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Ganoderma lucidum, King of Herbs




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Ganoderma lucidum -


a macrofungus in the Chinese art and mythology

Michael Sander

and today‘s studies. In the


present issue we have evaluated the effects of the Ganoderma L. and its dietary supplements.



content// 6

  GANODERMA LUCIDUM  A therapeutic fungal biofactory The biological activities reported of preparations from Ganoderma are remarkable and given most emphasis herein as distinct from structure/activity information.



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profession for 10 years it became clear to Bhanu Bhakta

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Noni - From Polynesian healers to health food supplements . The knowledge on the chemical composition of Noni fruit has considerably increased over recent years. A number of in vitro and, to a certain extent, in vivo studies demonstrate a range of potentially beneficial effects.



Fungus of the


e Centuries No other fungus on the planet exhibits such a wide range of effects and possible applications nor is used as a natural remedy for so many health problems as the Reishi, which, when translated, means “the mushroom of immortality”. Above all else, it has proven itself as an elixir in the maintenance of good health and also leads to a noticeable improvement in vitality!

has been used in China for centuries, it’s

Ling Zhi is an

rather new to the rest of the world. Due

integral part of

to its tremendous health benefits, use is

culture and the arts

escalating. Its bioactive substances are

on the Orient. Since

of extreme importance not only from a

the first Chinese

pharmacological point of view but also

dynasty, paintings,

in nutritional-physiology. The substanc-

embroideries, buildings, and

Ganoderma lucidum - King of Herbs

sculptures of the


have depicted Reishi

gods and immortals

eishi (lat. Ganoderma lu-

es contained within this mushroom are

as a symbol of

cidum) really is something

so well combined that they ensure high

divinity, longevity

special. Being neither a

biodiversity and efficacy (exploitability

and good fortune.

plant nor animal, Reishi

of a substance in the body). According

has been placed - as well as all other

to folklore, Reishi has been used in Asia

fungi/mushrooms - in a kingdom of its

as a natural remedy for thousands of

own called Myceteae. Reishi is, first and

years. Ganoderma lucidum is its scien-

foremost, a food. It is of the fungi class,

tific name, it’s known as Reishi in Japan

a mushroom that grows on dead tree

and is called Ling Zhi in China. This

stumps and logs. It has amazing proper-

name signifies the huge appreciation

ties for health and vitality.While Reishi

people had and continue to have for this



mushroom. Old Chinese Masters used to say Ling Zhi (“beau-

in poems and celebrated at lavish parties. Finding a Ling Zhi

tiful flower” when translated) could even “wake a person from

was always considered a good omen. The mushroom wasn’t

the dead and get them back on their feet” and it has therefore

only used as medicine. It served as a talisman and was consid-

been celebrated for centuries as a symbol of success and joie

ered a symbol of immortality in Taoist circles. In addition, it

de vivre. Ling Zhi is a unique product that bears the proud

was hung above doorways and beds to ward off demons and

title medicine of eternal life. It is a natural organism with re-

evil spirits. As a result, it was also immortalized on porcelain,

cycling properties, which provide it with its own nutrition, as

jade carvings, jewels, carpets, drawings and pictures.

Reishi never rots and never looses its form, even when dried. Reishi - in a genius of its own In the Pen Ts’ao Kang Mu (a.D. 1578), China’s most famous pharmacopoeia, it states that “continued use of Ling Zhi helps

The most ancient herbal book in China states: “From the up-

reduce weight and increases life expectancy” (Huang, 1993).

per class of elixirs there are one hundred and twenty kinds,

At this time, it was thought the pharmacological effects of Ling

whose task is to rule like the king. They control the mainte-

Zhi were due to its color. Ling Zhi actually exhibits many dif-

nance of human life and correspond to heaven. They are not

ferent features, which are dependant upon the region in which

poisonous, regardless of what amount or regularity they are

it grows (Jong and Birmingharii, 1992). During the Ming

consumed. Do you want to alleviate your body and strengthen

Dynasty (1368-1644), it was called Qi Zhi or “red mushroom”.

your powers, and do you want to live long without aging, then

It was said that it was good for the heart (Yeung, 1985). In tra-

use this remedy!” The most important of these was the Ling

ditional Chinese medicine, Ling Zhi is classified in the high-

Zhi, even before the legendary ginseng. From today’s perspec-

est class of the tonic. There are many Chinese and Japanese

tive, these venerations are easily determinable. As almost

reports about people with cancer or other degenerative dis-

everything that was written about the effects of Reishi in an-

eases’ embarking on long trips in an attempt to procure Ling

cient China can be backed by present day scientific studies.

Zhi. According to old tales, Chinese Emperors deployed entire

Back then, the term “immune system” was not understood.

fleets to find Ling Zhi. It was regarded, even before ginseng,

However, this is what they were referring to when they wrote:

as the most important imperial elixir in China, the weight of

“The Reishi mushroom helps overcome illnesses and increas-

which was measured in gold due to the rarity of the fungus

es the life expectancy of humans.” Today it has been proven

(in Japan it was aptly referred to as the phantom mushroom).

that it has preventative effects as well as healing properties.

When the mushroom was procured, its powers were heralded

In any case, it supports the energy system of our bodies and helps us to remain healthy or to become healthy once again. Even its exterior is impressive - which often also secures the mushroom a decorative place in a flower arrangement! The stem of the young mushroom grows like a finger to a length of around 15 cm from the substrate, eventually branches off and often forms a kidney-shaped cap. This cap can be up to 1-3 cm thick. The stem is initially bright yellow in color but gradually turns a deep dark red. Extremely impressive, however, is its shiny almost varnished-like appearance. In earlier times, the most sought after specimens were those that resembled antlers. For such an “antler mushroom” vast sums of money were paid. When dried, the mushroom lignifies. Its consistency then resembles cork, it has a slightly bitter taste and emits a pleasant aromatic smell. The red Ling Zhi is considered to have the most healing properties. This variety is also used for healing purposes and is grown in cultures.




Distribution and Cultivation





production had already reached 4,000

established (matured) mycelium could

gained wide popularity as

tons. This meant that around 4 million

produce the fruit structure which we call

a health food because of

people were able to consume Reishi or

the mushroom. Mushrooms are devoid



Reishi products on a regular basis. Once

of leaves, and of chlorophyll-containing

erties and valuable health effects. In

rare and expensive, Ganoderma, known

tissues. This renders them incapable

its main area of distribution, the moist

as magical mushroom, is now effectively

of photosynthetic food production.

costal region of China, the Reishi is rare.

cultivated and is readily available.

Yet, they grow, and they produce new

The difficult conditions needed for ger-

biomass. For their survival, for their

mination are reason for this. Reishi place

The structure that we call a mushroom

growth, and for their metabolism, they

quite special demands on the air, tem-

is, in reality, only the fruiting body of

rely on organic matter synthesized by

perature and humidity. Since the 1970’s,

the fungus. The vegetative part of the

the green plants around us, including

the optimal conditions for germination

fungus, called the mycelium, comprises

organic products contained in agricul-

could be replicated under laboratory

a system of branching threads and cord-

tural crop residues. The organic materi-

conditions. Since then, it has been pos-

like strands that branch out through

als, from which mushrooms derive their

sible to cultivate the Reishi that had pre-

soil, compost, wood log or other ligno-

nutrition, are referred to as substrates.

viously only been available to a wealthy

cellulosic material on which the fungus

class in Asia, therefore, making it acces-

may be growing. After a period of growth

A Reishi farming is both a science

sible to more people. In 1997, worldwide

and under favourable conditions, the

and an art. The science is developed


through research, and the art is per-

ditions are procured at 26-27 degrees

in Malaysia to be awarded MS ISO

fected through practical experience.

Celsius. Full maturity is indicated, when

14001:2004 certification from Lloyd´s

However, cultivation requires precision.

the cap is completely reddish brown and

Register Quality Assurance since July

Indeed, it is not as simple as what some

spores are shed on the top of the cap.

2000. This ensures that all activities in

people often loosely stipulate. It calls

Harvesting is done by tight plucking,

cultivating Ganoderma meet the

for adherence to precise procedures.

holding the root with one hand and pull-

ISO 14001:2004 standard and com-

DXN, a company from Malaysia, thus

ing up with another and no residual bud

ply with legal requirements by the

succeeded in cultivating the Resishi us-

is left after harvesting. As a result, no en-

Department of Environment.

ing rubber wood, rice chaff and water

vironmentally unfriendly factors are to

to form the organic substrate for the

be reckoned with. After harvesting, the

In November 2007, DXN’s Ling Zhi Farm

Ganoderma to grow. This method pro-

Reishi mushroom is sliced and dried and

was accredited the Malaysian Organic

duces more than 200 kinds of primary

ground to powder.

Scheme (Skim Organik Malaysia) cer-

and secondary elements, such as en-


tification by Department of Agriculture,

zymes, co-enzymes, amino acids, vita-

The DXN Ling Zhi farm covers an

Peninsular Malaysia (Jabatan Pertanian

mins, carbohydrates and other trace el-

area spanning 34,000 m² and is the

Semenanjung Malaysia), conforming to

ements which help to improve the crop’s

first processing plant for Ganoderma

the standards of MS 1529:2001 and of a

quality, quantity, growth and resistance

certified organic farm.

to pests. The mushrooms are cultivated under extremely hygienic standards in order to protect them from bacteria and pet infestations. The mixed substrate is filled in polyethylene bags, capped to prevent contamination, then sterilized in autoclave at 121 degrees Celsius for two hours, a process, which doesn’t destroy the nutrients. After cooling, the substrate is inoculated with selected matured spawn under aseptic conditions. The polyethylene bags containing the inoculated spawn are then placed in the sheds for a period of ninety days. In DXN’s sheds, optimal growing con-



Worldwide recognition of the vital prop


or over 4,000 years, is has been said that the Reishi posses magical powers - today these powers have been scientifically proven. The Japanese government has added the Reishi to the official list of can-

cer drugs. It may seem surprising that in the Western world not that much has been known about this popular, acclaimed natural remedy until recently - after all, in Japan alone currently over 770 million US Dollars is turned over annually from products manufactured from Ling Zhi and other healing mushrooms. There is, however, a simple explanation for this: Up until recently, only a very limited amount of Ling Zhi was available. Only over the last few years has it been made possible to cultivate the mushroom professionally on a large scale basis. Since then, the number of scientific investigations into this traditional natural remedy has increased exponentially. Today it is therefore clear: Ling Zhi is, firstly, completely nontoxic and as a result can be consumed in any quantity with no time restrictions. Secondly, as a nutritional supplement, it can help protect against a large number of illnesses - including cancer.


perties of the Reishi



About 20 years ago, a real vital mushroom boom began in the

Important substances in Reishi

USA. Here the healing mushrooms were most often used as nutritional supplements or as slimming products. Crossing on

Reishi contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, rough-

their way to America, the demand for healing/vital mushroom

age, essential amino acids and secondary substances with

products also increased in Germany. Since that time, hun-

high bioactivity in a unique form. Two groups of substances

dreds of holistic doctors and healers have been using Reishi

are, however, of particular importance. On the one hand, it

as a universal natural remedy in fighting many complaints

is the polysaccharides that can activate the human immune

and illnesses. Reishi are grown in culture, dried, processed to

system, strengthen and stabilize the body’s defense forces and

capsules, powder or granulate and sold as a supplementary

increase the ability of the body to successfully cope with the

vital supplement, in support of a healthy diet. In Japan, the

varying attacks from our surrounding environment. On the

Reishi mushroom is approved as medication in the treatment

other hand, it contains triterpenes, also known as bitter sub-

of cancer.

stances, a group of active natural compounds found in most plants. As with most beneficial substances in plants, it pro-

Scientific findings impressively depict the potential of this

tects the plant from microbial infection. The triterpene found

amazing mushroom. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),

in Ganoderma is known to play various important roles for

it has been utilized as a versatile remedy for quite some time.

the well being of human body. For biochemists and pharma-

Ganoderma Lucidum is known as the “divine mushroom of

cologists, Reishi is a biological “power packet”. It still hasn’t

immortality” in Japan. “Ling Zhi”, which is also known as

yet revealed all its secrets and with future investigations more

Reishi, is one of the most acclaimed mycoceutics in Asia. The

interesting findings are most definitely to be reckoned with.

Japanese doctor, Dr. Fukumi Morishige, observed that consuming Ling Zhi / Reishi was of particular benefit over the course of illnesses that are associated with a lowered immunologic state (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, chronic bronchitis, hepatitis).

“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” — Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine 460-377 BC




Scientific investigations confirm important properties of vital mushroom After successfully cultivating the Reishi, extensive biochemical and pharmacological investigations into the substances contained within the mushroom and their medicinal effects were carried out. Since then, numerous clinical studies have confirmed many of the traditional uses of the mushroom, which were gathered over the centuries. It provides people with an additional high-quality vegetable, and enriches the diet with high-quality proteins, minerals and vitamins which can be of direct benefit to the human health and fitness. The extractable bioactive compounds from the Reishi can

The basidiocarp, mycelia and spores of Ganoderma lucidum con-

enhance human immune system and improve quality of

tain approximately 400 different bioactive compounds, which

life. Studies emphasized by the Professor and Mycologist,

mainly include triterpenoids, polysaccharides, nucleotides, ste-

Jan Lelley, in his book The healing power of fungi are being

rols, phyto-steroids, fatty acids, proteins/peptides and trace el-

sited here in lieu of those available: In seven Chinese hospi-

ements which have been reported to have a number of health-

tals, the effects of the Ling Zhi mushroom on both cholester-

enhancing benefits. Reishi is regarded as healthy food or as so

ol level and the cardiovascular system were investigated. In

called functional food. The extractable products from Reishi, de-

68 % of the patients, a reduction in the LDL cholesterol level

signed to supplement the human diet as an enhancement of health

was achieved, after they were administered Reishi for 1 to 4

and fitness, can be classified into the category of dietary supple-

months. 90 % of those treated also suffered from coronary

ments or mushroom nutriceuticals. Dietary supplements are in-

heart disease. In more than three quarters of these patients’

gredients extracted from foods and herbs that are taken without

ongoing reviews with the aid of an ECG revealed clear im-

further modification. Mushrooms constitute a most rapidly gro-

provements in their conditions.

wing new food category, which the current health-oriented public is increasingly enjoying.


Reishi - a potent pharmacological macrofungus As before, most of the studies on Reishi are undertaken in Asia and the USA. Despite great skepticism at the onset, conventional Western medicine and naturopathy has come to appreciate the amazing properties of the vital mushroom. Reishi has also been added to the American herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium. Nutritional value of Reishi The Reishi mushroom has attained an unparalleled reputation in the Orient as the ultimate herbal substance. To the Chinese, the nutrition health benefits of mushrooms include promoting vitality and good health. It is considered a superfood because it is so highly nutritious. Over 300 reports have been published concerning the chemical constituents of the red Reishi. The fruiting body, mycelia and spores of Reishi contain approximately 400 different bioactive compounds. This prized fungus contains several health benefits for our body. As a food, it is rich in protein, contains 18 amino acids, Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), Germanium (Ge) alongside other essential micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals. The potency of Reishi mushrooms is usually based on its level of triterpenoids. One can determine the level of this by tasting it. The more bitter it is, the higher the level of triterpenoids. Because Reishi is a polypore, (a group of hard, woody, bracket-like mushrooms) it is not eaten, but cut into pieces and made into a tea. Other popular forms of delivery are the water extracts and powders. Many people also use Reishi as a coffee substitute. The DXN products are thus an ideal way to consume Reishi.



The status of Reishi in the health food industry is unparalleled. It is the culmination of the knowledge and wisdom of the East and West for 5,000 years. Its effectiveness as a health food has been demonstrated in over 30 years of modern scientific research, therefore proving that Reishi is totally free from any side-effects. For centuries, Reishi has been regarded as a symbol of happiness, longevity and even immortality. It has been gaining in popularity in recent years as a historically treasured herbal material. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it’s still regarded as one of the most valuable herbal treasures to this day. The secret of success is knowing how to deal with your body to maintain peak health condition. The dictum Health is Wealth holds more truth now in a modern context than it did ever before. While medical science has progressed more than anyone could have ever imagined in treating disorders and diseases, the real challenge lies in prevention. The answer lies in looking to a system, which is naturally sustainable and adaptable for all conditions and all body systems. Nevertheless, of course, modern-style research using contemporary scientific methods is now being carried out into the ways the mushroom works and into the possibility of using it to promote health. DXN remains in the forefront of bringing the benefits of the Reishi to the common man. An old Arabian Proverb says: “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin DXN CEO


While medical science imagined in treating disord

e has progressed more than anyone could have ever ders and diseases, the real challenge lies in prevention.


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NETWORK MARKETING OF THE FUTURE „Marketing is Everything“ was the title of an article by Regis McKenna, probably the most significant marketing expert in the technology business, published in the “Harvard Business Review” in 1991. “In the long term every company is dependent on the fact that its customers speak well of the company and its products,” was his creed. And as early as 1986 McKenna, then marketing boss of Apple, was convinced “that soon no more computers will be bought without the customers getting a reference from a trustworthy person in their circle of friends.” “Recommendations and mouth-to-mouth propaganda are the most powerful form of communication in the business world,” is therefore McKenna‘s conclusion: “More powerful than any other form of promotion and PR.”


nd indeed marketing has long been trans-

Particularly in the distant regions of the USA “traveling sales-

formed from an operational marketing in-

men” were not just a familiar feature of the B2B (business

strument into universal “social engineer-

to business) scene, there were also representatives who sold

ing.” A web made up of relationships,

their goods – household products just as much as insurance

networks and interactions has come to

– directly to the end customers. But all these representatives

guide the whole of economic life. But where did it begin?

were restricted by their “maximum possible sales limit.” W.

“Marketing” came along with the mass production of goods

Clement Stone, the doyen of the American insurance indus-

that started from the beginning of the 20th century as a result

try, described this limit in his book “The Success System That

of industrialization. To position products on the markets and

Never Fails”, published in 1962, as follows: “On the morning

to awaken the customers‘ desire to buy new strategies were

after the eventful day when I gained 122 customers I decided

developed. Information and advertising received a completely

to duplicate myself – i.e. to build up a sales organization. At

new significance. So marketing was the response to the chal-

the end of that day I was happy but tired. I went to bed ear-

lenges facing selling in the industrial age. However, “recom-

lier than usual and also sold insurance policies in my dreams.

mendation marketing” as we encounter it today in the form of

Next morning it became clear to me that I had reached the

“network marketing” or “multi-level marketing” (MLM) had

upper limit for deals closed personally.” Since this “maxi-

not even been born 100 years ago. On the other hand “direct

mum possible sales limit” coincides with the psychological

distribution” did already exist.

and physical breaking point of the individual sales representa-




tive and it is therefore not possible to stabilize sales figures at

This problem found an initial solution through the trainers re-

this high level, the direct sales companies sought quite soon

ceiving an “overhead,” i.e. a commission on the total turnover

to break through this limit. The first step in this direction was

achieved by the sales organizations of the executives they had

found quickly – building a sales organization. But at first they

trained. But very soon it was to become apparent that this too

only thought of using the experience and know-how of the

“fell short,” because the moment a new leader qualified in the

top salesmen in order to train and impart skills to new sales-

depths of the organization this turnover was lost to the origi-

men. Since the trainers shared in the turnover of the salesmen

nal trainer since the executive he had trained could now claim

they trained, the “maximum possible sales limit” was broken

the “overhead” for himself. Only when the overhead started

through for the first time. In this way the foundation stone was

to be shared over several levels was a situation reached where

laid for a development that was to produce more millionaires

executives had a genuine interest in helping new subordinates

than any other idea before or since!

even if they had not personally recruited them. “Multi-level marketing” (MLM) was born.

However, first of all the idea had to overcome a few “teething problems.” The way the concepts were originally “worked

The first company that was already using and perfecting this

out” the trainers did not really have any interest in the sales-

system in the 1940s was a company called “California Vita-

men they trained becoming trainers themselves since they did

mins,” which, as can be guessed from the name, was active in

not earn anything from them anymore when that happened.

the food supplement field. California Vitamins had recognized




that the “classical chain of distribution” (cf. Fig 1 on p. 24)

system” and “pyramid game” were on everybody‘s lips and

was by far not as well-suited to the sale of products in need of

hardly anybody was able to distinguish anymore where legal

explanation as direct sales where the product was presented

and legitimate sales ended and where fraud began.

to customers within their own four walls and reached the end customers from the producer with only one intermediary. In

So in 1975 the time had come: With the “Pyramid Law” the

addition, California Vitamins was the first company to come

“Federal Trade Commission” (FTC) sounded the charge

up with the idea of selling customers who registered as dis-

against “structured marketing” as the multi-level marketing

tributors the products wholesale and enabling them to benefit

models had also come to be known. The FTC‘s main opponent

from successful recommendations – the evolution to “net-

was what was already at that time the largest network market-

work marketing” was complete.

ing company in the USA, which today is still active in more than 80 countries and has more than 3 million distribution

The success of this new method of integrating the customers

partners. After more than four years and legal costs amount-

into a company‘s marketing was so overwhelming that it im-

ing to several million dollars the Supreme Court ruled that the

mediate found numerous imitators – and just as quickly nu-

distribution system used by the company was not an “illegal

merous critics. After all, in those days communications were

pyramid system” but a permissible method of supplying end

far from being as developed as today and the “informed con-

customers with a manufacturer‘s products. The criteria dis-

sumer” was far from being a matter of course. A situation that

tinguishing legality from illegality (cf. Fig. 2 on p. 25) were

was exploited by some “black sheep” in order to make a quick

finally clearly defined. This legal decision laid the basis for the

profit with utopian promises. Soon the concepts “snowball

success of network marketing, which since that time has been


hastening from one record to the next – and that on a global

acquired. In the business cycle employers generate funds,

scale! Not only in the USA and Canada, Europe and Australia

which then flow to employees – not just those of the employ-

has network marketing become firmly established but also in

ers‘ own firms but also at suppliers, processors and service

South America and the whole Asia-Pacific region and in the

providers. With their work these employees secure the pros-

Middle East and Africa is advancing inexorably.

perity of the employers. If this cycle is broken, then prosperity is jeopardized. Today one single company can make large


n actuality the process that is totally changing the working

profits with few employees – and this completely without

world and society has long started. The increasing mecha-

suppliers or processors. The Internet and new information

nization and automation of many aspects of work has sim-

technologies make this possible. For this reason people will

ply made hundreds of thousands of jobs superfluous in the

not in future be able to rely on getting a steady job some-

last decades. There has been one other comparably far-reach-

where, but will have to look for their opportunity in other

ing transformation in the past: the “Industrial Revolution,”

models of work. The “freelance” and the “temporary worker”

which in the 18th and

are only two of numer-

19th centuries led from

ous possibilities that are

an agricultural to an in-

gaining more and more

dustrial society. The rap-

significance. People are

id technical development

required to reflect on

has in recent years forced



qualities. Then in the






for new jobs in the ser-


vice sector. But even the

will indeed be planted

transition to the service

to make good the short-

society still does not rep-

fall in your wallet using

resent the end of the de-

your own initiative. Here

velopment: Today we are

network marketing may

standing on the threshold

very well offer a genuine

of the Information Age,

career opportunity. Be-

i.e. that epoch where

cause expensive “high-

“knowledge” represents

power advertising” on TV

the central value when

and radio has long been

it comes to earning a liv-

out in many industries

ing. This is, however, no

since the ratio of results

reason to stick your head

to costs is not particu-

in the sand, particularly

larly good. Nevertheless,

as – seen historically –

the advertising cost of

every attempt to combat

German companies alone

progress has been con-



amounted according to

demned to failure. It is more sensible to take advantage of

“Nielsen Media Research,” the leading media research com-

progress. Just as today machines already take over a lot of

pany worldwide, in 2008 to more than €21 billion and the

boring and exhausting work and thus create more creative

trend is upwards.

space for people, with the transformation to a knowledge society it is also a case of not losing sight of the primary goal –

The sales strategies of network marketing companies mean

the acquisition and distribution of prosperity – and placing

they can dispense with such advertising budgets by transfer-

the whole process at the service of humankind.

ring the products directly to the end customer – unlimited timewise (no store opening times) and placewise (world-

Prosperity was the watchword of yesterday, is the watch-

wide) – by means of “dialog-oriented distribution channels.”

word of today and tomorrow it will still be the watchword

Costly traditional business is thus avoided. Only the success-

of successful business ventures. Prosperity that wants to be

ful recommendations of the distributors, i.e. genuine sales,



are paid for in the form of commissions according to each

“outside.” Because the customer is becoming more and more

company‘s individual remuneration scheme. These “soft

a co-producer of the product, a “prosumer.”

sales” through recommendations and bridge-building are continuing their forward march. Network marketing have al-

The idea of the company as a system interacting with its

ready done pioneering work here in the past. Today, howev-

surroundings and of marketing as a co-designer of this life

er, in the age of “social networking,” when some people have

system leads to a considerably broadened concept of market-

more “friends” on Twitter or Facebook than some countries

ing. A concept that has long been practiced in the network

have inhabitants, this form of “person-to-person” promo-

marketing industry. Here the variety of markets should not

tion is becoming more important with each passing day! In

be ignored. Each market has its own logic that you have to

times when their advertising presence has to become louder,

be able to deal with as with the variety of different forms

gaudier and more original in order to draw customers “out

of behavior of target groups, market segments, partners and

of the woodwork,” network marketing companies are taking

other participants in the market. An example of this would

the direct route via “enthusiastic users,” who recommend the

be the halal seal of quality (cf. OBTAINER WORLDWIDE,

products and services warmly to their friends, acquaintances

Issue No. 11/09, pp. 122 ff.) allocated to meat, condiments or

and business partners – and that completely free of charge!

cosmetics and recently also to financial products.

portant. The mistake of assuming that marketing is “done


in the marketing department” is a fatal one. Modern mar-

others. Here consider for a moment: How often have you gone

keting is no longer limited to the boundaries of your own

to the cinema, consulted a lawyer or booked a holiday as a re-

company. It should be understood as a recurrent theme that

sult of a recommendation? It is part of human nature to help

pervades and activates the whole organization. But with this

other people and also to give unasked advice when you think

overall perspective marketing can no longer be considered

it will be of use to the other person. But also recognition plays

the exclusive domain of a few particularly experienced mar-

a great role here because, if we are honest, we recommend

ket experts, such as the product manager or the marketing

something good not only to help others but also to earn grati-

manager, or even of the distribution manager or the CEO. It

tude and esteem. But who are these “others”? They are what

has long become dangerous to rigidly separate “inside” and

is called a “network”: the totality of all professional and pri-

Particularly with products that require lots of explanation, ones that are difficult to sell without extensive information, a recommendation from a trusted person is all the more im-


Exporter Importer

oday a good reputation is everything. News and rumors – both positive and negative – spread like wildfire through the social networks. However, most peo-

ple do not believe that they have influence on the decisions of

Wholesaler Intermediary




Fig. 1: Classical sales channel


Independent distributor

Fig. 2: Direct sales channel



vate contacts. Every single one of us has such a network – and the primary task of a “networker” consists of activating this network! Since time immemorial people have made alliances and joined together. They “network” both for economic and political reasons as well as social ones. Networks are gaining significance in both the professional and the private sphere and here the Internet as a medium of interpersonal communication is playing an ever more important role in building and caring for relationships. These changes are also molding the essence of work. New forms of work emerge, e.g. working as a freelance in networks, of which “network marketing” is a part. The network – it is claimed – is the organizational form of the future and in the private sphere it is gaining significance just as much as within and between organizations in the realms of business, politics or civil society. But for self-confessed networkers that is nothing new. The task of a networker consists of organizing this networking. Networking partners share in the turnover generated in these networks in the form of commissions. People who decide as small businesspeople to enter network marketing are acting totally in line with the trend: the number of associates involved worldwide in the direct sales industry rose in the 20 years from 1988 to 2009 from 8.5 million to over 65 million! At the same time the percentage share of networkers has increased continually so than meanwhile only a maximum of 14 percent of all people working in sales are involved in “classical direct sales” – and over 86 percent in network marketing.



No product, or product without any utility/demand,

Product with utility and demand

license fee

Remuneration in network marketing is dependent on

Recruitment of new partners earns commissions so that real sales become irrelevant (bounty)

turnover: commissions only for product turnover •

The contract is concluded with the network marketing

The revenues of an authorized dealer are directly

company, settlement takes place centrally through the

reduced by the turnover commission for the

sponsor on the level above

The products are purchased from the level

above or are passed from level to level

hierarchy for the same price

with a mark-up

It is possible to overtake participants on a higher level

It is not possible to overtake participants on a higher

Not the first, but the best is the best


Start-up costs are low: mostly you acquire a starter kit

company •

The products are purchased directly from the manufacturer – and this on all levels of the

“Devil take the hindmost“

for less than €100 or $100 and for that you receive an

Contract penalties, minimum purchases, expensive

equivalent in products, brochures, etc.

course packages, high entry costs



The future – that now seems certain – belongs to the networks.

to it. For this you have to know your own strengths. Then your

Whereas previously – in a market that covered a narrowly lim-

contacts and your skills will advance with every step.

ited area – the danger often arose that networks would topple into the negative and become a “tangle,” today – in a global-

Sometimes difficulties will appear and your networking part-

ized, open world market – the demands on all participants are

ners will try to draw you into something that is not really your

above all molded by transparency and openness, which is why

thing. Then you need the ability to recognize the lines of con-

in the sphere of work highly professional behavior is the pre-

flict quickly and to find a solution that is satisfactory for as

condition for business success. Nevertheless, it is not permis-

many participants as possible. To do so you must also make

sible to equate “networking “ with “selling”! In the first place

yourself aware of your skills. You have to know what you want

it is a question of building up a relationship and of anchoring

and what you are able to do. Then it will be easy to define what

yourself in people‘s memories through a self-confident and

you still lack in order to achieve your goal. In this manner you

appealing manner, so that when a suitable opportunity arises

will acquire a sort of “mental shopping list” that will help you

they will remember the networker. Here what is important are

to take the first steps.

not close friends or family members – what are called “strong ties” – but rather the “weak ties,” the friends of friends – or

Everything starts with communication. This is much more

even their friends. It is not so much a question of direct con-

than just talking. It is the basis of understanding, clarification,


tacts as of indirect ones – the contacts of contacts! That is the

adaptation and development. In our society many people find

“art of linking.” For those who master this art success is a self-

it difficult to really pay attention to others. But only good com-

starter. Anybody at all who is unhappy with their present life

munication can lead a network to success. When do custom-

situation will find in network marketing a way that promises

ers speak positively about your company? When they get more

positive change – and this to a great extent independently of

than they expect. The magic formula of recommendation mar-

the overall economic situation. In fact the turnover figures of

keting and customer satisfaction is “expectation.” Frequently

the large networking companies show that since the start of

you do not have to do much research in order to find out what

the world economic crisis in September 2008 the industry has

the customers want and how you can exceed these expecta-

been on a course of stable growth – quite the opposite of gen-

tions. Because quite seriously: As a rule your customers ex-

eral developments. Job cuts in other industries and wage and

pect no more than you also expect from other people! These

cost pressure on all dependent employees make the network

are the “basic skills” – punctuality, friendliness, honesty and,

marketing alternative appear more attractive from month to

of course, flawless performance or a product “that works.”

month – no matter whether as a second income or as a “full-

These basic skills are the “duty” of recommendation market-

fledged livelihood.” Ultimately there is only one single pre-

ing and without them it will hardly be possible to achieve good

condition in order to be successful as a networker and that is

mouth-to-mouth propaganda.

the willingness to learn everything necessary for success! A “better life” does not necessarily mean a bank account worth Working in networks is based on trust and cooperation. Trust

millions, a bigger house or a faster car. Network marketing

arises from being a reliable partner in your network. In a net-

offers every person the opportunity to define the balance be-

work there is no outside authority that can force you to do

tween prosperity and freedom for themselves personally. This

some job or another. That is why it is important that you know

is probably the real reason why today more and more people

and feel yourself what things are all about before you enter a

all over the world are living in line with the motto: Networking

collaboration. It should be clear to you which interests coin-

is everything!

cide and where and what contribution you will be able to make




One World, One Mushroom

“Everybody can transform their lives” By his own life alone Bhanu Bhakta Dhamala is already proof of how much the world has come together in recent decades. He was born in India, grew up in Nepal, works today full-time in the United Arab Emirates and we're reporting about his career in MLM from Germany.


fter working in his pro-

to concentrate only in DXN again by

small amount of money and to have a

fession for 10 years it

quitting the team and that company as

huge income to transform their lives to-

became clear to Bhanu

well.” In addition, the efficacy and the

wards prosperity after a period of time,”

Bhakta that he wouldn't

great potential of the products drew

is his verdict, “and DXN enables people

be able to realize any of his dreams if he

him back to DXN. “And the fact that

to change their lives.”

continued doing what he had been do-

the ganoderma mushroom was able to

Bhanu Bhakta tells of partners who

ing. If he continued working exclusively

help me get rid of my allergic sinusitis,

have never been to school but, never-

as an employee of a petroleum compa-

my acidity and my fatty liver also made

theless, have achieved a certain level in

ny, his dreams would remain mere aspi-

me return to DXN,” says Bhanu Bhakta

DXN's system and enjoy a handsome

rations without ever getting the chance

with a smile.

income (more than their salary) every

to become reality. The father of three

On top of this his business offers him

month along with 2 % international

simply didn't earn enough money. “I

a platform to extend his knowledge of

profit sharing. Some of them have even

was always broke and counting the days

the products and to share it with other

become fulltimers to build up their busi-

to my next monthly salary. Hence the

people who are interested in a healthy,

nesses. “All in all the DXN's success sys-

extra income was my motivation to join



tem represents a wonderful opportunity

MLM,” he told us. Today he conducts his

. The core of DXN's product range is

for 'lay people' who'd like to transform

business after work during his free time.

ganoderma, an Asian mushroom that

their lives because DXN's marketing

In December 2002 Bhanu Bhakta

has been used in Asian medicine for

plan is easy to follow,” summarizes

came into contact with network market-

thousands of years. It can be used as an

Bhanu Bhakta and adds with regard to

ing for the first time. His first contact

extract or as a powder and supports the

the whole industry: “This system is de-

was with the Malaysian company DXN,

healing of many health problems. So it's

signed so as to provide maximum ben-

which has meanwhile expanded into a

no surprise that in addition to the clas-

efit to the end consumers and it helps

global operation and is represented in

sical capsules containing the healing

unemployed people or even housewives

150 countries. “DXN distributes world-

extract it's possible to find almost every

to generate their own income and also to

class organic, healthy day-to-day prod-

conceivable opportunity to make use the

expand it on a large scale.”

ucts at affordable prices,” he explained

healing power of the mushroom in DXN

Asked what distinguishes his work

to us. “There's a generous marketing

products from Ganoderma Coffee, via

as a sponsor, Bhanu Bhakta answers:

plan and people with a professional at-

Ganoderma Vinaigrette to Ganoderma

“I stay with people until they can work

titude associated with the company.”


independently by guiding them, help-


Nevertheless, Bhanu Bhakta left DXN

Bhanu Bhakta doesn't just leave

ing them, motivating them and provid-

again initially. Other networkers had

things at exchanging information about

ing informative materials and updates

made him believe that he could achieve

DXN's versatile products: He considers

that are supportive for both online and

a higher income with their company.

DXN's system to be just as recommend-

offline business. However, their own

However, he quickly realized that this

able as it is promising. Anyhow he takes

initiative also plays a decisive role in be-

was not the case: “Finally when I experi-

an extremely favorable view of network

ing successful in this business.” Bhanu

enced they were not favoring me, instead

marketing. “Networking helps people

Bhakta does everything in his power to

they were favoring themselves, I started

to own their own business with a very

support his business partners' own ini-




tiative. Although in addition to ware-

ings Bhanu Bhakta has recently start-

social media such as Facebook, Twitter

houses DXN also sets up its own offic-

ed his own homepage (www.dxn2us.

or YouTube to reach and inform people

es large enough for big gatherings, he

com), which contains all the relevant

he doesn't know personally yet. “This

regularly conducts meetings in various



business is a helping business,” he

hotels. “Here it's not just to make it

training sessions. “On the basis of the

says, “and this is my inner motivation.

easier for people to understand DXN's

knowledge I've gained from various

Everybody can transform their lives.”

whole concept, but it also helps to cre-

leaders and professionals during my

Through DXN Bhanu Bhakta has

ate closeness to the leaders,” he says

8-year journey with DXN, I've cre-

transformed his life on a lasting ba-

explaining his approach. And Bhanu

ated my own materials, which help

sis. Since he has been running his

Bhakta also holds seminars in hotels.

people to understand very easily. I

own business, he has acquired more

This is a method that he successfully

update and distribute them within my

and more freedom. And he has got to

learned at his company: “DXN orga-

organization from time to time on pa-

know foreign countries. With DXN he's

nizes seminars in hotels by inviting

per, audio and video CDs and MP3s,”

traveled through half of Asia and the

various leaders from DXN and experts

he told OBTAINER. Occasionally he

Arabian region and now he's dream-

from prestigious organizations like

holds telephone conferences for those

ing of Africa, the USA and Britain.

Oxford and Harvard. I also duplicate

partners who live far away in order to

“I'd like to deliver a message through

this to channel the knowledge acquired

provide them with information about

OBTAINER to the people associated

from them to the lower levels because

the products, the system and also the

with MLM: Keep going until you real-

it helps people to be more professional

company. “This helps them to clear

ize your dreams. But you have to be pa-

at an economic cost.”

their doubts and go forward,” he says.

tient,” he advises our readers, “because

And on top of that Bhanu Bhakta uses

it takes time to succeed.”

In addition to seminars and meet-



“Keep going until you realize your dreams. But you have to be patient, because it takes time to succeed.“



DXN Middle East

Travel Seminar Incentive 32    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE 12/2010

A complimentary trip of 5 nights & 6 days to Nepal organized by DXN Middle East was an unforgettable experience for the DXN Achievers across the Gulf.

e Trip 2010 To




120 DXN Achievers hailing from different GCC Countries were part of this wonderful excursion which was conducted from October 22nd 2010 to October 27th 2010. Groups from different cities in the Middle East had arrived at Nepal Capital Kathmandu on 22nd October 2010 and enjoyed an exceptional welcome greeting at the Airport prearranged by DXN Nepal Members & the Tour Agent. Group had been taken directly for a lunch at one of the most premium traditional restaurants in Kathmandu where they had enjoyed a veritable feast of delicious dishes along with live cultural programmes performed by local artists. Group had checked into the luxurious Soaltee Crown Plaza 5 Star Hotel and at the night, a Welcome Gala Dinner had been arranged alongside the Swimming Pool. Next Day Morning Group had been taken for a Kathmandu City tour through the winding roads of the old city and visited the legendary Durbar Square, which is filled with many Hindu temples and smaller shrines. The oldest temple building there dates back about 1,000 years, and the most recent around 200 years. Then the group had visited 'Swoyambhunath Stupa' which is renowned as the Oldest Statue of Buddha. After the lunch, Group had visited the ancient city of Bhakthapur and the members were overwhelmed with amusement by witnessing the beauty of traditional Nepal Architecture. Next Destination was Pokhara; a city surrounded by the Himalaya Mountains. On the way to Pokhara, group members had experienced a treasured Cable Car ride to Mankamana Temple situated at an altitude of 258 meters above the sea level. Lunch also was really unforgettable as it had been arranged in a restaurant amidst the thick forest by the side of a Himalayan river. It was in the night that the group had checked into Fulbari Resort, Pokhara which is well-known for its garden surrounds with an eye-catching backdrop of Himalaya Mountains.



Next Day Morning, Mr. Osler Sto Thomas a very power-

Hall of Crown Plaza for the Conclusion Meeting Organized

ful motivator from DXN Philippines who had joined the trip

by DXN Nepal. Around 70 members from DXN Nepal have

as a special guest, delivered an exceptionally set Motivation

joined the conference along with the Middle East Achievers.

Speech to the Members in the Fulbari Resort Conference

During the conference, Middle East Achievers were really

Hall. Then the group had proceeded for the Boat ride through

excited when they were explaining about the trip and each

the picturesque Fewa Lake of Pokhara. After the Boat ride, a

of them had expressed their immense gratitude towards

bunch of adventurous people from the group had gone for Para

DXN Nepal Members for the warm hospitality that they had

Gliding and the rest have enjoyed their time in the Mountain

shown. At the end of the conference, each group member is

Museum. With a good cause to improve the facilities of the

awarded with a certificate and 2 beautiful Souvenir Gifts pre-

Mountain Museum, group members have collectively contrib-

sented by DXN and by the Tour Agent. Conference followed

uted the amount to buy a LCD Television for the Museum and

by a scrumptious Buffet dinner.

handed it over to the Museum Authorities.

Final day of the trip was lively and eventful as the group

Last day in Pokhara, group members had gone to view the

members had gone for the Mountain Flight to see the tallest

Magical Panoramic Sun rise at Himalaya Mountains and most

mountains in the world. One hour Mountain flight had gifted

of them were spellbound as that was the most beautiful natural

them with a breathtaking close view of the spectacular peaks

scenery that they had ever witnessed. Group had reached back

including the highest peak in the world Mount Everest . With

at Kathmandu by evening, checked back in to Soaltee Crown

the mountain flight, tour programme had come to the wind-

Plaza and directly proceeded to the magnificent Conference

ing up stage. Even though the whole trip was filled with absolute fun and bliss, the farewell was really painful. With Tear filled eyes and shivering hands, group members had hugged each other before they depart to their respective countries; to the daily grind of life.




Indian Mulberry, Mengkudu (Malay), Nonu/Nono (Pacific Islands), Noni (Tahitian)

Morinda citrifolia — From Polynesian healers to health food supplements 38    OBTAINER WORLDWIDE


orinda citrifolia (noni) is one of the most important traditional Polynesian plants. Remedies from isolated Polynesian cultures, such as that of Rotuma, illustrate traditional indi-

cations that focus upon leaves, roots, bark, and green fruit, primarily for topical ailments. Anecdotally collected Hawaiian remedies that employ noni fruit illustrate changing usage patterns with shifts in recent times to preparation of juice made of ripe or decaying fruit. The knowledge on the chemical composition of Noni fruit has considerably increased over recent years. A number of in vitro and, to a certain extent, in vivo studies demonstrate a range of potentially beneficial effects. The plant indigenous to India, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia, is a Noni of evergreen ranging in size from a small bush to a tree 20 or 30 feet high. Approximately the size of a potato the Noni fruit has a lumpy appearance and a waxy, semi-translucent skin that ranges in color as it ripens from green to yellow to almost white. Native Tahitians recognize it sight unseen because of the fruit’s rancid smell when fully ripe. This smell decreases some as the fruit is fermented and the juice is prepared. The taste is also improved during this processing. The Kahuna medicine men in French Polynesia and all others


who‘ve already tried the “gift of the gods” once don‘t need to

Freshly squeezed Noni juice. Enriched with

be convinced of the advantages of regular noni consumption.

100% pure and natural Roselle extract to

They know them from experience! And in this case it doesn‘t

enhance the nutritional benefits and taste.

matter whether the beneficial effect of the South Sea fruit is

2 tablespoons daily

caused primarily by its high enzyme content, the high proportion of the trace element manganese or the high concentration of iridoids. In the whole of the Pacific Region since time immemorial innumerable myths and legends have been woven around the bulb-shaped fruit of the “Indian mulberry tree” – as Morinda citrofolia is also called – and the indigenous people have known about its healing power for generations. But our modern “medicine men” wanted, of course, to know more about “why”... and in the course of their investigations they first came across two enzymes they called proxeronine and proxeronase. Proxeronine is a colloid that, unlike most colloids, contains neither sugars, amino acids, nor nucleic acids and thereby has been overlooked by most biochemists. This compound initiates the release of xeronine in the intestinal tract after it comes in contact with a specific enzyme which is also contained in the Noni juice. This particular chemical combination is believed to significantly affect cellular function, which can determine a whole host of physiological reactions. The enzymatic reactions that occur with taking Noni juice on an empty stomach is believed to set cellular repair into motion.



NONIZYME Ready-to-drink fermented Noni. Packed in aluminium can for easier and more convenient consumption. Formulated using DXN advanced fermentation process. Enjoy the juice right from the can! For better result, Noni beverage is advised to be taken before meal.

MORINZYME Fermented Noni concentrate. Highly concentrated with fermented Noni to deliver the benefits of natural enzymes.

2 tablespoons to a cup of water This prompted the researchers to undertake further analyses which granted them new, sensational insights year after year. For this reason we know today better than ever what exactly is in the noni and why DXN products achieve such outstanding results. Thus “Morinzhi” contains inter alia manganese, a trace element that according to scientists supports the maintenance of healthy bones, promotes a balanced energy metabolism and protects cell tissue from oxidation damage. In addition to that the extraordinary amount of secondary plant metabolites, what are called iridoids, represents a quality feature of noni products. These plant metabolites, which belong to the large group of terpenes or isoprenoids, are ascribed inter alia a strong anti-microbial effect. Noni fruit has excellent levels of carbohydrates and dietary fiber and is a good source of protein. Noni pulp is low in total fats. The main micronutrient features of noni pulp powder include exceptional vitamin C content and substantial amounts


of niacin, iron and potassium. Vitamin A, calcium and sodium are also present. The DXN farm and factory located at Bukit Wang in Alor Setar, Kedah, is far away from pollution. With excellent production technology and stringent quality control system, DXN have been awarded Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 9001. The Noni fruit is home-grown at the DXN Noni plantation in a pollution free environment, with appropriate


sunlight and in micro-nutrient rich soil without using pesti-

Wee Yeow Chin, "A Guide to Medicinal Plants", Singapore Science Centre,

cides or other harmful intrusions.

1992 (p. 106: description, chemical compounds, uses, photo). Dr E Soepadmo (ed.), "The Encyclopedia of Malaysia: Plants", Editions

The juice is pressed directly from freshly picked ripe  fruits

Didier Millet, 1998 (p. 16: seasonality).

to ensure that its nutrients and active ingredients are at op-

Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) by Rita Elkins, M.H.

timum level to deliver health benefits. The Morinzhi is made

Noni: Nature's Amazing Healer by Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D.

from pure concentrate, without additives, artificial flavour-

nti-proliferative and antioxidative activities of Thai noni/Yor (Morinda citri-

ing, colouring and preservatives and contains 100% pure and

folia Linn.) leaf extract, Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health. 2010

natural Noni juice.



Moments to Remember

Over the last two decades, DXN has grown to a worldwide successful multi-level-marketingcompany, providing quality products that are combined with a unique business opportunity. This is what we are all about. We would like to thank all DXN marketers for their loyalty and referrals. We are extremely passionate about creating inspiring events for our successful members. Our events and incentives are the expression of our appreciation. Remember those moments and let them last forever.





DXN TSIP - Costa Serena Cruise





Moments to Remember






















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