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Algarve Elegance is the beauty within your home with a taste of difference and style. Find us here: Rua vale Fromoso, 8100-267, Almancil or contact us on T: 960 116 396 E: W:



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8 WHY ARE YOU HERE? Meet travel blogger Susana Ribeiro

10 24 HOURS IN THE RIA FORMOSA Join us in experiencing casa da ria

14 THE ALGARVE IS GOING GREEN We catch up with the solar experts, Casa Verde

16 QUINTA DA TOR Unique wines in unique settings

20 INTERIOR DECOR Isabela Goncalves gives us some beach style tips

24 2020 SO FAR An update on the property market by YellowHomes.

26 PROPERTY OF THE MONTH Could this be your dream property?

28 QUINTA ART COLLECTIVE Meet the women that are making waves

34 FAMILIAR FACES We sit with Paul Greenhalgh to learn about his new venture Compass Property Sales

38 RECIPE OF THE MONTH Shallow fried Mackerel fillets with tomato rice


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October 2020

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rive-in cinemas are making a comeback in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the new demand for forms of entertainment that don’t involve people coming into close contact with each other.

Four films will be screened in October: ‘Playmobil’ ; ‘La La Land’; ‘Trouble’ and ‘Are You Here’. “The best thing about these screenings is that they are totally free,” the shopping centre says.


However, signing up in advance on the shopping centre’s website ( is mandatory. After signing up, each person can choose the film they wish to see and how many people will be inside the vehicle. Afterwards, a code will be provided which will have to be presented to the shopping centre’s staff upon arrival. All films will be screened at 9.30pm. source:

October 2020



The Algarve will receive about two thousand bird nesting boxes, which will be supervised by the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF). The initiative won the 2018 National Participatory Budget and results from a collaboration between the Vita Nativa Association, based in Olhão, and the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation (ICNF). The initiative first took off at the end of July and has since resulted in the signing of a collaborative protocol, safeguarding hundreds of local bird that are threatened with extinction. This “is a two-year project that is taking place throughout the Municipalities of the Algarve. Over the next few months we will install nest boxes for small species of passerines, such as titmills, and for prey species of small and medium size, such as owls and kestrels”, states the Vita Nativa association.

“This is because the species we want to benefit are known to be excellent friends in the control of biological pests (for example: the pine caterpillar and micromammals)”. The project, all in all, includes the installation of nest boxes, the monitoring of their use, with live online transmission of some occupied nests, awareness-raising campaigns, and environmental education at schools. Bird box building workshops are also planned for the future. The Vita Nativa association concludes that the objective is to involve “the population in general, alongside the various local and regional entities in the Algarve, such as municipalities, tourism boards, farmers, producers, schools, and others”. source:

João Tomás, one of those responsible for the project, remarks that “most birds depend on natural cavities to settle and reproduce but, with the changes that have been made in the habitats, this is disappearing”. With the implementation of nest boxes, it will be possible “to help foster interest and provide more direct contact with society in relation to birds”. “Moreover, with a greater number of breeding places available, we will also be promoting the establishment of more birds in the urban environment and contributing to a better balance of ecosystems. “



new memorandum of understanding has been signed between Portugal and the Netherlands, to explore the transportation of green hydrogen between the two countries. The agreement will enable the transport of renewable hydrogen from a new project in Sines, Portugal to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Both countries are in agreement of the growing importance of renewable gases such as green hydrogen, wihch will play a large part in Europe’s decarbonisation goals. In a statement they confirmed their cooperation to help develop supply chains for the export of green hydrogen. Just 2 months ago Portugal announced its national hydrogen strategy, involving a hefty 7 billion euro investment by 2030. They plan to develop the Sines hydrogen facility, a national laboratory focused on green technology. source:

October 2020

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he campaign #AÚltimaGota_Algarve (#TheLastDrop_ Algarve) developed by Almargem aims to inform the public about the need to change our attitudes and behaviours when it comes to water management. The strategy will cover the 16 municipalities of the Algarve and will include a Digital Guide and water saving tips. Concerned with the situation in which the Algarve region finds itself, in January 2020, Almargem formed a working group composed of partners, volunteers from different areas, with interest and knowledge in the themes of water use, agriculture, wastewater reuse and environmental and civic intervention. The project will be promoted in various forms including two webinars, with guest speakers from specialized areas training courses with the theme “Every drop counts” will be available to those wishing to proceed with the licensing of an ApR and learn about the various models of wastewater treatment. An animated short film promoting awareness of behavioral change an interactive exhibition will provide visitors with

information about water consumption in the world, in Portugal and in the Algarve, covering different areas such as the domestic sector, agriculture, golf courses and the tourism an online quiz game will be added to Almargem’s existing website and will test participants’ knowledge. In order to make information more readily available to the entire Portuguese population, an online “Digital Guide - Water saving tips and decoder for environmental policies” will be prepared, which aims to encourage the adoption and change of behaviors that lead to efficient use and savings of water, awakening or increasing your environmental awareness. Almargem - Association for the Defense of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of the Algarve, founded in 1988, is a Non-Governmental Organization for the Environment (ONGA), of regional scope, headquartered in Loulé, which develops actions in several areas, namely in the forum of conservation of natural and cultural heritage, education for sustainable development and community intervention and education. Source:



he guide contains 244 pages of long and short hikes throughout the Algarve, summarised into 47 routes, from seaside walks to mountain treks. Turismo do Algarve said the aim is to promote


“rich natural and built heritage of the Algarve and its landscape diversity”. The guide can be downloaded for free on Source:

October 2020



We met Susana Ribeiro, Journalist turned travel blogger earlier this year whilst Stand up paddleboarding in the caves around Benagil, travelling the world and getting paid to do it is something everyone would love, so we asked some questions to find out more about her... What is your name? Susana Ribeiro.

combine the passion of traveling with my way of writing. And that is how Viaje Comigo was born.

Where are you from? I am from Porto, that’s where my home base is, but I live in several places at a time, all around Portugal and the world.

What is the hardest part of your working process? I would say that the difficult part is to work on partnerships and create attractive tours and put it all on the website. But everything is a good challenge! My goal has always been to encourage people to travel more, using my guides and travel suggestions.

What do you do? I have been a journalist for the last 20 years and I created a travel website 7 years ago, people call me a travel blogger but I am always going to be a journalist, I am also a tour leader, which means I get to take people travelling! I go with groups of my readers and followers to several destinations (such as Morocco, Thailand and Tanzania) but in the next few months I am doing tours in Portugal, and especially focusing on the Algarve. How long have you been doing it? I have had since 2013 but I am a journalist for the last 20 years - I have worked in several newspapers, magazines, radio stations and also with TV producers. How did you find your style of blog? Well at first it was supposed to be a website as a community of travelers, but little by little I realized that my readers and followers identified with the places I visited. Viaje Comigo has also started working with travel agencies and taking groups to various destinations. Usually, my workday is writing about the places I visit. This aims to help anyone who likes to organize their own trips. With my tours the opposite happens: I go with those who want some company and want everything organized for them on trips, without any problems. What has your involvement in journalism brought you? I think it brought me a wide view of the societies and cultures that I visit. I am very curious about everything! I observe my surroundings and I ask a lot of questions, I like new experiences and I try to put that curiosity into the things I write for Viaje Comigo. I never wanted to be anything other than a journalist until I saw that I could


Where is your favourite place? That’s a very difficult question, because I have so many. In Portugal, Algarve is certainly one of them, that’s why I want to do tours in that region. I love the Douro Wine Region and my city, Porto. Around the rest of the world. I love almost every place I’ve been like Morocco, India, Thailand... When the pandemic started I was in Chile and I had to come back within 48 hours. And this year I was going to make a lot of trips but now they are all pushed back to 2021! I love Morocco, India, Thailand... What is your perfect day? Being somewhere with great weather and good food, watching a perfect sunset, a Porto with Tonic and new or old friends. What is your favourite picture of a place you visited? Uhhh so many! Even when I have to choose for Instagram ( it is very difficult! But I have to say that, this year, I really love the ones I took in South Africa, in January/February when I was travelling for a month there. Also my pictures of Portugal show that my country has a lot of beautiful places. The last ones in Douro and Algarve show how beautiful Portugal is! And finally, where can people find you? Well they can find me on the Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:

October 2020

by Dora Guerreiro

EXQUISITE FOUR BEDROOM VILLA Just neighbouring Vale do Lobo, this villa is set within a renowned area close to all amenities, prestigious golf resorts, tennis courts, fine sand beaches and restaurants. The perfect villa for a tranquil algarvian lifestyle! - Golden Triangle - Covered terrace with retractable awning - Garage - Garden - Private Heated Swimming Pool - South facing Terrace - Air Conditioning

- Alarm - Barbecue - Electric Gate - 4 En-suite Bedrooms - Privacy - Outdoor Pool Shower - Fireplace

Buy with Confidence, Sell with Success! Your home, your lifestyle...It´s our purpose.

DG Algarve Properties | (+351) 289 355 336 | (+351) 912 391 925 | Estrada de Vale do Lobo, Rua Manuel Teixeira Gomes 947 1Âş Dto, 8135 - 016 Almancil, Portugal

AMI 14557

All aboard

TWENTY FOUR HOURS IN THE HEART OF THE RIA FORMOSA We share our unforgettable experience of staying in Casas da Ria’s house boat, a vessel that sits in the center of the Algarve’s stunning Ria Formosa.


asas da Ria is a catamaran in the heart of the Ria Formosa with a sleeping capacity for four people with approximately 30 square meters of space. It has a bedroom, fully equipped bathroom, kitchen and living space that can be converted to another bedroom, outside seating area and a roof terrace where you can soak in the sun whilst enjoying amazing 360 degree views of the natural park that surrounds you. Its a family business with its surroundings in mind, the vessel is completely eco-friendly and self sufficient everything is powered by solar panels including its electric motors and with a septic tank for anaerobic biological treatment of black waters which is very important to conserve the environment. Their mission is to provide a unique experience to their clients in a floating accommodation that sits in perfect harmony with nature. The Ria Formosa is a labyrinth of canals, islands, marshland


and sandy beaches that extend 60 km along the Algarve coast between the beaches of Garrão and Manta Rota. A paradise for birdwatchers, Ria Formosa is considered an important bird area (IBA) and is part of the Natura 2000 Network. This is one of the most important areas for aquatic birds in Portugal, hosting on a regular basis more than 20,000 birds during the wintering period. The area is also very important as a stop-over point in the migration routes between Europe and Africa and it provides shelter for rare species in Portugal such as the Purple Swamphen, and for other emblematic species like the colourful flamingos. You can also find other endangered species such as the chameleon - a reptile that only exists in the south of Portugal and also seahorses. The Ria formosa has one of the largest populations of seahorses in the world. There is a long list of activities available to you on and around the vessel, Casa Da Ria has a dingy with an electric motor to take you to the islands that surround you so you can enjoy the exclusive beaches the Ria Formosa has to

October 2020

October 2020


All aboard


October 2020

offer you. Inside the seating area in the living space you will find snorkelling equipment so you can see the incredible amount of marine life that swims around you. They also have stand up paddle boards available to rent and there are many private tours available where you can explore the local fishing villages and Bird watch, Dolphin watch and more. The experience of staying there is amazing and gives you a feeling of being in the middle of nature that you rarely experience anywhere else. In an age where we spend more and more time connected to wifi, even when “on holiday” or taking some time from work it is hard to get away from the online world but when you’re in the middle of a natural park with nothing to do but enjoy the nature around you it gives you time to clear your mind and really relax. And

when the beach-goers go home and the sun starts to set, you are alone in one of the most beautiful places in the world with nothing but the sound of fish flapping around the boat and the occasional plane coming in to land at Faro airport. It’s for sure a bucket list experience and we can not recommend it enough. We would like to thank the team at Casas da Ria for an experience we will never forget and we share with you in the hope that you go and experience it too. Now is a better time than ever as you couldn’t be in a safer place and we are lucky to have great weather all year round, also, if you mention Simply Algarve when booking you will get a free welcome drink included in your stay! Contact them at (+351) 913 971 522 or (+351) 934 769 706 or email

October 2020




We talk to your local experts, Casa Verde to learn about Portugals love for going green and how they can help you on your way to a greener home.


y bringing more sun solar-powered solutions, an increase in fabulous (world class) blue flag beaches and a rise in producers bringing outstanding organic products to our tables, Portugal has been working consistently hard. In 2019 the country took first place in the “Best of Europe” category at ITB’s Berlin’s annual Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards. And Portugal is continually progressing, leading the way for quality, beauty and sustainability – thus creating a greener future for itself. The 300 days a year of glorious sunshine gives everyone a huge opportunity to benefit from solar energy. In 2019 seven councils signed a photovoltaic energy memorandum, combining efforts with the Algarve Regional Energy and Environment Agency to promote storage and selfconsumption solutions for solar power. Portugal’s latest auction of contracts to build and operate new solar energy capacity set a world record for the lowest price of future output. One winning bid was costing as little as 11.14 euros per megawatt hour (Mwh). The aim is to have 7,000 mw of renewable energy by 2030, which equates to 80% of consumable energy being produced by renewable resources. Fantastic.


If life’s a beach, as of July 2020, there are now 360 praias with blue flag status, that’s 8 more than in 2019. And the Algarve claims 88 of them – more than any other region in the country. The eco-label is highly regarded and includes marinas and sustainable boat tours. A beach must meet environmental, educational, accessibility and safety criteria to scoop a coveted award. If that wasn’t good news, the countryside is powering up too… … with more organic farmers and growers coming to market. Organic farming entails adhering to stricter environmental best practices, preserving natural resources, keeping high standards and focussing on better animal welfare and production. Some 3,000 hectares of land in the Algarve is certified for organic farming, including olive groves, fruit and vegetable crops and wineries. And for a taste of the past, good things are happening, as a new venture has restarted the fish industry. At peak, 34,000 tons of products were produced and once employed 20,000 people in 150 factories. Check your supermarket shelves… buy local, support your growers. Help power the Algarvean economy. If you need to know more about renewables, talk to your local experts. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector,

October 2020

let Casa Verde show you their difference. The company has set high standards, ensuring reliability and service is at the forefront. And by only selling excellent products with good warranties, a lot of hassle and uncertainty has been taken away from the customer. They can help anyone constructing a new property, renovating an older one or just improving their existing home. Dedicated specialists minimize disruption whilst work is under way, showing a clean site is always a happy one! And the company can now communicate in four languages to help International clients! Casa Verde is client-focussed, and has recently started a new service offering a “complete green package” for homes. This is a free service bespoke to requirements. After a site visit and full assessment, Casa Verde will match the right solutions for your needs now and in the future. Findings are carefully evidenced in a custom designed brochure, illustrated with photos of what could be achieved.

• Solar pool pumps and heating • Solar car-charging ports • Pool covers Save money. Discover your potential when it comes to reducing expensive utility bills. Take a free no obligation home energy assessment which allows their surveyors to check your consumption and needs. Due to continued expansion, Casa Verde International recently opened its new office in early July 2020, at Quinta Shopping, the well-known open-air upscale mall, with its boutique shops and designer stores. Feel free to visit them, meet the team, have a coffee and get your free Casa Verde safety mask! Phone: (+351) 289 012 373, mobile 967 946 216 Email:

Casa Verde’s mission has helped many customers become more energy efficient, reducing their carbon footprint in the process. Thinking of going green… Ask how you can make a difference. Their range of renewable products and solutions all come with excellent manufacturer guarantees to give total peace of mind: • ProPERLA® coating • Air conditioning • Solar panels and battery storage • Hot water systems

October 2020


Worth a visit

QUINTA DA TOR Join us in getting to know one of the Algarve’s only Vineyards, Quinta da Tor. A must visit for wine lovers, they have a lot to offer and even more passion for the land they produce it from.


f you venture through the hills just north of Loule, you will come across numerous charming villages and towns surrounded by beautiful country views and nature. One of these places is Tôr, located in the transitional area between the fertile Barrocal landscape and the Serra de Calderão range of hills. The area near Tôr and the neighbouring Querença is rich in water with numerous springs and is very important to the water supply of Loulé and Quarteira. At the entrance to Tôr is where you will find one of the Algarve’s only Vineyards, a Quinta da Tôr. Quinta da Tôr is a family run business with ties to the land


that date back generations. Not only is it rare to have a successful vineyard in the Algarve, Quinta da Tôr has some of the rarest wines in the world, their 17% Syrah Red wine is one of the only wines in the world that naturally reaches 17% in Alcohol due to strict rules that surround wines and the unique climate needed to achieve it. But it’s not just the strongest naturally occurring wine that makes them stand out, the vineyard has 10 unique wines each with their own distinct flavours and processes. The family took over the land in 2011 which already had an established vineyard and winehouse however it was in dire need of some TLC. The family, spurred by passion and pride

October 2020

October 2020


Worth a visit


October 2020

for their homeland, built a new winehouse, recouped the vineyard and the dream which is now a successful reality was born. The first batches were composed of the red wine Quinta da Tôr – Touriga Nacional and Quinta da Tôr – Sirah, which were produced in 2013 and launched the following year. Later, in 2014, they released two more wines to establish their place in the market and they started to get feedback, when Sirah launched, it sold out in just over a month!

The vineyard is 47 hectares and has 7 different types of grape which they use to produce 100,000 bottles of wine per year! They have an infinity pool and lounge which is available for guests where they serve wine with bread and select tapas such as cured meats and cheeses for you to enjoy with the vineyard and hillside views. They offer many different packages of wine tasting to suit your tastes so book your visit and enjoy a unique experience in the heart of the algarve.

Over the years they added more wines to their roster and in 2018 they opened their in house shop, a place for clients to get to know the wines and buy directly from them. They also opened their doors for guided tours of the vineyard and wine tastings. The goal is to show their passion and that you bring home memories of the authentic Algarvean countryside.

Visit their website or call +351 968 427 271 for more information. Estrada EM525, Aldeia da Tôr, Morgado da Tôr, 8100-397 Loulé Open Monday - Sunday, 10:00h - 19:00h. Contact them at (+351) 913 971 522 or (+351) 934 769 706 or email

October 2020


Do It Yourself


Sesil Home’s Isabela Goncalves gives us her take on beach style interior design and some tips to keep in mind if you are thinking of renting out a property.

The apartment featured on pages 22-23 of the article is available for short and medium term rentals. If interested please contact +351 917 054 429.


his seafront apartment in Quarteira was totally renovated with its amazing panoramic sea side view in mind, every colour and small details used is picked precisely to give you the same feeling of being at the beach. As soon as you enter the apartment you’ll see small wall of vertical wooden beams that welcomes you with plenty of light whilst still creating a division from the entrance to the kitchen. The kitchen was formerly a separate area from the living room, now, its a large open area drenched in sunlight with a direct view of the beach and sea behind it visible from every position.


As this apartment is a short to medium term holiday home, the goal was to keep the decor simple and functional. A bold centre piece was chosen as a standout feature which is the hand painted canvas of a coral reef with a strong aqua background, from there small decorative pieces can be found dotted around the apartment such as the shell on the coffee table, the ceramic plate on the dining table, both aqua in colour, as well as the small pillow on the sofa. Wood can also be found throughout the apartment, notably the kitchen table and the armchairs along with the twine rug to add a feeling of comfort and some extra character to the space.

October 2020

Since the apartment was lacking in storage space, we added a built-in storage space into the wall that divides the main living area to the bedroom, this gave space to store towels and other items in the main area and the bedroom gained a closet full of space for clothes, shoes and other items. The bathroom was an interior room that didn’t have much natural light and therefore the wall that separated the bedroom and the bathroom was replaced with a large panel of translucent glass which maintains privacy between the two areas whilst offering a large amount of natural light.

October 2020


Do It Yourself


for your


house... Distressed features Distressed wood panelled walls or adhesive removable faux wood panels and wooden furniture with distressed effect give any beach house a rustic feel and add tons of character.

Bamboo From dining chairs to coffee tables, sideboards, ceiling lamps and pergola ceilings, bamboo used in a coherent way adds soul to any beach house.


October 2020

Surfboard Adding a decorative surfboard over an empty wall, works like a work of art and you automatically feel like you are in a relaxed beach environment.

Traditional Accents Add old details around the house that belong to the maritime theme such as woven baskets, wooden oars, corals, fishing nets or drift wood.

Blue And don’t forget, working with a chromatic palette of blues can never go wrong!

Meet Isabela: Isabela studied Fashion and Branding at the University of Lisbon and also completed a course on Trends at Central Saint Martins, after finishing her masters she created her own clothing brand called Hode Studio. During this time she started working as a visual merchandiser at Guess and also working part time at her parents’ shop, Sesil to help when the shop was busy. As time went on she fell in love with the world of decor and the opportunity arose for the family to open a second Showroom in Olhao. Due to this opportunity and her new love for decor, she decided to leave fashion behind and put 100% of her effort into decor, jumping straight into a professional course in the subject and 4 years and a lot of effort later she is now working full time at Sesil, progressing into full scale interior and decor projects. If you have any questions or would like to contact Isabela you can reach her here: isabelafilipagoncalves@ +351 917 054 429

October 2020


Property Update


Robert Bijker, managing director of Yellow Homes - Land & Houses Algarve, discusses the current situation in the property market


utumn has just started, which is historically a good time for buying and selling property in the Algarve. In October you often have beautiful weather with plenty of sunshine and a comfortable temperature of between 20 – 25º degrees Celsius. For those who prefer to avoid the summer rush and heat it is an ideal time to plan for a stay in the Algarve. There still remains a lot of uncertainty caused by Covid-19 and


the ever changing rules and restrictions regarding travel and quarantine measures. The number of people visiting the Algarve in the past 9 months is sharply lower than previous years, having a negative effect on the hospitality and real estate sector alike. The transaction volume of property sales in the Algarve took a nosedive in Q2 2020, down 38% year on year (y.o.y). The economic downturn also saw a growing number of people becoming unemployed with the Algarve region being the most affected. Although the number of people employed in August

October 2020

was up versus July, y.o.y. unemployment was up in August by Stay safe and healthy. 178%. This is particularly worrying as we are now entering the Yellow Homes – Land & Houses Algarve autumn and winter period. On a positive note business confidence in Germany and France, the two largest economies in the Eurozone, has risen to the highest level in seven months despite concerns about Vilamoura Office rising coronavirus infection rates. They are considered leading EN 125, Benfarras Boliqueime indicators of future economic activity. In Germany the index rose 8100 - 068 Boliqueime from 92.5 in August to 93.4 in September where as in France the Tel: 289 301 294 index rose from 90 to 92 over the same period. It may come as no surprise that investors from both countries Tavira Office have been active buyers of property in the Algarve over the Rua Dr. José Pires Padinha 178 past nine months. Demand for quality villas with pools and 8800 - 354 Tavira penthouse apartments on good locations held up well, in Tel: 281 320 281 particular in the higher price segment. These buyers are likely to (AMI - 6232) be less affected by the economic uncertainty, they are mostly cash buyers and are faced with negative interest rates on their savings accounts in their home countries. They are often high net worth individuals who want to GOLF PROPERTIES - VILLAS - APARTMENTS - TOWNHOUSES - PLOTS diversify their investment portfolios away from the usual 60% bonds / 40% equity asset allocations, a strategy which has worked well for decades. However more and more people are starting to have doubts whether this strategy is appropriate in an ultra-low interest rate environment. Demand for property within the 150.000 – 250.000 euro price range has decreased over the same period as these buyers are likely to be more affected by the economic uncertainty. At the moment there are many prospective buyers in the Algarve, which is also noticeable in the AMI: 6232 demand for long stays and long term rental accommodation. DETACHED MODERN 4 BEDROOM PROPERTY ON A LARGE, PRIVATE PLOT NEAR LOULE This very attractive 4-bedroom single floor villa in the central Algarve is beautifully set on a generous plot of just over 7000m2 in a tranquil Knowing that only few buyers setting and with beautiful countryside views. The property, built in 2002, is located just a short drive away from the will ever buy a property without bustling market town of Loule and from Almancil, and therefore close to some of the best beaches, golf courses and all having seen it, it is important that amenities. Ref : DZO Price: ¤875.000 Energy efficiency E they are able to visit the region. Contact us! Our email is or call us on (+351) 289 301 294 However, there is a risk that Find out more info on our website airlines will reduce their capacity as demand seems to be slowing down due to increasing number of Covid-19 infections and the return of restrictions. Ryanair has GOLF PROPERTIES - VILLAS - APARTMENTS - TOWNHOUSES - PLOTS just announced an additional 20% reduction in capacity for October which is on top of an earlier announced reduction of 20%. It is likely that other airlines will follow, most are already operating with a 50 – 60% capacity reduction versus 2019. At this moment it is not clear what the impact will be on the number of flights to Faro but it is clear that if people cannot or do not want to travel that this will have a negative impact on demand for property. However for real estate agencies such as Yellow Homes - Land & AMI: 6232 Houses Algarve with a good local BEAUTIFUL VILLA WITH 4 BEDROOMS, POOL AND SEA VIEWS NEAR VILAMOURA and international reach there will Located close to Vilamoura in an elevated position and therefore offering fantastic views over the countryside and the always be clients looking to buy a sea is this 4 bedroom detached villa. The property is close to many amenities as well as the beach and Vilamoura Marina, property. If you are the owner of a making this the perfect holiday property or permanent residence. Ref: P-SIP Price: € 750.000 Euro, EC C good quality property and would Contact us! Our email is or call us on (+351) 289 301 294 like to sell, please contact us. Find out more info on our website

October 2020



PROPERTY OF Real Estate Agent since 1995 T: +351 289 301 294 E: EN 125, Benfarras Boliqueime (opposite DHL)

AMI: 6232


October 2020

THE MONTH PROPERTY DETAILS Beautiful detached 5-bedroom villa situated in a sought after location in Vilamoura

• 5 bedrooms with fitted wardrobes • 5 bathrooms plus cloakroom • Very large living room with open fire place • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen with storage area • Bath room and a further spacious room in the basement, which can be used as an additional 5th bedroom • Fenced garden with automatic irrigation system • Large garage w/ automatic

door • Swimming Pool with outside shower room • Electric entrance Gate • Alarm system • Air conditioning and heating system • Internal wooden shutters • Mains water • 3 golf courses in walking distance • Plot: 1.020 m2 • Construction: 353 m2 • EC: B

¤1.450,000 Ref: R-LMF-2 October 2020



Left to right: Jessica, Toin, Tracy, Jane, Andrea


Five of the Algarve’s most creative women have linked up to create the Quinta Art Collective, of course, we had to know more and visit their first exhibition as a group at Aderita artistic space in Vale do Lobo 28

October 2020

Jessica Dunn, Alternates between Oils and Acrylics painting abstract landscapes.

Toin Adams, A renowned sculptor, materials used include steel, glass, stone, resin, glass fibre reinforced concrete, light and water.

Andrea M Bird, A mixed media artist who works with glass, mosaics, alcohol ink, resin and various media.

Tracy Carson, A portrait artist uses multiple different media.

Jane Rodenburg, Janes discipline is fibre art, she uses the colour and texture of yarn to weave beautiful diverse work.

October 2020




s everyone should know, we are stronger in numbers and these five creative ladies have taken this concept to their world of art by creating the Quinta Art Collective. Jane, Jessica, Toin, Andrea and Tracy are working together to bring artwork to an audience that understands the passion which goes into each and every piece created. The art world is one of perpetual motion and with an endless amount of knowledge to be gained, so learning from, supporting and encouraging each other is invaluable. Between them they have many years of experience ranging from fine art to sculptures and mixed media artwork, they really have something (if not a few) for everyone. So let’s dig a little deeper and find out who has what to offer, starting with Andrea M Bird, a mixed media artist who moved to Portugal to get out of the rat race and explore her artistic potential. Andrea uses many different techniques to achieve her desired results, such as electroforming and traditional lamp work methods but


generally many of her methods have been self-taught her work is very inspiring and her varied techniques give amazing results. Andrea’s work has featured in galleries in Portugal, the UK and China. Jane Rodenburg’s grandmother was a tapestry artist and was the catalyst for Jane’s love of fibre art. Jane began her career teaching art, writing about the benefits of a creative practice, qualifying as a colour therapist, NLP practitioner, and hypnotherapist, before finding her passion in fibre art. She draws her inspiration from nature and from the writings of spiritual teachers such as Rumi, Lao Tzu, Thích Nhat Hanh and others. Her aim is to capture, using the colour and texture of yarn, what countless poets have fashioned with words. Jessica Dunn Jessica Dunn was born in London into a theatrical family and was encouraged by her actor parents to take her own artistic path. After taking her art foundation, specialising in painting, she

October 2020

moved with her family to enjoy the laid back pace of life of the Algarve, where she now paints full time in her studio. Alternating between oils and acrylics her paintings are a direct response to her surroundings, inspired by land, sea and sky and highlighted by the wonderful southern sunlight. Jessica´s process is completely intuitive, overlaying paint in a loose brushstroke with a focus on light to draw the viewer in. She has exhibited throughout Portugal, the UK and Europe. Toin Adams is a sculptor who over the years has created some of the most amazing pieces both in scale and creativity. Her work is mostly large scale sculptures where she collaborates with Architects, Engineers and Technicians to create unimaginable pieces. Her main material is steel but she also works with glass, stone, resin, glass fibre reinforced concrete, light and water. Whilst most of her work is monumental in size, Toin does like to mix it up and create small to medium size sculptures as well as the odd mind-blowing mural, if you would like to see one, Gosto in Boliquieme are lucky enough to have one across the back wall

of their shop. Toin’s work can be found all over the world from Rio de Janeiro Brazil to Cape Verde and L.A in the U.S.A to, well our little patch of gold here in the Algarve. Tracy Carson studied at Edinburgh College of Art and lived in Edinburgh for many years before gravitating to the Algarve where she now works as portrait artist specialising in bespoke portrait commissions in various mediums. She looks at an image, dissects it and then reconfigures it like a jigsaw puzzle, breaking it down into tonal pieces of the negative and positive space of the sitter Tracy concentrates on the windows of the soul, the eyes, to capture the subject’s true self, that little spark deep within.. The group’s first exhibition is currently on show at Aderita Artistic space in Vale do Lobo until the 8th of October. We will be getting to know more about each of the quintet and their processes in the future so keep you eyes peeled for that as well as their future projects. To contact them you can find all of their details online at the website

October 2020

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Two and three bedroom apartments, located close to the Ria Formosa. Communal swimming pool, garden, and underground parking Ground floor units with private garden, first floor with sea views, top floor with private terrace and plunge pool and sea views. Air conditioning and solar panels installed, kitchens fully equipped FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: ALGARVEGEMS@GMAIL.COM +351 927742756 RUA GIL EANES N.2 CABANAS DE TAVIRA


NEW COMPANY WITH FAMILIAR FACES… We sat down with Paul Greenhalgh to learn about Compass Property Sales and also go indepth about the current property market


t the beginning of summer, a brand new real estate company opened its doors in Tavira in the East Algarve. Compass Property Sales is a fully licensed and independent real estate company focusing on property sales in both the East Algarve and the Central Algarve. We sat down to meet with Paul Greenhalgh, one of the owners, to find out more about the new company and the property market in the Central Algarve. Good afternoon Paul, so can you tell me a little background about Compass Property Sales? Good afternoon to you. Sandra Swoboda, who is my business


partner, and I have been selling property in the Algarve for many years – Sandra in the East Algarve since 2006 and myself in the Central Algarve since 2000. We discussed the idea of opening a new real estate business together and realized we had similar views on the direction we wanted to take the company. We spoke in depth about how to implement our ideas and we are proud to say that it culminated in the opening of the doors of Compass Property Sales in July of this year. Who came up with the name for the company? The name and the logo were actually Sandra´s idea. We did have a few other options in the mix but we quickly settled on Compass Property Sales. The company branding and the

October 2020

choosing of the colours took a little longer to agree upon, but we are all delighted with the finished look. So which areas within the Central Algarve have you sold property in previously? For the first 11 years I sold residential property and construction plots predominantly in developments within the “Golden Triangle”. However, by 2011, I decided to concentrate on selling properties outside of the developments (or as we refer to them – country properties) and so began my passion for selling away from the coast in and around Loule, Almancil, Sao Bras de Alportel, Boliqueime, Santa Barbara de Nexe and Estoi. What is it about the Central Algarve that appeals to you? For me it has to be the contrast of the area. On the one hand you have what we refer to as the “postcard Algarve” - miles and miles of stunning golden beaches, golf courses, bustling marinas, fabulous nightlife and the tourists that all this brings in. On the other, and just a few kilometres in land, you have the communities that live here all year round within the character rich Portuguese towns and villages. Each of these have their own identity having remained unchanged for generations and offer busy markets, various types of shops and superb value restaurants serving delicious local produce, all surrounded by huge areas of beautiful unspoilt countryside. Why did you choose Tavira for your office? Due to the large area we cover, we wanted an office location that was easy to access for both our East Algarve clients as well as our Central Algarve clients. Our main office is located within a few km´s of the A22 and within 300 metres of the main “Sail“ roundabout just as you arrive into Tavira. Parking in downtown Tavira can be difficult, particularly in the warmer months when visitor numbers are higher but one of our biggest advantages is the fact that clients and customers visiting Compass Property Sales can park immediately outside. You mention Tavira is your main office. Do you have another one? Yes we do. It is an administrational office located in Loule used primarily to allow us to coordinate quickly and efficiently with our vendors and buyers in the Central Algarve. Having said that it only takes a little over 20 minutes on the A22 to drive between our Tavira office and our Loule office so we can respond to viewings and listings very quickly when required to do so. So which sales areas will you be covering with Compass Property Sales? In the East Algarve it is from Sao Bras de Alportel to Vila Real de Santo Antonio. In the Central Algarve it is predominantly in and around Loule, Almancil, Sao Bras de Alportel, Santa Barbara de Nexe and Estoi.

Is there a big difference between development properties and country properties? Generally speaking yes. Normally within the developments, properties are built side by side and the construction size allowance is uniformed. Country properties, however, can vary enormously depending on location, age, plot size, council regulations, land classification, etc, and this gives buyers an interesting and much more diverse selection of property types to choose from. Are ex-pats buying “country properties” in the Central Algarve? Increasingly so. Twenty years ago the majority of property enquiries in Central Algarve were for coastal development properties mainly for summer use with the most important criteria being access to a swimming pool and close proximity to the beach and restaurants. However, within the last 10 years we have seen a noticeable increase in buyers for the more affordable country properties with many of these looking to live in Portugal full time. What is the demographic of the buyers for these country properties? Predominantly British but with a healthy mixture of other nationalities particularly from Northern Europe. Of these there are of course many retired couples but interestingly we are seeing more and more young families moving fulltime to the Algarve – proof of which can be seen in the increase in the number of International Schools opening. The rise in popularity of working from home over recent years combined with improved internet communication across the region and regular flight connections from Faro airport, has given many working parents the opportunity to commute between the country of their work and Portugal. With the fallout from Covid19 encouraging even greater numbers to work from home and the fact that more and more people are enquiring about low density living, we expect the demand for country properties to continue to increase. Were you apprehensive about opening Compass Property Sales this year particularly with everything that is going on with Covid 19? No not really. As individuals we have worked in the Algarve through other events that have had a detrimental effect on the property market such as 9-11, the aftermath of the Brexit decision and in particular the financial crash of 2008. As a result, we have witnessed demand for property dip and rise on numerous occasions and so if there was to be a decline in property purchases because of Covid19, history tells us demand will increase again. However contrary to some predictions,

Is understanding the Portuguese language and having experience important when selling properties in the Algarve? Absolutely but particularly when listing and selling country properties. It is only through years of experience and having an in-depth knowledge of property sales and the values achieved that a good agent can offer owners realistic marketing valuations and strategies. In addition, understanding the numerous and varying rules and regulations about property allowances whilst being able to read and fully understand the Portuguese property documents is vital. Recognizing and addressing any property illegalities prior to finding a buyer will invariably assist in making sure the sales process is as smooth and as straight forward as possible.

October 2020



figures show that property sales have continued at a steady pace throughout the year albeit with slightly fewer transactions than we would have been expected in a normal year. However, if there is a second wave of Covid19 which forces further lockdowns within Europe, then the predicted damage to the various economies will almost certainly have a greater negative impact on property prices and sales. Over the years we have heard plenty about the Non-Habitual Residency scheme. Is it still popular? Yes and there are still many people taking advantage of the enormous tax saving incentives that the scheme offers. Over the course of the last year, we have met numerous Algarve homeowners who have taken advantage of the NHR programme. Unfortunately nearly all have had the same complaint about how they stumbled upon Portugal´s NHR programme and it was only through their own initiative and research that they saw the scheme´s potential. As a country and as professionals working within an industry that also benefits through property sales, I feel we need to be far more proactive in educating and advertising the advantages of the NHR whilst it is still a viable proposition. How are you attracting new business for your company? We recognize the importance of a strong and sustainable marketing campaign in order to promote and grow business. To that end we are engaging in multiple channels of internet based marketing, utilizing different avenues within social media and property portals whilst developing our own SEO for our company website at . Running parallel to the internet-based marketing, we are enrolled in a committed campaign within various printed media publications to advertise the name of Compass Property Sales and also to showcase some of the fantastic properties we have for sale. So far, however, it has been the positive reaction we have received due to word of mouth that is bringing in the most business for us. Having so many past owners, clients, customers and colleagues happy to give us referrals and leads is crucial for any new business and we are incredibly grateful for this support.


There are many real estate agents, why should clients and customers choose Compass Property Sales? Because of our experience, our drive and our absolute determination to be one of the best. The key attributes of being a good real estate agent is having a long history of successfully selling property combined with the ability to not only develop but also retain trusted relationships. Whilst the company may be new, collectively over many years we have impressive and proven sales figures as well as being extremely proud of the high number of owners, clients and customers that we still keep in contact with. And finally is there anything you would like to say to the readers to help your business? Well, yes absolutely. From the very beginning we were receiving enquiries for properties to purchase in and around Tavira so naturally our initial focus was direct listings in that area. However, we are now getting repeated requests from potential buyers looking for different styles and sizes of properties in the Central Algarve and in particular the areas in and around Sao Bras, Loule, Santa Barbara de Nexe and Estoi. At Compass Property Sales we offer a free, no obligation property assessment on all potential listings so if you are considering selling your property and you would like to discuss issues including value, marketing strategy or the property market in general, then please contact us and we will happily arrange a meeting with you. Paul Greenhalgh Managing Partner Compass Property Sales Adress: Rua de Santo Estevão, Nº 25A, 8800-386 Tavira Tel: +351 281 323 876 Email: Website:

October 2020

Your trusted property valuers and consultants. KTESIOS Appraisal is a company comprised of a series of professionals with a high level of experience in the valuation of properties, assets and companies. Our objective is providing our clients with precise information that allows you to make decisions that maximise the profitability of your projects. To do this, KTESIOS Appraisal follows National as well as International standards and every member of staff has the qualifications necessary to complete any valuation you may need. | | (+351) 932 225 090

Simply delicious

SHALLOW FRIED MACKEREL FILLETS With tomato rice and pepper vinaigrette

Enjoy this wonderful dish, a recipe inspired by the Algarve’s traditional local markets with beautiful fresh ingredients. INGREDIENTS Mackerel • 2 Mackeres from your local fish market • Flour • Salt and pepper • Vegetable oil Vinaigrette (2 portions) • 1/2 Red Pepper • 1/2 Green Pepper • 1/2 Yellow Pepper • 1/2 Purple Onion • 1 small Garlic clove • 1/2 tomato (no seeds) • Juice of half Lemon • 2 tablespoons of Olive oil • 1 tablespoon of Chilli oil • 1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar • Salt and pepper to taste • 2 tablespoon chopped Parsley

Season with salt and pepper then coat the fillets with flour. In a pan, pour one tablespoon of vegetable oil, when the oil is hot fry the fillets for one minute each side. (Two fillets at a time) Tomato Rice Fry the onion and garlic in olive oil. Add bay leafs and chopped tomato then fry for 3 minutes. Add rice, fry for 3 min then add a pinch of salt and hot vegetable stock until it covers the rice. Cook for 8 minutes. Add the tomato puré. Check the rice, add more stock and salt if necessary. The rice is ready to serve when its “Aldente” and still has a light amount of tomato sauce.

Tomato Rice • 1/2 cup of Risotto rice • 1/2 Onion • 2 Garlic cloves • Olive oil • 1/2 Tomato no seeds no peel • 1 tablespoon of tomato puré • 1 Bay leaf • Chopped Parsley • Vegetable broth METHOD Vinaigrette Chop the ingredients very fine, mix together and season to your taste. Mackerel Using a fillet knife, fillet the fish and remove the pin bones.


October 2020

October 2020




Jake Cleaver is continuing his quest to discover the book lovers of the Algarve. It’s proving difficult. Are any of you out there? Don’t be shy. If you love books write to us at and let us know which ones and why, and we’ll be sure to pass it on!


ere we are with the second edition of the book review club. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. You book worms are quite elusive and hard to uncover. But hey, I’m hopeful. It’s Autumn now. It’s rained, the dust has settled and the ground is wet - some of you might very well start to come up to the surface. I’d like to thank everybody who has written in, it’s a great help and I truly appreciate it. If you like the idea of having a place where you can see what your fellow Algarvians have been reading lately - and recommend that you do too. Then consider helping us keep this going by simply writing in and letting us know a book (old or new) that you like. That’s the only criteria - you have to like it! In the meantime, now the long hot summer has finally come to a close. Here’s a few books your fellow Algarvians recommend that you curl up, with a hot cup of tea, and read while the rain comes down outside. (Which is exactly what’s happening at the time of writing - for the first time in months. How lovely.) After all, books are quite incredible things. This is what the extraordinary astronomer and author Carl Sagan, who even though he was more inclined to marvel at the cosmos, also found time to marvel at what has to be, indeed, one of the most marvellous things us human beings have done, had to say about them: “What an astonishing thing a book is. It’s a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you’re inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to


you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.” And even though Carl died in 1996, he can still share his message with us. Amazing isn’t it? In that way he does indeed live on forever. True magic. And here’s your opportunity to transcend space and time too. I’m not sure how fantastically durable the magazine in your hand is. However, if you do decide to write in with a book review, your words will at the very least give you a few months of ‘immortality’ on peoples living room tables. If you get put in a dentist waiting room just think how long you could go! Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts I could almost taste and smell and feel India as I read this incredible book. And, I could see the faces of the poor, their slums, their poverty. I’m rambling….right, back to the beginning. Shantaram is the story of a convicted Australian bank robber and heroin addict who flees to India after escaping from prison. That’s all I can tell you about the plot because there is so much to say but you need to read it to really experience the book which is so much more than just a story. The adjectives swimming around my head shouting out words seem inadequate and my desire to visit these places has morphed into a desperate need. The descriptions of life in Bombay, the people encountered and the stories each person has are all staggering in their depth and colour. Perhaps it’s the juxtaposition with my own life to that of the protagonist? Perhaps it’s the gulf between our cultures that compels me to experience India myself after reading this biographical insight into how diverse our lives are. Roberts is not altogether the type of chap one would automatically want

October 2020

to be associated with and at no time does he expect clemency or sympathy of any kind. Prior to his arrival in India he was a mess and his future looked mapped out – prison for the foreseeable future and destroyed relationships. I think he has genuinely regained his dignity and deserves his second chance. Read the book and decide for yourself. Dawn Annandale The Book of Negroes, by Lawrence Hill. This is a compelling fictional story, based on the author’s knowledge and research of slavery. It follows the life of a young West African girl , who is abducted from her village at the age of 11 and was sold as a slave in the American South. After a harrowing life, she eventually escapes to become a free woman across the Canadian border in Nova Scotia. This is a riveting read that takes you through her highs and lows to escape the brutality of slavery. The tv mini series ‘Somebody knows my Name’ is based on this story, and if you loved ‘Roots’, you will love this book too. Marilyn Sheridan The Giver of Stars, by Jojo Mayes What a delightful read. I have enjoyed other Jojo Mayes novels but this was quite different. Set in rural Appalachia in the days when books were for a privileged few, it paints the picture of a young aristocratic girl from England transported through her marriage to a country a world away. It is beautifully descriptive and at the same time tackles so many issues that still exist today; from basic rights to education and literacy. Centered around a mobile library on mule and horseback, it is definitely worth reading on so many levels. Everyone will get something out of this book. Julie Coulson Mythos, by Stephen Fry Now that the 3rd instalment of Stephen Fry’s Greek Mythology series “Troy”, has just been released at the beginning of the Month. I thought now would be a good time to go back to where it all began. Just like Stephen does in “Mythos”, the first book of the trilogy, where he takes us right the way back to the beginning and brilliantly explains the creation of the universe according to the Ancient Greeks. It’s so nice to learn about the truly epic adventures of the Greek Gods. In the past you might have thought that they

would be nice to know about, but such Ancient stories would be quite dense and hard to get into. They probably are. However, if you add in all the wit and charm of Stephen Fry, what can I say, it’s a match made in heaven. Quite literally, as we get to hear all the stories that once went on high above us in Mount Olympus. But it gets even better. I don’t know how many of you listen to books? It’s one of the truly revolutionary developments of modern times. It’s a real game changer, as it opens up a whole world of time to read. You could be washing up, walking the dog.. resting your eyes while you try to fall asleep. But instead, and this is what I want to tell you about, you could be on a quest with Hercules, or soaring through the sky with Icarus (rather briefly, I admit), and generally learning about what the magnificent and dangerous - but also absolutely fascinating Greek Gods, got up to. Of course the Audible app (where I suggest you go) has thousands of books to choose from. But, if you are just starting out I’d say that Stephen Fry really is the man to, shall we say, take you and your headphones out for a walk, and get your ears wagging. I’m telling you, it’s something really great. And now, back to the creation of everything according to Stephen and the Greeks: “It is enough to say that the Greeks thought it was Chaos who, with a massive heave, or a great shrug, or hiccup, vomit or cough, began the long chain of creation that has ended with pelicans and penicillin and toadstools and toads, sea-lions, lions, human beings and daffodils and murder and art and love and confusion and death and madness and biscuits.” Jake Cleaver Don’t forget to send us your own review to be featured in next months edition to, if you would like to remain anonymous, please just let us know in your email.



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QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Each month, Ricardo Chaves of All Finance Matters gives an insight into the legalities governing tax and general financial matters

Q I am a UK citizen resident in Portugal, I recently decided to sell one of my properties here, what costs can I offset against the capital gain tax? My builder did not issue any invoices at the time of construction in 2001, but I have the copy of the bank transfers. What other costs are deductible: lawyers fees, energy certificate, etc? Even though you have all the proof of transfers, you need invoices and the tax authorities will not allow you to deduct those costs, without them. You also will not be able to deduct the lawyer’s fees on the purchase or on the sale, this is because the tax department does not consider this expense essential, for the conclusion of the transaction. In this case, the solution would be to use the tax value of the property, at the time the works were finished. Once the build was completed, there was a revaluation from the tax office to the property, although this is normally lower than the commercial value, we can use it as the ‘purchase price’ and lower your liability for not having the invoices from the builder. Below you can find other common deductions to the capital gain tax: - Invoices for maintenance or construction works, please note that for these type of expenses it’s advisable that the invoice states the correct address of the property where the works were done. Costs considered are normally the ones of constructing, maintaining or improving your home. - Energy Certificate, please note that if you previously used this cost in another IRS declaration, for instance if you rent the property previously, you cannot use it again. - Real Estate Commission, please make sure that you used a licensed estate agent and that they are mentioned on the deed. - IMT - Property Transfer Tax and Stamp duty paid on purchase - Notary costs on the deed of purchase Please note that furniture is not deductible and there are other common expenses not accepted, as the tax authorities consider that these may be removed from the property prior to the sale: air conditioning and kitchen appliances are good examples. So, if you are selling your property furnished or with these items included in the inventory, you may consider selling these separately. I own a holiday hone in Manta Rota, but I am considering moving there next year, to take advantage of the Non-Habitual Residency. If I do that and then sell it to buy a bigger property, will I pay tax? What is the minimum time I need to live in the property prior to the sale? The IRS Code does not stipulate a clear rule regarding this situation, so there is no minimum time frame. However, we advise you to live in the property at least 183 days, prior to the sale. This way the tax authorities could not


challenge your residency status. Another possibility would be to become resident at the end of the current tax year and sell it at the beginning of the following tax year, again this would prevent any issues in case of a tax audit as you were already considered resident in the tax year previous to the sale. Please note that in order to comply with the tax authorities requirement of primary residency, your address registered at the tax office, needs to be the same of the property being sold. How does the reinvestment work? Can I reinvest in another country, the UK for instance? If you are resident and the property you are selling is your primary residence, you can reinvest the proceedings of the sale on another purchase within the EU. This needs to be done on a purchase made between 24 months prior and 36 months after the sale. If the reinvestment in the new property is lower than the total sale, than the tax will be calculated pro-rata. Please note that if you declare on your tax return that you wish to reinvest the proceeding of the sale and then fail to do so, or reinvest a lower amount, the tax will be reassessed and you will pay interest. Even if they do not plan to sell your home for now, it is important that you keep all supporting charges and make sure this invoices include your name and fiscal number and very important: the correct address of the property. The repayment of mortgage loans, incurred to purchase the property, will also be taken into consideration, when calculating the tax. As the UK may no longer be in the EU in 2021, you need to make sure that the reinvestment happens before Brexit. If possible, you can consider reinvesting now, even if the sale only happens later. I live in Loulé since 2012, but I am moving to the UK towards the end of the year. I have my property in the market, but if the sale does not happen soon, I may leave to the UK in the meantime. Can you let me know what would be the consequences in terms of capital gain tax. What are the differences between Residents vs Non-residents individual ownership? If you sell the property as a non-resident, for tax purposes the tax applicable to your capital gain, will be 28%. If, however you are resident, the tax will be levied only on 50% of the gain and you will be taxed according to the tax bracket applicable to your overall income. This means that you will always pay less if you are resident. However, if you sell while being non-resident in Portugal but resident in the EU (before Brexit), it is possible to opt for the same rules of the residents and be taxed only on 50% of the gain. For this to happen, is necessary that you declare to Portugal your worldwide income, so that the tax authorities can aggregate your income to the capital gain and determine which tax bracket you are in. Please

October 2020

rest assured that you will not be paying tax again on your foreign source income, this is just declared for that purpose. Obviously that in this case, although there is a possibility to be taxed under the same rules as a resident, as this is no longer your primary residence, the gains cannot be rolled over if you reinvest into another property. So in this particular situation, it’s strongly advisable to

sell while you are resident and make the reinvestment prior to Brexit. Please consider that the tax saving can be substantial, and it may compensate to sell the property at a lower price. Please feel free to send us the questions you may have to We will select some of these to be published.







Richard Hudson and Eddie Charnock, Algarve Golf Guru, PGA Professionals discuss Club Head Rotation when Chipping

ne of the key factors to successful chipping is how the club face works during the takeaway and the follow through. So many golfers believe that the club face has to move straight back and straight through to target, to hit the ball straight and to stop you from flicking the wrists. To do this move requires a wrist manipulation which does not help you create consistency and can cause you to flick. To start the takeaway, move the clubhead along the target line, your arms want to naturally move the club this way, allowing for a natural rotation during the takeaway. You will feel the clubhead slightly fanning on the way back (see pic 1). Return the clubhead to the ball, at impact your club face will be square as you have made a natural movement on the takeaway. The manipulated straight back takeaway is not the way as this causes a closed club face and loss of bounce at impact! After impact, you keep the body moving, so allowing your club and arms to follow a natural rotation, with the clubhead staying connected (see pic 2).


To help you with this feeling of staying connected with a natural rotation you can place two sticks on the ground as shown in the above pictures at 45 degrees to your feet alignment. These sticks help you to realise how much wrist manipulation is needed during the backswing and follow through in an attempt to keep the club face on your target line. Your chance to WIN! Win a 30 minute golf lesson with The Gurus! Just answer the following question correctly and you name will be entered in to a draw to take place on the 1st November. Who was the highest placed European in the 2020 US Open? Please email your answer to To discuss the areas covered above or to book a golf lesson, please contact Richard or Eddie and mention Simply Algarve as a referral. E: W:

October 2020


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Quality Portuguese cuisine with an International twist... Enjoy and explore texture, colour & ultimate tastes with a carefully selected menu at reasonable prices. Fish & meat specialities as well as homemade desserts from this Family run restaurant.

Wednesday Special: Curry night Friday Special: Fish and Chips night (Sole and Fresh Cod).

Available for business and groups on request Open from 7pm Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays Please call 289 396 638 to book your table October 2020 Valverde, Quinta do Lago Algarve, Portugal


Last word

Parting words... Jake Cleaver looks to control the wind as he peers into the world of Sailing to find out just how they catch the wind to their next destination.

I never learned to sail. But I love the idea of catching the wind to the next place. It’s such a romantic idea.


ne of the great things about living here in the Algarve is that occasionally you turn around and think hang on a minute.. Am I in a postcard? “Blue skies and sailing boats, like a picture in a book, I can’t believe I got here and how long it took.” Mike Scott of the Waterboys sang in his song “Long way to the Light”. It’s a song that rings in my ears at such moments.

said come on down and learn to “Candle in the Wind”. You see, in Portuguese it would be called “Vela ao Vento” which means to sail in the wind. However, Vela in Portuguese also means Candle, and Google, rather amusingly, decided to get all Elton John about it. If I do ever get a sailing boat I’ll be sure to call it the “Norma Jean”, so that when people

I never learned to sail. But I love the idea of catching the wind to the next place. It’s such a romantic idea. And so clever. I mean to start with we would just have had to have been like Freddy Mercury and just go “any way the wind blows”, even if it did, unlike Freddy, matter to you. The discovery of how to tack and jibe, or to the uninitiated like me, zig and zag up into the wind is quite mind boggling. I do however like to dream, and I like to read books on sailors and to follow them on Youtube. Living vicariously is easier now than ever before. One of my favourite Youtube channels is called “Sailing La Vagabonde”. They are an Australian couple called Elayna and Riley, that have been sailing around the world for the last 5 years, and in their words “have recently found themselves with a stowaway” - little baby Lenny, who is about two already. It has been very exciting recently, as after sailing Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic, from America to Lisbon, at the end of last year. They travelled down to Lagos where, due to the virus, they ended up getting stuck. When things started up again, and they were allowed to start sailing La Vagabonde once more. They came across and stayed near the island of Culatra, and explored all around our neck of the woods. Very exciting! But why, you may say? You live here. You already know what it’s like. But I feel like it’s a case of like when you first go on Google Earth, and have the world at your fingertips. You can go literally ANYWHERE. Where do you go? Your house. It’s fun to see them sailing around our postcard for a while. You know how sometimes Google automatically translates things for you? And normally it gets things right (I mean it speaks more languages than me so I’m not judging), but sometimes it doesn’t. One example of this was an advertisement for a sailing course that popped up for me on the interweb. (Google, have you been listening to me?) It


October 2020

watch me sail off into the sunset they will be able to say “Goodbye Norma Jean”, and that I lived my life like.. Well, you know. “Vela”, is also not to be confused with “Vê-lá” (go see or make sure). Such confusion, no wonder Google struggled. In Portuguese you could be told to “Vê-lá se acendes a vela no meu barco a vela” (make sure you light the candle on my sailing boat). Although, it’s probably difficult to keep a candle alight while sailing along, that’s why this probably hasn’t caused too much confusion, yet. And just to make it more confusing, in Portuguese ‘Vela’, can also mean playing gooseberry. You know, being the third wheel on a date. They say that a person “está a fazer vela”, which means he (or she) is acting as the candle. A very funny expression, but also, you know, makes sense. Who knows what a gooseberry has to do with anything?? Maybe that’s the point.. There’s lots of roundabouts here in the Algarve. A great improvement on traffic lights, that do exactly that - cause traffic. But the great thing is that they are all different. So you can’t get too lost. My favourite is the one I now think of as the

tribute to Marilyn Monroe near Tavira: The “Vela ao Vento”. Now, back to postcards if I may. Not too many people send them anymore. Why bother when people know where you are instantly on Instagram? Perhaps that’s a shame, as when people get home from their holidays there’s little point asking them how it went. You already know what they had for breakfast everyday.. Maybe it’s not all bad though. Apparently when people used to send postcards back from their holidays, quite often they would get home before their postcards. Talk about your past catching up with you. Because postcards really are a window into the past. And it’s so lovely to look back at the ones that my Granny and Grandpa sent me when I was younger. Not that I can understand their writing (and they weren’t even doctors). I need my parents to decipher it. But as I said in the beginning, living here in the Algarve is pretty picture perfect and so unspoilt. How lucky are we? We don’t need to go anywhere. Going outside is like taking a step back - into a postcard.

October 2020


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