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Thursday 15th August 2013 |


VOL 13 . ISSUE 10

Make news and serve it HOT!


Did you go down to the river last night? Cos you were in for a nice surprise.. The light festival last night got us all in the mood for exhibition day on Saturday, as we took a night time tour around some of the installations produced by the many workshops working with the material of light this year. Light parasite took over the chicken hut with some pretty cool glowing egg cartons, and created a great atmosphere with some didgeridoo music. If you were smart enough to bring your smart phone, you could also take a little walk down the stairs to the river where your way was marked by some very pretty fiber-

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optic nets. A few weren’t so lucky to have a light and the stairs were also decorated with a bit too much blood for our liking. We hope the injured individual is OK. Next to the bridge, Diff_raction treated us with a mini-light show. A moving laser beam was diffracted by a line of water filled bags creating some interesting lighting effects on the water and the bridge. However, there was nothing to hold the laser and it looked like one unfortunate tutor had to stay there all night to entertain us. The finale took place at the beautiful old mill, a stunning setting. Our way was guided by glowing markers (we could have done with

some of those on the stairs) and the mill itself was sensitively lit with a collection of simple bulbs, which brought out the character of the ruin. As we listened to the flow of the river, also lit with floating lights, we watched an arty easa tv special, accompanied by popcorn from Tapaland. And this isn’t all, there were also some great installations in the slaughterhouse at the back of Iskra hall, which you will have to see if you haven’t already. Umbrella is pretty excited to see what the rest of the workshops have in store for us tomorrow night and Saturday!

contribute Umbrella always wants to hear from you! So drop us a tweet or a mail or even send us a letter! We also welcome any photos or guest contributors.





ARCHITECTURE IS ABOUT PEOPLE! The workshop Take a chance,Make a change chose a ver y specific, thoughtful and yet really crucial topic for the people of Zuzemberk. Their main idea is to create a source of communication between two parts of Zuzemberk inhabitants, that are still at enmity with each other since WWII. Every day the participants have been discussing the theoretical issues, trying to find the best solution. What makes the discussions even more intense is that everyone has a personal experience,concerning the consequences of the war. Then, in order to define particular problems and wishes, they organized activities concerned with the locals. Some examples are wine tasting, preparing food together or rowing with the local sports club. Though, the main part of the workshop is quite theoretical and abstract, the workshop will have a touchable outcome. The participants found a perfect location(in the castle trench), which is public but at the same time intimate, where they plan to construct a bench with a frame. Through the frame you can see an amazing view of the town. The frame is a metaphore, saying that this great place is for everybody. On the bench there will be a space for anonymous notes, where you can write your thoughts without being judged. The participants also have an idea of a “sharing box”, where people will leave their treasures and hunt for other’s ones. This workshop has so much to say that it seems impossible to cover it all.

Last night’s Neon party had a slow start. The cold and rainy weather didn’t make for perfect party conditions and people seemed a bit tired from the sangria party the night before. After another great EASA TV episode quiteafewpeopledecidedtosnuggleupintheir beds for a good night’s sleep to gather up some energy for the last remaining days. The castle was emptier than it has been so far. The people who did stay gathered in the bar tent like penguins do to stay warm. Other warming up techniques were also spotted; what would be a better way to get close to a person than a little cuddle to fight the cold air.

The number one accessories of the night were glowing sticks that were handed outfrom the bar. EASians found new creative ways to decorate themselves with them bringing a colorful addition to the scene. Alex Maxwell was the DJ of the night and hisamazingsoundscouldn’tkeeppeopleaway from the dance field forever. Finally sometime after midnight the focus moved away from the bar to the dance floor and the party mood was back to its normal high standards till the castle gate closed. And what happened after the party? Ask Gossip Girl.

15.08.13 |03



Matteo, Italy


Hampus, Denmark

What inspires your style? Louis Kahn’s architecture which is classic and forever; there is no need to change for the sake of change.

Indian taxi drivers.

Do you have any style rules? Short pants can be worn only on seaside or if it is +40 degrees, never on evenings. With classical shirts you can only undo the top button.

Everything is unisex.

Hey my sweet easaians. Are you getting tired? Or just realizing that the festival is almost at the end? Because I can see you sneaking around trying to get the maximum out of the festival before we go home. So if you still haven’t made the move, do it tonight at the bad taste party. No pickup line is too cheesy, and I’ve heard some pretty bad ones here at EASA. We didn’t have sangria last night but looks like you didn’t need it. Looks like we found all the sweet hookup spots around the castle, too bad you can’t avoid being spotted when you return from the dungeon or the tower.. Or when you return from the tent in the morning, even though your own bed really is in the gym. But enjoy yourselves, even though Gossip Girl is watching. I will know everything anyways. And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. Xoxo Gossip Girl.


What can’t you live without? Shirts.

This coat.

What’s been your best buy? For EASA I had to buy t-shirts because I didn’t have any. I always shop in the same store.

Never bought anything.

Elena “Umbrella partygirl”, Romania

Tips? Medium height socks are a crime. Always wear long socks on evenings.

Nothing gets old.

Roxy Romania 24


FEATURE TODAY LECTURE: Dean Lah (Enota) WHEN: 20:30 WHERE: Castle REACTION: Turkey (protest movement) WHEN: 22:00 WHERE: Castle courtyard PARTY: Blender party

TOMORROW Workshop final presentation Bring your presentation (max 3mins long) to Matic Brdnik today and tomorrow until 9pm

WHO GOES WHERE? Check the INFO POINT for fellow-travelling

WHO IS THE NEXT? After the Bulgarian presentation about EASA 2014, Umbrella started to be curious about who is going to host next EASAs. It looks that the countries interested in organizing EASA 2015 and 2016 really like idea of a separate EASA Island (probably because of our memorable parties). The rumors say that Malta would like to welcome Easians in 2016. However it is possible that they will finally apply in 2018 when Malta is going to be European Capital of Culture. EASA Island could be on the smallest one of the three of Malta’s islands – Comino. An incredible landscape with many caves, a castle and beautiful blue lagoon could be for two weeks home of Easians. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, we could also count on

really hot weather. Have you heard that maybe the Loch Ness monster will join EASA 2016? The idea ofdoinganEASAislandisalsopopularamong the Scottish boys. They promised a surely incredible and unique green landscape and also dramatic weather. As they told us, they are thinking about more places, but one of the most mentioned is the Isle of Skye. The idea is a picturesque active outdoor EASA in the wild nature of Scotland. This EASA could be reallylegendarymainlybecauseofthesponsor – producer of Scottish whisky. Nothing has been decided yet. All in all, both of these rumors sound totally great, so let’s pray for it. Has anyone heard anything about 2016??


Rafael, Austria

Some place where it is really cold. North Pole would be awesome..

Viki ,Slovakia/ Ana, Czech Republic Czechoslovakia, it would be great to connect it with some historical stuff

Atir, Norway

North Pole, it would be close to me.

Lina, Katia & Fabian, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein, if all Easians came, it would be double the population.

Bence, Hungary

I think Lithuania, they look really optimistic about EASA

Egert, Estonia

Malta, I would like to go there.

Ana, Georgia

Georgia, everybody is welcome!

WANTED Macbook adapter: mini DisplayPort - VGA for the City bot workshop. Otherwise the installation fails :(

DEZNIK Vol.13 Issue10  
DEZNIK Vol.13 Issue10