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issue 09 路 volume 12 27 Friday JULY 2012 Tonight: Local EASA DJs Roland(Tallinn); Rafael (Vienna); Jobry (Bulgaria) @9pm



Apologies for the lack of newspapers at dinnertime lately. As usual every easa there were printing problems. Luckily we found an alternative printer with the help of Zerobase tutors Chris and Elaine who have let me into their office of the future for the evening. Thanks guys! So today is a double issue but in black and white and on A4. Please share it around because there are less copies. If you want to see the full colour versions of every issue of Sontikka - You can go to our ISSUU page. or visit

LAST ISSUE This is our last printed issue (due to issues printing) but we will continue to document the final phases online. FACEBOOK.COM/EASANEWS. We would like to thank our star reporter Hanna Voronets from Belarus who has been fantastic to work with and our photographer Julia Minnig. From your tutors Ronan and Cheryl

FINAL PREPARATIONS There was a real EASA moment last night when everybody was hanging out in the wasteland last night watching the football tournament and we took a break to help lift the Wasted Light pavilion into position. Around 30 people lent their hands to lift the plywood structure which will remain for FLOW festival. It seems like things were really coming together today, Bring on EASAday!

EASA DAY The workshop presentations will be in CIRKUS after breakfast tomorrow. So don't be late, doors close at 10am. We will get a chance to see all the finished projects after the presentation from around 2pm - 6pm

P r e m i e r Tomorrow @6pm Wastelands


u m b r e l l a n e w s p a p e r @ g m a i l . c o m h t t p : / / E A S A N e w s p a p e r . t u m b l r . c o m


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27 Friday JULY

final workshop reviews


The concrete formwork has come off cleanly and the siberian larch has been cut to exact size but tutors Mari and Arto from Finland are still rushed off their feet making the final adjustments to their urban furniture winning design. Actually Mari explained that only the concept had been fixed and the participants were involved from an early stage in the design process to decide on the exact locations and intentions for each bench, from an ‘invitation’ to a ‘transition’ and one for ‘meditation’. The way the timbers are fixed to eachother and to the concrete required some careful detail design and the preparation of the formwork was a meticulous operation. The participants have gotten to experience every stage of the design and build process in only 2 weeks and in the end will be the first to make use of their creations before the ferry arrives bringing throngs of tourists. Opening party @ Hernesaari on Saturday 3 pm Get there with bus number 16 from Sörnäisten rantatie busstop (across the street), which will be leaving every 20 minutes, (at 14:40, 15:00, 15:20, 15:40…) heading straight to Hernesaari. Take off at "Matalasalmenkuja" stop or head straight to the last stop in the end of Hernesaari.

One bench will be showcased in Suvilahti next to the bar ter-


Over the past two Gathering Wastelands has delved into the reasons, both universal and unique, for the Wastelands of Europe, going further than obsessing over the superficial beauty of dereliction and ruin porn. The participants experimented with creative engagement in Pasila, Helsinki to develop authentic responses to wastelands and 'stalled sites' across the continent. Our EASA012 culminated in two days at the World Design Pavilion, where Pidgin Perfect, participants, and guest lecturer, Jude Barber of Collective Architecture, collaborated with Demos Helsinki to present our ideas and experiences of wastelands back to a global audience.

Naturally enough, for a workshop concentrating on the office environment, they were not sitting on the tarmac or having a conversation on a swing. Instead they are located in a downtown commercial building called ‘central city’ thinking about spaces built for ‘office work’. But it is an interesting comparison to make between the structured nature of an office and the organic way we work together in EASA. With the exception of the IT lab (which is pitch dark with no windows or colours) we generally like to take our laptops to a café or picnic bench and work from there. So what kind of working environment do we require for the information age generation? This is the question they have been trying to answer since last week. They have been using a process called ‘collaborative design’ where developers, planners, engineers and creative types work together to create a solution. Chris from the UK has been trying to show the client how to get ‘full value out of the architect’ by using collaborative design from an early stage. The results of their brainstorming sessions are on show in the ‘Central City’ shopping centre opposite the railway station. You can go there anytime tomorrow or over the next month. They also have a website

27 Friday JULY

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Visioning Helsinki looked at how EASA operates as a trust dependant community, from this we mapped the 'wastelands' area and found a place of freedom and expression. With the help of Diarmaid Lawlor from ADS we devised an intervention on the tip of the sompasaari peninsular that would foster community and learning while improving the urban environment.


more workshop reviews

The Writing is Building workshop aimed to give participants a chance to explore their interest in language and architecture. The projects vary from purely literary texts, to cinematic essays, to typographic installations

based in the city streetscape. Each has been documented and presented in a book which will be made available to fellow EASAians for the final exhibition.


27 Friday JULY

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final workshop reviews lovebox



22.00 / 22.30 cecily + luis ireland + liechtenstein

Correlations can be made between Aalto’s experimental house and some of the structures created by this group of brick builders. They were experimenting with various brick bonds to create 4 objects. A curvy brick chaise with a hint of the house of culture, a bench, a chimney and a bookshelf which will be a resting place for some of the books produced my Writing is Building. It is tucked away in a little courtyard opposite the bar and so impressed the FLOW festival organisers that they will be creating a little chill out garden around it during the festival. Tomorrow afternoon they’ll be combining with Smoking is Good for You to have a table tennis tournament and cookout around their constructions so make sure to stop by.

22.30 / 23.00 romea + ? poland + ? 23.00 / 23.30 nick + ? netherlands + ? 23.30 / 00.00 ali + anonymous austria + ? 00.00 / 00.30 javi + kerstin spain + austria 00.30 / 01.00 christoph + anonymous germany + ?

These guys have been making models of wastelands sites and thinking about how to make people aware of the unique qualities of the space through public sculpture. Participants spent a long time finding and mapping appropriate spaces before building scale models in the studio. 4 of these models have been realised in 1:1 scale and will be transported to site today. If you are interested in going on a spatial discovery of Helsinki Wasteland sites and going inside a long railway tunnel, join Artrack on saturday @3pm at the infopoint for a guided tour.

01.00 / 01.30 martin + ? norway + ? 01.30 / 02.00 thomasito + ? liechtenstein + ? 02.00 / 02.30 alexandra + andre serbia + serbia 02.30 / 03.00 milla + maya + gordan mazedonia + mazedonia + mazedonia 03.00 / 03.30 niko + ? georgia + ? 03.30 / 04.00 aran + bryan canada + ireland 04.00 / 04.30 kieran + ? ireland + ? 04.30 / 05.00 nora + ? netherlands + ? 05.00 / 05.30 sam + blind date ? uk + ? 05.30 / 06.00 first come first served !

EASA012 Sontikka Issue 9  
EASA012 Sontikka Issue 9  

News from the European Architecture Students Assembly Helsinki 2012