The Adventures of Aviore #13: A Day To Remember

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H AT F I E L D | O S B O R N E

The Adventures of Aviore | Vol. 1, No. 13, August 2022 The TALON team gears up for the 30th anniversary celebration of the Young Eagles program as Apex makes his dreaded return to Capital City. Will the combined efforts of Aviore and the Mourning Cloak be enough to put an end to Apex’s villainous reign once and for all? More than 2 million kids between the ages of 8-17 have already gained their wings - now it’s your chance to join them! Sign up for YOUR free flight through the Young Eagles program today! For more information and resources, visit Read previous issues online at

Writer: Zeb Hatfield | Art, Inking, Coloring: John Osborne | Lettering: Eric Weathers Publisher: Jack J. Pelton, EAA CEO and Chairman of the Board Executive Assistant: Brenda Anderson VP of Publications, Marketing, Membership, and Retail: Jim Busha Managing Editor: Hal Bryan Senior Copy Editor: Colleen Walsh Graphic Designer: Erica Horst

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