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Scholarships & Grants

Estimated Program Costs

Time Commitment

Team Composition One-to-three-hour meetings, generally held for 8-12 weeks Single Team Registration – $225 Robot Kit – $469.95 (reusable) Challenge Set – $75 (annual) Season Pass, Small (up to 50 students, one competitive team) $950 Season Pass, Large (up to 100 students, one competitive team) – $1,795

One-to-two hour meetings, generally held for 8-12 weeks

Single Team Registration – $99 WeDo 2.0 - $167.95 (reusable) Season Pass, Small (12 teams) –$895 Season Pass, Large (24 teams) – $1,750

Grants may be available. Check our website for offerings.

Teams of up to 10 students formed by schools, after school programs, home schools, community groups.

Teams of 2-6 children formed by schools, after school programs, home schools, community groups.

Grants may be available. Check our website for offerings.

Grades 4-8; Ages 9-16 (Ages vary by country)

Season Information

Grades K-4; Ages 6-10

Registration Open: May – Sept. Challenge Release: August Event/Tournament Season: November – April

Registration Open: May – April Challenge Release: August Event/Tournament Season: August – April


Grades & Ages

Teams design their own solution to a real-world problem and build autonomous LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robots that perform a series of missions based on an annual theme.

Guided by adult Coaches and Core Values, teams design and build a Team Model based on the Challenge, using LEGO® Education WeDo to program it to move. They illustrate their research and journey in a Show Me Poster, sharing what they learned.

Progression of Programs Overview

$50 million in scholarships from nearly 200 Providers.

Team Registration – $275 Robot Kit of Parts – $995 (reusable)

Two-to-four hour meetings, generally held twice a week for 812 weeks

Teams of up to 15 students formed by schools, after school programs, home schools, community groups.

Grades 7-12; Ages 12-18

Registration Open: May – March Game Release: September Event/Tournament Season: November – April

Teams design, build, and program their robots to compete in an Alliance format against other teams. Robots are built from a reusable platform, powered by Android technology, and programmed using Java or Blocks.

$50 million in scholarships from nearly 200 Providers. FI001v2

Team Registration & Materials – $6,000 (new teams) $5,000 (existing teams)

Six week build season from January-February

Teams of 10 or more students formed by schools, after school programs, home schools, community groups.

Grades 9-12; Ages 14-18

Registration Open: May – Dec. Game Release: January Event/Tournament Season: February – April

Teams of students build and program a robot to perform prescribed tasks against a field of competitors, and are challenged to design a team “brand,” and hone teamwork skills.

AT-A-GLANCE "Mount Paran Christian School is a place where faith and intellect grow as one. Our robotics program captures the God-given talents of each student and fosters their curiosity, resilience, and creativity to better our community and the world. Our high school robotics students routinely give back to our school community by mentoring younger students and supporting the growth of our middle school robotics program. The opportunity a ff orded to our students to work with industry experts, learn skill sets for the work force and craft a level of expertise before entering college is a unique gift and a blessing" Tawanna Rusk High School Head Mount Paran Christian School

Team demographics

The awards

Young people, ages 12-18 (Grades 7-12) ■ About 10 students per team ■ 2 to 3 Mentors per team

Inspire Award – team that best exemplifies the spirit of the FIRST Tech Challenge

Think Award – team that best manages the engineering design process

Connect Award – team most connected to the local and engineering community

Rockwell Collins Innovate Award – team with the most ingenuity and inventiveness

PTC® Design Award – team with the most compelling industrial design elements

Motivate Award – outstanding team spirit and enthusiasm

Control Award – team that uses sensors and software to enhance the robot’s functionality on the field

Promote Award – challenges teams to submit a high quality 60-second PSA (Public Service Announcement) based on an annual theme

Compass Award – teams submit a video nominating an outstanding Coach or Mentor

FIRST Future Innovator Award – team that creatively solves a problem beyond the season requirements

Winning Alliance Award – Alliance that wins the final elimination rounds

Finalist Alliance Award – Alliance in the final match of the competition

Events Events are exciting and fast-paced, and offer opportunities to connect with students/teams from diverse backgrounds ■ 500 Official Competitions, worldwide ■ More than 15 countries ■ Up to 48 teams per event ■

The game ■

Each year, FIRST releases a new game with fresh challenges to excite and engage students through hands-on robotics competition. The 2017-2018 game Relic Recovery–is an action-packed game where teams score by moving glyphs into various patterns, or by placing the relic on the designated scoring area outside of the field.

The robot ■

Starting maximum dimensions: 18" W x 18" L x 18" H

The robotics kit Powered by Android technology Professional-quality software options ■ 11 motors, 9 sensors, 2 game controllers, wireless communications and metal gears; and all the building materials you need ■ ■

The field ■ ■

Playing area: approximately 12' W x 12' L New game elements are introduced every year

Qualcomm® is the FIRST Tech Challenge Season Presenting Sponsor Rockwell Collins is the FIRST Tech Challenge Official Program Sponsor PTC is the FIRST Tech Challenge Official IoT, CAD and Collaboration Software Sponsor


Why Sponsor Us? Sponsor Benefits Each Sponsor receives The benefits in their category and all below it.

on>$1000 helping heavy importance Platinum Sponsors our community. Two FLL o Logo on Robot (First Lego League) were o Custom Sponsor Plaque started at our school and now Gold Level $999-$500 the Eagle Robotics name has grown more. on Team o even Recognized ThePrint teamCollateral has already made efforts reach out to two Silver Levelto$499-$250

new FTC teams that are in the o Logo/Name on Themed same league as the two Eagle T-shirt Robotics teams to help o Recognition on Social introduce them to FIRST and Media Pages the new league play system that Eagle Level $249-$1 Georgia FIRST has implemented for this on season. o Recognition Website The team also enjoys supporting the school and serving at school events and visiting local engineering businesses.

Eagle Robotics aims to educate a new group of students in STEM through FIRST and robotics. For many seasons, Eagle Robotics has provided experience in areas of STEM such as 3D printing, working with real materials, interacting with companies in a professional manner, and leadership. Many former and a few current members have been able to pursue engineering jobs thanks to their experience in this program, and these experiences are made possible only through sponsors and donors of our team. The team has had a history of success, advancing to SuperRegionals twice out of the past four seasons, making Eagle Robotics one of the top FTC organizations in Georgia, and the team hopes to advance even further in the competition.

In-Kind Donations and Sponsorships Eagle Robotics seeks not only more than just financial contributions. The team gladly accepts any kind of support you can offer, including in-kind donations, mentoring students, and educational support. Eagle Robotics has learned a lot from our sponsors, and the team hopes to continue to build relationships with our sponsors to be even more successful in the future. The relationship Eagle Robotics and sponsors is very important, and something that is valued highly by the team.

Eagle Robotics

In 2002, the late Professor R. Glenn Allen (Southern Polytechnic State University Mechanical Engineering) invited Mount Paran Christian School STEM Coordinator Brad Smith to the inaugural year of the Georgia hub of the organization called Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST). The team gratefully accepted his invitation, and thus Mount Paran’s high school competition robotics team was born. The team spent ten years playing in the BEST league. In the 2013-2014 season, Eagle Robotics made a transition from the BEST organization to For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), which provides greater opportunities for robot programming and control Founded over twenty years ago, FIRST encourages students ages 6-18 to develop a love for science, technology, engineering, and math through competitive robotics. FIRST helps to spread STEM throughout the country and the world. Students can learn public speaking skills, make new connections with others who are interested in STEM, and gain skills that are useful in the workforce. Today the team has grown substantially into two FIRST Tech Challenge teams. It now consists of more than fifteen students who are split into two teams and two coaches that help mentor both teams. The members are all students at Mount Paran Christian School. The team has one faculty coach, Brad Smith- a physics and engineering teacher, and one engineering mentor from Lockheed Martin, John Quarles. Eagle Robotics operates primarily based on a few core values. The primary of these values is FIRST Things First, which is based on Matthew 6:33- But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. The team begins every meeting with a prayer and we work in a way to honor God. Another core value is based on Philippians 2:3-4- Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others. Eagle Robotics places heavy importance on our outreach and service to others including our school’s two FLL teams.

Motivate Award

2nd Place Inspire Award

2nd Place Inspire Award

10th Place in Robot Game

Inspire Award (Team 11364)

Connect Award

Think Award (Team 7373)

Inspire Award

Inspire Award (Team 7373)


State Championship

Qualifier 2

Qualifier 1

Eagle Robotics

Eagle Robotics

During the 2017-2018 season, Eagle Robotics is committed to spreading FIRST ideals by connecting with the community in various ways. This includes continuing to mentor the two FLL teams they assisted in starting in Mount Paran’s Middle School, volunteering at FIRST events such as FTC or FLL competitions, and seeking opportunities to spread STEM and FIRST outside of their school and FIRST community. They plan to achieve these goals by connecting with local businesses and other organizations in their area.

Eagle Robotics interacts with parts that were designed by them and machined by Win-Tech Inc.

Eagle Robotics listen to a presentation from the executives at CKS Packaging.

Eagle Robotics observes the use of 3D printers at CKS Packaging.

Eagle Robotics hosts an exhibition for Mount Paran Christian School.

Eagle Robotics

This budget will cover all costs for two FIRST Tech Challenge teams though the Georgia State Championship. It will also cover the cost of one team traveling and competing at the South Super-Regionals. If more than one team makes it to Super-Regionals or a team(s) makes it to World Championships in Houston, Texas, additional funding will be needed in order for them to compete. Expenditures: Event Registration and Fees Transportation Marketing Robot parts, robot tools, and equipment Uniforms Engineering Notebooks South Super-Regionals Total:

Cost $2,639.58 $426.75 $2,045.78 $10,365.64 $1,122.78 $402.11 $2,036.77 $19,039.41

Expenditures: Event Registration and Fees Transportation Marketing Robot parts, robot tools, and equipment Uniforms Engineering Notebooks South Super-Regionals Zortrax m300 3D printer Projected Total:

Projected Cost $2,750.00 $700.00 $2,500.00 $10,000.00 $1,300.00 $550.00 $2,500.00 $4,500.00 $24,800.00

Eagle Robotics

Eagle Robotics is a large, diverse group with a unified desire to develop their God-given talents and abilities while honoring Him with a balance of professionalism, service, and infectious joviality.

Website: eaglerobotics.net Team Email: team7373robotics@gmail.com Facebook Page Name: Eagle Robotics YouTube Channel: Eagle Robotics Main Contacts: Head Coach: Brad Smith Email: bsmith@mtparanschool.com Team Captain of 7373 Carbon Fiber: Grayson Epps Email: graysonepps99@gmail.com Co-Captain of 7373 Carbon Fiber: Jordan Moss Email: kk4jrq@gmail.com Team Captain of 11364 Diamond Plate: Luke Spinetto Email: lukespin21@gmail.com Co-Captain of 11364 Diamond Plate: Ben Mueller Email: benjaminmuellerusa@yahoo.com Mailing Address: Mount Paran Christian School Attn: Brad Smith 1275 Stanley Road Kennesaw, GA 30152

Eagle Robotics



Digital Presence & Public Relations

Artwork and Digital Media

CAD and Manufacturing


Role Description Business Plan Bill of Materials Budget and Accounting Fundraising (Organization of Events, Solicitation, Documentation of Income) Purchases Branding and Marketing Strategy Website, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Web Photos and Videos Group Email notices Event Promotion Sponsor relations (sending thank-you letters, keeping in touch with sponsors, keeping sponsors informed on upcoming events) Pit booth display panels and presentation artwork Posters, flyers, signs, competition giveaways, and Web art Coordinates outsourcing for graphics work Shirts and wearable gear Sponsor Logos Photography and Videography Coordinator for team portrait/robot portrait Manages team media archives CAD all parts prior to manufacture, construction, or assembly Maintains indexed folders of CAD parts, revisions, drawings, renderings, animations 3D printer operation and maintenance CNC Mill operation and maintenance Training for team on 3D printing or CNC mill operation Manage archives of CAD from previous years or databases of KOP parts Keep team tools safe, develop training methods, and protocols Make sure tools are organized, maintained, and replenished when broken or worn Determine components and parts required for robot build Provide dimensioned drawings for CAD team, evidence of proof-of-concept testing, proof of engineering modeling, and evidence of performance testing for the notebook Construct robot

Eagle Robotics


Software and Programming

Outreach, Service, FTC Team Relations, and Corporate Visits


Provide electrical schematic drawings for notebook Electrical mountings, housings, stress relief, surge protection, ESD solutions, and signal integrity/shielding Electrical connection, soldering, wiring (routing), harnesses, and labeling Battery acquisition (ALL kinds), maintenance, and charging Provide evidence of testing of signal integrity, and connectivity Learn and instruct JAVA Licenses Installations Computers Cloud Storage Management Software implementation and team training Program the robot both Autonomously and Teleop Coordinate with drives for control preferences Document the code with flowcharts or other logic organizing tools FLL Mentoring (coordinates participation) Service Projects Hosting or attending scrimmages, and events such as GRITS Team relations at competitions (meet and greet, giveaways, scouting documents, and documenting assistance to other teams) Organizing trips to visit local engineering businesses Heads documentation of all outreach events Communications Student Service through STEM Team Safety/Training Registrations for competition events Field Trips Oversees general sponsor relations Media and digital presence moderation Fundraising Judge Training Leadership Training Volunteer Coordination Transportation Assist in designing the robots

Profile for Eagle Robotics Team 7373

Eagle Robotics Business Plan 2017-18 Season  

Eagle Robotics Business Plan 2017-18 Season