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Tuesday 6th August 2013 | VOL 13 . ISSUE 01

Make news and serve it HOT!


Party Report 2.0 In typical EASian style, the night ended up with a party. As soon as the lecture finished the official party kicked off. There were two band to entertain the hard working crowd exhausted from all day lying in the sun doing nothing and enjoying the river. The night started smooth with a local blues band and continued with a funky polka band with a different and interesting approach on some famous tunes. The lively sounds of accordion mixed with drums, guitars and voice got the people dancing crazy, enjoying the spirit and helped a lot with the mingling. What happened to the themed party is a question still needed

DEŽNIK online


to be answered as in the welcome pack people were instructed to wear plain colors. But in the end of the party everyone’s close was all in one color – color of dust. Apparently a momentar y replacement for the love box, which has yet to materialize, was found. For the ones who went early to bed and have no knowledge of this: THE CASTLE IS LOCKED FROM 4 AM TO 6 AM. Apparently someone already spent the night there. Alone or not still remains a mystery.

Can anyone claim this participant? Marius and Mikal from Norway found this poor fellow passed out by the toilets. We think the locals can’t handle the EASA party.

contribute Umbrella always wants to hear from you! New this year is ‘Letters to Umbrella’ so drop us a tweer or a mail or even send us a letter! We also welcome any photos or guest contributors.




PAVILLION It is only the first day of workshops but the pavillion tutors are already in full swing. The organizers and and tutors Jack Richards and William Burgess took care of the foundation in advance in order to save some time and excuse their participants from the dusty task of digging. So caring of them, don’t you think? All the sketches, drawings, schemes and calculations have already been done, and done pretty well. Participants don’t experience any difficulties with both reading the blueprints and are already getting on well with Will and Jack. Even though the boys are skipping parties in order to get up early in the morning they definitely don’t have any lack of girls’ attention, cause participants’ answer to the question whether they found tutors sexy was positive for sure.

Tapaland’s second coming started yesterday with the Dutch tutors’ own dish, fries with mayonnaise which turned out to be a great success. Tapaland 2.0 is taking it easy. The day starts with a riverside brainstorm with the participants of the day. Each day there is a different country taking part. After coming up with the day’s menu, it is time to write down the recipes, milk the cow, pick some berries and get all the ingredients needed. If everything runs smoothly, food should be ready by five. It is sold at the castle court yard for a very reasonable price. You can be sure it is made with passion and love, by EASA for EASA. So there is no better place to get your afternoon snack!

TUNE IN TO EASA FM Hey EASA, easafm fm are currently figuring out the radio signals and stuff BUT in the meanwhile we will be streaming the station ONLINE from tomorrow at 10.00am. Feel free to post songs on our facebook that you want to hear and if you want to come and talk about your favourite music or anything, find us in the castle. peace.

ENDOR Visiting the Spanish construction workshop we can see that this is really an ambitious one. The total size of the construction will be over 60 square meters and will be located up in the trees down by the river. But don’t worry, Fran went to Ljubljana to get special bolts so no trees will be hurt this year. Already there are huge amounts of wood for the construction down by the river.

For now the workshop all about sanding large wooden beams, but we will soon see the large structures grow larger and larger in the trees. We also noticed that the Spanish tutors have recruited a lot of girls for their workshop this year, so if you fancy meeting some hot and handy girls (and guys) swing by the river. Endor is the largest workshop this year with as many as 30 participants which probably will come in handy when the heat and hangovers becomes too much to handle. But already after only one day things look good and the participants are smiling and having a good time. Umbrella is looking forward to following this workshop over the next weeks.

06.08.13 |03

WHATS ON TODAY LECTURE R EACTION where – courtyard of the castle when – 20.30 tomorrow who – participants

TONIGHTS REACTION Arian Lehner is a cute architect student from Austrian team. He's going to tell the story of his own project Mies. Magazin which is an architecture interview show in Austria. The story began when he started studying architecture in TU in Vienna. The whole process of studying seemed to him a bit dull and Arian decided to change it a bit. So he just wrote letters to real architects asking them whether they didn't mind have a warm chat and even not about architecture, but architects themselves in general. Luckily architecture sphere is openminded, creative and chilled and as a result of those letters Arian got his own show on national TV in 2011. So come and listen to a very enthusiastic, young, lively guy Arian to the basement of the castle at 9 p.m. today.

The Reaction is a series of short lectures given by participants of EASA. It is a pecha-kucha type event and all attendees of EASA013 are able to present their ideas, projects, thesis work. We would like to motivate you to enter discussions and take as much as possible from each other’s experience.

PARTY what -Ex-Yu/Balkan Party where – castle when – 23.00 It may be Tuesday but DJ Monday will be rocking the tunes. Expect exYugoslavian pop and rock hits from yesteryear.

TOMOR ROW L ECT U R E who – Aiden Cerrar when – 20.30 where – basement in the castle Aidan Cerar is a sociologist trained at the University of Lubljana and Leuphana University of Luneburg. He’s mainly been involved in projects dealing with issues related to creative industries, creative cities, knowledge cities etc.

ORGANISER SAYS TRASH goes into Trash! Please bring your plastic glasses back to the bar. No electronic goods in the lockers. Hopefully we can keep an eye out for each others belongings. We’re already getting loud. Let’s party but keep the noise down after 5am.


HOT AGAIN, LOOKS LIKE RAIN day 36˚ night 21˚











REVIEW ONION Are you tired of crazy hot weather or your hard manual work? Maybe you can join the workshop called ONION. Nobody really understood what the ONION workshop is about - neither have we, but only until we talked to the tutors and now we can say that its one of the coolest workshops on air! Three cool Lithuanian tutors and their two participants are watching movies these days in peaceful and quiet IT Lab (in the shadow!!!). A bit weird, funny, but for sure different short movies and advertisements made by international authors like David O’Reilly, Marina Abramovi, Miranda July or Don Hertzfeldt. All of them and some others give them inspiration to do the workshop, open your mind and way of thinking. But actually what they do is blowing each other’s mind. The main aim is to enlarge one’s perception, not only of visual arts and architecture, but also of the world in its entirety. It is difficult to explain, but loads of both fun and profit to be a part of. Onion is not going to build something real, they are going to free your mind, discuss, have the mind on the same frequency and involve the participant to the process. For the first couple of days guys have been just adjusting to one. From tomorrow they promise to start discussing what they saw and after that, probably, they will start solving the eternal problems of the universe we won’t be surprised!


SOUNDSCAPE As the title suggests, this workshop works with sound and it is providing a different point of view to the creative architectural process. The purpose is not only to create spaces but to design experiences using sounds, dealing with the invisible part of architecture and with sensations. This is the first time for the 3 tutors team from Lithuania and they seem very eager to coordinate the 8 person team of participants and to run their workshop the best they can. The next few days will be more about feeding a lot of information to the participants and will consist mostly on projections and presentations where the tutors will be sharing their knowledge. Lucky for all them, the first days will be spent in the basement where is nice and cool and they don’t have to endure the melting temperatures from outside, although today was kind of crowded in there. Afterward they will be recording all kind of sounds, gathering as much material they can. Then they will have to decide what to do with it as in this moment the outcome is quite uncertain. The workshop is highly experimental and opened to any ideas. There might be a physical construction, there might be a sound composition and there might be entirely something else. It all up to them to decide what they want to do. In conclusion, although in his moment the workshop is pretty covered in mist, it will be interesting to wait for its outcome.

This year’s EASA lecture series got off to a great start with Ira Zorko, a Slovenian architect and a thinker. He is best known for the Hostel Celica project but has a wide background from myriad fields of architecture. The lecture was a composition of three stories, each of them dealing with reaction in its own way. Ira’s philosophical approach to architecture and the world seemed to žuž up ideas in the listeners’ heads resulting in lively conversation and debate afterwards. Especially ideas of waking up the soul of a material instead of forcing it to an unnatural form and the option of rearranging space instead of building it from scratch seemed inspiring. A two minute silence at the end made room for one’s own thoughts and finished off a very successful lecture.


06.08.13 |05


#EASA013 Post your photos to Instagram with hashtag #easa013! It will be much easier to find them afterwards - and also, every day we’ll select 3 photos of the day and print them to everyone’s happiness.


Georgi, Bulgaria WOW! So many people from SO many different countries in a medieval castle!

Emilian, Bulgaria

(who has nearly lost his passport) Cold and refreshing river is the best! Especially when we’ll finish constructing the boat!

Matic, Slovenia Peacefulness, waterfall, Disneyland castle. It’s amazing how great is our impact on this pretty small community. And it’s cool to see that the locals are really happy about it.

Evelina, Lithuania


The locals! Yesterday we were hiking with our workshop and we met some people there, who were cooking food for us!! They were planning to bring it to the castle and stand a treat for easians, but as we came to their place ourselves we became the lucky ones to try it.

Lado and Nico, Georgia @martavrankar


The site itself, the castle, of course. Nice and cosy atmosphere in general.


FEATURE W hat could have been? We’ll get a pretty cool pavilion in the end, no doubt. But did you know, that 24 projects were sent in? The competition was pretty harsh, and several amazing projects were left behind. Today we want to celebrate some of those projects, reminding you that everything could have turned differently.

No.1 - proposal .895

This one is quite graphically effective, isn’t it? It could have provided a small stage for performances and also a place to sit and rest at the junction of the square and the park.

No.2 - proposal .658

The proposed structure is actually more of a sculpture, then of a building. But its very elegant and original, and could have perfected the part of the square which is closer to the castle walls.

No. 3 - proposal .475

This could have become a square inside the square, pretty isolated and mingled in at the same time. Simple wooden exterior and interior provide shelter, place to eat, sit, even lay in the shadow.

UNKNOWN ABOUT KNOWN We’re all enjoying chatting to new people from every nation in Europe (and further afield) at the bar, but once we’ve covered the basics of where you’re from and what workshop the conversation can run a little dry. Here are some little know facts about known countries that you can throw into the conversation to impress your new friend...

automatic pen clicking. Electricity: We’d all live in dark if there was no Nikola Tesla who brought light to our lives. Hallelujah. 101 Dalmatian dogs: Most famous black and white dots in the world are named after the region in Croatia - Dalmatia. Blue Ivy: The tree on the Croatian island of Hvar was so stunning, Beyonce and Jay-Z had to name their daughter after it.



Tie: When you’re tighten around your neck and can not breathe, remember to thank the Croatians for this invention. Automatic pen: Slavoljub Penkala, Croatian engineer and inventor, enables us to be annoyed by some ones

Cheese slicer: Thank Norwegians for perfectly flat pieces of cheese. Trolls: They are real and live in Norway. Don’t believe it? Try to go hiking. Thimble: Bloody fingers are surely thankful for this invention. Paper clip: Well

organized ever since, no wonder they’re one of the most developed countries in the world. Land mine: When in Norway, please, watch your step!

Romania Insulin: Nicolae Paulescu discovered pancreine, later called insulin. Fountain pen: When you want to be fancy, call Romanians for some advices. Fountain pen is surely one you’d get. Jet engine: Although you didn’t know, you all came here because of Romanians. Glider plane: When you’re out of gas, you’ll experience thrilling Romanian invention. King Decebal stone sculpture: Not only USA has their leaders carved in a mountain, so does the Romania. Johnny Weissmuller: Romanian actor who first played Tarzan.

06.08.13 |07

WHERE IS UMBRELLA? Unfortunately Umbrella HQ isn’t at the bar. But we’d love for you to come and say hello. Find us by another bar, Bar Pino, opposite the castle. There’s wi-fi and some pretty noce coffee here. If anyone has any announcements or thoughts that you’d like us to share, drop us an email at umbrellanewspaper@ or write us a letter and drop it in the box at Umbrella HQ. We’ve already been getting a lot of questions, so just a reminder, Info Point is in front of the accomodation.



Don’t know what to wear tonight? How about a denim crop-top. Stylish, fresh and practical. But maybe not for the guys?

Hello my dear EASAians. Day 2 of EASA and Gossip Girl is here with the latest news to remind you of the things you want to forget. Keep your secrets to yourself, because Gossip Girl has got eyes and ears everywhere. People are seen doing the shortest walk of shame ever, from the gym back to their beds in the tent. Organizers have already been called in the middle of the night to open the castle gates, as some lovebirds where in the towers as the castle closed. They can hide from the organizers, but not from Gossip Girl.. Some handsome blonde Norwegian guy has been charming a ladyfriend from last year already. You can tell by his bruised knees. In other news there have been reports on people exchanging kisses for cigarettes. 1 kiss = 1 cigarette. Imagine what you can get with a whole pack.. Anyways be careful around the castle at night time, you never know who’s watching or who is getting it on in the towers after closing hours.

OUR HERO Umbrella team and all easians are very grateful to the president of tourist community Vladimir. He is the Umbrella’s hero who saved our reporters lives. As

Umbrella’s experiencing some difficulties with publishing he was the one who solved them, allowing us to make 150 copies of the very first issue in this year.

And who am I? You`ll never know.. Xoxo v Gossip Girl




WANTED Guided tour around the city and dishwashing liquid for Malvina from Albania who has a name of an island in Argentina and a blue-haired fairytale princess Soup and less bread for Anna from Serbia

Its too hot for sleeping bags, so why not use a small jumper as a blanket instead?

The best experience for Georgi (and everybody else) Switch off your alarms! For Asya from Turkey A place to buy hats!!!

ŽUŽIONARY Can I use a shower at your place? Ali lahko uporabim vaš tuš? Yes/No Da ( Ja ) /Ne Who killed a cat? Kdo je ubil mačko? Bastard! Prasec! I’m sorry Oprosti I’m really really sorry Zelo mi je žal

PARTICIPANT SAYS Why are ther no photos in the welcome pack?? Is there wi-fi here? When is the beach volley ball starting? Whose alarm clock is ringing for half an hour every morning? Where is Bhav (England)???

Deznik Vol 13. Issue 02  

EASA 013 Day 2 (Tuesday 7th August)