolz for Windows 7 but I am not sure HideToolz for windows 7 is work.hahahh

Simple Auto Loot This tool just for Farmer,PB Hunter and Event Participant. LOL Maybe all of us knew about this tool,and Admin has been recommended this tool before,but in new version,I didn't find it. So,I will share about Auto Loot Tools Just download the tools,and then double click file and run.that all. Press F1 for On Auto Loot and Press F2 for off that is simple,right? let's download it in . Check It Out Link Downliad Auto Loot NB 1 : Don't try chat during Auto Loot On NB 2 : Don't view only.Need Comment

X-Fire Tutor [Video for catch cheater/hacker]

X-FIRE Before read tutor,let's download X-Fire client in here X-Fire Download Oke,let's start tutor : 1.nstal your x-fire client 2.register for get link/embed of your video 3.after registered,you should setup your x-fire,for setup,click Tools,and then Options... 4.after that,chose Games,and wait detecting Load until done. 5.after that,you will find new page,you should double click Not Instaled for get all file,after all file appears,scrool down and find rfonline file,click it,then move to Automatically Detect,clic it and change it to Manual Detect,then click Browse.. 6. after Browse,you will find new page,and go to your RF online folder,but before browse RF-Xtreme Folder,you should change RF-Xtreme2.2.4 launcher to RF or RF.exe if you done change it,back to browse,chose rf-xtreme folder,and you will find launcher named RF or RF.exe ,click it and open.if ask for chose rf_online.bin,click it it and open to.then click oke that's all and done. for take video in game push scroll Lock in your keyboard and push key "V" on your keyboard.or go to for get tutorial capture. good luck and say not to cheater. make this server comfortable and fair play. I hope this tutorial can help you all. NB : ALL WORD THAT BLUE IS IMPORTANT[FIND THAT WORDS] NB : CLICK IMAGE FOR ZOOM MODE

Solution For Donate I try to help you guys. this is tutorial about "how to donate in this server". I make this tutorial because I was received 3 private message by other,they ask how to donate. maybe you are not read in game CP or maybe you have not paypal account that verified. Let me tell you about it. For Paypal : You can use paypal account for send your money to ADM-Logan. what adrees we should send our money,Easter?you can send to For transfer by bank You can send your money by bank account. send to Bank of Brazil Agency: 0101-5 Account: 43665-8 Savings Account Variation: 1 name: Luiz Claudio iban:001 but you need proof. you should scan your coupon and send to ADM-Logan. what is ADM-Logans email?you should send your proof of payment to but I think your money will get tax payment. for example,if you give your money to banker 25$,they will send your money to Logan 24$ only. for player who have not paypal account and Bank account. you can ask someone who came from your country (countrymates) for help you. just information,in piliphino,we have Peekaboo/Redol . He lives in Philiphino. You can ask him for help you to send your money.

In Brazil,you need not help,because our server stay and lives in Brazil,you can go to ADM-Logan House ou GM-Hades House ou Other GM. For Indonesia Actually we have player that can help you in indonesia,his character name BrokerCyber in ACC sides,but he never contact me until today. so,if you can meet him,maybe he can help you,but if want,you can ask me for help.or need more

Isis donate

Defferents : Normal isis max level is 60 (low attack) (has 4 wings) Donate isis max level is 66 (hight attack) (has 6 wings)

Price 40$ (Non-Gold Member) and 25$ (Gold Member)

Siege donage

Siege non donate limited (low demage)(blue Siege) Siege donate unlimited (hight demage)(gold Siege) Price 30$ (Non Gold Member) and 15 (Gold Member)

Mau donate

MAU non donate (low demage)(Yellow MAU) MAUDonate (hight demage)(Black MAU) Price 90$ (Non Gold Member) and 50$ (Gold Member)

Elementals donate

Not sell at game cp. Price 20$ (each part) or 80$ (Combine) We talk about discount,but not yet.we will tell you later after you want to send your payment. This is great elems.

RF Xtreme Number 3 in Top 10 RF Online List Xtreme RF New Server ( 2.2.4 Server ) start launch about 5 month ago,but we can catch other private server.gratz to all players that support our server

this is our site. We stay at rank 1.however,we should stay in this rank our site


This is new site.when ADM add new site for vote.and RF Xtreme Start in the last rank.then after few days later,we go to rank 42.and last time ago.I found it in rank 3.succes.

And this is rank 4.before I get this screen shoot,maybe somedays ago,we are rank 9.nice.we can catch 5 rank at somedays only.good job guys.proud to be xTGaming Member

New update.we have contact to team,we can read all chat at our channel and all player that joined to team speak

The end

To all Player,I am so sorry if I had body perfect,right? Include me,ADM and Other Staff. Maybe somedays ago you guys felt not well,because our server is offline every CW, then some CW then offline for more than 5 hours.that is not our fault,that is out of control. We will give you guys the best of our effort. You are the loyal players. We are knew you will wait us and we are knew you are good player. Eventhough we got your topic in forum has bad words,we are knew you felt uncomfortable. And know, All of xTGaming Staff say “We are so sorry if you guys felt uncomfortable” About all your case in game, you can send message to all staff of xTGaming And for all player that have knowledge about MMORPG,you can help too. Just Keep Loyality and we will give the best for all And sorry about my English, I know my English is screw up.


Xtreme Megazine  

our first edition

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