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Friday 16th August 2013 | VOL 13 . ISSUE 11

Make news and serve it HOT!


So we have reached the end. Tomorrow will be an emotional day as we prepare ourselves to leave the nation of easa and return to our ordinary lives. But it promises to be a happy day too. Traditionally at the end of every EASA we take a day to explore each other’s workshops and show off our own. Umbrella has tried to hunt down as many workshops as possible so we can tell you where you should be spending your time tomorrow. Apologies if we miss any out. Did you know there is a bookmaking workshop in the watchtower? Tales of Žužemberk will be opening their exhibition tomorrow at 13:00 with some wine, and if you ask nicely maybe some readings. On the way you can take a look at the work of Analogue Adventures on the

DEŽNIK online


walkway. Umbrella hasn’t seen too many of their photographs but what we have seen really is something special. If you haven’t seen the mirror and water installation by Illustration/ Illumination yet, definitely check it out. Just walk past Illumidentity part 3, which will be on show tonight after dark. You might also see some bent wood. Follow it up the stairs into (another) tower where you can play with Accordian’s interactive i n s t a l l at ion . Re k u k i v at e h av e promised they will be entertaining us all day in the castle, but we think they just plan to crash the wedding. If you would like to crash it too it’s at 15:00. There will be no Tapaland. All over town you can also find some Small Inter ventions. T he participants of this workshop have had to be extra creative this year, as

they have had to source their own materials. Most of their work is by the river, but there is one special project at the cemetery. One of the benches is under an apple tree and there is one behind the old mill, where you can also find oursoftrefuge from 15:00. If you need help finding any of these you can take one of the maps made by What makes this city yours? which will be in the main square. Of course you can’t miss the pavilion. We’re very sad it won’t be finished during easa, but we look forward to seeing the photos of the finished product in time to come. Nearby you can find an interactive installation from City Bot, which we can’t wait to see. And Diff_raction have created a great sign to tell the locals that we are EASA continued on page 5....

contribute Umbrella always wants to hear from you! So drop us a tweet or a mail or even send us a letter! We also welcome any photos or guest contributors.




1. Are you pleased with your participants?

FIVE QUESTIONS For the first issue of Umbrella013 we asked all the workshops five questions about what to expect. Let’s see what do they think now we’re near the end?


Tutors: Hugo Pointallart, Romea Muryn & Luci Brandoli 1. The best team I’ve ever had in EASA. They are motivated, funny and hard workers. 2. The stars on the night sky. 3. Definitely, small interventions are supposed to make life better. There’ll be loads of benches. 4. I’m confident. Architects like to do it in the last minute. 5. Very relaxed, hot, big ideas.


Tutors: Lana Loncar, Ljubica Arsic, Aleksandra Stepanovic 1. of course we are. last year when we did a workshop, some of our participants disappeared at the end. this year everyone stayed! 2. the episode when we were just giving glow sticks to the people at salamander party 3. I guess so - some firefighters have already told us they liked installation in the tower. Bu we wonder, how many of our projects will really stay. 4. We had no expectations. But now we’re just happy we worked well and did some amazing stuff. 5. Serenity now insanity later.

2. What do you remember the best from EASA? 3. Will Zuzemberk react to your workshop’s result? 4. Have you got the result you expected? 5. Describe this EASA in 5 words.



Tutors: Justinas Jakstonis, Elžbieta Bortkevič & Viktorija Rimkute 1. Yes, definitely. We had only two participants, they’re very different but cool. 2. People’s faces when we were sitting there and separating rice from lenses for more than half an hour 3. It already reacts, people take part in the stuff we do and they like us. 4. We had no goal, so I guess we did even more than expected. 5. Onion onion onion onion onion

Tutors: Tamara Rijavec, Natalija Zanoski 1. Yes, they are really hardworking and initiative 2. The wine tasting we organized on one of the first days 3. Yes, we built some pretty strong communications with local people and I hope they will last 4. There were no expectations, but I really like what we did 5. Hard working communicating enjoyment connection



Tutors: Alvaro Paya Piqueras, Javier Diaz Garrido, Javier Guerra Gomez, Antonio Olaya 1. We couldn’t be more pleased with our participants. Germans could be better though. 2. Being seven meters high. It was a bit scary. Because the scaffolding was not fixed, it was moving. 3. They will have to pay us to be in. We will provide intimate space for couples here. 4. Of course, even more. It will be great. 5. Spanish breakfast - Paracetamol, Omeoprazol, Fortasec, Denistil, Leotron.

Tutors: Andrius Laurinaitis, Tomas Milkamanavičius 1. Yes, of course! 2. The blind walk we did on the third or fourth day. We all covered our eyes, stood in a line and walked around the city. We understood it in a completely different way and it is beautiful! 3. Yeah, we hope so. We’re going to do a CD which will help every citizen of Zuzemberk understand his own city more. 4. We’ll see that tomorrow! 5. River smell of cheese castle team filled tokens

16.08.13 |03


Tutors: Milda Kulvičiūtė, Evelina Vasiliauskaitė & Joris Šykovas 1. Best participants ever, perfect. 2. That’s a secret you will never know. 3. Yeah, we are showing animations to locals and have already talked a lot to them. 4. I think so, hopefully. 5. Easy, breezy, beautiful, cover girl.


Tutors: Alexandra Kononchenko, Olga Dolinina & Arian Lehner. 1. It’s a pleasure to work with them when they appear. 2. This working chaos. It’s fascinating that 500 students managed to survive for 2 weeks on their own. 3. The ones with internet access. 4. Yes, fun doing funny videos. 5. Mess, order, sun, rain, sleep deprivation.


Tutors: Elias Lindhoff, Lars Almgren 1. Very pleased, especially when they are naked. 2. Boiling wood. 3. I think so, at least some effect as they are placed in the most important building of the city. 4. Even better than expected but it’s not thanks to me. (“Absolutely not!”, Naima, participant) 5. Castle, Laško, extreme weather conditions, beauty.







Tutors: Julia Hutzler, Thurid Andressen, Stefan Fiebig 1. Oh yeah, we are blessed. 2. First night (all our nightmares came true). 3. Definitely, it’s our surprise. 4. Actually not, we imagined something different but it’s satisfying. We react to the situation. 5. You love it or not.

Tutors: Cansu Pelin, Miles Reay-Palmer & Agnesa Vavrinova 1. Totally! We don’t have any par ticipants so we kinda have everybody. 2. I don’t remember many things… 3. Hmmm… Ya… I don’t know. 4. Yeah, definitely. 5. Hot, hot, hot, river, hot.

Tutors: Karolina Przybyła & Michal Switalsk 1. They are cool. 2. Salamader set = best party. 3. I think yes. 4. The work is in progress. But we are at the point we wanted to reach. 5. Good food, beautiful country, great people, hot weather, cold river.

Tutors: Alex Maxwell & Dicle Kockar 1. Yes, super enthusiastic. 2. This morning. Just. 3. They will have to whether they like it or not, it’s there. They will use it. 4. Mmm no. it’s slightly different, organic architecture. Same process, design theory, different result. 5. Like going back in time.

Tutors: Roland Nemeth, Eszter Macsuga & Zsófia Vancsura. 1.Yes, they are the best ever, very enthusiastic. 2. Stretching the ropes and deserved ice-cream in the bar. 3.Kids will definitely like it. 4. Yes. 5. Friendly, relaxed, efficient, hot and cold in the same time.

Tutors: Willem Barendregt, Sophie van Dorsten & Joost Harteveld 1. Yes, a lot of international influences and everyday different EASA spirit. 2. Hype of Tapaland! 3. Mostly not but sometimes a local has a taste and the supermarket gets sold out. 4. Yes and evenmore. 5. Tasty, international, poetic way of love.








Tutors: Christof Mathes, Matthias Klapper 1. Aykut do it. 2. My first kiss with a black man. 3. When the security let them in, yes. 4. Yes because I’m exhausted and sick. 5. We love the fuck pack.


Tutors: Anna Podrouzkova, Libor Mladek 1.With half of them. 2.We didn’t get material we wanted, so we cannot finish it. 3. People will like it, but they will destroy it soon. 4. No. 5. Wasp, white bread, waterfall, polystyrene




Tutors: Lena Kohlmayr, Kerstin Pluch, David Lukacs 1. Yes, we have the best participants ever. And most weird ones, as well. 2. That’s the secret. 3. They are reacting already. We are already negotiating for renting prices for our dock. 4 . We g uess even more. We did n’t have a ny expec tations. 5. Bred, brot, pan, kruh, hljeb.

Bhavika Mistry & Martin Konieczny 1. No… (Hahah!) Yes, very pleased. 2. Martin and Mikal’s kiss on sangria night. 3. Hopefully or at least enjoy visually. 4. Yes, it was very open workshop so… 5. Hot, sweaty, sexy, hot, calore.

Tutors: Patrick Jaritz, Zsofia Paczolay & Zsofia Szoke. 1. I’m privileged that I have the most dedicated and enthusiastic participants ever. 2. The Bulgarian team, EASA never saw such a cool group. 3. No. 4. Participants are so reflected and smart that we got much further than expected. I’m amazed by the outcome. 5. Four hours sleep every night.

Tutors: Brina Vizjak & Sara Badovinac 1. They’re always in a good mood, even when they’re hungover. 2. The hay day – we were saving hay all day after drunk people threw it in the river. 3. Sure. They’re very keen to use it. 4. We didn’t have an expectation, we worked together to finish something. 5. Hot, hot, chaotic, quiet (from the organisers), no internet.

Tutors: Will Burgess & Jack Richards 1. What participants? 2. I remember nearly everything, it just happened. 3. I hope they notice that something has changed. 4. We’ll tell you on Saturday. 5. No quite enough spare timber.

Tutors: Nataly Nemkova, Aliaksandr Khadziakou & Dzianis Bakunovich 1. Yes, very much. 2. The interactive installation we made, and also driving around on the mobile platform. 3. Hopefully they will like it and it will be useful. 4. Yes, so far so good. And we are even on schedule! 5. Heat. Architectural dream. Spritzer. Interesting. Tapaland

Tutors: Hanna Varanets, Lizzie Daly, Maria Virshich 1. Awesome. 2. Paper and printing issues. 3. Yes, we made something for the locals also and they are buying our shirts. 4. Even more. 5. Have you seen gossip girl?

16.08.13 |05


Tutors: Laura Linsi, Roland Reemaa 1. Yes we are. 2. The storm in our watch tower. 3. No they won’t. 4. We’re on our way. 5. We work to strict deadlines.


Tutors: Manos Chatzinikolaou, Myrsini Alexandridi 1. Yes. 2. Hail after 40 degrees. And about the workshop? It was really great experience, positive situation. 3. People from Žužemberk will probably scratch their heads and won’t know what we are doing, because they weren’t involved in conversations. 4. It is not finished yet, but we are very satisfied. 5. Wasps, waterfall, EASA spirit, great dinner food, bad lunch food


Tutors: Inesa Kovalova, Kseniia Pundyk & Alan Thompson Trap for a monster seemed to be out trapping a monster so we couldn’t find them for an interview...

...continued from page 1 Of course most of us will want to spend most of our last day by the river. But there’s plenty to see there so you shouldn’t feel too guilty. Holy Moley have created a second platform to catch some rays on, and hopefully we will be able to float past it on Floatpture’s finished product. If you haven’t seen the giant project which is Endor, you clearly haven’t been to the river enough. Take some time to check it now, and hopefully we will be able to climb up and have a nap. Tonight, black fire will be having a burning ceremony, which should hopefully leave us with some interesting riverside furniture. And don’t forget to take a look at the awesome talent of the City is my

playground participants, they have taken over an old building on the walk to the river, which is looking pretty awesome. Finally, if you’ve had enough of the town, why not take a walk up to the monument? Illustration/Illumination have created something to light our way, and they will be different both at night and day. After 9, light parasite will return to the chicken house, and will also light up endor for us. We can’t wait. And if you want to drink, Umbrella will be having a bar crawl. Meet us at 4pm at info point. The exhibitions will be finishing in the evening with an EASA media special.



Tutors: Andrej Zikic, Diego Garcia Esteban & Etienne Godfrin. 1. Super awesome. We had problem with our participants that they didn’t want to finish their work and go for dinner. Super motivated, it was nice to work with them. 2. Cutting, cutting and cutting. IT lab is my playground. 3. Locals come to the mayor that our work is really nice and they want more. 4. Yes, even more. 5. Super, awesome, cool + cold showers

Tutors: Helena Mouton & Lisa Henderson 1. Yes very much, they have been wonderfull! 2. When we opened the first reel, and in actually worked. Also developing films in the darkroom with guitar music and beers. 3. That they will like it, we a lot of pictures from Žužemberk and also a lot of locals. 4. Not exactly, but we were surprised in a good way though. Just like an analogue photo! 5. Overwhelming. Bloody hot. Doos. Adventure. BAM!




You can only have a first time experience once. Not only is this my first time at EASA, but EASA as phenomenon is a first time experience filled with first times. First time in Slovenia, first time meeting someone from Novosibirsk, first time being attacked by the Turkish police, first time getting a roll of toilet paper in a goody bag, first time boiling wood, first time in Tapaland, first time dancing ehh margarita! You can only have a second time experience once. Hope to see you all in Bulgaria! Lars Almgren, Denmark.

It’s not that I want to spoil the fun for those of you who are yet to experience it for the first time. It’s just that I thought you should know there are some severe side-effects of attending an easa, and you might want to be prepared for it. It sneaks up on even experienced Easians. Do you know what i’m talking about? It’s the feelings you get once you arrived home safely. It’s browsing through endless streams of photos on facebook. Its the urge to check one more time if anything new has been uploaded. Or to turn up the volume and start singing along on one of the tunes that only a few nights before you were using your entire lungcapacity on in the arms of new friends at the final party (it you have a severe case of it, you might even find the music good). It’s the realization that the peaceful stillness of your own bed in your own apartment, that you undoubtedly have been longing for on severeal occasions, suddenly seems like the the loudest sounds of emptiness. It’s the vacuum created by the absence of 400 people. It’s the strange feeling of eating from a real plate. Perhaps even a

clean one. A meal you prepared youself, after coming to the conclusion that nobody will do it for you. Perhaps you are even so bad off that you will have trouble falling asleep without a snoring person at your side, so you might want to ask a friend or your grandpa to join you the first couple of nights. Just to help you adjust. Its not really nostaligia. It’s not depression, or even love. It’s everything at once. It’s the sensation of being ripped out of the world you have gotten used to and placed in a new and disgustingly clean, quiet and comfortable world you once knew. Don’t be afraid to let yourself feel the easa blues, but don’t think that anybody back home will be able to understand what you are talking about. You might feel ready, looking forward to it by now. You might even have done so for some time now. We’re going home. But when reality hits you in the face on monday morning, you will wish you were waking up to the beautiful symphony of nokia tunes and the sight of puffy but adorably eyes surrounding you. Nielsine Otto , Denmark

16.08.13 |07

PARTY REVIEW Even though the night started out with a serious Reaction lecture from the Turkish team on the civil rights protests in Turkey, easians s t i l l g ot i nto t he p a r t y mo o d afterwards in the bar area and on t he dance f loor. Cool electronic music from the Soundscape tutors matched t he cool air as most of the participants had put on warm clot hes to cope w it h t he falling temperature. And if you didn’t have warm clothes you could get warmer by dancing in the stage area or by taking part in the intense beer pong games by the bar. Unfor tunately it wasn’t enough for most of us, as many chose to take a night off and go to bed earlier. Probably for the best since the two remaining nights w ill be hectic as E A SA is a l most at a n end. Seemed li ke all of us enjoyed ourselves at the party despite the cold and maybe some thought it made things even cozier as they huddled up beneath blankets or jackets by the hay bales.

WANTED Helena Smrke local is looking for any sketches of the city and the workshops of EASA. Send everything that you want to share to

The Small intervention workshop is looking for NEW TUTORS

Hello my dear easians and here I am again with sadly the last update from Gossip Girl. Was it cold last night? Good thing then that some of you used each other to stay warm. Nothing like a hot body besides you in the sleeping bag to keep in the warmth.. Not just in the gym or the tent but also in the dungeon, the other dungeon, by the river, in the hammock, the abandoned house and all the other sweet spots that now are worn out and desecrated by naughty EASA participants. Maybe we also have to put out an ad in the lost and found column. LOST: virginity, in the castle somewhere. I am glad you enjoy yourselves, and each other as well. That is after all the most important part of being at EASA, at least in this dirty girls opinion. Anyways I have enjoyed spying on you over the last two weeks, and if you still have some secrets left consider yourself lucky, or just not interesting. See you next year, you know you love me.. Xoxo Gossip Girl

THE HIPPITY-HIPPITY-HIP-HOP SHOW! With Big C and Lil’ A bringing you the hottest hip-hop tunes from the east coast of river Krka to the west coast of river Krka

Tune in on EASA FM 93,6 from 9-10pm




TODAY Black fire redux WHERE: next to the river WHEN: at sundown


Workshop final presentation WHEN: 21:00 WHERE: Castle PARTY: Bad taste party


Janez, Slovenia

Workshop exhibition parts 1-2 WHERE: Iskra hall, castle, town square WHEN: 11:00-15:00 Wedding WHERE: Castle cellar WHEN: 17:00

I really like everything, you did a great job. I’m sorry we couldn’t participate more.

Marusa, Slovenia

A lot of things happened in last two weeks. It is good promotion for Zuzemberk and for our tourism. My firm profited and I like that we have two very nice new buildings.

Workshop exhibition part 3 WHERE: Loka and river banks WHEN: 18:00 Closing ceremony WHERE: Castle stage WHEN: 19:00

Tjasa, Slovenia

Slovenian evening, EASA media and Farewell party WHERE: Castle When: 23:00


I like it because I’ve been partying for two weeks. I got lots of new friends. And I’m tired. It is very nice that students made graffiti on our old houses. It is different and it looks better.

Ziga, Slovenia

Students are very friendly and nice and we like to party and drink with them, all day, all night.

Mojca, Slovenia

I’m here for a holiday at my grandparents house. I’m finally having fun here, althougt my grandparents are not very happy about it. There was a lot of noise and mess. I will miss EASA in Zuzemberk. Come back next year! Maria, Greece, 21

Beata, Denmark,27

DEZNIK Vol.13 Issue11  
DEZNIK Vol.13 Issue11