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        Students  Par,cipa,on  


Hey there! The real world is great and is waiting for you! How many times have you been in class thinking if everything you are learning will ever find an application? Do you sometimes forget the reason that made you choose this degree? Do you dream of explaining all the ideas and opinions you have and seeing how they would impact in the world? Calm down, it happens the same to us! We share your anxiety to start taking part to the real world. This is why we present you The Innovat!on Quest 2012, an event created by students for students that will connect you directly to the real world.

Don’t let this pass by! These are the opportunities that should make you think that all those long hours spent on desks and on books are worth the chance to take part at this amazing event!

Let’s show that we are the managers of the future and we have amazing ideas, we are restless and we can deal with everything!

The IQ Team

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                       2      012   The        I  Q  

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What is    


What is                                            ?   We   are   the   Junior   Enterprise   run   by   the  students  of  ESADE  Business  School   that   builds   links   between   the   university  and  the  professional  world.     Our       history   e-­‐joventut   was   founded   in   1986   in   Barcelona   as   a   non-­‐profit   associa,on   by   former   ESADE   Students   that   now   are   professors   or   global   business   leaders,   created   with   the   mission   of   giving   to   the   students   of   our   business   school   the   possibility   to   carry   out   consultancy   projects,   providing   companies   with   an   innova,ve   and   crea,ve  vision  of  the  reality.      


The The  IQ  I2Q   012  2012  

What is  the  Innovat!on  Quest?   The  Innovat!on  Quest      

•  Compe,,on among  students:  propose  innova,ve   solu,ons  to  real  cases.   •  The  event  includes  conferences,  “workshops”  on     Innova,on  and    Entrepreneurship,  as  well  as   Teambuilding  acFviFes.   •  Start-­‐up  show,  with  many  new  companies   explaining  their  Business  model.   •  Interna,onal  Networking,  more  than  30   naFonaliFes.  

Who, When  and  Where?  




  from  SEPTEMBER       28th  to  OCTOBER       st  2012   1       Campus  B   arcelona               Campus  Sant  Cugat                  


AGENDA -­‐  Innovat!on  Quest  2012   1st  DAY    

2nd DAY  

3rd DAY  

4th DAY  

Opening Ceremony  and   Conferences    

Workshops   &   Start-­‐up  show  

Team Building   AcFviFes      

Quest! Case  CompeFFon  

What is  the  Quest?   The  Case  –  4°  day    

•  A company  comes  to  explain  a  problem.   •  In  groups,  you  will  be  able  to  tackle  their   problem,  analyze  it,  solve  it  and  present  your   findings.  All  in  the  same  day.   •  These  companies  are  big  enterprises  coming   from  many  sectors.   •  For  the  winners,  beyond  the  prize,  glory  and   leYers  of  recommenda,on  will  come.  


How c an   y ou   p ar=cipate?   How  can  you  par,cipate?  

Student ParFcipaFon   Apply  at  


Like the  FB  page                


Upload your  CV  

CV in  English  mandatory   Cover  Leber  not  mandatory  

1st Round  to  apply  

Friday 08/06/2012  

2nd Round  to  apply  

Friday 13/07/2012  


The applicaFon   process   is   open,   we   select   students   on   a   rolling   basis,   every   week   we   send   out   the   emails   for   the   confirmaFon  of  the  spot.  Since  we  have  limited  spots,  as  soon   as  you  apply,  the  beber  it  is  for  you.  

Student ParFcipaFon  


ESADE Students   Package  

Non-­‐ESADE Par,cipants   Package  

ü  IQ  ParFcipaFon  fee   ü   Team  Building  acFvity   ü   3  Dinners  &  1  Lunch     ü   IQ’12  CerFficate  

ü  ESADE Students  pack   +   Hotel  for  4  nights   +   Barcelona  guided  tour   +   Barcelona  survival  guide  

Fee:  99€  

Fee:  200€  

Companies that  have  already  trusted  us   2012                

Info available  at   www.e-­‐  

2011   2010    

Make yours  the  IQ’12!  

ESADE Business  School  -­‐    Campus  Sant  Cugat   Av.  de  la  Torreblanca,  59   Sant  Cugat  del  Vallès,  Spain,  08172   www.e-­‐      

The Innovation Quest 2012  

The official presentation of The Innovation Quest 2012, a project of e-joventut, the ESADE Junior Enterprise

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