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What do you call a lender who helps you sell more homes in 2015? How about your Trusted Partner? Because that’s how we’ve seen our Realtor® Partners since our founding in 1999. imortgage understands the urgency of closing your home sales quickly. The faster we close, the more homes you sell this year. A Trusted Partner should improve your bottom line.


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Written by Haley Freeman

Lisa Coleman ExecutiveAgent Magazine

We have a loan for every home... simple as that.®


isa Coleman is a native San Diegan who has dedicated more than 25 years to helping others obtain their piece of “America’s Finest City”. Along the way, she has developed the expertise and confidence to deliver the highest level of service in the most complex, niche areas of the marketplace. Lisa began her career in lending operations, but soon found her true calling in sales. “I love working hands-on with my clients. There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. Right from the beginning, I wanted to build my own business and be in control of my own future. I set out to be an expert in my field.” Since 1999, Lisa’s niche has been the downtown San Diego marketplace. She excelled as the preferred lender for many developers and went on to garner a major part of the downtown market share, becoming a builder sales manager for Countrywide. “I opened my own branch and managed it for six years, funding $250-$300 million a year plus my own personal production. When the company transitioned to Bank of America, I kind of think of that time as the demise of the industry. There was little flexibility and banks had very strict guidelines for the products they were offering to consumers.” As new development all but stopped, Lisa refocused her expertise on the resale sector, and began working with retail agents rather than developers. Frustrated with the lack of flexibility afforded by the banking giants to accommodate the needs of clients in her niche market, Lisa followed a colleague to imortgage. Today she is a sales manager with a team of five loan officers and is assisted by Tracey Anderson, who has been an indispensable part of her team for nearly 10 years. Lisa found a refreshingly can-do spirit at imortgage, along with a willingness to change with the market and facilitate solutions for her niche borrowers. “imortgage allows me to be very diversified in my business and the products I can offer to clients. We are a seller-servicer, so we maintain and service our loans on the Fannie/Freddie side. That means that we can be very competitive with few overlays and still have the ability to correspond with niche product lenders – also keeping us competitive in the jumbo market.” Litigation is often a deterrent to financing the condo and high rise properties that are numerous in the downtown area. “Litigation financing can be very difficult to come by, but this is one of the unique strengths of imortgage.”

Chad Dannecker, a Realtor® and downtown specialist, expressed just how reliable Lisa and imortgage are in this niche market, “I recently had a great experience with Lisa, who was able to successfully obtain financing for my client who was engaged in a purchase on a property under litigation at Aperture. This was an incredible penthouse property that required a jumbo conforming loan with a purchase price of $700,000. The challenge was that the property was an approved short sale that required a buyer to close escrow within a short timeline. imortgage worked efficiently and was able to get it done within 30 days!” Lisa is personally inspired by the vitality of the downtown community. “I really feel that in 15 years, I’ve had a part to play in what the downtown has become. It has been so exciting and motivating to watch the growth. And I have not only helped people obtain financing for their downtown properties, I have developed life-long relationships with them.” Lisa has invested in her own portion of the urban lifestyle. “I really enjoy downtown living. I’m not there full-time right now, but my hope is to eventually return to my residence. It is such a fantastic lifestyle for the urban dweller. I love being a part of it. You can walk from one end of the city to the other, and you always run into somebody you know. There is such a charm to it. Downtown has a great vibe, and there is so much to do. It attracts people of all ages and has a great sense of community.” An expert by virtue of her personal and professional experience, Lisa enthusiastically rises to the challenge of helping people obtain financing for a home in the community she loves. “I love the excitement that comes from working with such a diverse client base and complex qualifying scenarios. There are so many things that people who are moving to downtown don’t understand. Being a homeowner myself, I can be a great source of education to a buyer about living there.” Lisa Coleman - Sales Manager imortgage 4690 Executive Dr., Suite 150 San Diego, CA 92121 Tel: 619-895-6560 Email: Lisa.Coleman@imortgage.com Web: www.imortgage.com/lisa.coleman NMLS ID 347566

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Recognizing Potential


New York businessman dropped a dollar into the cup of a man selling pencils and hurriedly stepped aboard the subway train. On second thought, he stepped back off the train, walked over to the beggar and took several pencils from the cup. Apologetically, he explained that in his haste he had neglected to pick up his pencils and hoped the man wouldn’t be upset with him. “After all,” he said, “you are a businessman just like myself. You have merchandise to sell and it’s fairly priced.” Then he caught the next train. At a social function a few months later, a neatly-dressed salesman stepped up to the businessman and introduced himself. “You probably don’t remember me and I don’t know your name, but I will never forget you. You are the man who gave me back my self-respect. I was a “beggar” selling pencils until you came along and told me I was a businessman.” A wise man said, “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” How do you see others? The greatest good we can do for anyone is not to share our wealth with them, but rather to reveal their own wealth to them. It’s astonishing how much talent and ability rests inside a human being. Just as the first step to success is knowing your own potential, the second step is knowing the potential of others. Fortunately, as we recognize our own ability, it’s easy to recognize the ability of others. Once we see it, we can help them discover it for themselves. Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator. He is the author of 25 books and offers training and consulting to organizations all across the globe. To learn more about Zig and his business visit his website at www. ziglar.com.


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Written By Zig Ziglar ExecutiveAgent Magazine





Monthly Report Category 2 are the agents doing 5/6 to 9/10 transactions a year and, so often, these are people who’ve been in the business for a period of time and just worked past clients and center of influence. It’s interesting talking to them because they can’t even imagine doing any more than what they do. Category 3 would be everybody else, with the exception of that unique group of people like yourself who truly want to make sales a profession ... productivity a natural conclusion ... and make respectable money in the process. What I want you to think about as we enter 2015 is which category you’re in and if you want to move up and do more, we need to plan carefully how that’s going to happen. Depending on where you want to go, we’ll determine the amount of planning and execution that is required. Don’t kid yourself, you can do a lot more. And, if we can help you do it, be sure to let us know. In the meantime, have a great holiday season.


or many years everybody talked about the 80/20 rule when it came to selling or to business. It seems things have changed dramatically. Over the last 2 years, in talking to tens of thousands of Real Estate agents ... and virtually watching the blank look on so many agents’ faces ... it seems the rule has now become 95/5 (at best). When you think about it carefully, it’s probably not an exaggeration. If you look at the office you work in (and I’m sure there are some exceptions) you’re going to see that the majority of people simply don’t do anything. There are reports, and there’s no way to verify them, that up to 50% of all the agents in the U.S. did not do a deal in 2014.

“Get Your Plans Written And Keep Learning” Mike Ferry - CEO The Mike Ferry Organization 7220 S. Cimarron Road, Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV 89113 800-448-0647 702-430-4406 (Fax) www.MikeFerry.com

The blank look on agents’ faces that I see every day almost verifies what we’re referring to. I believe there are still 3 categories of agents ... and we need to decide in 2015 which category you would like to be in. Category 1 is the new licensees or the people doing from zero to 4/5 transactions a year. I don’t know why they stay in the business ... they’re certainly not great salespeople ... and new ones coming in don’t seem to be that interested in learning how to do their jobs.

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Tony Elias


ony Elias is a top-producing Realtor® at Century 21 Award, where he has earned the prestigious “Centurion” designation three times, placing him in the top 2% of his peers. This dedicated and ambitious

young professional has modeled his career on the wisdom of Zig Ziglar, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” A native San Diegan, Tony first learned about the industry from his father, a home builder. “Early on I noticed that one of the biggest customer service complaints my father had was the poor communication he received from the Realtors® he worked with. I never forgot that lesson.” Tony began his career selling insurance. “I learned the discipline of being on the phone, how to adhere to a strict schedule and how to create value for clients. I took all of that discipline and knowledge with me when I decided to go into real estate. So many agents enter real estate not knowing what customer service is. I felt that if I could fill that void, I would be successful.” He never left his success to chance. “From the beginning, I coached with the best of the best, like Mike Ferry. I surrounded myself with top producers and spent a lot of time and money improving myself and my systems in the market. Buying a home is one of the biggest facets of someone’s life. I thought a lot about how I would want to be treated and what I would need to feel comfortable through this process.” That logical and thoughtful approach led Tony to design a simple, step-by-step process for customer service. “I want clients to feel like they are the only client I have and they have my undivided attention. My system ensures good communication and makes the process simple and smooth for a buyer or a seller. It all comes down to considering, ‘What would I want’ and ‘How would I want it explained to me?’”

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Creating Success by Helping Others Written by Haley Freeman

Tony spent three years as part of a large team, building sales and coaching agents. Today, he is building his own award-winning team. “It was a good experience for me, because it taught me how an effective team is run. I wanted to duplicate that by starting with a tight-knit team of quality agents, holding them to the highest standards and helping them to develop their people and sales skills. My bigger goal is to change the industry by helping to develop better professionals.” Part of Tony’s strategy for success is eliminating the admin and busy work that he believes agents should not be doing, freeing them to focus on helping clients find or sell a home. “The client should be the only focus. In my mind, it’s not about making money – it’s about how I can wow my client.” Tony describes his team as “people my clients rave about. My transaction coordinator takes care of the whole deal from the opening of escrow, and my listing/marketing coordinator takes care of listings, signs and making sure the property looks good in person and online. I have leveraged my time so that my main focus is on sellers. The four agents on my team are buyer and buyer/listing agents. I hold everyone accountable to their plan. Accountability is one of the greatest assurances of success in our business.” Another way that Tony ensures his team’s success is leading by example. “I believe that success is attracted to us if we become it. By doing it myself, others see my consistency and are motivated to do the same thing. I don’t hire based on skills. I hire based on a high interest in business and a will to succeed. We establish goals and accountability, and then I help to train people so that they can accomplish what they say they are going to do.”

tant to me to be a good husband and father. I am always striving for balance in my life, so that I can give the best service to clients and still have quality time left for my family.” Tony also practices martial arts and continues his education with a regular regimen of reading and audio books. “I believe the biggest strength in this business is mindset. You must always be improving and focusing on positive things. I am a firm believer in like attracts like. I want to do good for others in my life, and I want to have fun doing it!”

Tony’s greatest motivation for success is the happiness of his family. He and his wife, Serena, have a 1-year-old daughter and another baby on the way. “It is most impor-

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Tony Elias Century 21 Award 7676 Hazard Center Drive #200 San Diego, CA 92108 Tel: 619-838-9838 Email: Tony@tonyrelias.com Web: www.tonyrelias.com CalBRE # 01305085


Seven Steps To Achieving Your Dream “Vision is the spectacular that inspires us to carry out the mundane.”


an achievement be broken down into steps? Well, it is not always that clean and easy, but I do know that those who achieve great things usually go through much of the same process, with many of the items listed below as part of that process. So if you have been struggling with achievement, look through the following and internalize the thoughts presented. Then begin to apply them. You will be on the road to achieving your dream! 1) Dream it Everything begins in the heart and mind. Every great achievement began in the mind of one person. They dared to dream, to believe that it was possible. Take some time to allow yourself to ask “What if?” Think big. Do not let negative thinking discourage you. You want to be a “dreamer.” Dream of the possibilities for yourself, your family, and for others. If you had a dream that you let grow cold, re-ignite the dream! Fan the flames. Life is too short to let it go. (Also, check out my article “Dare to Dream Again,” Which has been read by close to a million people in the last 4 months alone. You can see it at the website.) 2) Believe it Yes, your dream needs to be big. It needs to be something that is seemingly beyond your capabilities.


But it also must be believable. You must be able to say that if certain things take place, if others help, if you work hard enough, though it is a big dream, it can still be done. Good example: A person with no college education can dream that he will build a 50 milliondollar a year company. That is big, but believable. Bad example: That a 90 year-old woman with arthritis will someday run a marathon in under 3 hours. It is big alright, but also impossible. She should instead focus on building a 50 million-dollar a year business! And she better get a move on! 3) See it The great achievers have a habit. They “see” things. They picture themselves walking around their CEO office in their new 25 million-dollar corporate headquarters, even while they are sitting on a folding chair in their garage “headquarters.” Great free-throw shooters in the NBA picture the ball going through the basket. PGA golfers picture the ball going straight down the fairway. World-class speakers picture themselves speaking with energy and emotion. All of this grooms the mind to control the body to carry out the dream. 4) Tell it One reason many dreams never go anywhere is because the dreamer keeps it all to himself. It is a quiet

ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By Chris Widener

dream that only lives inside of his mind. The one who wants to achieve their dream must tell that dream to many people. One reason: As we continually say it, we begin to believe it more and more. If we are talking about it then it must be possible. Another reason: It holds us accountable. When we have told others, it spurs us on to actually do it so we do not look foolish. 5) Plan it Every dream must take the form of a plan. The old saying that you “get what you plan for” is so true. Your dream will not just happen. You need to sit down, on a regular basis, and plan out your strategy for achieving the dream. Think through all of the details. Break the whole plan down into small, workable parts. Then set a time frame for accomplishing each task on your “dream plan.” 6) Work it Boy, wouldn’t life be grand if we could quit before this one! Unfortunately the successful are usually the hardest workers. While the rest of the world is sitting on their couch watching re-runs of Gilligan’s Island, achievers are working on their goal - achieving their dream. I have an equation that I work with: Your short-term tasks, multiplied by time, equal your long-term accomplishments. If you work on it each day, eventually you will achieve

your dream. War and Peace was written, in longhand, page by page. 7) Enjoy it When you have reached your goal and you are living your dream, be sure to enjoy it. In fact, enjoy the trip too. Give yourself some rewards along the way. Give yourself a huge reward when you get there. Help others enjoy it. Be gracious and generous. Use your dream to better others. Then go back to number 1. And dream a little bigger this time! Chris Widener is the President of Made For Success. He teaches leaders how to become Extraordinary Leaders. Chris’ speaking and consulting services have challenged the best to become optimists, to pursue excellence relentlessly, and to dream big dreams. Copyright© 2007, Chris Widener. All rights reserved. For information about Chris’ speaking and consulting services, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond.com

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Cover Story

Chad Dannecker Executive Agent of the Month

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Chad Dannecker Written by Haley Freeman - Ian Wiant Photographer


an Diego has no greater advocate then Chad Dannecker, real estate broker and owner of Welcome to San Diego Real Estate. “We are known as America’s finest city,” Chad says, “and I would challenge anyone to disagree with that statement. Our weather, secu-

rity and infrastructure all make this one of the best places in the world to live. I love this community.” A native of San Diego County and graduate of San Diego State University, Chad’s identity is firmly rooted in San Diego sand and soil. He made a success of his early career in mortgage lending during the boom market. “I jumped in and did a lot of volume in my first year. I learned quickly the importance of having good systems, a solid database and a workflow process to keep things on track. These are habits that I have carried over to my business today.” An ambitious young professional, Chad started his own mortgage company and developed in-house lending relationships with high rise developers in the downtown. Due to his exceptional performance, he was invited to hire and manage sales teams for one of the developers, an experience that ultimately led to his transition from mortgage lending to real estate sales. As the markets shifted, Chad had a vision for founding his own real estate brand and becoming a community advocate for downtown San Diego. Today, he is a Certified Residential Specialist (an elite designation held by only 2% of licensed real estate professionals) leading an enthusiastic team of specialists who are busy making his vision a reality. “I had a good idea of what people were looking for in the downtown community – I knew the questions they were asking that they needed the answers to. That became the strategy behind my website www.WelcomeToSanDiego.com. I wanted to be a resource for people who were looking for information about the community and culture, not just for selling San Diego real estate. We set out to create a more authentic community landing page so people could find out what is going on in the area – a portal for living, working and playing downtown.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

L to R: Lauryn Otten, Ryan Ponce, Erica Hinshaw, Chad Dannecker, Heather Dannecker, Laura Wills Ochoa, Brent Cole

The site includes landing pages for every residential building in the downtown, along with comprehensive descriptions of each district and its offerings. Tabs labeled “Explore,” “Experience” and “Live” acquaint visitors with the area’s unique attractions, events and living spaces. “That’s what it’s really about,” Chad explains. “It’s not about buying a 1,200 square foot box downtown, it’s about the symphony, art museums, community theater, comedy clubs, art galleries, restaurants and night clubs. You can put a boat in the harbor and experience a whole other culture there on the docks. The people-watching is phenomenal, and you can be outdoors and active at least 340 days out of the year. There is new development everywhere, and there is great pride in the downtown today and in what it will yet become. It is getting better every day.” Chad practices what he preaches. He and his wife, Heather, live in the downtown with their two young children. “We don’t just sell the lifestyle; we live it. About 30% of our buyers in this area are young professionals.

Often when they get married, they talk about going back to the burbs to start a family. Schools become one of the biggest factors that influence where people choose to live. Our goal is to stay here as long as we can. We are fortunate to be here and have access to a great charter school. We are within blocks of the children’s museum, the library, Balboa Park and the natural history museum. The zoo is close by, and we often go over just for an evening walk.” In addition to young professionals, Chad’s firm also services another major market segment – mature adults who are seeking a simpler lifestyle. “These are people who are ready to let go of their big house in the burbs and not have to maintain a large home, yard and pool. These are people who love to travel, and living in the downtown means that they are only 10 minutes from the airport. The downtown environment offers an environment with great security, where you can just lock your door and go with no worries about leaving the country and having your property compromised by wildlife, wildfires or burglary.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Living and Loving the Downtown Life Chad’s appreciation for the downtown lifestyle is enhanced by his international perspective. He studied international business in college and is a fluent Spanish speaker. As a result, he spent a year abroad in Spain and a year in Mexico. “I think my biggest takeaway is that when you grow up somewhere, your perception of the world is ego-centric around the tiny bubble you live in. You don’t understand how the rest of the world operates until you go somewhere else and see it. It was a big thing for me to get outside of SoCal and realize that America is the newest country in the world. In San Diego, our oldest homes are 100 years old – in Spain there are places thousands of years old. Art, music, history and culture have a greater impact on the community. People are focused on celebrating life. They work to live, not live to work.”

Chad has assembled a group of professionals who share his passion for downtown living – many of whom are also invested in urban real estate. He has selected professionals with expertise in this niche market and has helped them to polish their skills while remaining up-to-date on everything that is happening in the area. “I even ended up hiring some past clients who want to be part of the journey too. It is a great compliment that they wanted to work with us. As a small business owner, every hire matters. We are very careful about the people we choose – each candidate must have the characteristics of strong salespeople and be a good fit for the team. We aspire to the highest level of professionalism and want to have fun and grow with our clients as well.” r

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Being a part of the downtown professional and living community also means making a social contribution. Chad and his colleagues are actively engaged in supporting an organization called Boys to Men, a mentoring program for challenged youths. “It gives me total joy to help these boys have a better chance at becoming the people they want to be. It is also an opportunity to have fun with other young entrepreneurs while raising money for the cause. I grew up surfing, and now I can raise money for a good cause just by catching waves with my friends for ‘The 100 Wave Challenge.’ I think it’s good for kids to see the interaction of their role models having fun. It is a powerful thing to be a part of helping kids

overcome obstacles. Sometimes they just need someone to show them what is possible to make great things out of life.” Today’s San Diego is a city reinvented. “We live, work and play in one finite community. I love it here. I walk home from work and run into seven or eight people I know along the way. It is so easy to live down here. It frees up a lot of time to do the things that matter. That’s what living is all about – getting out and creating memories with friends and family.”

ExecutiveAgent Magazine

Chad Dannecker Dannecker & Associates 875 G Street, Ste. 108 San Diego, CA 92101 Tel: 619-309-8011 Chad@DanneckerAndAssociates.com www.WelcomeToSanDiego.com CalBRE # 01459513 ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Written By John Boe 24

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Burn Your Boat


believe that the great NFL Hall of Fame coach, Vince Lombardi, had it right when he said, “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” Do you agree with Coach Lombardi, or are you the type of person who has difficulty staying focused and keeping commitments? Do you allow the negative influences of fear, anxiety, self-doubt and worry to dominate your thinking and sabotage your results? Sadly, most people fail to achieve their goals, not because they are lazy or lack self-motivation, but because they were never “fully committed” to succeed! I cannot think of a single great achievement that has ever been attained without first a plan of action and then an unshakable commitment to its accomplishment. Walt Disney was arguably one of the most creative dreamers and determined men of the twentieth century. Walt understood the power of commitment and would frequently tell those around him, “When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably.” The ancient Greek warriors were both feared and respected by their enemies. In battle, the Greeks established a well-deserved reputation for their unsurpassed bravery and unshakable commitment to victory. The key to their overwhelming success on the battlefield had far more to do with how the Greek commanders motivated the warriors, than it did with issues of tactics or training. The Greeks were master motivators who understood how to use a “dramatic demonstration” to infuse a spirit of commitment into the heart of every warrior. Once the warriors had been offloaded from their boats onto their enemy’s shore, the Greek commanders would shout out their first order…”burn the boats!” The sight of burning boats removed any notion of retreat from their hearts and any thoughts of surrender from their heads. Imagine the tremendous psychological impact on the soldiers as they watched their boats being set to the torch. As the boats turned to ash and slipped quietly out of sight

into the water, each man understood there was no turning back and the only way home was through victory. In your sales career your battles are not fought with weapons on foreign shores, but within the confines of your own mind. A truly committed salesperson does not have the luxury or the time for the self-indulgence of negative thinking. The true underlying motivation for all success is a deep and unwavering commitment to the task at hand. The sales profession is a demanding and challenging career, but it is also personally rewarding and financially lucrative for those who are fully committed to becoming successful. If you are being pushed around mentally by thoughts of fear, anxiety, self-doubt and worry, it is time to “burn your boat” and become fully committed to your sales career! “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, and then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe John Boe presents a wide variety of motivational and sales-oriented keynote/breakout session/seminar programs for sales meetings and conventions. When you book John for your next sales meeting or convention, you get a nationally recognized author, sales trainer and business motivational speaker with an impeccable track record in the meeting industry. Copyright 2007, John Boe International. All rights reserved. For additional information, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond.com

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Bernice DeVries ExecutiveAgent Magazine


Kastell Real Estate Group Written by Shannon Hartsoe - Photography by Timothy O’Leary


ong before Bernice DeVries became a top-producing real estate broker at her company Kastell Real Estate Group in Newport Beach, she was developing the skills and the philosophy of customer service that would help make her one of the most sought-after real estate professionals in North Orange County. “I learned early that real estate never stops,” she says. “And I pride myself on being there for my clients every step of the way.” In fact, the competitive nature of real estate is one of the many aspects of the industry that attracted Bernice. As a former sales associate at Nordstrom, Bernice was a consummate professional. Attentive, knowledgeable and able to meet her customers’ needs almost intuitively, Bernice began breaking sales records immediately. Her sales acumen didn’t escape the notice of upper management and she was quickly promoted.

Today, Bernice’s clients – both buyers and sellers – benefit from her more than 14 years of real estate knowledge and her dedication to a high-end customer service experience. She has won 15 national real estate awards for her success in East Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas. A full-service real estate expert, Bernice puts her wealth of knowledge about the area and her stellar negotiating skill to work for her buyers. For sellers, Bernice utilizes innovative, cutting –edge marketing techniques as well as up-to-the minute market analysis. In today’s market, she knows that maximum exposure and appropriate pricing are crucial. “Buyers today are used to incorporating a variety of technology and social media tools into their home search,” she acknowledges. “It’s important to meet them where they are.” Toward that end, she’s not afraid to try new marketing techniques -- including video -- and maintains a healthy Web presence for all of her listings. Along with her flair for the creative, Bernice has access to experts in staging and home repair to help prepare her listings – showcasing them in the best light possible. “Just like in relationships, first impressions are sometimes everything,” she says. Knowledgeable in all aspects from first-time homes and short sales to the luxury market, Bernice provides world-class service with each and every transaction. She only makes it look effortless With all of the success behind her, it would be easy to believe that Bernice has earned the opportunity to rest on her laurels. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bernice is continually working on ways to improve her

business skills, often working with a coach to help her meet personal and professional goals. Her perennially optimistic personality and seemingly endless energy level help her face the challenges inherent in the industry. Bernice works hard to make sure her clients’ goals are met with minimal stress. “This is likely one of the largest single investments my clients will ever make, so it’s important that they work with a professional they can count on,” she says. “No two transactions are alike, just as no two homes are alike.” Additionally, Bernice has developed relationships with several of the area’s premier builders serving East Costa Mesa. As an Orange County native and resident of Newport Beach, Bernice’s intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools, recreation opportunities and area attractions is key to her success in helping her buyers find just the right home. In her spare time, Bernice enjoys spending time with her daughters, ages 8 and 10, exploring all that Southern California has to offer. “I am truly grateful for the opportunities that real estate has afforded me,” she says. “Because I have been able to build a business I’m passionate about that also allows me a somewhat flexible schedule, I can spend the time with them while they’re young. It goes so fast, as any mother can tell you!” She is a frequent presence at their schools and sporting activities and together the family loves spending time boating, fishing and swimming. Bernice is also a tireless advocate for her community, and supports organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation and Greenpeace. “We live in a truly beautiful area with a delicate eco-system, but if we don’t protect our waters and sea life, we’ll have nothing to pass along to our children and future generations.” Professionally, Bernice looks forward to further success as she continues building her team and her business. “I wake up every day excited to put my feet on the floor and make good things happen for my clients and for my company,” she states. “To me, there is no better way to build a career.” Bernice DeVries Kastell Real Estate Group 1048 Irvine Avenue, Ste. 453 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Tel: 714-488-9381 Email: Bernice@kastellgroup.com Web: www.KastellGroup.com CalBRE #01276952

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Creating Credibility With Clients: How To Write An Article That Gets Published


ou’re a successful agent. You have limited advertising/recruiting funds. You want to enhance your image in the marketplace. One of the best strategies is to write articles that get published, and use those articles in all of your marketing strategies. Here are the steps to follow to write articles that are valuable and that get published every time.

The Process: Simple and Straightforward Writing an article follows the same process composers use in writing a popular tune: It starts with the theme (A), continues with the middle, where you expand on the idea and example (B), and ends again with the theme. When I’m teaching my “Train the Trainer” course, we practice this simple structure when we create training programs. Here are the simple steps I’ve used over the years to create articles that have gotten published hundreds of times in major real estate magazines and newsletters: 1. Decide on who your audience is, so you realize for whom you’re writing. 2. Decide on the challenge (s) they have that you want to address. 3. Jot down all the ideas you have about the challenges and solutions. 4. Narrow the topic so you can zero in specifically on what you want to write about. The biggest mistake writers and teachers make is to choose too broad a topic for the time or word framework. For example, it’s difficult to write 500 words on how to create a team. You CAN write 500 words about why to create a team; or three strategic tips in creating a team. 5. Choose one to three ideas to discuss. 6. Arrange the topics in the order you want to discuss them. 7. To expand on the ideas, present the idea clearly and then give an example. One commonality I’ve found among editors is that they want examples with the idea. Otherwise, the reader doesn’t really get the picture. 8. Close the article with the reiteration of your challenge and solution, and give your audience positive motivation to take action.


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Written By Carla Cross

Biggest Lessons From writing all those articles, here are the lessons I’ve learned: 1. A smaller topic is better. 2. Less ideas are better. 3. More examples are better. So, in about 400-500 words, you’ll only have time for one to three ideas and examples. Make the examples ‘real life’. Also, be sure your article is as perfect as you can get it before submitting. These editors don’t have time to work with any of us in extensive editing. The person who submits articles “ready to go” gets published much more often! Getting Started Pick up your favorite real estate magazine or newsletter. See the kind of articles that the publisher likes. Note the length. Ask yourself: Why would my articles be a benefit to that publication? Then, contact the publisher for article specifications and submission policies. You’re on your way to standing out as an exceptional agent! Carla Cross, speaker, trainer and author, has had the good fortune to learn effective teaching techniques from the best. She is a master Certified Real Estate Broker (CRB) national instructor. Her passion is to assist owners and managers in conquering the challenges of managing in today’s real estate world. Copyright 2003, Carla Cross. All rights reserved. For information, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@frogpond.com; http://www.frogpond.com.

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Depend on Your Local Mortgage Lender

Serving members in Southern California since 1940, Kinecta Federal Credit Union provides borrowers with a seamless experience from application to funding. Kinecta’s Mortgage Loan Consultants and underwriters understand the marketplace and continuously strive to meet the needs of regional homebuyers. Working with a local lender means you get the personalized support you expect and your clients get the outstanding service they deserve. It means you have access to competitive pricing and a full suite of mortgage products to fit your clients’ lifestyles, including conventional, government, jumbo, and even niche product offerings. It also means profits stay in the communities Kinecta serves, contributing to economic growth and stability.

Homebuyer offers: • $500 off loan closing costs1 • 21 day loan closing guaranteed1 • 0.75 point discount on conforming loans and super conforming fixed rate loans2 • 0.125% rate discount on Jumbo Loans • Loans up to $3 million

Contact me today! Erik Jenner, Mgr. Mortgage Loan Sales cell: 949.293.1237 • tel: 949.253.5337 Erik.Jenner@kinecta.org • NMLS# 38025 www.kinecta.org/ejenner Not-for-profit | Member-owned | Est. 1940 Terms & conditions subject to change. All loans are subject to credit approval. Guidelines are available upon request. NMLS # 407870. Intended for mortgage professionals only and not for consumer use. 1) Visit www.kinecta.org/Smart_Move for $500 closing cost and 21-Day loan closing guarantee restrictions. 2) 0.750 discount offer applicable to Conforming and Super Conforming fixed-rate mortgages with 45-day rate lock. 0.625 discount offer applicable to Conforming and Super Conforming fixed-rate mortgages with 30-day rate lock. 15040-08/14


Now Hiring Mortgage Loan Consultants throughout San Diego!

Offering twice monthly pay, high commission splits, full benefits, expense accounts, marketing support, local processing operations, laptop and mobile phone. We need top salespeople to promote our unique products and join a great team!

Contact me today! Erik Jenner Mgr., Mortgage Loan Sales tel: 855.900.9825 Erik.Jenner@kinecta.org | NMLS# 38025 www.kinecta.org/ejenner

You can also APPLY NOW at www.kinecta.org or e-mail resumes to ajackson@kinecta.org The Kinecta Difference: Not-for-profit • Member-owned • Over 70 years in Business NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) ID: 407870. Kinecta is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 16931-12/14


Successful RealtorÂŽ Profile

Written By Linda Brakeall 32

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’ve been involved in a number of studies that tried to figure out why top agents are top agents.

Do they have a common educational background? No. Good ones have high school diplomas, masters and doctorates. No correlation. Similar previous careers? No. One of the best agents I know used to teach baton twirling. I doubt if I could find a lot of those if I tried! I’ve had waiters, teachers, high powered executives and stay-at-home Moms who were all very successful. Common interests? No. Other than eating, (which we Realtor-types seem to do exceptional well) the interests are widely diverse. After 13 years in real estate sales and management, I’ve only found a few constants. 1. Successful agents treat the real estate business as a business. They actually have a business plan and a budget. They understand that you have to spend money to make money. They know how many sales they need to make

the income they require and then they figure how they’ll get from here to there. They plan in advance and execute the plan. 2. They actually work when they work and play when they play and take a day or two off every week. (just like a “real job!”) 3. They have fun and enjoy selling real estate but know that it won’t be forever. 4. They buy a lot of real estate for investment when they see good deals because they know that no one gets rich selling the stuff. You get rich owning it! Financial independence gives one a lot of freedom, autonomy and a certain air of confidence that smells like success. . . . And people like to do business with successful people so they do more business! Linda Brakeall, GRI, CRB, is a nationally recognized expert in sales and marketing for Realtors® and Mortgage industry. She has been speaking professionally speaking, training and consulting since 1992. © 2008, Linda Brakeall. All rights reserved. For information about Linda, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@ FrogPond.com; http://www.FrogPond.com.

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