2020 Pro Bono & Social Impact Report

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KIND Recognition We’re proud that our partnership on behalf of KIND has received recognition that may inspire further commitment to this important work. Last year, the team of Amazon, Bet Tzedek, KIND, and DWT was honored with the Corporate Pro Bono Partnership Award by the Pro Bono Institute. Said the institute: “This partnership remains an exemplary model for other organizations to respond to the rapidly emerging needs of unaccompanied migrant children.” KIND’s Seattle office also honored Amazon’s John Donovan, Dennis Wallace, and Archita Taylor (now in private practice), together with DWT partner Jane Eckels and associate Breck Wilmot, as 2020 Pro Bono Attorneys of the Year. KIND recognized their “stellar advocacy” on behalf of a child victim of human trafficking. “The team worked diligently to develop rapport with the client to gather her story in a trauma-informed manner,” said KIND. Thanks to the team’s efforts, the client received approval for a T visa, which provides much needed, long-term stability.