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daily newspaper of easa007 // tuesday, july 24th // #1

BEST PLACES&LOCALS - ELEFSINA DRINKS promotion for EASA! ΗΛΙΟΠΟΤΗΣ (SUN DRINKER-see the picture) Some Greek specialities to warm up before the national evening! The biological beer! Follow the road as we went yesterday to the beach party (Pagalou 38), boss is called NIKKI and she promised to sell all easa’ians beer for 2euros (instead of 3 nice huh?)

Aris & Apostolis: love the islands, specially Andros (only 2hours away from Erafina) for relaxing and to party.

daily newspaper of easa007 // tuesday, july 24th // #1 Stella: loves the beach at Elefsina but would never take a bath there...

Nikki - my bar is the best, you come and drink at my place

IMPORTANT!!! 25 years of easa means 25 years of workshops, lectures, discussions, partys, ... --> a f**king huge amount of data (see the front page for initial photos - more to come!). Now is the time to make this experience available for everyone. The archive will be a big part of the new easa website which will be launched soon. this website is going to be the face of easa towards the world. it will serve as a massive collective memory, as our communication platform, as an agenda of (architecture) events all over europe and of course as a huge source of inspiration.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Why would one draw a picture when you can use your camera? (Marten, NL)

for more information visit our info wall next to the pc lab!


nothing yet... we are just hoping it is not a silence before storm:) Anyway, we have a HUGE Thanks to say! Sleeping is GREAT, food is AWESOME, showers COLD (i like!), computers WORKING, health - STILL HAVE IT (at least no lack of clothes), parties - FANTASTIC


this year we anticipate to have an umbrella TV sorted and the idea so far is to open a channel on youtube and make it accessible for everyone to comment the day events, videos and stuff...


Or kalimera, if you are reading this for Wednesday’s breakfast. The 27th EASA has just taken off Elefsina, Greece, and is roasting in the heat that actually reached 41 degrees above zero today. Deadly… The atmosphere seems peaceful and is not distracted by any major problems. The heat is a force majeure, so let’s stop talking about it and have some cold drinks instead. The daily “Umbrella” (it’s what you are holding now, just in case the name is

not familiar) is happy to have a brand new office and brand new staff this year, led by the same Kotryna and Agne. We won’t reveal who joined our workshop, just to make sure the paparazzis and journalists get to sneak everywhere without getting noticed. Be prepared. Work hard, enjoy your workshops, explore and index Elefsina, make this the best EASA so far. Don’t forget to smile when you meet the organizers – they deserve all the thanks in the world for doing so much

and solving problems before we even face them. And, as Baz Lurhmann quoted Mary Schmich in his infamous song, Ladies and Gentlemen of the EASA of 2007... wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be IT. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.


Be part and help us setting the whole thing up! PLEASE: - bring us all your data related to easa - participate in the logo competition - tell us your opinion & ideas


Feel free to contact “Umbrella” if you are missing things you brought here. We don’t charge, beer is fine. Here’s the first one: Ivana from Croatia Digital Olympus SP-500 U2 camera lost! Should you find point is theplace to leave it. THANKS!

We waved goodbye to the killer Monday sun from the inside yesterday night, as a lecture was going on for quite a long time in the back space. The lecture was named “3 layered city” and consisted of, surprisingly, three parts that all presented us Elefsina, a very interesting and multilayered town indeed. Augerinou Dimitris Papalexopoulos, a professor from National Technical University of Athens (that’s where our goddessesorganizers come from), presented the speakers and then it all started. An archaeologist Kalliopi Papageli went all the way through almost 4 thousand years of the history of Elefsina, introduced us to Demetra and her daughter Persephone, showed pictures of historical sites, mentioning some very specific details about the items that have been found during excavations. Sadly, all the details were unveiled in Greek, that most of us still can’t understand, and the translation usually consisted of much less information! But maybe the mythical language seemed the best way to present the first layer of Elefsina…

The second layer of the city, the industrial period of XX century, is pretty impressive, and was introduced to us by Nikos Belavilas. We found out why why the region of Attica had a demographical boost in the beginning of the century, and that most factories were called using mythical Greek names…Some of them look like castles! And the beach some of us have already tried used to be one of the MOST polluted in the area. 100 years ago, gladly. Stauros Stauridis was the last speaker of yesterday. The speech about contemporary Elefsina was truly full of passion and encouraged us to do our best to make EASA an important part of the town. And there was a question-answer session in the end. Lovely! Same place, same time today?

Easa004 in France - something familiar?



daily newspaper of easa007 // tuesday, july 24th // #1

1)It is very hot 2)Water is the best thing in the world 3)I love the window frame on that building German: 1)Es ist verammt heiss 2)Wasser is die beste Sache der Welt 3)Ich liebe die Fenster von der Gebaude Spanish: 1)Hace un calor que te cagas 2)El agua es lo mejor del mundo 3)Me flipan las ventanas de este edificio Dutch: 1)Het is fokking heet 2)Eater is het beste ter wereld 3)Het raamdetail op dat gebau is super lauw French: 1)On cuit isi 2)L’eau, c’est d’la balle 3)Putain il dechire le detail de cette fenetre OR Il est ouf ce detail de fnetre

For those of you silly enough to have slept through it, here’s what was going on; the first lecture series left us all exhausted and in need of a drink. Half way through the second beer our entertainment for the evening arrived – in style. The 6-member “Think of one” band came riding their party-truck, playing as they drove.

photo: Miklavz Tacol

Now you will be able to complain about the heat and adore architectural masterpieces in multiple languages:

We’re back! After a long year of professors, tutors, assignments and projects, we’re all back at our festival of architecture, creativity and – partying. We had two parties so far, a warming up party on Sunday and yesterday’s beach parade.


photo: Miklavz Tacol

If you’re not warm enough already, here’s some lingual aerobics. We put together a few handy phrases to help you survive EASA and make communication easier.



Everybody started following them and soon the main street of Elefsina was taken over by the EASA parade. We slowly danced our way to the beach, and as if all the dancing and music was not enough, a real street breakdance battle happened. Easians were challenged by the locals and Rune answered the call.

He did a great job, twisting, bending and jumping against overwhelming odds. The concert and dancing then continued long into the night, until eventually fading into a thick red mist.


photo: Nadya /Kostya

The typos are for your entertainment ;) Until tomorrow, with more phrases in other obscure languages.

“Sorry.... Whats your name?”.... Just kidding:) The first one was “Sorry.... are you an architect too????!!!!” The second one was “Why?” (Look quest one) And.... the third one was “Why you decided to be an architect?” Some of the questions were honest and interesting, but some of them were just realllllly great:) Here they are ALL of them (*notice* You should read them all EMOTIONALLY):

Balazs (HUN): 1. Yes 2. Because of my father.... 3. Because of my father! Because of my father! Because of my father!!!!!! His work is making contracts.... *Huh* Bojana (MKD): 1. Not yet 2. So it is.... 3. I thought it would be great to feel myself as an architect one day... *dreaming* Mariam (AR): 1. Yes 2. Because i like freedom in my work... is it enough? 3. Because I like beautiful things!

Greek: 1)Ehi poli zesti 2)To nero ine to kalytero pragma sta kosmo 3)Mu aresi to parathyro me ti leptomeria sto klirio Slovenian: 1) Za popizdit je vroce 2) Voda je ta najtabul 3) Sticni detajl okna se mi osebno zdi izjemen

We are starting our question-answer series with a load of questions:

Sofia (HUN): 1. Not yet 2. I am a student 3. I just adore LEGO!!!!!! :) *smilin’ wide* photo: Nadya / Kostya


daily newspaper of easa007 // tuesday, july 24th // #1

Diane (MKD): 1. Yes 2. Because Hmmmmmmm *giving me a glance of scare* 3. I am an.... alcoholic..... Gizem (TR): 1. Yes 2. Because I don’t sleep much *ha-ha* 3. There were no architects around me to WARN me!!!!!!

Kostya - the giantic boyfriend of Nastya from Russia :)))) (BLR): 1. Daaaaaa *Yesssssssss* 2. Its the best profession........ 3. I never thought about it.... I always knew! Lea (BIH) **: 1. Yes I am.... going to be.... 2. Because its going to be a long story..... 3. I was a graphic designer... It was not quite constructive for a person like me :) Anna (RU): 1. I am a designer 2. I want ti make the world better 3. Because there is more architecture than nature around us! Pernille (DEN): 1. No 2. I am a bachelor.... *may be “not married” will sound better???* 3. Welllllll....... It was a dream.... To be an architect.... I was just dreaming about architecture... But now I am a media production manager.... *Oh!* Cyrill: 1. NEEuuuuuuu 2. I don’t like it? 3. Because I never choose it!

Miro (ROM): 1. Yes 2. Because I have finished 3. It’s Just happened very long time ago.... I do not remember.... Spyrus: 1. No 2. I am just helping to the director to make this festival 3. I don’t love architecture....

3. By accident!

Julia (GER): 1. Yes I do *Do I???* 2. Because I enjoy feeling myself knowing everything about constructions and still feel creative :))))))))) Natasha (RU): 1. Yes 2. By accident! Believe me! *Shall We?* 3. Upper is the answer

Dubravko (BIH): 1. Yes *smiley smiley smiley* 2. It was my destiny..... 3. Was not is the only normal solution??? Hana (SVK): 1. I am a student 2. Pfffff......... Because of the visual experiences........ 3. I was 17..... i was thinking about being a linguist *HUH*.... Yes... I am not ambitious ;) Linas (LTU): 1. YeZ. I am. 2. I feel the world is under construction.... I think I could participate???!!! 3. Oh.... It’s our life.... SUMMARY: You are an architect IF: YOU DON’T LIKE TO SLEEP! YOU ARE AN ALCOHOLIC YOU ARE A DREAMER YOU ARE HUMANISTIC YOU ARE FATALIST YOUR FATHER IS AN ECONOMIST YOU LIKE LEGO YOU DON’T KNOW YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A SELF-BUILT HOUSE YOU ARE A MEDIA MANAGER YOU ARE SMART.......... Soooooo.... What about you? Are YOU an Architect?




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