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A Mystery by Camber Sands

Not half a mile along the beach from our ATP wonderland is this strange, isolated compound. It looks like the tiny section of a town, cut out from the world, removed and replaced far from home, outside Camber Sands, by the sea.

Upon closer inspection you can see roundabouts and roads that lead nowhere. Some rooftops appear to be on top of the compound wall, suggesting observation platforms. None of the roads or paths to the compound appear well-used. Note that vehicles are parked outside the compound which could be supply vehicles. I cannot see any aerials or other signs of electricity supply – street lamps, cabling, overheads. What is the purpose of the Compound?

The view from the road shows the height of the compound wall with rooftops visible. The Land is owned by the Defence Training Estate and stretches for many miles along the coast to Dungeness power station. The red flag denotes that somewhere on this land there is ‘firing’. N.B. the fencing topped with barbed wire and the camera on a pole behind the right hand gate

Further along the perimeter fence, large piles of railway sleepers wait to be used or removed. There are no visible railway tracks anywhere on the land, when viewed closely from above on Google Earth. However there have been extensive earthworks carried out on the land which may suggest largescale underground building, large enough to accommodate a railway system. What is being supplied or transported so that a rail system is required?

The extent of land covered by this site. Reference location of the compound.


Earthworks and buried structures lay not only beneath the central area but also below the surrounding grasslands. High volume of large vehicle traffic tracks.

Beyond the razor-wire fence, peep the top vents of a bunker structure. Evidence of underground activity. Towers supply a significant supply of power to the immediate area.

At most gates on the road side, away from the sea, cameras on poles.

A sluice gate of monumental proportions and military strength to control the stream running beneath.

Along the perimeter road are rows of barracks and large sheds, all of which appear unused.

The main entrance. The logos and text are indistinct but I read: Logo – DE Defence (?) Estate Defence Training Estate South East something, something & Management Lower board indistinct.

At the opposite side of the site, furthermost from the entrance sign sits the compound. What is it for? Who uses it?

And why?!

An ATP mystery .

The Compound  

A Mystery by Camber Sands

The Compound  

A Mystery by Camber Sands