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Ms. Jennie Dang and Mrs. Brittney Meehan, third grade teachers at Murdock Elementary School, submitted their students’ suggestions on how we can be better stewards of our environment. So, in honor of Earth Day, April 22, EAST COBBER presents their "tips” to save the earth.

There are even drains “outside on the curb! When

Save the planet! By “turning off the water while

We should stop making “power plants, because

someone comes to your house to work on the yard they put fertilizer which is poisonous when the rain collects fertilizer it goes to the river and hurts the fish living there.

you’re brushing your teeth helps a lot.

the power plants produce

~ Noah Rogers

steam and that will make acid rain. Acid rain is when chemicals get in rain and that is part of water pollution and air pollution. If

We need to stop pollution and we can stop now! We can use bikes more or if we need to, the buses! If we don’t stop pollution, some of the animals might not survive!

”~ Cole Spankowski

acid rain gets into ponds or

~ Grayson O’Daniel

rivers the fish and the frogs will get sick and some of

them will die.

~ Harshid Balachandar

R.R.R. is important “because it can reduce the amount of pollution. The R’s stand for Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Reuse means to use the same over and over again. Reduce, just reduce trash. Recycle, you should know what that means. Well, fine, it means to reuse your trash. I hope I’ve convinced you to save the environment.

~ Brandon Lloyd Smith 18 April 2017

You can also save electricity by turning off lights. Fun fact: you can save up to 10% electricity by just turning off lights.

There is a big chunk of “trash in the sea as big as Texas and it is making the animals sick, so make sure that you do not throw trash in the water.

~ Kellen Gornall

~ Roman Hargis of people “takeMillions trees to turn into paper and throw the paper away instead of recycling it. There is

“We all need to do our parts and make the Earth healthier and greener. ”

~ Tyler Coleman

one bad effect of that, paper isn’t getting recycled so you should recycle paper.

~ Srinivas Chilakamarri


When you are in the rest“room and you wash your hands, make sure you unroll just enough paper towels to dry your hands.

~ Seena Cuddapah www.eastcobber.com