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1 Management summary Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. was established in 1984 and is active in the development, production, marketing and sales of innovative dental products and systems. Dyna’s philosophy is to develop high quality products for the simplification of implantology, prosthetic and restorative dental treatments. Simple and unique products and their applications will eventually offer advantages to the profession, as well as to many patients. In general the dentistry market in the entire world will continue to grow in the coming decades.

2 Mission Dyna’s mission is to develop, produce, market and sell high quality dental products which simplify treatments, meet customer demands and are in compliance with international regulatory requirements. Dyna sees its customers as partners to reach mutual goals.

3 Strategy Dyna has appointed distributors who hold the sales rights for a region or district in the relevant countries. The selection of distributors will depend on its product portfolio, which should link up seamlessly with the Dyna products. Dyna develops the marketing strategy in conjunction with the distributor. The distributor is responsible for the implementation of this strategy. Contact with universities, both national and international, is of great importance; through research and courses the products enjoy increased attention in professional publications and during congresses. In 2003 Dyna started informing consumers of the options and benefits of dental implant treatments in a direct manner. This marketing approach offers immediate benefits to our clients.

1984 1986 1992 2000 2002 2003 2004 2007 2008 2009 2010

Introduction 3,0mm Dyna screw-type implant

Introduction Dyna Zirconium Abutment

Introduction Dyna Locator Abutment

Introduction Implaclean® active oyygen implant toothpaste

Introduction Dyna Cone Matrix System

New introduction Dyna Mini Magnets

Starting novelty research and applying for patent angles Octa

Participation University Nijmegen project NGT 6730, Hybrid ceramic scaffolds

based on biodegradable functional polyesters and hydrogels

Participation University Nijmegen project UGT 6731, Scientific scaffolds

Participation University Nijmegen, project 07621, Nanostructured Biomaterial Surfaces

Participation ACTA University survey Platform switching Dyna Helix Implants

Introduction Implaclean®

Based on this patent Cendres & Metaux developed the SFI Bar®

Dyna licensed the IA Bar patent to Cendres & Metaux.

University Nijmegen, HA nano coating on Helix screw-type implants

Participation project NGT.6205 and NKG.5546 in cooperation with

Introduction Dyna Scancentre

Introduction Helix screw-type Implant System

Introduction Mucosal Anchorage System Muchor®

CADDIMA, in cooperation with ACTA University and VDZ Holding

Participation, in project Senter Novem TSIT2020, ICT break through project,

Introduction patented Instant Adjusting Bar system®

with Van der Waals Zeeman instituut – University of Amsterdam

STW project ANS.4403, “new material for dental magnets” in cooperation

Introduction HA coated Octalock® Push-In Implantant

R&D Project n°BES2-3412 development of BioTinol

Introduction patented Memory Abutment System

Introduction of the HA coated Conventional Push-In implant

Introduction patented Dyna Magnet System

4 Special innovations

ICT TEETH Dentistry in 2025 2019: A person visits a dental specialist in regard to dental problems. By completing a digital form and through a personal conversation, the needs of the client are analysed. The assistant takes the necessary steps to generate a 3D facial photo, a CT and optical intraoral scan. The next day the client receives a 3D photo by email with a quotation for the proposed final result that can be viewed and discussed with their partner at home. Upon approval from the client, the dental specialist can prepare the full rehabilitation by means of a virtual articulator in the computer, in which preparation of the natural elements, placement of the implants, supra-structures, crowns and bridges are possibly included. The dental specialist’s design is sent to the Morphological Design Agency where the dental architect implements the design digitally. This person, the so called dentician, will then send itsdesign to Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. in digital format, where the implants, supra-structures, crowns or bridges are manufactured individually and then sent directly to the dental specialist. Finally the client will be treated by the dental robot which is controlled by individual patient related software. The dental specialist will complete the finishing details. All of this will take place in one visit. The world of implantology can certainly be called innovative. New products and technologies follow each other rapidly. Dental implant treatments have been at the top for years, with regard to success percentages, compared to every other implant treatment in the medical world. Even so every manufacturer endeavours to move borders by supplying products that simplify and accelerate the treatment methodology. As a Dutch manufacturer of dental implants Dyna obviously anticipates to this as well. These days CAD-CAM technology has already become an integaal part in the world of dentistry AT DYNA THE FUTURE HAS ALREADY BEGUN






















5 Core business Development of implant and abutment systems

Development of magnet systems

Development of surface structures

Research & development of new dental materials and products

Research into new innovative products

Development of new production procedures

Private label products

Training en education.

OEM Manufacturing


6 Product portfolio Dyna Helix® Implant System Dyna Magnet System Attchments Muchor® Cyrtina® CAD/CAM Implaclean® Newtom® CT scanners Aesculap® instruments Bonit Matrix bone regeneration material / Hyprosorb® membranes W&H® products Disposables

Implantology today is scientifically proven to be an excellent addition to the range of dental treatment options. We rely on data and the fact is that implant systems respecting biological and physiological considerations of the oral cavity and state-of-the-art technology guarantee a longterm success rate. Patients expect to be

recent years the concept of time has become an important factor influencing the decision of the patients.

The new Dyna Helix速 implant is a milestone in the development of a versatile implant system that meets the requirements of dental implantology. More than 25 years of experience in dental implantology have given us the confidence to re-define our philosophy and introduce this unique implant system to the market. The prosthetic components of the Dyna Octalock速 implant system are compatible with the Dyna HELIX速 implants system.

Cell growth on Dyna HELIX速 ART surface

presented with products of best quality and value. In

Dyna Helix® Implant System

The Dyna Helix® DC (Dual Core) implant is a two-stage cylindrical screw type implant based on a root shape Dual Core and a straight self tapping thread. The root shape of the DualCore realizes bone condensation during insertion. The special thread shape results in a combination of forces providing a mechanical fixation and load distribution.

Dyna Helix® DC Ø 3,2 – 5,0 L= 8-15mm

This will contribute to primary stability of the implant and stimulates the healing process.

The Dyna Helix® ST implant is a two-stage, screw type implant that can be used in one-stage surgery if the criteria for one stage surgery are met. It allows achieving sufficient primary stability and guarantees safe and a-traumatic insertion. The Dyna Helix® Straigth implant is based on a straigth root form core with self tapping thread up to the neck of the implant. Because of the sharp self cutting lower edge of the implant the

Dyna Helix® ST Ø 3,6 – 5,0 L= 8-15mm

positioning in height during insertion is easier to manipulate.

The current concept of Dyna Helix® TM implant is based on solid, straight screw cylinder with a 2μm polished collar (H 2.8mm) The Helix® TM implants are primarily designed for all endosteal implant indications in the maxilla and mandibula for the functional rehabilitation of edentulous and partially dentate patients The Dyna Helix® TM implant resembles the Dyna ST implant which facilitates surgery for type 1 or 2 bone

Dyna Helix® TM Ø 3,6 – 4,2 L= 8-15mm

Instant Adjusting Cone® The new patented pre-manufactured Dyna Instant Adjusting Cone® System is a self adjusting titanium mechanism based on the cone crown principle that has already been applied successfully for decades. The system, based on the ball and socket joint principle, can be used chair- side as well as be implemented in the prosthesis by the dental technician in the laboratory. When placing the prosthesis intra-orally, the Dyna Cone matrices will adjust themselves automatically on the Dyna Cone abutment to a maximum angle of 20 degrees.

Instant Adjusting Bar® The new patented pre-fabricated Dyna Instant Adjusting Bar® adds a new dimension to prosthetic constructions of bar-supported overdentures in implantology. It can be placed directly and without any tension on every pair of (non)parallel implants or implant analogues on the working cast. The ready-to-use pre-fabricated titanium bar adjusts itself automatically, fully stress-free to the implant or analogue position, when threading the fixation screws. The laboratory can immediately make the complete suprastructure with the retention parts without worrying about the fit of the bar construction in the mouth of the patient. This system substantially reduces time and costs for the dentist, dental technician and patient.



Muchor® provides the dentist with the option of offering its patients an accepted solution for extra retention of a dental prosthesis if implants are contra indicated. It can be described as a retention and fastening system that is designed to increase fastening and stabilisation. The system consists of ceramic (zirconium oxide) elements, more or less oval in cross-section, who function as intra-mucosal anchors.

Magnet System WR Magnet S3 02MS1 H. 1,7 mm Ă˜ 4,5 mm

WR Magnet S5 02MS2 H. 2,7 mm Ă˜ 4,5 mm

Implaclean速 contains the unique Ardox-X速 active oxygen technology in combination with Lactoferrine. This new technology is based on the oxygen-dontating-complex. This is an active complex (active oxygen), which is known for its deeper penetration in the natural tissue. Possible pockets of teeth and implants are kept clean and free of damaging bacteria and gum infections have no chance. The active oxygen assures that plaque formation is prevented, teeth stay white and no deviations in color between the natural teeth and implant constructions occur over time.

Other products distributed by Dyna

QR r.s.l







Hager Werken

7 Computerized dentistry In 2002 Dyna started a 3-year project named CADDIMA. (Computer Assisted Diagnosis and Design of IMplant Abutments) in collaboration with VDZ Holding and ACTA University (Amsterdam). This implies that a CT scan of the patient will be made, after which navigation software will be used by the dental surgeon or dentist to obtain a virtual placement of implants. Thereafter by using the acquired data a drilling guide is produced by which the correct position of the implants in the mouth of the patient is guaranteed. An option is to implement zirconium oxide abutments on the PC in advance, with the correct insert angle with regard to the neighbouring elements. For example in an one tooth replacement session a crown is produced in advance and placed directly after the implantation. At the same time individual abutments can be designed and manufactured with the information obtained. This will eventually lead to the production of complete crowns and bridges in a central production setting. Mid 2007 Dyna opened a Scan Centre in which it provides the “Service� to scan and design products for dental technician laboratories. In this manner a laboratory does not have to invest in a scanner and it saves time. Resulting in recruiting more dentists as clients or increase production for existing clients.



8 Product development It all beginns with an idea In collaboration with dental professionals the Dyna R&D specialists are working daily on the research and development of high-quality dental products that simplify treatments and are in accordance with market demands. We develop our product in accordance with a so called Design History File. This method was developed in the automotive industry to guarantee the highest quality standards. An example is the problem with precision impression taking for implants constructions. This problem is solved by the develloped Angulated Octa Impression Coping, as shown below.

9 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Cell growth on Dyna HELIX® ART surface Special thanks to Dr. Gonçalves and Dr. Granjeiro

10 Research Osteopontine Cells Machined Osteopontine and fibronectine are important cells that promote osseointegration. These are the first cells that connect to the surface of the implant. Osteopontine Cells ART Comparison between the ‘machined’ and the ART surface; the redder the colour, the better the biocompability of the material used.

Fibronectine Cells ART

11 Clinical case 1

Thanks to Drs. W. Franken DDS and R. Sent ZTM

11 Clinical case 2

Thanks to Drs. W. Franken DDS and P. Popp ZTM

12 Quality The quality system of Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. meets all European legislation in order to provide its products with a CE label. Its notified body, KEMA Medical, monitors and records all new products and products changes manufactured by Dyna. Dyna complies with the MDD (Medical Device Directive) and other govermental requirements. The notified body performs a yearly audit.

13 Worldwide Distribution

14 Future In North America, Europe and Japan alone, more than 240 million people are already missing one or more teeth. Approximately 5 million are treated with dental implants. In comparison, approximately 48 million people have undergone treatment in the conventional dental manner. However, this will change rapidly through the acknowledgement of implants by the profession, the familiarity with the consumer and the ever decreasing costs of treatment. Dyna Dental Engineering B.V. will achieve its growth through development, acquisition, manufacturing, marketing and sales of new and innovative dental products as well as its existing product portfolio. It will distinguish itself through innovative marketing and by simplifying treatment techniques, amongst others, in cooperation with its clients. In addition simple “intelligent� products such as the patented Instant Adjusting BarŽ and Instant Adjusting Cone will contribute to cost savings for the consumer as well as positive brand awareness of Dyna.

Your comfort is our goal!

Dyna Dental Engineering b.v. PO Box 70 4600 AB, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands T. +31(0) 164-258980 F. +31(0) 164-258390 E-mail: Website:

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