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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )244(


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Mortars in Damascus

Mortar shells fell on residential buildings at Al-Zeraa, in Damascus, and in Al-Basel street in Jaramana, in Damascus countryside, resulted in the injury of some citizens. Units of the Syrian Arab army destroyed tunnels link between Daraya and Al-Maaddamya in Damascus countryside, the army also cut the road of supplies and communication between the armed groups, it

also found many tunnels include explosive devices and weapons in Barzah. In Doma, 6 gunmen of Al-Islam brigade and a commander of an armed group were killed. Units of Syrian army carried out operations at the eastern mountains of Al-Zabadani and Bludan, killed gunmen of foreign nationalities, it also killed a commander of an armed group in Yabroud. The army continues

operations at Al-Qaboun, Jobar and Harasta, while there are clashes between the Syrian army and insurgents in Al-Qadam, Babbiela, and Al-Yarmouk and Palestine camp.The competent authorities thwarted an attempt to detonate a bombed car at the industrial city in Al-Nabk. In Al-Qunaitra countryside, the army eliminated on an armed group in Al-Rafied town.

Infiltration attempts in Aleppo Syrian army seized control on Asan in Aleppo countryside after clashes with insurgents affiliated to Al-Nusra front, army units also thwarted an attempt to infiltrate into Samerames building in Old Aleppo, clashes happened at Bani zied, Bustan Al-Qa-

ser, Al-Sukkari and Bab AlHadied neighborhood, army also destroyed cars loaded with weapons, army forces targeted insurgents’ headquarters at the surroundings of Aleppo central prison, AlKindi hospital, and Khan AlAsal.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )244(


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Dead in Daraa

C-4 Car in Homs

Competent authorities seized quantities of C-4 material, drug pills “Kptakon”, night binoculars and defensive bombs, which have been put at a secret place inside a car, before entering Homs, army units destroyed antiair canon in Al-Zaafarana, it also destroyed five headquarters of the insurgents in Al-Qarabies, Al-Qosour, and Jourat Al-Shayah, the army confronted an attack by insurgents on Kafarnan village at

Secret funding networks through social networks..

The Washington Post Newspaper revealed the existence of secret funding networks raise funds and donations through social networks and websites to support armed groups in Syria, and for financing of radical Islamists who are fighting inside.

In Daraa, Syrian army forces destroyed insurgents’ headquarters in Al-Sheikh Saaid, Nawa, and Al-Hrak.

the countryside of Al-Rastan, and it thwarted an attempt to infiltrate into the houses of Al-Nabhan and Al-Rashid in Al-Ghanto side.

Prince of Daash is killed.

Media sources reported that the prince of “the Islamic State in Iraq and Leavant” , “Daash”, called “Ousama Al-Abiedi “ was killed in AlDana in Idleb countryside, the sources added that the clashes

are still ongoing between insurgents affiliated to Daash and the Free army northern Aleppo countryside, especially in Eazaz, Hretan, Andan and Souran, the sources attributed the reason of clashes to disagreements between supporters and financiers of the parties, it added that clashes reached Al-Raqqa, Dier Ezzur, Al-Hasaka and Lattakia countryside, where the Islamic State excuted 11 insurgents of the Free army. Sources also reported clashes between Daash and Al-Nusra front in Al-Hasaka countryside.

Tunis, Iraq, and Palestine are at the top of the number of foreign killed in Syria a statistic issued by the agency “Pinta police” for American statistics revealed the increasing of number of Arabs killed in Syria, wher more than 130 fighters from 49 countries are fighting alongside the armed opposition groups against the Syrian army, according the

statistic the Tunisian are at the top their number reached 1902 killed, 1807 Liby-

ans,412 Moroccans, 273 Algerians, one from Mauritania, 812 Egyptian, three Sudanese, 42 Somali,714 Saudi,571 Yemeni, 71 Kuwaiti, 21 from Oman,19 Bahraini,9 from the Arab Emirates, 8 Qatari, 1432 Iraqi, 1002 Palestinian, and 828 Lebanese.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )244(


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President Al-Assad: Syria produces the Chemical but it didn’t use it

President Bashar al-Assad said: “Syria has been producing chemical weapons for decades because they are in a state of war and has occupied territories” he said in an interview with Chinese television that chemical weapons are in secure loca-

tions under the control of the army, but it didn’t use, but it prepared itself to fight by conventional weapons, President Assad explained that the UN draft resolution on the chemical doesn’t cause him any concern, because America, Britain and France,

the countries that made the project, are just trying to make itself victorious in the war against Syria, pointing out that the militants could impede the arrival of chemical weapons inspectors to weapons’ storage and manufacturing sites.

Lavrov: The West is interested in adopting a resolution to use force against Syria Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused America of seeking to blackmail Russia by threatening to stop work in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the case Russia did not support a resolution in the Security Council about Syria on the basis of Chapter VII, Lavrov in an interview with “Russian Channel 1” de-

scribed attempts by West to adopt politicized projects in the Security Council against Syria as “irresponsible and unprofessional”, pointing out that Western countries are not interested in getting rid of the chemical and its only prove its superiority, and adopt a resolution to use force against “the Syrian regime” and the acquittal of the opposition.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )244(


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Obama exceeded the moral Red line..

A political analyst Jeffrey T.Kohanz considered that U.S. President Barack Obama exceeded the moral red line when he announced

arming the armed groups directly in Syria, he added in an article in The Washington Times that Obama did something unprecedented where

50 billion for the relief and reconstruction

he put the United States next to al-Qaeda as he violated the constitutional oath that he did for the defense of the country.

Syrian refugees return to their country

The Director of the Department of Syrian refugee camps in Jordan revealed that more than ninety-one thousand Syrian refugees in Jordan have voluntarily returned to their country since the start of the crisis in Syria.

Budget of program of relief and reconstruction reached fifty billion pounds in the budget of 2014 after it had been thirty billion Syrian pounds , where the government confirmed at a meeting of the Su-

preme Council for Economic and Social Planning it offers great importance to the file, which requires redoubled efforts as a result of internal migration and the growing numbers due to the crisis in Syria.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )244(


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Damascus university is the best for the year 2013 Damascus University won “Best University Award” for the year 2013 of “the European Society of Business at Oxford - Britain”, after it has been classified among the international record for leading universities prepared by the Assembly each year.

Global company for money transfer in Syria

Water returns to Al-Hasaka

water Foundation at Al-Hasakah poured twenty-five thousand cubic meters of drinking water after a stop for more than ten days because of attacks by armed groups in the Alouk area.

A global money transfer company has been established in Syria with a capital of twenty million U.S dollars, a finan-

cial portfolio has also been established of one billion Syrian pounds for trading at the Damascus Stock Market.

Honoring the families of martyrs in Al-Sweida

Syrian Society to support families of martyrs honored

six hundred families of martyrs from Al-Sweida, during

in Al-Basel sports stadium in the city.

No 244 newslettr daily e 23 9 2013  
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