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FLAMENCO DANCE TONIGHT Tonight, a great traditional show is awaiting us; an amazing experience for all those who are looking forward to explore the Spanish culture. Here is some insight on how it all began. Flamenco is actually a musical genre, specifically belonging to the beautiful region of Andalusia. Though the etymology of the word flamenco is not very clear, it is said to be derived from the Hispanic-Arabic word fellahmengu, meaning - 'expelled people'. At the end of the Moorish reign, the word was used to refer to the Muslim Andalusian people. Initially, the flamenco dance was performed in and for small groups, and that too very secretly. With time, it gained popularity and is now a very famous dance form. FACTS The late 18th century was the period when flamenco was on total ascension. Performed at the 'caf茅s cantantes', it was really the time when flamenco dance was completely professionalized and taken to a newer level. With the passage of time a lot of improvisations happened and now flamenco has more than 50 musical styles, known as 'palos'. These styles are classified on the basis of their rhythmic patterns, modes, geographic origin, chord progression and the formation of stanzas Flamenco dance is combination of dance steps with the Andalusian folklore, folk songs and instruments of Mozarabic origin. Instruments like, tambourines, finger cymbals known as 'Castanets' and other tuneful musical instruments are also an integral part of the dance form.

One simply cannot tell apart the flamenco music from Spanish flamenco dancing. Flamenco music is the inherent part of the Spanish culture, deeply influenced by various cultures but still totally distinguished. Songs, guitar and the dance are its 3 components. The melodious synthesis of all these integral parts of flamenco makes it a great dance form. The male flamenco dancer is known as 'bailaor' and the female, 'bailaora'. They wear atypical theatrical flamenco dancing costumes. A bailaor wears a tight black or red tuxedo and flat Cordoban hats, while bailaoras wear a long and

beautiful frilled dresses called bata de cola, colored black, white, red, blue and sometimes pink, accompanied with a shawl, high heels and a fan. They also wear a rose behind their ears. Flamenco fiestas are organized in all the regions of Spain, but Andalusia is still holding the platform. Seville, Granada, Cadiz and Jerez de la Frontera are the three places famous for flamenco dancers in Andalusia, where various flamenco dance shows are organized on the streets

u m b r e l l a n e w s p a p e r @ g m a i l . c o m h t t p : / / E A S A N e w s p a p e r . t u m b l r . c o m



03 Wednesday AUG


W O R K S H O P. R E V I E W S Avanzada Mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun. Add to that Irish, Germans, Latvians and a host of other nations and you have the crack construction unit that makes up the Avanzada workshop participants. They may be the most tanned team on campus, but this is a grafters tan, no beaches here. They are finally installed at their site, in the park near the town hall, and have all the permissions in place to use all the power tools they need. As I arrived, they were busy welding their own box sections. "The ones we ordered never turned up, so we are making some out of scrap metal!" tanned tutor Garragh "third-nipple" Brethnach laughed. "We'll make do with what we have now. The design has changed about 6 times this week already. There was meant to be a 6m tall viewing platform at one end, but [the organisers] couldn't get wood that big into the van, so that's gone!" Getting a bit of respite from the sun, Micheal "puke in my bed and don't clean it for two days" Hayes (IRL) told me that enthusiasm was high among the participants. "We'll get as much done as we can in the time left, fingers crossed we can finish it in time!" He talked me through the basic design principles of the pavillion in its current state. It has two interconnected volumes in an L shape with the entrance point at the join of these. There'll be various exit points throughout the pavilion, and a viewing tower at the end that looks back up the street into the town. This may change though, as Snowglobe have buit a massive room out of shipping pallets, completely obliterating this view. Like their plethora of other problems, I have no doubt that the tutors' Irish ingenuity and participants hard work will overcome this small matter with ease. Don't forget to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water!

Sensorial Net Urban body transplant If you were walking the narrow streets of old Cadiz, you may have noticed the brilliant red knotted rope installation dancing in the wind in Plaza Palillera. This is the work of four of the Urban Body Transplant Workshop who are creating parasite spaces across the city. The Sensorial Net aims to define a square that is used more as a route than space to sit and enjoy, and it seems that the experiment worked a wonder as children and adults alike wandered through the rope jungle, giving this square a new purpose. The participants had this to say “The installation aims to play with people at the plaza, inviting them to use the space actively and include the centre of the plaza in their movement. The ropes’ interaction with people as well as the wind and sun,

converts the site into a performative space, activating several senses.” The installation was created on a Sunday evening, and was soon being used by people of all ages. By Monday noon, it had been transformed into a jungle structure where people enjoyed braiding lianas and making knots. Unfortunately the installation had to be removed after a health and safety complaint (a recurring theme in EASAs) but they are planning a new installation in the EASA camp so watch out for more rope creations!


If you haven’t been down to the harbour yet, go and have a look tomorrow to see how the three construction workshops are keeping up. You might have seen the innumerable pieces of cut and varnished wood in the courtyard of EASA HQ. Tutor Frederik does a fast calculation and says he believes Orgadiz might contain of about 600 pieces. Most of the frames will hopefully be finished today and tomorrow the structure will be raised. Orgadiz is “a never ending story” Fredrik says, but since this is his sixed EASA workshop he sure has experience. Rafael (Austria) says “we have got a lot of good feedback from locals and tourists. They are happy we are working and interested in the result. The other day one guy was helping us and also giving lots of advice in Andalusian Spanish. ”. Thomas (BL) says “Our tutors are amazing. It is a very complex construction, but they are guiding us through it.” He remarks about being interviewed “it is strange, it is like I am talking to Umbrella and not to you”. The guys were working till 11pm last night but had time to enjoy some party as well. There is time for everything when it is “Spanish time”. /KB

03 Wednesday AUG


The Super Perception Experience If you are wondering where all the cups collected at the bar go then just visit the courtyard to see the pavilion structure that SP Experience are building. The workshop is looking at ways to make people re-examine their surroundings and the way they use them. They started by playing games of perception and changing their own perception. The participants were soon eager to create a pavilion which could be used to change the perception of EASAians. They decided to create a place to involve people and create a structure from rubbish, which they hope will inspire people and see things differently and use them in a different way, changing the perception of rubbish. Help them to finish and have cup of sangria so they can use the empty bottles and cups to finish their Super Experience Pavilion!

Coast tourist Wildlife

Tool Box Review

Okay granted this workshop seems to be very good fun and very interesting, but just a little tip. Try and place your “photo exhibition” in a location that gives people an option of visiting it or not. After chatting briefly with one of the participants, I learned that the exhibition was actually intended to break down the steriotypical look of a tourist, hense why they created a full scale tourist cut out. All this sounds pretty interesting and I would have really enjoyed to view the photos in a format that actually allowed me to see the photos instead of stepping on them. Previously the workshop has been working with masks and today the workshop was seen walking around with bunches of ballons. Don’t worry Umbrella will be reporting on the results soon. - CQW

The tool box is a much used and under appreciated facility at the EASA campus, so in order to get a better understanding of what happens here we caught up with Tool Box helpers – Eftychia Papathansiu (GR), Flavia Chiavaroli (IT) and Nunzio Enrico Bonina(IT) who were busy at work. For those of you who are in a theoretical or media based workshop you might not have had to go to the tool box. All the tools and materials of EASA are housed here in this large container and shared amonst the construction based workshops, shaing is of course the operative word as sometimes there will be a high demand for certain tools resulting in cranky helpers and tutors. It is not a free for all at the tool box and tutors are the only ones able to sign out materials and equipment as well as being responsible for tidying up and cleaning, all of this is overseen by the tool box helpers who run a tight ship „we seem like like bad people but if we don't do it there will be nothing left“. Messy work areas, lost and bro-

ken tools and sore throats from breathing in saw dust all day are all among the things these helper have to deal with, so next time you go to the tool box, try to be nice and patient to these lovely people with a difficult task. To make things easier for everyone the Toolbox helpers have also helped umbrella create a no nonsense 5 step guide to getting your tools. -CQW The idiots guide to getting Tools and Materials 1. Send your tutor 2. Know the word for what your looking for (especially zip/ cable ties) 3. Use what you take 4. Bring it back and say which workshop your from 5. Clean up



27 Wednesday Wednesday AUG JULY 03

• • ?? • MATERIALS


Have you found your EASA love?

Yes. Who?....... thats forbidden but everybody knows. Amine – Liechtenstein

No – I can’t have love in EASA. But that sandwich was pretty good last night! Eitenne – France

MISSING?? Se(a)stain workshop has reported to umbrella that some of their workshops metal things(see photo) have dissappeared during the night?? Seriously keep your eyes peeled for these things cause theres no way that some one could have actually bothered stealing razor sharp sawed off chunks of metal!

Of course, several times it was a tough decision but we got there. Miles –UK

.............. I just wanna say like 3 years ago. Chris – Uk

Oh fucking NO....... okay yes I found I found Sofia – slovakia

A long time ago Olivera – Serbia

Not really. Holden – Estonia

David Pepper I’m ready for bodily contact Corrie – UK Yes. I find Gayane- Armenia

All shake heads Se(a)stain workshop


After a more than a few delays in the arrival of materials for some workshops, the final delivery of materials arrived yesterday. When speaking to workshop organiser Avlaro he confirmed that this would indeed be the last delivery of materials, “I mean there is no more money, so all the workhshops will have to work with what they have”. However this was still good news as the lack of materials had stalled more than a few workshops, including concrete construction who had run out of concrete and small interventions who were unable to start their small scale constructions. With only days left to complete workshops we hope that all the workshops will be able to finish on time!

03 Wednesday AUG


LOST AND LUCKILY FOUND MEET THE ORGANIZER Last seen at 9am in a rugby scrum, our co-tutor Alex “lost cause” Maxwell has been found passed out in the bar area, desperately clutching a sign that says “do not disturb”. If anyone can fill in the blanks as to what happened to him last night please come to the Umbrella desk!

Who are you? Ricardo Paternina Where are you from? Santander What are you thinking of right now? I`m thinking of something that I cannot tell you What is your proudest achievement in life? Organising EASA Who is your favourite Spanish architect? Paco Alonso Recommend a book or poem or music that has changed your perspective on life? Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse If you could wish for one change in the world what would it be? ...these questions are too difficult...

EASA ONLINE We actually have a new Homepage: The name was decided during INCM010 in Copenhagen and is replacing, that was shut down. We have had a problem for the last 4 years to create a decent Homepage, especially for finding sponsors, helping the current organizers to promote EASA. The thing is, we still need another solution for the blog and we are trying really hard to find the most perfect solution as a replacement for the EASA blog on, because this one is really old fashion and not quite up to date. You can find this discussion on For EASA, the blog is important and should not die out, since not everyone has facebook. Facebook is a good solution for events, but cannot be the only solution for our communication during the year. At the moment is rarely used and could end up as an archive. EASA goes on and with the time, that’s how we made it through the last 31 years. It is still good to check all our homepages, until we find the ultimate solution, maybe during INCM011 in Azerbaijan. So this is it: for sponsors EASA.TK -> BLOG Alternative / Test-Blog:

For you what is easa all about? Not sleeping at all Beer or sangria? Sangria Boxers or briefs? Boxers Moist or used? M0ist Fran or Jesus? Both



03 Wednesday AUG


MENU FOR TONIGHT Tapaland ExclusiveTonight the French We can reveal that tonights tapaland feast is brought to you by the French. A warm goats cheese salad as well as lemon mousse, which sounds absolutly delicious and should be ready shortly before dinner.

EASA Kitchen We were all delighted with last nights EPIC barbeque and rumour on the mill is that they only used half of the meat. So buy some more tokens and eat a light dinner because these marinated bbq humous sandwiches are definatly worth it. However if there was one suggestion we could make it would be to develope a proper queueing system because things got a little bit crazy last night with all the pushing and shoving.

SHAVING ONE SIDE OF YOUR HEAD If you haven`t had your head shaven yet, you`ve definetely been invaded by EASAians with asymmetruical haircuts wherever you go, a trend that seems to be one of the main things going on this year. I think it all started thanks to Adam Berka (Slovakia) and it exploded on National Evening probably fueled by the many types of Rakia that was circling the stands. Well, I just say, next time, when you want to do something this crazy, you should think about it a little bit before you go ahead with your plans. But don`t worry, your hair will eventually grow back!!

Rihanna did sport a shaved side 2 years ago, and she is a living proof that you will eventually resort back to your old self one day

03 Wednesday AUG


Football Tournament Update So there have been many teams that signed up to the football tournament and here is what is happening •When? Thursday 4:30-6:30(first rounds) 7:30 – 8:30 (semi and final) •Cost? Only 5euro per team •Where? In the underground sports hall besides EASA capus. Underneath where the group photo was taken. •How? Sign up again at the info point with your fiver before 4:30 tomorow! After last years tense final between Francoserbia and Espain we will be interested in seeing who will be this winners. With the Serbs fronting an even stronger team this year and the Spanish tired from organising it`s all to play for. Other non-country teams that have been rumoured to be entering include: - A tutor team - The scandinavian ladies team - The gay team! If you have any favourites Adam Powell of the UK will be operating a bookies office so go put a bet on who you think will win!

ReDefine the Need Reconstruction of the coast is often needed when the city is expanding. Sometimes the buildings grow on the outskirts of the area, but when the city is actually located on a peninsula, growth is quite limited. So the question is should the objects get higher and would we solve the problem of the lacking space that way? Deconstruction of the existing structures could make more space. But it’s only an excuse to make new construction sites for the cause of the parole “the newer the better”. Evolving the industry is needed to some level, but it can often become destructive for the environment, the culture and the people. It’s very hard to find the balance between what we actually need and our ambitions to satisfy the sudden caprice for money and success. A fine coast is all the people need. It can provide all the basic necessities

for a decent and sustainable civilization. Nothing has to be destroyed, demolished, removed, reconstructed, changed or moved. Everything is already here, hidden and neglected. So what does a fine coast has to do with architecture? Well only one thing. And that is the people that use it. Architecture was made for the human kind, to solve the struggle of surviving the harsh nature around us. You don’t always have to construct something new to get job done. Sometimes all you need is already here. Urbanism is about the people and not about the concrete. So if you actually want do make a change, any kind of difference, just redefine the idea of using the coast, cherishing the way it is at this very moment. Redefine the people that use the coast, redefine yourselves, and you will eventually get a fine coast.

SESAM 2012 Igloo Building Workshop in the Swiss Alps When is it happening? Winter 2012 – JANUARY ORGANISATION --->Linear organized, non-hierarchical workshop in the swiss alps. provided: accommodation, snow. Also this is a way switzerland can promote easa in our schools and find participants, who are interested in attending an EASA summer assembly. WHAT U NEED TO BRING Everyone brings whatever she/he needs for 7-10 days, including food and drinks from their home countries. there is no payment-u pay whatever u think is fair, when u get here. BOTTOM UP ORGANISATION This workshop is provided by nonorganizers from all over europe, 
also we provide running water / wood for fire. tools. period. over.
everone who wants to take over a part, can do so. 

 Places for about 40ppl ESSAY COMPETITION
 Your chances get higher if u write an essay about alternative forms/ways of living in 21 st century. APPLICATION : JUST WRITE US YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND EMAIL, PHONENUMBER and describe how u can provide the event and share your ideas with us plus add your essay competition entry. all this with an email to: easa-switzerland (at)

 We will always update you on and on our blog:

 1 st of November 2011
 More Infos soon on Email:



03 Wednesday AUG



A massive Happy Birthday to you Lena!!! All the best wishes from the Umbrealla team

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