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There are 4 things this tutorial will explain:

How to convert your ,,,,,e-portfolio to PDF How to combine your Microsoft Word documents. …..(For Serious Geeks only)

How to create an Issuu …..account How to upload and customize …..your e-portfolio on Issuu

Issuu requires all your files to be combined as 1 PDF file.

There are two possible methods to reach this goal. ď ś Method 1: The non-complex way to NOTE: do this is to simply keep all your labs Be sure to back up your and other portfolio items as one document on a flash drive Microsoft Word document and or by some other means. keeping adding on and on as the year goes by. Keep it separate from your PDF document. ď ś Method 2: The complex way involves saving all your individual documents as PDFs and combining them into the right order using a PDF Merger.



a. Converting to PDF via


....Downloadable Converter  At the end of every quarter you will need to convert your Microsoft Word portfolio file to PDF.  This is done either by installing a PDF converter on your computer or by using an online converter (no program downloading needed)



1. Bullzip PDF Printer (for Word 2003 Users)

c  Download and Install Bullzip PDF Printer from the link A on Mr. Snyder’s Portfolio Page in the Tutorial Section. t t h e e

Bullzip converts your document by printing it to PDF. Follow the instructions here to convert your document. 1

2 3 Select Bullzip Pdf Printer


This window should then pop up. Select your destination (if you wish to change it), and then click save. Your new PDF should open automatically.




PDF Add-In (For Word 2007 Users)

 Download and Install PDF Add-In from the link on Mr. Snyder’s E-Portfolio Tutorial Page.  Then follow the instructions below. 1

2 3

4 This window should then pop up. Select your destination (if you wish to change it), choose your file name, and then click save.




Converting to PDF Online

 The best website for online converting is  To convert your document to PDF, follow the instructions below. NOTE only allows one conversion per 30 min. For convenience, a converter can be downloaded on your computer. (explained next

1 Ignore email


2 3

HOW TO COPY AND PASTE A FILE To copy, right click the file and from the little menu which pops up select copy. You will then need to paste by right clicking on the desktop or wherever you please and from the little menu and selecting paste.

After clicking “Download Files”, choose to save the file wherever you please. The download is a zip file which contains your converted PDF file. After the file is downloaded, you will need to open it and copy your file and then paste it where you want it





this complex method involves converting every individual document to pdf and then combining them into one pdf. This pdf gets combined with the 2nd quarter combined pdf, ETC. ETC.


A free pdf combiner is downloadable at (make sure they’re in the right order!)

First you’ll have to make your username and password. Go to the sign up link found on the portfolio page on Mr. Snyder’s Web site or just go straight to and find the sign up link. Fill in the desired blanks and ENTER A VALID EMAIL, because it requires a confirmation email.

Now, on your email, open the message from Issuu and press Join Issuu.

Once it leads to this page, you will need to type in your name, and once you click “ok” your account is made. Yay!! After this step, IGNORE the next page it brings you and return to; unless of course, you want to tell everybody on your email contacts you just got a new Issuu account.


Now sign in at this area of the screen,


At this page you will need to browse for your PDF file on your computer and fill in the

blanks with the *

Finally, you hit upload file

After Issuu finishes uploading your document click the options and then click post/embed

Here you customize your e-portfolio. You can choose your style. Once you’ve chosen, you copy this link This link and paste it into an email and Note send send it to Mr. Snyder at To see your finished dddddddddddddd e-portfolio, paste that link into your address bar (where you type in www.whatever, ETC.) To paste simply press ctrl+v or right click and choose paste

How to Paste

To paste either press ctrl+v or right click and then click paste

Click this to copy

E-Portfolios for Dummies  
E-Portfolios for Dummies  

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