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PRESIDENT’S LETTER Dear Rotaractors, First of all, let me wish you a happy new year! And with the start of 2014, we are halfway through the Rotaract year. That is exactly the time to meet again during the second Rotaract European Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia. During this meeting every Country Representative has the opportunity to give a short presentation about a project, best practice or event in their country. In line with that the Social Committee will give more information about the applications for Best European Service Project (BESP) and the Twin Club Award (TCA), who will be awarded during the European Convention in the French Riviera. The voting procedures in E.R.I.C. will be discussed, the voting for the Rotaract European Meeting winter 2015 will take place, and there will be updates on the upcoming events, the EuCo in France, the autumn REM in Bremen and the Presidential New Generations Conference in Birmingham. And five workshops will take place, from which you’ll learn to improve your presentation techniques and learn more about Basic Life Support. I’m looking forward to a new year full of projects, events, traveling, learning and meeting old and new friends. Engage Rotaract, change lives! Yours in Rotaract, Laura


Rotaract Club of Aalsmeer-Mijdrecht-Uithoorn

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Laurens Visscher RAC Hilversum ShelterBox Officer

ShelterBox teams have continued working over the holiday season providing shelter to families made homeless by Typhoon Haiyan, and reaching out to those on remote islands. At the time of year when thoughts turn to rebirth and resolution, ShelterBox’s response teams have witnessed first-hand the resolve of Filipino islanders to rebuild their lives after Typhoon Haiyan. ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member Anne Seuren from the Netherlands (a former member of Rotaract) says, Being in

the Philippines during the holiday season has been an interesting experience. Our ‘Christmas team’ is great! We work hard although temperatures go up to 40 degrees celsius. We have a lot of local volunteers helping set up the tents, so each of us works in different areas with our own team of volunteers. This makes the numbers go up, and hundreds more Families were able to greet Christmas and New Year in a new home.

ShelterBox has made a commitment to help around 7,800 families who lost their homes, possessions and livelihoods when 195 mph Haiyan, and its subsequent 13 foot storm surge, razed to the ground almost every building in its path on 8 November. By Christmas Eve the Cornwall-based disaster relief charity had distributed enough ShelterBoxes, tents and toolkits to help over 1,800 families. The rest of ShelterBox’s committed aid will continue to arrive in regular shipments over the coming weeks and months of the new year. Whilst much international aid effort was necessarily focused on devastated cities such as Tacloban, ShelterBox’s readily portable aid was also able to bring shelter to families on outlying smaller islands. SRTs have been working continually with colleagues from other organisations, such as global children’s charity Plan International and the Australian Navy and Air Force, on distribution to these hard-to-reach isolated communities.

Anne Seuren explains.

Yesterday my team and I visited the most northerly province of Bantayan Island, Problacion of Madridjos. Most of the houses had been completely swept away. The fishermen’s families in this area make their living from the sea, and have no money to buy materials to rebuild their homes. They were extremely grateful when we gave them new homes. One of the families had a young mother who gave birth on 8 November, during the typhoon! She and her daughter Mariana Yolanda were living in a shack. Now they live with the rest of her family in a ShelterBox tent.

Anne and her ShelterBox colleagues have worked continuously across the holiday season, in difficult conditions and searing temperatures. But they are spurred on by the gratitude of recipients, and the hospitality of these damaged communities. She says, ‘Today we visited another area, Malbaga. Although it was 39 degrees my team and I put up another 47 tents. The community was so grateful they bought cola for the whole team of volunteers. So nice!’ ShelterBox Chief Executive, Alison Wallace, says, I am so glad that we are able to help, and immensely proud of our re-

sponse teams and other professionals who are giving people a new beginning. If you have helped us by donating or fundraising, a sincere thank you for your generosity.

ShelterBox has also been busy elsewhere in the world over Christmas and into 2014. The work to shelter families fleeing the conflict in Syria continues in earnest, with a major shipment of tents and boxes recently arrived in Jordan. Many of the tents are specially ‘winterised’ for protection against sub-zero temperatures and winter storms. The Operations Team at ShelterBox’s Helston headquarters are also monitoring heavy rains and landslides in Brazil, and families displaced by conflicts in South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

REM CHALLENGE interview to

Julija Turk The organization of a R.E.M. is very challenging but brings great prestige to the club and to the district. What has taken you on this journey? We would have to say who has inspired us. It was in EUCO Moscow when one Rotataractor said: “If you want to bring your club together, if you want the people to take Rotaract more serious, if you want to learn something new, do something big and also have fun - organize a REM”. The idea of REM is also to show Croatia and Zagreb and since we are a new and young District 1913 this would be a great thing for Rotary and Rotaract in Croatia. In January 2013 we had two great “opponents” and when the countries gave us the chance to be the REM Winter 2014 Host, we were thrilled and excited. Now, after almost 15 months of work and preparation, we are honored that we will have the chance to show everybody what we did and how they can experience ZagREM through our eyes. Can you briefly tell us about what you are willing to show us in Zagreb? (in historical city tour & city life manner or etc.) Zagreb is a pocket- sized metropolis, culturally close to central European capitals but with more than a dash of Mediterranean atmosphere. It is a political, commercial, cultural and academic centre of the country, home to almost a quarter of the country’s population. The sightseeing is easy and the most important cultural and historical monuments are within walking distance. You will experience Zagreb with professional tourist guides but ZagREM team will also show you unprofessional tour and we hope you will like it. One quick tip for next rem planner? Be prepared for the hard work, but also be prepared how rewarding can it be. We read all the documents and budget planning and it really helped us. But you have to know that organizing REM is mostly up to little details and also lots and lots hard work :) You will also get to know lots of new Rotaractors and get great experience and it will bring the organizing team closer together. Three words to describe the R.E.M. of Riga. Zagreb becomes ZagREM! Julija Turk RAC Croatian Country Representative

Zagreb, Croatia

Rotaract club Zagreb-Sesvete was chartered in April 2009. We had our first meeting in November 2008. Today, after five years, we are happy that we know each other well and that we are great friends. We did many interesting projects mostly based on social awareness, and now we are happy that we can make international event such as Rotaract European Meeting. This year’s president is Sandro Sertic, there are 24 members and 3 candidates.

International SOCIAL BULLETTIN Dear Rotaract Friends, We have now entered the second, exciting half-year phase of our Rotaract year! The Social Committee is working harder than ever coordinating and fulfilling the obligations of BESP and TCA – with lots of pleasure. We will during the week after REM in Zagreb welcome and open applications for BESP AND TCA. If you are interested to have further information, I suggest you to contact your Country Representative (CR) who is the one gathering the applications from your country. Joana, the social assistant, will give you allinformation needed during a presentation at the next ERIC meeting. Are you curious about the process, perhaps your Club has done an outstanding effort witha project? The BEST and TCA procedures follow the previous, traditional process of applications but this year we have jury members from all over the world instead of only Europe. Rotaract Clubs should send their applications to the CRs who select the top applications and thereafter forward it to us at the Social Committee. The first selection of the process is structured in the way for the next step to be as smooth and easy as possible. A jury consisting of active Rotaractors from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America as well as from the ERIC board are evaluating the applications based on a fixed scheme – in order for the evaluation to be as transparent and fair as possible. Each CR, in order for E.R.I.C to present the winner, second and third place, will at the next step vote the top applications selected from the second step. We are already looking forward handing over the nice diploma for our winners at the French Riviera at EUCO!

There is no reason why the great power of friendship should not be harnessed to do its part in the world’s work

A large number of European Clubs have received the recognition of being awarded the best outstanding social project with The Best European Service Project, BESP or the Twinning Club Award, TCA. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our European Clubsapplying for BESP and TCA the previous year and both I and Joana are curious andlook forward being touched by the large amount of fantastic projects andtwinning activities you have achieved or will achieve for this year. The call forapplications will open very soon.


Emelie Aho Fältskog RAC Brussels Coudenberg Int. E.R.I.C. Social Officer

What is going on in Austria?

This year you have the opportunity to get to know the things Austria is most famous for. The classic Viennese ball has a proud tradition stretching back over four centuries, founded as the major dancing event of the aristocracy and the monarchy, stayed it even at the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. For this reason the Rotaract Club Wien Stadtpark (Vienna citypark) is really happy to invite you to Ball der Pharmacie – International Ball Weekend (31. Jan.02.Feb. 2014) Here you will learn to dance the famous waltz and to feel like kings and queens. Austria imported skiing in 1901 from Norway. Founder of the Alpine skiing technique was Mathias Zdarsky, who lived at the time of his ski discoveries in Lilienfeld in Lower Austria. He is the first downhill- driver of ski in history. Rotary decided the the ISFR- European Skiweek 2014 (18-25 Jan. 2014) will be in Carinthia. This event should show the connection between Rotary and Rotaract, who organised it together and have fun their. So if you thinking after the REM of skiing, make a quick visit to Austria. Historical witnesses and possibilities to party you will find also in Graz. The Multi districts presidential conference 2014 (MDPC 11 - 13 April 2014), of the Austrians and Bosnians-Herzegovinian Rotaract Clubs provides guided tours through the city and museums, let you party at the Cityhall of Graz and in the night you will dance in the clubs until sunset.

Another possibility to celebrate in Austria is the Charter of RAC Wien (RAC Vienna) at 23- 25. Mai 2014. There you will get to know spirit of the city Vienna, the viennese hospitality, as well as the austrian beers and vines.

This term started with a “two day” celebrations of our Club’s birthday :) It was a lucky coincidence that birthday was at the same day as the club meeting. So, we invited a lot of guests and made a little presentation about Rotaract Club of Baku, our past achievements and future ideas. Celebrations continued the next day in a warm company of old friends, including the first President of the club of 11 years ago, reminiscing, sharing interesting, funny and even embarrassing stories from Rotaract years and of what motivated us all to join and stay in the Rotary family. We might have gained some calories eating cake for two days, but we shed them very quickly later on, at one of the most important projects Rotaract Club of Baku planned for this term - Art project. Art Project was carried out in the orphanage “Umid Yeri” (Place of Hope) situated in the small district of Baku called Bina. Famous artist Farid Alakberov and some other young artists took part in this project. The initial stage lasted for 2 months but we had to make a break because of the weather conditions. The second stage of the project will be started in the spring of 2014. Together with the artists and members of the club children drew characters from different cartoons, animals, flowers, birds on the walls of their orphanage, painted the summer house and play- tables. As it was creative, colorful and entertaining activity, project become very popular with children, they bonded with artists, members and each other, and even atmosphere in the place has changed a lot.

Rotaract Club of Baku, Azerbaijan

You want to meet incredibly nice people from all over the world? You want to visit the capital of Europe with his finest tour guides? You feel like tasting the best chocolates and beer ever made by man? Or just want to stroll around carelessly and pass some fancy shops or tiny and savory restaurants? Well don’t wait any longer and come and visit us in Brussels! Rotaract Brussels Coudenberg International is the one and only international and English speaking Rotaract club in the heart of Europe. You can find over 12 different nationalities and people from all over the world that joined our club. We are very active on the international level and participate at every international event. Throughout the year you are always welcome to visit us and you can be sure of a very warm welcome.


CONTACT US RotaractBrusselCoudenberg

A great first opportunity to visit our great city and club would be our Brussels International Weekend which will be organized for the 2nd time Take you agendas and mark the weekend of 16-18th May 2014 as the weekend you will spend in Brussels. This year we present you the international weekend with a touch of the Orient! We welcome you to join us to party on “Galaddin” A weekend full of suspense with pub crawls, guided tours in Brussels, an awesome gala dinner and party on Saturday. Dress up in fancy Orient style like an Arab sheikh, A genie or a beautiful belly dancer. The weekend will be closed with brunch buffet in a very nice location. Come and join us and the very elite of Rotaract Europe during this weekend Don’t wait too long since we only have limited places. Registrations start 26th January 2014! See you soon!

Rocking for charity LST live

Rotaract Club Nicosia-Aspelia successfully organised a rock concert with LST band. Rocking for Charity concert, took take place on Friday 6th of December at 21:00, at RED Music Stage in Nicosia. The event was sold out a week before the concert! Net proceeds from the presale of ticket were approximately ₏3.500 and will be donated to the Rotary club Nicosia-Aspelia Scholarship foundation. The foundation supports outstanding students who face financial difficulties. To raise awareness of our club, during the night the 330 attendees were given leaflets of our club, the members of our club were taking photos that will be uploaded on our website, the club’s banner was clearly visible on the stage and the President made an opening speech about who we are and what we do. The event was advertised in various newspapers, websites, social media and with a teaser video that the club prepared!

During this pre-christmas time, all the 18 districts and most of the clubs (Interact and Rotaract clubs of MDIO France ) had community projects or fundraising actions for big projects. Some of them focused on the “End Polio now” Project : sweet for vaccines! “In our Interact Club Agde Loubatières, we made sells and distributions of candy canes to help End Polio Now before the Christmas holidays! The pupils from our high school bought 1euros a candy cane for their friends and we gave them in the class rooms dressed up as Santa Claus and reindeers! It was a lot of fun and everyone is now able to know our club! We managed to vaccinate 655 children against polio with this action!” Interact Club President Victoria Bevan with new members of the club and some rotaractors visiting. The Rotaract Club Montpellier (District 1700) and the Rotaract Club du Gard (District 1760) are doing the first interdistrict Project in the fight to end polio which started now and will continue at least after eastern. “1 chocolate box = 15 kids vaccinated for life!” One of the most famous Maître Chocolatier David DEROY (follower of Auguste Escoffier, member of Toques Blanches, member of the Académie culinaire de France and Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole) did a partnership with the clubs to contribute to this important cause. In Parallel, the clubs are going to start a communication campaign through social media and internet to raise the public awareness on this disease and share the daily implication from the rotary family in the fight to end polio. This fundraising project give the opportunity to sell, buy and share chocolates among friends, colleagues, family and strangers while promoting the “end polio now” biggest commercial campaign… So chocolates for the good cause...for a important fight…the fight to end polio…

We are «this close» to end polio!


In a couple of month, from 4th to 6th of April, it will happen again that hundreds of Rotaractors from Germany and of course also some international guests will come together in one city. The national Rotaract conference of Germany in 2014 will take place Aachen and host about 750 to 800 Rotaractors, Rotarians and other guests. With three days of plenary sessions, workshops and committee meetings, surrounded by a big gala dinner on Saturday, opened by an always amazing welcome party on Friday and closed by a ceremony, we come together for exchange, hard work but also for a lot of fun always having in mind the “three pillars of Rotaract”: HELP, LEARN, ENJOY. The first step to have a great conference is to break the ice between all of the participants. That works best with a big welcome party. All of the participants meet on Friday evening/night to get to know each other, find old and new friends and have a great evening. A DeuKo is not party but also working. On Saturday morning the first of three plenary sessions start. One big aim of the DeuKo is to be a platform to have an exchange of thoughts and information for all Rotaractors. During its sessions the plenum has the chance to discuss and vote about requests that can be a result of a workshop or a committee meeting but also be made by every single Rotaractor from a Club in Germany. The plenum also votes the new board of the RDK, the BestAct Award and the next host city for the DeuKo. Besides the plenum there is also a house of friendship, where projects or other members of the family of Rotary have a chance to promote themselves. The personal highlight for most of the participants is of course the big gala dinner on Saturday evening. Good food, nice dresses and hot music are always on the agenda and make these evenings unforgettable. After a long gala night the third plenary session on Sunday morning is mostly really crowded. Important discussions like the winner of the BestAct Award and the host of next year’s Deuko will be voted and announced during that session. In the end the DeuKo is closing with a ceremony, mostly a speech of a very inspiring person. This year the incoming RI president Gary Huang will participate and give a speech to the participants. But also other highlights for the third plenary session on Sunday morning are planned.

You can find more information about DeuKo on


(Deutschlandkonferenz) The national Rotaract conference of Germany

Rotaract GERMANTRIP 2014 After a very successful GermanTrip 2013 we would like to invite Rotaractos from all over the world to be part of the GermanTrip 2014. Starting in Berlin on 27th June, we are going to visit 10 beautiful and interesting places in Germany. Among others is of course Berlin but also Dresden, Bamberg, Stuttgart and Konstanz. The tour will end in Frankfurt on the 08th July 2014. The cost for this 12 day tour will be 299â‚Ź including transport, accommodation, entrance fees and most of the meals. At the moment we are working and organizing a lot.

Facebook page Rotaract Germantrip

RGBI Conference 2014 Organised by the Rotaract Clubs of Hampstead, Hendon & Golders Green (HH&GG) and Westminster of District 1130, the conference was a great success! Most of the delegates were Rotaractors from Great Britain & Ireland and was present as well an important international delegation with people attending from France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, USA, India, and Ghana. A number of Rotarians, some who had been Rotaractors, also attended, which helped strengthen the relationship between Rotaractors and Rotarians. The conference started on Friday with a buffet dinner, drinks, ice-breaking games, and dancing… On Saturday morning, the main theme of the conference was based on Leadership and delegates were inspired by wonderful speakers: Justice Williams MBE, Joel Hodgson and Stephen Robertson, The Big Issue Foundation, John Loughton, Founding Director of Dare2Lead, and Wai Hnin, Burmese speaker. After lunch, a scavenger hunt was organised for the delegates to get to know our beautiful city. The Venetian gala dinner on Saturday night, held in Hotel Russell, a beautiful four-star hotel in Russell Square, gave everyone the opportunity to wear fancy masks and have fun. A raffle during the dinner raised over £700 for ShelterBox. On Sunday, the theme of the conference was to strengthen relationships between Rota act and Rotary and Dick Nathan, District Governor of District 1130, opened the Sunday sessions. He was then followed by Nan McCreadie, Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland President, Laura Verdergaal, European Rotaract Information Centre President, Paul Greenbaum, Past Chairman of Rotaract France, Isabell Fraulob, Rotaract Kidscamp, Eva Doerr, ShelterBox Response Team Member and finally Miriam Specterman, North London branch Founder of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The speeches were then followed by an awards ceremony. The conference ended on Sunday afternoon with a service project where everyone got to be creative making birthday cards for a charity called North London Hospice. Very positive feedbacks were received after the conference. The organising team has been putting a lot of energy in order to make sure that the delegates would have a WOW time. We are very happy that the RGBI Conference 2013 helped Rotaractors meet one another, share ideas and build supportive networks, and we look forward to the next RGBI Conference 2014.” Marion Greenbaum RAC Westminster RGBI Conference 2013 Coordinator International Officer 2013-2014

For the first time in four years, Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland (RGBI) held its 38th annual Conference in London which took place from 1 to 3 November and aimed to bring Rotaractors closer together and inspire young professionals to take action whether in their own communities or internationally.

Hungarian Rotaract Stories Budapest-Budavár Rotaract Club has been supporting the disadvantaged children of a kindergarten for many years. We visit them twice a year (at Christmas and at Easter) and provide them with generous gift packages promoting a healthy living.

The Rotaract Club of Gyor in cooperation with the Council of Gyorújbarát organized a week long camp for disadvantaged children in Gyor and its surroundings. We spent a day in a horse riding club, we were sightseeing in Budapest and also paid a visit to the Zoo, also organized a day full of activities in our hometown, Gyor. The other days we stayed at the village and organized variety of games and contests, and on the closing day of the camp we rewarded the winners. We became closely attached with the children, so we decided to repeat this uplifting adventure next year as well. “50 package = 50 families we could help” It was the first time that Rotaract Club Debrecen organized the project called “Solidarity cart”. Rotaract members collected long-life food in one of the shopping centers in Debrecen. The process of the collection lasted eight hours. A lot of people took part in the event, resulted value of at least 400 000 HUF of food sufficient for 50 families in need. Packages had been given to the families in 19th of november at DMJV Family Care Center. As most of the projects of the Rotaract Club Budapest-Margitsziget concern children, the club has a permanent contact with a children’s home. In the last year it has been the Attika Children’s Home, whose young occupants the club visited several times and also organized events for them. One of our biggest project this year was the rebuilding of the garden at the home, as it was unkept and was not in any shape to play safely and this way we could show the children the benefit of an own garden, where the can grow vegetables and see the fruits of their work. In our experience, it is also easier to build trust and connection through a common activity. The children were really enthusiastic about the idea of a new garden, and were really eager to help out. The teacher informed as afterwards that despite our fear that the children’s eagerness would fade with time, the little ones took care of the plants and watched with intensive curiosity the blooming of their garden.

“This summer, we had a Dream! We were at the beach restaurant at the French Riviera, drinking a cocktail dreaming about Friendship beyond borders Friendship between countries, Friendship in Rotaract without any limits.. But how could we find a free week-end where there is no major European, Italian nor French event?? And like Mr Mandela always said: “And everything seems impossible, until you do it” Thanks to all the DRRs Jonathan Bessone (D2032), Francesco Maria Bistolfi (D2031) and Adrien Sakhinis (D1730) for have been so enthousiastic about this idea. Special Thanks to president Auréline Mari and her club Prince Albert 1er of Monaco for all the amazing organization and to make our dream come true!!” First inter-district, inter-country and inter-zone week-end!!! THE RED-WHITE WEEK-END: France – Monaco - Italy

Interview to...

Cecilia Garrone Italy Country Rep.

Brenda Mertens France Country Rep. 1. What is Red and White weekend?

Red and White weekend is a Rotaract project that has involved young people coming from 3 different Countries. However it has been more than a couple of colorful days during this late autumn, it has been a fantastic way of communicate how lucky our rotaractors are to share a Country in the middle of their own Districts.

The colours red and white represent the flag of Principauté de Monaco but are also represented in both flags of Italy and France. So this week-end reunite rotaractors of multiple districts, 3 countries and at least 2 zones.

2. Why did you choose to spend a weekend “abroad”? “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” said someone. I always agreed with that and I strongly believe that Rotaract gives us great opportunities of becoming “richer”. Anytime I have the chance to do it, I like to spend some time abroad speaking different languages, meeting new people, visiting places unknown and seeing different way of living life. Well, this was exactly what the Red and White Weekend was about and…it was only three hours away from home! I couldn’t find any good reason to not be there!

This is an amazing chance to get together, get connected with friends from other countries, to make new friends with different culture, to exchange ideas, experiences, knowledge and to plan together projects for the future… And all this just “next door”. It would be so nice to see such weekends been organize along all different countries of EUROPE, all the different countries in ERIC. So that “Friendship through service” goes above all boarders.W

3. Which was your favourite moment of the weekend?

Like Brenda, I also had a great time during the creation of new, feasible service projects, especially because my team won delicious home made jam! But maybe one of the moment I enjoyed the most was during the gala night, when in the wonderful room of the MĂŠridien Hotel more than one hundred rotaractors from all over Monaco, Italy, France and Europe was standing for listening to the Monaco anthem.

My favourite part of the weekend was to see how you can plan a whole project and create a promotion poster with your new friends within 30 minutes! The results were amazing!! Such nice projects!! And of course the Gala were all the Rotaractors could share their happiness with Rotarians and the post- Gala Party with a lot of Fun!

4. Do you think there will be a next edition in the future? If yes, what do you suggest to repeat and what do you suggest to improve for future Red and White event?

I do look forward the next edition and since the great enthusiasm of this one, I am pretty sure that another weekend will be planned again in 2014. I highly recommend to repeat a moment of constructive discussion like the one that we had Saturday afternoon: it helps new bonds and service ideas and it gives sense to the entire weekend. All the organizers put a lot of efforts in planning a perfect weekend so, for future editions, I simply hope that next organizers will equally put thier soul and passion into the planning of schedule and the choice of the venues.

I hope sincerely that this type of week-end becomes a tradition with more rotaractors from more districts. For the first Week-end, it was nearly perfect: the variation of activities, the beautiful view during meals and meetings on the Monaco Palace and the harbor, the hot and sunny weather daytime, the beautiful Gala venue and also friends coming from other ERIC countries visiting for example ERIC vice president Doris Grimm, CR of Former Yougoslavian Republic of Macedonia Vladimir Pecijareski. For the next time, it would be maybe interesting to plan a common project before and to put it in action during the week-end. Or the other way round: to plan a project in the next week-end that could be realize in every single city where there is a RAC club.

5. What if it would be extended at national level? It could be a dream come true, for both Brenda and me, at least! Naturally, putting together 3 Districts is one thing, while reunify 31 Districts (18 from France and 13 from Italy) is completely another matter in terms of number of people involved and in terms of organizing. Nevertheless it would be great to have all these rotaractors involved in multi national activities, services and celebrations of our friendship beyond borders.

This would be amazing!! Long-lasting friendship between rotaractors with same values and vision, long-lasting and fruitable twinnings betweens clubs or district of both countries, long-lasting projects and service‌

Do you believe in Santa? I do believe in Santa! Seweryn Smólski President RAC Warsaw-Castle The project that RAC Warsaw Castle (Poland) has been doing every year for 11 years is one of those that make us in this club most happy to do. With the help of The Social Welfare Centre we select families we could support during Christmas. Children from these families are encouraged to write letters to Santa about what they dream to get for Christmas. But in fact Santas are... us - the letters are going to our team who then organises a campaign including whip-rounds, charity events, looking for sponsors to get money to buy the presents for kids. With the budget filled up we go on the present hunt! We carefully select every each of the present by ourselves so be sure that it will truly make the kids happy. Then, on the Christmas Eve morning, being dressed as Santas, we go to every house where the children live in, to personally give them their presents and see the smiles on their faces. This project is becoming increasingly recognized. By this small gesture we believe we make children’s holidays a little bit more memorable. We are very thankful to all the sponsors and our supporting Club Of Rotary Warsaw-Sobieski for all their assistance. This year we bestowed 23 kids. This project is becoming increasingly recognized and supported, so we hope to continue to make it in our future activity as well. Merry Christmas!

RUMENIAN PROJECTS Rotaract Club Iasi Copou Give a smile this Christmas ‘Give a Smile this Christmas’ is a humanitarian project developed in partnership with the four Rotary clubs and the Rotaract clubs from Iasi, Romania. The project is charity based and involves bringing a group of children from different ages and have a underprivileged background, mostly are pour or cannot afford to buy beautiful presents for Christmas, and buy them what they want, need and desire from Santa. Between 20 and 22th December this year, at the second edition, we contracted a local supermarket, Selgros, where every member of our club felt like we could make a wish come true for the children we took take care of, for a hour or two, like Santa’s little elves. Each children was treated like little heroes and princesses and our members tried to unwrap their dreams and desires to make them come true in their little time they we’re together. The project brought a lot of joy and lots of smiles on these little children faces but also inspired us a lot in our purpose to give back to the community we come from.

End Polio Challenge This project started from and idea and was spread in our district in just a couple of months. End polio challenge, project that aimed to raise Romania in the top 10 list in End Polio Campaign and raised the awareness all over the world also showing everyone that our district is very powerful when forces are united. Each club in the district had to upload as many pictures as they could on the official site and send them us the link where they apear in the video. The club that sent the most pictures won a Conference participation pack at the Districtual Conference in Iasi that took place between 27 and 29th September. We congratulated Baia Mare TEAM and celebrated together at our conference while Romania got in top 10 in the End Polio Project worldwide. Mission acomplished! First step in first aid This project started as a necesity to teach others how to give first aid in emergency situations. The importance of knowing how to give first aid is incontestable and also teaching not only adults and young adults but also kindergarden children became our goal. The project is a partnership between Rotaract club, emergency doctors and volunteers and includes lessons about ‘How to’ explained and demonstrated by doctors on dummies that are used in the practice of emergency medicine. The target are students, high school children and also kindergarden children that are taught to call 112 and identify an emergency situation and how to ventilate and make a cardiac massage. IIt became a project that combined fun and serious information for the result to be the best: saving one’s life!

Swimathon This was the kind of project where we put a muscle to realize it! A team of 5 swimmers called ‘Service above Self’ had to swim to raise funds for mothers and their children from the rural side to have a healthy, easy life and to reduce the infantile mortality. The partnership with Saving Children Foundation, that became our no 1 supporters, managed to raise the money and in the competition we finalized in top 5. Swimming for people in need: challenge accepted! (for next year too!)

Time for life This project aimed to raise money for a 17 years old young man who remained paralized during a dancing competition. We tried to make the community aware of his story by organizing an event in a mall in Iasi where everyone could participate and donate for him to walk again. Inviting local artists and combining our forces we managed to buy him more days for physio and kineto-therapy that he needed. Rotaract made it happen! Serving community at his best!

Rotaract Club Bucharest Continental When the will and the need met, Rotaract Club Bucharest Continental was born. As Bucharest only had three Rotaract Clubs, we decided that we have the will, the energy and the experience needed to start fresh, to start a new Club. With the support and enthusiasm of our sponsor club Rotary Bucharest Continental, we started our official meetings on December the 9th and we are looking forward to start properly our activity. The mission of the club is following the Rotarian model and our vision is to make things differently, more creative. We like to dream big! We aim of nothing short of perfection and we hope to create, in time, a “signature” for our projects as our vision is to find different approaches in solving the challenges that our community encounters.


Ekaterina Smirnova President 2013-2014 Rotaract club Moscow-East, Russia, D2220

Fun-projects is a new PR-activity for Rotaract clubs in Russia. Traditionally people get to know Rotaract through charity and social projects. But being a Rotaract club means not only doing good deeds but it can be also unrestrained fun. Why don’t we use the word “fun” to tell other people about us. It is very easy to make fun projects when you have many like-minded friends. That is how “Dad’s Moustache” was born. In Russia moustache is considered something that is more likely Dad to have but not sexy young man. We decided to change this stereotypical attitude towards moustache! During the project young men had to forget about their razors for two months and promote wearing moustache in various creative ways: from dyeing and having their moustache waved to shooting a movie in the streets of Novosibirsk. As the result we got: 13 cities-participants: Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Chita, Saint-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Petropavlovsk, Pyatigorsk, Kemerovo, Vladivostok, Napoli, Barnaul, Kovrov 9 weeks – length of moustache 105 new brand moustaches 5 moustached parties, 7 poems, article and movie 1 moustached wedding 1029 people supporting the project at Russian social network And one The Most Moustached Man! We had tons of fun, spread the word about Rotaract all over Russia and made a lot of new friends!

This year Rotaract Moscow East is very busy with a fantastic international twinning project: Smaller World II! This project unites more than 20 clubs all over the world. Russia twins with Kyrgyzstan, New Zealand, Hungary, Turkey and Ukraine. The aim of this project is to: • To emphasize the international aspect of Rotaract service and friendship. • To establish long-term relationships with other clubs that will lead to ongoing projects. • To enhance understanding of another cultures and foster goodwill. Every month we pay tribute to one of the countries in our branch by sharing a presentation, video or other information about the culture, traditions, interesting facts about a certain country on a special facebook page. We also get together with club members and do a quiz, for example, about that country in a restaurant which serves the local food, like we did in November in Kyrgyzstan restaurant in Moscow, or we do a party. One of our club members went to Budapest and prepared a Russian dinner with “pelmeni” and “borsch”! We exchange presents with other clubs which speak for the local culture or food and do skype calls to know each other better! As a part of the project we celebrate international days, like World Children Day or World Animal Day by doing some social activity. In October, Moscow-East RAC visited a Homeless Animals charity fair and did some donations and also proactively participated in legislation initiative which protects animals from euthanasia. World Children Day we spent in an orphanage where we brought our friends from Moscow University of Friendship who did a wonderful program of Latina dances and Rock-latina band performance! Above all, all the 20 clubs are united by one joint project - Shelter Box - and we plan to raise money during the 2014 to help more people who are in need! Let’s do this world smaller and know each other better :)

Artem Martynov Rotaract club Krasnoyarsk-Yenisey, Russia, D2225


„Do not get annoyed” Charity Tournament Rotaract club Beograd-Sava In the abundance of sports tournaments hosted by Rotaract Clubs we decided to make something different, for everyone to enjoy. We hosted the first ever charity tournament in our District in the board game “Do not get annoyed” in the “Dadov” theatre. All funds raised from the registration went to the orphanage “Drinka Pavlovic” that Rotaract Club Beograd-Sava has been helping for years now. Furthermore two girls from the orphanage were selling handicrafts made by children from “Drinka Pavlovic” during the tournament. Thanks to our dear sponsors we have prepared some nice awards for the winners.

Clothe Serbia Rotaract club Beograd-Balkan The event „Clothe Serbia” of the Rotaract club Beograd Balkan, was a great cause for establishing a new collaboration between Rotaract club Belgrade and Rotaract club Belgrade Balkan. In mid-October after a pleasant meeting with the two clubs in the bohemian square „Skadarlija” in our capital city, an agreement was made about future plans for the event. A few days later, after the agreement was made, a realization came into plan. A car filled with clothes for children and the youth was taken to the Children’s Home in Sombor. The day went by beautifully, spending time with the children, enjoying their company, sharing stories and laughing. It was great. The time we spent with the children and the clothes that we donated truly meant a lot to them. The staff from the Children’s Home pleasantly greeted us and made us feel welcome but the children left the strongest impression on us. The event is still active, in the near future we will be planning new mutual visits to the home for endangered population groups.

New Year’s Adventure Rotaract club Beograd-Centar The action New Year’s adventure is a traditional action of our club, which is organized for the fifth time in a row. This action is for the youngest of the home for abandoned children “Mosa “ in Ustanicka 19 , in which the children live without parental care. In the spirit of the holiday season, we took about 20 of them (aged until 17 years) and accompanied them to the skating show “Disney on Ice - the world of imagination”. Our club had provided transportation of the children to and from their residence, as well as the tickets for the show on November 2nd . Together with the children and the teachers we spent a fun and magical afternoon. We hope that these children had an unforgettable experience which will be long remembered and provided the love and attention they need so much. We promised we will take them to the new Disney show on ice next year. They believed us because the same promise has been fulfilled for five times now.

Humanitarian Fashion Show Rotaract club Beograd-Balkan and Beograd Cukarica More than 300 guests took time on February 26th to support the humanitarian project of Rotaract Club Beograd Balkan and Rotaract Club Beograd Cukarica, Humanitarian Fashion Show. The main idea of that project was collecting funds for buying bedclothes for Home for Children Without Parental Care “Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj”, by selling 13 unique dresses made by young unrecognized designers. Visitors were able to see the creations of the designers in a wonderful atmosphere. Funds collected by selling tickets for this event were donated to “Svi za Laneta” fund. The Fashion show took place in the Supermarket Concept Store-Visnjiceva Street 10.

At the end of September 2013, Rotaract club Beograd-Sava hosted friends from Rotaract club Milano Sant’Ambroeus from Italy. Our goal was to establish a long-term relationship which could potentially one day result in twinning of our two clubs and to jointly explore the opportunities for cooperation for the benefit of our local communities. In December 2013, with the help of Rotary club Milano-Linate and Rotary club Beograd-Singidunum, as well as master students of the Faculty of Defectology, University of Belgrade, Serbia we started a joint project Ear games: audiological monitoring of children preschools through a video game, which lasts about 6 minutes, recording the answers to the frequencies sent alternately to the ears of children. Audiological monitoring in the field of preschool: allows you to quickly recognize auditory pathologies, separating those who are potentially affected by the rest of the population. Age between 4 and 6 years in fact can occur in children hearing disorders (affecting about 1% of the population), which is discovered in time are completely curable. If left untreated however, can have devastating effects and create serious consequences for the quality of life of the child, that tomorrow will be an adult with obvious discomfort, and the community, which shall bear the social costs of the disease. Children whose families have given permission will be assessed individually by the use of a personal computer that is connected to an audiometer. Children identified as potentially suffering from auditory, will be invited to undergo a medical specialist for further study.

The beauty day Rotaract club Beograd-Centar and Rotaract Club Beograd At the Institute of Oncology and Radiology in Belgrade, on Thursday , 14th November , starting at 16:30, there was an organized gathering of women suffering from breast cancer with the members of Rotaract clubs Beograd -Center and Beograd . This year the gathering was also joined by the attendants of the makeup studio of Dragan Vurdelja . The action was organized the fifth year in a row . The workshop was attended by current and former patients of the Institute of Oncology and Radiology since the Institute pays special attention to supporting the patients, and the person specially dedicated to this purpose is doctor Ana Jovicevic. The aim of the action was to show these women that they are not forgotten and for a few hours to try to distract them from everyday painful problems that breast cancer brings. Association of women who have successfully coped with this disease was a big psychological support during the activity. The action was, in every sense, an opportunity to spend a nice girly afternoon.

New Year’s gifts for the “Dragutin Filipovic Jusa” center Rotaract club Beograd Rotaract club Belgrade has decided to give the sweets collected through their traditional costume ball to the “Dragutin Filipovic Jusa” center for unwanted or molested children and made sweet packages which were delivered as a part of this big activity. Professional entertainers from the Studio for animation of children “Cigra” together with our members and “our own” Santa have succeeded in making a real New Year’s atmosphere for the children. With gift giving and a great program which was enjoyed by the children and our members this activity can be called a complete success. “For it is in giving that we receive” –Francis of Assisi

Spook-tacular Halloween Rotaract club Beograd Rotaract Club Belgrade organized its traditional action Spook-tacular Halloween on 2nd November in the Club Red Shoes. This was fantastic event with original masks, grate photos and a lot of candies for New Year’s gifts for children. All guests are looking forward to the next year’s Halloween party because this one was real success.


Ear Games Rotaract club Beograd-Sava

Slovenian Rotaract District Conference Rotaract club Celje organised fifth Rotaract District Conference of the Slovenian district 1912. The conference took place in Rimske Terme spa resort from November 9 to November 10, 2013 and was dedicated to the education of new Slovenian Rotaractors. Due to establishment of 8 new Rotaract clubs in the last Rotarian year, which joined the existing 6 ones, new Rotaractors have outnumbered their more experienced friends. Therefore the district leadership had decided new members should be integrated into Rotaract as soon as possible. The organisers of the District conference followed that initiative and organised a conference with workshops on Rotaract-related skills and also with a lot of opportunities for the participants to socialise.

The programme of the conference, which was attended by more than 100 Rotaractors from Slovenia with some foreign guests, included four workshops, lead by experienced Rotaractors or Rotarians. The participants had an opportunity to develop their social skills in a workshop on social relations, lead by Marijana Kolenko, president of Rotary club Celje. Second workshop, lead by two senior Rotaractors Anton Gradisek and An Krumberger, was targeted to new Rotaractors and provided them with basic knowledge on club organisation and intra-club communication skills. The last workshop of the first day was general-knowledge oriented and focused on development of unconventional viewpoints on problems. The lecturer was Slavc Grcar, member of Rotary club Ljubljana Grad, who presented his view on business from the perspective of pseudo-science. The first day was concluded with a Roman-theme oriented dinner and a party. The second day of the conference started with a short motivational workshop by Smiljan Mori, well-know Slovenian motivator, member of Rotary club Celje. Afterwards, a formal part of the conference followed, during which the Rotaract within the District 1912 joined Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO. After the end of the official part of the conference, the participants had an opportunity to relax in the otherwise peaceful spa resort, which was the venue for exchange of fresh ideas and new friendships of Slovenian Rotaractors.

Rotaract Switzerland: HELFEN, APPRENDRE, CELEBRARE Cloé Bernier, E.R.I.C. Country Rep. Switzerland

Help, Learn and Celebrate in Switzerland

The new edition of Rotaract Switzerland news had been released! In the two first articles, you’ll find some info about two of the main events that Rotaract Switzerland will organize in 2014 and 2015: the National Conference and a Benefice Concert for End Polio Now. The three other stories look back into the activities achieved in 2013 by three Rotaract Clubs: Mittelland, Luzern & Lausanne. Enjoy the reading !

RAC Solothurn: Rotaract Switzerland’s National Conference 2014 The next Interdistrict Conference (IDK) of Rotaract Switzerland will take place on March 15th, 2014 in the Hotel Altes Spital, in the city of Solothurn (D1980). The conference will be in both German and French – with a little bit of English! A guided tour will be organized for the international guests who don’t understand those languages and wish to do something else! Some workshops will be on the program of the second part of the conference. Let’s talk about the “fun part” now: RAC Solothurn is planning a visit at a local brewery called “Öufibrauerei” and the apero will be served there as well! Dinner will take place at the same place as the conference, and at the end of the day, there will be time for some party: RAC Solothurn will be guiding you through the city during a pub crawl! Accommodation on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday will be offered by Marco Sansoni, a member of RAC Solothurn. Transportation to and from his place will be arranged as well. We hope to meet some of you for the occasion. Come visit our National Conference and experience Rotaract in Switzerland: you won’t regret it!

Rotary & RAC, Switzerland & Liechtenstein: Charity Concert for End Polio Now End Polio Now – Make History Today! For more than 20 years, Rotarians have been fighting to eradicate polio. The financial contribution as well as the personal commitment of Rotarians all over the world have been enormous. To support the fight of the remaining 1 % of polio cases, Rotary Switzerland and Liechtenstein in cooperation with Rotaract are organizing a benefice concert on November 1st, 2015 in the Centre of Culture and Congresses (KKL) of Lucerne! Come enjoy the Kammerorchester Basel in a wonderful atmosphere to support the fight against this crippling disease! More info will come in the upcoming months. End Polio Now – We are this close!

RAC Mittelland: Social Project “Rotaract for Life” In RAC Mittelland, we developed a new social project in autumn 2012, which is called “Rotaract for Life”. Its goal is to spread information about organ donation and to motivate the Rotaractors to express their will. We started in spring 2013 with a presentation from Swisstransplant to get an idea about organ donation and transplantation. We developed our own presentation and then we improved our rhetorical skills in a communication and rhetoric instruction with an external expert/coach. After that, we started to visit the other Clubs during summer 2013. First we gave a short presentation and after that we answered the questions and moderated the discussions, which were raised through the controversial topic. In total, we visited 12 Rotaract clubs and reached more than 120 people through our presentations only. We are sure that the members of all Rotaract clubs spread the word about organ donation and talked with friends and family about it and that we reached even more people through that. The positive feedback and the pleasure we had doing this social project motivated us to work over our project and to present “Rotaract for Life” also to Rotary Clubs in Switzerland in 2014.

RAC Luzern: weekend trip to Dresden (Germany) For the 10th anniversary of the Rotaract Club of Lucerne, we had been invited by the Rotaract Club of Dresden to visit them. We didn’t need to be told twice to do that! As one of our former members now lives in Dresden, it was very easy to get and keep in touch. During one long, funny and interesting weekend, we enjoyed the monuments of Dresden, the factory of Volkswagen, nice bars, the famous Christmas fair and got to know a lot of new Rotaract friends. Coincidentally, RAC Dresden was participating in a social project on a big playground. Soon, German and Swiss cooperation reached a highlight in finishing the children’s wall paintings as well as painting the children’s faces. We can only recommend going on a Rotaract trip! Is there any better option to get to know a place than by friends who live there?

RAC Luzern: weekend trip to Dresden (Germany) On September 21st 2013, the Rotaract Club of Lausanne was proud to repeat its 2011 success by organizing a second edition of its charity ball for the FORCE Foundation. The theme “Spark of Hope” reflected very accurately the cause defended by the association: the research against childhood cancer. This event has proven to be a great success, gathering more than 250 people. After the official part, including a light appetizer accompanied by speeches, the evening continued in a festive atmosphere with a dancing party, during which we have witnessed some very successful performances of ballroom dancing. Moreover, the financial goal of the ball has been largely exceeded: we collected 14’500 CHF, which will contribute, as expected, to the purchase of a microscope with an integrated camera. On Monday, October 7th 2013 we were pleased to hand over the check with the amount collected to the FORCE Foundation. Our effort certainly represents a drop in the sea of needs of this foundation, but we firmly believe that step-by-step, and only through the common efforts, we can help these children who so desperately need us all.

Pul Parimar Stamp Exchange

(Adana Seyhan Rotaract Club & Rotaract Club of Info) At the beginning of our term, due to busy program of our members & guests and unsuitability of exchange program dates, we have decided to create a different kind of exchange. With the help of Rotaract Club of Info, from Coimbatore India we did exchange using a vastly forgotten way. Stamps were a perfect way to present cultures of our countries in a personal and sincere way. Both clubs prepared booklets, all handmade and presented their countries. From distance both clubs in small portions affected and chaged each other’s lives!

Turkey Clothing Support Project

(Adana Seyhan Rtc Club & Istanbul Dolmabahçe Rtc Club Common Project) After a brief discussion with Dolmabahce Rtc, we have decided to initiate a common project. Following some research we have discovered Kepez Village which was in need of clothing support. Quickly we arrange committees and started gathering clothes. On 26th of September, with Dolmabahce Rtc members, we visited the village and distributed the clothes with the help of village authorities. Even a wedding gown was collected and by coincidence it was used the same day by a bried in need. The project successfully reached the target and with help of Dolmabahce Rtc, Adana Seyhan Rtc managed to change lives!


Mariana Nahirnyak

Rotaract club Kyiv-Centre, Ukraine

New Year brings us new hopes and expectations, new plans and goals. With a huge pleasure we receive many presents, and at the same time, with love and kindness we prepare presents for our friends, family and just nice people who deserve it. Friends, we encourage you to make little contribution from your club (either individually, or with cooperation with other Rotaract or Rotary clubs) to present the priceless gift for really nice people, with a wide Ukrainian soul and Ukrainian hospitality, from Talalaivka village and neighboring villages in Ukraine. Our club, RAC Kyiv-Centre, continues the good tradition of “Health as a Gift” project. The first edition was recognized as “The Best European Social Project” in 2011-2012. In the spotlight of the 1st part was the village Besidka. The goal has been achieved mainly with the help of German Rotaract Club Göttingen, which was our main partner. The second edition is launched to provide medical center in Talalaivka with main necessary medical and office equipment for the sum of 6000 euro and to make a basic renovation of the building. The medical center serves 10 villages with a total population of 4000 inhabitants. And the newest equipment there is 10 years old. We have already started to collect funds step by step. But we would like to make this project even more global and international than the first one was, to join our efforts with everybody who cares about society and is willing to change life for better. Everybody can choose how to participate. You can either organize some local fundraising projects and donate money, either donate equipment (list of required ones can be provided), or visit the center when the opening ceremony will be held. The details about last options will be given sooner, when the main funds will be raised, it will involve the participation fee to buy materials for renovation. And then – the most interesting part starts! Having fun while working and working while having fun! Besides making real contribution on renovation, you will also enjoy exciting program in Kyiv, with sightseeing, excursions and hanging out with hospitable Ukrainians ;) Honorable board with names of all “contributors” and flags of participants’ country will be established in the hospital, so local people will know who presented them that priceless gift – health. We are looking forward to cooperation with you and your club! And we believe that great goal is being achieved by small deeds. PROMO watch?v=ZwpT4KNvKQo


























EUCO 2014




RYLA 2014







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Save the Date April 10th - 13th 2014

MEDIterranean CONvention, Marrakech

CONTACT US /medicon2014

The MEDICON is an annual conference for the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO, it is a gathering for but definitely not limited to Rotaractors from all over the Mediterranean to share ideas, plan for future projects, make new friendships, and definitely have fun. Throughout the conference there are a lot of various activities; cultural excursions, fun parties, our Mediterranean Peace Forum, the spectacular gala night, and many more. This year the MEDICON will be hosted in the magical city of Marrakech, from the 10th to the 13th of April, with a two day pre conference in Casablanca, come join us and enjoy the exquisite oriental taste of Morocco but this time with a lot of different Mediterranean spices.

Save the Date The European Convention of the European Rotaract Information Centre will be in 2014 at THE


-Where E.R.I.C. holds its meetings and conferences to stimulate, inspire, and inform Rotaractors about Rotaract on the European level. It serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas; -Where different workshops are offered to you; -Where you share your experience, exchange ideas and develop your skills; -Where you do charity while having fun; -Where you meet your old friends and make new ones. Now close your eyes and fly over your dream: - city tours.. - touristic programs.. - beach games.. - gentle sun over your head.. - azure sea with its warm water.. - soft sand under your feet.. - best beaches.. - luxury life.. - endless French wine and - French macaroons.. - parties aaall night long.. - and.. .. the royal Gala dinner.. 5 crazy unforgettable days under the bright sun and on the hot sand of French Riviera.. 5 long days and 4 sleepless nights.

Ready for a journey beyond the imagination..? So save the date! April 30th - May 4th 2014 in Nice / France


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