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issue six. pick up sticks. july

09. got a broken face uh huh


able of contents t has been a good time here in berlin with summer in full bloom and such long days and short nights or rather just long nights and no down time to compose this shit and get it out although enough time to squeeze oranges and make good juice and getting on the stove top for a coffee not a bud spot mind you but thats not to say there havent been spliffs and epiphanies here and there accompanied by cheap red and now and then some

back breaking work to earn the coins that buy the bread to get the energy for the creation recreation and inspiration included in this number 6 edition which like the rest of them is all self promotion and grandstanding just on yourcomputer screen instead of me spitting in your ear when you’re at a bar trying to enjoy a beer. so cheers. p.s please check out the youtube links on page’s 6 and 8. cover photo from nasa danke schon.

you dont have to be the monster to see how it works.

And on the following page, A conversation about shit with Kurihara the shit artist.. rakurihara

philosophy on art yeah im always try to think that. yeah before like. yeah i was trying to make shit. yeah. all the time try to make shit. but i just kind of left from that. maybe no. like yeah its still shit. you can say its pretty shit. i can say. yeah but i think its different to similar things except shit. maybe shit. yeah. no my shit is yeah, colourful. (laughs) shit has so many possibilities. also you have so many colours shit every day. every day you get different colour shit right? yeah. yeah something like that. but i just using some impossible colourful shit... yeah but now its. i dunno. i cant say exactly what’s going on with my work. maybe you can see my works then you can imagine. yeah. im not good at explaining for what im thinking and what im expressing thats why im painting with visual things, with colours . that’s what im doing. im not flexible im not writer so im using picture. then so people can get impression from my works. people can imagine what they want.

whats your favourite day of the if they think sad. if they think funny. week? if they think angry or something. depends. urr. these days.... i whatever. yeah. it’s good. like sunday. yeah. quiet. yeah. i like monday too. so many how about music good bands playing on monday. music. yeah music is kindof. yeah. yeah next monday im going to yeah my part of body or something. i concert as well. yeah monday is mean. um. like. like you have tongue good. and tuesday’s nice. yeah to taste. like you have dick to piss. tuesday is yeah also quiet. good yeah. i need music to paint. to paint. not so much people around. and the supermarket is what about asparagus open. yeah wednesday is also. asparagus. yeah. then. i like the yeah wednesday i like that. shape and taste as well. i really like nice. middle of the week. yeah. asparagus.... yeah i really really love wednesday. i like the name. them. i just cant say the exact words wednesday. sounds so like, for asparagus. funny. i can laugh sometimes. yeah. thursday is nice as well. do you want to talk about berlin? thursday is .. ahh.. yeah.. a little berlin? yeah..... yeah berlin..... yeah nicer than wednesday. yeah so its my city at the moment. thats thursday there is nothing. friday. where im staying. what i got here saturday. yeah. so so. yeah. is kind of inspiration. when i came here everything was going well. like, other projects? i met people and could have studio. ahh.. not painting. maybe im could get visa. yeah also i can sell going to be fisherman. i like works here, presentation. also have fish. or... yeah. yeah fisherman. exhibition several times. yeah it very nice. yeah maybe means like, i should be here. fisherman.

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There was this one guy I knew a while back. Such a too smart kind of a fella...a long time story teller, a bit of a yeller. His stories would roll like the rollicking seas of the tip of his twisted tongue, and in his brain the punches rained but his stories never changed. A girl I rolled with once in the hurly burly days used to say that the more things changed the more they stayed the same. Whenever she cried she knew it would rain. As undercover lovers we took our tea in bed, but the constant downpours got to me in the umbrella end. This tall guy Tony used to drop in on our house when I was a kid. He spent his time trying not to smoke or to swear when he was around, but ultimately it was all he had. The treatment got to him in the end, before the church did. An elderly retired gentleman, a former clerk, found time to fill me in on some of his crumbling secrets. The key was to catch the light in his canyoning eyes and to notice how he no longer clutched to a life well lived or otherwise. A group of local kids used to call on me when they caught me at home. I dont know what I taught them but I hope it stuck. I used to live with some get up get set goer types, the razzle dazzle key chain rattle sunglass shine and polished banter crowd cocktails and condescending eyes etc. The lesson was in the leaving. A family member of a person I knew had a penchant for pies. Then there was this mover and shaker with a philosophy bent. I never quite knew if what they said was what they meant. There was always someone around.

red light treasure

the video is online here. click.

red light treasure music by shelley wills, nathan taare and dylan bakker music video by sumoneproductions

To move ti To disappe To Forget The basic philosophy of an Island It’s a chan ere’s a a change of colour There’s alot to lose Th It’s ds wor get For To ar ppe disa It will g I need an island To move time To To not need anything The need just it see can I ce spa te whi Amongst Among It will get lost I can s The n To n

photo and text nathan taare

15th floor ostbanhof berlin

hahaha hee hee

we are the sum of the squares of the other two sides, a friendly bunch.

photo - lea fabrikant

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