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Fall 2014 Collection

Black Box Worker Jacket Edwardian Tee

Cream and Gold Captain’s Blouse Gray Neoprene Slacks

Spandex Connection Tee Wool Jersey Slacks

Be Here Now Bridge Tee Black Reefer Coat

Primitive Pot Hat Banana Neoprene Coat

1. Spandex Connection Tee Pewter Wool and Spotted Rabbit Coat

2. Black Box Worker Jacket Edwardian Tee Connection Spandex Skirt

1. Cream and Gold Captain’s Shirt Gray Neoprene Slacks

2. Cream and Gold Captain’s Dress

3. Banana Neoprene Coat

Navy Silk Chiclet Dress

Black Jersey Captain Ruffle Dress

Navy Party Pants Cream Button Down Blouse

Police Poly Shirt Navy Wool Slacks

Pink Floral Quilt Jacket with Rabbit Fur Hood Greek Mythology Tee

Gold Stripe Officer Dress

1. Black Jersey Captain Dress with Ruffle

2. Black JerseyPilgrim Dress A

3. Black JerseyPilgrim Dress B

1. Pink Floral Quilt Dress

2. Lemon Drop Tee with Floral Pockets Gray Neoprene Slacks

3. Iridescent Bunting Dress

Black Box Worker Jacket Edwardian Tee

Aliceroi lookbook fall2014