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NOTICE TO DISTRIBUTORS, DEALERS AND CONSUMERS If you have sold or own any of our Poly Special New Frame pistols with the SKU # 999048 OR 999044 this notice pertains to you. These models are what we call our small frame pistols. They can be converted to 9MM, 40S&W OR 22LR, unlike our large frame which can be converted to all major calibers. When ordering parts, magazines or conversion kits you will need to supply us with the serial number to your firearm in order for us to pull the proper parts for your pistol’s model. None of our parts are drop-in. The parts and conversion kits should be fitted by a competent gunsmith. MAGAZINE SKU# 9MM SKU# 101900 16rd 40S&W SKU# 101400 12rd

Thank You, E.A.A. Corp

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EAA Poly Special New Frame Notice  

Notice pertaining to SKU #999048 and #999044 EAA Poly Special New Frames