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Thursday 8th August 2013 | VOL 13 . ISSUE 04

Make news and serve it HOT!

Ž U Ž EM BER K SPECI A L It’s been already five days since EASA occupied Žužemberk and most of us have fully adapted to the tentcastle-iskra hall pathway. But have you seen the rest of the city? It’s amazing and really, really old. Žužemberk was first mentioned in written documents dating back to 1246. And the castle is even older: it is believed to date back to around 1000 ad. Can you imagine? Today the Umbrella team walked through the streets of the host town and found some places you might want to check out when you are taking a break from your workshop. St. Mohor and Fortunat church Wanna know whose bells wake you every morning at 7 o’clock? That’s St. Mohor. This church stands on the hill just above our camp and is visible from almost anywhere. We didn’t manage to climb to it since today is like the hottest day ever, but you might try - and be rewarded by an amazingly beautiful views of the church, which was first built in the Middle age but was rebuilt in 1700s into a pretty renaissance thing. There are also some organ concerts held in this church, so try to visit at least one! St. Nicolas church Oh, this one is really old, it dates back to the 13th century, and it also is the easiest to reach. It stands right by the bridge at Krka, just cross the river and you’ll see its belfry. It is closed almost all of the time, but it is really nice just to walk around it and maybe touch the huge marble memorial desk,

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which hangs on the wall from the day the church was finished - 8 hundred years, can you imagine? World War II memorial This monument stands really close to the St. Mahor church, up on the hill. It is not really special architecturally, but a lot of sense was put into it, since 1440 soldiers are resting under it. If you after the 14th, IllustrationIllumination should have finished their installations, so it should be a pretty special walk. Check their workshop review for more details. St. Rok church This baroque-style church is also one of

the oldest in the whole region. It’s nice to rest in its shadow after the climb to the hill at the other bank of the river where it stands. Getting inside is also quite difficult, but you can always look through the windows. And during night the view of the city from this church is absolutely fantastic. Old Iron foundry in Dvor A walk to this baby might take quite a long time, since it’s in the nearby village, but it is worth it. The foundry was built in the 18th century and was the most important one in Slovenia. Now it is in ruins, but nearby you’ll find a museum of its history. So maybe Sunday is the best day for this walk.

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Have you already seen t he Monument here? Well, soon you definitely will. The guys from one of three illustration/illumination teams are going to show you the way. They are making a sort of frame at the bus stop to draw people’s attention at the monument. On your path there you’ll make few stops marked with some super cool glowing things. When you’re finally at the spot you can make your own interaction, using flashing lights. At daytime they are going to make some experiments with lenses and colors, like a mirror to the sky for example. The other team is designing a kind of a ceiling made of plastic bottles filled with color and using daylight to create colorful shadows and surfaces. And the third team plays with lights and shadows in the castle to make you stop and enjoy the beauty. Probably, they will even produce something permanent for the city dwellers to discover all the possibilities of their amazing site. You may think that’s too much cool stuff for one workshop, but it’s not the end! They are also planning to make smaller, but still not less impressive visual installations. The work has started already so we are close to be illuminated!

Shaping behavior, non-linear structure, continuous data flow. Can you get all of these words? If not, this workshop is definitely something that you need take a look at. The Belarusian tutors of City Bot will teach you how to see architecture through the prism of logic. Their participants are lucky enough to get some experience at modeling the interactive structure. There is also a peculiar IT guy Denis Bakunovitch in the tutor team who has made a smile measuring device and is organising a smile competition. Want to be the best smiler ever? Just find him and try to smile as wide as you can. Nowadays people say smart is a new sexy, so this workshop seems to be the sexiest!

ANALOGUE ADVENTURES T h is photog r aphy work shop kicked off with some lectures and introductions on how to use old school analog cameras. The team has been out exploring Žužemberk with their new skills in photography and the first film reels are filled

with cool vintage looking pictures of architecture, nature and portraits. W hen Umbrella was visiting the workshop the tutors were teaching their participants the process of developing the films. You might have noticed the darkroom behind the stage area and this is where the magic happens. Not only is the process of developing the film time consuming and quite tricky, some of it also have to be done in complete darkness. And let me tell you, the two South African tutors Lisa and Helena really have a lot of knowledge about photography and developing. The tutors will develop the first reels in order to make sure the developments are successful, but eventually the participants will be doing the entire process themselves. We even got a sneak peak of the first photos this morning. T here will exhibitions of the photos around the festival area, and if we are lucky we might even get to use some of the pictures in Umbrella. So by the end of the assembly, if you have a question about photography, you can just ask one of the Analog ue Adventures participants. Seems like they are going to become photo exper ts during this EASA. This Umbrella reporter was extremely impressed.

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Being the multi-talented beings we are, it seems we have no shortage of people to talk to for this column. The Georgian NC Niko Kejerashvili is taking a not so short break from architecture, as the visual merchandiser for international fashion brand Massimo Dutti. He manages the stores in Georgia and the Caucasus region, designing the appearance and display of the collections. Niko got into the job by accident. An unemployed architect with not a penny in his pocket, he just asked for the position in his favourite store and started working the next day. Maybe his good looks got him the job because he is also a part-time professional model. If anyone is looking to do any EASA fashion shows, Umbrella recommends you contact Niko’s agent.

Whats the inspiration behind your outfit? Thomasito, Liechtenstein: Triangles are my favourite shape Sofie, Belgium: I see dots everywhere Elena, Switzerland: I walk the line

Hello my dear EASAians, Gossip girl is back again with another report. Seems like yesterdays party topped the Balkan night as more and more couples were seen doing some one-on-one breakdancing outside the castle during and after the party. Seems like hot EASAians are desperate to see some of the pavilions completed in order to get some privacy.. Things get intense as an English tutor practically gets assaulted as a tourist surprises her with a kiss on her stomach, quite charming. So charming in fact that her skirt fell off. On the hottest days at EASA more and more people are seen swimming in the river, but if you make your way down to the river at night, look out for couples being naughty on the shortcut road. Hot tip for next time, pay attention to where you put your shirt so that next time people won’t steal it and have sex on it. At least you got it back.. Reports are that the next few days the temperature will be dropping a bit, but don’t put on more clothes. Take them off and warm each other, maybe things will get hot again. And who am I? Thats one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl



As you can read we are really curious team, but we are not only interested in gossip. Over the last couple of days we have been dealing with the question of the story behind the Žužemberk coat of arms with the unknown wild animal. A lot of google searching and questioning the locals has presented some confusing answers. It looks like Žužemberk used to be quite a scary place. The legend says that in 1959 the castle was conquered by one guy called Gregor Turjaški with his brave eighteen soldiers. However, the conquest did not last long, because Gregor and his boys were surprised by another even braver guy, the general of the Croatian region, Herbart Turjaški (you know the relationships in the past were a bit complicated). Herbart was the lucky one who won the fight. The end of the story is very sad, because Gregors soldiers were slaughtered and thrown over the walls to the forest, where they were eaten by wild beasts. But none of the locals know the story of the coat of arms. The Citizens of Žužemberk are more



interested in rumours of bears in the vicinity. Today the secret has been revealed to Umbrella and the answer didn’t really meet our expectations. It is just a lynx, which are typical for this region and they used to live in the area of Zuzemberk. Yes, it does sometimes happen that we imagine stories more interesting than they really are.

UNKNOWN ABOUT KNOWN We’re all enjoying chatting to new people from every nation in Europe (and further afield) at the bar, but once we’ve covered the basics of where you’re from and what workshop the conversation can run a little dry. Here are some little known facts about known countries that you can throw into the conversation to impress your new friend...

in Copen hagen where you ca n smoke ma r ijua na leg a lly. K aer nemaelk skoldskaal w it h kammerjunker – Some sort of dairy dessert, tastes good and sounds insane. Porn – Apparently the first European country to legalize pornography, thanks!


bulgaricus– a bacteria used to produce yoghurt from milk grows naturally in Bulgaria. The reason why Bulgarians used to outlive the rest of us. Aerial bombs – invented to drop on the Turkish during the First Balkan War. Chushkopek – a huge device that is used for roasting peppers (and only one pepper at the time). Once voted

Lego – Probably the most popular toy of the easians. Niels Bohr – Nobel prize winning physicist. Danish Product design – Found at every home of the cultural elite that wants to be associated with Scandinavian coolness. Christiania – A small community


SPORTS The sports, beach volley and football, finally began today. The games got off to a great start with the Tscheks’ team Unicorns against D a n i sh , Nor w e g i a n , Ru ssi a n , Northern-Irish, Swedish and Finnish guys’ team Turborg-Carlsberg FC. The Unicorns were strong in the first half but Turborg-Carlsberg managed to turn the tables on the second half ending up winning 5-1. Even though the heat took its toll on the players, smiles never seemed to fade from their faces and the spirit of EASA and fair play stayed throughout the games. Thankfully the cooling Krka is just a few steps away from the playing field so after a game the river seemed to be the only possible destination. There was some confusion about the timetable so some teams got an easy win with the opponent team not showing up. The games continue later on so do remember to check the info point bulletins regularly for the game times. Be sure to come and cheer for your favorite team or just check out the hottest bodies. Just don’t forget to take your water bottle with you! `Bulgaria’s Household Revolution of the 20th Century. But it’s not used much anymore as the material is infected with asbestos. Ireland: Irish breakfast – The best remedy for a hangover, especially the blood pudding will get you up and running again. Irish Breakfast #2 – Guinness and Irish Whiskey, of course.. Fat people – Apparently the Irish are the second fattest people in Europe, after Scotland. Tan – Known for being quite pale, Irish girls wear the most fake tan in the world.Chocolate Milk – Not just alcoholic beverages from Ireland, and who doesn’t like chocolate milk? Tattoo machine – Many of you have tattoos, some you like and some you regret. Anyway you can blame the irish.

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WHAT’S ON TODAY LECTURE: Aleksander S. Ostan & Reaction WHAT: (Young) architect’s mission in the time of crisis. What can critical profession do for a better world? WHEN: 20:30 - 22:00 WHERE: Castle

TONIGHTS REACTION Astrit Rraci is the reaction lecturer tonight. As the name sounds a bit similar to Karlson’s mother’s name the organizers made a mistake which I actually found this morning when I was looking for a girl to ask a few questions before lecture. And to say the truth when I found Astrit I was a bit surprised to see a quite handsome guy in front of me. Astrit has just finished his first year of architecture studies but he already has a lot to share with easians. He will be telling us some quite interesting stuff about the PAW event. And no this is not about pets, this is the Pristina Architectural Event, which Astrit visited this year. The lecture starts at 22.00 and it will be held at the castle cellar as usual. See you there!

PARTY: Salamander Party WHAT: Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow... dresscode! We are salamanders. Tunes by Easians Rafael & Roland. WHEN: 23:30 WHERE: Castle

ORGANISER SAYS - The toilets in the bar and the supermarket are not ours so be respectful. Don’t be animals. Use the bins. - The ground (and the shower) is not your bin.


HOT AGAIN, day 36˚ night 14˚

- Drink a lot of liquids, especially during night. - Don’t throw cigarette butts on the grass. - Try to be quite during night while walking home from castle.










If anyone has any birthdays coming up, please let us know!

Inna, Moldova, 18 The night started pretty chilled. The people looked exhausted from the workshops and the flamingo-style standing in the water. Even though a bunch of germanspeaking people were already partying in front of the stage, the party only kicked off when *the cutest gangsters in the world..ever!!*(Liv,DK) sold their souls to music industry and rihanna popped out of the speakers. People took over the stage and another magic EASAnight was about to begin. The crowd partied hard and didnt mind the DJs having a couple of

complications. The music shifted between classy HipHop and legendary 90s and somehow a Breakdance session kicked out from nowhere in the southeastern section of the stage. *We are your friends!* was EASAs answer when the music stopped and the stage could only be emptied with a massive amount of friendly security guys. The night ended with a clueless couple been carried around in a bed and people drinking some dangerous looking and smelling stuff out of 5L-canisters. Keep on my friends!

Marija, Croatia, 21

TODAYS INJURIES Lars Almgren, Denmark: Cut his finger at the accordian workshop Eoin McCooey, Ireland: Took a stagedive at the party yesterday, and you can see the result Tiia Vahula, Estonia: Sprained foot

Astrid, Norway, 26

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ACTIVITIES `CHEERS FOR THE MASTER THAT GIVES US WINE` Most easians spend the day walking between the castle, river and accommodation, unaware of some spectacular views and local history and identity. One workshop, “take a chance, make a change” is raising awareness about public participation and connecting to local identity. They have cooked and made best friends (and some romance) with a group of local housewives. Yesterday, the workshop made an excursion with a group of charming non-English speaking older men taking the group to homes where they grow and make their own wine. The production is basically just `for the heart`, and not to actually make a profit as the hill is too steep. The local gentlemen go there on weekends to chill out, drink with their neighbors or bring some lady friends (while the wife stays home taking care of the kids). It was a bit of an unconventional wine tasting, as the locals were eager to share and happy to have new people to drink with. The consumption was high, making the participants and our hosts bond despite of the language

barrier. In the end phone numbers were exchanged, and future meetings and possible hookups with their sons arranged. And if the accommodation and the parties are starting to take its toll, one of the places visited (tourist-farm)

close by is building an extension and your help would be most appreciated. A place to sleep and all the wine you can possibly drink are provided for. Girls were especially welcomed.

our slovenian translators Marta and Monika. With their help a few brave architecture students got a free lesson and are now seriously concidering switching professions, especially Dessi Kovacheva, whose last name means blacksmith anyway. As a token of Robi’s kindness, she received a piece-of-the-

art metal flower pin. So if you spot a girl with such a pin on, don’t mess with her, she knows how to swing a hammer! So, thank you Robi, for your hospitality and keep on enjoying your work as much as you do. Dear fellow easians, take an example and moald your metal with a smile.

HEAVY METAL What started out as a lazy Monday turned out to be a symphony of sound and passion at the local blacksmith’sRobi Struna. First we took a tour around the workshop and learned all about bending, joining, piercing, colouring and polishing pieces of metal. Up the staircase we were led to his temple of art. Turns out he’s not only a blacksmith but a painter as well. But hold on ladies, he’s got three children! In the late afternoon Robi gave some additional heat to the already steamy weather by showing us the traditional way of moalding metal, and he did it with a smile and a song. Although he didn’t speak a word of english, we had



LOST & FOUND A mystery easian found Pelin’s (easa fm) watch. Can someone own up to the good deed because she wants to buy you a shot at the bar.

WANTED Lower temperatures. Less bread. More fun. And of course, world peace. EASA FM needs your help to get Clemens and Jakob to Zuz

Some peaceful sleeping after a long day at the workshop .

ŽUŽIONARY Where can we buy food at night? Can you put a little bit more vodka? May I drink all of your water? Please, somebody, help me. I’ll die because of heat.

Kje lahko kupimo hrano ponoči? Lahko nalijete malo več vodke? Lahko popijem vso tvovodo? Prosim, pomagaj mi. Jaz sem umrl zaradi vročine.

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