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Friday 9th August 2013 | VOL 13 . ISSUE 05

Make news and serve it HOT!

E V ERY DAY A BI T E OF H E AV EN More and more people are looking forward to the Tapaland 2.0 special. For only 3 tks , everyday people are queuing up to sample the next treat. And it’s not just the exquisite taste, but also the presentation. The fact that it sometimes also comes with with a refreshing beverage makes it the perfect snack for a hot afternoon.

Dutch fries and mayonaisse You’ll need: potatoes, 2 egg yolks, 3 dl oil, 1 table spoon of lemon juice, pepper, salt, mustard Fries:Cut the potatoes to approximately the same size. Deep fry them twice, first at 120 degrees for about 5 minutes and then turn down the heat to 180 degrees for about 5 minutes to make them crispy and golden brown. Mayonnaise: mix the egg yolks, pepper, salt and mustard. Add the oil slowly, mixing it constantly. Add lemon juice and mix.

Finnish pancakes, apple jam and strawberry milk You’ll need: 5 dl milk, 2 eggs, ¾ tea spoons salt, 1 tea spoon sugar, 2 dl flour, 2 table spoons oil, 1 kg apples, 1 dl water, 3 dl sugar, 1 cinnamon stick, ½ lemon’s juice, cardamon, strawberries, milk, sugar

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Pancakes: Mix everything and let the mixture sit for a half an hour. Melt butter or margarine on griddle or pan. Pour mixture in circles on to the pan. Cook until golden brown flipping once. Apple jam: Remove the skin of the apples and cut them. Boil the water with the cinnamon stick. Add the apples and boil till they are still intact but soft.

Remove the cinnamon bar, add sugar and cardamom. Smash everything. Strawberry milk: Add the strawberries and sugar to the milk (amount according to your thirst). Blend.You can also use blueberries as an alternative.

contribute Umbrella always wants to hear from you! So drop us a tweet or a mail or even send us a letter! We also welcome any photos or guest contributors.

....more recipes to follow




Tales of Žužemberk can be grateful for probably the most amazing working space in this year’s EASA. They are located in the castle tower above Tapaland. Views are stunning and there is a constant refreshing wind keeping the participants on top of their game. The tutors of the workshop are selfproclaimed Estonian nerds, Laura and Roland. They are loved and appreciated by the group and the feeling seems to be mutual. And what it is that they do? They are learning to translate atmosphere and emotions into illustrated stories. Everyone has their individual project but discussions seem to play a big role as well. A good deal of the time is dedicated to thinking and reflecting. There is a lot of self-examination going on here. If you haven’t yet visited the TaleTower, you definitely should. Go enjoy the calm and emotive atmosphere, the view and of course the beautiful illustrations.



A group of three enthusiastic Hungarian tutors, – Roland, Eszter and Zsofia are enjoying their work by the river. The workshop started with a walk around Žužumberk, researching possible sites and brainstorming concepts. The tutors initially planned to build their intervention on the castle wall, but in the end they have located their workshop in the pleasant and chilled atmosphere by the river (probably so they can jump into the water whenever they want). The organisers should be pretty pleased with this workshop, because they have brought their own material – elastic rope, which was funded through a competition in Hungary and also all of the participants can work without any tools. Right now you can see them working on three different sculptures situated on the opposite side of the river – near the waterfalls, under the bridge and one a bit further.

The Austrian tutor team for Holy Moley - Lena, Kerstin and David – promised us a lot of kissing at their workshop presentation.But actually there is quite a lot of hard work too. You can see them working by the river, or maybe it is better to say sinking into the river. The workshop got off to a slow start, while the team gathered ideas and put them together to design the best water mill ever. Their work consists of a lot of adventures such as swimming with the tools, going around Žužumberk and looking for some suitable old material. The idea is to use only left overs, which they can get from municipality or the local farmers. Because of some difficulties with equipment, Holy Moley has to use only man power, which makes things a little more complicated.

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Mostly EASA is about architecture - but there are quite a lot of workshops that aren’t really about construction or planning, but about thinking. We already reviewed Onion and you must know by now that they were doing pretty strange philosophical stuff. Today they finally went into the field and began to bring their ideas to life. On Friday morning while walking to the castle, everyone could see a group of people holding their hands above their heads at the pavilion site. They

were all wearing black and didn’t move at all. By the way, the participants were standing on the concrete foundations for the pavilion, which are one of a few things already finished. What does this all mean? The tutor says that the participants were performing the hardwork of the crew building the pavilion. However, some other meanings might be found if you dwell more on it. The guys, dressed in black, did actually look like support beams for the future construction.

The locals also took part in the performance - some of the passers by just stopped and joined in. It was funny to see how both children and elderly became the supports of the future EASA pavilion. Seems like we’re accepted? However, the tutors of onion say it was really a tryout for the future performances and a kind of exercise. They promise to do something bigger soon, involving the river. We can’t wait!




UNKNOWN ABOUT KNOWN We’re all enjoying chatting to new people from every nation in Europe (and further afield) at the bar, but once we’ve covered the basics of where you’re from and what workshop the conversation can run a little dry. Here are some little known facts about known countries that you can throw into the conversation to impress your new friend...

NETHERLANDS Microscope - In 1590 the Dutchmen Hans and Zacharias Janssen invented the first compound microscope. Orange colored carrot - Dutch carrot growers invented the orange carrot by cross breeding pale yellow carrots and red carrots. Heineken beer - A pale lager beer with 5% alcohol by volume produced

by the Dutch brewing company Heineken International. Oil painting - Early Dutch painting in the 15th century was the first to make oil the usual painting medium. No wonder Rembrandt and Van Gogh were so successful.

most spoken language within South Africa, isiZulu is the most common home language. Biltong - A dried seasonal meat snack typical for South Africa.


RMS Titanic - the second of the three Olympic-class ocean liners built in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on the 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg. Samson and Goliath Cranes - twin shipbuilding cranes situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Ulster fry - a famous cooked breakfast. University of Belfast - the most units drunk per student per week in the UK. David Perry - a game developer, the best known for the game Earthworm Jim.

Nelson Mandela - a South African antiapartheid revolutionary and politician who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. Big five game - The five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot: lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros. Table Mountain - a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town. 11 official languages Although English is considered as a


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So here it is. After nearly a week of expectation, yesterday night the crowd was entertained by the first episode of easa tv. Everyone crowded round the stage in the castle at 11 pm, right after the daily lectures ended. As a regular and popular workshop at EASA everyone was very curious and excited about it. The video itself was about 9 minutes long and it was a collage of several short movies, covering workshops and interviews with the organisers. Despite Alioša stating he was not a funny guy, the easa tv crew proved him wrong so he and Martha were the fist organizers to give a funky interview. Umbrella loved the use of footage from last years national evening. They also did not forget the burning issue of the fuckpack, interviewing both sides, presenting the organizers point of view but also the participants. Umbrella is very happy to be among the workshops featured in the first episode. Tapaland, Rekukivate, Easa FM and Onion were also in it. To conclude, the screening got good reviews from the viewers and are all waiting for the next one as soon as possible. Stay tuned for announcements of the next screening.

Peter, Ireland

I bathe in sunscreen every day because I’m rapidly turning the colour of a tomato.

Seems like writing in this section every day still won’t cover all the talented people here! Meet Rebeka (Pinosa) Maribor, Slovenia, who manages to combine architecture studies with working at RADIO TOP for one and a half years already! Rebeka has had a passion for music since childhood and even plays two kinds of flute, the piano and the ukulele! So it was a sign from heaven when she stumbled upon an ad on facebook about a vacancy on the radio, that turned out to be only a two minute walk from home. Since then she reviews and plays dance music 3 hours per day. Isn’t it amazing to do so much cool stuff at the same time! We are pretty sure that there are plenty of part-time radio DJs at EASA, and there is even EASA FM. Umbrella heard a rumour that EASA FM might be up and running pretty soon, so maybe Rebeka should pay them a visit!

H el lo m y d e a r E A S A i a n s , Unfortunately gossip girl got too drunk yesterday, and is feeling a little worse for wear. But I still have your secrets.... And who am I? Thats one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl

Irma, Croatia

We stole someone’s tent.

Marko, Macedonia

We have a river. And a beer. In the river.

Andras, Hungary I’m fine, thanks.

Pernille, Denmark

It’s like a diet thing. You just sweat out all the fat.

LAST NIGHTS LECTURE Yesterday in the evening you could attend the lecture presented by Alexander S. Ostan – an awarded architect and well-known member of EASA family. His lecture, titled (Young) Architect’s mission in the time of crisis; What can critical profession do for a better world? was really successful among our upcoming future architects. Alexander’s speech wasn’t about his own completed projects. Primarily he described how a changing understanding of universe has affected the public perception of architecture.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If anyone has any birthdays coming up, please let us know!

Samue Dubois, Canada, 24

Yesterday the citizens of our country easa changed their “skin” to that of a Salamander - black and yellow. Djs Rafael and Roland played quite relaxing electronic music. Lots of people had been starving for such an atmosphere at the parties and yesterday they got a package of refreshing, loosening up fun. Big thanks to Illustration/Illumination for the festive mood that we got with the fluorescent bracelets! In addition to the main play list

on the stage, you could also hear the way your body sounds with the help of interactive structure made and brought here by Belarussian architecture collective Monogroup, who are known here as the City bot tutor team. Some Irish guy was so inspired by this device that he decided to share his joy with everyone and had a naked run around the castle court. We can’t miss the fact by the way that Irish team will get the title of the hardest party animals at this easa

for sure! Anyway it seems that this installation has some effect on people. Don’t miss it tonight, it’ll be on show one more time at 22.00 downstairs to the right from the stage. P.S And don’t be fooled by the medicine taste of Jägermeister, Even though it contains some herbs it won’t heal you no matter how much you drink it. Tested on ourselves....


-drunk, naked Irish guy

09.08.13 |07

WHAT’S ON TODAY LECTURE: We’re not sure WHEN: 20:30 WHERE: Castle


ŽUŽ UP Animation movie night WHEN: 20:00 WHERE: Iskra hall

Tonight we are treated with lectures from two of our own people, Alex Maxwell and Oscar Zetina. Alex will be talking about the role of architecture schools in today’s world. Is the school institution stuck in the past, and is it still socially relevant? He only has experience from schools in the UK so the audience should feel free to join in discussing the topic. The lectures start at 22:00 at the castle cellar. See you there!

PARTY: Hot&Spicy

ORGANISER SAYS - Don’t throw cigarette ends on the ground and into the “paper” garbage containers. this might cause fire! - Always collect the leftovers of your food, especially sweet one - they attract wasps, which aren’t really nice guys - Don’t leave your stuff in the showers - otherwise you agree that it becomes public



LOST & FOUND Lost: A blue wallet (sack-like) Another wallet (girly) A small patchy French bulldog (if found, call 041 761 194). The owners promise a reward! Conrad the dolphin has mysteriously disappeared yesterday. The whole team and the owner are grieving and promice a reasonable reward for the one who returns their talisman home. Found: A straw hat Bunch of aviator glasses Some flatware


Bence from Hungary would like to find a bike so he can get down to the river a bit quicker.

ŽUŽIONARY How are you? Are you getting again drunk tonight? Add me on Facebook. Let’s got to the forest. Let’s go to the river.

Kako si? Se ga bos danes napil/a? Dodaj me na Facebook. Greva v gozd. Greva v reka.

DEZNIK Vol.13 Issue05  
DEZNIK Vol.13 Issue05