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Volume Six Edition One American School in Taichung

Healthy Eagles Are Lively, Teachable, and Happy (H.E.A.L.T.H.)

By Belle Wu and Hunter Putzke

Quite often students hear this quote: “You don’t have a real job; you’re a student, your job is to study,” from teachers, parents, relatives, and almost everyone who has a job and thinks studying is the best thing in the world. We do not disagree, which is why we think it is important for the school—or work place, if you want to call it that—to be a pleasing and healthy environment. Recently, the school administration began taking temperatures at the school gate. This ensures that all students are healthy on arrival, which means that contagious diseases can be controlled. Another step that the school administration has taken is the installation of new hand sanitizers at the entrance of all school buildings. These hand sanitizers dispense a mixture of antimicrobial agents, antibacterial chemicals, and alcohol. The best part is that this mixture does not require water and dries rapidly. By reducing the amount of time required to clean hands, more students will be able to join the fight against disease and sickness. In the fight against spreading disease, the cleaning ladies have begun sterilizing tables in the library with a 90% alcohol solution. Teachers also have access to this solution to clean desks as they see fit. With all of these steps, the odds of any contagious diseases spiraling through the school’s population are greatly reduced. While the school has done quite a lot in regards to H1N1, other aspects of our student life have been neglected. Have you noticed students falling asleep or losing focus in class? Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, teenagers’ circadian

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rhythms have shifted later in the day. This means that teenagers naturally stay up later (usually around 11P.M.) With the adjustment, students have less time to sleep as school days start at the solid hour of eight. If the school day started a mere thirty minutes later, students could arrive at school more refreshed and ready to learn.

We hope it won’t be necessary to do this. Keep our eagles healthy!

On the other hand, sleep is not the only component to a healthy lifestyle. Seniors and juniors at AST do not have the opportunity to exercise during the school day. Even extracurricular activities do not run year-round and cannot supply enough exercise for healthy students. However, a physical education class runs year-round and can contribute to a healthier lifestyle by teaching us sports that we can play after we graduate. When we do not have physical education, students have no way to burn off excess energy during school. This means that students are squirrely and hyper dur-


ing class and lack focus. Finally, juniors and seniors are at a stressful point in their lives because of homework, college applications, SATs, and AP classes. Exercise releases endorphins into the brain, which have been shown to reduce stress levels significantly. Finally, the chairs and tables at AST leave something to be desired. Students are forced to sit all day, so it would be logical to have chairs that have good ergonomics. The chairs in the computer labs and classrooms lack lumbar support. Because students cannot find a comfortable position, they constantly shift, distracting their classmates. Another problem is the height of tables in relation to chairs. Tall students are forced to hunch over tables, warping their spines into surreal contortions. Students with long legs must either extend them into the area in front of the table, posing a hazard to passing students or teachers or they must lift the table with their thighs, posing a challenge to neat penmanship. If the tables and chairs were comfortable, students would be able to concentrate. It is not our intention to complain; we just want what is best for the students. These suggestions are for the good of the whole student population, and definitely important in keeping us healthy and happy learners. As glad as we are that the school is taking action to combat H1N1, it’s not the only thing that can make us sick. To truly establish a healthy studying environment, students need sufficient exercise, rest, and comfortable furniture. With the implementation of our suggestions, students will learn the proper way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Eagles’ Eyrie By Jason Tang

Party Night

The scent of hotdogs and hamburgers wafted through the air, drawing students and faculty alike toward the main building. High school STUGO members slapped more food on the grill and chatted with the incoming students. The sound of laughter and happy conversations echoed through the campus. The fall barbeque had come to AST. After some problems, the HS STUGO changed the day of the barbeque to October 16th. This turned out to be a mixed blessing, as it allowed more students to come, bringing the total to more than forty. On the other hand, the change caused another conflict in the schedule. Many high school students took this in stride and watched the middle school volleyball game before taking over the courts. The thump of the volleyball rang through the campus as games stretched long into the night. Everyone played, even those who had never touched a volleyball before. Even as students left to eat food, games continued on with seamless transitions and substitutions. While some students played volley-

ball, other students showed off their dance skills in the MPR, enlivening the party. Even teachers took the dance machine for a spin, astounding the students with their dance moves. Once the energy levels in the MPR ebbed, many students watched Slumdog Millionaire, while others spent the evening talking. Other students sat around and spent the night talking. When asked about the fall barbeque, Daniel Lee smiled and said, “It was great to involve sports at this year’s fall barbeque. The food was also great.” Hunter Putzke had more pragmatic thoughts about the barbeque, noting that more people were able to come to the barbeque. While most people thought of the barbeque as all fun, Stephanie Yang said “It was exciting because it was the day before the volleyball tournament, so we got to practice under the lights. The music was also very good and made the event even more special.” This year’s fall barbeque was a success. People left the party with full stomachs and sore muscles, but the happy clamor of students filled the air as the bus left AST.

Eagles’ Spirit Soars High

By Christian Leong

Every year, HS STUGO hosts a spirit week where students dress up according to a specified theme. The first day of the spirit week was Pajama Day. One of the students who dressed up for pajama day was Vivian Lin, who said, “It was cool because I did not change my clothes when I came to school. Also, it was interesting to see other people in their pajamas.” Tuesday was Career Day, where people dressed as they would in their chosen professions. There were students who dressed up as pizza delivery girls, secretaries, office women, celebrities and business men. Rose Lu dressed up as a secretary. “I enjoyed being a secretary during Career Day because I feel like I worked a lot,” Rose said. Then came Retro Day. Students wore clothes that were popular in the past. Pierre Thomas dressed up for Retro Day. “I think it was awesome because I was wearing an Afro and people kept on taking pictures with me,” Pierre responded. Among the others who dressed up was Emily Lu, who wore the old fashioned leg warmers that


they had “back in the old days.” Then, there was Twin Day, fourth genre of spirit week. On this day, students in high school wore identical clothing. Sometimes, even students in different grades dressed up as triplets. Wendy Tsai, Sandy Hsu and Angel Wang dressed in identical clothing on Twin Day. “I was really excited to wear the same clothes as my friends. We almost looked the same, like triplets,” Angel replied. “I found my siblings during Twin Day,” Wendy answered. “Angel, Wendy and I spent a lot of money to find the same clothes for Twin Day,” Sandy responded. The last day of spirit week was Halloween. There were mimes, witches, skeletons, the Eiffel Tower, and many more. The day ended with smiles and a bag full of Halloween candy. Students should look through their closet, their sibling’s closet or even their parents’ closet to find new and strange clothing to wear for next year’s spirit week. Never throw away strange clothing because you never know what the HS STUGO’s genres for spirit week next year will be.

Volume 6, Issue 1

Eagles’ Eyrie By Johnny Teng

Frets and Friends

Do not be shocked to hear the splendid euphony of guitars coming from Ms. Hsu’s room because, it is, without doubt, our marvelous Guitar Club. Patrick Lo created this opportunity not only for advanced guitarists at this school, but also for beginners that want to learn more about how to play the guitar. He proudly explained, “People can share their skills in a common interest.” Members can learn new songs and share their skills, which can greatly enhance the skills of young guitarists. “It is basically a club where members teach each other,” said Patrick. Currently, there are fifteen members and all of them seem to enjoy the musical experience. Iris, a junior, joined to learn more about guitars. She exclaimed, “I want to learn more skills from

the ‘pro-people’!” Iris’ favorite part is that members can eat lunch and play guitar at the same time.

Patrick Lo, the president of the Guitar Club, teaches some aspiring musicians.

However, she hopes to learn about electric guitar as well as acoustic. Patrick, after hearing this request, generously responded that

he invites any member to bring an electric guitar. Another devoted member, Rose Lu from ninth grade, said, “It is a very relaxing club that people can learn guitar from and if you do not have a guitar, you might well enjoy hearing the music played by the members.” She used the word “artistic” to describe the musical ambiance during the meetings. Jennifer Wu and Daniel Lih from the senior class commented that the Guitar Club is also a “social” group where members interact with each other by sharing their skills. So if you are a fan of socializing and guitar music, feel free to participate and enjoy the frets and friends. As the famous composer George Szell once said, “When words fail, the guitar speaks.”

The Tech Mastermind and His Disciples By Johnny Teng

Projectors. iPhones. iPods. Macbooks. DSLR cameras. Photoshop. 2D Barcodes. Applications. This year the school is fortunate enough to have a Technology Club created by Andrew Lih, the technology mastermind at AST. When Andrew was asked why he created this club, he answered modestly, “My main purpose is to assist and educate students in this school about issues related to technology.” There are fifteen members in this club and Andrew describes them as remarkably interested in modern technology. Rose Lu from 9th grade joined this club because she thinks that it is an enjoyable club that has all the answers about technology. Miko Shih, a senior, plans on getting a Macbook in the future and hopes to learn more about Apple computers through the Technology Club. Another senior, Jennifer Wu, joined this club not just to discover the fun and

Andrew Lih teaches the Technology Club as Clinton Wu looks on.

power of technology but also for academic reasons. She explained, “I like Apple computers and the software in them because they are so efficient and I hope to understand more about them in the Technology Club. If I can learn more about Apple computers, it will benefit me when I go study at an art school since art schools

Volume 6, Issue 1

today mostly use Macs.” Currently, this club is educating its members on computer maintenance and basic “Apple knowledge.” In the future, the members from the Technology Club look forward to learning more about other forms of technology. For example, Rose wants to learn more about Photoshop and Jennifer wants to learn more about film production. Many members in the Technology Club admire the advanced technological gadgets that Andrew Lih brings to the club. Also, the members in the Technology Club feel that Andrew is very amiable and willing to help anyone that has troubles or inquiries about technology. Jennifer even said that she wants to become Andrew Lih, the “Apple professional.” Rose Lu from 9th grade described Andrew Lih with one word: “Awesome!”


Eagles’ Eyrie By Mary June Manno

Halloween Time

house collecting apples and money. One of the most exciting and interesting part of Halloween is seeing what everyone dresses up as. This is especially true at AST, because each student can dress up as whatever he or she wants. From pretty princesses to scary ghosts, everyone was exuberant and unique. Pierre Thomas (ninth grade) exclaimed, “The costumes were all really creative. They went from scary, to funny, to depressing, but overall, I was the scariest of them all, like the future of France’s soccer team, man!” Each grade was in charge of creating a Halloween activity. The haunted house was the most popular; it had a line that never ended. Another very popular stop was the tenth graders’ delicious Halloween drinks. The menu included a variety of revoltingly delicious beverages such as: Vampire’s Cocktail, Puke of Baby who Ate too Many Crayons, Mummy’s Organs, and Astonishingly, this was Mrs. Parker Cremation Ashes in Snow (also in her Halloween costume. known as Dirty Snow). Mean-

Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat; if you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear. This is one of the many rhymes sung by children going from house to house as they collect as much candy as they can. This tradition traces back to Britain. The poor would go begging from house to house for soul cakes. This was called “going a-souling”, and the “soulers” would promise to say a prayer to the dead. However, as time progressed on, the town’s children replaced the beggars, and they went from house to

By Jason Hsieh

while, the MS STUGO held a water balloon fight on the court. At the end of the day, everyone gathered on the front steps, where the winners for “most creative,” “funniest,” and “scariest” costumes were announced for elementary, middle, and high school students. Finally, everyone got their little bags of candy and went back home with a smile on their face.

Turkey, Gravy, and Thank-Yous

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when turkeys tremble in fear and we loosen our belts in expectation of unparalleled grandeur: the Thanksgiving lunch at AST. High spirits and excitement resonate throughout the AST campus during Thanksgiving week. Sweethearts and friends write each other turkey-grams to spread the good cheer. However, the main attraction is always the annual Thanksgiving feast during lunch. The parent-prepared lunch of potatoes, turkey, gravy, pie, corn, and salad was more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest student. The day of thanks began as any other day: classes were slow as everyone waited for lunch hour to come around, yet they still tried to concentrate. Classes let out for lunch early because there was a quick assembly, featur-


An alien drops down to join the party.

Teachers having fun while enjoying their delicious Thanksgiving lunch.

ing a delightful performance from the Middle School hand bells class. Mr. Stein then addressed the entire school about the importance of Thanksgiving and about being grateful for what we have. Then, by class, students were dismissed to receive the lunches. There was enough food to feed everyone twice and still have leftovers. The food was delicious and many people

Volume 6, Issue 1

raced to get seconds. Students laughed and giggled as they enjoyed the feast while they read the turkey grams they had received from friends and teachers. Fabulous weather accompanied AST during this festive day. Everyone ate until they were “stuffed”. Many students voiced their gratitude and thanks to the Parent Association for preparing such a scrumptious meal and making the feast possible. When asked about the Thanksgiving festivities, Carol Lin, a senior at AST, had this to say: “Having eaten nine Thanksgiving lunches with my friends, I feel extra thankful and sentimental since this Thanksgiving is my last at AST.” On that day, we not only were reminded of our great fortune, but also of the many “thanks’” that lay before us.

Eagles’ Eyrie By Stephanie Yang

AST’s Got Talent

AST held its second annual singing contest on October 13th in the auditorium. Several people participated, and it seems like these people had been practicing in the shower. Participants included Jesse Chang, Hunter Putzke and Belle Wu, Tina Fun and Vincent Chi, Winnie Liao and Patrick Lo, Iris Gwon, Katja Putzke, Rose Lu and Sandy Hsu, and Kelvin Paul. The master of ceremonies of the singing contest, STUGO President Connie Wang, and the two tech wizards, Daniel and Andrew Lih, did a wonderful job running the show. Kelvin astonished everyone with his high-pitched voice and his marvelous movements. Iris’s song stood out, because she sang a Japanese song. Rose and Sandy were very anxious because it was their first year singing on stage. Rose said, “I was so nervous; I kept memorizing my lyrics before I went on stage.” Patrick and Winnie held hands, gazed into each other’s eyes, and sang remarkably together. Vincent Chi and Tina Fun paired up singing, and both of them did a bril-

By Andy Hsu

liant job. However, only five acts were chosen to advance: Jesse, Iris, Katja, Kelvin, and Belle and Hunter. Katja said, “I was really excited when I advanced into the finals.” For the final round, Jesse chose to sing ‘Yesterday.’ He said, “I had trouble finding the right song. At least I managed to rile up the crowd.” Belle and Hunter had a duet on “Don’t Stop Believing,” and collaborated really well. Belle wasn’t

Calvin sings his heart out.

nervous at all. She cheerfully said, “It really doesn’t matter which place I got, as long as I tried hard and had a lot of fun.” Katja belted out ‘Extraordinary.’ She had an amazing voice added to her impressive movements. Iris screamed her way through “Dozing Green.” She showed everybody that she is a rocker. Last but not least, Kelvin performed “Someday.” When Connie invited Kelvin up on stage to sing, the whole theater burst into applause and cheers. When Mr. Stein, Mr. Wiles, and Ms. Lee decided on the winners, the whole theater became quiet. In the meantime, Jesse performed “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” which he sang as the crowd awaited the judges’ decision. Belle and Hunter came in third place. Katja came in second place. Finally, Kelvin became this year’s AST Idol. Kelvin enthusiastically said, “I am so happy! Although I was so nervous, I had a lot of fun on stage.” Let’s hope that next year’s singing contest will be more heated and that there will be more competitors.

Eagles on the Move

“Yes!” shouted Rose Lu when she tipped the ball over the net and scored. The high school volleyball team had a great season this year, and they worked hard during practices and games. “We had a very solid season. We played positions, so the girls knew how to play a certain position on the court and used more strategy,” declared Ms. Lee. Belle Wu and Isabel Chen, both experienced volleyball players, were the captains of the team. “We worked cooperatively, and we had a great season,” said Captain Isabel Chen. Both JV and JV-B girls showed their best skills during the tournament. The first game for the JV girls was against TES. Although they lost the game, they still won a set. “It was a really close game, and I think we could have won. We were just getting too anxious,” said Mary June Manno. The girls later played KAS. Throughout the game, the girls worked together, and won the game in two sets. The

third game they played against DIS. The girls tried hard; however, they lost the game 2 to 1. In the last game, they played against MCA. During the game, the girls became somewhat tired, but they still did their best. Unfortunately, they lost the game. Even though they didn’t win, they still fought it out until the end. “It was a lot of fun and we definitely played our best. I can’t wait for the tournament next year because we think we have a chance to be really awesome,” said Karen Sims. The JV-B girls also did a good job at their tournament. The first game they played was against TES. They owned the first set but lost the game. “During the first set, we thought it was pretty relaxing. However, in the second set, TES brought back their team spirit and concentration. After all, we still did our best and cooperated well enough to win the last set,” said Emily Lu. The second game was against MAK. Although the Eagles won only by two points in the

Volume 6, Issue 1

second set, they still won the game. The last game was against GCA and the Eagles won the game easily. Overall, AST and TES both won two games and lost one game. “I think we had a great team and chemistry this year. We did really well at the tournament; unfortunately, we were only two points away from the semi-final,” said Captain Stephanie Yang. Belle Wu, captain of the JV team, said with a sigh, “This will be the last season for the seniors, but we definitely played like winners. I hope the girls will do even better next year and play with the same dedication.” Finally, Coach Lee said, “I thought that the tournament was a fun, challenging experience for the team. Both JV and JV-B really did their best, and stuck to playing good, well-organized games. I’m very proud of them for their tournament performance and for their performance over the entire season.” Overall, the entire season was fantastic.


Eagles’ Eyrie

The Young Eagles: Back To Dominate

By Stephanie Yang

This year, the middle school girls’ point. The first victory gave the A team volleyball A and B teams worked and girls more confidence in themselves, practiced extremely hard to accomplish making their second game no problem. one thing: “to be a champion.” The A AST triumphed over GCA, by a score team was instructed by a JV player, of 25-10. Belle Wu. B team was coached by a very experienced player, Karen Sims. She patiently taught these new faces the fundamentals of volleyball. Each of them showed 120% effort. Karen exclaimed, “All of you have to yell ‘mine’ as loud as you can, as if you are fighting over the last piece of chocolate!” Every girl was inspired by the word “chocolate.” Tina Hung said, “I learned how to bump, Angela Lin serves the ball during a friendly game with Morrison Academy girls. set, and spike during practices!” Because of these drills, they These girls were invincible; no one were ready on October 24th for the dared to step into their path. Belle said, T.E.A.M.S. tournament. The A team “A team girls played their best, and played at TAS and the B team played these two games were the best I had at Bethany. A team girls did extremely seen this season.” After the two aggreswell. Their first game was against TAS sive games, AST won their pool. The 1, which they won by a score of 25-20. semi final game scheduled was against AST obtained victory over TAS with- MCA. It was a very close game, but out mercy; almost all balls that were re- AST lost by two points, 25-27. This loss turned by TAS were volleyed back for a demoralized the girls, and everyone felt

By Anderson Yang

gloomy when they played against KAS. Belle said, “I think the girls shouldn’t be discouraged after they lost the game, because they played every point with precision.” Unfortunately, AST’s winning streak stopped there. Tiffany Lieu said, “The tournament was fun, but we lost.” A team girls finished in fourth place. B team girls did remarkably well. Even though they didn’t win, they gained more experience and also got ready for next year’s competition. Karen said, “The girls had a rough start, but they pulled through it and fought all the way to the end.” Most of the players on the team only had one year of experience and Karen was extremely proud of them. Amy Lin said, “The games were tiring and fun, but it was really interesting, because we got to play with people that came from different schools.” Even though the girls did not win the championship, the hardworking Eagles certainly did walk away with a heart full of good sportsmanship and achievement.

Eagles Spike Back

This year, the MS Boys volleyball our expectations, the players tried their team is back. With their new coach, best and came in third for the tournaAnderson Yang, the team excelled ment in MCA,” said B team coach, exponentially. When Mr. Hart posted Andy Hsu. the sign up sheet for “MS Boys VolOn October 24th, A team went up leyball”, many people raced to sign up. to TAS for their tournament as the B As a result of the abundance of interest, team went to MCA. When the tourthe team was divided into an A and a B nament ended, Jason Tsai (8th grade) team. A group of MS volleyball players said that, “Even though we didn’t showed up to their first practice. The make it into the finals, my last volleycoaches, Anderson Yang and Andy The middle school boys’ A team takes time out of ball season was great!” A player on their busy practice for a team photo. Hsu, along with Mr. O’Sullivan, as the the B team, Vincent Yang, claimed, our volleyball practice and games. Evsupervisor, knew that the Eagles were “Our coach did a good job. We eneryone on the team played their best, and joyed having games with other schools. facing a wonderful season. AST’s Middle School Volleyball teams never gave up,” said Paul Wu (8th grade). I think our team needs to work on more On the other hand, although many of communication, and being more aggresand coaches’ spirit were invincible. “Our coach never gave up on us, even when we the players on the B team had no prior sive. I believe next year, we will have the were losing 23 to 15. Our coach would still experience, they focused on their games ability to achieve 1st place.” A team’s last encourage us to win, which we did,” said and practices, and made their coach, Andy volleyball season in middle school leaves Albert Chi (8th grade). “Since we are in Hsu, really proud. “I think B team worked them with great memories in their minds, 8th grade, this will be our last volleyball extremely hard during practices and as the B team will be ready to battle with season. We treasured every moment of games. Even though we didn’t achieve other schools next year.


Volume 6, Issue 1

Eagles’ Eyrie By Roger Yang

Not Quite Pitch Perfect

As the ball rolled into the net, it marked a new beginning, a new season, and a new team. Mr. Marcon, a math and computer teacher, took on the challenging role as head coach. As a former soccer player, Mr. Marcon expressed his love for the sport. “Soccer is the greatest sport. I think it’s a great teamwork sport.” This year, fouryear veteran Patrick Lo was chosen as team captain. Every practice consisted of a three to five lap warm-up, led by senior Hunter Putzke. Then, Mr. Marcon made up intense drills for his players to practice. After the tiresome drills, an entertaining scrimmage ended the workout. Practice always ended with an exhortative cheer. The first game with Ivy arrived sooner than expected. Even though practice time was limited, the Eagles still had no problem defeating

By Roger Yang

Ivy, keeping up the school’s legacy. The next match-up with MCA was challenging and tiring. It was the first game the Eagles played

Pierre Thomas and Paul Wu charge the ball during a game against TES.

on a big field, and there were no substitutes. It was extremely tiring and arduous, but exhilarating. The game showed the team how much they had to improve their endurance and stamina, and how to move the ball efficiently. There was a noticeable change this year

in the athletic department as AST hosted more home games and even a small tournament. New soccer tournaments on Saturdays were added to the calendar. The Eagles defeated GCA in all the friendly matches. The soccer season flew past, and the tournament finally arrived. AST’s first game was against TES, a loss despite great effort. The second game was against GCA, and they won with pride. The third and fourth games were against MCA and DIS, both losses. The Eagles placed fourth in the tournament, but they did not fret. They showed great sportsmanship throughout the year, being gracious in defeat as well as victory. “We know that this will be the first of many great seasons to come,” Pierre Thomas said with a smile.

Run Home, Run Home

“It’s going, it’s going, and it’s outta here!” Albert Chi, the captain of the team, jogs around the bases with a slight smug smile on his face. “I, me, us, victory,” he declares with confidence. This year, the Middle School softball team is bound to win the championship. The players are all tired of constant defeat, and they are determined to train extra hard. Some players stay after school to practice their throwing and fielding, while some players spend their lunch break practicing their batting. The head coach and the batting coach this year is Andy Hsu, a tenth grader. He will be assisted by three assistant coaches. Each assistant coach will specialize in a different aspect of softball. Roger Yang, a ninth grader, will pitch for the team, since team pitchers are optional.

Tim Chien takes a practice swing.

Stanley Hsieh, a tenth grader, is an excellent softball player, and he wants to improve the team’s fielding reactions and skills. Last but not least, Michelle McNeill is in charge of fitness and conditioning. Fitness was not a concern of previous coaches, so the coach-

Volume 6, Issue 1

es this year decided to add more running exercises, so the players can improve their agility and speed. “We four coaches are going to work really hard together to get these players in top shape. I promise we will win the championship. Our team will never want to stop playing softball,” Coach McNeill declared confidently. The team is composed of young and enthusiastic players. They all have great potential to become great softball or baseball players. “I think anything can happen on the baseball field, and I think softball is an art,” Tim Chien, the third baseman of the team, says while grinning. Softball fever has contaminated the softball team, and the team is already practicing hard. Practice makes perfect: We’re going for the gold.


Eagles’ Eyrie

Peace Day – Placidity, Party or Pursuit?

By Emilie Jespersen

“Peace is a pair of butterflies dancing on a conga drum. Peace is colorful, not black or white, not gray; a gentle blending of all the colors in the spectrum. Peace is breathing slowly enough to love.” – Mr. Parker We all seem to know what peace is, but the moment a person has to put words on his or her thoughts, he or she will often be stricken with difficulty. The answer depends on situation and occurrence. Peace, in all its different forms, is celebrated all over the world – in urban as well as rural areas. Peace is celebrated in solitary moments as well as in enormous social gatherings. The theme of AST’s Peace Day celebration this year was “All You Need Is Love.” Both the Technology Club and the Communications video class composed videos promoting peace and harmony. To add to the atmosphere, the sophomore class arranged the beautiful flowers in the auditorium. The junior class painted and hung vibrant posters and decorated headbands. Almost every student and teacher wore the new white peace t-shirt created by Tina Fun. The Red Cross, aiding the victims of the Typhoon Morakot, received the profit from the t-shirts. The Peace Day assembly was smoothly coordinated and effectively hosted by Johnny Teng and Michelle Lin, both students in 11th grade. During the assembly, the junior class sang “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles. The junior class chose to sing because music is an international language; it

Mr. Parker gives an emotional and moving speech to the audience.


is more powerful than any other form of expression. The High School students weren’t the only ones who sang at the assembly. The Elementary Students enthusiastically performed the Barney song which goes, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.” Their performance received applause from a smiling audience. Some of the Middle School students read aloud, with Students make a peace sign on Lincoln Way. great confidence, peace quotes. After the assembly, students ceasefire will bring hope to citizens could pick up a peace cookie and walk in war-torn regions, a hope that world down Lincoln Way with a satisfied wide peace is possible and not just an smile painted on their faces. illusion. One day of the “Cessation of Like Mr. Parker, who eloquently hostilities” will also give time for relief spoke of peace and courage during the workers to reach vulnerable areas and Peace Day assembly, one may use sim- provide civilians with food, water and ple explanations to disseminate vivid medical necessities. Peace Day is a day thoughts. Referring to the quote by for us to help, or simply send a thought Mr. Parker above, what are the circum- to people in need of hope. Lighting a stances for two butterflies being able to candle in the afternoon is one way of dance on a conga drum? And what is the showing respect. There is no single color of peace? It is definitely not the right way to celebrate Peace Day; the vague color of grey ashes and dirt that most important thing about Peace Day occupies many of the world’s regions is that we don’t forget why it was creof conflict. Turning back to the ques- ated. tion of peace, Winnie Liao from 11th Peace is complex. Peace can be a grade believes that, “Peace is when serene environment and it can be hope. the people you care about the most are Peace can be concrete and it can be abbeside you.” Sebastian Jespersen from stract. Peace is when one has the time 5th grade thinks that, “Peace is some- to party, to sit down and relieve stress thing that is always happening some- and fear, or to feel placid. Peace Day is where; also peace is the opposite of the hope that peace is possible; Peace war.” Peace is not genocide, peace is Day is the pursuit of peace. Always not hatred, and peace is not fear. Peace have the courage to stand up for peace. is the feeling of security to love, to understand, to enjoy, to make decisions, and to do all the things you can’t do when you are oppressed. Peace Day was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981. September 21st, 2002, was officially declared the permanent Day of Peace by the General Assembly. As a result of Peace Day, September 21st is also a day of Global Ceasefire. Patrick plays his guitar as his friends sing “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles. One single day of global

Volume 6, Issue 1

Eagles’ Eyrie By Tim Edstein

THIMUN-Singapore: No Durians

Chair Patrick Lo booms “Will the took AST’s delegation to the SALT house come to order!” He welcomes the Centre at Hwa Chong Institute and all 106 member committee and encourages the delegates went to their assigned all the delegates to work collaboratively committees, ranging from the Security to produce the best resolutions possible. Council to the press room. “Delegates, we have a lot of work to do All General Assembly delegates in the next four had an entire days.” And true day to lobby to his words, with other delit was a very, egates, while in the Security very busy week in Singapore. Council, Kevin The weeks Chen and Tim leading up to Edstein began debate on the THIMUN SinSituation in gapore were also very busy, Haiti immeas delegates diately after wrote and lunch. “The polished po- Karen fights vigorously to sell the most Munity- committee had East newspapers sition papers a lot of conflict and resolutions, practiced their open- during the first day, especially on the ing speeches, and reviewed procedure. use of veto power from the permanent And, of course, made sure they had the members,” said Kevin Chen, commentappropriate suits and shoes for the sim- ing on the debate in the Security Counulation - and the dance. cil. China was vetoing clauses it did not After arriving late Monday night, the candidates had a chance on Tuesday to visit the buzzing shopping district on Orchard Road, only a five minute walk from the hotel. Delegates began to find their wallets a lot lighter after spending hours of shopping. “Although the food in Singapore is quite expensive, it was definitely worth the money,” said Jason Hsieh after eating a $20 (400NT) burger at the Hard Rock Café. Chair Patrick Lo and the five members of the Michelle, Michelle, and Winnie enjoy the press delegation, though, had meetings THIMUN-Singapore Dinner Dance. scheduled the day before the conferagree with. Tensions grew as destrucence officially began. Tuesday night saw candidates ner- tive debates overwhelmed constructive vously practicing their speeches and debate in the first day of the Security reviewing their notes and resolutions. Council. Then, Wednesday morning, the bus As the day ended, delegates changed

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from their formal attire to more casual clothing of jeans and shirts. Students spent their nights shopping, eating and playing cards in their hotel rooms. Most delegates went to sleep quite early as everyone was exhausted by the end of the day. Chair Patrick Lo suffered from sleep deprivation, spending his evenings organizing resolutions that needed to be debated the next day. For the next three days, all of our delegates worked hard, using diplomacy to find solutions to create a cleaner, safer and more peaceful world. Michelle McNeill and Emilie Jespersen, the delegates of Iran, proposed measures to incorporate cleaner energy solutions and non-motorized vehicles in the Committee on Sustainable Development (CSD). During the plenary session on the final day, Katja Putzke delivered a powerful, articulate speech on the issue of sexual violence in conflict zones. Katja’s resolution passed with a resounding majority. The resolution was the only resolution passed in the plenary session, and will be sent to the United Nations. Senior Vincent Huang, in GA 2, was selected “Best Speaker,” “Best Diplomat,” and “Most Eloquent Speaker” in his committee. After the closing ceremony of THIMUN, delegates met up with friends they had made, saying farewell and promising to keep in contact with each other. This year’s THIMUN trip was a great success. Although we were a smaller delegation than previous years, with 23 students and two teachers, this year’s THIMUN delegation was better prepared and participated at all levels of the MUN experience. The AST delegation wishes to thank Mr. and Mrs. Parker for their support in making THIMUN Singapore 2009 a reality.


Eagles’ Eyrie Strengthening the Heart Heart disease is no longer a sickness of the old and elderly. Many


heart diseases are caused by improper care of a person’s heart. It’s important to reduce your risks of heart disease as soon as possible.

By Karen Sims and Kylene Harrington


Regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are necessary to keep your heart functioning properly. However, be sure to add more fruits and veggies into your daily diet. Nutritionists recommend at least ten servings of fruit a day. Besides making sure you’re getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, you need to avoid foods that are rich in fat, cholesterol, and salt. Look out especially for foods high in saturated and trans-fats, including beef, butter, cheese, milk, and coconut and palm oils. Trans-fats can be found in many fast foods and packaged snack foods. Therefore, try to eat more whole grains and low-fat dairy products, like flaxseed, salmon, oatmeal, black or kidney beans, almonds, and walnuts.

Protecting Your Eyes

Cleaning Your Liver

The eyes are one of the most important parts

The liver is vital to the human body because

of the human body, so proper care is needed.

it purifies the body by breaking down un-

Remember to protect your eyes when playing

wanted chemicals and managing processes

sports, working, or exercising. Do not stare at

such as breaking down fats, producing pro-

a computer screen for too long, rub your eye if

tein, and removing bacteria from the blood

something gets in it, or let sunscreen get into

stream. To keep this organ healthy, avoid

your eyes. If anyone’s eyes are harmed in any

drugs, alcohol, smoke, paint thinners,

way, contact a professional immediately. Wear-

and pesticides, as all of these may

ing glasses or contacts that no longer help you

damage the liver. A healthy, bal-

will cause more problems and headaches. For

anced diet that is low in fats,

those who wear contact lenses, only wear the

contains plenty of antioxi-

best quality ones, especially if you wear col-

dant-rich foods, and has

ored contacts. Take proper care of the lenses

enough water is ide-

by cleaning them regularly, and wear them ac-

al. Peanuts, corn,

cording to your doctor’s instructions. Your diet

animal proteins, and

also affects the well-being of your eyes, so eat

food pollutants should be avoided.

plenty of fruits and vegetables and take an assortment of vitamins and minerals.

Enhancing Your Skin Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it must be kept clean. The skin on your face is especially sensitive to bacteria and irritation. It is important to remember that when cleaning your face, you also have to avoid hurting the skin on your face. Instead of vigorously scrubbing your face, gently massage the soap into your skin. After washing, apply a lotion containing benzoyl peroxide to moisturize the skin. During the day, avoid touching your face with your hands. If you must touch your face, wash your hands first. You can also look out for foods high in vitamin A, such as carrots. Vitamin A assists in the growth and maintenance of skin cells. It is also important to stay

Drawing by

hydrated and drink plenty of water. Water hydrates your skin cells and helps the body to sweat

Kylene Harrington

more efficiently and clean the pores of your skin. Meanwhile, avoid fried foods and foods high in saturated fats because they tend to trap oil and bacteria beneath the skin.


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Eagles’ Eyrie



Polishing the Brain Your mother was right. Eat your fish; it’s the perfect food to keep your brain quick and vibrant. Fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna, are excellent for your brain because of Omega-3 fatty acids which slow down the brain aging process. Foods high in antioxidants are also encouraged in a pro-brain diet. Such foods include Japanese Matcha, a drink made of high quality ground tea leaves, coffee, and even cacao beans! It’s important to remember that it’s the cacao beans in the chocolate that make it healthy. Blueberries are also known for their brain enhancing properties, and can be easily added into your breakfast cereal or your snack-time yogurt. Not only can you help keep your brain healthy with what you eat, but social interaction and positive thinking have also been shown to slow the brain’s aging process. Learning and challenging your mind are the perfect workouts for your brain.

Cleaning the Lungs Everyone knows that smoking will destroy your lungs, but other than this, most people have no idea what they can do to improve lung function. For starters, try getting a daily dose of fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation of the lungs which is the cause of most breathing and lung problems. A diet high in tomatoes has also been shown to improve lung function and reduce asthma-like symptoms. Watch what you’re breathing, as well. Some household cleaners can be toxic if inhaled. Avoid smoky areas in restaurants and bars, because second-hand smoke is just as bad as smoking. There are also daily exercises you can do to improve lung function and health. Strengthen your stomach muscles and diaphragm for better breathing. Try breathing from your belly for five minutes a day. Doing about 10-20 crunches a day can also strengthen your chest and abdominal muscles to strengthen your breathing.

Fortifying the Stomach Your stomach helps you digest over 65 tons of food in your lifetime. Therefore, it is important that you take good care of

Reinforcing Your Bones

your stomach and digestive system to keep it healthy. To do

Having a healthy calcium intake and lessening physical so, make sure to provide your stomach with enough fluids damage is essential for having healthy, strong bones. Cal- and friendly bacteria, and keep your acid levels down. Avoid cium and vitamin D strengthen bones. Vitamin D is found in foods high in fat or acid, such as pork. Friendly bacteria help foods such as salmon, egg yolk, tuna fish, and Swiss cheese. your body stop harmful bacteria from attacking the stomach Calcium can be found in foods such as dairy products; green, and body. You can encourage the growth of friendly bacteria leafy vegetables; and orange juice. Avoiding injury to the in the stomach by consuming live yogurts and fermented milk bones is also important so when you’re participating in drinks. Keeping hydrated will also improve digestion and exercises such as biking, skating, or playing sports, help keep your stomach healthy. Nutritionists recommend at wear helmets and knee/elbow pads. Bone injuries least six to eight glasses of water a day. Furthermore, you can such as fractures are mostly caused by falls, which can add more fruits, vegetables, and other foods high in fiber into be avoided by being careful with your movements. A healthy your daily diet to help keep your digestive system moving and body weight also lessens the chance of bone loss and fractures.

functioning properly.

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Eagles’ Eyrie

9 Hours a Day Keeps Death Away By Grant Wang

Sleep. Sleep is one of the utmost you to forget to do damaging things. foods include turkey, chicken, pasta, necessities of the body. As all of us One problem that can occur is that ice cream, peanut butter, and yogurt. know, our body never ceases to work, in class, you may fall asleep and in Some foods also induce you to stay yet it obeys us for 70 years or more. the next test, you fail. According to awake, and if you are trying to sleep, How can anything work for such a “Nurse Web,” some symptoms of stay away from tea, caffeine, grains, long time—nonstop and without any sleep deprivation are weariness, al- wheat, vegetables, and other low-chotime to rest? ternations in appetite, memory loss, lesterol foods. Our body “punishes” us Your body does rest—when you frequent irritability, and activity in- if we don’t eat enough cholesterol by sleep. Think of sleep as the shutting tolerance. Serious sleep deprivation preventing us from sleeping. Antibidown of an arcade. When you sleep, can result in high possibilities of hav- otics also keep you from sleeping. As your body turns off some voluntary ing high blood pressure, heart attack/ mentioned earlier, sleeping strengthmuscles, conserving energy, and al- failure, stroke, obesity, severe mood ens the immune system. According to lowing your body to rest. “The con- changes, and growth retardation. Sim- The Library of Medicine, antibiotics serving of energy is not wasted or ply sleep well and all these problems destroy bacteria, leaving no work for “stored,” but is used to repair broken will fly away. the immune system, so it doesn’t need cells,” says Ms. Hsu, whose field of Have a hard time falling asleep or sleep. What if you just can’t sleep? study was psycho-biology. “When have counted more than a thousand Statisticians like Allen Wollenberg you have a headache, and you go to sheep? Don’t take medication. Most of the Guardian Corporation point out bed, you feel better. That is not be- “sleep-giving” ailments can cause that there are over 80 types of sleepcause your brain is resting—your memory loss, or in some cases death. ing disorders, and one in 70 million brain never rests—but people has at least one of because your sleep has them. Some disorders cause conserved energy. That sleepwalking, sleep paenergy is distributed to ralysis, movement of legs your cells to divide and (Restless Legs Syndrome), replenish your dying, nightmares, violent dreams pain-giving brain cells.” (Rapid eye movement beThe conserved energy havior disorder), spasmodic will also go to your horsudden kicks (Periodic limb mones and spark your movement disorder), or growth. According to simply lack of sleep (PriE. C. Jazwinska and K. mary Insomnia). The only Adam of Springerlink, way to cure these natural people today are shorter disorders is to visit a doctor, than they were generafor no food nor habit can tions before. This is not help effectively against the because of malnutrition, disorder. but because of the lack Jason Hsieh falls asleep after a late night of study for his biology So although nine hours of sleep. a day of sleep can’t really exam. Not sleeping enough ward off death, sleep can can cause many problems. Every Instead, try to sleep earlier—if it usu- help you if you use it the right way. year, many automobile accidents are ally takes you 2 hours to fall asleep, If you sleep well, then your immune the product of disorientation caused then go to bed 2 hours earlier. Or you system and motivation will improve. by the lack of sleep. Aging quickly can try turning off your computer or You won’t miss a class, or a ball, is also an effect of sleep deprivation. TV and reading a good story to sleep or a step, and you’ll be great! But if Without sleep, colds and the flu can well. According to “Better Sleep Bet- you sleep badly, then everything gets affect you more negatively than one ter Life,” if you like eating, but want worse. Sleep is just as important to who sleeps well. Your body does not to sleep, you might consider eat- you as your homework, so (though have extra energy to spare on your im- ing almonds, bananas, honey, warm perhaps against the teachers’ likings) mune system, and your immune sys- milk, cheese, whole-wheat bread, or leave off your homework, and go to tem has too little time to regroup, rest, any other food that brings the “sleep- sleep without any stress (for more inand defend your body. ing” amino acid (tryptophan) to your formation about stress, contact senior Sleep deprivation will also cause brain and causes you to sleep. Other Jason Hsieh).


Volume 6, Issue 1

Eagles’ Eyrie By Daniel Lih


In 2005, Twentieth Century Fox humans and force the “diseased” cally modified foods may reduce the produced The Island, a movie where humans to serve them. Bioethics severity of famines, many people a society of clones are raised as “in- covers even more topics, such as argue that the modified foods are surance” for the famous and wealthy. abortion, animal rights, euthanasia, still in the testing stage. They worry Whenever a celebrity is injured, the genetically modified foods (GMFs), about the effects that the modificaclone is slaughtered and its organs genetically modified organisms tions may have on human beings. are harvested. The movie takes (GMOs), human genetic engineer- Moreover, since the modified orplace ten years ing, and stem ganisms did not evolve naturally on in the future. cell research. Earth, many worry that the new orWe are com“But what ganisms may affect the ecosystem. ing closer and All over the world, politicians can humans closer to makdo about and scientists are debating the pros ing this scenarthese prob- and cons of the new technology. io a possiblity. lems?” one Many of the issues have a vague and Bioethics, the may ask. ambigious border between truth and study of ethics B i o e t h i c s , opinion. For example, which aniin biology and the ethics mals should be protected? It is true medicine, has of biology that a monkey, a cat, or a dog (sengained promiand medi- tient animals) should be protected nence in both cine, may be by animal rights laws. However, popular culture the answer should animal rights also be applied and the world to this ques- to a jellyfish with a simple nervous of science. tion. With system? Human discloning, for Bioethics deals with the thornicoveries, in- The gene causing the florescent glow is found in example, it is est issues in science. However, just cluding how al- the jelly fish and has been inserted into this fly hypothetical- because these issues are complex leles are passed ly possible to is not a valid excuse for ignorance. via genetic engineering. down from parcreate a hu- Everyone has the responsibility to ents to offspring, how cells divide, man being. However, should a clone weigh both the pros and cons of all and how certain chemicals affect the have the same rights as a naturally the issues. The people have to elect body, have made humans the most born human? Or is the creation just policy makers who will make edupowerful species on Earth. Humans another product in the market? cated, informed decisions. We are can control many biological proStem cell research has been not identical cloned sheep like Dolcesses inside and outside of their banned in some countries because ly. We must escape from the comown bodies. After the first cloned the collection of embryonic stem fortable pastures and make our own organism, Dolly the sheep, was born cells requires the destruction of decisions. in 1996, many other species of or- human embryos. In some ganisms have been cloned success- countries, the embryo has fully. Now humans almost have the all of the rights of any other technology to clone themselves, human. Opponents of stem leading to huge public debates over cell research and abortion the ethics of human cloning. Many claim that human rights people think it is unethical. In popu- are being violated in both lar culture, a number of novels and cases. movies have adopted the theme of Animal rights, on the cloning. other hand, focus on the Scientists have recognized more problems arising from exand more functions of genes and periments and exploitation how they are inherited. As a result, of animals. Many argue that the concept of eugenics has gained since animals are sentient, fringe support as the understanding they should be viewed as of heredity increases. In popular cul- beings, instead of things. ture, Gattaca, a 1997 film, describes Finally, genetically modthe horrors of eugenics. The geneti- ified foods have created cally perfect humans have a higher a large backlash from the One of the main focuses of genetic engineering is crops. status in society than the “diseased” public. Although geneti-

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Eagles’ Eyrie

An Introduction to a Busy Afternoon By Chieh Lin American School in Taichung Additionally, ESOL students would ESOL students’ grammar might be (AST) is a school that attracts many need to work harder than other stu- a little worse than the native speakstudents for its remarkable work dents when studying for tests and ers because they have less practice in helping students develop proper finishing their work because they in speaking English. communication and writing skills. would have more homework. Mr. Stein believes that the afterThis year, the school surprised stuOn the other hand, the afterschool school ESOL program’s focus is dents learning English as their sec- ESOL program cuts into the time for writing. He wants the high school ond language studying and fin- students to feel comfortable with (ESOL) by creishing homework. writing. He wants students to be ating an afterThe afterschool able to write at an age appropriate school program. ESOL program level—and be able to assimilate The program also results in stu- well in an English speaking envicalls for ESOL dents being unable ronment once they get into college. students to stay to join sports teams Plus, if ESOL students do not write afterschool on and other after- enough, practicing it after school Tuesdays and school clubs. The will improve their writing. Wednesdays afterschool ESOL Most of the ESOL students disfrom 3:35 to program takes like this special surprise. They think 4:45. away two hours of the afterschool ESOL program is The ESOL a ESOL student’s not useful at all. They believe that class’s origilife every week. it would be better to give the time nal teacher, Mr. They also have less back to the students to do whatParker, wants to time to study and ever they needed to do. “The afterhelp the ESOL finish their home- school ESOL program just mixes up students with work; however, my schedule, and also my parents’ speaking, readthey can gain better schedule. Even if we have the school ing, writing and ESOL teacher Mr. Lippart spreads his English grammar. bus pick us up, the school bus does listening. He knowledge by helping out ESOL students. “The after- not drop us off in front of my house. believes that school ESOL pro- I still need to ask my parents to pick letting the ESOL students think of gram might not be the best idea to me up and drive me home,” says one themselves as “writers” is very im- help the ESOL students but this of the ESOL students. portant because he wants them to shows that AST really wants to help Is this surprise a good surprise? know that learning a new language ESOL students. This afterschool Should ESOL classes replace eleccan be fun. Language is exhilarat- ESOL program proves that our tives? I think that, all things coning when you use it to create sen- school cares about ESOL students,” sidered, ESOL classes should retences, allowing you to feel the said Mr. Parker. place students’ electives because satisfaction of achieving something Mr. Lippart is the teacher of the it is more convenient to have the great. The difference between the afterschool ESOL program. He did classes in school. The ESOL stuoriginal ESOL program and the af- not have any experience teaching dents may miss an elective class, but terschool ESOL program is that the ESOL before, but he will help the at least their parents don’t have to afterschool ESOL program focuses ESOL students improve their Eng- pick them up, and they will have a on grammar, while the ESOL class lish. At first, Mr. Lippart thought chance to join sports. No more surduring school focuses on creativity. that the ESOL students should do prises please! The afterschool ESOL program as many worksheets as poshas many flaws, but the school ad- sible to improve their gramministration believes that it is the mar, but after a few days of most effective way to teach English. teaching, he realized that the Having the ESOL class happen dur- ESOL students’ grammar was ing school forces ESOL students to actually quite good. Now, to give up all of their electives. How- encourage ESOL students, ever, elective classes are just as im- he tells the ESOL students portant as the ESOL class; elective that the more they talk in classes can teach you more English class, the less grammar workthan the ESOL program because you sheets they are required to can socialize more and use English do. Speaking up during class with other students. Having ESOL is important because being every day would mean that ESOL in the class requires you to students cannot take any electives. speak to your classmates. The Mr. Lippart moves on to helping the guys.


Volume 6, Issue 1

Eagles’ Eyrie By Michelle McNeill

The Killer Test

Students dislike the SAT with a SAT shows how one analyzes and as the SAT was scheduled and took a passion. Taking this test nonstop for solves problems under time pres- practice test.” Taking practice tests almost four hours can fry a student’s sure. over and over again can familiarize brain. About halfway through the What is on the SAT? The SAT one with the SAT test so he or she test, many students almost give up includes three sections: Critical will not be surprised when the test out of frustration and exhaustion. Reading, Mathematics, and Writ- day arrives. However, almost every student has ing. Starting out with writing an esHave you ever seen anyone carto endure the long, grueling hours say with a time limit of 25 minutes, rying around a giant book with the of mastering and taking the SAT. the test taker will move into nine letters ‘SAT’ on the front? If you’re Students can spend years reading more sections on these three topics. planning on taking the SAT, it’s SAT books and taking practice tests However, one of these sections is highly suggested you somehow acover and over again. This quire one of these books. test takes up a significant Yes, I know, it’s huge. It part of a student’s life. Is it takes forever to get through, worth it? but once the students underFor some, it is. Many of stand the main concepts of the top universities in the the SAT, the test will seem world require SAT scores. much easier. This book will Devoted and diligent sturemind readers of gramdents will base their high mar rules they might have school life on this four hour learned a couple of years test in order to get accepted ago and forgotten; it will to their dream college and also teach students how to perhaps acquire their dream use the process of eliminajob. However, many stution to choose the best andents don’t have the time swer. In addition to these Daniel Lee is studying hard with his SAT books. to study for the SAT. Many colossal books, classes are families don’t have the financial not graded. The College Board, the available for students to learn testability to send their children to SAT founders and creators of the SAT, taking strategies. prep classes. For these people, there use this section for labeling the hard, These classes are very helpful and is an answer. medium, and easy questions. For many believe they provide a better Many colleges, such as technical each section it is possible to receive way to study for the SAT than selfschools, music schools, religious 200 to 800 points. The perfect SAT reading and studying on one’s own. schools and art schools, don’t rec- score is 2400. This is possible to get The SAT is very tricky and a guide ognize the SAT as a measure of how but very uncommon. Once a student for taking it is almost mandatory. It talented or smart one is. They don’t has mastered the art of taking the is a major obstacle for many students require students to take the SAT, SAT, he or she can take the SAT in high school. However, these stuand accept people, for example, with ease, coming close to receiv- dents need to realize that this is an based on how they think or orga- ing a perfect score. The SAT asks obstacle that definitely needs to be nize their ideas. Art schools mainly the same kinds of questions, just conquered. Students’ futures could accept students who have artistic with different words and problems, depend on this test. For those who skills; religious schools welcome so people can study all the tricks the plan on enrolling in competitive unistudents who have a great devotion SAT pulls and conquer this test with versities… study, study, study. to religion; and music schools need courage. Some tips for helping students of incredible musical talA great way to improve scores on with the SAT ent. These schools are a great option the SAT is to read. Reading books, • Read books on a daily basis for students who don’t have the abil- especially books of a higher levand look up new vocabulary ity to do well on the SAT. el, can increase one’s vocabulary, • Leave a difficult problem If one is not good at taking this therefore possibly making the voblank rather than guessing exhausting test, this doesn’t mean cabulary part easier. Flashcards are and getting it wrong, because she is not intelligent. Even some of also a great way to learn new words. points are deducted for wrong the smartest thinkers in the world In addition to these techniques for answers might not be able to conquer the studying, one can also take practice • Get at least eight hours of SAT. This test does not test people tests. Carol Lin from Grade Twelve sleep the day before on their level of intelligence. The says she “woke up at the same time

Volume 6, Issue 1


Eagles’ Eyrie By Hunter Putzke

Up, Up, and Away!

Soaring majestically into the sky, attempting to reach the untouchable, skyscrapers rise above and overlook all other buildings in a city. These marvels of engineering have raked the sky for almost a century and a half. Behind every skyscraper is a massive wealth of engineering, clever design, and lessons learned from the past. Before the 1850’s, tall buildings were extremely rare. Part of the problem was that there was no way to shrink the base of a building without compromising the height. Masonry was the most common building material, but this meant that tall buildings would have to be so thick and sturdy as to prevent the inclusion of windows and doors on the lower floors. However, with the invention of curtain walls, buildings could extend skyward. In a curtain walled building, a steel frame supports the weight of the entire structure and then the walls are “hung” on the frame. This means that the walls are not load-bearing structures and only have to support their own weight. In addition, elevators were not safe for people yet. However, this issue was solved in 1853 by Elisha Graves Otis. Previously, if the cable of the elevator broke, the elevator would go into a freefall and plummet back to Earth. With Otis’s invention, if the cable broke, the elevator would stop without plunging to the bottom of the elevator shaft. Both

The Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, located in Chicago, Illinois.


of these innovations helped the rise in popularity of skyscrapers. The first skyscrapers were not built in New York as many might think. They were built in Chicago for one major reason: Chicago burned down in 1871 when the Great Chicago Fire decimated the city. Because skyscrapers were in vogue when the city was rebuilt, Chicago became the home of the skyscraper. However, the world’s tallest buildings during the early 1900’s were built in New York, eventually culminating in the Empire State Building, built in 1931. The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world for forty years, but the crown of world’s tallest building passed back to Chicago in 1974, when the Sears (now Willis) Tower was built. The Sears Tower has a distinct stepped profile The Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest skyto maximize the number of window scraper, currently under construction. apartments. In 1998, the Petronas Towers took the title to Asia, where it has taller buildings. In Buenos Aires, there stayed for the past ten years. In 2004, are plans for the Buenos Aires Forum, Taipei 101 was built, claiming the crown another thousand-meter tall building. It of “world’s tallest building” for Taiwan. would have a twisting design to negate Taipei 101 has a revolutionary new de- the effects of wind. Wind is one of the sign to dampen vibrations during earth- largest problems threatening the design quakes. An 882-ton ball hangs near the of tall buildings. As the surface area intop of the building. This weight acts as creases, the forces on the buildings ina counter-balance and dampens the mo- crease which means that the structure tion of the building, just like a massive needs to be strengthened. Japan also has pendulum. some plans for tall buildings. The XThe current record holder for world’s Seed 4000 is a building design that, if tallest building is the Burj Dubai. At the built, would be taller than Mount Fuji. In time of this writing, the Burj Dubai was other words, it would be more than 4000 still not finished, but it is the world’s meters tall, have a 6000 meter wide base, tallest building. and house up to one million people. Under current plans, it will be more Skyscrapers have been a symbol than 700 meters tall at completion, more of urban life for the past 150 years. than 200 meters taller than Taipei 101’s Skyscrapers have continued reach509 meters. The Burj Dubai has a slim ing higher and higher as technology profile made of reinforced concrete. improves. However, building heights This is because it will be primarily a have been limited by regulatory agenresidential building, in contrast to the cies. In 1916, New York introduced the blocky office buildings that previously Building Zone Resolution. This resoluheld the title. tion forced architects to design shorter So where can architects go from here? buildings by mandating a maximum Believe it or not, there are proposals for height to buildings. The stepped profile even taller buildings. Another building so common to New York skyscrapers in Dubai, the Al Burj, is shrouded in is a direct result of the Building Zone mystery, which causes some architects Resolution. These limits have slowed to believe that it could be more than a the rise of skyscrapers, but with human thousand meters tall. All around the ingenuity all of the challenges of tall world, architects are proposing taller and buildings can be overcome.

Volume 6, Issue 1

Eagles’ Eyrie

Capricious Calamity Comes and Goes By Emily Lu and Kylene Harrington We cannot avoid catastrophes for those still yearning for souls to earthquake. It was the deadliest but we can abate their damage. Our come home. earthquake to hit the island, causisland lies in a complex tectonic Typhoon Haitang, also known ing 3,736 deaths and 12,053 inarea and because of the Pacific- as Super Typhoon Haitang, oc- juries, along with 17,907 houses Rim earthquake belt, Taiwan is an curred four years ago during the destroyed. This was a safety and extremely active region, causing summer. In Northern Taiwan more precaution lesson learned the hard death tolls to climb higher each than 1,500 people were evacu- way by the government. After the year and damage from nature to ated. Typhoon Haitang dumped disaster, the colonial Japanese worsen. Taiwan is also in a sub- nearly a meter of rain in mountain- government (ruling Taiwan at the tropical region with high tem- ous areas, especially in the north- time) applied building codes to the perature and precipitation, expe- east. The approach of this typhoon area similar to the standards in Jariencing a rainy season from May brought closure of several schools, pan to avert similar events in the to August. Disasters can occur in government offices, and financial future. short amounts of time, causing markets. Not only did it influence Another well-known earthquake heavy damage. Taiwan is prone land activities but also hundreds of in Taiwan took place in JiJi, Nanto typhoons from summer to tou County, on Septemfall; because of the threats ber 21, 1999 (the infamous of earthquakes, typhoons, “921” earthquake). It was and torrential showers, it is nicknamed the “quake of the essential that the people of century” by local media. This Taiwan prepare in order to time, the disaster took place lessen Mother Nature’s dammostly in central Taiwan, age and destruction to propwhere Nantou and Taichung erty and life. suffered the most. Deaths The most recent, hazardwere up to 2,416 with over ous and deadliest typhoon 11,000 casualties; 102 major in Taiwan’s history was Tybridges, 870 schools, 41,336 phoon Morakot, which struck houses, and the Central Cross Raging waters have destroyed the lives of millions. Taiwan in early August. AcIsland Highway were all secording to Central Emergency Op- domestic and international flights verely damaged. 44,338 houses eration Center, the death toll was were suspended. The torrential rain were destroyed. The quake caused “higher than feared” and at least also brought down power lines, 132 landslides along with 12,911 543 people were declared dead. leaving tens of thousands of homes aftershocks. Kaohsiung County was hardest without electricity and bringing These tremors were only two of hit, with 472 dead. On August 8th, much inconvenience. the quakes that have targeted TaiMorakot dropped 102 inches of On July 31, 1996, 13 years ago, wan throughout the years. Their rain on Taiwan and thundered on to Typhoon Herb roared across North- devastating effects are still vismainland China the following day. ern Taiwan, resulting in the loss of ible the 921 earthquake even creMore than a week after it thrashed many lives, and much damage to ated a 7 meter high waterfall near the island, hundreds of people property. One location receiving Dongshih. This is why Taiwan awaited evacuation. Torrential heavy damage was a radar facil- must continue to take precaution downpours, raging rivers, dense ity operated by Taiwan’s Central against natural disasters; the damfog, violent wind, and washed-out Weather Bureau. As the typhoon age caused is too life consuming roads and bridges delayed rescue approached, it was forced to shut and costly – and recovery takes efforts. Mudslides and floodwa- down. Eight hours after the clo- too long a period of time. The Taiters overflowed some places in the sure, high winds ripped the fiber wanese Weather Bureau must be south, including the devastated vil- glass panels. Herb is known as the more alert and on the lookout for lage of Shiao Lin. About 160 homes second wettest tropical cyclone to any signs or indications of possiwere lost after Morakot buried the impact the island, behind only Ty- ble tremors and other threats. Only entire village, leaving hundreds of phoon Morakot. through the combined efforts of the people stranded and trapped under One notable earthquake oc- government, meteorologists, and five stories of mud. Therefore, we curred in central Taiwan on April citizens can future damage to the should all clasp our palms to pray 21, 1935: the Hsinchu-Taichung land and people be lessened.

Volume 6, Issue 1


Eagles’ Eyrie By Jesse Chang

Extreme Ways

I watch the tiny clock on my flickering screen hit one A.M. The state of my mind matches the Word document before me: a complete blank. Well, save for the opening sentence I wrote the day before. I look to my right and see my desk covered in a jumble of paper, textbooks and SAT prep books. The two SAT Subject Tests I will take are only two weeks away, and I have barely had time to study for either subject. I groan in dismay. The seniors last year told me that the disease

book. On top of that, we all have our personal lives to manage. At times it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is stretching farther and farther away until the darkness of the tunnel consumes us. The shadows of college applications loom over us every day. Are my SAT scores good enough? Is my GPA high enough? Is my application essay interesting enough? Will I be accepted into my dream school? Will I even get into college? Will my parents be able to It’s as if we never have enough time! pay the colossal tuition ment rather than trying to take on fees? Will we have to say, “Would you like fries AP Biology, AP English, and AP with that?” once we get out US History at once. I should have cleaned the disaster off my desk. of college? I know not the answers But I didn’t. As a result, I worked to any of those questions at from 7 P.M. to 2 A.M. but accomthis time in life. I know not plished very little. My screen was how to deal with the work- still blank. You will cross these extreme load that I have received, nor do I know how to deal ways some time in your life. It is with “Senioritis.” Moby’s not a matter of how, but a matter “Extreme Ways” always of when. When you do, don’t be reminds me of my current overwhelmed. Don’t procrastinate A messy desk is a common welcome for students or else you’ll sink deeper into the situation… when they return from school. “I had to close down quicksand of stress. I’m going to commonly known as “Senioritis” everything, I had to close down finish my essay now. Good night, would bring me to my knees, but my mind. Too many things to cut and good luck to you. I did not expect it to be so deadly. me, too much can make When I asked one of the seniors last me blind. I’ve seen so year what “Senioritis” was, she told much in so many placme, “It’s when you feel like run- es, so many heartaches, ning away from the burden on your so many faces, so many shoulders.” Indeed, I felt like run- dirty things. You couldn’t ning away, and I would have if my even believe… Once you’re thrown thighs had not been burning from walking thirty minutes from the bus into those extreme ways, stop to my home. There is nowhere there’s no turning back.” to run, anyway. I should have taken Senior year is indeed a time a shower when I got when the workload exceeds our home to relieve me of my capacity at times. We have SAT aches, but I gave in to my preparations to make, we have es- drowsiness. I should have says to write every other day, we eaten my dinner more have major tests every week—the slowly instead of gulplist goes on. We also have extracur- ing it down in one bite. Homeork, homework, and more homework! This is ricular activities to manage such as I should have focused how much paper we will have accumulated after we MUN and the assembly of the year- on one homework assigngraduate.


Volume 6, Issue 1

Eagles’ Eyrie

Movie Criticism By Tina Fun

Just when did movie criticism particular studio’s films. “It’s very $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit become a form of marketing? The embarrassing when your friends which accused the studio of citing practice of movie criticism has and colleagues are getting into a fake movie critics in ads for sevchanged immensely in the last de- movie and you can’t,” said Kael. eral films. Quotes in the Manning cade. Movie critics used to rank Moreover, she was even tricked to Reviews and ads for Hollow Man movies by what the reviewer truly leave the screening, and once she and A Knight’s Tale were identified thought about the movie. Now, had left, the screening started again. as fake. Also, promo material for control over reviews seems to be Some other movie critics were even The Patriot, Vertical Limit, and The directly tied to the major “banned for life” Animal were shown to be from fake studios. And of course, it by Warner Broth- critics. These movies, produced by Sony Pictures, were supposed to changed with the help of ers. studios and corporations Roger Ebert be reviewed by film critics for the that advertise their films was another vic- Ridge-Field Connecticut Press. In more than ever. tim of studios fact, those quotes and promos were Pauline Kael, the most trying to con- an invention of the studio’s publicinfluential and respected trol what crit- ity department. Sony BMG had to movie critic in the Unitics write. Roger pay $1.5 million and offer a $5.00 ed States, who wrote for Ebert was a fa- refund from the studio for everyone The New Yorker magamous film critic who watched the movie. Are movie zine from 1968 to 1991, and screenwriter. critics reliable? The history of movie criticism was highly regarded by Roger Ebert was for her known for his reached its climax in the times of “witty, biting, highly movie review Pauline Kael. Now, more people opinionated, and sharply column in Chi- look to online criticism websites. focused” writing style. In The glamorous Oscar awards cago Sun-Times Movie websites such as rottentoher earlier career she also are given to those who excel in and as the co-host give you all the inforthe movie industry. wrote for City Lights, Mcof two television mation you need before watching a Call’s, and The New Republic. Pau- shows: Sneak Previews and Siskel movie. But although the websites line Kael was famous for her emo- & Ebert at the Movies. His movie give you information, they do not tional, casual, and familiar writing reviews were carried by more then offer a polished, outstanding point style. She strongly influenced many 200 newspapers worldwide and he of view. What we need from movie other major critics such as Roger published 15 books, including an critics is not just the plot or who’s Ebert and Armond White. But even annual movie yearbook. Roger Eb- playing which role. We check movwith Kael’s magnificent work and ert, titled “the most powerful pundit ie critics because we want to relate contribution in film criticism, she in America,” was “punished” by the to other people watching the same movie, to share and to be inspired. still faced hardship getting along studios. with studios. If the two most powerful critics It is time the studios cut Pinocchio’s A survey by the National Arts in film history had to struggle to string and realize movie reviewers Journalism Program carried out by maintain their integrity, what hope can be real, live, critics. the school of Journalism in USC is there for other less well(University of Southern Califor- known reviewers? As stunia) researched the relationship be- dios’ film budgets grew, tween studios and critics. Some of manipulated articles inthe most well known studios such creased as well. Studios’ as Disney, Miramax, and Warner marketing departments atBros are known by the press as the tempt whatever they can “most manipulative” studios. Many to publish a positive film famous movie journalists have been review. Even if no critic blacklisted because they were not writes a positive review, “playing by the rules.” For example, the studio may just pubPauline Kael herself paid a lot for lish its own. her freedom of speech. Kael was reIn 2005, Sony Pictures Heavy-weight critics, Roger Ebert and Michael Moore. fused entry to all theaters showing a Entertainment had to pay

Volume 6, Issue 1


Eagles’ Eyrie


By Sandy Tang

Aries Hold your horses! Stop acting without contemplating. This will only lead you to disastrous consequences. There’s no need to be in a hurry. Nobody’s rushing you. Spend more time planning; a good result will always make your day perfect.

Taurus You tend to worry too much about your friends these days, whether they are ignoring you or bothering you. But keep this in mind: you are thinking too much. You are simply in a bad mood. Cheer up my friend! Things are not as bad as you think they are.

Libra Uh-oh! Whatever you are eating, it’s too much – especially in calories. You better watch out! (You better watch out, you better not cry…) Keep everything balanced as too much of anything could harm your health.

Scorpio It seems like you have some problems deep inside you. Don’t keep them to yourself. It’s always better to find someone with whom you share your troubles. Ask him or her for help to resolve them!

Gemini Nonstop chit-chat with your friends in class will get you in serious trouble. Even though you have done this many times, you have no escape today. There’s always time for you and your friends to chat after class.

Cancer You do not have didaskaleinophobia, the fear of school. Though your homework load is increasing and you are entangled in much more stress than you have ever had, do not let it overcome you!

Sagittarius You seem to be out of ideas these days. You can’t think of a topic for a project, a story to write, or a picture to draw. Flip through magazines or surf the internet. Soon enough, an idea will pop up!

Capricorn Relax for a while. You have been working diligently for days and staying up late at nights. Take a break, have fun with your friends or go shopping. Life’s short, so enjoy it while you can!

Leo Everything is getting so repetitive. All you need is something zingy, something that will make your life better, and something that will be a new experience. Try volunteering for community service, playing a new sport, or writing a story! Anything is worth trying!

Virgo Oh dear! What has happened to you? You used to do things perfectly; not a single flaw appeared in the outcome. Now you’re constantly forgetting things, bumping into walls, and wearing your clothes inside out! Concentrate!

Aquarius Don’t follow the crowd. Make your own decisions. Pave your own paths. Be yourself and do not let anything change you. Remember: you are unique!

Pisces Think about your future. Decide the road that you wish to take. You cannot keep avoiding this question anymore. You still have a full life ahead of you filled with excitement and wonder. Your future isn’t something you should fear!

Trivial Facts About Important People

By Pierre Thomas

Volume 6, Issue 1

A. Electrical engineer B. Actor C. Reporter D. Soccer player 9. Which did Ms. Lee enjoy more, high school or middle school? A. High school B. Middle school C. Neither 10. During high school, what was Mr. Brown? A. A nerd B. A jock C. The class clown D. A shy student

9. C 10. C


the first time D. Getting his first salary 5. Where is Mr. Hart’s hometown? A. Vancouver B. Niagara C. Ottawa D. Quebec 6. What kind of movies does Ms. Lee like? A. Action movies B. Romantic comedies C. Scary movies D. Chick flicks 7. Why does Mr. Wiles like animals? A. Because they are not human B. Because they are very affectionate C. Because they are funny to watch D. They don’t ask for anything except for love and food 8. What was Mr. Riley’s job before becoming a teacher?

Answer Key 5. B 1. C 6. B 2. C 7. C 3. A 8. A 4. C

1. Where was Ms. O’ Sullivan born? A. Paris, France B. London, U.K. C. Roseberg, Oregon D. Ottawa, Canada 2. What is Ms. Julian’s nationality? A. American B. Portuguese C. Spanish D. Italian 3. What is Mr. Lippart’s favorite sport to play? A. Pool B. Tennis C. Soccer D. Bowling 4. What was Mr. Hart’s most exciting experience? A. Getting married B. Graduating C. Seeing his daughter come home for

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