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The Learning Tools

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The Learning Tools


Swot Analysis Tool


Video Presentation


Time Management Tool


Voting Balls Tool


Porter’s Forces Tool


Queue List


Power Point Presentation


Brainstorm Board


Project Management Tools


Grid Analysis


Repeater /distortion text chat



Swot Analysis Tool Description

only need to click in Back button.

This tool is for “Ability to discover new opportunities” skills. And for this, is very important do the analysis Swot to identify new opportunities and threats.

How to use it It´s simple to use the tool. It´s only needs to write in right place what the trainees think, their ideas for a specific problem, like a traditional Swot Analysis. But this tool is possible do Swot Analysis in Second Life, and all people present in sessions can see and debate ideas. The tool has four text areas: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You can discuss by chat with trainees about some theme and select the best ideas for each factor (Strength, Weakness, etc). Then, you can write directly in these text areas, or you can copy the trainee’s sentences for there. After this you have a small button - “submit” - that submit the information in our Database. Then, all trainees can see the best sentences in SWOT Board. To do another SWOT Analysis, you 7

Video Presentation Description For some training sessions is essential have some tool like a video presentation. So, this tool have this goal.Methodologies How to use it It´s very simple to use. The trainer only must upload the video on Youtube. Then it´s only need put the URL on Video Presentation.


Time Management Tool Description This tool was created for TimeManagement Skills. The main goal of the tool is help the trainees priorizing activities. This topic is very important in Management. Is important our managers knows how manage many activities, so they need priorize very well the activities.

generate, automatically, a bar chart that will show the more and the less important activity.

How to use it This tool is based on new second life client. That means that the tool is a web page that runs over a second life object, like a cube for example. The objective of tool is help trainees to priorize they activities. Well, in a web page, they can put the activities names that they want priorize. Then, for many factors that condition the priorization, they choose the level of importance, like for example for activities one the time factor is less important, then the trainees will put the number “one� in this factor. After this, the system will calculate this numbers for each activity and for each factor(time, costs, manufactory, etc) and the system will 9

Voting Balls Tool Description This is a voting tool and the main objective is use it for voting in some training sessions. The tool is composed by on box and one Score Board. Each avatar have only 9 balls to vote. During a training session, maybe the trainer needs some opinions of the trainees. So, voting tool is a good way to express opinion.

How to use it For vote, is only need that avatar touch in box. Doing this, avatar put one of the 9 balls that he have, inside of the box. Simultaneous the score board is updated, that means that when one avatar put one ball, the score board is updated to 1, two ball appears two on score board, etc


To manage the voting, the trainer have two options: Ball´s Collector, and Reset the Count. The first option, Ball´s Collector, allow the trainer clean all balls in box. The second one, Reset, allow the trainer start again the voting and the score board goes to zero.

Porter’s Forces Tool Description This tool is use after finishing development, and we looking for your comments and suggestions. This tool allows a teacher to organize discussion in topics such as Porter’s forces (strategies / threats) so that trainees/students can play with it to develop models of opposing forces. The tool has an arrow in the center. Above and below this arrow, there are several small cylinders, which are used to define the strength of downward forces (threats) and the strength of upward forces (strategies).

How to use it You’ll see T-shaped buttons. Clicking on them will pop up an area where you can place text, so that all participants know what a specific force represents. To enter text in this area, you only need to chat after clicking the T, following the instructions provided. For instance, if after clicking the T it says “type /99 text”, you can chat: /99 The threat of substitute products or services ...and this will display “The threat of substitute products or services” in the force column.

At any moment, one can click on the cylinders that compose a force column, and that indicates how strong it is. Filled (painted) cylinders represent the force’s strength, empty (transparent) cylinders are ignored. As discussion evolves, simply click them. The central arrow will tilt down or up, according to the strengths of all downward and upward forces, so you can create models where forces even out (and the arrow is balanced), or where the arrow tilts down (downward forces are stronger than upward forces) or tilts up (upward forces are stronger than downward forces).


Basically, it’s an interactive graphic which you can use in discussion and then take a screenshot in the end to illustrate some final text on what was discussed.


Queue List Description The Queue List is panel that creates a list of people who wants to participate in the conversation, allowing an order in the talks.

How to use it This tool passes for all students registered in the board, when a student wants to talk, he register his intension on the object, and his name will appear in a board showing when it is his turn to speak. So when a colleague finished talking, the subject moves to the next student. So we can organize talks in classes.

When to use it This tool that should be very useful to organize the discussion of topics during the training. It’s useful for: -all the activities involving the participation of the whole class in interaction with the eTrainer, who moderates the discussion; -in brainstorming activities; -for students to put questions/ doubts during presentations periods.


PowerPoint Presentation Description With this tool is possible to do PowerPoint presentations in Second Life. You only need drag and drop your textures for the object. How it works: Really simple, if you need move forward or move back, you only need click in the slide. Then it will show a small menu with the options: Move Back and Move Forward. See the picture:

This tool was not developed by VITA. It was employed from the set of tools available at the EduNation islands.


Brainstorming Board: Description T You can use this tool to do brainstorming with trainees. In this tool you have 3 buttons.

After you choose the permission you need to click again in tick button and choose Brainstorming to initiate the exercise. Then the tool send one message that tells you what channel you need to type in chat.

How to use it The tick button is for set the permissions and initiates the brainstorming. You can choose permission for: • Owner: only the owner do the brainstorming; • Group: Only the group do the brainstorming; • Public : All people can do the brainstorming;

Example: /95 your message Another button is the X button. It is to clean all words in board. The last button is for help. This tool was not developed by VITA. It was employed from the set of tools available at the EduNation islands. 15

Project Management Tools Another skill that SME´s must have is the Project Management skill. For this competence, was created according to the trainers responsible for these competences Some tools:

In this page, the trainees, after discuss by chat, can write which phases they consider important to some project. After this, they, or the group leader can submit, to save this information in database, and show for all trainees in world.

• Board to write and present objectives, goals and scope of project; • Board to write and present phases of one project; • Voting balls(this tool is also for negotiation skills) • Scoreboard

Board to write and Present Phases of Project Like this example, all trainees can see the phases of project, discuss and vote, using voting balls tool. If the trainees want, they can change what they write, only need click on edit button. To clear all, clear button.


Grid Analysis Description

Use case:

This tool is like a simple table to help understand the priorities. With this tool, trainee can chose the priority of each activity. It´s very simple to use. The table have spaces to put activities and spaces to put the factors like costs, time, depending of context. By each activity, the trainee can give different weights for activities.

How to use it • First, the student begins by choosing the activities and the various factors. • The next step is to choose the “weight” to give to each factor depending on the context. • In the end, it is automatically added the “weights” and the option with more “weight” should be considered high-priority


Repeater /distortion text chat Description This tool is useful to use in communication sessions. The basic objective of the repeater/distortion is to explain the problems of distances in communication. For example, sometimes, when we are so far of the source of communication, we have some troubles to understand correctly what the source said. This tool demonstrate exactly this, and for show this problems, the tool can be configurated to distortion the text chat in second life, like double digits, or letters when people are far of the source. Example:


To choose the different modes that the tool allows, you can click in object to see the many option.

Menu of Repeater/distortion As you can see, there is one option that is the “Mode 0�. This mode only repeats the text like it was written. This is useful when the avatars are far of source. And is important have a repeater chat, because normal communication in Second Life is only allowed until 20 meters.

Simple Use case:


20 20

Learning Tools  

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